Smite Tier List: Best To Worst Gods [Patch V10.2]

Unleash Divine Power with Our Smite Tier List: Discover the Rankings of Every God in the Game

For every Smite player, there is always that moment when they wonder which god is the best to play with. That is why we decided to make the best Smite Tier List for 2023. This way you can easily decide which gods to play with and which ones to ignore.

Before we start with the list, there is something important to note. The list is based completely on our own in-game experiences and surveys held amongst our team of Smite players. Please understand that there might be some rankings that may not be similar to your ranking of that character. Therefore, the rankings in this list are subjective to different opinions and points of view. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 114 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their jobs, abilities, unique attributes, skills, and positions.
  • Guan Yu, Tsukuyomi, Danzaburuou, and King Arthur are in the highest tiers.
  • You will observe Ah Puch, Amaterasu, Loki, and Anubis in the lowest tiers.


We have created the table below to provide a summary of each entry.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Guan YuYu Huang MulanCernunnosAh Puch
TsukuyomiLancelot AchillesTerraAmaterasu
SetUllrAh Muzen CabBaby YagaAnubis
King ArthurYmirChronosMedusa
Sun WukongFafnirDiscordiaAtlas

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Best Smite gods
S Tier.

In the Smite Arena Tier List, S Tier gods are the ones who outperform others in their specific positions. These are the best Smite gods who quickly become key members of the party. The S Tier gods are the ones that can give you a guaranteed win if you have the right team. These characters have great kits that make them really OP. Even though these gods will play decently in any role, it is recommended that you play according to its mechanism.

Guan Yu

Name Guan Yu
Title Saint of War
Class Warrior
Type Melee, Physical

Guan Yu is the best solo laner and the perfect crowd controller. His healing ability and durability to last against ganks are much more effective in a smooth victory. He can be very beneficial in ganks. Guan Yu can easily avoid ambushes by countering them with his ult.

Moreover, he can safely retreat in a tough situation by his ult. His spinning attack can also prove to be very deadly if combined with correct build items. His durability and his aggressiveness deal heavy damage to the enemy. Guan Yu can also use crowd control effects. Playing with him effectively can result in a flawless victory. Furthermore, Guan Yu is one of the best Smite gods in 2021 and the best Arena gods in Smite as well.


Name Guan Yu
Title God of the Moon
Class Assassin
Type Melee, Physical

Tsukuyomi the S-Ranked assassin his ability to replenish his mana and decrease the cooldown of his skills while battling makes him a very annoying assassin to fight against in a 1 v 1 situation. He is the best ace and he can do well in mid-lanes. His appearance can put the enemy in discomfort and terror and he also has slow effects alongside dealing burst damage.

Tsukuyomi’s abilities can absolutely crush the enemy mages. However, no matter how strong Tsukuyomi can be, he does need backup from his allies when facing a crowd controller. 


Name Danzaburuou
Title The Legendary Tanuki
Class Hunter
Type Ranged, Physical

Danzaburuou possesses tremendous strength. His damage is good from the beginning until the end of the game. Furthermore, his ult helps him to do some sneaky ganks. With a stun, he can do 600+ damage. He can also easily CC in the jungle since his 1 and 2 are simpler to hit. When you don’t know how to play against him, he stomps you. He is, nevertheless, manageable.

People aren’t paying enough attention in the lane, and Danza will penalize you if you don’t dodge his kit. Danza has one of the best Smite skins and he can win at any position he plays. In games, Danza typically has the highest gold damage and kills. 


Name Set
Title The Usurper
Class Assassin
Type Melee, Physical

The usurper, Set, is one of the most ruthless and best assassin gods in Smite. His damaging abilities are incomparable to any other. Set is also one of the heroes that must be banned or chosen. His spawns turn a one-on-one conflict into a three-on-one struggle.

Moreover, Set’s ultimate buff and deadly talents work in his favor, transforming him into a truly lethal assassin. Set, if thoroughly mastered, may be extremely useful to the match. He has the ability to summon spawns and teleport to them while doing immense damage. This renders the opponent ineffective.

Therefore, Set is deserving of being placed in the S Tier. The set is simple to use and has a deadly appearance. He is extremely difficult to master, but once you do, he transforms every game into an easy game.

King Arthur

Name King Arthur
Title Weilder of Excalibur
Class Warrior
Type Melee, Physical

There are many people who are dissatisfied with King Arthur but there is no doubt that Arthur is one of the strongest gods to exist. He can easily take on 4 players at a time with literally no effort. Maybe that is the reason people hate him so much. Nevertheless, my team and I, have never been disappointed by Arthur.

All you need are good skills and Arthur can help you dominate the battleground. Furthermore, Arthur is an exception above the center of the pack with a number of strong countermeasures. King Arthur is really one of the best Smite gods to exist in the game right now.

