Priconne Tier List: All Units Ranked [2023]

Princess Connect is a Japanese roleplay video game produced by Cygames that, on February 15, 2018, was made available for Android and iOS users in Japan. This Japanese RPG game has the most adorable and dangerous array of playable characters. Selecting the top characters might be challenging, mainly when more than 60 options are available. In this Priconne tier list, I have compiled a list of all your favorite characters from Princess Connect Re: Dive. The Princess Connect Re: Dive is a challenging game that encourages players to strategize because of its real-time dynamics and various modes. Additionally, I have also outlined every character’s position in the game. Each princess participates in one of these frontline, midline, or backline roles, similar to other tactical games. The game’s vivid colors and continually growing cast add to its demand by the users. Its enormous fan base is therefore not shocking at all.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 58 characters discussed in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the character’s abilities and mode of play.
  • The Top Tiers include characters like Shizuru, Muimi, and Akino.
  • The Lower Tiers include characters like Mahiru, Tomo, and Misogi.


Before discussing further detail we will rank all characters in the table. 

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

Now we will discuss each character with a more detailed approach.

Character Roles

These are the roles of the characters in the game. You must know the role type to be able to grasp the basics of the game.

Physical Attacker

Physical Attackers in Princess Connect are playable characters that, as the name suggests, focus primarily on harming opponents with swords, bows, or other similar weapons. Typically, these units are located on the frontline. However, these characters come forward to attack the opponent physically in the game and bare the most damage.

Magic Attacker

Their attack is much similar to the physical attackers, but they use magic spells instead of weapons. The Midline or Backline is where these units are more frequently encountered. Be cautious while adding them to your team because their inferior defense is lacking.


Tankers serve as units with shields. Although they may not do as much damage as the top two classes on the list, they have a strong defence. They are therefore perfect for defending less intense team members. In addition, many tankers have talents that, when appropriately utilized, deliver severe damage.


Debuffers in this game, the reverse of supporters, benefit your side by reducing the stats of the adversary team. In addition, a good supporter and a matched debuffer may significantly increase your damage output, making it easy for you to win the game.


Supporters often referred to as buffers, are the greatest at increasing your unit’s stats, and having supporters in your team boosts the defence of the group.


The last group is Healers. Healers play the self-explanatory job of ensuring that your team’s HP remains at a safe level. With their attack potential, they are beneficial for the team.

You’ll be all set if you combine them with a few skilled supporters in the team. They heal the players harmed by the attack of the opponent by increasing their health lost after the attack.

S Tier

Best characters in Piconne tier list
S Tier

S-tier of my Priconne tier list consists of characters from Princess Connect Re: Dive, which are the very finest and ideal for most team configurations and meta conditions. In addition, these characters are of great importance if present in your team, making them a superb option to invest in and ensure your win in the game.

If you’re looking for something efficient in Princess Connect Re: Dive, your top priority should be the S-Tier characters. Every character has their specialty and order of attack and excels in their position.


These are the frontline character’s S Tier.


Shizuru is the first babe in the Priconne tier list who made it to the top of our S-tier. She is placed in the S-tier frontline fighters due to her absolute physical damage-absorbing skills. Also, she is a member of the Labyrinth and is also the elder sister of Yuuki. Shizuru is the best early game fighter and stands tall with three stars in the game.

Her perfect damage-absorbing and nullifying skills make her fall into the S category of frontline fighters. Additionally, being a physical attacker in the game, she has some ultimate skills to absorb physical damage, protect the team, increase the teammate’s HP, and increase her physical attack.

All these skills make her an excellent frontline fighter. Having her in a battle will help to protect other teammates and allow them to attack appropriately, restraining damage from the opponent team.

With her Union burst skill, she can deal with an enormous amount of damage from the front and also have a great physical damage barrier. Another Saint heal skill increases the HP of teammates who have suffered an injury and have low health.

Big sister’s power skill enables her to increase her physical attacking talent and damage-absorbing skill. Shizuru can also create a physical barrier around her teammates for their protection.


Muimi is equipped with a sword weapon known as a Heavenly Tower Sword. She can knock down the enemies using her sword, and incredible union burst skill and deals with enormous damage from the frontline.

