Wicked Bloodline Tier List [Mar. 2023]

We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Most Popular Dragon Ball Fighters In The Article.

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, then you might have come across Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan battle, which is a fairly popular game these days. And our Wicked Bloodline Tier list ranks all the Frieza-related characters in this game. We have assembled the list based on the characters’ skills, abilities, and power-ups, including HP, ATK, RES, and DEF.

While going through the article, you should remember that it is based on my preferences and time with it. My own personal bias influences the rankings, hence, you may not agree with every placement.

Key Points

  • Our list ranks characters based on the current meta of the game. 
  • There are a total of 27 entries in the article.
  • The highest tiers include the likes of Infinite Terror Metal Cooler.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find Brutal Invasion Chilled.


The following table contains all entries in the article.

Tier RankCharacter Cards
S Rank• Infinite Terror Metal Cooler
• The Emperor's New Power Golden Frieza
• Extreme Ultimate Power Cooler
• Planet-Crushing Blow Cooler (Final Form)
• Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Cooler
A Rank• Open The Gates of Hell Cooler (Final Form)
• Last-Ditch Attack Frieza (Full Power)
• Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form)
• The Roar of Resentment Frieza (Full Power)
• The Humiliation of the Most Malevolent Mecha Frieza
• Heinous Attack Cooler (Final Form)
• Fighter of the Mechanical Planet Metal Cooler
• Fire of Vengeance Golden Frieza
B Rank• Demonic Fighter of Steel Metal Cooler (PHY)
• Rageful Erasure Frieza (Final Form)
• Steely Hatred Metal Cooler
• Emperor's True Splendor Golden Frieza (Angel)
• The dignity of the Strongest Clan King Cold
• Almighty Cleave Cooler
C Rank• Earth-Piercing Light Frieza (Final Form)
• Hatred Unleashed Mecha Frieza
• Horror from Hell Frieza (Final Form)
• Shady Business Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)
• Resurrection for Revenge Frieza (Final Form) (GT)
D Rank• Brutal Invasion Chilled
• The joy of Destruction Frieza (1st Form)
• Overwhelming Fear Cooler (Final Form)

You can see the details of each entry below.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier.

The S Tier also goes by the name of the superb tier. The top category has the best character cards from the game, and In this case, it has the top Frieza-related cards. All these inclusions have Highly damaging Super attack moves, along with Active and Passive skills. They all have an ultra super attack that covers up the deficiency of super attack. These characters have the top stats, including HP, DEF, and ATK. These characters also benefit the allies and their statistics. Players should opt for these cards to enhance their performance during the Dokkan Battle game.

Infinite Terror Metal Cooler

Terror metal cooler is an amazing character card with wonderful characteristics. It has a Super ATK called Full-Metal avalanche that enhances a player’s DEF and deals a lot of damage on an attacker while lowering their ATK. Its Ultra Super ATK attack includes Supernova, through which a player can increase ATK and DEF while dealing damage to the opponent. 

The character card is a part of the S rank of our Wicked Bloodline tier list because It is an incredible damage dealer and de-buffs an enemy. It has a reviving capability that enhances a player’s HP and improves their survivability rate. A player can only use its active skill to tip the scales in their favor, as Metal Cooler is a tank character that grants a player defending ability. 

The Emperor’s New Power Golden Frieza

The Golden Frieza belongs to a resurrected warrior category with additional 4 Ki. The card is a great character with a Super ATK attack, Continuous death beam, and the ability grants a player an addition of ATK and lowers an opponent’s ATK and DEF. Its ultra super attack is the Golden death blaster, which enhances ATK along with DEF and deals damage. Its ultra super attack is activated when an HP is less than 50%.

Golden Frieza resides in the S tier because it deals damage while presenting a great linkset. It has great de-buffing abilities and removes strong buffs from an opponent. Its active and passive skills are exceptional as they buff a player’s statistics. It can deal damage while defending itself from the enemy’s attacks. 

Extreme Ultimate Power Cooler

Extreme ultimate power cooler belongs to the Terrifying Conquerors Category, which has an additional 3 Ki. A player should opt for this character card as it is highly beneficial for their game. It also has a before and after Z- awakened phase. Players can achieve Cooler’s transformation when they encounter 1 enemy from its 6th turn. 