Moreover, Arthur specializes in locking down enemies and dealing rapid bursts of damage, has good mobility, and can confirm kills rather effectively with his tier 2 ult. Because he has to hit abilities in order to be a tank, he struggles against gods that can poke extremely effectively.

Sun Wukong

Name Sun Wukong
Title The Monkey King
Class Warrior
Type Melee, Physical

The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, lives up to his reputation as an S-ranked God. Mainly played as a jungle, Sun Wukong can deal Massive damage and escape on his cloud with no trouble and he can also gank a lane easily using his transforming ability and knock-up ability. This makes him a really hard catch as he can also escape from deadly situations with ease.

If you use the right build for sun and learn the accurate combos, Sun Wukon can prove to be really fatal in the game. Sun is the best warrior in Smite.


God Class  Type Title
Agni Mage Ranged / Magical God of Fire
Apollo Hunter Ranged / Physical God of Music
Artemis Hunter Ranged / Physical Goddess of the Hunt
Athena Guardian Melee / Magical Goddess of Wisdom
Bastet Assassin Melee / Physical Goddess of cats
Cthulhu Guardian Melee / Magical The Great Dreamer
Cu Chulainn Warrior Melee / Physical The Hound of Ulster
Cupid Hunter Ranged / Physical God of Love
Fenrir Assassin Melee / Physical The Unbound
Gilgamesh Warrior Melee / Physical King of Uruk
Guan Yu Warrior Melee / Physical Saint of War
Heimdallr Hunter Ranged / Physical The Vigilant
Nemesis Assassin Melee / Physical Goddess of Vengeance
Odin Warrior Melee / Physical The Allfather
Olorun Mage Ranged / Magical Ruler of the Heaven
Shiva Warrior Melee / Physical The Destroyer
Sol Mage  Ranged / Magical Goddess of the Sun
Tiamat Mage Ranged / Magical Goddess of the Salt Sea
Thanatos Assassin Melee / Physical Hand of Death
Thor Assassin Melee / Physical God of Thunder
Tyr Warrior Melee / Physical The Lawgiver
Yemoja Magical Ranged / Magical Goddess of Rivers

A Tier

Smite Tier List
A Tier.

These on the Smite Duel Tier List are also great and have the potential to be S Tier in the right circumstances. Everything is very decent about them. Their skins, kits, abilities, and skills all are good. However, they have many counters and can be easily defeated by certain gods.

Yu Huang 

Name  Yu Huang 
Title  The Jade Emperor 
Class  Mage 
Type  Ranged, Magical 
Origin  Chinese 

 Yu Huang is considered one of the best Mages in our list that can counter any powerful Assassin in Smite. He has the ability to conjure four Cinders of Phoenix. The Cinders will be spread out in an X shape covering a large area. Additionally, these Cinders rush towards the center and deal damage as they move. When these Cinders will meet In the center, they will explode and set everything around them in flames.

These flames will persist for about 3 seconds, consequently burning all the enemies inside. Similarly, if Yu Huang is Attuned when these cinders go off, any enemy in the area of effect will have their Magical Protection lowered. 


Name  Lancelot 
Title  First Knight of The Round Table 
Class  Assassin 
Type  Physical, Melee 
Pantheon   Arthurian 

Arguably one of the strongest Assassins in our lst for Smite that was released in June 2022 is Lancelot.  Even though he is a new character, he has managed to secure an A rank. Many players prefer using Lancelot as their main melee fighter due to his amazing abilities. He can receive one stack in a God Assist or Kill. Additionally, he also receives a stack for every five Minions he kills.

If Lancelot is mounted, every stack will provide an increased Mobility Speed. However, if he is unmounted, every stack will provide a reduction in the damage of his Basic Attack. Furthermore, he can buff his allies. His ultimate ability is called the Grand Joust. Using the ability he can rear up his horse and create a large Jousting list. Doing so will cripple all the enemies in the area. Then he will charge ahead and deal damage to all the enemies and refresh his Health Shield. 


Name Charybdis
Title The Ceaseless Whirlpool
Class Hunter
Type Ranged, Physical

The Ceaseless Whirlpool, Charybdis, is an A Tier god. She is a simple-to-use deity with high damage. However, the easier it is to utilize, the easier it is to fight Charybdis, who once shone in her day. You must use extreme caution while interacting with her. Using her ultimate ability, she has shown to be extremely dangerous for enemies playing in a group.

The only thing that comes to mind for the opponent is to flee as far as possible from Charybdis in order to dodge her Ult. If Charybdis misses her ult, she becomes susceptible to opponent assaults and is quickly taken down. Nonetheless, Charybdis is a powerful God to play with, but he is also a simple God to master if used correctly. She can also win with a perfect score. Definitely, the best hunter in Smite.


Name Ullr
Title The Glorious One
Class Hunter
Type Ranged, Physical

Ullr is hard to play, and he shines late game, that is why you may think he sucks. He is well played and in the hands of a player who mastered him, is a true killing machine. He has damages, he has escaping skills, he has strong steroid ability, and he has a Stun ability.

