Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List: Top Rankings

We Will Be Ranking All The Best Blades In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 With This Article.

This JRPG has been dominating the charts in its categories, and naturally, we had to deliver on our part. In our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List, we will cover all the Blades that are available as playable characters.

They will be ranked mainly on the many community rankings available on Reddit. However, some rankings of characters with insufficient data may be altered based on my personal opinions of them.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 53 entries on the list.
  • We have made our rankings based on each one’s Class, Element, Skills, etc.
  • Among the best Blades are characters like Pyra, Fiora, Corvin, and QT.
  • Joining the lower tiers are entries like Godfrey, Kora, Dromarch, and Finch.


Before we dive into the main content, below is a summary of all the rankings you’ll find here.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD RankF Rank
• Pyra
• Fiora
• QT
• Elma
• Corvin
• Nia
• Dagas
• Pneuma
• Mythra
• Shulk
• Crosette
• Patroka
• T-elos
• Pandoria
• Adenine
• Herald
• Zenobia
• Brighid
• Wulfric
• Mikhail
• Nim
• Akhos
• Poppi QT
• Sever
• Azami
• Agate
• Vale
• Gorg
• Newt
• Theory
• Praxis
• Sheba
• Perun
• Cressidus
• Nia
• Roc
• Poppibuster
• Perceval
• Obrona
• Perdido
• Kasandra
• Boreas
• Ursula
• Aegaeon
• Dahlia
• Vess
• Floren
• Dromarch
• Electra
• Godfrey
• Kora
• Finch

The characters will be discussed in further detail in the content following the table.

S Tier

Best Xenoblade 2 Blades
S Tier.

Like most rankings, the first tier that we will discuss is the S tier. The S rank alone is synonymous with the best blades Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Tier List. Here we will discuss the absolute best blades in the Xenoblade 2 universe based on their most qualifying features, such as power and abilities. They are listed as follows.


What better way to start the list than with the most composite Blade of them all? Pyra is considered to be either the weakest or the strongest Blade of them all. We will opt for the latter critique because she is one of the strongest and most well-rounded blades, continuously getting stronger as the story progresses. Additionally, she is one of the most common characters, as she is given to the player at the start. Mythra is quite stronger than Pyra, according to some players, but in the community rankings, Pyra always comes out on top.


She is one of the best characters when it comes to buffs and debuffs. She can use her abilities to give herself increased crit damage as well as increase her Art damage. While increasing her damage, she can also debuff the enemy’s attacks. All in all, the only reason you would not want to use her is if you’re looking for a little bit of a challenge.


QT is a champion that, according to some players, does not deserve the praise she gets because of her Poppi form and Alpha. However, her role as an agile tank is extremely undermined by how easy it is to obtain her. Her support abilities are extremely good for the amount of work you have to put into her, to begin with. Lastly, her most important ability is her resistance to debuffs which can do wonders in changing the tide of the battle.


Finally, we are going to talk about Elma. She is unanimously agreed to be one of the most overpowered champions we will look at in the S Rank She has one of the most devastating special attacks, which deals serious damage. Additionally, she has such a good synergy that she can work well with several characters and fit into various strategies for chained damage, Max Affinity, strong bursts, etc.


Corvin is the last Blade of our S tier. He is an extremely powerful tank that places quite high in the article. He fits into the evasive tank role quite well, but that’s not his most attractive trait. His affinity chart seems to be the most popular feature among players, which bodes quite well for his synergy charts as well. You can potentially pair him with a bunch of offensive blades or even with a light blade for quite a devastating team.

A Tier

Top Picks Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List
A Tier.

In the A rank of our Xenoblade 2 Rare Blades Tier List, we will look at the second-best Blades in Xenoblade 2. They aren’t as good as the S-tier blades, but they definitely aren’t that far away from them, either. They have minor factors like rarity or difficulty that lower their ranks but all in all. Additionally, they are some of the strongest blades you can use. Let’s take a look at who they are below.


The first Blade we are going to discuss in the A tier is Nia. Nia is one of the strongest Ether users in the entire Blade pool, with some of the highest stats paired with one of the strongest healing abilities. Furthermore, she can reverse the enemy team’s healing which in turn damages the opponents rather than healing them. However, building her to her potential is quite a challenge which is the only reason she is in the A tier rather than the S rank.


