Tales Of Grimm Tier List: The Concrete Ranking (2023)

Grimm Tales tier list takes you back into your childhood by ranking fairy tale inspired characters.

Step into a magical world filled with fairy tale characters from your childhood stories. The Tales of Grimm tier list ranks these characters based on their attributes and abilities. Battle against dark magic and protect the world while fulfilling your dreams. Our list is based on experience and subject to variation.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 31 characters in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the skills and abilities of the characters.
  • Among the best-ranked characters are Prince Charm, Shahryar, and Triton.
  • Among the worst-ranked characters is Hans in Luck, Hook Hand, and Wicked Hag.


S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier
Prince Charm Blade Gina Fencer Pedro Princess Ophelia Hans in luck
Shahryar Yuri Schnee Quickcut Pinno Prince Adam Hook hand
Triton Red Queen Rogue jack Queen LilithWicked Hag
Wonder Allish Dark QueenSwift Ali ThumboyThumbelina
Miss Conch Wukong Dark knight
Mad Granny Quasi mortal Britney
Maid SophieCindy Nesy
Raven Irene

S Tier 

best characters ranked
S Tier

S tier is the topmost tier. This heading stands for superb or special, and accordingly, the characters enlisted under this tier are exceptionally special. They are known to be one of a kind and extremely powerful in their specialties. The symbols under this tier are Ranked at the top and almost always aid the player during his gameplay of the game. It’s no wonder that dies characters are mainly referred to as the best of the best feelings in this game.

All these players’ characters possess superior qualities and characteristics that make them able to defeat their enemy according to gameplay structured around these characters specifically. Once a player is adapted to these characters’ ways, he can easily move them around the arena without having second thoughts about their abilities. As these characters rarely disappoint a player.

Prince Charm 

Type: Warrior 

Prince Charm is a through and through. Prince is here to bless us with the amazing abilities that leave any players astonished and result in him stuck to his seat, playing the game for a long while. He can never get enough of this character because Prince’s charm offers a wide range of qualities and skills that make a gamer dumbstruck. He never thought that such an amazing character could cause an unimaginable level of DMG in the game. His power-ups make him gain an advantage off of the target by increasing the shot damage at the opponent.

Also, Prince is allowed to hoard the King’s light stacks, and when its meter gets filled, he is awarded severe damage inflicted on his opponents. Pretty deadly move, isn’t it? Also, another thing innovation that is introduced in this character that keeps him under the S tier is getting hit. He is rewarded with a 5% DMG, which lasts towards the end of this game. What else makes a character the best character?


Type: Guardian

Shahryar is a character straight out of the Arabian nights to satisfy a player’s gaming needs. A king is here to serve your gaming needs and supply you with his best moves and exceptional power-ups that’ll leave you stunned.

He’s one of a character with an ability that makes you keep coming back to him repeatedly. He is famous for his offensive feats and moves that make him a great guardian of a team and also a part of the S tier as he has many important abilities that score him a spot here

He possesses a type of skill that allows him to heal himself. Though, it depends on his HP stats. The extra healing stats are converted into a one-of-a-kind Healing shield that helps the team. Unlike many characters in the Tales of Grimm mobile game tier list, Shahryar can harm the from and also the foes present in the middle of a group.


Type: Guardian

While playing this auto-battle game, who doesn’t try to find characters whose main aim is to impose hurt and injury specifically on the opponent’s warriors? Triton, a character out of the best Grimm fairy tales, is an addition to the team. Whose main objective remains to eradicate the warriors before any other.

Mainly he uses taunts to affect the warriors, but other ULT moves are also used. His main moves are associated with the protection of his teammates; in this way, he absorbs most of the damage and does let much happen to his mates. It’sThis selfless act that he displays puts him under the S tier.

He is a guardian but also can counter-attack. Wondering what that is? The attack that the enemy throws at you gets reflected on him, and he can’t get away from it. When combined with a healer, Triton is the best choice anyone can ever make for his team.

Wonder Allish 

Type: Mage

Mages are those characters that inflict the most amount of damage and have the best offensive attacks. Mages are magical beings and truly included in Tales of Grimm best characters.

