YBA Shiny Tier List: Get the Rare Ones

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Welcome to the world of Roblox, a gaming platform that lets its players play games created by other developers while also designing and developing their own games. Roblox is a platform that is too well known to the Weeb community because of its mad creations with the likes of Anime Battle Arena and Your Bizarre Adventure, which provide the players with the essence of their favorite Anime along with some diehard fighting gameplay.

I personally am a big Anime enthusiast and a hardcore gamer, who loves to spend most of his time sitting in front of screens playing games or binge-watching these animations of Japanese manga. I am a huge fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures and have finished the series multiple times eyeballing every detail, so fasten your seatbelts, as this YBA Shiny Tier List is for sure going to be a hell of a ride.

A Tier List is an idea originating from the culture of video gaming where playable characters or other elements encountered in video games are ranked on the basis of their utility and importance. This tier list is comprised of five Tiers ranging from the S-Tier or the Superb Tier to the D-Tier, where the S-Tier reigns supreme and represents the best, and the D-Tier represents the absolute worst in that order.

However, having said that, please beware that Tier Lists are very subjective as they are based on the thoughts, opinions, and understanding of an individual and come in contradiction with the perceptions and opinions of others, as each and every person is entitled to his/her own opinions and understanding.

Your Bizarre Adventure

Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) is a Roblox RPG based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures which is a hit anime series, that follows the story of the Joestar family. Overall it is a very well-composed anime, with a strong storyline filled with mellow drama, deceptions, and fighting scenes along with some iconic characters who still hold a significant status in the Weeb community.

The primary aim of the Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) games is to provide its players with a great fighting game experience. The YBA games have a lot to offer in terms of content other than well-rendered graphics and smooth mechanics, it has a huge and quite simply mindboggling selection of characters called “Stands”.

In case you are a new entry in the realm of Roblox or the extraordinary world of gaming, then this Tier List is definitely your cup of tea, as it will help you to keep an eye on the most iconic and badass stands in the whole of Your Bizarre Adventure. With that said let us commence with the Tier List.


The Best YBA Stands in YBA Shiny Tier List
The Best YBA Stands!

The first tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List is the S-Tier or the Superb Tier. The World of Your Bizarre Adventures offers its players a number of different stands with a wide variety of abilities and skills, which empower the players to gain an advantage over their foe, having said that, these stands are all not the same, some may excel in one department and some may lack in one department.

The S-Tier is the symbol of excellence and the stands that are added in this specific tier is seriously overpowered and are worthy to be called the best. With all said let us commence with the S-Tier.

The World: Over Heaven

The first stand in the S-Tier is The World: Over Heaven, a character that has a strong resemblance in appearance with The World from Stardust Crusaders, it has a white color scheme with a sort of yellowish pale contrast. The character has a total rating of 75 skill points making it one of the best characters in the game. Its main ability of Overwriting Punch enables the players to avoid obstacles and weaken the rival by disordering their hitbox.

Due to its overwhelming strength, this stand ultimately covers all its weaknesses but a major drawback is that its self-heal is the slowest in the game making him a vulnerable target to enemy attacks during the time of recuperation.

Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is an extremely powerful stand if used appropriately by the right player, it is often subjected to criticism due to the low damage that it inflicts to the opponents by its attacks. However, one thing should always be kept in that due to its lightning-fast speed and movement it can attack and damage its opponents but makes it significantly harder for the enemy to attack him.

Due to its lightning speed, it is almost impossible to face this stand on the battlefield. Having said that this lightning speed of his can play the role of a dual-edged sword as it may take some time for the player to get used to, but this shortcoming can easily be overcome by using a  time stop stand alongside it. Hence, along with such time-stop features, one can easily make use of its vigorous abilities and can cause maximum damage to its foes.

It has a total rating of 70 skill points. Its abilities include punches, stand barrages, knife throws, double acceleration, infinite speed, and time acceleration.

D4C: Love Train

Up next in the S-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List is D4C: Love Train, which is the modified version of D4C and is unlocked by using the heart of the Saint’s corpse. This new version of D4C has extra destructive power and although it wields greater base damage its bombardment speed is also mind-blowing. This attribute assists it in making it to the highest stands in the game. D4C: Love Train has an inherent power of awful devastation which adds to its beauty along with its lightning-quick speed and movement mechanics.

D4C: Love Train is an instant fan favorite because of its massive power of destruction as well as because of its ability to have an access to long-range attacks. It also has the ability to make clones and use smoke bombs as a divergence.