KOS-MOS is a devastating ether Blade that, at times, has proven to be better than even Mythra against enemies who are weak to light-type moves. In addition to dealing deadly amounts of damage, she can heal quite efficiently, thanks to her L2 bonus. If that is still not enough for you to like her, her special attacks completely ignore enemy defense, so it deals additional damage from the start. At the same time, she uses a ranged weapon that can’t be parried, which makes her an absolute unit of a blade. However, getting her is quite hard, which is why she is in the A tier.


Dagas is another Blade whose placement may come as a surprise to many of you. However, there are those that bring out the true potential of Dragas and showcase why he is completely viable for the A tier. Given that he is not the easiest Blade to play with, he is not that difficult, either. His abilities can boost your team’s damage so much that even with a team with just him as support, you can easily wipe out enemy teams.


Pneuma is a pretty confusing blade to discuss overall, but given her high base stats, she is definitely an A-tier pick. Furthermore, many of the community rankings place her and Mythra quite close together because of how similar they are. However, Pneuma has some restrictions on her kit because she can’t use certain buffs. Despite that, she can theoretically do a lot from damage to chained damage, making her a viable pick, just not a popular one.


Finally, next up is Mythra, who is quite possibly the most popular Blade in our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List. Mythra is one of the few characters that is never listed anywhere below the A tier in most of the community rankings, and for a good reason. She is one of the strongest Blades when it comes to Critical damage. Mythra is quite similar to Pyra but fails to do as much consistent damage as her. 


Next up is Shulk, who was the main protagonist of the earlier series. He joined the blades in Xenoblade 2 as a guest DLC character and quickly climbed his way up into the A tier. Shulk has a number of great perks that basically turn him into a better Shield Hammer. His level 1 is quite poor, which is why he fails to be placed any higher in the ranks. He has a pretty high attack speed thanks to faster animation paired with a ridiculously low Art cooldown which makes him quite a deadly Blade to level up and use. 


Despite being a cute little pirate healer, Crosette is one of the most lethal blades in the game, with super high burst damage. She has the physical damage resistance among any other healer blades, which makes her stand out. Furthermore, her tree has extremely strong abilities listed off the bat, allowing her to be a menace right from the start. Combining all this into a champion that requires no RnG to pull with the DLC, she is for sure an A-rank blade.


Patroka is one of the strongest support champions in Xenoblade 2 right now. She can greatly boost the special damage of her team, which pairs up extremely well with burst damage Blades like Mythra, who focus a lot on Crit damage. Despite all that, she is quite a difficult character to play with because her buffs come at the price of her health, along with some limitations. She is extremely strong against multiple champions but equally weak against a single champion which is why she is only in the A rank.


T-elos is a relatively unpopular blade in Xenoblade, but at the same time, she is one of the strongest ones as well. Her weapon Ax introduces a unique playstyle associated with her, not to mention the insane special attack damage. Other than that, finding blades whom she goes well with is also quite difficult. However, some players have pulled some breathtaking teams with her, and those alone are enough to bring her to the top ranks in most lists.


The last Blade that we will look at in this section is Pandoria. Pandoria has seen a lot of massive buffs over the course of the game, which is why she is quite high in the A tier. While she is not the best Blade in most situations, she is a devastating one if you play her correctly. She doesn’t have a good crit rate, but when paired with some devastating high-damage blades like  Volt, she can do wonders. All in all, her true potential is quite tough to unlock, but she is definitely worth it.

B Tier

Average Xenoblade 2 Blades
B Tier.

Up next is the B tier, in which we will look at the Blades, who have more or less an average performance in the game. They aren’t the best ones, but they certainly are not the worst. Additionally, using them isn’t the worst idea, as most of them are viable. However, it will be far from easy when opting for any of the characters listed below.


Adenine is characterized as a healer blade and is one of the better blades you’ll find in this section. Despite being a healer, she excels more at enabling your team than healing. She is not a good blade overall, but in the right place and at the right time, she can help you deal serious amounts of damage. Leveling her up is not going to change her skills much, but playing around with her tree can lead to good damage synergy with the right blades.


