Terraria Wings Tier list [Nov. 2022]

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In this article, I will discuss all wings available in Terraria. This action-adventure game falls under the sandbox genre and is accessible on PC, Nintendo, and other platforms. You must manufacture, build, explore, and fend against a broad array of monsters or bosses in a randomly generated 2D landscape.

This intriguing sandbox game, which offers both single-player and multiplayer options, may be a solid rival to Minecraft, as it has many similarities. In this Terraria Wings tier list, all wings available in this game will be ranked in different tiers based on a specific efficiency.

These wings are pretty helpful in your effort to advance. Flying there makes this game much more accessible because every map is filled with numerous frightening enemies. However, these wings also exist in various sizes, forms, patterns, and unique abilities that tend to provide a great skill to a player.

Each branch possesses a unique talent of its own. You may either make these wings yourself or buy them from an NPC. However, the latter option will cost you money. When you beat a Queen Bee and Wall of Flesh in hard mode, these wings will become accessible.

Gameplay of Terraria

Playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes, Terraria is indeed a 2D sandbox game that concentrates upon exploration, construction, crafting, battle, survival, and mining. This game’s 2D sprite-tile-based graphics evocate this great Super NES’s 16-bit sprites. This game is praised for its timeless exploration-adventure gameplay that is incredible.

Players begin while gaming in a randomly created setting with essential tools and an NPC tutorial to help them get going and draw their attention to gameplay mechanics and growth.

This game’s universe is likewise constructed from several tile layers that players may manipulate. While exploring caverns, one can find various resources, including metal ores.

Players start with little life, but these stats may be raised by locating and making specialized equipment. Many resources are exclusively accessible in some areas of a specific map, are kept in common and uncommon containers, or dropped by particular adversaries. Players can create new tools and equipment by using resources. Some incredible recipes call for various materials and crafting stations.

Players may alter the appearance of their characters while creating new ones and in-game by going to a fine Clothier or Stylist NPCs. Additionally, players can acquire dyes to change one specific color of equipped armor or accessories and vanity goods, which are unique armor pieces and equipment with merely a cosmetic impact.

In addition to having several inventory slots for different supplements that can boost a player’s statistics, like wings or water walking boots, characters also have three slots for armor that you can equip.

These accessories also have vanity slots, which let them be covered up by clothing while still having the same effects. Like most of Terraria’s goods, armor and accessories may be made, discovered, and acquired by defeating all the great enemies.

In Terraria, players may come across a wide variety of foes, a significant appearance of which relies on several variables like time, location, and random occurrences.

This game’s open-ended class structure is classified into summoner, melee, ranged, and magic. Some say that using various fighting systems and having an excellent potential to drop rare and expensive goods are other options for players. You can call bosses upon by utilizing specific items or under particular circumstances.

You must defeat some bosses to advance in the satisfactory progression of this game, while others are optional. Players can enter “hard mode” after beating one of the famous walls present in this game, called the Wall of Flesh monster, introducing several more foes, NPCs, and items to advance a better environment. Let us begin with all the great wings present in this awesome game, how to attain them, what specifications they have, and what skills can make players perform.

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Wings of Terriria

Terraria has several varieties of wings, much like every other item. As for stats and rarity, particular wings are undoubtedly superior to others. Based firstly on rarity and place of origin, all of these wings, along with their variety, may change.

Based on one remarkable fact that Wings are indeed a Hard-Mode attachment should not be overlooked. This implies that other than Fledgling Wings, you can obtain none of all other wings in Terraria until you are in Hard Mode.

Additionally, a total number of wings is now 47 in Terraria, of which 45 are playable on consoles, personal computers, and mobile devices. However, on Nintendo Switch, 39 wings are available, while 21 on many older platforms are present. Once their flying time is up, players can continue to hold the Jump key to hover. The down key will also increase some specific pace of gliding descent.

Additionally, having wings makes it unnecessary to wear fall damage prevention gear like the Lucky Horseshoe. Wings allow for far higher flying range and offer much better flight control than Rocket Boots, Spectre Boots, etc. Wings often enable you to fly without jumping instead of needing a double jump.