I Am Gonna Surprise Your skill renders good damage to the enemy from the frontline, which stuns them and gives a slight blow to the opponent’s team. With this skill, the enemy cannot attack for a short time.

Over Here, Over Here skill weakens the opponent’s defence, thus beneficial for her team to make the attack more effective. Finally, another Potential Force skill enables her to increase her physical attack when the fight starts. All these skills are practical within a radius and make Muimi a skilled frontline fighter.


Akino is a beautiful, wealthy lady with powerful skills who owns a sword and can handle it perfectly. Having her as a frontline fighter in your team is of great benefit to you, mainly because of her healing abilities. But, talking about her skill level, she has some excellent skills a frontline fighter could own.

Her Union Burst, Nobel Assault, renders massive damage to the opponent, affecting the opponent’s health at the start of the fight. Her skill Healing Jewel gives all the teammates an increase in health and heals the damage done by the enemy.

This skill increases the team’s efficiency and decreases the time of the attack. Finally, the proud Slash skill increases Akino’s physical attacking talent within a range.

Flame Soul’s skill increases her physical attack and defence skills as it is of immense importance for a frontline fighter. This skill enables Akino to protect the team while doing a reasonable amount of damage to the opponent.


Miyako is a tremendous frontline fighter of the game and made it to the S tier of my Priconne tier list. She can resist the attack coming from the opponent’s team, and she can turn herself into a spirit which makes the enemy’s attack useThe less. The Union Burst skill of Miyako is quite interesting, enabling her to change her enemy into a pudding and eat them.

Her Union Burst also severely damages the enemy and heals her damage, thus increasing her health. Miyako has some practical skills to improve attacking abilities and give a healing effect to the team and herself.


These are the midline character S Tier.


A unique and distinguishing feature she possesses is that the lower her health gets, the stronger their union becomes. She also can restore an ally’s TP. Thus, she can swiftly turn things around for her team.

Although Saren is a good midline physical attacker of this game with some fantastic fighting skills, with her Fire Slash skill, she can do more significant damage as her HP decreases. This particular skill makes her stand out from others.


This absolute midline physical fighter stands out as an S-tier member mainly due to her unique Union Burst skill. This skill unable her to unlock the seven crown authority, dramatically increasing her physical attack impact. Other notable skills that Labyrinth possesses increase the physical attack and weaken the enemy’s defence to some extent.


Akari is a unique magical attacker in the mid row of the team who has an additional ability to protect her teammates. This makes her be placed in the S tier of my Priconne tier list. Additionally, her ultimate magical skills enable her to attack the opponent efficiently and decrease the magic defence of the opponent’s team.


These are the backline character’s S Tier.


Neneka is one of the best backline fighters and the best magical attacker in the game. Being placed in the S tier of my Proconne tier list Neneka has proven herself as a hardcore attacker for a team. Union Burst of this character enables her to form a clone of herself who overwhelms the enemy with a bundle of magical attacks that, in turn, destroy them. This Union Burst also increases the TP gain.

Using her ultimate skills, this superpower girl bashes the enemy with loaded magical attacks and weakens the enemy’s defence against magical attacks. Thus making her hard to defeat.


This back row magical attacker renders great damage to the enemy and restores any team member’s TPmember. As the battle starts, her magical attack is significantly increased and damages the enemy to a great extent making her excellent backline support for the team.


This backline physical attacker deals with moderate magical damage to all the enemies in the opposing team. Consequently, all the enemies receiving physical damage from Hatsune also have to deal with some magical damage. Therefore, Hatsune is placed in this tier of my Priconne tier list because this psychic girl is one of the best attackers and can significantly damage the enemy.


A backline physical fighter who can bring about a rain of arrows which does good damage to the health of enemies in its range. However, this greatly benefits the team as it decreases the health meter of enemies at the start of a fight. Other notable skills that she possesses also help to enhance the effect of her physical damage.

A Tier

Good characters of Piconne tier list
A Tier

Although the units listed here in the A-tier are typically worth consideration, they don’t exhibit a skill set as diverse as those of the S-tier members. Still,l they are an excellent investment for all kinds of teams and ought to be a player’s priority if an S-tier character appears unattainable.