He’s in my opinion in the top tier of the hunter class, but sadly very hard to play efficiently. Nevertheless, he is a good player on this Smite Arena Tier List. You can play exceptionally well with him by giving him the best smite builds. He was one of the best Smite gods in 2016.

Many players focus on the ability to poke throughout the game and overlook the fact that some characters, such as Ullr, have auto-attacking abilities. Hunter is, after all, an auto-attacker class. Some hunters are more focused on their abilities than others, and I believe Ullr is one of them. However, if you play him that way, he burns through mana rapidly, and you’ll only be accomplishing a fraction of what you might be doing if you put in a decent number of AAs as well.


Name Ymir
Title Father of the Frost Giants
Class Guardian
Type Melee, Magical

A Guardian and melee damage capable A-ranked God, Father of the Frost Giants, Ymir his ability to crowd control makes him really strong on the battlefield but as compared to other Guardian role Gods Ymir lack behind in durability. He does have the ability to mass crowd controls the enemy but he can be weak when it comes to protecting himself.

Ymir’s ultimate can prove to be a game-changer as it can deal massive damage while slowing the enemy and even if he dies while channeling his ult, it can explode by itself giving your allies the time to either plan out a devastating attack or a skillful retreat. 


Name Fafnir
Title The Lord of Glittering Gold
Class Guardian
Type Melee, Magical

Lord of Glittering Gold, Fafnir. He can switch between becoming a Dragon and a Dwarf. Among the A Tier, he is one of the finest guardians. However, it’s a shame that this masterpiece didn’t make it into the S Tier. His ability to both damage and protect against opponent strikes is astonishing. He has the ability to enhance himself and his friends.

Giving the CC benefits allows him to gank and kill the foes. Fafnir is far more terrifying in battle than one may think. All of his single-targeted talents become AOE when he turns into a Dragon. This allows him to do harm to a large number of opponents while also buffing a large number of teammates. In the late game, Fafnir may be a game-changer.


God Class  Type Title
Ares Guardian Melee / Magical God of War
Artio Guardian Melee / Magical The Bear Goddess
Chang’ e Mage Ranged / Physical Faerie of the Moon
Chernobog Hunter Ranged / Physical Lord of Darkness
Morgan Le Fay Mage Ranged / Magical The Dark Enchantress
Nu Wa Mage Ranged / Magical Guardian of Heaven
Osiris Warrior Melee / Physical Broken God of the Afterlife
Raijin Mage Ranged / Magical Master of Thunder
Ratatoskr Assassin Melee / Physical The Sly Messenger
Ravana Assassin Melee / Physical Demon King of Lanka
The Morrigan Mage Ranged / Magical Phantom Queen
Serqet Assassin Melee / Physical Goddess of Venom

B Tier

 B Tier Gods
B Tier.

These are the average gods in Smite. They are fun to play with. However, as a professional, you may not want to use it for important matches. For beginners, these are very decent gods to pick and play as they are easy to control and understand. They can compete with those in the A Tier if your skills are good, but defeating the S Tier may get a bit too complicated.


Name Mulan
Title The Ascended Warrior
Class Warrior
Type Melee, Physical

The Ascended Warrior, Mulan. Mulan’s assaults are brutal and cold, despite how charming and pretty she appears. She alternates between several weapons on a regular basis. Mulan can be extremely dangerous on the battlefield if the player masters each of her weapons and fully integrates them into the character.

Mulan, on the other hand, is a tough God to manage due to his many varieties. Nonetheless, in a 1 v 1 situation, her combinations are quite efficient, making her a good solo laner. You must practice and perfect Mulan’s talents if you want to play and win successfully. Mulan actually ranks well on Smite Jungle Tier List.


Name Achilles
Title Hero of the Trojan War
Class Warrior
Type Melee, Physical

Achilles, the Hero of the Trojan War. If you don’t pay attention when playing against Achilles, he can tear your god into pieces. Achilles, while being a B-ranked hero, can hold his own ground against heroes of higher levels due to his durability and ability to deflect attacks. If you have no other option to win a game, this is a must-pick god from the B Tier. Achilles has good healing and CC abilities. 


Name Zeus
Title God of the Sky
Class Mage
Type Ranged, Magical

With his long-range and AOE effects, Zeus, the God of the Sky, is one of the most troublesome Mid-laners. From a safe distance, he may continue to tease his adversaries. He may also evade opposing ganks while harming enemy heroes thanks to his mobility speed buff.

Zeus is a must-play character for everyone who likes long-ranged heroes and Zeus may be a great addition to the squad if you pair him up with a solid defense. This is due to Zeus’s ability to hurt the adversary from afar and even secure a kill or two while remaining safe and taking no damage. It is simple to transform a losing game into a winning one if you utilize Zeus wisely.