Cooler is a part of the S tier because its Super ATK attack receives an extreme upgradation that allows him to gain an increase in his DEF. It also deals a lot of DMG to the opponent and lowers their ATK and DEF. The game’s leader, as a player, can access almost all units and gain support boosts. Its Final form has a perfectly formed offense with CRIT hits on the opponent.

Planet-Crushing Blow Cooler (Final Form)

Blow Cooler is a terrorist of the Movie Bosses Category with a Ki of 3. It is a great de-buffer of an enemy and has powers that deal a lot of damage through various moves. It has a Super ATK attack, the Death Drop, that allows a player to enhance its DEF by exponential value. The attribute also removes the ATK buff from an enemy and makes his attacks less effective. When a player has executed 8 attacks, Cooler’s Super ATK attack is transformed into an Ultra Super ATK attack, death Flash. The move raises an ATK of a player and deals massive mega damage. 

Blow Cooler is a damage dealer and a tank character who defends its team while dealing massive damage. It has a reliable set of functional skills activated in a long battle. Its leader skills have many Metal Cooler and Frieza allies, and It is not a character that should be left behind.

Fusion with the Big Gete Star Metal Cooler

It has an additional 3 Ki with an HP, DEF, and ATK of 170%. A player can access a Super ATK attack known as Lock-on Buster through the card, which allows a player to lower an opponent’s ATK and DEF. The card is not a buffer for a player, but they make up for that with its great enemy’s de-buffing qualities. An enemy’s weakening is more important than their strength for a player. 

It is a part of the S tier because it allows a player to deal damage, de-buff, an enemy, and heal itself and its allies. The feature makes him an almost all-rounder. These cards should be pocked in the game to prolong the survivability rate. Its passive skill also has buffing characteristics.

A Tier

second best characters tier list
A Tier.

Let’s move on to the next tier on our Wicked Bloodline list, potentially great character cards. These cards have the potential to be equal to the S-tiered card characters, but they lack a little attribute that drags them down to a lower tier. But these cards have outstanding attacking skills. Their buffing and de-buffing traits are one-of-a-kind and provide a player with good skills.

These Saiyans work effectively in a team and aid the allies as well. These are a good replacement for the top-tiered characters. In a collection of 6 cards, if a player has only one A-tiered character, they can turn the game’s tables.

Open The Gates of Hell Cooler (Final Form)

This form of Cooler opens the gates of hell on the enemy and deals a lot of DMG on him. It belongs to an extreme PHY category of leader skills which grants him +3 Ki. It is a great card as its super ATK attack, the death Crasher, deals massive damage on the enemy. The hit keeps the player at the top as the enemy is de-buffed and has lowered DEF. Its passive skill includes abject hell that induces ATK and DEF of 100%. 

It is in the current section part of the A tier of our Wicked Bloodline Tier list 2022 because three cards have similar names from which the two versions of himself, including an LR version, make either one of them unable to activate their links. But that only happens if they are on the same turn rotation. Also, it only de-buffs an enemy regarding his DEF; other abilities are overlooked. 

Last-Ditch Attack Frieza (Full Power)

LAst-Ditch Frieza belongs to the full power category that allows +4 Ki to the player. It also has an extreme STR Ki. Its Super ATK attack is Death Slicer which damages an enemy. But that comes at a condition that puts him in the A tier. It loses 8% of its HP with the move. But the card covers its deficiency with its ultra Super attack, Nova Strike. 

The card is in the potentially great category because it doesn’t de-buff an enemy. It is a great damage dealer but not a de-buffer. Although, its Passive skills and Skill link set are decent and aid a player. Its link set of skills does not have a thirst for conquest link, which offers ATK and DEF to a player. 

Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form)

Terror Frieza is an all-types ATK of an additional 7000. It is a great dealer card that deals damage through its Super and Ultra Super ATK attacks. Death ball is a Super attack that only deals damage and does not de-buff an enemy, but Imperial quest covers for it by allowing players to deal massive damage and reduce their ATK and DEF.

It resides in the A tier because it is an outstanding DBS character card which is also a tank as it defends its allies. But it does not receive an extra Ki or DEF during its second attacker. The character card does not have any move that could buff its stats, and Its actions do not enhance its ATK or DEF. 

The Roar of Resentment Frieza (Full Power)

The Resentment Frieza belongs to the sworn enemies category, which grants him a Ki of 3. The card has many attributes that attract a player to choose it among other cards. It has a super ATK attack known as the fierce hand-to-hand battle. A player raises their ATK by damaging an enemy and reducing its HP. It also has an ultra-super attack known as the full-power death ball. Through the attack, a player can raise DEF and deal damage. The attack can also temporarily increase the ATK of the player to the active skill known as ‘I’m the one who will kill you.