Of course, most of the characters placed in this tier are the player’s favourites, and many of you will be disappointed to see them in the A-tier, but this placement is purely based on the character’s abilities and mode of play.


These are the frontline character’s A Tier.


Christina, with her charismatic personality, made it to the A tier of my Priconne tier list. Being a frontline fighter, Christina has a Numbers Avalon Union Burst, which allows her to block all the damage coming from the enemy and also enables her to attack the enemy with her physical attacking special skills.

With her skill of Injection, she can decrease the opponent’s team’s defence system and physically attack them. It makes the damaging effect more robust and reduces the enemy’s health. In addition, Ignite Ex and Over Ray’s skill increases her physical attack making her a good frontline fighter in the game.


This cute girl with a teddy bear is a good addition to the frontline fighters in a team. With her Puukishi Full Swing Union Burst, she stuns the enemy leaving them dizzy and attacking them.

Her Puukishi Hurricane skill leaves the enemy in a mess by attacking them and lowering their HP. Pretty Slugger’s skill increases her physical attacking ability and also her defence. Another skill named  Pukichi Break stuns the enemy leaving them helpless for some time.


This island girl is a good frontline fighter and a good option to invest in for the team. Being in the front of most units in the fight, she can deal with a good amount of damage as her Union Burst allows her to do.

In addition, the spiritual Unity skill enables her to be strong enough and deal with a good amount of damage. This skill also allows her to do double damage to the enemy every time she attacks.

She also has sufficient skills to damage the enemy and increase her physical attacking ability. All these skills make her a good frontline fighter in the game as she can protect the team and do good physical damage to the opponent.


This frontline fighter specializes in ceasing the enemy’s attack. Thus, her presence in the team is beneficial for blocking attacks from the opponent.

She can easily hinder the enemy and slow down their mode of attack, making it less effective. Facility Blind, Union Burst of Tsumugi enables her to blow the enemy backward, doing sufficient damage to them and immobilizing them.

Capture String skill of this frontline fighter gives her the power to attack the second enemy in the frontline of the enemy. With her Tailor Guts skills, she can increase her physical defence and protect herself from the attack of the opponent. The most important skill she possesses is the Spiral Yarn skill, in which she can decrease the impact of the enemy’s attack and hinder their speed of action.


This knight captain has some incredible defence abilities. Jun is a physical attacker who, with her Union Burst, can form a damage-absorbing barrier. This ability enables her to absorb an enormous amount of physical and magical damage, thus protecting the team.

Her Armour Break skill allows her to deal with significant damage to a single enemy and lowers their defence. Brave Recovery skill restores the HP of the allies. Finally, Justice Barrier’s skill increases the magical shield, moderately protecting her from the enemy’s attack.


A moral beast person who weakens the defence of the enemy. She can easily defeat the opposing defenders by employing her talents to undermine the adversary’s protection while simultaneously doing significant damage on her own. Makoto deals in front with substantial physical damage and somewhat lowers their defence.


These are the midline character’s A Tier.


Also known as the Princess of Gale, Anna is a midline magical attacker with some good magical skills for destroying the enemy. However, as she forms the core of the team, her defence is a bit weak to handle damage if the frontline fighters are down in the battle.

This flaw of her inability to tolerate damage makes her fall into a lower tier. Although she possesses some tremendous magical skills and can harm the enemy and do good damage to them as her attack is potent, it also hurts herself and lowers her own HP.


This great detective can easily dodge the enemy with her special moves and thus attack them with her specialized magical attack. Also, her particular skill lowers the enemy’s magical defence, attack speed, and TP gain. Thus affecting the health of the enemy to a great extent. Moreover, she can also increase her magical defence protecting her from the enemy’s attack.


This middle-line physical attacker defeats the enemy and restores her own TP, does a good amount of physical damage to the opposing team, and increases her defence, thus making a good midline team.


This cute little girl did not fail to impress by her physically damaging skills, and TP boosts not only for herself but also increases the TP of her allies. She can handle a good amount of damage and is undoubtedly good damage for the opposition. Having her on your team is a good addition, and you will not be disappointed.


Rin can support the team with her offensive and defensive abilities. She can handle the pressure of a battle wisely and has the qualities to control the game in favour of her team.

