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What Is A Tier List?

A tier list is really just a subjective categorization of anything. The categorization is done with respect to tier; from a high tier to a low tier, things are ranked. For example, one can make a tier list of football players, gaming characters, movie stars, political figures, models, cryptocurrencies, or any field they are interested in.

Tier Lists have gained popularity in recent years and especially in the video gaming communities. Popular streamers on Twitch and highly sought content creators on Youtube are busy creating tier lists based upon their experiences and expertise. This is an easy way for them to showcase their opinion on something and to spread knowledge about it to their followers.

Why Tier Lists?

The reason tier lists exist is to get an idea about a topic via a quick glance. One can watch lengthy videos on topics, and read guides, or books, but the tier list operates in a different manner. It makes the life of the researcher easy and categorizes the whole topic. This can then be used by the researcher to derive their own opinion about the topic and enhance it or stick with what is currently in the tier list.

How A Tier List Is Made At Top Tier List uses a simplified template so our audience can easily scan the article without wasting valuable time. There are several versions of denoting each tier, but the ones we use at are ranked from S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the most prestigious tier and D being the bottom tier.

S-Tier (Superb)

This is the ultimate tier. In this tier, the best of the business is there, and they are the most highly ranked. For example, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Cristiano Ronaldo, Playstation, the USA, and other powerful and legendary things will fall in this category.  It is easy to form a consensus for us on this tier with our audience because most people with even a little knowledge about a topic can get this category right.


The A-Tier List is a level below the S-Tier, and over here, the above-average things will fall, which are below the legendary status. For example, a tier list of the best shoe brands in the world is made; the S-Tier will have legendary names like Nike and Adidas, while the A-tier will consist of brands like Reebok, which are a tier below the ultimate kings of the shoes around the globe.


The B-Tier List is the 3rd highest tier in the tier lists at This is where you will find the most subjectivity in our tier list. As we said earlier that a tier list is a subjective categorization, and this is where you might not agree with our expert because it is the hardest to put something in this tier, as it is on the edge of going into the A-tier but our experts will give you a concrete justification of why the thing didn’t make it to the A-tier.

C- Tier

The C-Tier is the second last tier. Over here, the things that lie right on the border of being average or below average are put in the C-tier. This is again the hardest one because it requires loads of research, knowledge, and know-how of the topic to categorize something in this tricky tier but our experts will justify it and will not let you down.

D- Tier

The D-Tier is the bottom tier. Just like the S-Tier, it is easy to put things in this tier; it doesn’t require immense knowledge of the topic. But still, one can judge a tier list by looking at the bottom tier and top tier, and if they have gotten it right, then it shows they have good knowledge about the topic.