Among Us Youtuber Tier List: Pro Players Ranked

This tier list is made of 23 Among Us YouTubers to help you learn the game better or watch them for casual enjoyement.

Among Us is very similar to hide n seek but with many additions, twists, and turns. If you are new to this game and want to know how to play it or if you already play and want to become a pro player of this amazing game, then one of the best places from where you can take guidance is youtube. But it would be very difficult for you to find by yourself which is the best among us on youtube, so to make it easy for you, we have created the Among Us YouTuber tier list. Please go through the list, and get assistance from it.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 23 entries of Among Us Youtubers on this tier list.
  • Each entry has been ranked according to their skills, viewership, popularity, etc. 
  • In the top tier, you can find CORPSE HUSBAND, xQc, TRAINWRECKSTV, 5UP, DISGUISED TOAST ,etc.
  • Among the lowest tier, you will see PEWDIEPIE, CLOSING LINES, NINJA, TIMTHETATMAN, etc.


We will be ranking all the entries in a small table below.

S Rank.A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.

S Tier


The players ranked in this category are the pro players who know about each tip and trick that must be applied in this game to win. If you watch their videos, you can easily understand the basics and the main strategies of the game because they have explained everything in detail and in a very simple way. So, getting help and guidance from the YouTubers ranked on the list below is highly recommended by our professionals who have researched it a lot. Following is the S-Tier category.

Disguised Toast

The most entertaining, amusing, and one of the best Among Us Youtubers is Disguised Toast. He is not only a  competitive player; this word is not enough to praise him as an Among Us player. His strong detective skills make him different from all other players on the list. With the help of his detective skills, he was able to win against some of the best players.

When it comes to Among Us, then Disguised Toast is very famous for his impressive gameplay. He modifies the tip and tricks every time, always to win differently and more enjoyably. His Among Us plays are a treat to watch.

His ability to count seconds, memorize the colors, and identify which player is faking his actions makes him a perfect player that every ordinary player can not.

You can not find Toast’s emotions always stable. Sometimes he is so loud and ready to freak out, and he is calm and quiet the other time. He manages the lobby so well that the other players cannot judge whether he is true or telling a lie. Be it a crewmate or an imposter; he is an expert in both roles.

Watching one of his greatest Among Us gameplay will surely enjoy it.

Number of subscribers 3.78M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


The second most entertaining and smart Among Us YouTubers is 5UP. His consistent high ranking among the other competitors is that his initial success on YouTube is solely based on the Among Us gameplays. The tips and tricks he applies are exceptionally commendable and influential.

The quality of him that must be appreciated is that he has remained consistent with his wins, therefore, ranked on the top in some of the Among US gameplay compared to other Among Us YouTubers. He can perform his best as a crewmate because his six senses for identifying the imposter are very strong and almost accurate.

5UP constantly focuses on new tips and tricks and makes new strategies to defeat his opposition. But, these strategies make it very difficult for his opponents to win the game against him. He is good as a crewmate, but his logic as an imposter is also praiseworthy, and 5UP’s way of handling the game as an imposter is too entertaining.

We are saying that he is the best crewmate because his observational skills are very strong, and these skills are necessary for a crewmate to identify the imposters around them. The questions he asks as a crewmate are so to the point that it becomes almost impossible for the imposter to hide his identity, so crewmates win!

Number of subscribers 687K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


The YouTuber ranked third on our tier list and is known for his loud streams and impressive tips and tricks are none other than XQC. Where to start with? Because it is so confusing whether to praise his crewmate’s skills first or imposter skills.

As a crewmate, XQC can sniff the imposter from miles away. We are not saying it to praise him; however, it is like that. He has played this game so many times that now he has become a pro player and can apply different types of breathtaking tricks and methods that will make your eyes wide open.

His killing speed and techniques are on another level when it comes to an imposter. He vents like a pro that no one can ever see him. It is very difficult to identify him as an imposter. Overall, he is excellent Among Us YouTubers.

Number of subscribers 687K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel

Corpse Husband

Another exceptional player on our ranking is Corpse Husband. He is great at sportsmanship. His behavior in the lobby is worth watching. That is how he convinced other players and stuck them up in his lies. His imposter gameplays are fun to watch how he kills his crewmates without even revealing his identity.

He is considered the most dangerous Among Us player as everyone knows that he is famous as a horror narrator, so he applies the same trick in his Among Us gameplays. When he becomes a crewmate, he manages the game smartly and makes exact guesses most of the time.

When you watch his gameplays with complete interest, you will eventually start understanding the tricks he is applying, and you can take guidance from his playing techniques on how one can win this game smartly.

These were some reasons to rank him as a top Among Us YouTuber.

Number of subscribers 7.54M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


TrainwrecksTV is the one to win both of Code Red’s recent Among Us tournaments. Do you know why he is a famous and everyone’s favorite Among Us Youtuber? We can not tell you only one reason because there are many. Out of those many reasons, we will discuss some of them here.

TrainwrecksTV has a strong grip on the basics of the game, which helps him win most of the time. He has enough knowledge about this game that he further uses to trick the crewmates and identify the imposter.

No one can match his ability to make up stories and then convineryone in the lobby to believe imageries that are complete lies. This ability makes him an intelligent imposter. His knowledge helps him easily put his blame on others without everyone knowing. His reasoning and logic are up to the mark that can fool anyone.

These are some of the top skills that make him stand out among his competitor YouTubers. We have ranked him in the S-Tier of Among Us YouTuber tier list.

