True Piece Perks Tier List [2023]

This True Piece perks tier list provides a detailed outlook on all the perks of the Roblox game so you can win with extreme ease.

Welcome to the True Piece Perks Tier List in which we will discuss the perks in a game called True Piece. It is a classic Roblox game in which players sail around the Seven Seas. But before diving any further into this list of ours, let me give you a quick little disclaimer.

This list is mostly based on my opinions, personal experience, and statistics I found online for all the different perks in this game. It is very possible that you might not agree with the placement of perks I have established in this article. 

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 15 perks.
  • The perks have been ranked based on what they provide to the player.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Strawhat Haoshoku, Advanced Kenbunshoku, and Advanced Busoshoku.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will see the likes of Luck, Vitality, and Runner.


Here is a table showing the ranks of all True Piece perks.

S RankA RankB RankC RankF Rank
Strawhat HaoshokuAdvanced KenbunshokuImproved Finger GunInstant TransmissionVitality
Advanced BusoshokuImproved MoonwalkLuckRunner
Enhanced RankyakuRed Hair Pirate Haoshoku
Advanced Weapon BusoshokuPaper Art with Enhanced Design
Six StylesIron Body Enhanced

S Tier

True Piece Best Packs
S Tier.

The S tier is universally known to contain the best of the best of any entity in a ranking, and that rule also applies to this tier of our True Piece Perks Tier List 2023. It contains the best perks a player can obtain in the game.

Strawhat Haoshoku

The first and only perk we will be discussing in this category is the Strawhat Haoshoku. Now, this is one of the best perks a player can obtain in the game. Furthermore. this perk is also classified as one of the “God tier” perks or called Godly as well. When it comes to its functionality, the Strawhat Haoshoku enables the player to obtain the form of the character called Haoshoku. 

When it comes to that character called Haoshoku, One Piece fans might find this name familiar. It is loosely based on the same principle as the ability itself in the anime. In addition to its extreme rarity comes its incredible powers as well. It is a very powerful power to obtain as a player in the game especially if your opponent out-gears you by a significant amount. If you do ever play the game, keep an eye out for this overpowered perk as it may help you win with extreme ease.

Rarity/Tier Godly

A Tier

True Piece Perks A Tier
A Tier.

The A tier contains the better among the good but not the great. In simpler terms, it contains the entities that rank quite high in their categories. However, those entities do not perform as well as the S tier. 

Advanced Kenbunshoku

This perk continues to relate this game to the One Piece Universe. The Advanced Kenbunshoku is the perk that allows the player to use less of their “Haki” when dodging enemy attacks. To understand this perk you first need to know what Haki is. It is basically a form of stamina or block you may see in other RPG games. It is quite a critical entity for skilled players. In addition to that, it is quite important in fights in which you may lack firepower against your enemies. This perk can also come in quite handy if you’re in an all-out blitz among many players. All in all, this is one of the legendary perks in the game but you need to own a gamepass to be able to use this perk.

Rarity/Tier Legendary

Advanced Busoshoku

Next up on the list is another legendary perk. This legendary perk is named advanced Busoshoku. This is a defensive perk that is quite advantageous in the game. When equipped, it gives the player the ability to equip the full-body Busoshoku armor. However, this perk does have a condition tied along with it. This perk will only be usable if the player has at least 400 Busoshoku mastery points. In addition, the unlocked armor also increases the base HP of the user which is quite a powerful buff. This is one of the rarest perks to obtain in the game. This is why it is titled one of the Legendary rarity perks among the 15 perks. Lastly, this buff also requires the True Piece Gamepass in order to be acquired.

Rarity/Tier Legendary

Enhanced Rankyaku

This perk is one of the rare perks that are present in the Roblox game, True Piece. In addition to that, it is also keeping true to the One Piece theme as Rankyaku is a technique present in that universe. However, when it comes to True Piece, Rankyaku is a perk that allows the player to boost their Rankyaku damage. In addition to that, Rankyaku is a buff that also reduces the cooldown time for the ability itself. Enhanced Rankyaku is a rare perk but I personally thought to put it among the A tier because of how useful it is. However, it does require a True Piece gamepass in order to be activated by a player. All in all, even though it is a rare perk, its utility can still be quite devastating in the right hands.