Herald is primarily an attacking blade that can potentially do a lot of damage. When I say potentially, I mean that you need to build her up quite a lot before she starts showing some actual damage. The popular drive for her seems to be Zeke which can work out pretty well. That said, if you love playing with a mecha girl and winning, building her out may definitely be worthwhile in the long run.


Zenobia is strictly a mega boss slayer. Her passives are incredibly important in her kit, which makes the devastating antiboss cannon that she is. However, in any other scenario, she performs quite poorly. Most people opt for Adenine over Zenobia because building Zenobia is way harder than building Adenine. Another problem is that she is a wind user, which immensely increases her difficulty because of timings as well as synergy with a lot of good Blades.


Briighid is one of the most average Blades we will look at in our Best Blades Xenoblade 2 Tier List. She is not necessarily bad, but she is not that good, either. In addition to being a pretty powerful evasion tank, she has a very good performance as long as you haven’t ended the game. The post-game performance is quite abysmal because your focus is killing enemies as fast as possible rather than tanking them for ages.


Wulfiric is an Earth blade with one of the largest volumes of mixed opinions in the game. He has a lot of damage potential, possibly out scaling anyone else in the game. His B rank relies on the ridiculously long animations for his attacks and is one of the hardest synergy possibilities in Xenoblade 2. Wulfric is a decent blade, but not one that is too fun to play with.


Mikhail is a perfect B-tier void tank that can deal quite a bit of damage if he is used in the correct team compositions. That said, he is a pretty good evasion tank with some of the lowest cooldowns in the game. However, he does come with some abysmal stats, like his crit rate and the defense, which is quite pointless for an evasive tank.


Nim is an Earth Healer blade that is quite loved in the Xenoblade community as far as her story is concerned. When it comes to utility, she is a pretty average healer that can potentially do very well in extremely specific situations. Her special moves are particularly good at healing the party for a percentage of the damage you deal. Other than that, she is a basic B-tier blade.


Akhos is a very mixed blade that doesn’t do too well or too badly. He is also a healer blade that is considered to be one of the best healers when it comes to damage as well. However, similar to Wulfirc, he is not the fastest Blade which renders a lot of utility useless unless he is in the right composition.

Poppi QT

Poopi QT is the second form of Poppi that is often ignored because of her other form. While Poppi QT is good, she fails to do as well as her other clone, which is why she is being discussed with the other B-tier Blades. However, there are some scenarios and team comps that do showcase her true potential, which a popular Xenoblade personality, Enel, has discussed in his video.


Sever seems like quite a basic B-tier blade when you look at him as is. However, if you do explore his kit, he can do some interesting stuff. Even then, he is not the best Blade to opt for, but he can be pretty fun to mess around with. All in all, his presence in the story showcases his abilities quite accurately, basic and short.

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Azami is a darkness attack blade that has one of the riskiest playstyles in the game. The gist of her kit is that the lower she is, the more damage she deals. While it is a viable playstyle, it certainly requires a lot of risks that you don’t necessarily have to be subject to. All in all, not the most popular Blade, but definitely that could be fun to play around with.


Agate is the last B-tier Blade that we will be looking at. From a macro view, she is quite an average support blade that slightly boosts the team’s damage by a little bit. However, she, too, follows the trend of the other B-rank Blades; she is quite slow. There are better blades than hers that do the same but better, so it is probably to better to opt for them unless you really like playing with Agate.

C Tier

Below Average Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List Blades
C Tier.

In the C tier of our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List, we will focus on the champions that rank slightly below average. The Blades listed here are somewhat viable picks, but playing with them will make your experience anything but easy. Without spoiling too much here, let’s have a look at who these are.


Vale is a pretty underwhelming blade that is most effective when paired with Rex for Elemental Bursts. However, there are currently so many better options for Rex to boost damage output that it’s almost foolish to opt for Vale rather than someone like Mythra or Roc. She can be a nice blade for beginners, but in the long run, she really isn’t worth it.