They are fascinating characters that help gameplay structured around a level by a player. Wonder Allish is a character that has different abilities that aid during a round. Her most famous Electric Shock affects the opponent to a greater level. He loses the same level of HP as the one Wonder Allish ATK stats bear; this keeps her in the tier above all, that is S tier.

Her other skills revolve around dreaming, which sends the opponent to deep sleep or paralysis. They affect the foe so much that the enemy often wishes he didn’t have to deal with this special character.

Miss Conch 

Stats Description
Type Support
Skills Quick healing and a superior protective shield.

This character is one of a unit’s most useful and essential parts. The reason for it remains threefold, Ms. conch makes her player able to perform various tactics that enable him to stay almost immortal, along with the whole team—such a great addition to a group.

Her few extremely adept abilities allow her to excel well on a battlefield. Her qualities are quick healing and a superior protective shield; this is also what includes her in the S tier as her ULT moves are quite exemplary.

The opponent with the highest SDP is her main target during her pain infliction. He can’t stray far from this exceptional support character. She can freeze and perform magic bursts on any opponent in sight. This character is a must inclusion in a team to win.

Mad Granny 

Stats Description
Type Support
Skills Great ATK levels.

A great addition to a team who is one of the Tales of Grimm’s best characters can easily heal and enhance the moves of her teammates. She enriches the stats of her teammates to a great extent. She excels at their ATK levels and makes them adopt a strong exterior. She may be called mad granny, but she knows what she is doing. She is angry about her teammates mainly and helps them in the long run.

Her abilities keep her in the S tier among all other top-tiered characters. No need to second guess her age or anything. She is quite a sturdy and good surface which can aid a player in taking down all opponents alone, if possible.

During her main power being used, three other effects are also triggered; this causes a chain of events to occur. Exhaustion, healing deficiency, and disorder are introduced. All these affect the opponent’s team greatly.

Maid Sophie 

Stats Description
Type Support
Skills Revives, aids, and kills

Don’t get me started on this extremely stupendous character. Maid’s abilities make her a definite choice during the game. A player that revives, aids, and kills others. What else do you need in an S-tier character? You need to check your eyesight if you don’t see anything in her. Maid Sophie should be a definite inclusion in your team. It’s a better choice than any other. Don’t go searching long.

Let me enlist all the reasons why she is where she is. Firstly, she revives an ally for that round; if no character is dead, she increases the ATK of a character with the lowest. A special character who provides Crit. rate to the one who has the greater amount of ATK levels. Do you need any more reasons to choose her?

A Tier 

second best characters ranked in this tier
A Tier

Moving on to the next tier in line, known as the A tier. The characters last under this tier have all the capabilities and qualities required to stay in their S tier. Still, they lack just a little bit of substantial changes in their criterion that distinguishes them from top-tiered characters. The features that these lacks are not a lot, but they do play a minor role during certain gameplay.

They have equally great stats regarding DMG, HP, and ATK. Also, they induce ad to inflict powerful moves on their opponents’ team. These characters on the Tales of Grimm tier list are potentially great. They possess such qualities that could easily fit them into the topmost tier. But some qualities bump them down to A story.

Blade Gina 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Shadow Strike

Blade Gina is one of those whose stories didn’t get such fame, but her character gained great opportunities in the game. This was mainly due to her amazing abilities and power-ups that aided her player and his gameplay.

Want to know her worst enemies, the support heroes on the opposite team remain at the top of her red list. Another major benefit of this character that keeps her in the A tier is that her Shadow Strike inflicts more damage on the opponent; this happens if his statistics are lower than Gina’s. It seems quite hardcore and harsh but benefits a lot.

If you think it is quite a lot, let me enlist down some other of her abilities. She has never seen a character whose ATK enhances to a percent of 5 after each feat she feat. Blade Gina is truly one of a kind by helping her users to a maximum extent.

Yuri Schnee 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Main Attack

A beautiful blue attired elite, looking character makes many fall in love with her based on her looks. You can never fall out of love once you get to know her through her moves. She has skillful feats and attacks that say the player and his gameplay.