However, wings negate the tremendous impact of Rocket Boots and its enhancements. Accessories that allow for two jumps, such as the Cloud in a Bottle, nevertheless qualify for a third leap that you may use at the end of this primary flight.

Types of Wings in Terraria

Although there are several different ways to obtain wings: some can be made, you can buy some straight, one is an Angler prize, some are dropped by bosses directly, one is given to each new Journey Mode character, and others may be discovered in boxes and crates.

More wings are available in Expert Mode as a portion of Treasure Bags: Except for Aaron’s set, every Hardmode Treasure Bag has a 1/20 (5%) possibility of dropping a random collection of developers’ goodies, and all locations come with wings.

Most craftable wings are made at a Hardmode Anvil, and each one takes 20 Souls of Flight in addition to a “key” item that identifies a particular wing type. S key might be a little amount of material that unlocks a new game level, or it could be a rare opponent drop with no further utility.

Unlike other endgame gear, four lunar wings (Solar Wings, Vortex Booster, Nebula Mantle, and Stardust Wings) are made this way: From Luminite Bars and Lunar Fragments at Ancient Manipulator; Souls of Flight are not needed.

Let us begin with ranking all wings in a format of tiers. However, the S tier is the most efficient, but the D tier is indeed the most deficient. Therefore, Terraria wings will be ranked according to their gaming efficiency and a particular amount of proficiency provided to all gamers.

S Tier

Superb wings from Terraria.
S Tier

In S tier of Terraria wings tier list contains some great wings present in this game; these wings provide all significant advancements for players to have fun and beat all the hell out of all some dangerous enemies in no time. In addition, some wings provide a brilliant flight to some fine players and an excellent dodge to some brutal enemies. So let us begin with some gorgeous wings of this tier.

Celestial Starboard

It’s time to talk about Celestial Starboard, undoubtedly the greatest of all wing-type items in Terraria. This is a drop from a specific mode called Moon Lord in Expert Mode. Flying numbers in Terraria are unquestionably marvelous, thanks to all particular and merged stats of some highest hovering wings and having some fast-speed wings.

A UP key with horizontal hovering accelerates more quickly after a more gradual climb. This will provide an aesthetic touch to your game and an exclusive and enjoyable feature beyond incredible. It is an excellent wing in this game that helps in many ways to have a versatile gaming experience.

  • Rainbow rarity
  • Time of Flight: 3 seconds
  • Dimensions 201 tiles tall
  • Maximum flight speed of 41 mph; 450% vertical multiplier.

Stardust Wings

Of all Wings in Terraria, Stardust Wings has a pretty excellent flight height, with Solar Wings a very close second; therefore, it is placed in this tier of  Terraria wings tier list. While Solar Wings provide a bit less height at over 300 feet, Stardust Wings may soar over 400 feet.

According to consensus, this great Celestial Starboard beats out Stardust Wings and Solar Wings as this game’s second-best Wings. But in other ways, it is placed in remarkably similar tiers because they are genuinely marvelous compared to all specific wings mentioned in lower levels. Dust wings provide an exceptional flight to players that will result in a great area being captured in a bit of time.

  • Fourteen Stardust Pieces and Ten Luminite bars are used to make Stardust Wings.
  • They can fly for a maximum of three seconds.
  • One hundred sixty-seven blocks are the maximum block height.
  • 46 mph as its top speed.

Nebula Mantle

An endgame collection of Wings from Hardmode pillar events is called Nebula Mantle. For creating these spectacular sets of wings, 10 Luminite Bars plus 14 Nebula Fragments, obtained by dismantling Nebula Pillar, were used. These are a set of incredible wing groups that will leave players in a fabulous mode of entertainment. Plus, it has many features that are of crucial importance in this game.

These wings are an excellent middle ground among Fishron and marvelous wings. It features a high flying limit and a 50% boost in ascent speed. This indicates that while Nebula Mantle performs slower than Vortex Booster, a player may keep climbing with Nebula.

  • Made with 10 Luminite Bars and 14 Nebula Fragments.
  • A maximum of three seconds of flight.
  • Max tile height is 143.
  • 33 mph maximum speed with a noticeable increase in horizontal speed modifier.