Gorg is a great axe user, so implicitly, it means that he is good compared to many other blades. But, we have to consider some of the other damage Blades, after which we see that Gorg ranks in the C tier at best. He is good but not great compared to some similar blades. Other than that, he has a lot of good defense buffs and pretty good field skills, making him somewhat of a viable pick.


Newt’s placement may be a little confusing for some of the seasoned players considering that she is a mighty good tank blade. Despite her utility, she still ranks in the C tier because of how bad her synergy is, which is a key factor to consider in Xenoblade 2. While she is a lethal Katana wielder, finding a place for her on most teams is a very hearty task that a lot of players avoid.


Theory is another tank that is quite similar to Newt. Her element is ice but other than that; she is pretty much the same as Newt. However, while Newt struggles with synergy, Theory struggles a lot in maintaining aggro which can be annoying at times. Another unfortunate factor is that Theory is available only after CH 7, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for her to be used properly.


Praxis is one of the more definitive C-tier Blades. She gives her driver 10% Dexterity which doesn’t really make a notable difference in combat. Unfortunately for her, we aren’t accounting for the story because she is one of the most well-designed and fun Blades in the game. That said, she has decent field skills and viable passives but still fails to break the threshold for any of the higher ranks.


Sheba is one of the most hard-hitting blades in the game, but the problem with her is her restrictive passive stats and horrible attack speed. The way she works is that the more female allies you have, the more damage she deals, which narrows her team synergy extremely, requiring you to do a lot of work for her. For the amount of work required to build her, it’s not really that worth it.


Perun is one of the more controversial blades, not because of her abilities but because of her design and combat animations. This does deal a massive blow to her popularity. However, she is also the worst mega-lance user, and despite being an attack blade, she is incredibly weak. She is easy to build but unnecessarily complex, which makes her too much to deal with in most teams.


Cressidius is a perfect C-tier blade that plays the role of a tank on text. Most people find him more viable as an off-tank that can effectively heal the party, provide some CC, and do a little damage. He is nothing special but quite easy to build, so he is not the worst Blade ever. 


Nia is the strongest Ether user in the game based purely on her stats. However, her synergy, as well as her abilities, are quite hard to fit into teams. Additionally, other drivers easily out scale the damage she does base on better weapons as well as speed.


Roc is a fairly popular blade because he is available quite early in the game. While he is useful, his damage and skills are not that great. He also has horrible scaling, which is why he is in the C tier despite being that popular. He fits really well here in the C rank of our Xenoblade 2 Rare Blades Tier List.


Poppibuster is the best Shield Hammer blade in Xenoblade 2, but the problem lies in the role itself. Shield Hammers are quite abysmal, but the increased lack of synergy reduces his chances at a higher tier even more. Additionally, he can easily be out scaled by Shulk if built properly.


Perceval is one of the best tank blades in battle if you manage to get him early in the game. He has great scaling, but you may be wondering why he is in the C rank. His agility stats are one of the worst ones in the game, which puts a heavy dent in his team compositions as well as his usability in the game.


Obrona is one of the worst attacker blades in the game, but at the same time, she is quite a decent post-power-up support Blade. You can use her to boost attacks, but there are many better options than Obrona. She also has pretty nice damage ratios, as well as high hit counts.

D Tier

Less than Viable Xenoblade 2 Blades
D Tier.

In the D rank of our Xenoblade 2 Rare Blades Tier List, we will look at the entries that are almost horrible. They have certain situations or perks that help them stay a little bit ahead of the F-tier blades. However, playing with any of these will make your chances of winning quite low, if possible at all. You should never go for these Blades unless you really like them or are just exploring the Blades pool.


Perdido is a fire-type attacker rare blade that takes the first spot in our D rank. He can opt for many weapons, but most of them fail to bring too much to the table. Additionally, his role as an attacker Blade is quite poor because he is only useful for increasing accuracy and critical rate by a little bit. However, he does have some decent abilities that may be useful in a number of situations, making him a little more viable than the F tire Blades.


Kasandra is a Dark Tank Blade that uses a Shield-hammer in battle. For a tank blade, Kasandra is not that bad because she comes with a +15% HP stat modifier. However, her weapon, combined with her mediocre passive abilities, makes her a pretty bad pick. If not for the shield hammer, she would be a very good asset when used with someone like Tora, but unfortunately, Shield Hammers are quite bad.


