WOTLK Tier List: Ranking All Characters

Hello, my fellow readers. I’m here with another accurate display of the end game new to your eyes and mind. This game saw the world’s light in 2008 and has succeeded since then. It is a sequel to World of Warcraft and is known as World of Warcraft: wrath of the lich king. WOTLK tier list ranks the characters of this game while describing their parents and power-ups.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 18 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their skills, stats, attributes, class, and traits.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Unholy Death Knight, Assassination Rogue, and Frost Death Knight.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe characters like Blood Death Knight, Beast Mastery Hunter, and Subtlety Rogue.


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
JOHNNY BRAVODemonology WarlockFire MageElemental ShamanBlood Death Knight
CAILLOUShadow PriestEnhancement ShamanArms WarriorSubtlety Rogue
TEEN TITANS GO!Affliction WarlockRetribution PaladinFury Warrior
OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBITBalance DruidCombat RogueBeast Mastery Hunter

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

It is an ultimate display of the qualities and drawbacks that rank them down this tier. It has been named the fastest-selling computer game of all time as it gained a lot of popularity when released worldwide. It had some additional updates and creative additions that excited it even more and succeeded in living up to that hype.

Suppose you are a gaming fanatic and have been dying to play an action game, then this multiplayer role-playing game is your haven. You should recall that my tier list is for a unique entertainment purpose and can be approached by critics. It has characters prone to being cold out for variation as opinions vary from gamer to gamer.


When we start our WOTLK tier list, we must find out what this tier regards. In this case, it is about a game that expanded the World of Warcraft and displayed the reign of the lich king.

It achieved greater purpose by raising the Warcraft world and adding Northrend under its continents and some zombie-like minions who were ready to be slaughtered by our characters.

Game creators introduced a first hero class called the death knight which began after a player cleared level 55. The game involved a good plot and storyline that entertained a player and kept him informed of his favorite fighting world. Its storyline is quite interesting and revolves around the lich king.

WOTLK Gameplay

Warcraft’s a wide range of games and movies. It has often expanded its world to invite more audiences to its franchise. Its gameplay revolved around players in the Warcraft universe with five continents: Azeroth, Outlander, burning crusade, warlords of Draenor, and wrath of The Lich King.

Each realm has its significance in its own game. A player has often entertained himself and indulged in these settings to prepare his characters for an ultimate fight. A player must complete tasks assigned to him by non-playable characters. In return, he receives awards and points that help him with skills and Apparatus from the shop.

Along with achieving quests, a player gets tackled at some difficult level in which he forms a group and then enters the dungeons where he gets to fight PvP and PvE battles that increase his practice and ranks him up the leader board. A player can battle with characters in arenas, brawlers Guild, proving grounds, and Raids.

Pve and PvP game modes

A player is presented with a chance to either have a brawl with a player or with his environment. In his background, he can start a battle with computer-based characters that deal damage to him and try to destroy his existence.

While in PvP mode, a player enjoys an action game with his friend in multiplayer mode or some other person from anywhere around the world through online gaming.

This way, he achieves a versatile form of playing games. For this purpose, our characters are divided into PvE and PvP mode characters; each character has its significance in that area and does not move from his zone.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier

As tier or a superb, special level of our WOTLK tier list has exceptional characters in their moves and skills. They have great abilities that could aid a player in his battle. During A war, a player has to decide what character he wants in his team and which is unneeded. This battle leads to his gameplay which would work if his set of warriors were great.

If he makes even a single mistake, this character will ruin his whole gameplay. S-tiered warriors ensure that a player’s gameplay is set in pace and makes him see the light of victory. A reader or a player always wonders why he should choose an S-tiered character over other characters. An S-tiered character is a Compilation of characters from this game with top stats and effective abilities.

Unholy Death Knight

 Class:  death knight

The lich king edition of World of Warcraft introduced a whole new class of death Knights to our character’s list. A player could achieve new characters from these, and unholy death Knights were a part of this class. He has a unique fighting style that includes melee and spellcasting. A player achieves a lot of abilities through this character.