Fishron Wings

Duke Fishron is indeed a genuine pain to the enemy, which is why it is considered the best wing, and hence it is placed in the S tier of the Terraria wings list. This strike will significantly damage you if caught in one of his Sharknados fattenacious and a real endgame Terraria challenge.

Fishron is difficult to kill, but it was worthwhile for the Wings as there has to be some item that has to be so brilliant. Ad nationally, when your animals fly beside you, it’s hilarious to see.

  • By Duke, Fishron is left behind.
  • A maximum of three seconds during flight.
  • 143 block maximum block height.
  • 41 mph is the top speed.

Vortex Booster

It has the quickest hover speed of all the Wings in the game. You may hover horizontally down and up, Booster receives a 300%  increase in rate when moving horizontally, and it produces beautiful lights when you fly. Vortex Booster is a great wing set that allows all players to move forward with enormous speed.

This item is an endgame item because it costs 10 Luminite Bars and 14 Vortex Fragments to create. Additionally, players must have defeated Moon Lord to make this pair of Wings.

  • Made with 10 Luminite Bars and 14 Vortex Fragments.
  • Is highest tile height in Terraria 1.4 is 143, while the maximum speed is 33. Its full flying time is 3 seconds.

Steampunk Wings

After the player’s defeat, a few mechanical bosses, including Twins and Steampunker NPC, will appear. However, they won’t offer Steampunk Wings for sale until Golem in a Jungle Temple is vanquished. The Wings price rose from One Platinum to Three Platinum with 1.4 releases.

The defeat of a monster such as the Empress of Light may depend on this tier of wings. Steampunk wings are so adorable and refined that they can offer many features to be utilized in Terraria; being a member of the S tier of  Terraria wings tier list is excellent.

  • Sold by NPC Steampunker.
  • A maximum of three seconds of flight.
  • The Max block height is 107.
  • Peak speed of 38 mph.

The Hoverboard

The Hoverboard should be included on this list even if it doesn’t have actual wings since it enables highly distinctive flying. These wings allow users to hover, surprising yet highly helpful for both boss battles and construction.

They are incredible, as you can obtain them through great game practice. If you are a beginner, you can not reach to have these wings at once. It does require a great deal of know-how of Terraria to reach those levels where Hoverboard can be obtained.

The Hoverboard is not at all simple to obtain. It needs a staggering 18 Shroomite bars, which some players believe to be an uncommon bar in Terraria. Players must remove hundreds of luminous mushrooms, nothing inflated. You better get to work if you want a hoverboard right now.

  • 20 Soul of Flight and 18 Shroomite Bars are needed.
  • 2.83 seconds for flight, with the ability to hover.
  • One of the tallest of any flying device in Terraria, with a maximum height of 94 tiles.
  • 33 mph on a horizontal speed limit, not very quickly.

Harpy Wings

Although it is difficult to get, Harpy Wings remain identical to Frozen Wings. However, ensure that you are ready before harvesting Harpy wings since going further into a sky biome on Hardmode is a definite way to get fried by some whirling Wyverns.

A Giant Harpy Feather has a one-in-200 chance of falling off a Harpy that must be collected. Additionally, your feather plus a few Souls of Flight combined will give you a pair of wings that will allow you to fly across a middle line of Terraria’s Hardmode.

It may sound easy, but it is not as simple as it sounds. This game relies on a tremendous amount of practice and abilities to have these wings. Therefore, they are placed in the S tier of this Terraria wings tier list as these wings have all the fine features necessary for a great flight.

  • It is made with a single Giant Harpy Feather and Soul of Flight.
  • A maximum of 2.17 seconds during flying.
  • 67 block maximum block height.
  • 34 mph is the top speed.

Frozen Wings

In Hardmode, Frozen Wings were essentially every player’s default next set of Wings. They have a significantly quicker acceleration speed than Leaf. As a result, Frozen wings are nearly identical and best for boss battles.