Although she is mainly a physical attacker but still cooperates in magical attacks and renders great damage to the opponent. Also, she can stun the enemy for some time, leaving them unable to attack, so she turns the game to benefit her own team.


This lady soldier deals with physically damaging the opponent from the mid-order. Talking about her special skills, she can increase her physical and magical skills and attack speed. Also, this benefits the team and supports the team members. Monika offers a moderate magical attack along with a physical one.


These are the backline character’s A Tier.


Here comes a student fighter who can unleash great magical skills. Union Burst allows her to do significant magic damage to the first enemy she faces. All her skills support enhancing her magical attacks to a moderate level, and she is not a bad addition to the team in terms of making magical attacks on the opponent.


This fairy tale princess can offer good support to the team. With all her magical attacking skills, she provides good supernatural support to her team from the backline. Her special skills also increase her physical attack and provide a support system to other teammates to a moderate level.


This elegant, magical attacker of the team supports her allies by increasing their HP. Also, she has a particular skill to boost the magical defence system of the team. Thus protecting them from magical attacks from the enemy. However, her actions are a bit ranged and are effective within a specific area.


She is a good addition to the team’s backline as she is a good snipper and renders enormous physical damage to the enemy. Interestingly, she can use her Union Burst multiple times and can attack and gain her TP simultaneously.

Using her ultimate skills, she can do slight damage to the enemies in the front and also restore her own Tp. This makes her attack a bit front centered and only focuses her enemies in the front.


Yuki is a good magical attacker in the back row. As her skills enhance her magical attack, she does considerable damage to the enemy but restores the TP of only those allies whose TP is high.


Yuni is a genius who can power up her allies to a great extent, and her Union Burst increases her physical attack and critical rate. This great backline fighter is placed in the A tier of my Priconne tier list because she helps her teammates to survive in the game at the cost of her own TP.

As her physical attacking ability increases, her own physical and magical defence decreases. Thus she helps her teammates to survive the battle at the cost of her health.

B Tier

Average characters of the game
B Tier

The characters placed in the B-tier of my Priconne tier list aren’t the greatest, but still, they manage to show their skills in most circumstances. Although this is a mediocre tier that comprises some average-performing characters, for instance, you’ll observe that these characters excel in some areas while falling short in others.

However, this does not mean that you cannot win the game. On the contrary, if you have them on your team with the right and strategic combo, you can win while having these characters by your side.


These are the frontline character’s B Tier.


Eriko is commonly known as a destroyer in the game as she can finish enemies with the help of poison. Her Union Burst is Deadly Punish, by which she can defeat the enemy with increased physical attack and deals with good physical damage.

The primary skill Eriko possesses is Poison Blow, in which she uses poison to kill the enemy. Other skills that she has also increase her physical damage and render the enemy from attacking for some time. This makes her a decent frontline fighter.


This frontline dragon girl is best at physical attacks and can knock out the enemies with her skills. The Union Burst is of specialized fire attack by which she can attack and blow out the enemy into ashes.

With this skill, she renders a good amount of burn damage to the enemy from the frontline. Dragon Fire, Dragon Pow Hammer, and I’ll Take You On skills also increase their physical skill and physical damage. Overall she is not a lousy frontline fighter to invest in.


A frontline group swordswoman capable of defeating an opponent with her union burst and standard strikes both aim to do direct damage and launch counterattacks on the target. All her skills enhance her physical attacking skills and render some decent amount of damage to the opposing frontline fighters, thus lowering their impact of an attack.


A good addition to the frontline fighters in the team as she serves to protect her teammates. Also, she is capable of making a good physical attack. Her Union Burst enables her to increase her own physical and magical defence.

This quality makes her a bit more powerful as she can resist magical and physical attacks. Skill-wise she is also capable enough to do good damage and provides an average amount of protection to her team, so she is not a bad addition to the frontline of a team.


She is an elf with some great moves. With each attack, she becomes more powerful, and her attacking and defensive skills are enhanced as to game proceeds. With her Union Burst, she increases her physical damage to the first enemy.

All her skills specifically affect the cowering status of the enemy and hinder it to a great extent. Talking about the physical attack, she also increases it to a good amount of damage provided to the enemy.