He is a PvE scenario character and is included in our WOTLK class tier list PvE. He is part of an S tier due to his extremely powerful, damaging moves, including pestilence and wandering plague; these allow him to target his enemies and do shadow damage to them. He has a dynamic way of moving around an arena; this style entertains a player and doesn’t bore him.

His other abilities include impactful utility, combined with balanced rewards to make A move that an opponent cannot dodge.

Abilities Pestilence, Blood Strike, Blood Boil
Class death knight

Assassination Rogue

Class:  rogue

Assassination rogue is another mutilation causing dagger you sing person. He is savage and brutal and is ready to slither your head off without you even realizing it.

He has powers that can take you down in a second while following a player’s gameplay. Without gameplay, a character is nothing but just Bones and flesh. Our skeletal green-haired character has invincible characteristics that make him top of our tier list.

He has talents regarding vigor, haste, poison, and damaging Skills. he has a rare set of glyphs that grant him different abilities and bonuses; a player is enriched with threatening and negative aptness that destroys his opponent and makes you seem at the top of your game.

His stats are what include them in an S tier of our WOTLK tier list. He has expertise in precision, gear, and poisons. An opponent cannot run away from him.

Abilities Mutilate, Envenom, Deadly Poison IX
Class rogue

Frost Death Knight

Class:  death knight

Our first introduction to PvP and death knight is with frost. His name gave his techniques and powers away as his powers regard ice, snow, and storm. It might seem cool and pleasant, but when you come in contact with his brutal skills, you are left with a frost Bite. His talents are gained and dispelled in different phases of his game.

His abilities include obliterating icy talons, changing the voice, sending blood, villains, and blood strike. A player can reduce the cost of a hungering cold through his glyph of hungering cold. This warrior helps him in an arena, and a player gets a reliable way through success.

He has an eternal belt buckle, earthen leg armor, and a ruin of reservoirs that increase his abilities and makes him more skilled in an arena. This quality is what resides him under an S tier of our WOTLK tier list PVP.

He also has some killer magic spells that include killing machine hungering cold and threat of Tharassin; all these are quite effective in an arena and destroy his opponent to a maximum level.

Abilities Unbreakable Armor, Howling Blast
Class  death knight

Feral Druid

Class:  druid

Feral druid is a tank type of character that hints that he is a well-built person with protective and defensive moves other than offensive ones. His defensive actions are so strong that they cannot reach him or his allies. He successfully protects his friends and companions and successfully destroys his opponent.

Feral druid has been staying at the top of his game since many other versions of this game. He has never disappointed his player. Similarly, in this game, his strengths are extraordinary. His strengths include possessing HP and durability.

He has high defensive cooldowns, including anticipation for damage spikes and bark skin that transforms him into a bear for 12 seconds. In this form, no shot that an opponent target toward him is penetrable.

He has the highest damage output on his opponents, making him an impressive tank of our WOTLK tier list tank. He has the gift of the wild that allows him to perform wild spells while dividing his traits among his allies.

Abilities Ferocious Bite, Prowl, Rake
Class druid

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier

An A tier is a tier of the WOTLK tier list that has potentially great warriors and guardians. These characters have unimaginable, powerful skills but are slightly lower than the S-tiered characters. These characters have abilities that range from best to good.

A player rarely disappoints these characters as they perform great in an arena without leaving any gaps. A player feels satisfied with his feelings and prefers them over B, C, or D-tiered characters.

These characters have high start and appropriate skills according to their demands. They display agility, strength, and motility in versatile ways.

Demonology Warlock

Class: Warlock

What can you expect from a person named demonology, a demon who is grotesque, deadly, and savage at the same time? He is a character who has a grotesque and petrifying appearance that stuns a person on site.

Hilariously, he is kept as a pet by some crazy people and then used to brawl in deadly fights. He has an important spec called the demonic pact. It raids 10% of spell power that everyone has and is a good supporter and helps his teammates.