It is in the A tier because it does not de-buff an enemy. A player receives a Ki boost through it but not enough for fighting against an extreme category opponent. Its active skill is temporary and is difficult to control and employ inside the game. The player cannot benefits significantly from the card as its DEF boost runs out after six turns, and it cannot buff a player’s team.

The Humiliation of the Most Malevolent Mecha Frieza

This malevolent card belongs to PHY and INT type Ki, allowing 3 Ki spheres to the team. It has a death blaster super attack that inflicts great harm to an enemy while lowering their ATK. It also has a passive skill that can enhance the ATK and DEF by up to 60%, dependent on the spheres.

Mecha Frieza is in the A tier because it has great de-buffing qualities of an enemy while remaining a great damage dealer. It has an ATK-lowering rate that helps it compete with STR cooler. But its DEF boosting ability is not activated before its attacks. That aspect keeps the card at a loss during the game. It also does not have link sets regarding the strongest clan in space and thirst for conquest. These link skills grant players an additional ATK, HP, and DEF. It also does not enhances its ATK or DEF buffs with its super attacking skills.

Heinous Attack Cooler (Final Form)

Heinous attack cooler is a great character with before and after extreme Z awakening strategies. It belongs to AGL, TEQ, and PHY type ki spheres and is a great damage dealer, and gains a lot of buffs from its features and attributes. Its super ATK attack is a death chaser that allows a player to raise its ATK and DEF and then inflict damage on an opponent.

It also Stuns the enemy for one turn. It belongs in the A tier of the Wicked Bloodline Tier list because it is a great tank and damage dealer. But other coolers cards that belong to its team cannot stun the enemy. If some Cooler can freeze the opponent, they do not belong to the same group. 

Fighter of the Mechanical Planet Metal Cooler

The mechanical planet metal cooler’s fighter belongs to these game cards’ supporting unit. It is a wicked bloodline category, leader skill resident, which grants him an additional two Ki. It is a stupendous character card with a super ATL attack of Supernova. The ability allows a player to inflict harm on an enemy while raising the other card allies at the ATK level. The ATK enhancement is 25%, but only for one turn. Along with that, a passive skill known as the cruel blow also grants the allies various buffs that improve their effectiveness inside the game.

It belongs to A tier because it does not have a Ki support unit which does not allow him to deal damage to a greater extent. Also, while a player is going ahead with the full-type metal cooler team, it requires an additional boost to make their gameplay effective. 

Fire of Vengeance Golden Frieza

This golden freezer is a one-of-a-kind card character that belongs to the Teq-type sphere that grants him HP, ATK, and DEF up to 100%. It has a super attack known as the earth breaker that allows him to deal damage while decreasing an enemy’s DEF buff. It is a good De-buffer as it puts an enemy at a loss regarding its stats. Golden Frieza also has a passive skill known as the counteracting moment that decreases the 70% of damage when the HP is 50% or less.

It is a part of the A tier as it is an exceptional game tank card. It can defend itself and its allies. Its links set does not have ‘big bad bosses’ or ‘thirst for conquest’ attributes that adds ATK, DEF, and HP to a player’s stats. It also reduces the damage-dealing capability when the HP is diminished, and the ATK does not affect the main skill.

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier.

Next in line on our tiers is the B rank, which contains mediocre and average characters. Due to that reason, it can also go by a modest level. 

When a player keeps the B-tiered character in their cards, it is at a crossroads; it can either win the game with impressive gameplay or ruin it with the wrong set of moves. But with well-constructed gameplay, players can enhance their interest in the game while winning the battle.

Demonic Fighter of Steel Metal Cooler (PHY)

Demonic fighter cooler belongs to Ki of all types with +3 Ki and an additional 30% HP, ATK, and DEF. It has a super attack as Supernova that raises DEF for only one turn in the game. It also damages an enemy but does not de-buff them to a greater extent. Its passive skill is amplification that amplifies all wicked bloodline ally’s ATK and DEF by 20%. Steel metal cooler also restores its ally’s HP making it a good healer. 

We have located it in the B tier because its passive skill has a condition; this condition doesn’t allow a player to have access to the rainbow Ki spheres. A player can only use Rainbow Ki spheres during their third slot. Some additional statistic boosts work through rainbow Ki spheres, but a player cannot gain numerous boosts due to their Difficult access. 

