Yugioh Duel Links Tier List: All Decks Ranked

This tier list aims to rank all the decks from the game to help you pick the best deck.

Today I am going to write about the YuGiOh Duel Links tier list. As you all know, this is a video game based on the incredibly popular collectible card game, and it is based on different sets of links. To have a firm grasp on the game, it is crucial that players should know what cards are best for them. 

Additionally, there are a very wide variety of cards and decks present in the game. There is a whole sequence of selecting cards for specific decks, and if you are a frequent player of the game, you would know that already. However, for the newbies, I will elaborate on it briefly before starting the whole list.

Our article is purely subjective and is a result of extensive research and know-how of the game.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 6 entries in the article.
  • They will be ranked based on the ongoing meta and each deck’s winrate.
  • The best deck is The Magnet Warrior.
  • The worst deck is The Water XYZ.


We will now rank all decks in a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Magnet WarriorGaiaAbyss ActorPhantom Knights
HarpieWater XYZ

Learn about each entry in detail below.

S Tier

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Tier List S Tier
S Tier.

In the S rank, we will be showcasing the best of the absolute best entries in our Yugioh Duel Link Tier List.

Magnet Warrior

The monsters in Magnet Warrior are all given Greek alphabetical names. Yugi used Level 4 Monsters from the OCG/TCG called “Magnet Warriors,” that he called “Alpha,” “Beta,” and “Gamma,” to Summon “Valkyrion the Magna Warrior.” Delta, The Magnet Warrior, an Effect Monster, was added to this trio, later on, to help in the Summon of Valkyrion.

The original “Magnet Warriors” got replaced by “Electromagnet Warriors,” retrained Level 3 Effect Monsters. They are made up of the letters “Alpha,” “Beta,” and “Gamma,” which when put together Summon the retrained version of “Valkyrion,” “Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior.”

The “Earth Deck” from Bastion has a new collection of anime-exclusive representatives of the archetype. They’re made up of Effect Monsters of Level 4 with the special sub-Types of Minus and Plus and their effects allow them to affect attack targets in two ways: by stopping two monsters from fighting each other, or by driving them to battle each other. The “Conduction Warrior Linear Magnum ” may be summoned by combining a Plus Monster and a Minus Monster.

Magnet Warrior Game Rules

The original “Magnet Warrior” archetype relied on the controller collecting the 3 level-4 Normal Monsters, “Alpha A Magnet Warrior,” “Beta The Magnet Warrior,” and “Gamma The Magnet Warrior,” and then tributing them all to summoning “Valkyrion the Magna Warrior” from the hand. Because of its high attack, “Valkyrion” was mostly employed as a powerful beat stick, and its effect allowed its controller to Special Summon “Magnet Warrior” monsters from the Grave, which could then be utilized as Tributes for more powerful monsters or as Xyz Materials for a Rank 4 Xyz Monster.

Because “Valkyrion” can only be Special Summoned by Tribute, sending it to the Graveyard allowed the controller to Special Summon and Tribute it later, allowing them to Special Summon the “Magnet Warrior” demons and fuel additional such combinations. With the introduction of the Structure Deck: Yugi Muto, the archetype received some new members and supporters, as well as a new goal that aimed to Special Summon “Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot.” Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, the three Electromagnet Warriors, were added to the archetype and all three were Level 3 Effect Monsters retrained from Level 4 Normal Monsters with two effects apiece.

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A Tier

Good decks from the game
A Tier.

The entries in the B rank are not the absolute best, but they are pretty close.


Gaia is an amazing deck, which is why we have placed it in the S tier of our YuGiOh Duel Links Tier List 2022. It requires discarding 1 creature from your hand before using it. From your deck, put 1 “Galloping Gaia” in the face-up position on your Field Zone. Once this Skill has been used, the following monsters are the only ones you may Special Summon until the end of your next turn. The prerequisite for the Skill to take effect is having either 8 or more “Gaia The Fierce Knight” monsters in your Deck, or a Dragon-Type monster of Level 5 or higher.