These qualities make D4C: Love Train a perfect fit when fighting multiple enemies because their attacks can be made useless. But a point to ponder is that its functionality can be hindered if the damage inflicted by the foe is too severe or critical making it hard to recover from. Its main ability is the Love Train, in which pillars of light obliterate the enemy causing massive damage for the duration of the attack until the pillars completely vanish.

The World

The is a stand made for players that prefer to engage in close-quarter combat. It has huge reserves of power and seemingly can easily outpower its opponents without even breaking a sweat. It has the ability to freeze time for a total duration of 5 seconds, which can prove to be a deadly disadvantage when fighting against this character. However, its time-stop ability can be canceled by the Gold Experience Requiem and in that case, its ability is nullified.

It has a total of 53 skill points in total. One of its main attacks is the Road Roller which is a very heavy attack but, it can lead to more severe and disastrous results if it is used inappropriately. Another big ability is its Rage Mode where the stand generates a red aura which boosts up the attack by 20% and also decreases the damage dealt making this already hard stand a nightmare to fight.

Star Platinum

Just like The World this stand also excels at close-range combat due to its robust abilities and its lightning-fast speed. Star Platinum is a basic stand and it can be evolved into an, even more, stronger Star Platinum: The World. Star Platinum: The World is capable to cause more damage and is better equipped for attacks, the reason why it gives more efficient results when fighting. It also has access to Star Finger and Inhales in its arsenal, which can prove to be very handy tools and cause a greater punishment to the enemy.

Star Platinum has a wide array of attacks to offend its enemies. It is capable of performing an astonishingly rapid flurry of punches, in which it hits the enemy with a barrage of punches, though the damage dealt per punch might not be significant alone overall is a pretty cool and handy attack to simply destroy any opponent. It can also throw a barrage finisher that crumples its opponent into lifeless pulp.

Star Platinum’s most useful ability is Inhale, which creates a sort of vacuum that leaves the enemy stunned, breaking its defensive stance and opening it to an easy hit. Star Platinum is coming in the clutch in the S-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List with an accumulated rating of 48 skill points.

Tusk Act 4

Tusk Act 4 is a stand most suitable for long-range sparing. Tusk Act 4 was first put into action by Johnny Joestar in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part 7. Tusk Act 4 is not an original design but rather a modified version of the Tusk Act 3. Tusk Act 4 is a complete master class when compared its stats to its previous prototypes, it has a number of abilities that makes it a simple child’s play to overpower any opponent. Among all of its earlier prototypes, Tusk Act 4 is the only stand that has the ability to use melee attacks against enemies by employing its Barrage and Barrage Finisher moves.

Its main ability is the Infinity Rotation, which is one of the strongest utility in the game, as it allows the player the ability to time skip making it very difficult for any enemy to inflict damage. Secondly, Tusk Act 4 is also empowered with redirection powers which makes its attacks more efficient. It has a total rating of 66 skill points.


The Second Best YBA Stands in YBA Shiny Tier List
The Ones who Fell Short of Greatness.

Next up. We have the A-Tier, which is the second tier to the S-Tier, don’t get me wrong this tier has some stands selections to show for it, the stands that have been added to the A-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List are very good but not as good as those mentioned in the S-Tier. In a game all the characters are not designed the same, they are different from each other in one aspect or the other. Some shortcomings such as the low power attacks or the elongated cooldowns have pulled these extremely promising characters down to the A-Tier.

Six Pistols

The first stand in the A-Tier of the Tier List is Six Pistols. A purplish revolver with slots for 6 bullets in a cylindrical chamber, this stand wields a purple aura in its appearance. In-game this stand appears to be only in a form of a gun with directional bullets.

Six Pistols has a total rating of 55 skill points, making it quite effective against other stands of lower caliber. Once the player has used all of the Six Pistols bullets it can only be used upon reload, whose speed can be reduced by a skill three upgrade.

Six Pistols is quite an aggressive stand and is relatively known for its attacking attributes. Its main ability is the Multi-Shot Skill, which when performed redirects the bullet around the target multiple times and not only causes severe damage but also stuns the target in its place for a good amount of time, this attack of Six Pistols only utilizes a single bullet.

Killer Queen: Bites the Dust

Moving on in the YBA Shiny Tier List, we have Killer Queen: Bites the Dust, this YBA is surrounded by a purplish-black aura in appearance. Killer Queen has a scar on her face which reminds the player of the emasculating pain inflicted on her during its final war with Josuke’s crazy diamond. Killer Queen is one of the user-friendly stands in the game making her a no-brainer for any player to pick when playing.