Rageful Erasure Frieza (Final Form)

Next up us Rageful Erasure Frieza which belongs to INT type Ki of additional 2. It has death plaster as its super ATK attack that enhances and amplifies the ATK stat of a player while decreasing it off the opponent. It also inflicts damage on an opponent, making him weak. Its passive skill is blistering tenacity that increases the DEF and guards a player making it a great tank

It is included in the B tier because its weak link set does not have big bad bosses or a thirst for conquest link skills; hence, it can not amplify a player’s ATK, DEF, and HP. Along with that, the DEF lowering SA move is absent from the skill set. Without the main enemy’s de-buffing characteristics, players can not weaken their enemy and might lose the battle.

Steely Hatred Metal Cooler

Steely Hatred Metal Cooler belongs to plus 3 Ki-type spheres that induce damage on an enemy while lowering their DEF through the Supernova attack. It does not have buffing characteristics for a player. Malevolent assault is its passive skill that induces 50% of ATK and DEF to the allies, and extreme category teammates receive a 40% DEF.

It is a part of the B tier because it cannot be linked with the main leader of the game. Along with that, a player cannot find a set of characteristics that could boost its ATK, DEF, or HP. It lacks the ‘big bad bosses’ link skill that induces HP along with ATK and DEF. On the whole, it is an average card character that may or may not help a player. Well-constructed gameplay might turn the tables in the game.

Emperor’s True Splendor Golden Frieza (Angel)

Emperor’s true splendor golden freezer belongs to resurrected warriors category and INT type Ki spheres. The Great Death beam is its main attack that damages an enemy and reduces his DEF. The proof of evil heals its allies and enhances their buffing skills by amplifying their ATK and DEF. 

It is a part of the B tier of the Wicked Bloodline Tier list 2022 because it has a weak link set deficient in many link skills. AI also cannot help the support units of the STR cooler. Additionally, a player cannot fight against an extreme-category opponent, as only its passive skill is effective and does not inflict damage.

The dignity of the Strongest Clan King Cold

The clanking cold belongs to PHY and STR type Ki leader skills. It has a super attack that is a full-power death beam that induces damage to a player’s opponent while lowering their ATK and DEF. In the extreme Z awakened form, it can also raise the ATK and DEF of the player. It has a passive skill known as the power to subdue that enhances the wicked bloodline category allies’ ATK by 25% and their HP by 50%.


It is a great healer as it benefits its allies more than it deals damage. Clan King Cold belongs In the B tier because its additional boost comes with the condition of sealing chance which is a risky move. It also does not have super strike links, which would benefit a player against extreme category player’s enemies. It also does not help the passive support move.

Almighty Cleave Cooler

The almighty Cleave Cooler is the last addition to the current rank and belongs to the AGL and INT type Ki spheres. It has the death flash as its main super-attacking move that damages the enemy and reduces its HP and DEF. It does not have an ATK level reduction move. Rapid conquest is an effective passive skill that benefits all types of allies.

It resides in the B tier because its Special attributes are not granted to wicked bloodline allies. Besides this, it has a weak link set of skills and does not have the universe’s most malevolent link set that induces an increase in ATK.

C Tier

wicked bloodline tier list
C Tier.

The C tier is one of the lower tiers and has bad character cards. These cards have poor skills, and Some do not have an active skill or an ultra super attack. These two qualities are present in higher-tiered characters and differentiate them. Players should avoid these characters as they can suck the fun out of the game with their poor skills. 

Earth-Piercing Light Frieza (Final Form)

The first character on our C tier of the Wicked bloodline tier list is the earth-piercing light Frieza that belongs to the planet Namek saga category. Along with the AGL-type Ki spheres. ‘This planet is finished’ is its main Super ATK strike that induces great harm to the enemy and seals their super attack. Also, its passive skill is a nightmarish demise that stuns an enemy. It grants other negative status effects on the opponents.

It belongs in the C tier because its sealing effect is not permanent, hence its attack cannot be a super Saiyan attack. Also, it is a weak de-buffer of the enemies and is not a powerful tank character. It does not build up strong guarding capabilities for other allies.

