Undead World Tier List: All Characters Ranked

In Our Undead World Tier List We Will Be Ranking

Undead World is a survival RPG game released for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. The game is set in a zombie apocalypse and demands the players devise a survival strategy to fight hordes of zombies. You are offered a number of distinct heroes to use in the game with each having different unique abilities and powers. To help the players get a better understanding of each of them we have prepared this Undead World Tier List 2022.

With numerous playable characters in a game, it’s always a slightly challenging task to come up with a perfect presentation of all the ranks. As everyone has a different experience and views about them they will not agree with most of if not all the rankings. So keeping that in mind we have created the following list based on our personal experience and point of view so any disagreement is welcomed as we all are entitled to our own opinions. With that out of the way, let’s dive into the article.

Key Points

  • The list was created keeping the current meta in mind.
  • There are a total of 21 entries on our list.
  • Murray and Helen are among the highest ranked.
  • Jones can be found in the lower tiers.


The following table has been presented to give you an overview of all the characters and their respective ranks.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Murray
• Helen
• Astra
• Conor
A Rank• Gabriel
• Tanya
• Meredith
• Britney
• Leigh
• Nadeem
B Rank• Tyler
• Henry
• Sam
C Rank• Rock
• Kieran
• Lita
D Rank• Abigail
• Cady
• Jones
• Nils
• Webster

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S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

As anticipated, the S rank of our Undead World hero survival tier list 2022 will contain the game’s strongest units. These heroes have an advantage over the other heroes on the list due to their incomparable stats and gameplay.


According to many fans, Murray is the most robust character in the game. Our observation was no different after playing a few games with him. A fantastic offensive unit who has the ability to one-hit any enemy in his way with his massive damage-dealing powers. Similarly, he can set traps and mines to take care of a massive herd of zombies which can blow them all up in one blow. Not only do these traps deal damage but also enhance his stats making him even more robust. All these qualities make him the strongest hero on our list.


Helen is an interesting character in the game who after dying turns into a zombie who not only fights but also heals her allies. She is an extremely powerful unit in the game and her zombie form is even more dangerous than her human form giving her a justified position in the S Tier. When she transforms into a zombie it lessens the damage taken by half making her even more powerful. She is definitely a fantastic unit that starts off as a supporter but later turns into a terrifying DPS unit.


Astra is a fantastic support unit that has the ability to boost the attack, speed, and health of its allies. Not only does he aid his allies but at the same time also decreases the attacking power and moves of the enemies making them weak and vulnerable to attacks.


Conor is a tank unit that has impressive defensive stats. He wears armor around his shoulders and chest giving him more defensive cover. Conor also carries a shield which can give him a defense boost enhancing his stats after every successful block. He even receives significant damage reduction thanks to his trademark armor. In order to surprise enemies, he can even counterattack. Finally, he also provides nearby allies with a defense boost. With him on your team, you may expect excellent sustenance and toughness.

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

A Tier will hold a place for those characters who are one of the strongest characters in Undead World but due to some minor flaws in their game, we concluded that they don’t have the capabilities to get a place in the S Tier. Don’t get us wrong they still are a great pick in the game and others might rank them higher due to differences in experience but as far as our rankings go they have to settle for a place in the A rank of the Undead World Tier List.


Gabriel is a tank-like offensive unit that can effortlessly launch and bully any enemy while doing a tonne of damage to them. Additionally, he may grant a shield and protection bonus to an ally whose health is low. With better defense, he can also take considerable amounts of damage. One of his special tools is his distinctive shield, which is crucial to his flourishing performance. Gabriel’s recognizable powerful shield allows him to knock back enemies while at the same time healing his own health.


Tanya is an offensive unit, that deals massive AOE damage to enemies. Because her skills reset the cooldown for her other skills, she may effectively spam many AOE talents on the attackers quite frequently. She is an excellent pick for fighting against hordes of zombies and specializes in PvE situations.


Meredith is known for giving thick shields to all allies, boosting their defense, and enhancing your team’s defensive performance. Not only she aids her allies but can also decrease the speed of the zombies making them less effective. Her healing herbs may restore health, withstand CC, and remove all effects from her allies. Overall Meredith is an excellent support unit.


Britney is an offensive unit that not only deals a good amount of damage but also has great defensive abilities. She wears a helmet which not only provides her protection but also boosts her attack and defense with time. As the battle progresses with every successful attack and block this helmet results in boosting her powers. When Britney enters battle, she can even give all her allies a significant SP boost. Due to her signature weapon her critical hit rate increases giving her more powerful attacking powers.


Leigh is a support and healer unit who can restore the health of her allies. Not only can she aid them in boosting their health bar but also enhances their attacking power. Overall Leigh is a fantastic healing unit, and her SP increase promotes her to the top of this specific class.


Nadeem is another support unit that carries special candies. These candies significantly bolster the defense of his allies.

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The word average will best describe the units in the B Tier. After analyzing their gameplay, stats, and overall performance in different circumstances we deduced that they best suit the B Tier.


Tyler is a decent DPS unit that can deal massive damage with his strikes. With a successful strike, he can knock almost any enemy out however he will struggle against a horde. Tyler can heal himself from time to time also increasing his defensive stats.


Henry is another offensive unit that gains an SP boost and recovers health with every strike. After landing a critical hit he gains a massive stealth and damage boost.


Sam is a DPS unit that has increased defense, attack speed, and damage while also being able to unleash devastating AOE damage on the zombies. He has incredible firepower and can stun and slam his opponents.

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The characters become noticeably weaker as we go down the ranks. The C rank of the Undead World hero survival tier list contains units that aren’t the strongest, but they aren’t the lowest either so placing them in this tier is a justified inclusion.


Rock is relatively good against a group of enemies (mostly 4-5) upon killing them she gains attack power, movement speed, and SP boost.


Kieran is also a DPS unit who like every unit of this class gains a good amount of boost after killing enemies. But the reason he’s ranked so below is that compared to them he doesn’t offer much and is quite weak. As the game has to offer better DPS units so that is why we placed Kieran in C Tier.


Lita is a support unit that helps her allies in regaining health and provides cover with her blocking abilities. There is nothing more special in her game so therefore Lita gets a place in C Tier.

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

So we have arrived at the final rank in our Undead World Tier List the D Tier which will be home to the weakest units in the games.


Only under specific conditions, such as when she has low health and receives a boost, does Abigail perform effectively.


Cady is among the weakest RNG-carrying class. Her overall game is very weak and players should avoid using her in tricky battles.


Jones is best suited for the defensive game and for players looking for a good defensive unit he can be a good pick but only in the early game. As the enemies get stronger Jones’s abilities will let him down.


Nils might be the weakest character in the game who has no good output and offers very little in the arena.


Webster is a DPS unit that has the weakest damage output making him the weakest unit on our list.


So there you have it our attempt at ranking all the characters in our Undead World Tier List 2022. Some of the inclusions might not be to the liking of most of our readers but as we stated earlier that it’s based completely on personal opinion and we hope to have presented an excellent presentation if not a perfect one. With that being said we would like to hear your thoughts as well down in the comments.