Boreas is a wind Blade that excels at the tank role. He has a pretty uncharacteristic modifier that increases HP which makes him a pretty decent tank. However, Boreas is quite tough to fit into effective compositions in the mid to late stages of the game. Granted, he is probably the easiest Blade to level up in the game, but his abilities and passives could be better.


Ursula is an Ice Healer Blade that gives her Driver 10% agility in combat. However, she is quite bad at the healing bit unless she is properly built. It may seem like a simple task, but Ursula has one of the most horrible affinity trees in the game because of how complex it is. It alone makes her not worth completing, but if you are a hard Ursula fan, she isn’t gonna be the most useless Blade to complete.


Aegaeon is a Water Tank Blade and is one of my personal favorites when it comes to character design. His design is inspired mainly by Greek Mythology which is always a banger in video games. Unfortunately, he isn’t a Blade that works with just anyone. In fact, the only drive he works extremely well with is Morag which is why he is in the D Tier. While good, his synergy trait is quite poor. That said, he isn’t so bad that he be demoted to a lower tier.


Dahlia is an Ice Healer blade that can also provide a few good stat buffs to her allies. Additionally, she is considered to be the most controversial blade in the game because of her design alone. That said, when it comes to actual combat, she is quite bad. She isn’t the worst, but finding Blades that she works well with is an extremely hard task, while building her into a team that fully utilizes her kit is near impossible.

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Vess is an Electric Healer Blade that buffs the HP of her drive by a mere 10%. Pair this with her abilities, and you get a solid early-game Blade. However, the more you progress, the weaker she becomes because her healing from her abilities becomes incredibly inadequate. However, she does have a pretty nice ability to fit almost into any composition that uses an Electric Healer.


The last Blade of our D Tier is Floren. Floren is an Earth Healer blade that fits perfectly as the last member of the rank. He has decent abilities and passives, but because he is a bit ball user, so many other Blades outperform him at the same task. Driver synergies are still a good choice, but they may not work out that well if not built to perfection.

F Tier

Worst Picks Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List
F Tier.

The last and final tier of our Best Blades Xenoblade 2 Tier List is the F rank. Here, we will look at the worst characters in Xenoblade 2. Picking them is a horrible idea because, more often than not, you will end up losing quite effectively and repeatedly. Picking them is almost like asking to lose in almost every fight you take. These Blades are listed as follows.


The first Rare Blade in the F rank is Dromarch. He is one of the worst rare blades in the long run because of how easily other blades can fill his shoes and perform better than he can. Not only does he bring subpar stats to the table, but he also has some of the most mediocre passive abilities among any of the rare blades. All in all, he doesn’t seem all that worth it to waste resources on him.


Electra is the default tank loli that you see in many games similar to Xenoblade. Unfortunately for her, she is a shield hammer user who puts a heavy dent in her usability and power. Other than that, there are so many better Electric Blades that are easier to obtain and build, which also do more than Electra can.


Godfrey is a hammer type that is considered to be the worst weapon type in Xenoblade. However, that does not even come close to defining everything wrong with him. He has some of the worst field skills paired with horrible passives, making him an overall liability to include in your team composition. Additionally, his base stats are nearly horrible for a Blade with his role.


Kora is a healer blade that also increases Ether power which can be useful for boosting special attacks. Furthermore, she doesn’t have much to show for in combat beside her decent passive abilities. When it comes to the story, she is great but horrible when it comes to combat.


The last Blade that we are going to discuss in our article is Finch. She is another Shield Hammer, which automatically puts her quite low in the rankings. However, there are some builds that make good use of her skills, but then again, everything she does can be done better by another Blade in a more efficient way. Morag is the one drive she is most commonly seen on, but other than that, her performance on other drives is quite poor.


Finally, we have reached the end of our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blade Tier List. While it is quite an old title, it was still extremely fun to make because of how intricate the design is of each of the Blades in the game.

However, if you feel the need to add something or simply leave a thought, feel free to use the comment section below. Other than that, stay tuned for future lists and have fun farming.