Warzone 2 Tier List: All Guns RANKED [2023]

In Our Warzone 2 Tier List, We Will Be Ranking All Of The Guns In The Game.

Chances are that if you are an FPS fan, you are aware of the latest battle royale on the market right now. Yes, I’m talking about Warzone 2, which has had a fairly successful release, instantly making it one of the most played games out right now. So In our Warzone 2 tier list, we will go over all the guns you need to be on the lookout for so you can easily clear out the entire lobby. Some of these weapons are new, while some are recycled from older titles.

The rankings of these guns will be made on the most basic of criteria: Their fire rates, recoil, usability, range, damage, and a little bit of their popularity will also have a role to play. The list is going to be pretty subjective, which is why there is a chance you might not agree with the rankings here. 

Key Points

  • The rankings below were made with the current meta in mind.
  • There are a total of 44 entries on the list.
  • Among the best weapons that a player can have are the M4 and the STB 556.
  • Similarly, the worst weapons you can get your hands on are the M16 and So-14.


Before diving into the list itself, here is a table that summarizes each weapon and its ranking. 

Tier RankWeapons
S Rank• STB 556 (AUG)
• Victus XMR
• Kastov-74U
• Kastov 762
• Signal 50
• FSS Hurricane
• M4
• Raal MG
• Lachmann Sub (MP5)
• SP-R 208
A Rank• BAS-P
• Bryson 800
• Expedite 12
• Fennec 45
• FTAC Recon
• Lachmann-556
• Lachmann 762
• Lockwood Mk2
• MCPR-300
• PDSW 528
• SP-X 80
B Rank• 556 Icarus
• Bryson 890
• Chimera
• Kastov 545
• LM-S
• Minibak
• Sakin MG38
• Vaznev 9K
• Vel 46
C Rank• EBR-14
• HCR 56
• LA-B 330
• Lockwood 300
• M13B
• M16
• MX9
• Rapp H
• S0-14
• SA-B 50
• TAQ-56

The guns will be discussed in more detail in the text that follows.

S Tier

Best Warzone 2 tier list weapons
S Tier.

The first tier that we are going to take a look at in our Warzone tier list 2022 is the S rank. As most S tiers go, we will go over the best entries in the entire list here.

These guns are undeniably the best picks and will help you throughout your games. They are not that common but definitely worth the rarity they have. Without further ado, let’s take a look at which guns made the cut for the best guns.

STB 556 (AUG)

The first and the most powerful weapon that we will look at is the STB 556 or the AUG Assault Rifle. It is a common weapon used in a lot of shooting games like Counter-Strike and COD. Its most defining feature is its impeccable accuracy. It is the most effective weapon to kill because of its effectiveness over range and serious damage. It is one of the most advanced weapons that only requires you to aim and fire, with no worry about recoil control or aiming for the head or the chest. 

Victus XMR

The Victus SMR is one of the deadliest sniper rifles in COD Warzone 2. It is one of the highest damaging guns over a considerable range. It has the best damage profile over any gun in Warzone 2, dealing 275 with one headshot. Because of that, it is one of the few guns that can one-shot a fully armored enemy. 


The first in the line of the Kastov series is the Kastove 74U. It is essentially the SMG version of the Kastov 762. It combines the overwhelming stopping force of the 762 and its high-movement DPS, making it one of the strongest guns in the game. Its recoil is quite high, but with the appropriate attachments,  handling it should be no big task. Being an SMG, it is a monster in shorter ranges and loses efficiency at longer ranges.

Kastov 762

The Kastov 762 is the next gun we will discuss in the Kastov series. Much like the Kastov-74U, Kastov 762 is a hard-hitting assault rifle that does a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. You do need some attachments here and there to control the recoil of the weapon. Despite the recoil balance, the gun still heavily leans towards being overpowered status. Another point that makes the Kastov 762 an S-tier weapon is the range it gives along with its damage. 

Signal 50

The Signal 50 has the worst handling speed and the worst damage out of any of the other sniper rifles. So you may be thinking that the weapon is nowhere near an S-tier weapon. Well, when you consider that the Signal 50 has the fastest refire time, its usability shoots up really high, making it one of the best Sniper for continuous long-range damage.

FSS Hurricane

Up next is the FSS Hurricane, which is another Submachine gun. Most of you may be surprised at this placing simply because the weapon is quite mediocre in damage and fire rate. Well, that’s true, but it is in the S tier because of its clip size and pinpoint accuracy. What the gun lacks in damage, it makes up for through its uncharacteristic minute recoil and large clip size.