His abilities include soul fire, shadow bolt, and Felguard. Demonology can undergo metamorphosis, allowing him to attain new powers and skills and increase his durability. His demon charge and shadow cleave increase his malaria and will enable him to deal more damage than before.

His other strengths include demonic pact, Demonic knowledge, decimation, molten core, shadow flame, and the seed of corruption. All these high damaging powers include him in a tier and a competent character of our WOTLK tier list.

Abilities Improved Shadow Bolt, Suppression, Avoidance
Class Warlock

Shadow Priest

Class:  priest

Shadow priest is an agile Character and allows a player to remain optimistic during his game. he doesn’t disappoint his player and follows gameplay accordingly. A player has eased in surrounding his character with impenetrable and indestructible gameplay. This character is competent enough to stand against voracious opponents that are out to kill people.

His abilities include shadow form, soccer, improved mind blast, misery, and unbreakable will; these allow him to gain power-ups that cannot produce a loophole in which a player might fall and lose his opportunity to win. Shadow form is a mandatory talent that improves a player’s combat skills and possibilities and includes him in the WOTLK tier list.

He has some major and minor glyphs that are sturdy and chaotic. A player gains a lot of confidence and spirit by playing with this character as he boosts his soul by his glyph of shadow.

Abilities Shadow Weaving, Vampiric Touch
Class priest

Affliction Warlock

Class:  Warlock

Affliction warlock is the newly added addition of World of Warcraft. It added new characters and classes and areas to fascinate its players. In the same way, the Creators added affliction warlock with various specs and diversity in his skills that baffled the player and made him recall every scenario that could help him win a game.

This character has so many damage-deflecting potentials and abilities that it can never go wrong in an arena. A player gets to use everlasting affliction, corruption, siphon life, and haunt to haunt his opponents and make them regret their decisions of fighting against despair.

He is a single target damage dealer, which makes him a good priority in a team as he can inflict a lot of damage on his opponent, and they differ in their paths.

He is included in an A tier of our WOTLK tier list because he has a long time of ramp that evolves during his course of agony and curse of a term; otherwise, he has good living skills and the seed of corruption is his great move inside in arena.

Abilities Soul Siphon, Shadow Embrace
Class Warlock

Balance Druid

Class:  druid

Balance druid is a fascinating character with his balancing skills and great temperament. A player receives could meme direction through this character as he has a great addition to him.

He used to be an abysmal character, but when this version was updated, he received an eclipse, and Star fall increased his damage dealing and made him a resident of an A tier of our WOTLK tier list.

A player receives a great amount of eccentricity or out of this character which boots up his spirit and makes him invincible. He has highly damaging moves that affect his opponents and decrease their HP.

His strengths include typhoon hurricanes, Star fall, and other wind regarding movements. He extracts his powers through the air and uses them against his opponent.

He also has an innovation and rebirthing ability that makes him regenerate his mana and restore his that teammate. But he is not in the topmost tier due to his low reliance on his gears.

Abilities Hurricane, Gift of the Wild
Class druid

B Tier

average characters ranked
B Tier

Let’s move on to our mediocre here, referred to as a B tier of our WOTLK tier list. This steer has mediocre or ordinary characters that do not have a unique set of skills and stats. They are good for beginners as they are easy to handle and do not make up the whole outlook for a Player.

A player resorts to these characters when he learns how to establish his name during a game and to practice his gameplay. He trains these characters and launched skills and their execution. After he has become a pro in these, he moves on to the top-tiered warriors.

Fire Mage

Class:  mage

He is damage dealing character whose only aim is to do as much damn it as he can inside an arena. He doesn’t look from side to side and just guesses to work to do his desirable task.

He used to be an inclusion in the lowest tier in previous versions, but his days of darkness have ended as he has reached the mediocre story of our tier list. His moves are motivating and strengthening in each performance.

This character has high single target damage, meaning he can target a single opponent but deals great damage to him. He has a threat reduction ability that reduces the threat from other opponents by creating a shield around him.

Now a person must be wondering why he is a part of a B tier of our WOTLK tier list, which is why he has a glass cannon and law area of affecting damage. This variety means his utility decreases, bringing him down from the previous most preferable tier.