Ah Muzen Cab

Name Ah Muzen Cab
Title God of Bees
Class Hunter
Type Ranged, Physical

Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees, is a solid choice that is also extremely good. However, gamers frequently select other gods instead of Ah Muzen Cab. Mulan doesn’t have any dash abilities and uses a lot of mana. Zeus’s damaging ability and ability to expose the enemy are both quite useful and may help you secure kills.

With his ult, he may catch the enemy off guard and destroy him. Muzen Cab is a reasonably powerful God, although there are better options. In the end, it’s up to the player to figure out how to use Ah Muzen Cab’s combinations and items to thoroughly outplay the opponent and win the game. 


Name Chronos
Title Keeper of Time
Class Mage
Type Ranged, Magical

Chronos, the Keeper of Time, as his name and title suggest, is a God who can control time in his favor. He can reset all of his skills, granting himself a variety of additional buffs. Therefore, with those buffs, Chronos becomes a very dangerous Mid-laner.

Mainly because he can deal a lot of damage with his ultimate and skill combinations. It’s the same as mastering time in-game if you can master Chronos. In comparison to other gods, it is also simple to use. For starters, Chronos may be quite difficult to counter enemies using it. 


Name Discordia
Title Goddess of Strife
Class Mage
Type Ranged, Magical

She’s an excellent magician. Damage and cc are both excellent. Her only flaw is that she’s far too easy for the amount of damage she causes. If she is top damage, her passive is beneficial not only for herself but also for her hunter or other hyper-carry gods like Freya. With Strife and Golden Apple of Discord, she possesses tremendous control and disruption, and she can control regions with Unruly Magic and her ultimate.

She is at her best in the late game since she will most likely have near or exact maximum cooldown reduction, allowing her to cast her 1 and 2 frequently while inflicting high damage. Her primary flaw is her early game, where she won’t be able to deal enough damage. Discordia is one of the best mid-laners and the best mage in Smite.


God Class  Type Title
Anhur Hunter Ranged / Physical Slayer of Enemies
Ao Kuang Mage Melee / Magical Dragon King of the
Eastern Seas
Aphrodite Mage Ranged / Magical Goddess of Beauty
Arachne Assassin Melee / Physical The Weaver
Bacchus Guardian Melee / Magical God of Wine
Bellona Warrior Melee / Physical Goddess of War
Camazotz Assassin Melee / Physical Deadly God of Bats
Ganesha Guardian Melee / Magical God of Success
Geb Guardian Melee / Magical God of Earth
Hades Mage Ranged / Magical King of the Underworld
Hercules Warrior Melee / Physical Champion of Rome
Horus Warrior Melee / Physical The Rightful Heir
Jing Wei Hunter Ranged / Physical The Oathkeeper
Kali Assassin Melee / Physical Goddess of Destruction
Mercury Assassin Melee / Physical Messenger of the Gods
Merlin Mage Ranged / Magical The Master Wizard
Nike Warrior Melee / Physical Goddess of Victory
Ne Zha Assassin Melee / Physical Hand of Death
Persephone Mage Ranged / magical Queen of the Underworld
Susano Assassin Melee / Physical God of the Summer Storm
Thoth Mage Ranged / Magical Arbiter of the Damned
Xing Tian Guardian Melee / MAgical The Relentless

C Tier

Smite Tier List
C Tier.

The C Tier characters are below-average gods in Smite after Atlas patch 2022. There was a time when these characters used to be at the top. However, these gods, now, are pretty useless in battle. They die easily and become fed by enemies. They can still play well if your team is strong enough to carry and protect you. However, these are the worst as ADCs and will never be able to carry a team. These gods have a win ratio of below 50%.


Name Cernunnos
Title The Horned God
Class Hunter
Type Ranged, Physical

Cernunnos can be a good player if you learn the right tricks. The key to mastering Cernunnos is to learn how to use his 1. For 5 seconds, his autumn posture reduces physical protection by 25. So you’ll start with that and then switch to summer for maximum damage output.

While he is hurling his basic attacks, all foes in the melee range take additional damage. Heavy Glaive’s increased damage has no effect on the effects of items or abilities. It is also unable to use Critical Strike. Cernunnos sends a bramble in a line forward that roots a single opponent hit. His bramble patch, on the other hand, does very little damage. Moreover, his ult has a long delay.


Name Sun Wukong
Title The Earth Mother
Class Guardian
Type Melee, Magical

Terra is an incredibly powerful goddess. Her healing is also quite amazing. She has good damage, nice CC, and a very gratifying kit. Terra’s kit is stacked with combos and is combo-oriented. As a result, her level 1 game is horrible.

Her 2 seems to be the only ability that could really hold itself, and it’s merely average at best. She begins to improve in levels 2 and 3, but those early levels will be difficult. Also, not being able to play god at early levels will have a big impact. Terra’s passive can twice proc hostility, which is a significant benefit. However, Terra still does not rank well on Smite Duel List at all because of the current meta 2022.


