Powerful Comeback Tier List: The Complete Ranking [v5.9.2]

Powerful Comeback refers to those characters that return to battle with even greater power than before.

Welcome back to the house of various rankings, where today we are writing about the Powerful comeback tier list. This is a ranking of characters from the game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. Powerful comeback signals toward the characters brought back into the battleground with additional exemplary powers. All the returned characters are ranked in the list, along with their various attributes and specs.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free mobile action puzzle game in which players can link Ki spheres in combat and attack their foes. They can also power up their characters and then fight off multiple opponents with powerful Super Attacks. The title features some of the most beloved characters from the series as well.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 17 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their skills, tax, HP, Atk, DEF, and other statistics.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Extraordinary Super Warrior Super Saiyan Goku, Observance of Pride Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta, and Pinnacle of Fury Goku.
  • You will observe characters like Zealous Roar Super Saiyan Goku, Martial Mettle Goku, and Burning Soul Super Saiyan Bardock among the lowest tiers.


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Extraordinary Super Warrior Super Saiyan GokuInfinite Terror Metal CoolerDetermined to Fight Goku (Kaioken)A New Destination Ultimate GohanZealous Roar Super Saiyan Goku
Observance of Pride Super Saiyan God SS VegetaSaiyan Pride Vegeta/GokuThe Supreme Warrior Super GogetaFurious Charge Super Saiyan BardockMartial Mettle Goku
Pinnacle of Fury GokuHidden Power Unleashed Ultimate GohanAll-or-nothing Punch Goku (Youth)Burning Soul Super Saiyan Bardock
Transdimensional Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)Earth-Protecting Flash Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)Hero's Return Ultimate Gohan

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier.

Let’s start our Powerful comeback tier list with the topmost rank that goes by the name of S tier. These characters have high statistics, and their abilities are commendable. Players who choose these characters for their team are never disappointed.

Extraordinary Super Warrior Super Saiyan Goku

Goku is the main leader of the series, and his comeback made a huge impact on the game. It allowed gamers to visualize their statistics with a more powerful outlook. Goku is a top-tier character who came back to Dragon Ball Z with great leadership abilities. These abilities granted them an additional 3% of Ki and an additional 200% increase in HP, ATK, and DEF. His skills include active and passive attacks that make them deal DMG to their enemies with weapons or bare hands.

His stack attacks are noteworthy as they cause the most damage. These extraordinary abilities allow them to sustain themselves inside an arena against an opponent. He is an LR character who is a super TEQ who is a damage dealer who deals damage and reduces the ATK of an opponent. Goku has a super meteor smash that is his prominent move. This move allows them to increase their ATK for a single attack and cause chaos while lowering DEF.

He is a part of the S tier because he Is a hard hitter who can take down his enemy with a single powerful attack. He defends himself and his allies while remaining upright. His active and passive skills are extraordinary and deal great damage. His passive skill includes when true anger awakens, which grants him 5% Ki and an additional 159% of ATK and DEF. He also has revival abilities for his allies and himself that protects him from getting knocked out. When a player levels him up, he receives an increase in his statistics, making them more powerful. He has stack attacks that increase his ATK.

Max Lv 150
SA Lv 1/20

Observance of Pride Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta

Vegeta is a character with a UR rarity category and an AGL type. He has two kinds of qualities that are before the Z awakening and after the Z awakening, and he is granted an increase in his statistics after he awakens—his CRIT. Hits, DEF, HP, and ATK, maxed out and gave him unmatchable characteristics. He is an extraordinary De-buffer that removes the buff of his enemies and makes them weak.

Before the Z awakening, he was not weak. He had a great set of skills that granted him enough power to sustain in an arena. He had a 3% of Ki and a 170% of HP and DEF while 130% of ATK value. His super ATK only allowed him to deal damage on his enemies and did not buff his stats. His passive skill also had fewer specific combinations that allowed him to deal with critical hitting powers on his enemies.

