Shindo Element Tier List [V.198]

Explore the Shindo Element Tier List to learn which elements are worth investing in and which ones are not.

If you are a Naruto fan and want to explore your fandom more, then Shindo or Shindo’s life is your go-to game. It is a Naruto-styled game that saw the light of day in 2020. When people were terrified of COVID and wearing masks, gamers and Naruto fans took refuge in Shindo. The Shindo Element Tier List will be ranking various elements seen in this game and enlist them in multiple tiers.

This list regards every element seen during a player’s gaming session and situates it in a tier that associates it with its characteristics. Shindo’s life is a splendid Roblox game with many aspects to it. A player can truly entertain himself throughout this game. So grab your swords and fighting gear because we are diving head-first into this article.

Key Points

  • The article contains a total of 16 entries.
  • The ranking is based on the usefulness of the elements.
  • The Top tier includes entries like Gale, Pyromania, and Prism-Style.
  • The lower tier includes entries like Flame and Stone.


Before a more detailed discussion, we present all the elements in a table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

Now we will discuss all the elements in a detailed manner.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier.

An S tier or a superb tier has the best sort of items enlisted in it. In our Shindo Element Tier List 2023, one-of-a-kind and scarce elements are added to this tier. These elements have special moves and traits that aid a player and his gameplay. 


Pyro stands for heat like the symbol has a fire sign representing heat and warmth. Although, all those moves accessed through this element are brutally cold. These skills include flame grip, flame spin kicks, inferno engager, and lion’s cero. These moves extend the variation in a ninja’s life and allow him to take down his enemy. Each activity has its own specificities. A Flame grip allows its user to hold their target’s neck and burn him in black and blue flames.

This makes him suffer and deal a lot of damage. Through flame spin kicks, a player kicks fireballs at his opponent and gains speed as a counter effect. Inferno engager is no ordinary move; it has great significance because by utilizing this move, a gamer can rapidly punch his opponent while surrounding him with a great amount of fire. 

Type Element
Rarity 1/100 from spinning
1/20 from Boss


As we all know gale is a cold breeze of air that cools our soul and makes us serene and pacified. In this case, a gale makes the opponent cold with terror due to its killer sets of skills. It has a rarity of 1/90 that includes it in rare elements. A player must work hard to search for this blue-colored element with wind blows etched on it. It follows its roots towards the air element. These roots run deep, as seen in its moves. The moves accessible through this element are vortex, wind shock, wind current, blast, and storm burst.

Whirlpool is available at level 27 and lets a player rotate wind blows while lightning also strikes at his opponent. These moves strengthen as he progresses his story and end with a storm burst, which makes him able to surround his enemy with dense clouds full of electricity and stun them, enemies. These elemental moves are accessed from 3000 Ryo to 40,000 Ryo. This price increases as a player transcends each level.

Type Element
Rarity 1/90

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The prism style is a limited edition element, like pyromania. It is the opposite of Shiver, and its moves reflect this. It has a rarity of 1/150, making it rarer than many other rare elements. It uses lightning as its carrier and serves its opponents; Its symbol contains a lighting symbol striking down. It’s hard to tell as all are mostly squiggles on a hard plate. 

These include shock bombs, blasts, thunder rain, laser stream, and lightning blaze. Shock bombs throw lightning bombs at an opponent while an enemy is completely surrounded by lightning in the lightning blaze. Each move makes the enemy suffer and makes him regret his decision to fight with this player. These moves allot it a place in an S tier as a player can access these moves and take down his enemy.

Type Element
Rarity 1/150

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier.

The A tier has potentially great features that bear the power of its core elements; These elements make it impossible for an enemy to win against you. 


Acid is an acrid substance that can melt anything that comes in contact with it. It is an abrasive material that is erosive to skin clothes and opponents. It is a rare element with a rarity of 1/80. This rarity is a little less than many rare elements but still is enough to make it hard to find. Acid has a green symbol that has a mixture of liquid and fire on it. The green accentuates its acidity and deathly nature.

Acid breath, acid field, acid shark, acid slide, acidic wave, and acidic twin dragon are the movements that are presented by acid elements. They extend from the 25th level to the 465 level. Each ability has different aspects; for example, acid breath spits boldly of acid at the enemy wild while a whole green acidic dragon is formed that emerges from the ground and targets an opponent.

Type Element
Rarity 1/80


Order is another rare element. You must be stressing about why is the category filled with rare elements? This is because rare elements have more proficient skills and aid a player more than common elements. Only a few common features made an appearance in the top tiers. An order has a purple symbol that has multiple directed arrows in it. It’s quite vague, but this is what we could decipher.