One of the primary and distinguishing features this character possesses is her magic absorbing barrier, which protects her from magical attacks and converts them to increase her health. This means that all magic attacks of Kuuka will be used to improve her health instead of damaging her. Using her skills, she generally provokes the enemy and increases her physical attack slightly. She is not a bad option for protection against magical attacks.


She is a cat maiden who causes problems for magical groups. She uses her most vital magical strike to specifically target the opposing team, reducing their offence and TP. Also, she deals with a lot of physical damage with a massive magical attack.

This cat maiden is also a fabulous magical attacker. Additionally, she increases her own TP after attacking, making her a good option to invest in the game.


These are the midline character’s B Tier.


A member of the midline unit and a good magical attacker, her union burst enables her to destroy the enemy with her burst of magical attack. Despite this, he has no defensive skills and is always at risk of her own life in the battle.


This magical attacker dragon girl can knock down the enemy with her firepower attacks. She also has a flying power attack, with which she endures an impactful attack on the enemy.

As the battle continues, she builds up her attack, the impact of her attack at the start of the fight is not very strong, but if she survives in the game, she has a very impactful attack.


Mimi is a bunny girl who can be of considerable help in destroying the enemy’s front-row fighters. Also, her unique skills allow her to deal with a significant amount of damage from the enemy.


This midline magical attacker, if present in the team, binds the enemy with her unique magical spells, stunning them for some time. Also, she has skills that help her to attack both stunned enemies and those who are not stunned. However, ram’s mode of action is not impressive enough compared to members of the other tiers.


This midline fighter has a unique ability to restore the HP and TP of her teammates and moderately heals them as well. She can also restore the TP of teammates with the lowest TP. Despite these skills, her attacking ability is insufficient for the fight.


These are the backline character’s B Tier.


Aoi is a member of the backline unit in the game and has a special ability to paralyze the enemy with her poisonous attack. Using this skill, she can take down the health of even the strongest enemy.

In addition, her unique skill increases her physical attack and damaging skills. Still, she lacks any protective ability for herself or the team making her survival in the battle a challenge.


Emilia is a half-elf and also a backline magical attacker. With her super magical powers, Emilia can deal with offensive attacks and has special skills for healing her teammates. However, her attacking force is not that strong still. Nevertheless, she can do moderate damage to the opponent.


This lady witch is a magical attacker in the backline order. Also, her Union Burst can do destruction up to a wide area with her skills. Therefore, she can do moderate damage to the enemy.


Good backline support is provided to the team by Yui. Also, she is a decent magical attacker who possesses healing abilities to protect her teammates from invading attacks. Her special skills enhance her supernatural powers and magic defence.

C Tier

bad characters of the game
C Tier

Characters in the C-tier are not so efficient in the game. They can still be used even though they are typically not the best for the fight. They are ultimately unsuitable for most scenarios unless you team them up wisely due to their lacking game stats.


These are the frontline character’s C Tier.


Hiyori, an energetic frontline fighter who can crush the enemy’s defence line, made it to the C tier of my Priconne tier list due to some shortcomings in her performance. With her, Union Burst deals with a good amount of physical damage to the enemies but within a range.

Additionally, all her skills favor her increase in a physical attack. Hiyori, however, has not impressed me with her skills and is not good enough to be placed in the upper tiers due to her ranged mode of attack.


Kaori is a southern island girl who can deal with some damage from the frontline. Her special skills can double the damage of a single attack to the enemy. However, she lacks any unique ability to protect the team or herself from attack.


This special character can deal with a good amount of physical damage to the enemy from the frontline but still cannot survive in the game for much longer as she lacks any particular skill for protecting herself or her team from the invading attack.

However, her boost attacks do good damage to the invading enemy and affect their health to a reasonable extent. Unfortunately, she is not as good as she remembers of the upper tiers.


This frontline fighter is a good protector of the team and can stun the enemy for some time, leaving them helpless and unable to function for some time. This skill is of great benefit to the team as, at this time, when the enemy cannot move, they can attack them and affect their HP to a great extent. Also, Kurumi deals with typical physical damage by doing sufficient damage to the opponent.


These are the midline character’s C Tier.


Ayumi is a midline fighter with the ability to disorient the enemy and stun them for a short time. Despite this ability, her mode of action is limited within a certain radius. Besides this, she is a decent attacker and is present in a team.