You must gather an Ice Feather to obtain Frozen Wings. Although it is loot left behind by the ominous Ice Golem, a Hardmode foe appears inside a stormy ice environment. If you cannot defeat Ice Golem, you might want to try again for Angel Wings (which can be created using Souls of Flight plus 100 Pixie Dust).

  • It was made using 20 Soul of Flights and an Ice Feather.
  • 2.17 seconds is the maximum flying time.
  • The maximum block height is 67.
  • 34 mph is the high possible speed.

A Tier

Terraria wings tier list A tier
A Tier.

After the S tier, there comes the A tier. This tier has those wings from this game that are awesome. They are fascinating to pick as these wings provide a significant number of abilities to players. Some lack in many regions; they are placed in the A tier and not the S tier of this tier.

Fairy Wings

As you’ve seen, these wings have some similar stats as Frozen Wings, but different ingredients are needed to make them. To make these wings, you will need 100 Pixie Dust and 20 Souls of Flight. Pixie Dust might be challenging to gather for certain players compared to an Ice feather inside Frozen Wings.

Fairy wings provide a pleasant flight that makes it interesting for players. Fairy Wings are placed in the A tier of this Terraria wings tier list as they are competent and provide many options throughout the flight, for instance.

  • Colour: Pink
  • Time of Flight: 2.17 seconds
  • ; 67 tiles tall
  • 34 mph maximum flight speed with a 150 percent vertical multiplier.

Butterfly Wings

To make these wings, you might require 20 Souls of Flight and butterfly dust. The  Butterfly dust has a favorable 1/2 Drop rate from Moths in the Underground Jungle, which is fantastic news. So this is an easy way to gain a fresh set of great wings with considerably superior stats. However, as we previously indicated, to obtain Butterfly dust drops off Moths, you must fight a minimum of one Mechanical Boss.

Like Fairy Wings, Butterfly Wings have a particle impact that produces pink light. He e are two options you can get which have the same attributes as the Butterfly Wings in case you haven’t beaten a mechanical boss and just want stronger Wings.

  • Colour: Pink
  • 2.67 seconds for takeoff
  • : 81 tiles tall
  • Maximum flight speed of 38 mph; 150 percent vertical multiplier

Bat Wings

You need Twenty Souls of Flight plus One Broken Bat Wing to obtain these Bat wings. The difficulty in obtaining a Broken Bat Wing is a drawback of making these wings. Vampires indeed drop a broken Bat Wing throughout a solar eclipse. Because of its 1/40 drop rate, you ought to choose the Butterfly Wings.

  • Pink Bat Wings Rareness
  • 2.67 seconds for takeoff
  • : 81 tiles tall
  • Maximum flight speed of 38 mph; 150 percent vertical multiplier.

Flame Wings

Firstly, you need Twenty Souls of Light plus One Flame Feather to make Flame Wings. A drawback to making these wings is acquiring  Flame Feather, much like with  Batwings. Flame wings are difficult to achieve, but once they have been obtained, you won’t regret them. Thus, they have some brilliant abilities, placing them in the A tier of the Terraria wings tier list.

Red Devil, who resides in an underworld, discards this. This Flame Feather is challenging to get due to its 1/75 drop rate. Flame Wings also have a particle effect that produces orange light inside a dark and seems translucent, similar to Fairy and Butterfly Wings.

  • Colour: Pink
  • 2.67 seconds for takeoff
  • 81 tiles tall
  • Maximum flight speed of 38 mph; 150 percent vertical multiplier.

Spector Wings

Specter wings are more expensive to make than  Hoverboard, thus requiring Twenty Souls of Flight plus Ten Spectre Bars. They do not sustain a hover effect but have the fastest ascent of any of the wings we’ve discussed. You’ll need Ectoplasm and Chlorophyte Bars to make the Spectre bars. In a Post-Plantera Dungeon, Ectoplasm is a drop from Dungeon Spirits.

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Time of Flight: 2.83 seconds
  • ; 94 tiles tall
  • 38 mph maximum horizontal speed with a 160 percent vertical multiplier.

Empress Wings

Empress Wings, thrown by Empress of Light, are specific first pair of wings inside particular effect wings. These wings will drop once you beat the Empress, unlike most other branches inside this class that fall randomly following boss battles. Although these wings have a short flying period, their outstanding ascent speed makes them attractive.