It is another time-limited element that has an opposite aspect, chaos. When Order regulates orders and rules, chaos moves against it and causes mayhem. An order has the moves regarding beam of light, grenade of light, a shock of light, blade of light, and gravity of light. Each movement is obtained on a certain level and causes different destructions on an opponent. In the end, he is left in his mess.

Type Element
Rarity 1/100


Yin and yang are a part of life. Where there is darkness, there is light. Everything gives rise to another and is interconnected. Yin is a rare element with a rarity of up to 1/150 and has an opposite aspect, yang. Both of these elements are highly powerful and grant a great number of powers to a player; this is why they are situated in the same tier. Yin’s symbol comprises a black background with a yin yang sign.

Yin has powers that revolve around swords; swords blaze, sword flash, sword breaker, and raging slice are those attacks offered by it. It allows players to strike opponents with daggers out of ten portals. Also, a player can cut down his opponent and tear him to shreds by employing a raging slice. It slices every part of his body and makes his opponent into a meat kebab.

Type Element
Rarity 1/150


How can yang leave behind yin in an A tier? They deserve to Be in the same tier as each other’s counterparts. Both have the same qualities and moves that allow players to fight against opponents. Yang has powers practically similar to its counterpart and has a rarity that is a replica. It has a white background with a yin yang sign on it. That might be the only difference between the two.

Everything in life is interconnected; similarly, every power is extracted from another. It has a move set regarding swords, sword blaze, sword flash, sword breaker, sword bash, and raging slice. Names, actions, and powers everything is akin to yin. However, it might seem that this element was not required. But sword power is always needed in an arena.

Type Element
Rarity 1/150


A Liquid is the first element found in a common category of features. It is a common element because its rarity is low compared to rare elements. It can be easily accessed in an arena, and a player doesn’t have to look high and low for it as he sees it under an open sky. It has a blue background with a water droplet squiggle on it. It is almost similar to an acid sign; the difference is in color.

It has a wide range of moves that it offers. The actions include water balls, raging waves, shark blitz, style waves, and dragons. These moves range from simple to complex. Complex activities exhibit stronger qualities that allow great damage dealing and more harm to an opponent. Dragon, in this case, crashes on an opponent and slows him down while impaling him with injury.

Type Kendo-Arts
Rarity 1/10

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier.

I refer to a B tier as a mediocre tier of the Shindo element tier. It’s because the traits these elements offer are ordinary and not supreme. They have characters that are a blend of lowest and highest ranked abilities.


A second common element makes its appearance in our Shindo Element Tier List. A common feature has a rarity of less than 1/90. In our case of air, it has a 1/5 value of abnormality. It means there’s a one out of five percent chance a player will stumble on it. The odds are in our favor in these cases. But these elements are not worth it as compared to rare ones. Air has a green-colored background that is carved with three wind blows.

Air’s powers also revolve around air, wind, and storms. Its feats include Bullet rush, wind cutter, vortex, palm blast, and tornado. Tornado is obtained at level 460 and is more brutal than all. It allows a player to create three tornadoes and strike an enemy with these tornadoes. He gets pushed back and is led to a path of loss and misery. Other feats are also brutal and harsh.

Type Kendo-Arts
Rarity 1/90


Cement is a tough candidate for an opponent as it is rough, hard, ad strong like its brother stone. In reality, cement is extracted from rock and some other stuff. In this case, it removes some powers and abilities from its brother. Cement has a grey-colored base that has stone-like carvings on it. It has a rarity of 1/80 that, includes in a list of rare elements.

Cement allows a player access to all cement-related attack modes, including a solid wall, bullet blaze, solid dragon, rage trail, earth sink, and quicksand. Once an opponent is stuck in quicksand, he has no option but to let this engulf him. Quicksand forms a square-shaped brick of cement that starts to expel and take an opponent inside it.

Type Element
Rarity 1/80

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Chaos has a counter element called Order that shares its move with turmoil. Both chaos and Order govern over light and its powers. They Try to eradicate dark spirits from the face of an arena. It has a rarity of 1/100, making it a part of rare elements. It has an orange base that bears the chaotic symbol similar to Order.

Light-bearing chaos has a variety of abilities that it offers. Its moves are a beam of light, a grenade of light, a shock of light, a bomb of light, and the gravity of light. Ray of light hankers on an opponent and strikes him with orange, black lightning. This strikes 6 times, ensuring that a spirit knows whose boss and disappears. The gravity of light sucks in an opponent and eradicates them from the face of an arena. It is a brutal movie.

Type Element
Rarity 1/100


An opponent shiver when he glimpses the shiver element of our list as it is ruthless to an enemy. It helps out a player like its counterpart shock. However, Shiver is better than shock and is also a rare element. It has a rarity of 1/90, which makes it superior to common elements. Common elements are also a part of the top tiers, but rare elements are better. The Shiver has a purple base and a lightning bolt sort of squiggle on it.