Owing to its user-friendly nature, its damage increases manifold. Killer Queen possesses a very innovative niche, its abilities are not only unlockable but are also indestructible. For instance, her ability Sheer Heart Attack will consistently tail its target as long it is not hindered by anything in its way. It has a total of 74 skill points rating making her a lethal combat machine.

Having said that, Killer Queen has very slow mechanics and can easily be countered by the enemy, Since all of its attacks are reversible and nullifiable, it is very difficult to make use of it in situations of close combat. Although, it appeals to be of most use on paper yet its startup is very time-consuming to the extent where dying while employing it is a normal thing.

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Red Hot Chili Pepper belongs to Akira Otoishi, a rival of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This stand has a total rating of 54 skill points and specializes in electric attacks. His main ability is the electric guitar, when playing the guitar, the electric charge continuously increases, which is indicated by a bar that keeps track, once enough charge is accumulated, the stand’s abilities will be boosted and the Electrifying feature could then be enabled.

Once the Electric feature is enabled the Red Hot Chili Pepper gets a significant power boost and increased speed mechanics. This stand also has a quite diversified selection of attacks to keep its enemy on its toes, the most notable one is the Pinky Flash which deals total damage of 20 hit points. Overall a pretty decent stand for a player to consider.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap

The next stand in the YBA Shiny Tier List is Dirty Deeds Done Dirty cheap which is also known as the D4C and is one of the main rivals in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. D4C is one of the rarest stands in the game, to be more specific, on probability, there is only a 25% chance for a player to unlock this stand.

From the attacking point of D4C offers two melee attacks among which one is a standard barrage and the other barrage finisher, which can be of great use as it can be used to attack the target in close proximity without too much hassle.

King Crimson Requiem

Moving on, we have King Crimson Requiem next in the Tier List, an all-out red demon who uses stealth to perform a sneak attack on its enemies and wipe them with a single strike. King Crimson Requiem is an original design made to feature in the game specifically, it has nothing to do with the show, the reason why its moves have no alignment with other stands of the game.

Most of its moves are conceptional and inspired by other fighting games in the FGC community, for instance, its Raging Demon move set is one inspired by a Street Fighter original and later Tekken Adapted Akuma.

It is safe to say that the character development team has truly aced this stand, from having one of the best-looking appearances in the game to the overall well-balanced move set, this stand has it all, making it one of the most fun characters in the game. King Crimson Requiem has a total rating of 63 skill points.


C-Moon is a stand adapted from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6. It has an overall white appearance, with a snake-like pattern following across its body.

For players who prefer to jump into the action of close-quarter combat, C-Moon is the perfect pick, due to its strong attacks and the ability to Skip Time. C-Moon is a heavy hitter with all of its attacks that pack a great amount of damage to the opponent. In one of its moves the Uppercut to the moon, C-Moon hits the enemy from down under which deals damage of 12 hit points, furthermore, upon contact, the enemy goes airborne vulnerable to further attacks thus extending the combo. It has a total rating of 63 skill points.

Scary Monsters

Up next in the A-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List, we have Scary Monsters, which is easily one of the best-looking stands in the whole YBA Universe. It has the appearance of a blue-colored T-Rex dinosaur with purple contrast. Scary Monsters is adapted from part  7 of the anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Steel Ball Run. It is also a rare stand with a chance of unlocking it is less than 1% making it a valuable collectible.

Scary Monsters also has a diverse set of abilities that can greatly benefit the player when engaging in head-on combat. Due to its ability Raptor Legs, it moves at a significantly fast rate than any other stand. Its attacks can deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy making it a very hard stand to fight against. It has a total rating of 44 skill points.


Just as in Tusk Act 3 and Tusk Act 4 Aerosmith is a stand that specializes in long-distance combat. The Aerosmith was considered to be among the weakest stands of the game, however, having said that, due to the recent update patch Aerosmith has gotten a serious buff, increasing both its offensive and defensive attributes. Aerosmith has been transformed into a decent enough stand capable of being a player’s main.

In contrast to the past, Aerosmith has a much more power output on its attacks to inflict massive damage on its enemies. In of its attacks, Aerosmith dashes through its enemy causing total damage of 34.5 hit points which is a lot in the context of the game. Aerosmith has a total rating of 52 skill points.