After the Z awakening, Vegeta becomes invincible. Vegeta has a super ATK attack in the form of a final flash, allowing him to raise his ATK and DEF for a single stacking attack. In turn, he deals damage to his enemy while lowering their DEF. The ability makes them weak and de-buffs their power-ups. His passive skill is also not far behind as it grants him, Ki. 

Max Lv 120/140
SA Lv 1/15

Pinnacle of Fury Goku

Pinnacle of fury Goku is not an ordinary character; he is a super Saiyan from the planet of Namek. He has three card characteristics: Goku Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Goku enraged. They have a high rarity and come in two forms: before and after the Z awakening.

Even before his awakening, he had leadership skills that granted him 130% of HP and 170% of 80 K and DEF. An additional 3% of Ki was also presented. His super attack includes the meteor smash and super meteor smash of 12 Ki. He can also boost his ATK, def, and HP up to 200% by Boost category attack.

His passive skill includes exploding raises at changes his Ki spheres into rainbow ki spheres. Rainbow ki spheres have and ability to raise ATK to 30%. After the extreme awakening, Goku becomes impossible to knock out. He has a 170% of HP, ATK, and DEF. While his super ATK attack raises his ATK while decreasing the DEF and dealing damage to his enemies. Pinnacle of fury is not an ordinary card as it allows the player to survive with great powers. His passive skills change his AGL spheres to STR spheres.

Max Lv 120
SA Lv 1/10

Trans-dimensional Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)

Trans-dimensional Goku is not an ordinary card character; it is a high-powered ultra card with two forms. It exists in the ultra instinct sign, and ultra instinct both have different qualities and different ranges of speculations. These powers granted him the ability to take down an enemy. Trans-dimensional Goku has three Ki and 150% of HP, ATK, and DEF. His INT types of spheres grant him 50% of HP, ATK, and DEF.

His super attack is supreme Kalhemeha and a player can raise their ATK and damage an enemy through it. The passive skill is accelerating battle spirit that can increase the ATK up to 150% while allowing a player to evade the attacks of enemies. It also disables an opponent’s guard and de-buffs him. After the extreme awakening, a player is granted 160% of HP or ATK.

His ATK super attack also raises his DEF along with the ATK. While dealing damage, a player can have an increase in their stats. Goku’s passive skill is an exhilarating battle spirit which can increase his ATK up to 200% and DEF up to 100%. A player gets a chance to evade their enemy for only a single turn after the awakening, and this can be a stack attack and allow them to increase its effectiveness. 

Max Lv 120/140
SA Lv 1/15

A Tier

second best characters ranked
A Tier.

Next in line is our A tier, where we have all the fighters who have the potential to excel in their battles but are not quite the absolute best in the game.

Infinite Terror Metal Cooler

Let’s start our A tier with an infinite terror metal cooler. Cooler used to be an antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He was a competent character with insurmountable abilities that allowed him to fight in an arena. Infinite terror metal cooler is an LR rare card that will enable players to fight their enemies. He has leadership skills, including Ki of three and HP and ATK up to 200%.

His super ATK attack consists of a full metal avalanche. This attack raises the DEF of the attacker for one turn, and it is a stack attack. It causes a high amount of damage to an enemy while decreasing his ATK, adding him into the A tier. He also has an ultra-super attack named supernova. The attack is a great damage dealer as it raises a player’s ATK and DEF during a stack attack while causing a great amount of colossal damage. He is a healer as he can revive his HP up to 10 %, regardless of the situation. He also has an active skill that is known as life force absorption which allows players to increase their ATK value for a little time. The move also deals colossal DMG on an enemy while recovering 30% of the HP of a player’s character.

Max Lv 150
SA Lv 1/20

Saiyan Pride Vegeta/Goku

Saiyan pride card is an interchangeable card with Goku and Vegeta. Both characters are exceptionally powerful and display great skills that baffle a player. These characters have been astounding in all games and anime series. A hybrid card allows a player to obtain Vegeta and then change it into Goku after his HP falls below 29%. 

