Soul Calibur 6 Tier List: A Character Ranking

In this tier list we rank all the characters from the game to aid you in choosing the best one.

This tier list is focused on ranking the best and worst characters from the famous game, Soul Calibur 6. You have many characters to choose from in the game and for this reason, Top Tier List’s Soul Calibur 6 Tier List is here, which will guide you on which character to pick for which fight.

Key points

  • This tier list ranks 20 characters from Soul Calibur 6.
  • They are ranked based on their weapon of choice, starts, and skills.
  • The highest tiers include Ivy, Inferno, and NIghtmare.
  • Among the lower tiers are Groh and Zasalamel.


The table has the character ranking

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
InfernoSeon Mi-NaCervantesGeraltZasalamel

Read their details below

S Tier 

soul calibur 6 tier list
S Tier

Before starting with the rankings, you must familiarize yourself with our tier system. The highest tier is the S-tier or superb tier, and the lowest tier is the D-tier. Now, in the S-tier, we only rank the finest and outstanding characters magnificently tuned in terms of stats, skills, and abilities.

The S-tier characters can overpower any character within the game, and that depends on the user’s skills that are in control. For instance, a beginner user will not utilize the full potential of the highest-ranked character. With that said, let’s start with the first S Tier ranking.


It takes practice to execute killer moves of Ivy smoothly. Her weapon of choice is a magical snake sword, also known as “Ivy Sword.” The blade can turn into a whip and then back into a sword as it works in two ways. She can utilize her fighting style in both long and short-range and can pack quite a punch. Her kicks and effectiveness are not that fast, but her Calamity Symphony and Summon Suffering deal a considerable amount of damage.

These skills are hard to master, and through the personal experience of playing the character, the moves need practice to be executed perfectly. Ivy can use a Critical Finish known as Grand Alchemy that starts with a spell. Once cast on the opponent, the spell traps them in a ball and splits the blade up into tiny pieces.

Her Critical Edge move is the A casual Paradox which damages the opponent and leaves them with more than half of their health bar. The move makes the opponent levitate in the air and then renders them open to attacks followed by a stream of multiple slashes of her Ivy Sword until they are slammed back to the ground.

First Appearance Soul Calibur
Weapon Snake Sword


Inferno can use Soul Blade, an unlockable character in the 6th series of Soul Calibur, which is a long dual sword. One of their best skills in Inferno is that he can copy the fighting style of all the characters in Soul Calibur 6. The skill can only be used when his health declines to the last bar. For instance, he is seen to be using the fighting style of Nightmare as well as his weapons.

Inferno is slow, and his movement is exceptionally receptive, but he can deliver loads of damage with every hit he passes on to the opponent. Two of his skills, Dark Reconquista: Purgatory and Cursed Roman Fire, have the highest damage infliction on the opponent. He is incredibly overpowered when fighting in close range, and his Pistol Sword along with the Longsword compensates for his weakness for long-range attacks.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Soul edge


A ruthless and violent creature, Nightmare is the most robust character worthy of ranking in the S-tier. He can counter the majority of the attacks thrown at him, such as Blood Storm and Adamantine Cracker. If a nightmare performs an attack, he can switch to a counterattack and hit the enemy with a more brutal blow.

His Terror Charge Stance can be manifested once performing the revenge attacks, and in this stance, Nightmare can use two other moves known as Soul Smasher and Death Lord’s Impalement. Both of these moves can significantly lower the health bar of the opponent.

Although Nightmare is a fast, effective, and strong character, he is not suitable for long-range attacks because of his guard bubble, which has short-range. However, he has a wide range of attacks that more attacks can follow up. A few of his effective combo moves are the Sweep Follow-Up and the Earthquake Style which are game-changers and that is why Nightmare is part of the highest tier of our Soul Calibur 6 Tier List.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Soul edge


The master of the swords, Raphael, also known as Creature of The Night, is a fencer who wields a sword rapier. He is relatively fast and uses a series of thrust and slash attacks to follow up with combo attacks to inflict more damage on the opponent. He can also easily dodge attacks and prepare for a comeback. His throw attacks are brutal to block and, thus, give moderate damage.

Although, he is a tough character to beat at close range due to his exceptional swordsmanship. On the other hand, playing Raphael on the defense can make him last longer than other characters in the game. It can be hard to hit him when he is on the last bar of his health due to his enhanced blocking.

