New World Weapon Tier List [Season 1]

Different types of weapons exist in the new world game and we have ranked them all in this tier list.

In this article, we will go through the ranking of all weapons in the New World, which is an MMORPG set in a fantastical, alternate version of 17th-century America. We will be calling it the New World Weapon Tier List which is intended to help you in finding the best equipment to use.

Weapons play a vital role in the game, so it is important for players to have the appropriate weapon to combat monsters effectively. In order to assist you, we have developed the current article that ranks all of the weapons in the game according to their usefulness.

Key Points

  • This tier list ranks 14 types of weapons.
  • The weapons will be ranked on the basis of their highest potential and versatility in various combat scenarios.
  • In the highest ranks, you can find the Life Staff, Greatsword, Rapier, and Greataxe.
  • Among the lower ranks are the likes of the Sword, Musket, and War Hammer.


To summarize and provide you with a bird’s eye view of our article, refer to the below table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Life StaffGreataxeBlunderbussSwordWar Hammer
RapierVoid GauntletHatchet
Ice GauntletFire Staff

Learn more about each entry below.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

S-Tier weapons are the ultimate tools for taking down formidable opponents or boss enemies with ease. Possessing an S-Tier weapon makes the game feel like it’s being played on an easier difficulty level. S-Tier weapons are highly sought-after legendary weapons that are difficult to come by, but if you obtain one and fully upgrade it, you’ll likely become the dominant force in combat. They are the best weapons throughout the entire game. 

Life Staff

The Life Staff is at the very top of our New World Weapon Tier List 2023. It is the main support tool in New World, and it provides numerous methods for healing and enhancing your allies through the use of buffs. However, it lacks the ability to cause damage compared to other weapons, but its healing capabilities allow it to hold its own. One aspect of the Life Staff is dedicated to aggressive healing, functioning as a typical MMORPG healer by providing fast and substantial healing. The other aspect prioritizes Healing over Time, enhancing allies to prevent or reduce damage instead of healing after the fact.

Damage Type Nature
Scaling Focus
Skill Trees Healing, Protector


The Greatsword is an exceptional weapon that alternates between two modes – Onslaught Stance, a mode focused on offense, and Defiant Stance, a mode focused on defense. This switching occurs after using its skills or certain passive abilities. These modes are temporary but provide significant advantages while in effect. In terms of damage, the Onslaught Stance delivers powerful charged heavy attacks and extremely useful buffs like Empower and Rend. However it comes with a trade-off in defense as you take extra damage while in Onslaught Stance, and your Charged Heavy Attacks consume a small amount of stamina.

Damage Type Slash
Scaling Strength, Dexterity
Skill Trees Onslaught, Defiance


The Rapier is a highly capable weapon in terms of damage per second (DPS). It is one of a select few weapons that offers the possibility to adapt and make any combination of abilities suitable for any situation. The performance of each specialization depends greatly on the desired playstyle when using the weapon.

Damage Type Thrust, Slash
Scaling Intelligence, Dexterity
Skill Trees Blood, Grace

A Tier

A Tier.

A-Tier weapons are valuable with minor drawbacks. They have strong overall statistics and can perform well in battle, but may need some modifications to reach their full potential. They can perform just as well as S-Tier weapons with the right handling. One aspect of the Life Staff is dedicated to aggressive healing, functioning as a typical MMORPG healer by providing fast and substantial healing. The other aspect prioritizes Healing over Time, enhancing allies to prevent or reduce damage instead of healing after the fact.


The Great Axe is a weapon that serves both as a damage dealer and a tank, specifically geared towards aggregating foes and striking them with highly damaging single-target attacks. Its ability to gather enemies together also provides it with several area-of-effect (AOE) damage options. Its high damage output and remarkable ability to ensnare opponents make it a formidable weapon in player-versus-player (PVP) combat. The primary purpose of the Great Axe is to deal damage.  The secondary function of the Great Axe is to create disruption and offer utility. It has several methods of capturing enemies and keeping them from escaping you or your group. Additionally, these same tools can be utilized to serve as an off-tank, by drawing and aggregating multiple targets.

Damage Type Slash
Scaling Strength
Skill Trees Reaper, Mauler

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The Spear is a versatile close-range weapon that can be utilized for both attacking and defending. With a wealth of options for controlling groups of enemies and the most powerful application of the Rend effect in the game, it is capable of effectively handling a wide range of situations. The weapon is primarily intended for dealing with damage. With the most potent Rend effect in the game, a reasonable range, and a good number of skills that deal quick damage.

Damage Type Thrust
Scaling Dexterity, Strength
Skill Trees Zoner, Impaler

Void Gauntlet

The Void Gauntlet is a multi-functional weapon. Although it lacks raw healing power, it makes up for it with a high amount of damage per second (DPS), as well as the ability to both enhance and reduce the capabilities of others. It operates as a robust blend of both a damage dealer and a support tool that can function as both a melee-based and ranged-based damage dealer. That versatility makes it a strong option in the damage category, with the ability to boost itself and its nearby allies.

Damage Type Void
Scaling Intelligence, Focus
Skill Trees Annihilation Tree, Decay Tree

Ice Gauntlet

Next up on the New World Weapon Combo Tier List is the Ice Gauntlet. It is a highly adaptable weapon, boasting substantial burst damage and numerous skills that deal high damage over a short period. It can also be built to be more resilient, with a slightly reduced emphasis on the damage. This combined with its powerful slows and the ability to block effectively makes it a formidable weapon that is intelligence-based.