The M4 is one of the few guns in existence that almost every gamer who plays shooting games is familiar with. It has been in the gaming universe since it started. In Warzone 2, the M4 certainly lives up to its name, being one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game. It offers decent damage with a relatively high fire rate. However, the main difference between the M4 and the other assault rifles is that it offers far greater control over its competitors. 

Raal MG

Raal MG is one of the most powerful weapons you can have in Warzone. It easily dominates the Light Machine Guns class with its serious damage and high fire rate. You can easily down enemies in five shots at the ideal range. It does have some cons, like its weight and slow handling speed, but it makes up for those by being a demon at killing players. Another reason you may want to opt for the Raal MG is its great aiming capacity. 

Lachmann Sub (MP5)

Up next in the S tier of our Best Weapons Warzone 2 tier list is the Lachmann Submachine gun. It is more commonly known as the Mp5 and is one of the deadliest short-range weapons you’ll find in the game. It has a very good damage-to-fire rate ratio for its ideal range and is a must-have for most loadouts. However, it is quite useless at longer ranges, but that kind of defeats the purpose of SMGs. 

SP-R 208

The last weapon we will look at in the S tier is another rifle, The SP-R 208. This marksman rifle is a very hard-hitting rife that definitely should not be left out. It does 167 damage to the chest and 195 for a headshot. It has a lower fire rate, but that’s relatively normal for a sniper. However, a thing to keep in mind is that the SP-R 208 offers very high bullet velocity, which makes it one of the easiest snipers to use. 

A Tier 

Warzone 2 tier list good weapons
A Tier.

Next up in the article we shall look at the A rank. where we will discuss the weapons that perform well most of the time. They are not as good as the S Tier weapons, but they are definitely not something to scoff at.

These weapons can easily overpower the S-tier of weapons if used properly, and most players can still easily dominate matches with them.


The first A-tier weapon that we will discuss in our article is the BAS-P Submachine gun. It is one of the better SMGs in the current meta primarily because, with the right attachments, it can do considerable damage at ranges longer than most SMGs can usually perform. Its fire rate is a little higher than the M4, which is not bad but not too great for an SMG. Its most defining features are its recoil control, matched with its insane mobility and handling speed. 

Bryson 800

The Bryson 800 is an extremely popular shotgun that you’ll likely see a lot in the current meta. Being a shotgun, it has poor range but excellent damage. It has a magazine size of 8, which makes it quite forgiving if you miss your shots a lot. Despite its poor range, it can still break enemies even at a medium range, making it an extremely versatile weapon in combat.

Expedite 12

The next gun in the A tier is the Expedite 12, which is also a shotgun. Unlike the pump action Bryson, the Expedite is a semi-automatic shotgun with a significantly smaller clip size. It is one of the fastest shotguns making it a deadly force in shorter ranges. Consequently, it is quite a difficult gun to use, but in the hands of a veteran, it can be a relentless killing machine. It is also pretty versatile, allowing you to mod it with whatever attachment you feel comfortable applying.

Fennec 45

The Fennec 45 is an SMG in Warzone 2 that is based on a very popular SMG, the Vector .45. If you have an idea about the Vektor, then you can assume what is in store when we talk about this weapon. It has a blinding fire rate that demolishes any enemies at close range. Its handling speed, as well as mobility, is unmatched. The only catch is that the gun has mediocre damage and a very poor range. The recoil is quite normal for an SMG, making it a perfect gun worthy of the A tier.

FTAC Recon

The FTAC Recon is a pretty decent assault rifle that performs almost as well as the M4. It definitely lacks in terms of popularity, but that’s not all. The main reason it doesn’t do as well as the M4 is the handling speed and configuration. The M4 offers far better stats with the correct attachments, but if you’re looking for more damage at the expense of speed and recoil, consider using the FTAC Recon.


The first gun up in the Lachmann series is the Lachmann-556. It is an assault rifle that closes the gap between SMGs and conventional Assault Rifles. With that uncanny combination, you get a troublesome recoil with some great handling and range. You can try to minimize the recoil with some attachments, but the ideal loadout will shorten your range a bit. 

Lachmann 762

The next gun in the Lachman series is the Lachmann 762. It is a battle rifle that is surprisingly very decent damage over its range with a very good fire rate. However, the problem is its recoil. The recoil is far too high for a rifle, making it extremely hard to use properly. Thanks to its many pros, it is deserving of an S-tier weapon, but because of its high recoil, it quickly falls down to the A tier.  

Lockwood Mk2

The Lockwood MK2 is a Sniper Rifle that you’ll find in Warzone 2. It offers a great combo of Damage and Handling Speeds at the cost of Fire rate. The mobility the rifle offers is uncanny for a sniper rifle, which gives it a nice edge over the other rifles. However, it still fails to do as well as the S Tier rifles because of its low fire rate and poor reserve ammunition.