Gaia Game’s Rules

If you are unable to be Normal Summoned or Set, you may Special Summon it from your hand by sending 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster to the Graveyard. You may use any of these abilities once each round. Remove a monster off the field from the face-up position, and only if there is exactly one such monster on the field, use the ability. 

If the card’s attack successfully eliminates an opposing monster in combat (after damage calculation), it gains the ability to immediately launch a second attack. Because both Light and Dark monsters are present, special summoning them is a breeze with the deck. It has a decent impact, which may be used to kill monsters or as a possibility for an OTK.

For the cost of 1 Tribute, you can Special Summon the Fusion Monster from your hand. Once per round, if the card is Special Summoned: You can switch 1 monster in Attack Position on the field to Defense Position. Upon paying the required Tribute, you may add 1 Warrior creature from your Deck, other than “Soldier Gaia, the Fierce Knight,” with a Level of 7 or higher to your hand.

Each “Soldier Gaia, the Fierce Knight” effect has a once-per-turn limit. Having the card in your hand might be crucial if your opponent is planning on removing your Magical Knights fusion or if they have a monster with a greater attack than your own. Additionally, you can play the card as a follow-up attack. If your opponent doesn’t have a monster and you wish to attack, remember that its effect to turn a beast into defense can be used on itself.

A speedy victory might be yours if you have access to the field spell and a second “Gaia, the Fierce Knight” on your land, as your opponent won’t be able to activate any cards while you’re under the effects of the field spell. This occurs frequently if the normal fusion combination is performed, and Dragon’s Mirror is activated as the next monster sacrificed for Magical Knight.

You can Normal Summon the card while Tributing. but only if you control no other monsters, or if your opponent plays a monster with 2300 or more ATK. You may Special Summon 1 Level 5 Dragon card from your hand or GY in the Defense Position if the card is Normal or Special Summoned. The”Gaia the Magical Knight” effect can only be used once every round.

B Tier

Decent decks from the game.
B Tier.

The B rank of the Yugioh Duel Links Structure Decks tier list is what we could consider the average entries in our article.

Abyss Actor

The monsters of “Abyss Actor” are all modeled on famous actors and actresses, yet their grotesque or doll-like appearances belie their human roots. Some “Abyss Actors,” like “Abyss Actor – Superstar,” transform into different characters when used with different “Abyss Script” cards, such as a wizard if they’re combined with “Abyss Script – Fantasy Magic” or a knight if they’re combined with “Abyss Script – Fire Dragon’s Lair” in the anime. Most “Abyss Actors” also have just one eye (or conceal one with makeup) and have a pinkish-purple Crest on their person or clothing.

Abyss Actor Game’s Rules

Pendulum Summoning is crucial to the archetype’s playstyle. Many “Abyss Script” spells contain flexible effects that help the deck out, and their Pendulum Effects are activated by returning Pendulum Creatures to the Extra Deck for use in Pendulum Summons or to gain more Scales.

Both “Abyss Actor – Funky Comedian” and the “Abyss Actor – Evil Heel” cards have Monster effects and Pendulum Scale for changing the ATK favorably. But they are Level 1 and 8 respectively and require the impact of “Abyss Actor – Trendy Understudy” to Special Summon them, and the “Abyss Actor – Wild Hope” card to change the other Pendulum Scale

While the Abyss Actor archetype has many effects to return its face-up Monsters from the Extra Deck to the hand, such as “Abyss Actor – Extras” (Effect restricts Special Conjuring to only “Abyss Actor” monsters), “Abyss Acrobat” (Effect restricts Special Summoning to only “Abyss Acrobat” monsters), and “Abyss Actor – Sass In addition, “Abyss Actor – Hyper Director,” a Link 1 monster added to the archetype, allowing you to search your deck for the proper Scale before Special Summoning the Actor from of the Pendulum Zone.

Supporting this archetype are the “Abyss Script” Spell Cards, which can be found with the help of the “Abyss Actor – Superstar.” Two of these cards, “Fire Dragon’s Lair” for expelling three cards from the Extra Deck (enemy’s choice) and “Rise of the Abyss King” for removing cards, have a significant impact on the game right away.