Rarity/Tier Rare

Advanced Weapon Busoshoku

Following the list of A-tier perks, next up is Advanced Weapon Busoshoku. Advanced Weapon Busoshoku is classified as a legendary class perk in the game True Piece. This perk is one of the few perks that don’t affect the player directly. It simply boosts the powers of the weapon a player is using for the duration of the perk. Furthermore, this perk can be spotted quite easily on a player. Whenever active, this perk forms an aura around the player’s weapons. In addition to the exuding aura of the weapon, this perk also boosts the power of the weapon whenever the player activates his/her Haki. Similar to the rest of the A-tier perks, this perk also requires a True Piece gamepass in order to be used by a player. All in all, this is one of the best perks a player can find but can lose all power if the player doesn’t make good use of his/her weapons.

Rarity/Tier Legendary

Six Styles

Six Styles is another one of the legendary rarity perks a player can obtain. Furthermore, Six Styles is a pretty simple perk unlike the rest of the complicated perks in the A-Tier. This perk buffs all the six skills a player has in the game True Piece. It is a very basic perk but still one of the rarest perks a player can obtain. This perk definitely speeds up how fast the player progresses in the game. Furthermore, this perk gives a huge headstart to any player who comes across it. All in all, this perk is also similar to all the A-tier perks because it too requires a True Piece Gamepass. 

Rarity/Tier Legendary

B Tier

Average Packs in True Piece
B Tier.

The B tier contains the good among the better and the best. In other words, it’s the tier with the slightly above-average entities in their category. In our case these entities are perks. So the perks that fail to do as well as the tiers above but still are better than the average are placed here. 

Improved Finger Gun

The first perk we will be discussing in the B tier is the Improved Finger Gun. As the name suggests, this perk is simply a buff for an already existing skill. The players in True Piece have access to a skill called Finger Gun. Like most skills, this skill has a cool-down period for obvious reasons. This perk has three traits we will be discussing. Firstly, this perk greatly reduces the cool-down time period for the player. This is quite useful if you are building that skill heavily. Secondly, this perk increases the Finger Gun’s damage which is again, very useful for players reliant on this skill. Thirdly, this perk has a passive ability as well. That passive ability boosts the player’s critical strike chance. When combined together, this is quite a deadly perk but due to the unpopular nature of the Finger Gun skill, this perk remains in the B tier. All in all, it is a rare rarity perk and does require a True Piece gamepass to be used by the player.

Rarity/Tier Rare

Improved Moonwalk

Next up on this list is the Improved Moonwalk perk. As one can assume from the name its utility, it is a buff for an existing skill. Moonwalk is a skill that most players have in the game True Piece. However, this skill does have a form of charge, meaning it is limited in its use. That is where this perk comes in handy. It has two aspects that we will discuss here. Firstly, it gives the player an additional charge for the Moonwalk skill which allows the player to use it for a longer time. Secondly, it greatly reduces the cooldown for the skill which is the best aspect of this perk. Because of that second aspect, this perk is very good for retreating. Additionally, this also allows for confident players to go after their enemies with speed and with the element of surprise. All in all, this too is a Rare rarity perk that also requires a True Piece gamepass to be able to be used by a player.

Rarity/Tier Rare

Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku

Now, this is quite a bold placement as this perk would normally be placed in the A or S tier. However, due to personal experience, I have found that this perk is not that commonly spawned and when it does spawn, making effective use of this perk is quite difficult. It has many different aspects to it so let us discuss those. First and foremost, it allows the player to use Haoshoku once per every respawn. This aspect of the perk does not require a gamepass. However, using this perk once per respawn is not that useful especially since you won’t have time for farming. If the player owns a conqueror gamepass, the player gains the same aspect of the perk. 

Moving on to the next aspect of the perk, it passively increases the range of Haoshoku. I personally don’t think the increase in range is all that effective. It only increases by a few tiles and that rarely serves a critical purpose in fights. Lastly, the other aspect of this perk is that it reduces the skill’s cooldown time which is not by a lot. All in all, this perk is not that useful in my eyes and according to the stats either. 

Rarity/Tier Legendary

Paper Art with Enhanced Design

The next perk we will be discussing in the B-Tier of this True Piece Perks Tier List is Enhanced Paper Arts. This is quite the average perk to obtain but with certain builds, it is quite deadly which is why I have placed it in the B tier. This is one of the simplest perks a player can obtain in the game. It only has one aspect tied to it which is that it increases the chance to activate the mentioned skill. Furthermore, it is a rare rarity perk so it can be classified as quite uncommon to come across. This perk allows the player to increase the frequency of activating Paper Body. Paper Body is a trait in the game True Piece which is quite similar to that in One Piece. It increases the evasiveness of a player which allows for better combat ability. All in all, this is quite a nifty perk but definitely not something to go crazy for.