The MCPR-300 is a Sniper Rifle with quite an impressive popularity scale, even outside the COD franchise. Its characteristic high damage and range is a trait loved by a majority of the player base. However, when it comes to its fire rate, it struggles a lot. It excels in almost every other criterion, especially its ammunition reserve, which is one of the highest in the marksman rifles group.

PDSW 528

The second last weapon we will look at in our A Tier is the PDSW 528. It is an SMG weapon that excels in short-range fights. It offers unreal recoil control, but the problem lies with its horrible range. The range stat is extremely poor even for an SMG, but if you manage to catch an enemy in its ideal range, chances are that they won’t survive. 

SP-X 80

Finally, the last weapon we will list in the A tier is the SP-X 80. It is a marksman rifle that is one of the most lethal weapons in the game. It is horrible in its mobility and recoil stats but makes up for those in its uncanny range and mobility. Not to mention its impeccable accuracy that comes at the cost of fire rate. All of that combined makes the SP-X the perfect Sniper worthy of the A tier.

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B Tier

Average Warzone 2 Weapons
B Tier.

Similar to most ranking lists like ours, we shall follow now discuss the B rank of our Warzone season 2 weapon tier list. Here, we will go over some of the guns that usually give an average performance.

They fail to do as well as the guns listed above but can be useful in very specific situations. Of course, in the hands of a master they possess the ability to wipe out entire lobbies.

556 Icarus

The weapon that we are going to start our B tier with is the 556 Icarus. It is a light machine gun that excels in most areas but lacks in the most important ones for an LMG. First of all, it has poor mobility, which is always bad for a machine gun. Secondly, it shreds through its ammunition extremely quickly. It does have good damage and clip size but requires considerable attention when being used in combat.

Bryson 890

Up next is the Bryson 890, which is a pump-action shotgun that clears rooms faster than most shotguns, but that’s pretty much it. You most likely won’t want to hold on to this weapon if you’re looking for ranged fights involving a lot of heavy movement. But for holding down the fort, no gun does it better. It gives great mobility, handling as well as damage at the cost of fire rate and range.


Chimera is an assault rifle that is the definition of an average weapon when it comes to Warzone 2. It is along the lines of the M4 but fails to do nearly as well as it. It offers great stats in damage and fire rate. However, the Chimera lacks two of the most important stats for an assault rifle, its ideal range is poor, and its recoil control is one of the lowest in assault rifles.

Kastov 545

The Kastov 545 is another rifle in the Kastov family, a heavy-duty assault rifle. It is one of the more consistent assault rifles in Warzone 2 with its range and fire damage. However, if you’re a player that relies on mobility and handling speed, then maybe skip it. It does have good stats, but in the current meta, you will need to do a lot of hard work to make it work.


Next up is the LM-S, which is a devastating marksman rifle. It has a very dangerous fire rate which can wipe squads in seconds. That is only if its in the hands of a proper master of the art. It has one of the worst recoils out of any rifle, which makes it quite the untamed beast. You can use attachments to lower its recoil but at the cost of other crucial features like stealth and mobility.


The Minibak is an SMG that is extremely similar to the infamous PP-Bizon from the CS universe. Of course, there are a few characteristics that you need to adapt to, but the underlying foundation is the same, press W and fire and don’t let go until you run out of ammunition or you die.

Sakin MG38

The Sakin MG38 is yet another weapon that the CS players will recognize immediately. It is eerily similar to the destructive Negev and follows the same principle as the PP-Bizon to a degree. The weapon can literally destroy enemies behind the toughest of covers. The flaw, of course, is its handling speed as well as its recoil. 


TAQ-M is another one of the few guns in the game that can potentially 1-hit any enemy with a clean headshot. However, you need accurate attachments to get to that damage and accuracy profile. It does offer long-range and decent damage but is only ever useful if paired with a powerful SMG. Because of how dependent it is on other items, it fails to achieve a ranking higher than the B Tier.


TAQ-V is one of the best guns in the game if you have the correct attachments. It has a deadly damage output but a horrible recoil force. That’s not all because it also has bad mobility as well as handling speed, making it an average gun at best. One of the pros of the gun is that it is one of the most accessible weapons because it can be found as ground loot.

Vaznev 9K

The Vaznev 9K is a very powerful submachine gun that has one of the best recoil handling out of many of the SMGs we have seen. However, when it comes to the weapon ammunition reserve as well as fire rate, you will likely see what this gun lacks. Because it has such a high fire rate, you need to be very accurate because you’ll bleed through your reserve if you’re not careful.