Users can maximize their full potential of Raphael once they understand the concept of his fighting style. Moreover, his Royal Poison is an attack that the opponent can not block. That is why Raphael is the top 5th best character in our tier list.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Rapier

A Tier 

soul calibur 6 tier list
A Tier

The characters we have ranked in A-Tier can also be best in S-Tier. Of course, not every user can unlock the best potential of the A and S ranked characters. The A-Tier is where the best but not the best players are ranked.

They are exceptionally good with diverse attacks and moderate but not extreme damage output. But lack a little bit of power, speed, and agility. However, these characters are far better than those in the B-Tier. Let us see what characters have the potential to be in the A-Tier.


An outcast from the Fu-Ma clan, Taki is a fierce ninja. She has the speed and agility to counter and evade any attacks directed toward her. As a ninja, she has a lot of sneaky skills that she can use to tackle her opponents. Taki can be used as a close-range fighter as the user of short blades.

Moreover, the diversity in her moves makes it easier for users to unleash limitless combos on the opponent, making no room for them to breathe. When playing with an opponent that spams side-steps in a multiplayer match, you can use Taki’s Snap Dragon move to chase and break the opponent’s movements. This makes it one of the most lethal moves.

That way, you can hit them with Taki’s barrage of fast attacks that can deal a lot of damage swiftly. Taki can also use an Explosive Talisman to stop an enemy from charging at her to attack. With the ability to render the movements of the opponents and their attacks, Taki is the best player to choose.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Dual Kadochi

Seon Mi-Na

She is known for her deadly range and her poke attacks. Her attacks can immobilize the enemy for a short time, which can help her inflict a fast and quick attack. Her weapon of choice is the Scarlet Thunder, which she uses to attack her opponent.

She can launch an enemy up into the air with the help of her Scarlet Thunder and use it to slam them to the ground, followed by a series of multiple attacks. Her long-range attacks are to be feared for! The opponents help but wonder what Seon Mi-Na will do at a distance. Little do they know that she can deal a lot of damage to them.

Many users who know the character’s full potential always use her for long-range battles because if an opponent gets too close, then the fight is over. However, her close-range attacks include short and high kicks that can help her parry attacks.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 
Weapon Naginata


Also known as the Second Oath, Sophitia uses a short sword and a small shield and mixes them up with her quick attacks. She can hit devastating blows to the opponent and use her shield to switch to defense quickly. Her fighting style links with the Athenian warriors. Sophitia can break the defenses of her opponents and slash them with her Critical Edge, which leaves high damage.

Her Twin Step Grace attack can help you close the distance between the two and unleash multiple combos at the speed of lightning. Her Critical Edge is ‘Deep Scar’ which is a medium-range attack, users can mix up her attacks and combine Deep Scar to hit the enemies once they are out of reach.

First Appearance Soul Edge
Weapon Sword and Shield


He specializes in mid-range fights and can deal devastating blows to the enemy with his long sword. However, his recovery time and the speed of his attacks are comparatively slow, therefore, he is best not to be used aggressively on the battlefield. When his health bar declines to 30% he can activate Dark Legacy. The move gives him plenty of damage boost and deals devastating blows to the opponent.

Siegfried can also launch the enemy into the air and throw decent moves. Other than that, he has a weakness of not being unable to counter close-range fighters and he can not evade fast attacks. His lack of speed is what stopped him from ranking in the S-Tier.

Sword and Shield


His weapon of choice is the Palindrome and his fighting style allows him the ability to wield dual swords. Azwel can call forth medieval weapons such as shields, spears, axes, swords, and blades. His main weapon deals the highest damage of them all. The weapons can also act as throwable items during a battle to help Azwel connect his shots from a long distance. When he activates his weapon mode, his attack and damage increase exponentially. 

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Bipolar pulse enhancement


He is a character from the Tekken Saga. Yoshimitsu wields a samurai weapon that he uses to attack the enemy in different ways. He can also use a short sword that goes by the name of ‘Wakizashi’. The speed at which Yoshimitsu attacks and evades attacks is tremendous, he can fly past the opponent and throw an attack from behind. He can absorb the strength of his opponents with every connected strike, and then he can direct it with double the damage. 

His special move is the ‘Ghost Thief Funeral,’ which can deplete the Soul Gauge of the opponent and deal high damage. One of his reckless moves includes him piercing himself with his sword to attack the enemy. The move also deals damage to Yoshimitsu.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Double Katana

B Tier 

Soul Calibur 6 B Tier List
B Tier

The B-Tier features good fighters who are the best in power, speed, and agility. The characters in this tier are pretty notable and can also be used for the fun of the game. Also, B-Tier characters are not worth tournaments or competitive matches because they lack stats.