Gold Experience

Gold Experience is a rare stand with only a 2.5% chance of unlocking, it has a gold appearance and was featured in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5:  Vento Aureo. Gold Experience is a reasonably decent stand that packs some high-power attacks and combos and when paired with its special ability of self-heal, it becomes a stand that is capable of providing the player with a great deal of utility. This stand has a unique niche of abelites which makes it stand out from the entire stand roster.

In one of its attacks the Distribution of Life, Gold Experience attacks its enemies decreasing their health and getting healed itself. Overall a great stand with a total rating of 46 skill points.


Next, moving on in the A-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List we have a godlike stand with the name of Anubis, the inspiration behind this stand was the Egyptian Death God himself.  Anubis has the appearance of a skeleton who wields the power of Katana, and in my opinion, is one of the best stand designs in terms of looks and overall vibe.

Overall Anubis has some pretty ordinary stats, having said that, it is thanks to its godly swordplay, that this character gets its distinct advantage. Anubis is among the very few stands of the game that have the ability to counter its enemies and punish them with its long combo chain attacks. Anubis has a total rating of 54 skill points.

 Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond is a stand adapted from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Diamond is Unbreakable part 4, it has a brown appearance with a blue contrast and a mask that covers its face. Crazy Diamond is a rare stand with its probability being around a mere 2,5% making it an extremely valuable collectible. Crazy Diamond’s main ability is healing which it exercises at the expense of its rage bar.

It is a rather flexible character with a diverse set of attacks and skills, for example in one of its attacks the Rock Trap it creates numerous obstacles in the path of its foes aiming to hinder their movement and opening them up for a series of barrage attacks. Crazy Diamond is a great pick for any player an armature or Professional because of its user-friendly nature. It has a total rating of 46 skill points.


The Average Stands
Not So Bad…

The B-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List stands for mediocrity, the stands that have been added to this specific tier are fairly average at best when compared to all the other stands the game has to offer. The stands that are part of the B-Tier have exceptionally ordinary stats for their offensive and defensive attributes and are leaning towards the weaker side of the spectrum.

These stands are still good but not good to be the main choice for any player in a competitive game, rather a player may opt for such stands to have fun when playing in a more casual lobby.

White Album

Just as the name indicates White Album has a white appearance and is suitable for players who tend to play towards the defensive spectrum of gameplay. White Album has the ability to freeze the moisture around itself and formulates an armor of ice that can absorb several considerable attacks aimed by the enemy. It has main power is Cytokinesis which indicates its ability to freeze things in a matter of a few seconds. Consequently, dropping the temperature to -100 degrees Celsius easily.

Initially, many players may perceive White Album as a relatively weak stand, however, having said that, White Album has great potential and under any circumstances should not be undermined. White Album has two main attacks that are named the Flash Freeze and the Gently Weeps along with one other ability to enhance mobility and speed. White Album has a total rating of 46 skill points.


Moving on, we have Whitesnake who played the role of the main protagonist in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. Whitesnake is one of the rarest stands in the whole of Your Bizarre Adventure, with its probability of unlocking being around a mere 1%. Its main skill is of being a memory cipher, where it inserts Discs to get the intel it requires.

Whitesnake has a number of decent attacks at its disposal which deals total damage of 20 hit points on average, however, the character suffers from the cooldown between attacks, which is some of the longest in the game clock in around 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Whitesnake has a total rating of 47 skill points.

Tusk Act 3

Up next in the B-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List we have Tusk Act 3, a purplish robot who has claws for its hands to pierce through the enemy flesh, Having said that Tusk Act 3 is a stand more suited to long-distance combat rather than close range. One of its main attacks is the Wormhole Uppercut which can be a very handy tool to dictate the fight going. Tusk Act 3 also has a significant advantage when it comes to the cooldown between attacks which is among the lowest in the game.

However, due to its slow movement mechanics and low power attacks, it fails to keep up with the rest of the character lot, thus, limiting it to the B-Tier. Tusk Act 3 has a total rating of 46 skill points. Overall a very decent pick for any player who wants to enjoy the full essence of the game.

Beach Boy

Beach Boy is a stand design copied from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5, which excels at long-distance combat. Beach Boy consists of a well-balanced move set, with most of the attacks dealing a decent amount of damage to the enemies and a speed stat to keep its form the advancing enemies, however, Beach-Boy is a victim to some fatal flaws which nullify its abilities subjecting it to a serious disadvantage in midst of combat.