The Abyssal Text You can cause your opponent to discard a card by handing them a face-down “Absorbing Jar” and then attacking it, or by utilizing the Monster and Pendulum effects of “Abyss Actor – Comic Relief.” Spell cards have secondary effects that are activated when they are destroyed by your opponent’s card effects.


Even though it was once known as “Harpie’s Brother,” the card “Sky Scout” is not part of the Harpie set because its Japanese name lacks the kanji for “Harpie.” For that reason, the name has been changed.

When “Harpies” were originally introduced, they lacked widespread acceptance despite being among the first of a new breed of monsters that would eventually be recognized as a distinct category. However, “Harpies” got more well-rounded and potent after Rising of Destiny thanks to the introduction of a few supplementary cards here and there. In addition to including several additional Harpie-related cards, the Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm includes the cards “Hysteric Party” and “Harpie’s Pet Baby Dragon,” both of which are helpful to the archetype. After then, Force of the Breaker dropped “Harpie Queen,” which included clues as to where to go for “Harpie’s Hunting Ground.”

Harpie Game’s Rules

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy not only gave Harpies a significant buff but also cemented the deck’s emphasis on keeping the upper hand and Xyz Summoning. Harpie Channeler is the mainstay of Harpie-centric decks, and for good reason: she can Special Summon another Harpie monster from the Deck and aid in the Xyz Summoning of Rank 4 or 7 monsters. Hysteric Sign may be used to search for either Elegant Egotist or any other Harpie cards you may require. The “Harpie’s Pet Phantasmal Dragon” Xyz Monster has the ability to defend your fellow Harpie monsters from attacks and targeting effects, and it can also attack directly.

The Legendary Collection 4 expansion, Joey’s World, adds many more examples that fit that pattern (while also reprinting important Harpie-related cards as well). Harpie Dancer’s effect may be used to maximize the rewards from Harpie’s Hunting Ground, or in conjunction with Divine Wind of Mist Valley, it can increase your ability to swarm. Their top-tier Spell Card is Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation, which may obliterate your opponent’s field of monsters but also prevents you from Special Summoning from your Deck or Extra Deck and enables your opponent to skip their Battle Phase.

Harpie Harpist, a new support card for the archetype introduced in Crossed Souls, has a fantastic secondary effect when played in tandem with Harpie Channeler. Additional creatures and cards for the archetype are included in Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 4, while “Harpie Conductor,” the first Link Monster support for the Harpie archetype, is included in LINK VRAINS Pack 2.

C Tier

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Tier List C Tier
C Tier.

The C rank of the Yugioh Duel Links Skill Tier List is the lowest category on the list. The decks here are not worth investing time into.

Phantoms Knights

An integral part of controlling “The Phantom Knights” creatures is scheming with their cards once they’ve been sent to the Graveyard. In addition to their other effects, the monsters in the Main Deck can use their own effects to search for and/or deposit Spells and Trap Cards from their respective decks in the Graveyard. Many “The Phantom Knights,” including various Pseudo-Trap Monsters, maybe Special Summoned by activating their Spell and Trap Card in the Graveyard. These moves are designed to prepare the field for the Xyz Summon of Rank 2–4 DARK Xyz Monsters and the Link summoning of The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche, providing them with both stat boosts and shields on top  of that.

In specific, the Level four beasts are usually there to back up the Level 3 beasts, who are the mainstay of the Deck and are utilized to Awaken The Phantom Knights of Cut Sword, a Rank 3 monster with incredible power and popularity in many Decks due to its effect of targeting and destroying 1 card on each field. A DARK Xyz Monster Summoned with the Phantom Knights of Ragged Gloves gains 1000 ATK (taking Break Sword to 3000). Additionally, it may be banished from the GY to send any other Phantom Knights cards from the Deck to the GY, allowing you to set up additional plays.