You can’t overlook all those extreme moves she brings inside the battlefield. She is a part of the potentially great tier that is the A tier because of her main attack. This specific feature allows her to shoot down two random opponents and give her the DMG of the opponent, which makes her heal.

What else do you require in a team, a self-attacking and healing character? Can you improvise your whole gameplay around this exceptional character? As this character can easily adapt to the ways of any gameplay presented against her.

Red Queen 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Harming moves remain burning and flaming

The only place where a queen does not reside is a superior tier. We have our reasons for not putting her at the top. She bears an attack that makes her prone to more damage and increases it several times.

Leaving her gamer scratching his head as he is left with nothing. But if we overlook her flaws, we find some amazing facts that would make us choose her over many other lower-tiered characters. The main thing that keeps her in the A tier is her main harming moves which remain burning and flaming.

Once you get used to her ulterior moves, it’s hard not to choose her, but you need to avoid the roads that lead to her flaws. Once that’s done, you’ll gain the upper hand during this game. Once she achieves an upper level, she also gains the power to heal herself.

Dark Queen

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills ULT Powers.

The dark queen extracted out of the best Grimm fairy tales is Snow White. We can never forget the role played by this evil witch when she poisoned her beautiful stepdaughter just because she was the fairest of them all. In my opinion, the dark queen is the most vicious of them all.

Here’s to hoping her mirror doesn’t tell her about my views. Anyhow, in Tales of Grimm, she acquired a powerful outlook. This character is notorious for her infamous Death mark, which scares the strongest opponents. Her ULT powers keep her in the A tier and give her stronger opportunities to take down the enemies’ team.

Her moves mainly target the residents of the back rows. But still play an important role in winning and aiding a player’s gameplay. On to her Mirror Curse, this aids her teammates by applying medicine to their injuries. Not literally, though, she can heal her teammates, but this specific trait’s basis remains in her stats, mainly the ATK.


Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills ULT and AKT

Seeing a monkey-like human, no need to rub your eyes or clean your glasses. You are blessed with the sight of Wukong. You might not remember him from the Grimm fairytale movies, but he was a significant part of the books and a more important character in the game. You’ll be astonished by his marvelous tactics that leave the opponent in a field of losses. He is responsible for wreaking chaos on the opponents’ team; This is why he is lodged under the A tier.

His ULT moves and AKT make him an almost undefeatable character. You might find him gaining a little more damage and turning the tables against him. But this is a rare occurrence, and mostly he doesn’t disappoint.

Quasi mortal 

Stats Description
Type Guardian
Skills Great offensive attacks.

We all remember Quasi as Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame. It’s hard to forget such a unique and impactful character imagined by the Grimm brothers. He impacts the gaming world like his original movie character through his guarding capabilities.

He is a part of the A tier due to his auto-reviving abilities, which allow him to get back into the living world and makes him resistant to injury. Almost none of the characters can revive themselves, making him an immortal being.

This alone is not enough for a guardian. He protects his allies through his abilities; he is called a guardian. Plus, his offensive attacks also inflict damage on the opponents’ team. So everything combines to reserve a spot for him in this tier.


Stats Description
Type Mage
Skills Freezing and Icing abilities.

Cindy a part of the most famous Grimm tale, Cinderella. Although Cinderella had no relation to ice Cindy’s powers revolve around the Freezing and icing abilities. It seems odd, but the creators had to improvise, I guess. As the real Cinderella would have only used her sweep or animals to inflict pain, This seems a better way, though it strayed a bit far from the original storyline and is hence in the A tier. Otherwise, her Magic meteor gives her the ability to slow her opponents down and decrease their CRIT rate.

She also imposes huge damage on her opponents, and they get slower after every round. She also has a passive feat called the Magic barrier. This barrier allows her to tone down the resisting abilities of a tea.

Raven Irene 

Stats Description
Type Mage
Skills Raven-induced powers.