Beach Boy lacks redirecting abilities making its attacks inefficient against moving targets. It also faces threat in close-quarter combat as this stand is short of a barrage attack making it hard to perform long combo chain attacks. It has a total rating of 44 skill points.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a stand obtained from Part 5 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wing. It has the appearance of a demon with a purple aura surrounding it like a cloak. It is among the few rarest stands in the game, with the probability of unlocking it being only 4%. It is however advised that Purple Haze is a stand that masters a combat style only suitable for a specific niche of players, it specializes in stealth attacks whereby poisoning the enemy and sealing a sufferable painful death.

In one of its attacks, Purple Haze pricks the enemy with its poisonous needles and ends up paralyzing the enemy, hindering its movement and making it vulnerable to further attacks. It has a total rating of 45 skill points.


Weaker Stands
The More Weaker Stands

The next tier in the YBA Shiny Tier List is the C-Tier. The stands that are added into C-Tier are significantly weaker and can quite simply be obliterated by the opponents. Having said that please keep in mind that it is not just our verdict but the overall perception of the gaming community as well.

The stand is burdened with a lot of shortcomings or drawbacks which prevent them from reaching the level of greatness that is achieved by those present in the S-Tier or the A-Tier. These stands are in desperate need of multiple update patches to buff up their stats to provide the player with a decent gaming experience.

Hierophant Green

The first stand to be inducted into the C-Tier of the Tier List is Hierophant Green, which is capable of attacking its enemies from long-range distances. Hierophant Green is among the rarer stands in the whole Your Bizarre Adventure with its probability being lower than 4%, however, having said that, its scarcity may only be the single motive for any player to feel hyped upon unlocking this particular stand because on paper based on its stats Hierophant Green is counted among the weaker characters of the game.

Hierophant Green is a rather defensive stand aimed at the fact that its attacks and movement speed don’t do any favors if engaged in direct combat. Its attacks aren’t that powerful and when paired with slow movement mechanics, this Stand is surely put through its paces when competing with other stands of the game. Hierophant Green has a total rating of 45 skill points.

Magician’s Red

Moving on with the C-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List, we Magician’s Red, a Stand that excels at close-range combat. Magician’s Red has a half-human and half-bird appearance, It has a muscular physique with its legs covered with feathers with flames burning on them. The nails have been replaced by claws and have dark bracelets worn on both of its wrists, and I must say that Magician’s Red is one of the coolest looking in this Tier List.

Magician’s Red has a wide verity of high damage attacks at its disposal to completely overwhelm its opponents, having said its high power attacks are the only thing going for this stand, it manages to hit the enemy, otherwise, its brutally slow movements make its moves easily countered and blockable, which nullifies its overwhelming strength. Magician Red has a total rating of 40 skill points.

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Finger is a Stand adopted from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5, which has an appearance of blue with gray contrast. Sticky Fingers is generally presumed as a weak Stand, having said that it has a thing or two going its way to bump this helpless character up to the C-Tier.

The developers of the game have been kind enough to pair Sticky Fingers with a fast movement mechanic which enables it to perform a barrage attack to inflict a reasonable amount of damage on its opponent despite its low power stats, one of its attacks the Zipper Punch, is a similar kind of attack to the Heavy Punch but can only deal a total damage of 11 hit points. Overall a very weak Stand with a rating of 41 skill points.

Tusk Act 2

Up next in the YBA Shiny Tier List, we have Tusk Act 2 which is the earlier prototype of Tusk Act 3. The design for this Stand has been copied from  Part 7 of the anime named, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Steel Ball Run. Tusk Act 2 is a Stand that has been designed specifically for long-range combat, which is evident from the fact that it does employ any melee attacks to target its enemies, which makes it very predictable for the enemy to determine the next moves putting it a serious disadvantage.

Having said that there are some attributes of this Stand that make it viable for it to put a decent fight and push the enemy to its limits, among which count its cooldown which is one of the lowest in the game, its move Nail Shot has an almost instant cooldown and can use rapidly without any concern. Its attacks also pack a rather decent amount of damage to the enemy. Tusk Act 2 has a total rating of 42 skill points.

The Hand

The Hand has a white appearance with a gold and blue contrast. It has a total rating of 42 skill points, with the main ability to completely obliterate things from existence.

It is a very powerful Stand that releases a deal power in its attacks to inflict maximum damage on its enemies, however, it has a very fatal drawback of cooldown between attacks which makes it vulnerable to the enemy’s counter-attacks and reversals. Its move Erasure if the hit causes massive damage of 61 hit points and crushes the enemy’s body to crumbs, but has a very long cooldown of almost 7 seconds. Overall a very aggressive Stand that acts as a double-edged sword for the player in control.