Hatred Unleashed Mecha Frieza

Mecha Frieza unleashes its ultimate hatred on an enemy through its super ATK attacks. Its leader skill is extreme TEQ type Ki sphere that grants it 70% of ATK. Its death blaster provides tremendous damage to an enemy and decreases his ATK stats. ‘United attack begins’ is a passive skill that grants Wicked bloodline allies with specific traits.

It does not have a good buffing quality. That includes Mecha Frieza in the C tier. Besides, its passive skill is weak and grants only a few attributes to the allies. Although its link set is inadequate and does not link it to the main leader, the leader skill category has no revenge allies. 

Horror from Hell Frieza (Final Form)

Horror from hell Frieza’s here to put the enemies in hell. A TEQ, INT, and STR type Ki sphere leader skill grants HP and ATK of 20%. Its super attack is death ball and Has decent link skills that allow it to gain ATK, DEF, and HP as it levels up. But other than that, it is an awful character card.

It is included in the C tier  because it does not benefit a player in their gameplay. When a player chooses the character, it neither has a buffing characteristic nor a de-buffing ability for an enemy. Neither does it lower an enemy def and atk, nor does it has additional boosts. Its Dokkan awakened version is also destroying and chaotic.

Shady Business Frieza (Final Form) (Angel)

Shady business Frieza belongs to the resurrected warriors category that has an additional 2 Ki spheres. It lowers the ATK, and it causes a massive amount of damage through its main attack. The 24-hour condition is a passive skill that enhances the ATK and DEF by 50% but only for seven turns.

It is not that useful in a long game and includes it in the C tier because it cannot cause much damage. It has no DEF-lowering capability for an enemy. Its additional boots are also not much effective for a player.

Resurrection for Revenge Frieza (Final Form) (GT)

Revenge Frieza belongs to the INT type Ki sphere; this card can transform to an extreme INT under farming characteristics. The death slicer is its prominent attack that causes the normal amount of damage to the opponent and stuns him for a single turn. Other negative status effects delay their execution.

The death form is a passive skill that supports and heals the extreme category allies and it is a part of the C tier because as its HP is reduced to 50%, its damage-dealing capability is also reduced by 30%. It also has a minimum supporting boost. It has no de-buffing characteristics.

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier.

The last rank is the D tier, which has abysmal character cards that do not offer a player anything. these characters do not deal much damage. They have no de-buffing attacks. They also cannot amplify a player’s statistics. A player should avoid these characters because they can tip the scales against a player.

Brutal Invasion Chilled

Let’s start our D-tier of Wicked Bloodline tier list with the worst Dokkan battle characters. Brutal invasion chilled belongs to the INT and PHY Ki spheres of leadership skills. It grants it an HP and ATK by 30%. It has a death ball super attack that causes damage to an enemy and lowers its ATK while not affecting the DEF stat. Space pirates mettle is the passive attack that induces 12% of ATK per INT Ki sphere.

It is a part of the D tier because it does not have a good link skill and does not link to the main leader. Chilled also does not belong to a proper class unit like other super strike cards, which keeps it at a loss inside the game.

The joy of Destruction Frieza (1st Form)

Joy destruction Frieza lacks proper leadership skills and is disconnected from the main leader. Although it decreases the enemy’s ATK by 10%, it is the only main effect it induces. Besides, its main attack only damages the enemy to a small extent and is not a good damage dealer.

Also,the passive skill that is the ‘foundation for victory’ only adds 10,000 ATK once during the battle. After the first turn, no additional boosts are granted to the player. 

Overwhelming Fear Cooler (Final Form)

We end our rankings with the underwhelming Dear Cooler that belongs to TEQ and an INT-type Ki sphere that grants only 25% of ATK. It has other super attacks that deal a lot of damage to the opponent the passive skill is the ultimate transformation that adds only 1500 ATK and DEF at the start of the game.

During the rest of the game, the player is not given additional boosts through this card. The link  is very weak and a player cannot benefit from the card at all. The card also does not have an enemy’s ATK and DEF reduction properties. Neither does it has an additional boosting capability for the player. 


Our Wicked bloodline tier list enlists and ranks different character cards from Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan battle into various ranks based on their skills and traits. Their Ki spheres, ATK and DEF lowering and de-buffing characteristics were the main attributes that helped in this ranking. Through their specific features, we could form 5 separate tiers from S to D, and these helped us place each entry on their specific ranks. 

You may disagree with some of our placements and that’s okay, we are more than welcome to criticism. Please leave a comment below and we will take it into consideration when updating the article in the future.