Street Fighter Alpha 3 Tier List [2023]

Want to indulge in some action-filled fighting experience? Street Fighter Alpha 3 tier list will be your guide to this experience

In the street fighter alpha 3 tier list, we will be sorting out characters of the game based on their skills and stats. It will discuss the attributes and appearances of multiple characters and consider this for ranking. The game comprises thirty-six characters with different combos and skills through which they fight in an arena. All these characters are ranked in this tier list.

In this tier list, we will ensure that each character is ranked on its respective depending on its abilities. These abilities may vary, like people’s opinions on this tier list. We can’t force a person to agree with our tier list. So it is subjective to the views of readers.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 30 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the skills and abilities of the characters.
  • Among the best-ranked characters are Vega, Karin, and Akuma.
  • Among the worst-ranked characters are Balrog and R. Mika.


S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
VegaSakura M. bisonBirdieBalrog
KarinRyuRoseYunR. Mika
AkumaEvil Ryu CammyDeejay
SodomSagatGuileT. Hawk
DhalsimCodyFei Long

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S Tier

DS TierThe S tier is also a special tier due to all the elite characters put under this tier. All these characters in the tier list aid a character during his gameplay. They support him with all their might and do not let him falter. They are exceptionally great characters and have the topmost stats and skills.

They inflict critical damage on their opponents to win in an arena. S-tiered characters have high stats and fighting capabilities. Most of their moves are consecutive, making them competent enough to remain on a battlefield until the end.

All characters lodged under an s tier have great potential. Their moves are an amalgam of defensive and offensive moves. They don’t give their opponent an opening to strike and falter their confidence.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter 2
Skills Adhering to walls

Vega is a sturdy character of Street Fighter who uses ninja techniques to make his way through the game. He is a part of an S tier due to his incompatible fighting style. He is a spry and nimble character who defends and defends himself swiftly.

His claws are his specialty. Through them, he slashes his opponent to bits and pieces. They’re also very sturdy, requiring 14 blocked hits to be removed. In this version of the game, he can revive his claw and can gain the ability to acquire super combos. Vega’s obnoxious nature has created strong rivalries inside his community, including balrog M. bison and Fang.


Stats Description
Origin sakura ganbaru!
Skills esoteric Kazuki arts

Karin Is a strong character in Street Fighter Alpha 3, so she is a part of the topmost tier.

She has a strong demeanor and doesn’t let her opponent see through her façade. She is good at defending and dodging the moves shot at her by the opponent. So her main skills revolt around pacing, sprinting, and dashing around an arena.

She is always on the go in an arena from 1 point to another. Sometimes the opponent takes her lightly because she is supple. But that’s a huge mistake because she can easily support our player’s gameplay and help him take down her enemy.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter 2 turbo
Skills Dohatsu Shoten

Akuma is a highly-built red hair character. His blazing red eyes terrify his opponent to the core. His player often feels confident in him due to His unimaginable strength and techniques. His Shotokan art Is a style he adopts during his gameplay in an arena. This style puts him in the S tier; it is a type of offensive style that helps a player focus on his game.

Akuma can transport themself within the arena, which helps him take his opponent by surprise. He has combos that accentuate his skills and strength. His persona of a strong compatible man Ken 8, his player is looking strong.


Stats Description
Origin Final fight
Skills  water performances, handling big trucks

Sodom is a monstrous and grotesque-looking man who can scare you to an extreme extent when you first glance at him. Sodom is adept in martial arts that is self-taught. He can perform moves rarely seen in an arena, so he is a part of the S tier.

So dumb uses weapons that are revolved around being connected to his ISM. He takes control of Katana during X ism style. In other cases, he keeps his grasp on the site; this unique quality he possesses helps him stay on top of the street fighter alpha 3-tier list. 


Stats Description
Origin final fight
Skills bonsai tending, running, jumping from one wall to another.

A guy is a Japanese descendant of the ninpo master. He is known to have a conscious mind and a gentle soul that promotes justice. His fighting style is a blend of traditional ninjutsu and Street brawling, and Both combined to give him a stoic appearance. His unmatchable skills make him a part of the S tier.

His skills include bonsai tending, which gives him a gentle and compassionate side that helps him connect with his player. He can jump off of walls and kick his opponent; this off-the-wall kick allows his player to Astonish his opponent. He also possesses a high-speed dash through which he can avoid being a target by his opponent.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter 2
Skills  preaching, mind-reading, sermons.