Name Hercules
Title Champion of Rome
Class Warrior
Type Melee, Physical

Hercules never falls off the cliff. He also has Insane Healing, which is conditional yet effective. Hercules possesses two hard CC abilities as well as a lot of power in his kit. He has limited mobility, though, and can be defeated by any anti-healing god.

Moreover, he is one of Smite’s most underappreciated gods. Because of his tremendous quantity of healing, he has the potential to be the most resilient god in the Smite Gods tier list. His early games, middle games, and late games are all excellent. If a teammate can carry him, he can become invincible. Furthermore, Hercules has very few counters.

Baby Yaga

Name Baba Yaga
Title The Witch of the Woods
Class Mage
Type Ranged, Magical

The only thing good about baby Yaga is the amount of damage she can inflict. Yeah, that’s it. She is a powerful image, but her usefulness is patchy. Also, she does nothing but damage even on ult. The effects on the 1 appear to be far too random to be useful, with the quiet and slow well outclassing the protective bonus.

Her 1 is a powerful weapon, but it feels horrible if you don’t obtain the correct effect when you need it. The sole powerful impression is the stillness; the slow is enough but, in my opinion, still insufficient. The mobility and protection buffs are insufficient to encourage players to stay in the confined region.


Name Medusa
Title The Gorgon
Class Hunter
Type Ranged, Physical

For boxing, Medusa’s is the finest. It tightens the gap between her and the opponent, lowering their healing and giving her more area to fire. It does, however, have a number of drawbacks. It’s a bit of a letdown as an escape. Medusa can not go over bodies while dashing.

She will be unable to flee if her body is obstructed. And her motion is a little sluggish; you can always see them approaching and taking a step back, so part of her damage and utility is gone. Her ultimate also has a significant amount of damage. The stun on it isn’t anything spectacular, and it’s easy to counter her after a bit of playing against her. 


Name Atlas
Title The Titan of the Cosmos
Class Guardian
Type Melee, Magical

Atlas’s early and mid-games are poor, but he’s great in team fights. His main problem is his PVE damage ratio. His first wave is intended to be his main wave. However, it deals so little damage early on that you’re better off just auto-attacking. His ult is likewise a disaster.

It has minimal damage, which would be acceptable if it had a lot of usefulness, but it doesn’t. The shielding and power shred are great, but not enough to make it feel like a powerful ability. It would be great if it had more usefulness or causes more damage.


God Class  Type Title
Awilix Assassin Melee / Physical Goddess of the Moon
Baron Samedi Mage Ranged / Magical God of Life and Death
Cabrakan Guardian Melee / Magical Destroyer of Mountains
Chaac Warrior Melee / Physical God of Rain
Chiron Hunter Ranged / Physical The Great Teacher
Hachiman Hunter Ranged / Physical  Lord of the Eight Banners
He Bo Mage Ranged / Magical God of the Yellow River
Hera Mage Ranged / Magical Queen of the Gods
Hou Yi Hunter Ranged / Physical Defender of the Earth
Hun Batz Assassin Melee / Physical The Howler Monkey God
Jormungandr Guardian Ranged / Magical The World Serpent
Kuzenbo Guardian Melee / Magical King Kappa
Neith Hunter Ranged / Physical Weaver of Fate
Pele Assassin Melee / Physical Goddess of Volcanoes
Rama Hunter Ranged / Physical Seventh Avatar of Vishnu
Skadi Hunter Ranged / Physical Goddess of Winter
Sylvanus Guardian Ranged / Magical Keeper of the Wild
Vamana Warrior Melee / Physical Fifth Avatar of Vishnu
Xbalanque Hunter Ranged / Physical Hidden Jaguar Sun
Vulcan Mage Ranged / Magical Smith of the Gods
Zhong Kui Mage Ranged / Magical The Demon Queller

D Tier

Worst Gods in Smite
D Tier.

The worst gods of all in the current meta. They are good for nothing and will often be the ones responsible for the “First Blood” announcement. They have the lowest k/da in a match. No matter how professional other team members are, the D Tier gods will take the entire time down unless there is an exceptional player in the team who can perform an actual miracle and carry the game on his two shoulders.

Ah Puch

Name Ah Puch
Title Horrific God of Decay
Class Mage
Type Ranged, Magical

Puch is a horrible God for conquest, yet he’s good or at least not awful in every mode that starts at level 3. Puch’s difficulty in conquest and siege is his lack of mobility, which makes him easy to gank. On conquest, he also sucks for 1 lv, which is a major thing, as his clear as actual starts at 3ml.

Puch’s joust stats are ridiculously high, with infinite poke and large anti-heal, making him a powerful counter to the general joust meta. His overall conquest victory percentage is 50.03 percent, which is rather impressive for a god.