Vel 46

The Vel 46 is quite similar to the Vaznev 9K but lacks in one area, the damage. It is not as lethal as the former, but it makes up for the lack of damage with accuracy and a recoil handle. With the correct attachments, it can be a ruthless killing machine in the current meta. However, that is only possible if you can handle yourself in high-mobility situations and are a master at aiming.

C Tier

Worst Warzone 2 tier list weapons
C Tier.

Soldiers, it is time to discuss the last tier of our Warzone 2 Tier list 2022. In this ranking, we will look at some of the worst guns in the game. They are still useful in some situations, but you need to do a lot more work to make them work properly.

They are more dependent on attachments and positions than most of the other guns we have discussed previously. So without further ado, let’s have a look at what these weapons are.


The EBR-14 is one of the few single-shot rifles that you’ll find in Warzone 2. The only good thing about the gun is that it is unlocked by default. Other than that, there is no real use for it. You are likely to do ten times better with another rifle than you will with the EBR-14 because of its horrible fire rate. It has good accuracy but is extremely dependent on aim, which is quite hard in the current fast-paced meta.

HCR 56

The HCR 56 is quite a controversial gun in the current meta because it either performs really well or is extremely poor. It is a decent gun, but given how poor its damage is compared to some of the other Light Machine guns, it is not that good of a weapon. 

LA-B 330

The LA-B 330 is one of the worst default sniper rifles you’ll find in the game. Because it is a bolt-action rifle, its fire rate is quite poor. However, that is not why it’s in the C tier. But it’s horrible handling, as well as poor accuracy compared to the other snipers actually is. It can be made usable given some attachments, but as a default weapon, it is more of a liability than an asset.

Lockwood 300

The Lockwood 300 is a pretty old-school shotgun. While its performance is quite low in the game, it has some of the best skins Warzone has ever released for a skin. It is a double-barrel shotgun which limits its fire rate a lot but boosts its damage a lot. Many people claim it to be the best shotgun in the game, and I could not disagree more because its one and only use is destroying armor plates at very close ranges.


Next in line are our C-tier assault rifles. The first one in line is the M13B which is undoubtedly the worst gun in the game. Considering that it is an assault rifle, it fails in a number of ways. The most important one is its range and fire rate. This gun is basically a rifle that’s only effective at SMG range which defeats the purpose of its high damage and makes you vulnerable because of its low fire rate.


The M16 is one of the most popular guns in the COD universe but unfortunately is only worthy of a C ranking. Its only pro is that it is a highly versatile weapon, but the problems are its low mobility and mediocre range. It does offer different modes of firing, but even then, its recoil is far higher than an assault rifle should possess. With the correct attachments, it does well but is still nowhere near as good as the A or S-tier weapons.


Next up is the MX9 SMG that shreds any enemies close by. However, it is very unforgiving when it comes to bad aim. It has a very high fire rate and drains your reserve faster than you can keep track of. Furthermore, it is only useful at the shotgun range. Because of its ideal range, you are better off using a shotgun or a better SMG from the A or the S tier. 

Rapp H

Next up is the Rapp H, which is a light machine gun. In theory, it is an impeccable weapon, but in the current meta, it always fails to do more good than bad. The biggest problem is its range paired up with its fire rate. Even if you fix those two issues with attachments, it still lacks in the recoil and damage areas, making it one of the worst LMGs in the game.


The RPK is one of the worst LMGs in the current meta because of how huge the maps are. Furthermore, it has horrible damage and horrible range, making it difficult to use this weapon properly. You are better off using an SMG that offers the same mobility paired with a higher fire rate as well in the same range. Some attachments make it a little bit of a useful weapon but nowhere near as good as the S and A-tier weapons.


The Battle Rifle is quite a decent weapon but only after building it perfectly with the absolute correct attachments. Even then, it may sometimes underperform when compared to some of the B-tier weapons. It does offer high versatility but fails to provide necessary stats like fire rate and recoil control.

SA-B 50

The second last weapon is the SA-B 50. It is one of the most useless guns in the game, and among the absolute worst sniper rifles one can get their hands on. Even with attachments, the amount of work you need to do to make the weapon work is insane.


Finally, the last weapon in our article is the TAQ-56. It has a horrible fire rate over a very large range, and in addition to that, it has one of the worst handling speeds when it comes to the assault rifles class. It is unable but only as a dollar store version of the M4.


With that, we conclude our Warzone 2 tier list. As I already mentioned, the article is highly subjective, and you may not agree with some of the rankings I make, which is completely fine. I know that some of these weapons are some of the deadliest instruments in the right hands. However, this is an average estimate of how the average player will perform when using these weapons.

As always, if there is something you wish to add, feel free to leave it in the comments. Additionally, let me know what you think of my rankings as well.