Random Dice Tier List: The Definitive Ranking

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Today I am going to talk about a mind-blowing and unique game. If you are a fan of deck-building games then this game is for you. You have landed on the right page. You will definitely love this game but not from the starting point. Initially, when you install this game on your device you will become perplexed by seeing so many dice options and there will be a point you want to give up.

This happens with the majority of players as they fail in gathering proper information related to the game by themselves or if they seek the info then mostly the sources are not reliable or do not provide them with proper information and guidance. But I have done a lot of research along with the top tier list professionals and prepared the random dice tier list for you.

Random Dice Quick Review

Random dice is a multiplayer tower defense game that you can enjoy with your fellows. In this game, you have to use your mental skills to create a dice tower. It sounds so simple but it is not. Random dice are very tricky to play for which you have to keep your eyes wide open all the time and use your brain to play a better movie every time and outlive the enemy.

There is a competitive mode in this game that requires proper attention from your side. Only in this way you can outstand the enemy and focus on his moves carefully. the more careful you are the higher the chances are of your victory. The moment you are distracted the game is over for you. Your opponent will be very lucky if you will be giving him the chance again and again to win. And, trust me this happens unintentionally.

When I was a newbie, at that time I was unaware of the dos and don’t of this game and did the same mistake of not focusing and the consequences were so bad. However, with every passing day, I got to know what’s the catch in Random dice and never repeated the same blunder.

Co-op is another mode of the game where two people share the same goal. Players will be helping each other to survive so that everything will be in its place. In order to increase your rank in the game, you have to put in a lot of effort and knowledge as well to keep going. If you asked me about this game sometime back then the answers given by me can not be supported. But now I have done a lot of research and played it by myself so things have become easier for me and I can easily guide you.

Top Secrets to Become A Pro in Random Dice

As promised, I will unveil the secrets to becoming a pro in this interesting game. Do you think it is so hard? It may be hard but not impossible. Also, I will make it easier for you to understand and apply all the tips and tricks to your gameplay. Are you ready? Let us begin.

How to Build Your Deck

Your planning skills must be way too strong to build a deck as the game is tactical itself. There is a plethora of dice to choose from and interestingly each one of them is unique and different in nature. The look of each dice is different and their effects as well. It may sound complicated, but you have to break this complication with full focus and attention.

You must ensure that your deck is built in a balanced way so that you can prevent it from enemy attacks. Your strategy should be looking for more interesting and effective dice in order to keep your deck safe from enemy attacks. You must know when to use which dice, only in this way you can win like a king. The more perfect your deck will be the easier it is for you to tackle the opponents.

Keep in mind that the collection of dice must be strong and you must work hard to grow it. At the start of the game, you are provided with some solid decks that are the lifesaver, and afterward, it is your responsibility to maintain the inventory with the best of them. After collecting substantial dice build different decks for the specific modes.

In the inventory section of this game, there is a lot of stuff to see. From there you can keep a check and balance which dice you have already unlocked and which are left. You can also buy the upgrades for the dice that love and want to keep with you forever or for a long time period. Apart from this, you can earn the currency as well by taking part in various quests, unlocking chests, and daily login.

How to Manage Your SP

It is a very important thing to know that your SP will be decreased whenever you bring the dice on board by pressing the dice button on the bottom of your screen. I am saying that because I am well aware of the fact that your chances of winning or success depend upon how well you are observing and using this limited pool.

Initially, you will be unable to identify the worth of SP as the purchases at that time will not cost you must. But, as the game continues and the levels are upgraded then a handsome amount of SP would be needed to hail a single dice. you can increase the enemies by conquering the enemies.

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How to Upgrade Your Dice

Don’t ever make a mistake purchasing or upgrading or dice when you are in the match. It is not a safe option because these dice disappear by the end of the match. This trick does not work all the time. It also costs you more SP to purchase in-match upgrades. The other thing for which you can go for is the standard upgrades.

Standard upgrades permit you to reinforce the usefulness of your dice. This option works best when you have a higher collection of single dice of a specific type. Watch out for the number of dice on the top-left of the screen. And, make sure to upgrade those dice first that are high in numbers so that you can be profited by them.

Participating in Events and Quests

It is a great way to increase your currency to participate in events and quests that exist all because of random dice. It is a very exciting experience taking part in these events. There is a separate even tab on the game’s menu where you can see a lot more options. Boss raid, mirror matches, and randomized arena are all its parts.

Participating in the events or quests will cost you a very small amount of diamonds which is nothing if we compare it to the rewards you will receive from the events. These rewards can be claimed in the main menu from the quest tab.

So, that was it for the Random Dice guide. Now you have enough information to proceed like a professional player in the game. GO and download it if you haven’t yet and let me know about your experience playing it in the comment box below.

Random Dice Tier List Ranking Criteria

Random Dice is a very exciting tower defense game, and so is creating its tier list. The basic criteria adopted by me and the top-tier list team to rank the dice is that we placed them in different tiers according to their effectiveness and usefulness. My basic motto to prepare this tier list is to provide relevant and authentic information to the newbies so that they can play and win the game easily.