Vegeta has 130% HP, ATK, DEF, and a super ATK attack. Massacre breaker’s attack grants him an opportunity to increase his ATK and DEF while dealing massive DMG on an enemy. His ultra-super attack is also not below average. It confers a player with ATK and DEF capabilities in a stack attack and damaging characteristics.

He is a part of the A tier of our comeback tier list because When his HP reduces, he changes into Goku with the same amount of statistics. Along with that, a player also receives Ki blast cannon as a super ATK attack. Feint Kamehameha is an ultra-super attack that enables players to deal damage while increasing their statistics. Carrying on his pride is a passive skill through which players revive their HP powers and gain an additional ATK and DEF. If Goku is presented with a planet Namek categorized opponent, he does a CRIT hit attack. A player requires a complete spec of 311% of ATK and DEF ability to perform a super attack.

Max Lv 120
SA Lv 1/10

Hidden Power Unleashed Ultimate Gohan

Gohan was the child of Goku; he gained his techniques and tactics from his father. Like father like son makes him a capable character. Players who choose this card are awarded a great tanker and defensive Saiyan. He also can deal with DMG on an enemy. Gohan is a UR character who is a competent card with an awakening stance in his characteristics. A player can acquire Extreme Z awakening after leveling up to 15 while gaining medals before the awakening zone. Both zones display a different set of features.

Before awakening, a player gains hybrid Saiyans leadership which boosts HP and DEF to 170% and DEEF to 130%. Super ATK includes the Burst rush, which enables players to increase their ATK while dealing a great amount of damage to an opponent. After awakening, a player gains an extreme characterization. They achieve 158% addition in their ATK and DEF along with a 50% DEF if an entrusted ally is present. Gohan has a satisfactory set of statistics which maxes out to 15370 HP.

Max Lv 120/140
SA Lv 1/15

Earth-Protecting Flash Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)

The card has a Max level of 150 with a variety of LR.  Such an amazing characteristic allows a character to survive their death and make it to victory. The Super attack of the character is soaring dragon havoc that wreaks havoc through raising ATK and DEF in a stack attack. Along with that, it also deals massive damage to an enemy while decreasing their DEF. 

When Players use a ‘promise made to dad’ active skill, they gain an additional 12% of Ki and 59% of ATK for a single attack; if a character named Goku has an HP lower than 58%, then that character is transformed into this card. It also presents a decent set of links skills. The other abilities include additional attacks boost category raising DEF, ATK, and Ki while decreasing the DEF of the enemy.

Max Lv 150
SA Lv 1/20

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier.

Now we have our B rank, which contains all the mediocre characters of the game. I like to call it the modest tier because it has average characters that have abilities that are neither particularly good or bad.

Determined to Fight Goku (Kaioken) 

Let’s start our B tier of Powerful comeback tier list with Determine to fight Goku, which is a rare character card. It has leader abilities with a PHY sphere containing 2% Ki and 90% of HP, ATK, and DEF. Goku of, the comeback team character, is a part of the B rank because he takes a lot of time to gain a full Saiyan.

For a character to strive, a player has to look into the attributes and features of Goku. Determined to fight, Goku has a 20x Kaioken Kamehameha Super ATK attack that enhances a player’s ATK while dealing a huge amount of damage to an enemy. His double-edged sword is also a tactful move that aids in combat by awarding a player with an 80% ATK and DEF specs. For him to reach this level, a player must wait their turn and keep their patience.

Also, the character does not possess a passive skill to recover his or his ally’s HP. Such passive moves are quite important in a game as it allows a player to remain standing in an arena. When the character is farmed for a super attack, he rewards a player with an addition SA multiplied by 50%. 

Max Lv 120
SA Lv 1/10

The Supreme Warrior Super Gogeta

Gogeta is a powerful supporting character in the dragon ball series, but he is a mediocre character in the game since players have to work hard to excel with him. To level up to 15 , he has to gain extreme Z awakening. He is a part of the B-tier because he lacks the qualities desired from top-tiered characters. First, his link set is deficient. A 7th link skill is required to sustain the game, and without it, the player forms gameplay that covers up the deficiency.