The variety of feats offered by Shiver is diverse. But they are mainly related to shock: shock bombs, blasts, thunder, Rain, laser stream, shock slam, and lightning blaze. Each foot versions its strength as it moves along. Chuck bombs allow a player to throw purple-colored electric orbs toward an enemy that stuns him. But he can only throw four of these purple orbs and then loses the ability.

Type Eye Bloodline
Rarity 1/90

C Tier

Shindo Element Tier List
C Tier.

C tier is the first introduction to the worst elements as it ranks potentially worst or bad aspects of Shindo’s life. These elements do not have much that they can offer. 


Shock is a common element that regards electricity and incredible abilities. Its powers are counter to Shiver. Its symbol is also similar to shiver; the color is different as it is yellow. Some moves are also other are less effective and don’t deal much damage to an opponent. An opponent wishes to encounter these low-tiered elements during his battle with a player.

Shock has a set of feasts revolving around current and energy. They are stream, blast, senbon, electro control, thunder rain, and dragon bomb. Imagine a huge dragon filled with electricity coming your way; I’ll surely be scared out of my wits. Electro control can manipulate a player to engulf his hand in lightning and strike his foe with it.

Type Kendo-Arts
Rarity 1/10


Combustion may be a rare element, but you still find it in a C tier because its traits are not akin to top-tiered rare elements. Its counterpart, flame, is also included in the low tier, a D tier. This makes combustion a bit better than his brother. All jokes aside, combustion has a rarity of 1/90. It has a dark blue colored base that reflects a fire sign on it. It indicates that this element uses the powers of fire.

The traits of combustion are flame breath, a phoenix rising dual great flame ball, flame bullet, dragon bullet, and dragon bomb. All these characters seem extremely harsh and brutal, but, unfortunately, they are not. The most difficult is a two-headed dragon that can cause only a fireball of fire at a player’s enemy.

Type Element
Rarity 1/90

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier.

D tier is the last tier of all. It has abysmal and worst elements that do not have anything in its baggage. You may explore and explore; all you will find is useless stuff. A player gets severely disappointed by these elements as they have few amounts of things that they can offer. 


Stone is a common element, and a player encounters it a lot inside his game. It has a rarity of 1/5, so it can be easily found everywhere in an arena. Stone has a counterpart in the face of cement. Though cement is extracted from stone, it is better than stone. It offers more effective abilities.

The stone element can offer all the abilities of earth wall, rage trail, earth barrier, stone barrage, earth dragon, and earth pillars. These traits do not even sound intimidating. If a player is not scared of these, how can he expect an opponent to get terrified of such characteristics? This element is abysmal and deserves to remain in a D tier. Its level range is from 20 to 460, like many other elements. But a player can use a top-tiered feature instead of this and improve his gameplay rather than destroying it altogether.

Type Element
Rarity 1/5


A bright burning flame will conclude our article by being the worst element on our Shindo Element Tier List. It has a 1/5 rarity that includes it is a common element. It has a crimson red bae that pushes forth its flame-shaped symbol, similar to combustion.

The traits that are offered by flame are fire bullet, phoenix rising, grand flame ball, flame breath, and dragon bomb. It increases its severity as it moves forth a level. A player can’t gain much from this element as it does not allow a player to let out of his constraints. He can only do little in an arena that is ineffective for a player.

Type Kenjutsu
Rarity 1/10

Comparison Table

ElementTierType Rarity
PyromaniaSElement1/100 from spinning
1/20 from Boss
ChaosBElement 1/100
ShiverBEye Bloodline1/90

Patch Notes Version V198

The latest update fixes the following glitches.

  • Jokei Fist does not knock back. [Fixed]
  • When you run out of stamina while using Vine 2nd it does not go on cooldown, you can keep spamming the move for Iframes mid combo without stamina until you run out of chakra, on top of that in certain maps like training you get glitched underground when you get ragdolled and use Vine 2nd, and you can glitch out of the map into the void. [Fixed]
  • Using the first stage of aizden mode with jokei martial will cause your m1s to have no knockback. [Fixed]
  • Kamaki Akuma MODE TP’s but with dash animation, it slows down the person immensely [Fixed]


Gale, Pyromania, and Prism-Style. are the most powerful jobs in the game based on our opinions and suggestions. Gale is an excellent choice for players who like to play defensively, as it can absorb enemy attacks and protect the rest.

The Pyromania is perfect for players who prefer a supportive role, as suggestions. The Prism-Style is ideal for players who enjoy strategy games, as they c control the battlefield with their gadgets. However, Finnil Virdect also suggests that players should pick jobs that match their playstyle.