Phantom Knights’ Game Rules

When sent to the GY, The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak searches the Deck for any other The Phantom Knights cards and boosts the ATK and DEF of all other DARK monsters by 800 while it is on the field. Last but not least, The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots may search any Phantom Knights Spell/Trap when exiled and can Special Summon from its own hand if you command another Phantom Knight, preparing you for an Xyz Summon.

The scariest effect of Break Sword occurs in a Phantom Knights-only Deck when it is destroyed (usually by its own effect), reviving two The Phantom Knights from the GY and increasing their Level by one. Though you’ll lose access to Break Sword, you’ll be able to follow up with the devastating Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. The Phantom Knights’ Rank-Up-Magic Catapult is a special Rank-Up card that connects itself to the creature you Xyz Summon and can construct any DARK Xyz Creature, but the monster you Xyz Summon it onto must have no resources, and it may be searched and used with Cloak or Boots.

Since no other deck has an easy method to Summon the terrible Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon, a creature that can permanently take all the ATK of one of your opponent’s creatures, and negate their monster effects while resurrecting Xyz Monsters, which implies that The Phantom Knights are the only deck that can do such a thing. One of the Deck’s primary objectives is building up and sustaining Dark Requiem, since the Launch may banish itself from your GY to provide extra resources for your DARK Xyz Monsters.

Water XYZ

Reginald’s expertise allows any WATER deck capable of field flooding to reliably become a ranking 4 XYZ or even a level Eight synchro, regardless of their initial ranks. Extra deck monsters of the WATER type are limited, but some of them are already fairly potent in the current meta.

The addition of Acid Golem provides the deck with a second way to win: by discarding all of their cards and letting their opponent draw one. It does 1000 damage every round, has no attack, and negates the effects of your opponent’s special summons.

Attention: As of app version 6.0.0, the secondary element of Atlantean Heavy Infantry will now activate if you send an Xyz Monster to the Graveyard that uses Atlantean Heavy Infantry as an Xyz Material in order to use the ability of your WATER monster.

Water XYZ’s Game Rules

The use of the Deep Sea Diva is fantastic for setting up plays with Extra Deck. Invoke the might of the Atlantean graveyard by special summoning a squad of heavy infantry or marksmen. Synchronize into a level five or six monster, or use the skill to reduce both monsters to level 4 if you choose. This unlocks the ability to perform an XYZ synchro at level 8, or a rank 4 if you like.

Activating the effect of an XYZ creature like Abyss Dweller at will makes going into it a powerful turn 1 move. By deploying Heavy Infantry, your Abyss Dweller will be able to make a devastating impact quickly. For the rest of the turn, other than Xyz Monsters, you cannot Special Summon from your Extra Deck. And if you use the ability, you can target 1 WATER monster you control to Special Awaken from your Deck in Defense Position 1 Fish creature with the same Level as that creature, but with a different name.

There is a one-per-turn limit on the use of the “Buzzsaw Sharks” effect. The card may be utilized to Xyz Summon a Level 3 or Level 5 WATER monster, depending on which is most appropriate. Currently, the finest selection of WATER Synchros can be found around Level 6, thus a Level 4 creature like Silent Angler is a wonderful complement to your Tuners. Use the free Special Summon of Silent Angler to create Brionac as well as other Level 6 Synchros by combining it with Deep Sea Diva or Graydle Slime Jr.

You may get fantastic results from using Xyz with Silent Angler as well. To create Spider Shark or another Rank-4 creature, Normal Summon a Silent Angler and then Special Summon the other one. Heavy Infantry’s ability to perform an additional Normal Summon is useful for achieving Level 6 Synchro Combos. Cast Normal Summon on Heavy Infantry, then Normal Summon on Deep Sea Diva.


And that was our Yugioh Duel Links Tier List 2022, and we worked really hard to rank all of the decks in positions where we think they belong However, there is a high chance that some of these placements may not be to your liking, and that is also absolutely fine. You may play the game in a way that is unique to you, and we don’t want to come across as negating your choices.

But we did try our absolute best to construct a list that represented the current meta and reflected our individual playstyles on top of that. If there is something specific that you disagree with, please let us know in the comments section below.