Nonstop Game Tier List: All CHARACTERS Ranked

Today we are now going to talk about Cyber Raid. which is a 3D idle RPG game packed with brand-new experiences and maps for players to discover. Aside from that, it offers many features, heroes, and other game modes for all players to experiment with and become familiar with. And in this article, we are going to determine the NonStop Game tier list. If you consult our guide, you will be able to select characters based on the talents and capabilities they possess. 

As a result of the fact that each player enjoys the game at their own pace, their viewpoint may be different from ours. However, to gain a general sense of who each character is and what they do in the game, we recommend you look over our article. Therefore, let us get started on it right now.

Key points

  • All the characters are ranked based on their skills.
  • There are a total of 13 entries in the list.
  • The best characters are Meteor Diego and Battle Angle.
  • Among the worst characters are Lightening and Laser Eye.


We will now briefly rank these characters in the following table.

Tier RankCharacter
S Rank• Meteo Diego
• Battle Angel
• Iceberg
• Pandar
• Victoria
• Kanana
A Rank• Blake
• Pheonix
B Rank• Musashi
• Raymen The Silver Wing
C Rank• Falcon
• Lightening
• Laser eye

You can learn about them in more detail below.


In Cyber Raid, you will be responsible for recruiting five different heroes, each of whom will fight on the battlefield on your behalf. In order to advance in level with these characters, you will need certain items such as Hero EXP and Banknote. 

Hero Experience Points are the main components that are required in order to level up your heroes. You may get them through the prizes for being idle, by leveling up, or by recycling heroes. You will need banknotes or money in order to level up your hero. These may be obtained in the same manner as Hero Experience Points, Gold (actual money), and recycling your heroes. Additionally, one free banknote may be obtained every eight hours.

In the article below, we will be ranking each of the heroes in the game across 4 different tiers.

S Tier

Best characters from Nonstop game.
S Tier.

Our Nonstop game tier list starts with the S rank. Here we will cover all of the strongest attackers in the game, as these characters have the best overall numbers and the highest possible level, and their base attacks are also the most powerful.

There are also several legendary warriors from throughout the Universe, which should give you an even better understanding of this tier’s power. But finding them may be a real pain and needs a significant investigation, and as you move below, you will realize they are well worth the effort.

Meteor Diego

Meteor Diego is the greatest character in NonStop Games, and he can be bought through the in-game store or unlocked by completing specific objectives and events in the game. Either way, you can get him by playing the game.

Battle Angel

The Battle Angel is among the finest heroes because of their powerful offensive and defensive capabilities.


In NonStop Games, Iceberg is a great hero that may be chosen for any battle and fight as a frontline character in the game. He is also the second-best hero overall.


Pandar is an incredible fighter who possesses the most formidable combat talents.


When playing the game, Victoria is most effective when coupled with Pandar and Iceberg.


Kanana is the most effective when it comes to assaulting one’s opponents head-on.

A Tier

Good characters from Nonstop game.
A Tier.

The A rank of our Nonstop game tier list contains the characters that are regarded as influential. They have basic powers, attack sets, and move sets far above average.

However, we feel they are not quite powerful enough to advance to the S Tier. As a result, they will have to make do with a spot in the A Tier.


One of the best heroes with a very good healing mechanism but quite weak when the enemy has silence or stuns.


Phoenix is easy to get, but the lack of support and attack skills is compensated for by its excellent silence.

B Tier

Nonstop Game tier list B tier
B Tier.

These characters may be described using the term decent. They have more than enough ability to put up a good fight, and in addition to this, their stats, power, as well as their maneuvers are relatively respectable.

Despite that, we have found several flaws in their capabilities, and as a result, we feel that they are most appropriately placed in the B Tier.


Due to a lack of notable powers, this character should only be chosen early on or in the middle of the game if no other alternative is available

Raymen the Silver Wing

Raymen the Silver Wing appears to be incredibly powerful at first glance, but in reality, has relatively poor offensive and damaging capabilities.

C Tier

Bad characters from the game.
C Tier.

These characters are among the lowest rank since they are not anything special. They do not possess any powerful move sets or any unique skills of note.

Their data is not particularly impressive, hence, we consider that they are most helpful in only adding numbers to your squad. They will have a difficult time competing in the battle against the enemy. 


Falcon is a semi-warrior ranger with talents on par with those of a typical player. He has extremely average skills.


Lightening has far many weak points, mainly its lack of mobility. You do not want Lightning on your team.

Laser Eye

Laser Eye is a typical character with no power skills at all. Only choose him if you are starved for choice.


This was our Nonstop game tier list, and we worked really hard to place all the characters in the appropriate ranks. However, these rankings may or may not correspond with your individual tastes, and that’s fine since everyone plays games in their own way, and what I find appealing may not necessarily appeal to you. 

However, we tried our best to construct a list that represented the current meta and reflected our individual playstyles. I believe the majority of readers will approve of our selections. However, if you disagree, you are more than free to voice your opinion in the section below. The writers at TopTierList constantly accept critical feedback in good spirits and use it to further our analyses.