The character has all sorts of Ki with an addition of 3 and an additional ATK of three thousand. Soul punisher and overwhelming strikes are his major moves. But they do not have persisting features as were present before. After Z awakens, a player receives a better set of features, but without it, the character may have fallen into the depths of our list. An overwhelming strike grants him an ATK and DEF enhancement of 77%. For all types of Ki spheres, including Rainbow Ki.

Max Lv 120/140
SA Lv 1/15

All-or-nothing Punch Goku (Youth)

All-or-nothing punch Goku is a spectacular character who enables a player to perform multiple tactics. It is DB saga category Ki of 3%. The HP, ATK, and DEF are 170% in leadership skills. He also has a youth category skill that has 150% statistics. A player cannot ignore his super ATK attack as it grants him a chance to inflict massive damage. He can also stun the enemy for a little time. Bending Kamehameha is a top choice for players as it grants them time to take down their enemy.

He is a part of the B tier because the amount of ATK or DEF he lowers is proportionate to his HP. This hit keeps him entangled in chains as he cannot remain free from his damage-dealing characteristics. A player has to work inside the box to excel. Along with the link sets, some other attributes also drags him down to the average level of the list. 

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The character has one last gamble as his passive skill, which grants him an ATK and DEF enhancement. But a player requires 50% less HP to activate his more lethal side. Once he reaches that stage, his abilities become more acceptable as they provide a player with a good range of specs. His active skill cannot use in his INT CRIT rate as it is not preserved. So he remains in the mediocre tier.

Max Lv 120/140
SA Lv 1/15

Hero’s Return Ultimate Gohan

Gohan and Goku are the main leads of the Dragon ball series; make dragon ball what it is. Without it, the heroes of the game would not have existed. Hero’s return Is a character who is granted an addition of 3 in all types of KI. HE levels up to 15 to reach his post-Z awakening phase. Gohan has a super ATK attack called super Kamehameha that deals colossal damage by enacting his ATK value for 3 hits.

He is a part of the B tier because he does not possess a preparation of battle characteristic. The feature is necessary as it grants a character with ATK and DEF to deal damage and de-buff an opponent. Gohan’s Extreme phase awards him an addition of only 40% of ATK and DEF. His skills are also not enhanced a lot. The Iron will increase HP by 20% and exhibits a CRIT hit on an opponent of up to 80%.

Max Lv 120/140
SA Lv 1/15

C Tier

powerful comeback tier list
C Tier.

The lower ranks have the worst characters in the game and their abilities are not exemplary. And here we will be looking at the second-worst fighters on our powerful comeback tier list.

A New Destination Ultimate Gohan

An ultimate Gohan is not that ultimate as he is present in our Powerful comeback tier’s C tier. Ultimate Gohan belongs to the UR rarity category with Super TEQ characteristics. He has low statistics that put him in a lower class. His link set is also not impressive. A link set plays a crucial role in playing the game as it helps a player construct gameplay. The character has two addition to all his Ki and an addition of 50% to his other statistics.

Gohan’s Super ATK attack is an explosive demon flash that stuns his enemy and deals with a small amount of DMG. Stunning only acts for mere seconds, and then its effects vanish. Passive skill, power to protect the peace, grant him with 70% ATK and Def. He does not support his allies and does not have to recover HP’s characteristics. These skills keep a player in a game. He can only boost his stats, including ATK, HP, and DEF, while stunning his enemies. These set of characteristics do not add up for a top-tiered character.

Furious Charge Super Saiyan Bardock

Bardock’s TEQ and AGL Ki grant him a 70% addition to his stats. And he is a part of the C tier because his skills do not give him an ATK boost. When we see the list of skills displayed for the character, we can conclude that no noticeable characteristics can be seen here. The character cannot recover HP or deal a great amount of damage to his enemies and his Super ATK inflicts a small amount of damage and seals his super attack.

Farming these characters can seal the super attacks, so this is an unnecessary approach. Bardock’s swift incisions are also not worth it as they only increase his ATK by 40%, and no DEF boost is available.

