Lethal League Blaze Tier List: Learn to Survive

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Lethal league blaze is an action sport, intense ball game released in 2018. This game is a sequel to the Lethal league with advanced and enhanced characters and gaming modes. Lethal league blaze is an intense game with great sound effects and outstanding and unique characters. A one-on-one fight of hitting the opponent with an anti-gravity ball will start against your opponent once you select your favorite character.

Different tactics can hit the enemy with a ball, depending on your chosen character’s abilities and special moves. The game can be played in several modes, one at a time. We will rank all the lethal league characters in our brutal league blaze tier list according to their abilities.

According to their abilities and skills, all the Lethal league blaze characters are characterized in our tier list. We will discuss all the characters in their respective tiers in detail. The Lethal league blaze character tier list aims to provide a clear and precise way to compare the characters and allow the players to make an informed decision when choosing a character.

Our Lethal league blaze tier list is based on our experience preferences, liking, and research, varying from person to person. This list is unofficial and is not subjected to any criticism. After deep research, we have made it based on our experience and vi. It may vary on your opinions about the characters, and your favorite character may be placed in a tier lower than your expectations. Let’s get started with the tier list of Lethal league characters.

S Tier

lethal league blaze tier list
S Tier

The S tier is referred to as the superb tier, as the name indicates the S tier has characters who are the best fighters in the game. The S tier of the Lethal league blaze tier list has some leading heroes of this game who can win you the competition any day with their outstanding abilities and skills. Characters placed in this tier areGridd and latch.


Grid is a playable character in the Lethal league blaze game. Making it to the S tier meansGridd is the most outstanding character in the Lethal league blaze. In other words, it will not be wrong to say that it is always a winning game with the grid.

He is an electronic human blessed with many electrical components dressed in a bodysuit, enhancing his abilities. He wears a body shirt without a shirt to strengthen his powers.

Grid is quite a big guy, and being a criminal is the don of the game. He has wolverine claws known as electrodes claws as a weapon for his electronic attack. He can also do teleport spam for a short time before throwing the ball to the opponent. the grid can teleport some units in any direction that changes the ball’s angle.

He also has another unique ability to charge electricity with arms in an X position after this; his next hit will be a fully charged hit which will, in turn, double the speed of the ball. All these special abilities ofGridd made us place him in the S tier of our Lethal league blaze tier list.


The Latch is a cyborg crocodile-type character. Being dressed in a hoodie and some sweat pants, he leaves his hand and feet bare to use his claws to cling to the wall. His voice is deep and growling representing his personality.

Their main weapon, Latch, is his mechanical tail which he also uses to hit the ball. Along with his tremendous physical strength, Latch is also very intelligent and gives very tough competition to his opponent. The Latch can also scoop the ball in his mouth and spit it out when its original hit pause is used. This leaves the opponent confused about the direction in which he will launch the ball. This is an intelligent move and helps him win the game.

A Tier

lethal league blaze tier list
A Tier

Here comes our A tier, in which we have placed characters that are good in their specific abilities but not as brilliant as the character set in our S tier. It does not mean that these characters are bad or always lose the game, but the only reason for their being in the A tier is that they are not as good as the members of our S tier. A-tier characters are not as strong as the S-tier characters but are still competitive in the play. The characters placed in our A tier are discussed below in detail.


The switch appears as a starter character in both lethal and Lethal league blaze games. First, Switch is a skateboarder robot who uses his skateboard tricks to hit the ball. He wears cargo pants and can perform a wall and ceiling ride. It can use his specials in jumping and emoting in the air and hitting in a hitlag. The Switch can also perform a wallride by holding the jump button while riding towards the wall. The Switch made it to the A tier of our Lethal league blaze tier list with some minor drawbacks.


Nitro is an ex-cop vigilante who is unsatisfied with the police force and so decides to fight crime on his own. For this purpose, he decided to enter the Lethal league blaze and does not like to stay undercover.

Nitro has a special cuff gun as a weapon and can cuff the ball with the help of this cuff gun. This allows him to grapple the ball. Nitro also has additional mobility ability. Not one of the most kickass characters, but it still is a good win in the game.


Raptor is a starter playable character in both Lethal league games. His arms and legs appear to be stitched like the stitches of a baseball. Raptor is a young but very competitive character in the game. Raptor can also wall slide and wall jump by which he gets command over the enemy player.

You can also bunt the ball instead of hitting it directly. By holding the swing, the button raptor can hold the ball for a longer time and releases it at a higher speed. However, he is not as strong as the characters of the S tier but is very competitive in terms of gameplay.

B Tier

lethal league blaze tier list
B Tier

In the B tier, we have placed characters that are not so well performing and, despite having some potential, also have some glaring flaws. You may enjoy playing them, but these characters will not help you much in winning the game; if you want to try them for a challenge, you can.