Raven extracted from the story of The Raven presented and illustrated by the Grimm brothers. In Tales of Grimm, she acquired the role of a mage, who is considered quite powerful. Raven Irene shot down the opponent and dropped their HP, employing her ULT. Along with this, she also aided in the dropping of the ATK. But Irene targets the residents of the last row and doesn’t reside under the S tier. She uses her raven-induced powers on her enemies to make them see defeat on every corner of her battlefield.


Stats Description
Type Support
Skills Healing other characters.

A sea character, she is a support category-listed character whose main features include healing other characters in her team. You won’t be able to get enough of her as she heals anyone who has a low amount of AKT on her team. But she is in the A tier because she doesn’t provide the ability of revival like many other characters lodged under the S tier. Hence, she doesn’t deserve a place there. But it is a pretty good decision if you include her in your team and make her your ally.

B Tier 

average characters
B Tier

Next in line is the B tier, which is also referred to as a mediocre tier as all the characters residing under this specific tier are quite ordinary. The characters of tales of Grimm don’t stray far away from A level.

On a normal basis, they have characteristics that can easily be passed as ordinary and nothing more than that. It seems like quite a huge sentence you say that anything is familiar. But in this case, the characters of the Tales of Grimm tier list under this don’t aid the gameplay of a player. He has to work around them and construct new improvised gameplay that could make him win in this auto-battle-playing game.

It’s not a small thing. Many changes in alterations are required in the gameplay to suit these characters’ Tales of Grimm android tier list. Otherwise, a player has to adjust to defeat and hang his head low in the chances of hair loss. The B-tiered characters Have the qualities there are amalgam and a mixture of top and bottom tiers. Neither all grades are bad, nor are all good. We get a cream of different characteristics combined inside a single character that aids gameplay and sometimes ruins it.

Fencer Pedro 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Aids other players.

Want a warrior who can fill up space and aid you during Tales of Grimm battle. It would help if you looked nowhere else. Fencer Pedro targets the opponents by DMG decrease and also affects their teammates. He specifically rises to the occasion and causes destruction utilizing his attacks, which cause great damage. But this damage is nothing compared to the ones in the top tier.

Quickcut Pinno 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Great ATK levels.

He is another warrior who does mediocrely on the battlefield. He does inflict some harm on his opponents, but that damage through the decrease in DMG is nothing as the other top-tiered characters have a superior level of damage and an increase in their ATK levels. This warrior is suitable if you are deficient in a teammate. Otherwise, excluding him will not have a huge effect on your team.

Rogue jack 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Works best in team.

Rogue Jack went rogue. He is extracted from the story of jack and the beanstalk. How he got the magic beans is, truly, a great storyline. But when the darkness consumed him, he became a rebel and rebelled against his morals. He became a warrior who was able to hurt his opponents to a high level.

Along with this, he decreased their HP. If paired up with a good team who can also benefit him, he is useful to his player. So, he is an essential addition to the tier list. But helps the player to a normal level. That is not very much and neither too low.

Swift Ali 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Great defensive and offensive moves.

Swift Ali is an illustration of Aladdin. As heard in the song that premiered in the Aladdin movie, he was called Prince Ali. In the same way, swift Ali is a very fast prince, whose speed is quite exemplary and helps him avoid the attacks made by the opponent’s team. His defensive and offensive moves are exceptional. He is also one of the underrated characters in the game. And hence, he is a part of the B tier of this tier due to his low damage rate. He also doesn’t award Crit to his allies.

Dark knight 

Stats Description
Type Guardian
Skills Inflict Curse

What do you expect from a knight, and that too of the dark? He definitely will protect his teammates and go to extreme lengths to complete this task. And he does this, too, utilizing his inflict curse. This curse allows him to heal the damage to his teammates after two game rounds. It seems satisfactory, but not much to reserve him a spot in the upper tiers.

But he is in the B tier of this tier because, like other guardians included he doesn’t offer different power-ups. He liked the power to offend himself or his teammates. Also, he can’t even defend himself. He only has his healing powers, which come helpful but only after two rounds.


Stats Description
Type Mage
Skills Apple Bomb.