Abilities Improved Scorch, Pyromaniac
Class mage

Enhancement Shaman

Class:  shaman

A player receives great peace and relief from this enhancement shaman as if he belongs to a high-bursting damaging class with high utility and durability. Shamans used to be the opposite of paladins and were not accepted, but in this game version, they upgraded to a prominent class who can take down their target singlehandedly.

This character has many abilities that make them a great choice in an arena. During a PvP battle comes on, hardness, blood fury, and X specializations are most tactful as they help a player over speed against his opponent and win.

This specialty is what includes him in our WOTLK 2v2 tier list. They may have good combinations with the unholy death knight, fueled red, holy paladin during 2v2 battles.

Our competence and durable characteristic decrease their opponents’ HP and increase their ATK level. Enhancement shamans are a good choice for a team.

Abilities Shamanistic Rage, Shamanistic Focus
Class shaman

Retribution Paladin

Class:  paladin

A retribution paladin is a versatile character who provides increasing utility skills and capable Powers. A player receives satisfaction from this character as it evolves and produces a heroic array of indestructible skills. They are most useful in racing and help win against many surfaces.

It has a collection of racial abilities that are termed as blood Elf. They include arcane torrent, affinity, and magic resistance. These involve encouragement by a great set of moves, and these characters show good alliances with humans, dwarfs, and drain. They offer a different set of skills to each species of civilization.

They are included in a B tier of WOTLK tier list PVP because their abilities most of their skills are useless during a PvP as they do not require a flash of light, plus Exorcism because they are going to do less amount of damage in a racing arena, which makes them a mediocre character.

Abilities High bursts cooldown, excellent cleave
Class paladin

Combat Rogue

Class:  rogue

Combat rogue is a talented character with high starts and revolves around good choices of skilled and destructive mode. These characters are good at combats and races, including him in our WOTLK class tier list PvE and they follow a player’s gameplay to the team and do not look back. But due to some lacking skills, they are included in a B tier.

There, his set of skills includes tricks of the trade fan of knives that make them flexible in performing their moves. They help a player move toward an arena with a set of skills that are common yet powerful.

Their weaknesses include that when many opponents confront them, they cannot perform because they have a common set of weapons that need reloading after a short period.

They have highly damaging powers that might have been useful, but their gears do not cooperate with their moves, and in the end, a player is disappointed with his character choice.

Abilities Adrenaline Rush, Hack and Slash
Class rogue

C Tier

WOTLK tier list
C Tier

A C-tiered character of our WOTLK tier list is a warrior who lacks skills that could aid a player in his gameplay. These characters are just used to fill up this lot in a team but do not help in a battle.

A player gets severely disappointed because they have low stats and poor skills that do not comply with the player. A player seeks such characters who can help him win in an arena with less effort, and these characters require the most effective gameplay, which needs to be altered repeatedly to fit into these characters.

Elemental Shaman

Class:  shaman

An elemental shaman is a character who takes part in dungeons and raids. He involves blaster-type casters that transform his opponents into burning hot lava. His move skills also involved electric bolts and Thunderstorms that could blow his enemy out of an arena.

He has a good set of skills and healing powers that also help heal his allies. This quality makes him a healer and resides in our WOTLK tier list healer. He is a racer in start again, takes the great powers out of his allies, and has an alliance with the orc, Tauren, and trolls.

This character is seen in an arena trying to build up his strands and weaknesses while ensuring he doesn’t lose. But he has many flaws in an arena that make him the worst player choice. He regrets choosing this character and then bangs his head when he loses the cane; this is why he is included in a C tier.

This character has a totem of wrath that saves him from going into a D tier of our WOTLK tier list; that is where the downtrodden reside.

Abilities Elemental Mastery, Call of Thunder, Fire Nova
Class shaman

Arms Warrior

Class:  Warrior

An arms warrior takes pleasure in fighting a battle with his gilded sword that slaughters the head out of the enemies. A player must choose his specialization of a sword, Mace, or poleax according to the presented situation. These characters apply a good amount of trades for beginners, but the strength for the highest form of the players is weak.