Yori is also a magical attacker and is usually ranked mid-order of a team. However, her magical attack is feeble and insufficient to do a good amount of damage to the enemy. Also, all her attacks are effective within a radius and are not effective beyond that.


These are the backline character’s C Tier.


Arisa possesses very good destructive powers and is suitable for long battles. She has special skills by which she can resist attacks on herself and increase her own TP. This allows her to sustain herself in the fight for a long. She is not a bad addition to the team but lacks special abilities to protect her team.


This fairy character is good support for the team as she has a special ability to summon a fairy beside her allies to protect them and increase their HP. Using her skills, she can also moderately increase her physical and magical attacks. Still, her attacks are not as impactful as a backline fighter’s attack should be.

D Tier

Worst characters of the game
D Tier

Here comes the last tier, the D-tier of my Priconne tier list. These characters have rarely proven to be helpful to the player in any situation or game style. They have poor stat distribution and lack specialized skills to win the game. These characters are of no good to the team even if placed with the best fighters, and they still do not contribute much to the win.


These are the frontline character’s D Tier.


A young knight who disrupts opponents with her quick moves. Her unification blast ploughs right into the middle of the opposing team as she constantly uses her talents to assault the enemy’s health.

Using her unique skills, she can do good physical damage and stun the enemy within a short range. Matsuri is a good frontline fighter. Her only drawback is that all her attacks and skills are ranged.


She is a troublemaker for the opponents who physically damage the enemy with her Darkness skill and dramatically lowers the enemy’s Hp. Also, she possesses a skill that reduces the physical assault of the enemy. However, despite all these qualities, she is not preferred by many players due to her slow mode of attack.


She is a female fencer who dispatches opponents with her swift blows. Her talents can obliterate even the most challenging enemies, and her union blast increases the strength of her attack and also its speed. All her skills make her physical attack more intense and fierce, but still, it lacks any protective abilities to resist the incoming attack.


These are the midline character’s D Tier.


This farmgirl mainly focuses on collapsing the form of the enemy by pushing back the enemy in the front row. Unfortunately, she can deal with only slight physical damage, and her health decreases quickly in the game. Also, she does not possess any particular skill for protecting her against damage, so she cannot survive for long in the battle.


These are the backline character’s D Tier.


This clumsy maid can restore the HP of both herself and her allies. Also, she has the skills to raise the physical attack and defense her supporters and herself. Her Maid Spirit also increases her magical spell, but still, she is not of much help as her attacking ability is not as strong as other characters in the game.

Why Trust Our Ranking

Our primary objective is always to give a tier list devoid of one-sided perspectives or inaccurate facts. Since tier lists are frequently used as guidelines, we usually include a disclaimer explaining how readers should interpret our tier lists.

Furthermore, to prevent anyone from finding our material unpleasant or harsh against their favorites, we present to the readers why some things are placed in their allocated tier sooner.

Before posting anything on the internet, we thoroughly study and authenticate anything we write about. We ensure that a group of senior writers double-checks the tier lists in case the writer misses specific errors.

Some authors may become prejudiced due to the need for originality. Still, our writers are taught to maintain their professional thoughts to themselves and only to express them in connection with genuine facts.

Patch Notes Version 4.8.0

Patch Version 4.8.0 offers the following features.

• The player level cap has been raised from 154 to 157.

• The character level cap has also been increased from 154 to 157.

• New equipment items required for Rank 16 have been added.

• Main Quest Area 32 is now unlocked.

• Main Story (Part 2) Episode 1-7 to 1-14 has been unlocked.


This Priconne tier list will give you an overview of the abilities and fighting skills of most of the Princess Connect Re: Dive characters. All these characters have their specific order on the battlefield and their own specific attacking modes, all of which are well explained and well organized in proper tiers. After careful consideration and analysis, I could rank almost all of the characters in the game. They have been organized carefully into the S, A, B, C, and D tiers. However, if your view on this tier list differs, we are always open to constructive feedback. I compiled a detailed list of these characters based on their firsthand observations. They all indeed have advantages as well as disadvantages. So let’s enjoy our gaming experience, and let us know if this post was helpful in the comments.