Britney is one of those characters supplied to you at the start of Tales of Grimm. You learn to play this game through Britney. To exploit all of her uses, you must invest quite a lot in her. This is also why she is included in the B tier. Otherwise, her moves aid inside battlefields against opponents.

Her Apple bomb is her main attack and targets opponents’ middle and front-standing warriors. Once they see her, they hold onto their weapons with a strong grip. Also, her ULT inflicts a lot of damage, almost 60 percent more than the crit rate. So, on the whole, is a mediocre character.


Stats Description
Type Support
Skills ULT moves.

Nesy is a character who doesn’t provide much in the healing and reviving department. Though she does inflict some amount of damage on her opponent’s team. Hence helping her player in more than one way. Though her uses are quite low and she that is also why she couldn’t spot a place in the S Tier. Her ULT moves to allow her to inflict damage on the ones in the front and mid-row. Leaving the end-rowed enemies open to kill.

C Tier 

Tales of Grimm tier list
C Tier

Let’s get down to the second last tier list of our Tales of Grimm tier list; if you’re thinking that it’s a good tier, then you are absolutely wrong, and you need to get your facts right. This wrong has the characters that have the potential to be worse or to be mediocre.

But the chances of them being worse are greater as compared to the other way around. These characters have capabilities and characteristics that don’t let them leave their home inside the game. Rarely does a player choose these characters to use them in his gameplay. when he does, it is usually regretted.

Princess Ophelia 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Fine power-ups.

Princess Ophelia is an extract of Hamlet. Who isn’t familiar with the great play of Shakespeare? Almost everyone is. This is located in the C tier of the Tales of Grimm tier list because, firstly, she was not illustrated by the Grimm brothers.

Secondly, her powers are not so effective on the opponents’ team. They don’t decrease the DMG. Their power-ups are also not long-lasting and don’t have a huge impact on their target. These are the main objective that helps categorize all the character into various tiers. A little bit of fluctuation in it drags a character down to the C tier.

Prince Adam 

Stats Description
Type Warrior
Skills Offensive skills.

Prince Adam might be the only Prince in this tale of Grimm tier list who has not such royal characteristics. Otherwise, all other royal families’ belonging characters are residing under the top tiers, like Snow White or Queen Lilith, etc., so something must be seriously wrong with this character that he couldn’t reserve a place for himself in the top tiers and got dragged down into the lower tier.

Things that include him in a c Tier or he’s exceptionally low, stats that don’t aid gameplay even though it is structured around him. He always tends to do wrong for his player. In the end, he makes the player regret his decisions.

Queen Lilith

Stats Description
Type Mage
Skills Ice abilities.

Queen Lilith is another one of those characters that use ice abilities on her enemies making them regret their chances of going against Lilith. They have very low chances. But there is a reason why she is included in the C tier. Wondering what could be this bad that could include her in the second last tier.

Well, it is a huge thing that has an impactful effect on a player’s gameplay. When she performs her ULT move, it doesn’t last till the end of the game. In fact, it vanishes after only 3 hits to the opponent. What’s the purpose when you can’t even eradicate your enemy, totally.


Stats Description
Type Support
Skills Offensive skills.

Tomboy is a character that was extracted from the story of Thumbelina. Who is not familiar with Molina and his lover thumb boy who lived inside Tulips and lift their life amidst flowers and gardens and the chirping of the birds. it must have been such a beautiful and pleasant life, till the darkness consumed every happiness from their land. and hence they gave birth to Thumboy that had powers and characteristics that could aid in a fight and help inside the game.

Although, in this case, the qualities that were bestowed upon Thumboy are not that great end doesn’t really help a player. His DMG rate and crit rate a quite low as compared to the top-tiered characters. Also, he doesn’t heal or increase the ATK of his allies to a great extent.

D Tier

worst characters
D Tier

The last tier in line has absolutely zero benefits for the player nor does it benefit its allies in any way. On the whole, they are considered quite crude and raw. As these characters are not having any of the elite qualities that could be used to win and aid strategic planning. It is best to avoid them inside your game and team.