They are, therefore, ideal for boss battles against Moon Lord and Empress. You may ascend more quickly by pressing a UP Button while you have Empress wings equipped. You should be aware that Empress Boss Fight is only accessible after Plantera and that you should be well-prepared for it. Empress Wings’ statistics are listed below:

  • Rareness: Cayn
  • Time of Flight: 2.5 seconds
  • : 128 tiles tall.

Betsy Wings

These may be acquired by defeating Betsy, the last boss in an Old One’s Army. Betsy wing’s primary selling point is that they let you hover like a hoverboard. These wings provide a 300 percent hover speed increase, which is remarkable compared to Hoverboard.

Accordingly, the apparent fact that these wings have a 1/4 drop rate from Betsy is a significant drawback. To cultivate Betsy wings, you must continually battle the army of Old One. Betsy Wings is not only redundant, but he is challenging. Following are Betsy’s Wings’ flight statistics:

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Time of Flight: 2.5 seconds
  • : 119 tiles tall
  • 36 mph maximum horizontal speed with a 250 percent vertical multiplier.

Solar Wings

They accelerate at a rate of 9.00 with a flying distance of 325 feet. Yo, obtain the most evenly balanced wing out of all attachments available when you combine these attributes. To make these wings, you will need ten luminate bars and 14 sun pieces.

These resources wouldn’t be accessible at first, but only after a significant amount of time had elapsed. The Ors that the Moon Lord dropped are used to make laminate bars. Similarly,  Solar Pillar scatters the solar pieces. Mo over, the solar wings are significant in terms of swift flight as they give a great speed in a minimal amount of time. Solar wings stand brightly in the A tier of this Terraria wings list as they are critical in this game.

  • Red is its rarity
  • Time of Flight: 3 seconds
  • ; 167 tiles tall
  • Flight Speed: 300 percent Vertical Multiplier, 46 mph Maximum Horizontal Speed.

Bee Wings

The height of these wings is 135 feet, and their acceleration is 6.75. Additionally, you need 20 souls to create. On e you have overcome Wall of Flesh. As a result, you may be able to get these souls. In an Underground Journey, Moss Hornets drop ragged bee wings that are needed for Bee wings.

B Tier

Average wings from the game.
B Tier.

They are not great wings in Terraria, but it would not harm to pick them out now and then. They have some pretty good features; however, they are not as good as the ones in the S and A tiers of the Terraria wings tier list. Wings of the B tier are mentioned below.

Leaf Wings

Although Leaf Wings are not tremendous or worst wings, they are simplest to obtain at the start of Hardmode. Building a house for Witch Doctor and NPC that spawns within jungle homes is all that is required of players.

Only after defeating Queen Bee, which is often done before entering Hardmode, will Witch Doctor appear. Leaf Wings are only available at Night inside a Jungle biome and cost 1 Platinum coin or 100 gold coins.

They are ideal wings to obtain after you overcome a big Wall of Flesh since they are simple to get at the beginning of Hardmode.

  • As of Terraria 1.4, Leaf Wings allow you to fly for 1.67 seconds.
  • They may be as tall as 53 blocks.
  • 32 maximum speed (mph).

Beetle Wings

A set of wings called Beetle Wings was created to go along with Beetle Armor. When used in conjunction with Beetle Armor, wings are concealed by a carapace of both armors until players leap, soar, fall, or glide.

With a 162 ft. vertical flying capacity, these mid-tier wings are comparable to Flame Wings, Mothron Wings, and Spectre Wings. Above all, all three event wings, Hoverboard, developer wings, and  Fishron Wings, outperform them.
If the player dislikes the sight of these wings, whichever Hoverboard or one of those would be a good option for them.

Bone Wings

The game’s craftable wings, which allow for flying, come in various forms, one of which is Bone Wings. They share 144 feet of flight before needing to reset along with Bat Wings or Harpy Wings, placed in the B tier of the Terraria wings tier list. These wings have some pretty nice and decent features that are crucial during flying.