Dhalsim is a Hindu fighter on Street Fighter Alpha’s 3-tier list. He has a stern expression on his face that keeps him solely concentrated on his fight. He fights in extremely necessary battles.

Dhalsim is one of the characters who has versatility in his skills and abilities. A player can extract a lot of benefits from this character. He aids a player’s game played through his teleportation skills and its fire, just breathing abilities. This ability helps him steer clear of his opponent. He also possesses an aerial attack and a sliding kick.


Stats Description
Origin final fight
Skills ambushing, handling military weapons

An ex-mad gear gang member who is an uptight military utopian is here to cause commotion in an arena. He has the abilities that can make him surpass his opponent while following a player’s gameplay. He doesn’t sabotage his player and makes him win in a battle. He may seem uptight, but this keeps him in the S tier.

He uses his military abilities and skills to defeat his enemy. These moves show his discipline and agility. His actions are designed to use his opponent as bait and target his efforts at them.

A Tier

second best characters
A Tier

Under A tier resides characters that have an equal potential as that of the topmost tier characters. They lack a few characteristics that distinguish them from others. Such characteristics make them a little lower than S-tier characters. They have high stats and powerful abilities that assist a player’s gameplay. Such moves are necessary for an arena because they define a character’s capability. These characters sometimes leave an open window for their opponent to strike.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter Alpha 2
Skills Cooking, Playing baseball

Sakura is our Street fighter alpha 3-tier list. She is a cool and modern character in the game, though not very stylish, and her personality reflects the swag inside this game. Even her casual moves can take millions of hearts. Her moves are a pure definition of raw and rustic.

Sakura’s moves are a mirror and weaker version of Ryu’s moves. Her running and jumping are akin to Ryu’s and don’t cause much damage, which includes her in the A tier. However, she has great potential to astound an opponent standing before her through her extraordinary moves.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter
Skills Hitchhiking

Ryu is an illustration of Masutatsu of a Karate master. His moves and abilities are quite similar to the said person. Ryu is adept in his Shotokan-styled martial arts and can take down his enemy according to his player’s gameplay. His martial arts style strays far away from the original martial arts, which defines his inclusion in the A tier.

He is one of the most basic characters with various punches and kicks that help a player bring down his enemy. His ability affects his combos and makes him stagger in his battle. This fluctuation tampers his stats.

Evil Ryu  

Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter alpha manga
Skills dodging bullets

Evil Ryu is an alter ego of our A-tiered Ryu. First, he used to be a different clothed version of Ryu but later gained a separate entity. He bears a sturdier and agile appearance than Ryu. His facial expression gives out the aura of strength and power.

He is a part of the A tier because this version was not required inside this game; his moves and fighting style are almost exactly like his other version. Only a few alterations are seen, which could have just been added to his singular character.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter
Skills Holding breath

Sagat is a character who has a menacingly fierce look on his face and build that usually towers over his opponent. Muay Thai is his main fighting style. Through this, he aids his player and brings down an opponent. A player can see the similarities between Sagat’s fighting and Ryu’s styles. Sagat is an offensive fighter and is included in the A tier.

His gigantic size has its pros and cons. he is a major character; he usually becomes an easy target and can’t dodge an attack easily. However, he can cover a lot of areas through this trait. Also, being sturdy has its own perks of being powerful. 


Stats Description
Origin  Street Fighter 2
Skills Cold resistance

Zangief is a colossal creature who has a stern look on his face. His appearance is a true indicator of his fighting style. He is a wrestler and does close-range wrestling. He strangles his opponent and doesn’t let them go till their last breath.

Due to his complex move execution, he is a part of the A tier of Street Fighter Alpha 3 tier list. A player requires a 360-degree motion to execute the moves, which becomes difficult for a beginner or, sometimes, a pro player.


Stats Description
Origin final fight
Skills Knife tricks, Removing handcuffs

Cody is a jailbreaker and changes his outlook after his prison break. He grew a stubble beard and changed his attire utterly. Cody has a competitive nature that invites opponents to duel with him. He adopted his underworld brawling fight style inside a jail. He uses his abilities to fight off enemies.

He is included in the A tier because his moves are close-range. If a payer remains at a distance from his opponent, his moves become unachievable, and This makes a player suffer a lot as nearby, he becomes susceptible to opponents’ attacks. 


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter
Skills Chinese medicine

Gen is an older man with a stoop due to a lifetime of experience. He is a competent character and has a short stature. He is one of those characters who pay heed to his game and doesn’t let his attention falter.

Gen practices Kung Fu karate and is a pro in his fighting style.