He is only ranked in the B-Tier due to his slow movement. He is open to attacks when charging his attacks, and before even performing them, the opponent can gain an edge over him. Although, once his attacks hit the target, they greatly damage the opponent. Astaroth has a tremendous fighting style, he works best in long-range battles, and his special attacks can still inflict minor damage to the opponent’s block.

His Critical Edge is the “Final Anguish,” which the opponent can not neutralize in any way and the damage is significantly terrifying.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Giant Axe


He is suitable for long and close-range combats. Cervantes can move faster to evade deadly attacks thrown at him, and he can be the perfect character for an offensive strategy. Moreover, you can pull off deadly combos with Cervantes and give the opponent a lot of damage. Users need to practice playing with Cervantes to bring out his potential.

First Appearance Soul Edge
Weapon Wicked sword


Her weapon of choice is the Shrieker. Users can adjust Tira’s fighting style to whatever opponent they are facing. Her attacks do not pack much punch and have considerably low attack power. 

First Appearance Soul Calibur 3
Weapon Ring Blade


He is good for his speed and mid-range attacks, but he is limited to a few moves that can only be performed in his Soul Charge mode. His weakness is his “Block Punishment” move which is not as good as it should be. On the other hand, he can deal a lot of damage to his opponents once he is in his “Malfested Form.”

First Appearance Soul Calibur 
Weapon Rod


He uses a Katana and works best at close-range combat. Mitsurugi can unleash two deadly moves once he uses his soul charge. He has a lot of skills and activities in his arsenal, which, however, do not pose a real threat to the opponent.

First Appearance Soul Edge
Weapon Katana

C Tier

soul calibur 6 tier list
C Tier

Characters ranked in the C-Tier of are decent fighters. However, they lack the strength and stats to best even the characters ranked in the B-Tier. It is best not to play with these characters against tough opponents and in tournaments.


She uses a Chinese sword called the Krita-Yuga. Her fighting style mainly comprises slashes and thrust attacks that deal moderate damage. Xianghua has a limited arsenal with both vertical and horizontal ranges of attacks but lacks special moves.

First Appearance Soul Calibur
Weapon Jian


He uses Steel and Silver dual long swords in his battles and is a brand new addition to the Soul Calibur 6 timeline. Both the swords are meant for different types of opponents; the steel sword is used on humans and the silver for monsters. Although he does not need to switch between his swords, he can use both swords simultaneously.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 6
Weapon Witcher’s Steel Sword


She is an excellent close-range fighter and can deliver a lot of damage. Talim can also hit a few decent combos during her Wind Fury stance.

First Appearance Soul Calibur 2
Weapon Dual Tonfa Styled blades

D Tier 

Soul Calibur 6 D Tier
D Tier

The D-Tier is where the average characters reside. They do not possess any special skills or other fancy moves, and neither can they compete with the higher-ranking characters. 

Character Weapon of Choice
Groh Aerondight Replica
Zasalamel Kafziel

Comparison Table

CharacterTierFirst AppearanceWeapon
IvySSoul CaliburSnake Sword
InfernoSSoul Calibur 6Soul edge
NightmareSSoul Calibur 6Soul edge
RaphaelSSoul Calibur 6Rapier
TakiASoul Calibur 6Dual Kadochi
Seon Mi-NaASoul CaliburNaginata
SophitiaASoul EdgeSword and Shield
SiegfriedASoul Calibur 6Sword and Shield
AzwelASoul Calibur 6Bipolar pulse enhancement
YoshimitsuASoul Calibur 6Double Katana
AstarothBSoul Calibur 6Giant Axe
CervantesBSoul EdgeWicked sword
TiraBSoul Calibur 3Ring Blade
TilikBSoul CaliburRod
MitsurugiBSoul EdgeKatana
XianghuaCSoul CaliburJian
GeraltCSoul Calibur 6Witcher’s Steel Sword
TalimCSoul Calibur 2Dual Tonfa Styled blades
GrohDSoul CalderBlade
ZasalamelDAerondight ReplicaKafziel

Patch Notes Ver. 2.31

The latest update has the following changes:

  • Performance fixes and balance were introduced to certain moves.
  • Major text errors and issues were fixed.
  • The slider for adjusting the angle of extra items was fixed to its previous correct value of -180 to +180 from +50 and -50.


That was all for our Soul Calibur 6 Tier List. We must say that all of the characters mentioned above are unique in their own way, and by no means are they completely useless on the battlefield. We leave you with a decent tip, whenever you choose a character to fight your battles in the arena, you should always practice with them to get accustomed to their skills and fighting style.