Indeed, Bone wings have a good speed in a short time, although not as delicate as all wings mentioned in the above tiers. These wings are a good pick for beginners as it is easy to use and have some excellent skills.

  • Its rarity is pink.
  • The time required to make an entire flight is 2.8 seconds.
  • 38 mph maximum horizontal speed with a 166 percent vertical multiplier.

Spooky Wings

Also, with Tattered Fairy Wings, the Spooky Wings are among the game’s second-highest tier of achievable Wings, after only Fishron Wings.
Compared to the rate at which Black Fairy Dust drops, Lament Wood again from the Pumpkin Moon event has a probability (1.67–20%) of producing Spooky Twig (5 percent). Due to this, obtaining Spooky Wings is a little simpler than getting those Tattered Fairy Wings.

Festive Wings

During a Frost Moon, Everscreams have a 25percentage chance of dropping a set of wings called Festive Wings. It is compared to Hoverboard and is regarded as one of the event wings, despite Hoverboard’s superior hovering and horizontal flying characteristics.

Festive Wings were inferior to Tattered Fairy with Spooky Wings, notwithstanding Frost Moon is regarded as somewhat more challenging than Pumpkin Moon.

Fin Wings

When you finish an Angler quest, you can receive Fin Wings as a reward. It shares the lowest layer of wings with the Demon/Angel wings. These could only be acquired in Hard Mode, like all other wings.

  • Allows for slow fall and flying
  • (1/100 probability Hard Mode, Received from Angler Quests
  • Price 20 Silver Coin for Sale.

Mothron Wings

One type of wing that may be acquired via Mothron during a Solar Eclipse event is the Mothron Wing when the Plantera is defeated. With 162 feet, they are equal in height to Ghost Wings, Frozen Wings, Leaf Wings, and Flame Wings.

They shine in the dark and produce a yellow light when flying. They are decent for long flights as they provide a smooth and safe journey for players.

  • Allows for slow fall and flying
  • Dropped by Mothron
  • Five percent of drops (1:20)
  • Sell 8 Gold Coins for Value.


An item available as from Steampunker NPC is  Jetpack. Similar to Wings, it makes it possible to fly and slows down a player’s descent; the primary distinction is that it permits quicker upward movement. Players must glide faster when a height restriction is reached more quickly, preventing them from climbing higher.

When worn, a player can fly 160 feet up using a jetpack instead of 104–284 feet up using wings. However, traveling horizontally is where this jetpack falls short because its fuel runs out after around 3 seconds, which is only long enough to move 5–15 blocks horizontally.

  • Allows for slow fall and flying
  • Hold on for a speedier rocket.
  • Between the new and full moons, purchase from Steampunker, and buy the price.
  • Sell Value for 40 Gold Coins: 8 Gold Coins

C Tier

Below average wings from Terraria.
C Tier.

It begins with the C tier of the Terraria wings tier list. It has those wings that have below-average conduct in Terraria. These wings have some flaws that make them be placed in a lower tier of this list.

Loki’s Wings

A pair of Wings called Loki’s Wings is known as Ted “Loki” Murphy, Re-community Logic’s manager. They are a component of Loki’s ensemble and any other accessory that may be reforged.

  • Great for posing as developers.
  • Make your intentions as opaque and mysterious as darkness, and when you act, let them strike like a bolt of lightning.
  • As it has no sale price, it is placed in the C tier of this tier.

Skiph’s Paws

Skiphs’s Paws is a set of wings with a developer motif that is infrequently seen in Treasure Bags.

  • ‘Great for impersonating devs!’ reads its tooltip.
  • In treasure bags discovered
  • Five percent of drops (1:20)
  • It has no worth.

Jim’s Paws

A collection of wings known as Jim’s Wings is named for Jim T Myhre “Jimmarn” Kjexrud, a skilled sprinter at Re-Logic. They are a component of Jim’s ensemble. Additionally, like any other accessory, they may be reforged. It has some drawbacks that are mainly due to its time of flight. It requires a lot more time to reach the desired place on its map; therefore, it is placed in the C tier of the Terraria wings tier list.

  • Tooltip Great for posing as developers.
  • It has no sale value.