Hans in luck

Stats Description
Type Guardian
Skills Fine defense.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Hans let me rephrase it. Hans was a selfless and non-materialistic man who didn’t care about any sort of riches or money. He was used to spending his life in the simplest of clothes and houses. But certain events took place in his life that turned his life 180 degrees.

In the end, he was left with many riches and wealth. in this game he is not left with quite a lot of stats. and doesn’t really help and protect his teammates. He’s a bad choice to choose inside the game and should be avoided in most cases.

Hook hand

Stats Description
Type Guardian
Skills Average player.

You know Peter Pan? then definitely you know who can’t or otherwise known as captain hook. A pirate who tried his best to Capture Peter Pan and destroy his fan living in the same way he tried to destroy the victory of this plats gameplay by ruining everything unimaginable abysmal stats dot a person can never imagine and he doesn’t really guard but destroy everything that he sees. Hence, he is a part of the lowest tier.

Wicked Hag

Stats Description
Type Mage
Skills Magical abilities.

When you imagine a wicked hag, who is ugly and grotesque. this comes into mind with a blistery face and a long pointy nose settled by a pointy hat that is torn in places. along with her ragged and patched clothes with stink waves coming out. If not, then I should really get my mind checked.

But the wicked in her name stands for the magical abilities that she doesn’t really use on her allies. She doesn’t really aid her player and doesn’t benefit him in the long run or the short run. He is left scratching his head through this D-tiered character.


Stats Description
Type Support
Skills Small size, average player.

Thumbelina deserves to be with the tomboy but she was even worse than him; hence she got a place inside the lowest tier. Even though in her life, she only saw flowers, beautiful greenery, birds, and butterflies. Pixies and birds were her best friends, and she helped them a lot. But in this game, she wasn’t able to help her teammates. Maybe it is because of her small size or her low stats that don’t give her space and capability to be able to aid her teammates or her player.

Comparison Table

EntryTierType Skills
Prince CharmSWarrior
Wonder AllishSMage
Miss ConchSSupportQuick healing and a superior protective shield.
Mad GrannySSupportGreat ATK levels.
Maid SophieSSupportRevives, aids, and kills
Blade GinaAWarriorShadow Strike
Yuri SchneeAWarriorMain Attack
Red QueenAWarriorHarming moves remain burning and flaming
Dark QueenAWarriorULT Powers.
WukongAWarriorULT and AKT
Quasi mortalAGuardianGreat offensive attacks.
CindyAMageFreezing and Icing abilities.
Raven IreneAMageRaven-induced powers.
LarissaASupportHealing other characters.
Fencer PedroBWarriorAids other players.
Quickcut PinnoBWarriorGreat ATK levels.
Rogue jackBWarriorWorks best in team.
Swift AliBWarriorGreat defensive and offensive moves.
Dark knightBGuardianInflict Curse
BritneyBMageApple Bomb.
NesyBSupportULT moves.
Princess OpheliaCWarriorFine power-ups.
Prince AdamCWarriorOffensive skills.
Queen LilithCMageIce abilities.
ThumboyCSupportOffensive skills.
Hans in luckDGuardianFine defense.
Hook handDGuardianAverage player.
Wicked HagDMageMagical abilities.
ThumbelinaDSupportSmall size, average player.

Patch Notes 3/30/22

  • The 3rd chapter is now available named Oz Aventure.
  • You can skip division match battles.
  • The gear system is optimized greatly.


The Tales of Grimm tier list categorizes the game’s characters into warriors, mages, guardians, and support classes. The ranking of each category is based on factors such as DMG, ATK, and other battle-related qualities. The tiers range from S (the highest) to D (the lowest). The S tier includes the best characters with exceptional qualities and performance on the battlefield. The A tier represents characters with potential but also some drawbacks that prevent them from reaching the top tier.

The B tier consists of characters considered average or mediocre. The C tier contains characters with the potential to be good if played well but can also perform poorly. The D tier represents the worst characters, typically regarded as bad due to their lack of contribution to gameplay. Players must navigate through all the tiers and utilize the strengths and weaknesses of each character to progress in the game.