This character presents glyphs regarding morale. They may allow a player to deal damage but have low effectiveness. And the impact is also not so powerful. He also has a victory rush that gives him the opportunity to strike, but he usually misses this window and is left with nothing in hand.

He is included in a see here because he is slow and has a common set of skills that aid a player. He might be able to overpower his enemy, but when presented with multitasking, he loses his chance and is left with nothing.

Abilities Booming Voice, Sweeping Strikes
Class Warrior

Fury Warrior

Class:  Warrior

If you re warrior is a warrior who uses his anger and directs it toward his opponent. He is raised at the smallest things and then slaughters his powers in that rage and fury. He is usually indulging in his fury flames that can be seen from 2 miles away. When he is in an arena plan, the opponent tries to stray away from his moves as they might burn him with his fury.

His strengths include being a single target damage character who deals damage on a single surface but injuries of grade level. When he targets 4 opponents, he loses his ability to deal damage and lags in an arena. His utility moves are also quite low, and he cannot be used as a single opportunity.

Although his shattering throw, battle shout, and rampage are mediocre abilities, they save him from going down in the deepest and darkest rung of our WOTLK tier list.

Abilities Improved Intercept, Improved Berserker Rage
Class Warrior

Beast Mastery Hunter

Class:  hunter

A beast master might seem like a grotesque and viable creature who can gobble you up in one bite. But then you might wonder why he is not in the top tiers and included in the lower levels. The reason lies in his back and stats that make him a mediocre or worse choice for a player. He regards this character as superficial and nonusable.

His strengths include that he has a damaged cooling down shorter than the other hunters, but during a fight, he doesn’t require cooling down because he has fewer moves that a warrior can encounter.

His abilities need him to use his crowd control immune and beast within two to accentuate his abilities before they are usable in PvP or PvE battles, including him in WOTLK class tier list PvE.

He is included in a C tier because his chimera shot, explosive shot, and other such shoots are low damaging and make him a poor damage dealer. A player is disappointed with this character because he does not follow his gameplay.

Abilities Auto Shot, Volley, Distracting Shot
Class hunter

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier

Did your characters are abysmal, making D tier the worst tier of our WOTLK tier list? This tier regards the characters with extremely low stats and stats skills that do not aid in an arena. They are just there for display; when you use them, they become so useless that you just want to throw them in the trash and burn them up.

These characters infuriate a player, and he becomes so enraged that he messes up his whole gameplay and loses the battle.

Blood Death Knight

Class:  death knight

The blood death knight is a tank type of character with great boldness and uses his powers to stand the deadliest and most toxic moves directed toward him. He uses his powers to protect his allies as well at himself. He doesn’t allow damage to reach his companions and stands in front of them as a wall that is punishable.

But unlike other WOTLK tier list tank tanks, some of or usually most of the moves directed by his opponents pass through this wall, and he is left with no ability whatsoever. His abilities might seem ludicrous and extraordinary at first glance. Still, when you use them firsthand, you are disappointed with his powers. he is a gear-dependent character who can’t defend himself without his armor or dodging ability.

His other poor skills include poor mobility, which makes him immobile in an arena, and he can’t move faster, making him a poor choice for a player.

Abilities Provides Abdomination’s Might
Class death knight

Subtlety Rogue

Class:  rogue

What can you decipher from a subtle role? That means that he is move should be silent in an arena, and he should not give up his location or his next move. But unlike his name, he is Not subtle at all. He has a set of actions that include vigor, shadow dance, and preparation but these moves are not hidden at all and display his next move to app opponent.

His enchanting included enchantment cloak, enchant chest enchant, bracers greater assault. All these do not help a player; inside an arena, they slow him down, and while he is making a decision, he cannot see his opponent’s next move, and he is left with last.

This player has good combinations with frost mage, shadow priest, and discipline priest that includes him in our WOTLK 3v3 tier list but also ruins their outlook on end opponent and left in the dark.