YoraizOr’s Spell

The flying-type item Yoraiz0r’s Spell is an uncommon find in treasure bags. Although its visual appearance resembles Rocket Boots and emits light, it performs as a regular pair of wings. By holding Down/Jump, players with this equipment can also hover.
This item’s deprecated name parameter in this game source code reads “Isn’t this glorious?” rather than “Yoraiz0r’s Spell.”
This item provides players with sparkly eyes when inserted into a social accessory slot. The intensity of this light changes based on the social space in which all objects are positioned; the top place produces a dim glow, while the sixth slot produces an intense shine.

  • In treasure bags discovered
  • Five percent of drops (1:20)
  • It has no sale value.

Lazure’s Barrier Platform

The flying object known as Lazure’s Barrier Platform is a component of Lazure’s outfit. It works similarly to a hoverboard in that you can hover by simultaneously holding down the “Down” and “Jump” buttons. In addition to being quiet, it also produces a very minimal amount of light while in operation.

The platform won’t flip when combined, accompanied by a Gravitation Potion, remaining in place above players.

  • Drop Rate for Treasure Bags Is 5% (1:20)
  • Sell Price: 8 coins

Cenx’x Wings

Cenx’s Wings is exclusive to Treasure Bags in Expert Mode. This pair of wings has four dark purple wings in front and four lighter purple wings just at the rear, giving it an appearance of a purple flower (also with blue tips). Its flaps are possible before it enters gliding mode.

The item Cenx’s Wings is exclusive to Treasure Bags in Expert Mode. This pair of wings has four dark purple wings at the front and four lighter purple wings just at the rear, giving it an additional appearance of a purple flower. However, flaps are possible before it enters gliding mode.

D Tier

Worst wings from the game.
D Tier.

The D tier of the Terraria wings tier list has all those wings that have somewhat weak features, either in terms of speed or sell price. The wings mentioned below are the ones that should probably be ignored while playing as they have no specialty. So let us start with the last and the worst tier of this tier list.

Crowno’s Wings

Treasure bags on expert mode include an item called Crowno’s Wings. Crowno’s Outfit or Crowno’s Wings are two of the several developer sets with a 5% possibility of spawning out of every bag that is opened.
This pair of wings features a dark purple span and a light purple color.

Wearing this item before patch 1.3 will makes players die from Cursed, Blackout, Flaming, Slow, Confused, and Weak debuffs. Burning and darkness remain after utilizing Ankh Charm or Ankh Shield to block 4/6 of these.

Wings that go along with Crowno’s outfit are known as Crowno’s Wings. Crowno’s Wings, like all other Accessories, may be reforged.

Will’s Wings

Wings known as Will’s Wings may be found by opening Treasure Bags. Will’s wings resemble volcanic jets in appearance? They may flap ten times before switching to glide mode, the same as some of its new wings.

Demon Wings and Angel Wings

The former may be readily made with ten feathers, 20 flying souls, and 25-night souls. But on the other hand, you will require the same supply in a similar quantity to make Angel Wings. So just swap out all 25-night souls with 25 light souls.

You could obtain those souls of flights once you’ve defeated the Wall of Flesh. Additionally, Wyverns or Arch Wyverns drop it off. A  creature killed close to 200 ebon stone, and crimson stone blocks dropped Souls of Nights. The maximum height and maximum acceleration of each are 104 feet and 6.25, correspondingly.

D-Town’s Wings

A pair of wings called D-Wings Town’s might be found in Treasure Bags. Crimson wings contain sharp black spikes that serve as bones and flap around ten times before switching to glide mode. However, they are not up to the mark as D-Town’s wings lack all the unique abilities and features that all right wings have.

Additionally, they are placed in the D tier of the Terraria wings tier list because they have all those flaws that make them a weak set of wings. Like any other accessory, D-Town wings may be reforged for just one copper coin.

Sparkly Wings

It is suggested that players save a precious Souls of Blight if it has other wings because these wings grant an exact amount of flying as angel and demon wings. Pressing and holding a jump button enables flight and extends a user’s flight time by a certain number of wing flaps. One may descend gently by keeping a jump button down after maxing out on flaps.