Gen’s inclusion in the A tier of this tier list is his different fighting styles that change during a battle; this confuses a player and makes him alter his gameplay. Changing gameplay has two outcomes. It could either benefit a player or a player has to face a knockout. 


Stats Description
Origin street fighter
Skills cooking pasta dishes

Ken can be identified from afar through his fire-red gloves. These are his distinguishing characteristics. Ryu is a master of Ken, and like him, ken practices Ansatsuken’s arts of the fight. Ken possesses skills that grant him a multi-hit opportunity, and This doesn’t allow his opponent to hit Ken.

He is a part of the A tier due to his physical deficiency. This deficiency regards him considering and relying on zone gameplay, and This doesn’t let him remain neutral during his gameplay. By this, he ruins the gameplay of his player. A character is often evaluated by how he benefits his player. 


Stats Description
Origin  Street Fighter
Skills Wai Khru

Adon has a muscular build that enhances his intimidating appearance, and This makes his opponent grounded during a battle and doesn’t let them loose. Adon has a versatile and dynamic fighting style. It is extracted from his acrobatic background.

His agility is extremely visible in his moves. He has swift movements that accentuate his damage level. His jaguar kick is his signature move. Adon can also use it in between a jump. In the alpha series, this Jaguar kick is considered normal, doesn’t inflict serious damage, and makes him reside under the A tier. 

B Tier

Average characters
B Tier

Let’s get to another tier, the next line in our street fighter alpha tier list. We call upon the B tier to make its appearance. B tier could also be referred to as a mediocre tier that has everything that an ordinary level would have. B tier blends the characteristics of the worst and best tiers. Overall, we get a product in the form of a B tier.

A range of widely arranged characters contributes to the formation of this tier.  A pro player prefers top-tiered characters inside a game, while a beginner tries to play with mediocre characters to gain insight into the rules and regulations imposed on the game. This way, he learns the basic gameplay and attains great knowledge that benefits him. These characters have mediocre stats and skills.

M. Bison

Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter 2
Skills Hypnosis

Bison is an evil character with extraordinary power submerged in him. He indulges in serious fights and doesn’t stagger during a player’s gameplay. He sets his priorities straight and fights inside an arena. He has great potential but gets overshadowed by his weaknesses, which puts him in the B tier.

He uses psychological power to hypnotize his opponent. he learns this ability by himself and uses it efficiently on a battlefield. The psycho crusher is the signature move That makes him crush his opponent. he also has a super combo that helps him teleport. But his recovery time is quite a lot, so the opponent gets an open window to take him down.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter Alpha
Skills Tarot card reading

Rose is related to divination and believes in superstitions. She has faith in her outlook on this world and remains rooted in them. Her sole power is quite useful during her battle, making her a good choice on the battlefield. But her weaknesses don’t let her stay in the topmost tiers, so she is dragged down to beat here.

Her biggest thickness is using a scarf for her basic feats that make her susceptible to airborne attacks. Her angles during the execution of her moves don’t let her defend herself, and the opponent sees her faltering point and strikes it; this leads her to her demise. Ultimately, she can’t do anything but be knocked out, as her attacks don’t knock back her opponent. 


Stats Description
Origin Super Street Fighter 2
Skills knife throwing

Let’s welcome an assassin to our tier list. This alpha is known to be quite strong but not covering her tracks pretty well. She is an agile, swift, and close-range fighter. She uses weapons that increase her range to normal or middle range. Though Cammy can’t fulfill her deficiencies through firearms, he is under the B tier.

Cammy cannot perform project tile or long-range attacks that cause her to causes her to throw herself onto her enemy, making her quite susceptible to the opponent’s attack. Sometimes she may even miss her target and fall beside her opponent. She’s one of those characters who can’t defend and attack her player simultaneously.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter 2
Skills darts

A powerful character has made an appearance on our tier list. Guile is strong and composed stature, and a buffed-up look accentuates guile’s power. Here is a powerful person who displays offense and defense at the same time. He can grab his opponent through the air and move him around.

He is included in the B tier because his gameplay style is quite akin to some other characters inside the game, making him a bad choice. Players require versatility and diversity among players to enhance their experience. Similarities may board them and make them get tired of the game.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter Alpha 3
Skills Unknown

She is a twin of Julie, and they both wear almost identical attire that may confuse the opponent. But both of them are quite different in their gameplay and their moves. She uses shadaloo elite forces training during her battle. Her fighting style is akin to Cammy’s as they both belong to the same unit as that, Cammy.