The rankings made it easy for you to sort things out but ranking itself s not easy. Because there is a long procedure accompanied by a lot of effort behind these rankings. I did in-depth research and also played this game by myself to give a clear opinion. Not only this, but I contacted several Random Dice players and asked about their opinions too. This procedure sounds so easy but trusts me doing all this was not easy.

After all these efforts I was able to present an authentic Random Dice tier list for you people. All the rankings and information provided are completely unbiased. Once you start will start playing this game according to our guidance then I bet you will be very thankful to me.

There are five tiers in this tier list that are S, A, B, C, and D. If you are new to this website so this explanation is especially important for you. I will rank the dice from best to worst. For instance, the top-notch fice will be placed on the S tier, the best ones on the A tier, and in this way, Random Dice Tier List will be continued.

If you find any of the rankings inappropriate then in this case I openly welcome you for the debate (no offense will be accepted). I personally value your opinions and likings. So there is nothing to worry about or get pissed off about. Because everyone’s point of view will be valued.

S tier

random dice tier list
The S-tier dice ranked

In the S-tier, I have placed the top-notch dice of the game. It will be very fortunate if you will be able to collect all the dice ranked on this tier. TRY to have a collection of these dice and then build your deck. Doing this will assist you in overpowering the enemies.

Blizzard Dice

Blizzard Dice attacks the mob that is on the front of the board. It also deals with the damage very effectively and adds a frost layer every 7 seconds to the mobs present on the board. It has the ability to freeze all the monsters for three seconds by combining up the other dice.

Typhoon Dice

Typhoon dice have three phases in total and these phases last for 6, 4, and 1 second respectively. Like the blizzard dice, it also attacks the front mob on the board. The attack speed of its third phase is the fastest of all.

Joker Dice

You can use the joker dice as the wild card dice. I know that you merge different dice with one another to multiply the level of efficiency. But in the case of the joker dice instead of merging it, you just copy this dice to another dice. It also helps in increasing the stability of the deck.

Growth Dice

Growth dice can transform themselves into one of the dice of your deck, and it happens when it increases its pip count after 15 seconds. It is very good to combine it with the joker dice.

A tier

best ones
The A-Tier dice ranked

The A-tier dice play a vital role in building an attractive and protective deck. The difference between these dice and the S-tier ones is very minor. The dice placed in this category of the Random Dice tier list are also the best ones. The strength of these dice is commendable and it can be witnessed by their power to deal with the enemies and their damage.

When you combine these dice with some specific dice then it can give the competition to the S-tier dice. Competition in a sense that you can use these too instead of the S-tier dice. Hence, it is recommended to collect the same number of dice in the A-tier.

Combo Dice

On merging with the mimic dice or with the Combo dice itself, the combo counter of these dice is increased. It also attacks the mob which is in front of the board.

Mighty Wind Dice

These dice also have the ability of transformation. It transforms itself into the “mighty wind” phase. The best thing about the transformation phase is that the attack speed is awfully increased.

Flow Dice

The flow dice are used for speeding up the mobs on the board of the enemy. But when you use these dice in the Co-op mode then it will decrease the speed of mobs present on your board.

Assassin Dice

Like some other dice ranked on the Random Dice tier list, the assassin dice play different roles in PvP and Co-op mode. In the PvP mode if you combine it with the mimic dice or with itself then it will cause a decrease in the Dice pip count of the enemy by 1. While in the Co-op mode it increases the dice count of your foes.

Sacrifice Dice

The sacrifice dice are very useful when you are running out of SP. It also increases your SP by 80 when merged with itself.

Summoner Dice

The name of this dice is itself reflecting its use and quality. Do you know why it is called the summoner dice? Because it summons a new dice on the board if combined with the mimic dice or with the summoner dice itself.

Solar Dice

When you are attacking the same target like 80,80,120,120 then in this case the attack damage gathers and increases with every two attacks. When this dice is activated then its attacking speed is immensely increased.

Infect Dice

In these dice, for every pip the gas damage (AoE) on the death of a mob. And that gas remains for 3 seconds on the mob. There is a specific formula for the gas damage i.e. [(Base Gas Damage)(Pips)]+(In-Game Level Ups).

B tier

likable ones
The B-tier dice ranked

Here in the B-tier, I can not say that the dice ranked are useless. But considering them less useful relatively would be right. We can not compare their power to those of the S and A-tier dice. They have less synergy and are not as valuable relatively. Gathering a collection of these dice will not go in vain as sometimes it may help you in destroying the enemies. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should be very mindful whenever you are going to invest in the dice ranked on the B-tier of the Random Dice tier list.

Poison Dice

Poison Dice attacks those front mobs that do not contain a poison debuff. It deals with the tick of poison damage as well as the base damage.

Shield Dice

The shield dice are used to build a barrier on the board. As the difficulty level increases then along with that the blockage time increases too.

Iron Dice

The iron dice give great damage to not only the mini-boss but all the bosses. Not only this, but it also targets the strongest mobs.