Wings take the place of a Lucky Horseshoe and Cloud inside a Bottle by negating fall damage irrespective of whether the gamer is floating down.

Red Wings

This set of Wings, known as Red’s Wings, is named after Redigit, a primary creator. They are a component of Red’s ensemble. Like any other accessory, they may be reforged. It is discovered that before 1.3 updates, Redwings had an endless flight if one were to acquire Red’s Wings in version 1.2.

Red’s Wings from the pre-1.3 patch featured a message “You shouldn’t have this,” Despite the obvious fact that they were designed to kill you with debuffs, some players who possessed Redwings, even console users, were immune to this set of wings.

Best Terraria Wings For Hard Mode 

With so many choices of Wings in Terraria, it will get confusing for players to choose one. You can assess the wings only when you have defeated the Wall Of Flesh.

Since getting through Hard Mode is a strenuous task we recommend you choose the best wings possible so that you can clear the mode easily. Following are some of the best wings from our tier list that can work great in the Hard Mode of Terraria. 

Celestial Starboard 

One of the best pairs of wings in our tier list of Terraria is definitely the Celestial Starboard and after the 1.4 updates, they have become the hardest to acquire as well.

The Flight Height that comes with the wings is amazing and they provide a great Movement Speed as well. However, the wings are dropped by the Moon Lord in the Expert Mode, so you will have to grind a lot in order to get them. 

Stardust Wings 

Another great pair of wings for the hard mode in Terraria is the Stardust wings from our tier list. They provide the greatest Flight Height and you can go over 300 feet with them. The best part about these wings is that you don’t have to fight a boss to get them.

In order to craft the wings, you will need 14 Stardust Fragments and about 10 Luminate Bars. With a maximum speed of 46 mph, you can dodge all the hurdles in Terraria efficiently. A great feature of these things is that they glow in the dark so you will look very cool wearing them. 

Vortex Booster 

One of the best end-game items that you can acquire in our tier list for the Hard Mode of Terraria is the Vortex Booster. You can hover up or down with great speed, avoiding all the obstacles in your way. You will need around 14 Vortex Fragments and 10 Luminate Bars to craft it. However, defeating the Moon Lord is a must in order to unlock the craftable item. 

Steampunk Wings 

These wings are fairly easy to acquire and they are worth having as they will help you a lot in the hard mode of Terraria. They are better than the frozen and leaf wings and you can get them by purchasing them from Steampunker NPC.

Steampunker will spawn after you take down any of the mechanical bosses like The Twins. But you will have to destroy the Jungle Temple first in order to acquire them. The price of these wings is 3 platinum and you can use them to take down the Empress Of Light. 

Wrapping it up

Terraria wings tier list contains all the great and not-so-great wings from Terraria. This will help you ease out a long process of thinking and searching out the good and bad wings to use in this game.

There are 48 wings available in this game to use and make your game way more interesting. To make your selection process easy, this tier list is made for your convenience so that you may have a clear understanding of all wings available.

The main adjective of the tier lists we produce is to provide the viewers with excellent guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten, even about their favorite categories.

All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a tremendous amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles.

All the writers here have to do much research even before writing a single word. As this tier list is not made for ourselves but for our dear readers, we ensure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance.

They invest a great deal of energy and time; these are not just utter words but are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, leading to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the specific category.

Terraria Wings Tier List - Most Frequently Searched Questions

What are wings in the game?

Only available in hard difficulty, wings are the in-game equipment that gives your character temporary flight for improved mobility. They are beneficial and an integral part of the game. You need to know them to get a full grip on the game.

How can you get the wings in Terraria?

Simply put, you can create Terraria wings: For the Angel Wing, for example, you require 20 Soul of Flight, ten feathers, plus 25 Souls of Light. Li wise for the other type of wings, there are different requirements that you need to meet.

How can we get the finest wings in Terraria?

Only after defeating the Moon Lord in Expert Mode will he drop the Celestial StarBoard, the greatest wings in Terraria. The finest wings are earned after a grind in the game. You need to challenge yourself to get the best wings in Terrairia constantly.

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