Sonata is a girl human playable character in the Lethal league blaze. She uses a custom boombox hammer with a microphone and is well trained in using it effortlessly. Sonata can control the ball well and effortlessly. However, her triple jumps are also very famous. Sonata can hit, bunt, and dodge the ball. Compared to other characters, Sonata is not very efficient in her gameplay and thus made it to the B tier of our Lethal league blaze tier list.


Dice is a playable character in both Lethal league and Lethal league blaze games. His ping pong paddle wields uncanny force. He is a Buddhist and has very disciplined physical training. The high jump of Dice is the most famous amongst all.

Dice lacks control and precision and lacks control in many numerous ways. Dice has a clunky jump, and it takes about fifteen to twenty frames to initiate a super jump. No crouch jump is needed, and it is only an additional input to initiate a jump which costs you missing the ball and a laggy game.


Being a mutated human, Candyman appears as a starter in both Lethal league games. Here we will discuss the Lethal league blaze Candyman. Due to this mutation, he has a special ability to change the chemical composition of some things and give them strange properties. Candyman is a bit crazy and jazzy and likes to enjoy himself most of the time. He wears a bowler hat and is shown wearing a Santa-like costume in the game. Candyman can change the properties of the ball and can continue hitting the ball for a much longer period.

Candyman also can teleport by running towards the wall and reappearing on the other side of the wall. His jumps are also higher than other characters, but the movement ability is much less advanced, and the hit lag is significantly shorter.


With a bubbly and charming personality style, Jet is pretty mobile and has specials with versatility. I see a lot of negativity about this character, but I believe she should be placed somewhere in the mid-tier. She has a lot of mobility and can glide in the air for about 1.067 seconds. Jet also has a special skill to incase the ball in a bubble with a special mechanism by the help of which she can control an opponent’s attack. She can also throw the ball in any direction doing the opponent. She can also speed the ball to a very dangerous speed.

The main drawbacks of this character are that the counters are pretty obvious and can be easily pulled off.

C Tier

lethal league blaze tier list
C Tier

In the C tier of the Lethal league blaze tier list, we have placed characters who are the weakest of them all and will not be winning any tournaments soon. They might be fun to play but are not impressive in playing the game.


The doom box is an experimental weapon type in the Lethal league blaze character tier list. It will not be wrong to call him an out-of-control experiment. It can hover and fly in any direction but only for four seconds. It can target the ball in any order and hit it straight at them. However, it has a good hitbox. It still can not bunt and has no smash angle. The only smash angel is up and down. It also mixes up the timings, and all the hits resemble smashes with a high hitlag. Its specials can be faked out and aimed at an angle that does not lock the target resulting in losing the game.

Lethal League Blaze New Characters

The lethal league tier is updated when some significant changes are made to the game in terms of gameplay or new characters. This version of the game has introduced new characters to its team. So the Lethal league blaze new characters are:


Toxic is added to the Lethal league blaze character list in version 1.12 of the game. She is also known as the queen in the story. Her main weapon is a huge mechanical arm loaded with spray cans. Being a graffiti queen, she has a huge network of graffiti writers who give her information about the latest happenings.

Toxic has a great ground speed paired up with her moves of spraying the walls and well-timed bunts. Upon activation, she leaves the opponent with only two choices: throwing the ball in her direction or changing the direction. Toxic shoots graffiti at the same angle at which the ball was swung. Her gameplay style is to throw a 3D graffiti piece against the stage’s walls. She also fires a globe of paint and spells her name when it skrikes somewhere.

Dust and ashes

Dust and ashes are the playable characters in the Lethal league blaze characters, being added to the game in the Shadow Surge Update.

He was supposedly framed for killing someone and was sentenced to death, and in his final moments, he was hit by lightening the word dust echoed in his mind. As he was thrown into the state between life and death known as limbo, his shadow was taken away from his body and turned to be known as ashes. Dust wears a watch that is stuck at the time of his execution.

Its mobility is occasional but very effective if used correctly. Dust can make ashes hit bunt and grab the ball. You can use this ability in several mix-up ways. Dust uses his famous line ”its shows time” in the game.


The Lethal league blaze is a lovable game from mechanics to soundtrack. To sum up, we can say that it is a great game that is easy to pick up but hard to master as the controls are intuitive and the characters are quite diverse. This evaluates that the Lethal league is a good party game with friends.

The main purpose of the Lethal league blaze tier list is to provide a way to compare all the characters of the game and allow the players to make good choices to improve the game. To win the game, the player should know the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen character. This tier list provides them with a good platform for this purpose.

We have considered many important factors while forming this tier list and have ranked characters according to their viability in a competitive play. However, our ranking is based on our research and personal experience, which may vary from person to person.

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