They even have almost similar moves and combos. Such a style of fight is not promoted in this tier list. As players usually require some change and malignancy among the characters. Such variations encourage and enhance the game’s popularity; hence it has been included in the B tier. 

Fei Long

Stats Description
Origin Super Street Fighter 2
Skills Performs his skills

He is a pro character and a great Kung Fu player of the game. His moves under attack are a true definition of great character. Although his weaknesses are also a lot, they prevent him from jumping to two top tiers.

He is a character of B-tier due to his simple techniques. His jumps that are executed by spreading kicks are not so unique. Also, his rising dragon leg has similarities with kens rising dragon fist. It seems as if the creators could not innovate another technique and improvise the previous one.


Stats Description
Origin  Street Fighter 2
Skills Hunting, electric discharge.

don’t get scared by taking a glance at this green creature. Although he seems to resemble Hulk from the Marvel Universe, this is due to his fierce green face and bulky body. Although he is nothing compared to that creature. As blank’s moves are brutal and savage. Such moves him to take down his enemy.

Although he is still a part of the B tier, this is because his move takes a lot of time to execute, which gives his opponent an opening to strike and knock him out. He usually jumps up and kicks his opponent. You can also turn into a ball and attack an enemy that could give a lot of damage.

C Tier

Street fighter alpha 3 tier list
C Tier

C Tier is not a part of the top tiers of the Street Fighter Alpha 3 tier list. It is included in those lower tiers that have bad and worse types of characters. You might think how bad can a character be to be included in an almost lower tier.

All these characters ruin the gameplay that a player keeps in mind during his playing session. Everybody has a plan, and these characters have a way to mess it up, leading to a player’s loss that is never truly recovered. This is what makes all lower tiers notorious for their characteristics and traits.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter
Skills gluttony, headbutts

As his name might indicate, he’s not a small bird-like creature. It might be ironic as he is huge and uses his hugeness inside a fight. His figure makes him perfect for wrestling, and he does that by blending it with some brawling. The user had birds during his game, indicating that it was his favorite movie.

He is included in the C tier because he requires closeness to perform his moves and cannot perform projectile attacks. As soon moves close to his opponent, the opponent strikes him, and he loses his game and becomes vulnerable to more damage. This damage removes any chances of him winning inside an arena.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter 3
Skills skateboarding

Yun is a young character, and his energy shows his adolescence. He is an agile and energetic character who executes his moves keenly. His basic style of fighting is Bajiquan. This fighting style allows him to leave himself open to his opponent. He follows gameplay but sometimes lacks the potential to follow it to a tee.

He is included in the C tier due to his haphazard ways and abilities. Such abilities grant him low stamina and close-ranged moves. Executing close-ranged actions is dangerous and doesn’t work when a player is keeping a distance from his opponent. Such measures are taken to avoid being a target. His targeting abilities are also questionable as they are usually off by a few meters.


Stats Description
Origin Super Street Fighter 2
Skills Bamboo dancing

Deejay is a Jamaican boxer whose main significance is his kicking. His evil smirk is enough to run shivers down an opponent’s spine. Deejay Has adopted his fighting style in the form of dancing. He is a charged and energetic character but has many lackings in his moves in execution, so he is included in the C tier.

Dee Jay has anti-air moves that don’t allow him to stay mid-air to execute his actions. So he can’t take his opponent by surprise and always judge his activities. They can easily see him coming as he usually comes from straight ahead. Secondly, his movements are quite consecutive; hence he is not included in the least tier

T. Hawk

Stats Description
Origin Super Street Fighter 2
Skills Wood carving

He is a fierce character with a soft side seen through his woodcarving and talking to birds skills. He’s quite adept in his work and performs his move like a pro. he is proficient in underfoot martial arts.

His moves are fine end show clean execution. But this is not the only thing required inside an arena, as he can’t perform his moves consecutively and need a running time. This running time allows his opponent to strike his weak points and take him down. An attack leads him toward a knockout. He can also not grapple with his opponent, which is one of his demerits.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter Alpha
Skills breaking tiles, karaoke

Dan is straight forward and arrogant character on our ranking. He is known for his Saikyo style of fighting. This fighting style allows him to manipulate his opponent and make them lower their guard and give up. When they falter behind, Dan strikes and takes the victory. He inherited these moves from his father.

He is included in the C tier because of his arrogance and inability to perform simple moves. If he can’t manipulate his opponent, he can’t fight against him. He usually can’t support a player’s gameplay and is a characteristic of a bad character. He also performs parody moves of other characters.