Abilities Filthy Tricks, Shadow Dance, Fan of Knives
Class rogue

Believing us

When a reader enters our tier list, he wonders why he should believe in us and our tier list, and This has gone through a set of instructions, rules, and regulations. It is not just an arrow in the air; a special evaluation and analysis have led to this creation. A gamer plays this game and analyzes every character according to his moves and skills.

These stats are kept under consideration, and then they are evaluated with another character. After this, these characters are assigned their respective tiers according to which they reside in this tier. After this, the editor rechecks every fact and goes through the article to search for any mistakes, and This is how a full-fledged piece is presented to the viewers.


WOTLK Tier List Illustration
Tier image

An illustration is of a tier list just necessary to imprint the whole tier list in a viewer’s mind. This tier image of our WOTLK tier list is the compilation of the entire article and just a single picture.

Each character is put into his respective tier, as discussed above. The reason for this a listing has been told already under his soldiers. Which mainly depends on their stats and skills.

Comparison Table

JOHNNY BRAVOSPestilence, Blood Strike, Blood Boildeath knight
CAILLOUSMutilate, Envenom, Deadly Poison IXrogue
TEEN TITANS GO!SUnbreakable Armor, Howling Blast death knight
OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBITSFerocious Bite, Prowl, Rakedruid
Demonology WarlockAImproved Shadow Bolt, Suppression, AvoidanceWarlock
Shadow PriestAShadow Weaving, Vampiric TouchPriest
Affliction WarlockASoul Siphon, Shadow EmbraceWarlock
Balance DruidAHurricane, Gift of the WildDruid
Fire MageBImproved Scorch, PyromaniacMage
Enhancement ShamanBShamanistic Rage, Shamanistic FocusShaman
Retribution PaladinBHigh bursts cooldown, excellent cleavePaladin
Combat RogueBAdrenaline Rush, Hack and SlashRogue
Elemental ShamanCElemental Mastery, Call of Thunder, Fire NovaShaman
Arms WarriorCBooming Voice, Sweeping StrikesWarrior
Fury WarriorCImproved Intercept, Improved Berserker RageWarrior
Beast Mastery HunterCAuto Shot, Volley, Distracting ShotHunter
Blood Death KnightDProvides Abdomination's Mightdeath knight
Subtlety RogueDFilthy Tricks, Shadow Dance, Fan of Knivesrogue

Patch Notes Version 3.4.1

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • Flame Cap now shares a cooldown with most potions.
  • Ulduar: The power level of items found in Ulduar, crafted items requiring Runed Orbs, Emblem of Conquest items, and Season 6 PvP Rewards have been increased from the original Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Titan Rune Dungeons are a new optional game mode that can be activated in Wrath of the Lich King Classic heroic dungeons by having all five players in the group interact with the Mysterious Device near each dungeon’s entrance to activate Defense Protocol Alpha.
  • The Death Knight spell Summon Gargoyle no longer snapshots the haste level of the controlling Death Knight when the spell is used and now dynamically updates the haste value to use with each cast of Gargoyle Strike.
  • Several adjustments have been made to the Group Finder tool.
  • Class colors have been added to group listing names.


WOTLK tier list is the compilation of characters; this tier list is the compilation of characters from the game World of Warcraft: Wrath of the lich king. This game was the renewed expansion of World of Warcraft and had new and old characters. This ranking ensured it did justice to each character and listed him in his tier according to his stats and skills.

A tier list provides a basis for compiling characters. It helps players to open their inner eyes and evaluate their gaming sessions. This tier list comprises five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. They all have unique traits and attributes those stun players. S tier has top warriors with high-quality characters and a storyline and gives a view of food for thought.

A tier has potentially great characters, but they sometimes lack quality or have a lower stat that puts them down. Next are lower and mediocre tiers.

B-tier has mediocre guardians that are good for those who play with every character; C-tier resides those protagonists that may or may not be good for a player. Lastly, this tier list is concluded with a D tier with abysmal characters.

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