Max Lv 120/140
SA Lv 1/15

Burning Soul Super Saiyan Bardock

Burning soul Bardock is almost similar to the previous Bardock and the character also does not have high ATK, HP, and DEF values. These features are crucial for a player’s move execution. These moves allow a character to excel in his battle. He is a part of the C tier as his modifier is quite flat and does not exhibit prominent features for the player.

When his skills are evaluated, we can relate that it only seals his super attacks and raises his stats to a small amount. Besides, he has no compelling characteristics that could force a player to choose the character. Spirit of Saiyans deals a small amount of DMG while sealing his super attack, and his passive skill only raises his ATK. to 7000 against only one enemy, rather than a whole horde. But apart from that, he also does not have a DEF or HP recovering feature.

Max Lv 120
SA Lv 1/10

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier.

The D rank contains absolutely abysmal characters who are not useful at all. Choosing any of these is likely a death sentence for everyone except the most skilled players.

Zealous Roar Super Saiyan Goku

Zealous Goku is the worst Comeback for a Goku character as he has the lowest statistics, including HP, DEF, and ATK. This character has difficult execution skills that a beginner can not control. Also, a player requires a lot of skill to excel with the character. Goku has an addition of 2 to his AGL, TEQ, and STR Ki spheres. 

He resides under the D tier because his skills do not include a DEF booster, HP recovering, or ally-supporting moves. A player requires these moves to set foot in their game. Angry Kamehameha induces ATK and his passive action; gambling on survival grants him only 20% HP. His link skill set is deficient in many aspects, and his damaging enemy ability depends on his HP. All these specs keep him lagging in the battle of ranking.

Max Lv 120
SA Lv 1/10

Martial Mettle Goku

Martial Goku is an abysmal character since he has poor statistics for HP, DEF, RES, INT, and CRIT. He is a part of the D tier because of his multiple deficiencies in his battles and skill sets. Goku has always excelled in his fights, but the Martial Mettle version does not.

In the feat, Kamehameha stuns his enemy while dealing a mediocre amount of DMG. His stand-firm passive move enhances his Super attack rather than his ability to strike his opponent. Goku is unable to make room for his allies or heal himself. He does not have a tank, support, or healing abilities. He only deals a small amount of damage to his enemies. Goku possesses a massive gap in his Link skills.

Max Lv 120
SA Lv 1/10

Comparison Table

NameTierMax LvSA Lv
Extraordinary Super Warrior Super Saiyan GokuS15020-Jan
Observance of Pride Super Saiyan God SS VegetaS120/140 1/15
Pinnacle of Fury GokuS1201/10
Transdimensional Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)S120/1401/15
Infinite Terror Metal CoolerA1501/20
Saiyan Pride Vegeta/GokuA1201/10
Hidden Power Unleashed Ultimate GohanA 120/1401/15
Earth-Protecting Flash Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth)A1501/20
Determined to Fight Goku (Kaioken)B1201/10
The Supreme Warrior Super GogetaB120/1401/15
All-or-nothing Punch Goku (Youth)B120/1401/15
Hero's Return Ultimate GohanB120/1401/15
A New Destination Ultimate GohanC
Furious Charge Super Saiyan BardockC120/140 1/15
Burning Soul Super Saiyan BardockC120 1/10
Zealous Roar Super Saiyan GokuD1201/10
Martial Mettle GokuD120 1/10

Patch Notes Version v5.9.2

According to the latest patch notes, the following changes were made to the game:

You are able to exchange duplicate characters recruited from Summon Events including Legendary Summon Carnivals and Rising Dragon Carnivals for Carnival Coins if the characters meet the conditions for exchange.


Our powerful comeback tier list is an assortment of powerful characters in their specific rankings and they are ranked based on their skills, tax, HP, Atk, DEF, and other statistics. We evaluated all these characters separately to compile data that supports our ranking. A list like ours is crucial because it allows a reader to go through the whole ranking swiftly—this way, a player can find the correct characters to choose for their team.

But if you disagree with any of our choices, we are more than willing to hear you out in the comments section below. We will take your criticisms into account, and update the article as necessary.