Hermit Purple

Up next in the Tier List we Hermit Purple, which its first appearance in part 3 of the anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders. From the looks, there is purple running around the stand’s arms which also reflects a blackish aura. Hermit Purple is a stand that is more suitable for close-quarter combat because it specializes in grapple throws and reversals.

Having this stand is also very predictable due to its single motive move set, which puts it at a  serious disadvantage when engaging in a head-on duel. It has a total rating of 40 skill points.


The Worst stands in the YBA Shiny Tier List
The Ones With No Sight of Hope!

The final tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List is the D-Tier, which is quite frankly home to the weakest and borderline flopped stands that have been featured in the YBA Universe by the game developers. From non-efficient attacks to slow and lagging movement mechanics, these stands are seriously doomed. These stands are so undermined in the gaming community that tomorrow if the developing team decides to remove them no one pays any attention to the made changes. Seriously an absolute blunder made by those in charge.

Mr. President

Mr. President is an integrated stand with a special ability to kidnap. It is an integrated stand type that is non-humanoid and takes the form of a key. It has a pocket inside itself that serves as the safe room of the gang. Mr. President is a rather rare collectible probability of which being obtained succumbs down to only 10.5%.

Having said that, Mr. President is not an option to be exercised in combat, due to his fairly nerfed ability which puts the player at a serious disadvantage. Mr. President has a total rating of 36 skill points with his main skill being the ability to kidnap. When the player swipes anyone in front of him, the target is sent to Mr. President’s safe room.

The duration of a kidnap depends on the extent to which the stand is upgraded. It causes the damage of 22.5 hit points to the targeted foe, keeping in mind by using the shaking key attribute of this stand can increase the damage from 22.5 hit points to 40 hit points.


The next stand in the D-Tier of the YBA Shiny Tier List is Cream which is also referred to as Void in the game, due to copyright claims.  Cream originated from Vanilla Ice which is the third part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. As far as its appearance is concerned it is a half humanoid with a black mask that covers most of its face.

The cream can completely avoid the sun by entering into dark dimensions by using its ability of Transportation, by employing its other ability Cream can transform itself into a ball that rapidly moves from left to right, imposing damage of 43.5 hit points. But, kindly keep in mind that all of the abilities honed by this stand are kind of one-dimensional which makes it a one-trick pony or very predictable, to say the least. It has a total rating of 35 skill points.

Tusk Act 1

Tusk Act 1 is the first-ever prototype of the whole Tusk stand series. It has a pinkish appearance and a star on its forehead. This stand was adapted from the Steel Ball Run manga of the anime and sadly it is considered to be the worst stand in the present update of the game, for which one may argue that there is a multiple reasons, from the weak attacks to the almost laughable self-heal, this character faces absolute humiliation when put in comparison with other stands of the game.

A player upon unlocking this specific stand must quickly focus on evolving it to its advanced version to have any chance of putting up a decent performance. Tusk Act 1 has a total rating of 27 skill points.

Silver Chariot

Next, we have the Silver Chariot which made its first appearance in Stardust Crusaders, and from the looks of it, this stand represents the legacy of the shining knights. Silver Chariot is among the more rare stands of the game with its probability of unlocking being a mere 3%. However, it is one of the worst if not the worst stands in the current game, from the weak predictable attacks to the lag and sluggish movements and extremely long cooldowns this character is an option to be undermined.

This stand also lacks the ability of barrage attacks which is a core element of the game’s combat system. It has a total rating of 39 skill points, which could be misleading considering how bad of a utility it provides to the actual player.

The Beginning of The End

With that, we come to the end of the YBA Shiny Tier List. Looking back it was a fun ride, Roblox truly is a unique gaming platform that brings together people from a lot of different niches by giving them opportunities to play games while also granting them access to build and design their own games to bring life to their concepts and ideas.

Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) in that case is one prime example, a gaming universe that has been cherished dearly by the Weeb community.  Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) is a Roblox RPG and is based on the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures which is one of the most iconic anime ever produced, from the strong storyline filled with mellow drama and strong moments to the exceptionally well-written characters, this anime holds a significant status in the Weeb community.

Moving one, the Tier List is divided into five tiers named the S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier, with the S-Tier representing the most strong stands of the game with the D-Tier representing the weakest in that order.

However, please be advised that Tier List is very subjective based on one’s perception, thinking, and understanding, and can be in contradiction with the thoughts and ideas of another individual, hence please review this tier list with an open mind. Would soon be back with another tier list, till then peace!

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