Rarity/Tier Rare

Iron Body Enhanced

The last perk we will be discussing in the B tier is the Enhanced Iron Body perk. It is quite obvious from the name of the perk that it is a buff to an existing ability. The ability in question is the Iron Body skill. Now as one can assume, this perk enhanced the defense of the player. In addition to that, it has two aspects that we will discuss in its list. The first one is that it greatly enhances the blocking ability of the player which is quite handy in tough situations. The second aspect of this perk is that it also increases the armor rating or armor level of the player. This directly impacts how much damage the player can sustain. All in all, this perk is quite good for a rare rarity perk but it does require a True Piece gamepass to be activated.

Rarity/Tier Rare

C Tier

True Piece Perks Ranked
C Tier.

The C tier is universally known to be the first tier that actually contains entries that can actually be considered bad. They are not the worst in the game, but they are far from being able to compare to the entries in the higher tiers.

Instant Transmission

The Instant Transmission perk is a rare rarity perk but it fails to do as well as the rest of the rare perks. I personally think that this perk does have potential but only when it is in synergy with some of the other perks. What this perk does is that it increases the instant transmission ability of a player. In addition to that, it also reduced the cooldown time for the ability itself. If you are unaware of what Instant Transmission is, it is basically a hyper jump. It allows the player to move great distances with extreme speed and in little time. This is good for escaping fights but that is pretty much it. All in all, it is a perfect C-tier perk that does require a gamepass in order for it to be used by a player.

Rarity/Tier Rare


Luck is one of the 3 common perks present in the game as of yet. This is one of the simplest perks. Unlike the other two common perks, this perk does have some unique uses that come in far more handy than the other common perks. The Luck perk boosts the chance of landing critical strikes on the enemy players which is good to build up. The more critical hits you can land, the better combat ability you have. Personally, I am a fan of building critical strike characters which is why I thought it best to place it in the C tier rather than the F tier.

Rarity/Tier Common

F Tier

Worst Packs of True Piece
F Tier.

The F-tier perks are obviously going to be worse than every other tier of perks mentioned in this list. This tier will only contain two perks and both of those perks are of a common rarity. So without further explanation regarding the F tier, let us discuss the perks within.


This is one of the three common perks among all the perks present within True Piece. Vitality is a perk that mostly deals with the health points of a player. This perk instantly boosts the hp stats by 20 points. However, some sources state that it simply increases your health by 20 which does not seem to be the case according to my personal experience. As I previously mentioned this perk is a common perk and also requires a game pass for a player to be able to use it. This perk is in the F tier because it is simply not nearly as good as the rest of the perks. All in all, Vitality is a perk you pick up if you come across it, not one worth fighting for.

Rarity/Tier Common


This is the last of the three common perks that are present in the Roblox game, True Piece. Much like the other common perks, this tier is not that complex in terms of its utility. It is quite evident from the name that this perk is related to the player movement. The runner Perk slightly increases the movement speed of the player. I thought it best to place this perk in the F tier as this perk has no noticeable change whatsoever in the stats of the player. In theory, it does increase movement speed but the change is nowhere near helpful as one might expect it to be. All in all, this perk does require a game pass to be able to be used by a player. Furthermore, this perk is quite common so risking a fight over this one might not be the best idea.

Rarity/Tier Common

Comparison Table

Strawhat HaoshokuSGodly
Advanced KenbunshokuALegendary
Advanced BusoshokuALegendary
Enhanced RankyakuARare
Advanced Weapon BusoshokuALegendary
Six StylesALegendary
Improved Finger GunBRare
Improved MoonwalkBRare
Red Hair Pirate HaoshokuBLegendary
Paper Art with Enhanced DesignBRare
Iron Body EnhancedBRare
Instant TransmissionCRare


At last, our True Piece Perks Tier List 2023 has come to an end. Personally, I’m not a fan of Roblox games but my love for One Piece out scaled that. This game is quite fun especially if you have some friends playing with you. In addition to that, I hope you found this ranking a helpful source of information regarding the perks.

I would love to know what you guys thought of our placements and about all the perks. Be sure to let me know if you found anything not accurate to your knowledge.