Wild Hearts Tier List: All Weapons Ranked [2023]

We Will Be Ranking All 8 Weapon Types In The Brand New Wild Hearts.

With the latest addition to the Action RPG pool, we are here to deliver on our part and bring you this Wild Hearts Tier List. The weapons in the game are mostly melee based, so there will be a little bit of a range and damage bias.

However, the main criteria for ranking these weapons are popularity as well as the best utility in the game. But the weapons do vary with playstyles which is why I’ll be assuming the normal base playstyle with a little bit of melee as well as ranged with some safety.

Key Points

  • There are a total of eight weapon types in Wild Hearts.
  • They are ranked based on overall utility, range, and damage.
  • The highest-ranked weapons are the Maul, Bow, and the Karakuri Staff
  • In the low ranks, you can find the likes of the Karakuri Katana and the Clawblade.


Before we dive any further into our article, given below is a small table that quickly goes over all the ranks without revealing too much about them. 

S RankA RankB Rank
• Maul
• Bow
• Karakuri Staff
• Bladed Wagasa
• Nodachi
• Cannon
• Karakuri Katana
• Clawblade

If you want to learn more about the weapons, you can find them in the sections following the table.

S Tier

Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List Best Weapons
S Tier.

The S rank of our Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List will cater to the best possible weapons in Wild Hearts based on the criteria mentioned above. While they are in the top rank, it is possible that their performance may vary in accordance with your play style and skill. In the hands of a normal player, these weapons do the best with the least amount of skill possible.


Maul is the most powerful melee weapon in the game right now. It can land deadly blows, which makes it your best friend when you’re out hunting Kemono. It is a melee weapon that does restrict its range quite a lot, but if you use it correctly, you land a number of blows that can ensure a clean and easy fight. However, that does require a bit of skill when it comes to timing these skills properly because it is a Pummel-type weapon. All in all, if you’re looking for a big melee weapon to kill some large and intimidating enemies, the Maul is for you.


The second and final weapon in the S rank is the Bow. Bows are assumed to be one of the most powerful weapons if they exist in a game. Wild Hearts is no exception to that reality, as the Bow is the safest and the most lethal long-range weapon you can use. Its damage type is lunge which can help you out in pulling off some tactical mobile attacks. A key thing that you need to remember is the difference between the two stances you can use with the Bow. The Otoya Stance will help you deal more damage, while the Haya Stance will help you reposition and efficiently traverse the field.

A Tier

Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List Top Weapons
A Tier.

The A rank of the Wild Hearts Tier List will cater to the better weapons rather than the best. Simply, they are pretty good weapons, but the ones we looked at above still trump them in a number of situations. That said, it is still possible that these weapons may perform better than the S-rank ones when in the right hands. Without spoiling too much about them, let’s have a look at what these are.

Karakuri Staff

The Karakuri Staff is possibly the most versatile weapon in the game. It can be turned into a number of different weapons with multiple range choices as well. The Juggernaut Blade is the most powerful of the bunch, which is quite similar to the Maul. However, its combos can be quite complex, but once you learn when to use which weapon, you can deal damage more effectively.

Bladed Wagasa

The Bladed Wagasa is also quite a unique weapon. It is the only one in this list that has the Parry or the Dodge skills mechanics. It also looks like an old umbrella that excels in close-range fights with Lunge as its damage type. The special attack meter is the only thing you need to remember when using the Bladed Wagasa other than the parry skill. With the Spindance Attack, you can easily take out a healthy chunk of your target’s health by unleashing a barrage of attacks in a very short amount of time.

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The Nodachi is basically an extremely big cleaver. It is a close-range weapon that deals Slash damage to its weapons and is quite similar to the Maul. The difference between these weapons is the combo type and the attack speed, which makes it slightly less effective. In order to use the Nodachi to its maximum potential, you need to activate the Lai Stance for as long as you can, which in turn deals more damage. Your mobility will take a heavy hit when using the weapon, so it may be a nice idea to bulk up if you opt for it.

B Tier

Worst Wild Heart Weapons
B Tier.

The last and final rank of th Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List is the B rank. It normally caters to the average entities, but here it contains the least powerful ones of the bunch. Calling them the worst may be an overstatement as they are still useful but not that much compared to the ones we looked at above. These weapons are listed as follows.


The Cannon is the only weapon other than the bow, which is purely ranged. While the bow specializes in a stream of stealth, mobility, and elegance in its play style, the Cannon is the opposite. With the Cannon you are a one-man army that is capable of destroying entire hordes because of its explosive damage type. However, you need to be careful and not spam it because that could lead to you filling the Heat Gauge, which in turn would make the Cannon useless for quite a while. 

Karakuri Katana

Next up is the Katana, which is quite possibly the most beginner-friendly weapon in the game. It is, of course, a short-ranged weapon that deals Slash damage with every hit. The only cool thing you can do with the Karakuri Katana is its Unleashed State which is its Special Attack. Other than that, however, it has nothing going for it.


The last and final weapon on the list is the Clawblade. It is not particularly close range but its not long range either. The Clawblade deals piercing damage which can be useful in some situations but most of the time it’s quite poor. It has the coolest play style because it allows you to perform aerial attacks in a very nifty manner. A nice tip to keep in mind when using the Clawblade is that if you rotate in the middle of the special attack, you can potentially land a devastating blow to your target.


With that, we conclude our Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List. The game does look pretty cool, so you should definitely experiment around with the play styles as well as the various weapon types. Additionally, if you feel like adding some tips, feel free to use the comments below. Also, feel free to leave your thoughts about this list, and stay tuned for future ones.