Name Amaterasu
Title The Shining Light
Class Warrior
Type Melee, Physical

Amaterasu does nothing except sit in the tower till the end of the game. She’s also tedious to play since she’s so predictable. She will be worthless if she does not utilize her ult. Amaterasu is great at the late game, and she is even better if you stay.

And in terms of support, she’d probably do very well if the squad had two magic damage dealers. She is competent and a solid choice. Nevertheless, in a competitive environment, there are typically better possibilities and you can find more powerful gods to play as.


Name Loki
Title The Trickster God
Class Assassin
Type Melee, Physical

Loki does not do well in teams and against teams. It is also easy to halt his Split Pushing ability against a well-organized team. Moreover, he is a bit of a waste of time in the early game. He can not operate as a jungler since he can not clear and ambush simultaneously. If he maxes out his three, he will have a strong assault potential, but he will not be able to clear camps.

If he maxes the two, his clearing will be good, but he will not be able to ambush. He is only effective against undisciplined teams with minimal experience. That is why he easily destroys casuals and lower levels. In the early game, he’s essentially a lane farmer.


Name Anubis
Title God of the Dead
Class Mage
Type Ranged, Magical

At higher levels of play, Anubis is completely useless. He’s easy to kill, he can’t flee, and he’s easy to lock down because he’s rooted with half his gear. Furthermore, someone can construct Magi’s and Beads and almost never be stunned by Anubis.

He also does not have any mobility at all. Because people aren’t genuinely working together to destroy Anubis on lower stages, he tends to stomp. However, your view will change if you reach level 30 and boost your MMR/elo. In conclusion, he is good if he is not being successfully punished or dived on.


God Class  Type Title
Bakasura Assassin Melee / Physical The Great Devourer
Da Ji Assassin Melee / Physical The Nine-Tailed Fox
Freya Mage Melee / Magical Queen of the Valkyries
Hel Mage Ranged / Magical Goddess of the Underworld
Kumbhakarna Guardian Melee / Magical The Sleeping Giant
Nox Mage Ranged / Magical Goddess of Night
Poseidon Mage Ranged / Magical God of the Oceans

Joust Rankings

Here is a smaller Smite Joust Tier List list to know which Smite god is best in Joust and which one is the worst. These gods are ranked according to the original stats, win rate, KDa, Pick rate, and Ban rate of every single god in Smite.  The S Tier contains gods whose win rates are from 100 to 76, the A tier has gods with 75 to 61 win rates, B Tier with 60 to 51, C Tier with 50 to 45, and D Tier has gods from 45 to 40 win rate. Lastly, the F tier contains the gods that are worst in Joust with a below 40 win rate. 

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Ao Kuang,
Erlang Shen
Baba Yaga,
Jing Wei,
Cu Chulainn,
Ah Muzen Cab,
Chang' E,
Hou Yi, 
Xing Tian,
Ne Zha,
Guan Yu, and
Baron Samedi,
Hun Batz,
Morgan Le Fay, 
He Bo, 
Sun Wukong,
Achilles, and
Ah Puch,
Nu Wa,
Zhong Kui,
Hel, and 
The Morrigan.

Duel Rankings

Similar to the Joust List above, the Smite Duel Tier List is also solely based on the current stats of the gods. We have put into account the win rate, KDA, Pick rate, and Ban rate to create this list. Therefore, the list is neither biased nor opinionated. Every rank is based on the stats of every god and how well they are doing in the Duel.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Chang' E, 
Jing Wei,
Hou Yi, Freya, 
Sun Wukong,
Erlang Shen,
Guan Yu,
Ne Zha, 
Baba Yaga, 
Zhong Kui, 
He Bo, 
Morgan Le Fay, 
Nu Wa, 
The Morrigan

Best Gods In Smite For Arena 2022 

One of the best game modes that a player can experience in Smite is the Arena Mode. It is a 5 versus 5 modes that can be great for players who are just starting out in the game. If you’re looking for some of the best gods in Arena Mode of Smite then consider the gods below. 

Geb: Since Arena Mode is composed of a spread-out battle space the attacks can come from any direction. The kit possessed by Geb makes him the perfect God for Arena Mode in smite. Thanks to his Shield Protection he can dodge any enemy attacks coming his way. Furthermore, his Wave Ability can also deal significant damage to enemies while protecting his allies. 

Ares:  The God of War can do amazingly in Arena Mode as he focuses on teamwork a lot. So while he deals damage to his enemies he also makes sure to protect his allies from incoming damage. The ultimate move of Ares called No Escape will allow him to pull any of the gods inside his AOE.  

Vulcan: Undoubtedly the best god in Arena Game mode of smite is Vulcan. Since the arena is all about utilizing the large space, the amazing mobility of Vulcan can help him conquer this game mode. He uses his Turret to zone out any enemies nearby and deal damage to them using his Magma Bombs.  