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier

We bid farewell to this tier list by talking about inclusion that ruins a visage presented by our tier list. Not everything is perfect. Everything and character have a side that makes them ashamed. They try to hide their flaws by employing various methods.

In this case, the top-tiered characters are given more attention, and these lower-tiered characters are found deep inside the game. This last introduction leads to a fundamental change in gameplay. This lower tier has nothing that can entice a player towards itself: such as common statistics and poor features.


Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter 2
Skills Gambling

A scary and greedy character of our tier list. Balrog is anguish to the name of Street Fighter. He is heavily built, and his moves are related to his arms movement. he rarely uses his legs to execute his actions. However, you might see him throw a head-butt here and there. He is often seen and reported violating the rules and regulations of boxing.

He is included in the D tier due to his non-disciplinary attitude. Even his super combos are not worthy of execution. He does not go along with the gameplay formed by a player. Balrog doesn’t possess any moves that are unique or his own.

R. Mika

Stats Description
Origin Street Fighter Alpha 3
Skills theatrics, finger push-ups.

Rainbow Mika is a professional wrestler in this game. She has efficient movement during her gameplay. She prefers high-priority commands and executes them in an instant. She doesn’t wait to sulk around. Although fast moves are not always the key to success. Sometimes better-planned gameplay is required.

Rainbow Mika is a part of the D-tier because she doesn’t allow her player to form fantastic gameplay. She always ruins it, leaving a player with a knocked-out character. Even her moves are comical and hilarious. She throws herself toward her opponent’s buttocks first. Some other of her activities are also quite vulgar.

Comparison Table

VegaSStreet Fighter 2Adhering to walls
KarinSsakura ganbaru!esoteric Kazuki arts
AkumaSStreet Fighter 2 turboDohatsu Shoten
SodomSFinal fight water performances, handling big trucks
GuySfinal fightbonsai tending, running, jumping from one wall to another.
DhalsimSStreet Fighter 2 preaching, mind-reading, sermons.
RolentoSfinal fightambushing, handling military weapons
SakuraAStreet Fighter Alpha 2Cooking, Playing baseball
RyuAStreet FighterHitchhiking
Evil RyuAStreet Fighter alpha mangadodging bullets
SagatAStreet FighterHolding breath
ZangiefA Street Fighter 2Cold resistance
CodyAfinal fightKnife tricks, Removing handcuffs
GenAStreet FighterStreet Fighter
KenAstreet fightercooking pasta dishes
AdonA Street FighterWai Khru
M. bisonBStreet Fighter 2Hypnosis
RoseBStreet Fighter AlphaTarot card reading
CammyBSuper Street Fighter 2knife throwing
GuileBStreet Fighter 2darts
JuniBStreet Fighter Alpha 3Unknown
Fei LongBSuper Street Fighter 2Performs his skills
BlankaB Street Fighter 2Hunting, electric discharge.
BirdieCStreet Fightergluttony, headbutts
YunCStreet Fighter 3skateboarding
DeejayCSuper Street Fighter 2Bamboo dancing
T. HawkCSuper Street Fighter 2Wood carving
DanCStreet Fighter Alphabreaking tiles, karaoke
BalrogDStreet Fighter 2Gambling
R. MikaDStreet Fighter Alpha 3theatrics, finger push-ups

Why trust us?

Our street fighter alpha 3-tier list results from an in-depth analysis and evaluation of street fighter alpha’s characters. Each character was deeply noted and observed. Our analyzer put great thought into assembling the data and presenting it in this tier list. We tried our best to remain unbiased in our evaluation and gave you a concluded and brief version of this tier list.

first, we enlisted all these characters and evaluated their skills, abilities, and stats. After this, we could put them in their respective tiers based on their skills and stats. Each character has his features and characteristics that help us insert them in their tiers. From this, we can conclude that we have remained analytical in our approach and did not show tending toward a specific character.


To conclude the Street Fighter Alpha 3 tier list, we can say that street fighter alpha 3 is a game with good and bad characters. Every game has its characters that aid gameplay and suits a player, while some don’t. Street fighter alpha 3 is an action game for players who hanker after fighting games. Such games pump adrenaline inside their minds and keep them high. Players search for such games so they can escape these worldly affairs.

The characters of this game are required to form cooperative gameplay. The best characters are categorized under the S tier. Potentially great characters reside under the A tier, and mediocre characters are enlisted under the B tier. All potentially worst characters are lodged under the C tier, and the worst are under the D tier.

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