Damage Type Ice
Scaling Intelligence
Skill Trees Ice Tempest, Builder

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

B-Tier weapons are suitable for the early stages of the game and can be used in the mid-game as per our New World PvP Weapon Tier List. They will not be effective in the long term as they have limited power and range capabilities.


Here we have a versatile ranged weapon that can handle both long-range and close-range combat with its Chaos and Containment Trees respectively. Its combination of effective ranges and useful skills makes it a reliable weapon and a convenient backup option for disrupting enemies. Despite its primary focus on mobility, it is also capable of reducing an opponent’s capabilities through the use of certain upgrades and perks.

Damage Type Thrust
Scaling Strength, Intelligence
Skill Trees Containment, Chaos


The Bow is a versatile weapon with a range of useful and effective abilities. It primarily relies on its damage over time skills to cause consistent harm and utilizes heavy attacks to ensure each shot is impactful. This sets it apart from other weapons as it may have a lower damage per second rate, but can still inflict significant damage.

Damage Type Thrust
Scaling Dexterity
Skill Trees Skirmisher, Hunter


The Hatchet is a weapon with the capability of delivering high damage per second, yet surprisingly resilient. It is also proficient in applying various debuffs and status effects with both its ranged and close-combat attacks, providing it with a broad range of options for tackling diverse challenges. The melee skills and abilities of the weapon provide significant strength, making the user both tough and capable of inflicting significant harm.

Damage Type Slash
Scaling Strength, Dexterity
Skill Trees Berserker, Throwing

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Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is a weapon designed for high damage per second, with a strong emphasis on Area of Effect spells and damage dealt over time. All of its abilities have a specific purpose and can inflict significant harm. The key to success with the Fire Staff is to use these abilities in the right combination.

Damage Type Fire
Scaling Intelligence
Skill Trees Fire Mage, Pyromancer

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

C-Tier weapons are not the best, but they are not the worst either. Players can use these weapons as a last resort if they have no other options for defending against enemies. C-Tier weapons are the average ones in our New World Weapon Combo Tier List.


The Sword and Shield pair is a flexible combination of weapons that offer a decent mix of offense and defense capabilities. They are also very easy to use and utilize with your skills, but they are pretty average at best. Being a very standard combo, they never really excel at any one thing.

Damage Type Slash, Thrust
Scaling Strength, Dexterity
Skill Trees Swordmaster, Defender


The Musket is a powerful and dependable ranged weapon, but it does have a long reload time which can make it a bit tough to use at times. This can be overcome with skills and passive abilities that enhance its overall performance. The Musket is a solid choice for dealing damage, as that is its primary function. Although it does have some utility and crowd control capabilities, these benefits are exclusive to the Musket.

Damage Type Thrust
Scaling Dexterity, Intelligence
Skill Trees Sharpshooter, Trapper

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

D-Tier weapons are usually really unreliable and should be avoided for the most part. These weapons are only for experienced players who want to test their skills by completing the game. Only consider using these weapons if you want to increase the level of difficulty for an added challenge. 

War Hammer

The War Hammer is a heavy weapon that delivers what one would expect from this type of weapon. It has slow strikes, massive damage, extensive area of effect, and significant crowd control. It is a formidable weapon that can cause great damage and control crowds. However, it is considered a weaker option for tanks due to the absence of a high-range taunting ability.

Damage Type Strike
Scaling Strength
Skill Trees Juggernaut, Crowd Crusher

Comparison Table

WeaponsTierDamage TypeScalingSkill Trees
Life StaffSNatureFocusHealing, Protector
GreatswordSSlashStrength, DexterityOnslaught, Defiance
RapierSThrust, SlashIntelligence, Dexterity Blood, Grace
GreataxeASlashStrengthReaper, Mauler
SpearAThrustDexterity, StrengthZoner, Impaler
Void GauntletAVoidIntelligence, FocusAnnihilation Tree, Decay Tree
Ice GauntletAIceIntelligenceIce Tempest, Builder
BlunderbussBThrustStrength, IntelligenceContainment, Chaos
BowBThrustDexteritySkirmisher, Hunter
HatchetBSlashStrength, DexterityBerserker, Throwing
Fire StaffBFireIntelligenceFire Mage, Pyromancer
SwordCSlash, ThrustStrength, DexteritySwordmaster, Defender
MusketCThrustDexterity, IntelligenceSharpshooter, Trapper
War HammerDStrikeStrengthJuggernaut, Crowd Crusher

Season 1 – Fellowship & Fire Update

The new season pass introduced many new weapons, gears, and a lot of content to explore. It was released on 4th April 2023. There were also some weapon balances, which include:

Some melee and ranged weapons are currently more powerful than what is considered healthy for PvP gameplay. In pursuit of the balance goals they are adjusting the power, utility, and functionality of most weapons:

  • We re-calibrated the accuracy system and how it affects shots for the Musket. Shots now have a slight deviation in their trajectory so that long-ranged shots are not as consistent when moving or firing without the Accuracy Perk.

  • Adjusted Crowd Control effects on certain abilities and clarified the scope of some damage-focused abilities.


To conclude, we would say that New World is a great game to play having a number of weapons. It is worth saying that some weapons are stronger than others. We have ranked all weapons in our New World Weapon Tier List 2023 to guide you to choose better and stronger weapons in to dominate the game. We hope the information is beneficial to you.