Thor: The God of Thunder is an overall good character for every game mode that Smite has to offer. But his skills shine exceptionally well when it comes to the Arena Game mode. His ultimate ability you can send him up in the air and then he can choose a target spot to land and deal damage to any enemy on that spot.

Comparison Table

Guan YuSaint of WarWarriorMelee, Physical
TsukuyomiGod of the MoonAssassinMelee, Physical
DanzaburuouThe Legendary TanukiHunterRanged, Physical
SetThe UsurperAssassinMelee, Physical
King ArthurWeilder of ExcaliburWarriorMelee, Physical
Sun WukongThe Monkey KingWarriorMelee, Physical
AgniMageRanged / MagicalGod of Fire
ApolloHunterRanged / PhysicalGod of Music
ArtemisHunterRanged / PhysicalGoddess of the Hunt
AthenaGuardianMelee / MagicalGoddess of Wisdom
BastetAssassinMelee / PhysicalGoddess of cats
CthulhuGuardianMelee / MagicalThe Great Dreamer
Cu ChulainnWarriorMelee / PhysicalThe Hound of Ulster
CupidHunterRanged / PhysicalGod of Love
FenrirAssassinMelee / PhysicalThe Unbound
GilgameshWarriorMelee / PhysicalKing of Uruk
Guan YuWarriorMelee / PhysicalSaint of War
HeimdallrHunterRanged / PhysicalThe Vigilant
NemesisAssassinMelee / PhysicalGoddess of Vengeance
OdinWarriorMelee / PhysicalThe Allfather
OlorunMageRanged / MagicalRuler of the Heaven
ShivaWarriorMelee / PhysicalThe Destroyer
SolMage Ranged / MagicalGoddess of the Sun
TiamatMageRanged / MagicalGoddess of the Salt Sea
ThanatosAssassinMelee / PhysicalHand of Death
ThorAssassinMelee / PhysicalGod of Thunder
TyrWarriorMelee / PhysicalThe Lawgiver
YemojaMagicalRanged / MagicalGoddess of Rivers
Yu Huang The Jade Emperor Ranged / MagicalChinese
Lancelot First Knight of The Round TableMelee / PhysicalArthurian
CharybdisThe Ceaseless WhirlpoolHunterRanged / Physical
UllrThe Glorious OneHunterRanged / Physical
YmirFather of the Frost GiantsGuardianMelee / Magical
FafnirThe Lord of Glittering GoldGuardianMelee / Magical
AresGuardianMelee / MagicalGod of War
ArtioGuardianMelee / MagicalThe Bear Goddess
Chang' eMageRanged / PhysicalFaerie of the Moon
ChernobogHunterRanged / PhysicalLord of Darkness
Morgan Le FayMageRanged / MagicalThe Dark Enchantress
Nu WaMageRanged / MagicalGuardian of Heaven
OsirisWarriorMelee / PhysicalBroken God of the Afterlife
RaijinMageRanged / MagicalMaster of Thunder
RatatoskrAssassinMelee / PhysicalThe Sly Messenger
RavanaAssassinMelee / PhysicalDemon King of Lanka
The MorriganMageRanged / MagicalPhantom Queen
SerqetAssassinMelee / PhysicalGoddess of Venom
MulanThe Ascended WarriorWarriorMelee / Physical
AchillesHero of the Trojan WarWarriorMelee / Physical
ZeusGod of the SkyMageRanged / Physical
Ah Muzen CabGod of BeesHunterRanged / Physical
ChronosKeeper of TimeMageRanged / Physical
DiscordiaGoddess of StrifeMageRanged / Magical
AnhurHunterRanged / PhysicalSlayer of Enemies
Ao KuangMageMelee / MagicalDragon King of the
Eastern Seas
AphroditeMageRanged / MagicalGoddess of Beauty
ArachneAssassinMelee / PhysicalThe Weaver
BacchusGuardianMelee / MagicalGod of Wine
BellonaWarriorMelee / PhysicalGoddess of War
CamazotzAssassinMelee / PhysicalDeadly God of Bats
GaneshaGuardianMelee / MagicalGod of Success
GebGuardianMelee / MagicalGod of Earth
HadesMageRanged / MagicalKing of the Underworld
HerculesWarriorMelee / PhysicalChampion of Rome
HorusWarriorMelee / PhysicalThe Rightful Heir
Jing WeiHunterRanged / PhysicalThe Oathkeeper
KaliAssassinMelee / PhysicalGoddess of Destruction
MercuryAssassinMelee / PhysicalMessenger of the Gods
MerlinMageRanged / MagicalThe Master Wizard
NikeWarriorMelee / PhysicalGoddess of Victory
Ne ZhaAssassinMelee / PhysicalHand of Death
PersephoneMageRanged / magicalQueen of the Underworld
SusanoAssassinMelee / PhysicalGod of the Summer Storm
ThothMageRanged / MagicalArbiter of the Damned
Xing TianGuardianMelee / MAgicalThe Relentless
CernunnosThe Horned GodHunterRanged / Physical
TerraThe Earth MotherGuardianMelee / MAgical
HerculesChampion of RomeWarriorMelee / Physical
Baby YagaThe Witch of the WoodsMageRanged / Magical
MedusaThe GorgonHunterRanged / Physical
AtlasThe Titan of the CosmosGuardianMelee / Magical
AwilixAssassinMelee / PhysicalGoddess of the Moon
Baron SamediMageRanged / MagicalGod of Life and Death
CabrakanGuardianMelee / MagicalDestroyer of Mountains
ChaacWarriorMelee / PhysicalGod of Rain
ChironHunterRanged / PhysicalThe Great Teacher
HachimanHunterRanged / Physical Lord of the Eight Banners
He BoMageRanged / MagicalGod of the Yellow River
HeraMageRanged / MagicalQueen of the Gods
Hou YiHunterRanged / PhysicalDefender of the Earth
Hun BatzAssassinMelee / PhysicalThe Howler Monkey God
JormungandrGuardianRanged / MagicalThe World Serpent
KuzenboGuardianMelee / MagicalKing Kappa
NeithHunterRanged / PhysicalWeaver of Fate
PeleAssassinMelee / PhysicalGoddess of Volcanoes
RamaHunterRanged / PhysicalSeventh Avatar of Vishnu
SkadiHunterRanged / PhysicalGoddess of Winter
SylvanusGuardianRanged / MagicalKeeper of the Wild
VamanaWarriorMelee / PhysicalFifth Avatar of Vishnu
XbalanqueHunterRanged / PhysicalHidden Jaguar Sun
VulcanMageRanged / MagicalSmith of the Gods
Zhong KuiMageRanged / MagicalThe Demon Queller
Ah PuchHorrific God of DecayMageRanged / Magical
AmaterasuThe Shining LightWarriorMelee / Physical
LokiThe Trickster GodAssassinMelee / Physical
AnubisGod of the DeadMageRanged / Magical
BakasuraAssassinMelee / PhysicalThe Great Devourer
Da JiAssassinMelee / PhysicalThe Nine-Tailed Fox
FreyaMageMelee / MagicalQueen of the Valkyries
HelMageRanged / MagicalGoddess of the Underworld
KumbhakarnaGuardianMelee / MagicalThe Sleeping Giant
NoxMageRanged / MagicalGoddess of Night
PoseidonMageRanged / MagicalGod of the Oceans