Metastasis Dice

It is not that effective alone but it becomes very strong when combined with the mimic dice or the metastasis dice itself. There is one thing common between the sacrifice dice and these dice, if we merge two metastasis dice together then it will leave the same effect. In PvP mode, an extra mob is created by metastasis dice and your ally has to deal with it.

Atomic Dice

Atomic Dice is a likable dice ranked on the Random Dice tier list and it spins according to the number of pips on the Atomic Dice. The best position to place these dice is the edge of the board.

Mimic Dice

Mimic dice have the quality of being merged to any of the dice having the same pip amount. Its usefulness will be immensely increased by combining it with assassin, metastasis, and summoner.

Hell Dice

Hell dice are not used to attack mobs neither it does. The dice adjacent to the hell dice get a death chance due to these dice.

Arrow Dice

There is nothing too unique about these dice but there is something good in them for sure. It has the ability to give 500% extra damage to the random mobs on every 5th attack.

Thorn Dice

The monsters are attacked indirectly by the thorn trap and this is done by spreading out a special thorn trap. The higher the pips on the dice, the higher the thorn traps. These traps appear for only 2 seconds and then vanish afterward. But you can also extend this time by upgrading the dice during the game and it is done with the use of SP.

Supplement Dice

If you are running out of your favorite dice then merge it with the supplement dice as it will increase the dice with which it is merged but the pips of both the dice must be the same. There is something unique in this dice that it will not transform into another dice on merging it with itself.

Nuclear Dice

Nuclear dice have explosive power which activates when it is combined with the mimic dice or themselves. And, the explosion is not ordinary but it is a nuclear explosion.

Electric dice

Electric dice give damage to three dice altogether but the tendency of the shock is different for all of them. The 100% damage is given to the first mob,  70% to the second mob, and 30% to the third mob.

Fire Dice

Fire Dice gives splash and base damage to the mob in the front of the board and along with it other mobs close to it will be also affected by this damage.

C tier

below average ones
The C-tier dice ranked

The C-tier dice are only useful in the initial stages of the game. You can not count on them when the game starts getting complicated and hard, in this case, you can only rely on the ones ranked on the above tiers. So, if you are a beginner then using these dice can help you but as the difficulty level changes then using the dice ranked on this tier of the Random Dice tier list will not be worth it.

Crack Dice

The mobs that do not have an armor decrease effect are targeted and attacked by the crack dice. It is a below-average dice and can not do much for you. Likewise, other dice give some of the damage to the mobs, and other than that it has nothing so special.

Mine Dice

These dice are not used for targeting or attacking the enemies instead, it increases or decreases the SP. The increase in SP is caused by the level up of these dice while the decrease is caused by the class up.

Wind Dice

The attacking tendency of the wind dice is not so appreciable what is good about the wind dice is the attacking speed.

Gun Dice

Gun dice are ranked on the C tier of the Random Dice tier list because it has limited uses only. It applies to only those dice with 1-6 pips.

Gear Dice

Gear dice consist of an attack buff. The attack damage on one dice is boosted when two or more gear dice are connected with each other.

D tier

worst ones
The D-tier dice ranked

In the D-tier of the Randon Dice tier list, I have placed those dice that can not do anything alone. Combining them with the dice placed on the other tier can help you otherwise, it is not a good option to choose them. These dice are only better for you to get in practice. As long as you excel in this game you should try to replace them ASAP.


There is no special effect of these dice hence it will make no such difference using them on the board.

Teleport Dice

It only brings the monsters to the enemy’s field but does not perform any special task by itself due to which I am ranking it on the D tier of the Random Dice tier list. And this effect can work for a single time and cannot affect the monsters again and again.

Absorb Dice

It can only increase the SP which is not something new and many other dice on this tier list do the same. This is the reason to rank it on the D tier.

Light Dice

These dice do not contain the attack damage. The only thing it can do is to increase the speed of the die adjacent to it. When you have several good options to choose from then no need to rely on the Light Dice.

The Best Dice in Random Dice

From my point of view, Blizzard is the best dice in the game. The amazing fact about this dice is that it becomes more strong on combining it with the other dice. But it makes the best combo with Atomic dice. It has a mind-blowing characteristic of slowing down the waves of enemies and combining it with the Atomic Dice is a real threat to the enemy.

Because the sphere of atomic dice stays in contact with the enemies for a longer period of time which causes extreme damage. Many other dice become more effective when they are combined with Blizzard. This characteristic of Blizzard convinced me to declare it the best dice.


Random Dice is an engaging game and a very good option to pass your time. You will not realize how fast the time is moving while playing this. If you are not playing it just for fun then you can realize that it’s difficult rises after every level. But now, you are able to pass all those hurdles just because of this  Random Dice Tier list.

Read this tier list with full focus because doing this will enable you to dominate PvP. Make sure that you are building the decks carefully because one wrong move can benefit your enemy and I am sure you do not want that to happen. Choose the dice that suit the best with your playstyle. I hope this Tier list proves to be helpful for you. Happy Decking!

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