Pokémon Starter Gen 9 Tier List: All Starters RANKED

Scarlet and Violet, the next chapters in the Pokémon franchise are just a few weeks away from launch and we decided to rank all three starters before that point. There is Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuoco, and in this Pokemon Starter Gen 9 Tier List, I will rank each of them according to their appearances and types

And yes, technically these games are not out yet, and ranking these creatures right now is a bit of a shot in the dark. But if we consider the older entries in the series, we can derive a lot of information about a Pokémon from their type alone. Plus, the cuteness factor is mostly what a lot of fans rank their choices on anyway, and that’s exactly what we’re going on here for the most part.

So using that information, we are able to formulate a hypothesis on the first three Pokémon, so let’s jump right into the conversation and get things started.

Key Points

  • Our list will rank all three Gen 9 starter Pokémon.
  • They are ranked based on their abilities and appearances.
  • The Pokémon here are  Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. 


We will briefly list all three creatures in the table below.

Tier RankPokémon
S Rank• Sprigatito
A Rank• Fuecoco
B Rank• Quaxly

These Pokémon are discussed in detail below.

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Each of the three gen 9 starters, Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuoco, are adorable in their own right and already have dedicated fanbases forming around them. And yes, we understand that their evolutions have not been announced as of yet, and that factor by itself will heavily determine the rankings.

But right now we are ranking these little guys on all the information revealed till this point, so let’s get right into it.

Sprigatito (S Rank)


Sprigatito is a Pokémon that is similar to a cat and looks like a little kitten. Its eyes are a pale pink color, and its fur is a light green color. It also has a little snout in the shape of a triangle and a long bushy tail. Its ears are a deeper shade of green in contrast to the rest of its fur, and it has a fur pattern that resembles leaves on its chest and a design that looks like a mask on its face. Its paws have cute pink paw pads at their soles as well

Sprigatito is the first new Grass Pokémon of this generation, and it would appear from the name that the Spanish language served as a source of inspiration for the Pokémon. Sprigatito is a Pokémon that has a charming appearance and appears to be a Grass Cat due to its physical characteristics. Its entire body is green in color, including its fur, which resembles leaves and is a darker shade of green around the animal’s neck.

We do not have an official description of the creature available at this time, but n spite of this, it is possible to guess from its look that it will perhaps evolve into a Pokémon of the Grass/Fighting type. Aside from that, if one looks at the name Sprigatito, one will see that the word “Spri” is fairly similar to the word “spirit.” In addition to that, it might even have the potential to evolve into a Pokémon of the Ghost type, assuming such a transformation is indeed conceivable.

A Sprigatito has the ability to emit a calming scent by rubbing its forepaws together, which it can use to distract an opponent. The fur of a Sprigatito contains characteristics that are analogous to that of a plant, which means that it can take in sunlight. The Sprigatito is also capable of photosynthesizing thanks to the moisture it produces in its fur.

Fuecoco (A Rank)

Pokémon Starter Gen 9 Tier List

Next on the Pokémon Starter Gen 9 Tier List is Fuecoco. Based on first impressions, this Pokémon has the appearance of a little dinosaur or a crocodile, yet it also has some dragon characteristics. In addition, Fuecoco is the new Fire starter for this generation, and in the same way as with the Sprigatito, the genesis of the creature is still a mystery at this point.

The body of a Fuecoco is shaped like red pepper, and it has a pair of short, stubby arms that each has three claws. Fuecoco is a little crocodilian Pokémon. In addition to that, it has two legs that seem more like stumps, each of which has two dark-toe claws. The head is adorned with the protrusion of two yellow stalks. In addition, the Fuecoco has two yellow spots, one each on its abdomen and tail.

If we examine both the type and the look of this Pokémon, we will notice that Fuecoco has the potential to evolve into a Dark-type version, much like the alligator Pokémon that came before it, Krookodile. Again, the same source claims that Fuecoco would most likely evolve into a Fire/Ghost Pokémon known as Cucapiente. This Pokémon might be based on a Cucafera as well as a Quetzacoatl.

It is possible for Fuecoco to make energy by absorbing heat from the environment through the square scales that cover its stomach and back. The scales are never cold and have the potential to reach extremely high temperatures. The energy of the flames that are produced by Fuecoco is constantly being lost. The number of flames that are produced is directly proportional to the level of excitement that Fuecoco is experiencing.

Quaxly (B Rank)


Quaxly is the final starting Pokémon to be introduced in Generation 9, and it is the water starter this time around. The name and appearance of this Pokémon are really similar to a duck and the noise it makes, which is really quite fitting for such an adorable-looking creature.

And as a result of its bird shape, it has a chance of evolving into a Pokémon whose type is either water or flying. In addition, there are some people who have been attempting to forecast the ultimate shape that Quaxly will take. It might be a Pokémon of the Water and Darkness type called Cabospada, which is inspired by both Don Quixote along with Zorro.

The legs of a Quaxly provide it the ability to swim successfully even in swift currents. It also has a lightning-fast kick that it may use against enemies. Quaxly takes the form of a little white duck having teal feet, a yellow beak with sapphire connections, sapphire eyes, and a feathered beret of teal color. At the top of its chest, there is a scant secondary coat of feathers. Its feathers are filled with a glossy gel that acts as a shield against water and filth, protecting Quaxly.


So, what are your thoughts on the Pokémon Starter Gen 9 tier list that has been presented above? Are they comparable to what you had in mind or do they fall short?

Having said that, the current rankings are based on extremely limited information and the article is highly subject to change in the coming weeks. On the other hand, at least you have some new perspectives on things, don’t you? So all we can do right now is wait until the game is in our hands so that we can all truly cement our rankings.