Patch Notes Version 10.2

In the latest patch, the following changes were made to the game.

  • In TelkHine’s Ring Nerf, the attack speed has decreased from 20% to 15%, and basic attack bonus damage has decreased from 10+3 per level to 10+2 per level.
  • In Cyclopean Ring Nerf, the magical power has decreased from 80 to 70, and health damage has decreased from 8% to 7%.
  • The Assassins Class penetration bonus has shifted from 5+0.25 to 2+0.4 per level.
  • The Jotun’s Wrath Nerf physical power has decreased from 45 to 40.
  • Book of Thoth Nerf has decreased magical power from 80 to 70 and decreased bonus magical power from Item Mana from 7% to 6%.
  • Evolved Book of Thoth Nerf has decreased magical power from 80 to 70 and decreased bonus magical power from Item Mana from 10% to 8%
  • Tablet of Destinies Nerf has decreased bonus damage from 0.14% to 0.12% of your Max Mana as True Damage per stack.
  • Gladiator’s Shield Nerf has decreased bonus damage scaling from 35% to 30% of your Protections from items and abilities as physical.
  • Sundering Axe Nerf has decreased health bonus damage (and healing) from protection scaling from 2% to 1% of your total Protections from items.
  • Tower Shield Buff(T2) has increased Physical Protections from 15 to 30.
  • Piercing Sight has no issue with unintentionally reverted buff and deals with 90/145/200/255/310 base damage.


The rankings of all the gods in Smite are based completely on our personal experience and time spent researching the characters, game, and their worthiness in the PvP matches. Despite the fact that I do not agree with all of the tier placements, I believe it is a fair and impartial evaluation that gives a good overview of the current top gods in the meta.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest god in Smite?

If you see our Smite god lists, then King  Arthur is on the top because he is the most powerful Warrior and a Solo Laner. So he can take down any enemy without a full team. Tsukuyomi is also a very strong god and is better than any other Assassin or Jungler in our list.

Which gods are the easiest to master?

Kukulkan is the best god to choose in Smite if you’re a beginner. He is very easy to learn and has a good rating in our article as well. You can also play Neith as she is a great healer as well as the easiest god to master as compared to other gods in our list, making her the best hunter in Smite.

Who is the best Mage in Smite?

When it comes to the best Mage, Olorun stands at the top of the list. The Yoruban Mage does critical attacks with great speed. He can also provide his allies with amazing buffs making him the best Mage and Arena god in Smite.