Number of subscribers 224K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel

A Tier


One of the best YouTubers is ranked on the A-Tier list and is not as good as the S-Tier ones. However, they will help you out in many ways. There is a slight lacking in them relatively because of that we can not mention them along with the perfectionists, but it does not mean that they are not the best. By watching their videos, you can completely understand the basics and the techniques that will make you win the game. The A-Tier YouTubers are ranked below.

Yeti Apocalypse

Yeti Apocalypse gained fame after winning the first-ever professional Among Us tournament hosted by FaZe Clan. His name is mentioned along with the best Among Us YouTubers.Hee is an awesome player and with the help of his video,s you can also become a very good player.

It is very surprising that initially, Yeti was not part of the tournament he won, he was brought into the tournament at the very last points but still, he managed to win it just because of his extraordinary and outstanding skills as a crewmate and imposter. Due to this reason, we are ranking him on the A-Tier.

Number of subscribers 22.4K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


Ludwig whose real name is Anders Ahgren is far more different than other Among Us YouTubers. Because some of the players use their detective skills to win the game, while some utilize their others utilizes, do you know what Ludwig does?

He is the prime example of using an English degree in winning the game. It is surprising for some people, and for some, it will be worth appreciating. It is strange how an English Degree can help someone wing the gameplay. Ludwig has shown how is this possible and we are amazed by this skill.

He lies so properly with the help of his narrative skills that no one can point him out saying that no you are putting your blame on others. Everyone believes what Ludwig wants them to believe. Isn’t it interesting?

Number of subscribers 4.46M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


Among Us has helped Valkyrae in becoming the world’s fastest-growing streamer. She is one of the best Among Us YouTubers. There must be some reasons why we are claiming her as the best player, and those reasons will be discussed in this tier list for sure.

She knows very well how to defend herself as an impostor, and she smartly takes herself out from the situation of doubt and starts toing and froing and in the end stucks everyone in the situation where they are in two minds or at least they do not doubt on her.

She can easily transfer the doubts to other players when she is the imposter. Her streams are so entertaining and funny that you will definitely enjoy watching these. Valyrae’s strategy of killing the crewmates is appreciable which you should also learn from her.

Overall, Valkyrae is excellent Among Us YouTubers.

Number of subscribers 3.86M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


One of the funniest Among Us YouTubers is none other than Sykkuno. He does not play this game more often, but his performance is at his best whenever he plays it. It is very difficult for other players in the lobby to identify him as an imposter because he barely makes up stories. Her queries and contributions in the lobby are up to the mark and to the point so no one can suspect him properly. He has a very different playing style, due to which he is ranked on the A-Tier of the Among Us YouTubers tier list.

Number of subscribers 2.89M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


The reason for ranking Jacksepticeye on this tier is that he is absolutely awesome in reasoning. He knows very well how to lie to the other members in the lobby and turn the suspicion toward other innocent players.

His ability allows him to win the game against the other players. He does the right number of kills at the right time, and in this way, he gradually kills all the crewmates without him being suspected.

Number of subscribers 29.3M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel

B Tier

among us youtuber tier list

After the perfect and best YouTubers, there comes the category where we will discuss those YouTubers on our ranking who are considered good players. They may not be the pro players nor will make you understand everything in the way it is meant to be. It is not that they do not know how to play properly or how to apply the tricks but the lacking they have is that they do not have the ability to explain the facts properly. Other than that they are completely good players whom you can consider as your guide among us.


We are ranking Nogla on the B-tier of the tier list because he is not as good as his fellow players, Ludwig and xQc however, he puts his 100% in the game. He is not ranked on the above-mentioned tiers because he can only play well as an imposter, otherwise, you can not expect anything from him as a crewmate.

He can come out of danger. For instance, if any of the players are suspicious of him he instantly takes action against it to defend himself and fortunately manages to do so.

He sometimes messes up with the players in the lobby because of his lame questions that do not help identify the imposter. Considering all the facts, we decided to rank Nogla on the B-Tier.

Number of subscribers 7.3M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


Russell is overall a very good player as he knows all the basics needed to play the game. The fact that he does not know the other smart tips and tricks ranks him on the B-Tier. if you are new to this game, you can watch his streams to understand the main things of the game. After understanding the basics you can look up the YouTubers ranked higher on our Among Us YouTuber tier list.

Number of subscribers 349K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel

Sydnee Goodman

Sydnee is well known for her streams of different games, but you can see her completely different personality in Among Us streams. She plays this game in the most fun and entertaining way that you enjoy watching her play the game.

The main reason for ranking her on the B-Tier is that her streams are perfect for new players because she explains her strategies in detail, makings it easier for you to understand the game. Apart from this, she possesses a very good nature and is open to questions from her viewers which is a very good thing.

Number of subscribers 145K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not a regular streamer as she is busy with her political stuff. But when she first streamed Among Us, her strategies seemed very useful for beginners. For this reason, our professionals thought to rank her on the B-Tier of our tier list. Her stream was very engaging as she answered the fans’ queries and discussed politics with them.

Number of subscribers 84K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel

C Tier


It is the category for those among us YouTubers who are not that good at playing this game and explaining its concepts. They may only help you in understanding the little basics. But, you can not count on them if you want to become an excellent pro player. Let us have a look at the YouTubers added to this list.

Big Moist/Moist Cr1tikal

Moist Cr1TiKaL is an amazing and talented Among Us Youtuber who plays this game for fun and with his friends. He is great at adapting to different distinctions made in the game and has the ability to react properly to them. He performs very well, whether he is an impostor or a crewmate.

He may not be considered the best player but yes you can say that he gives a good performance and tries harder every time. This is why we rank him on the C-Tier.

Number of subscribers 834K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


Pokimane has been ranked on the C-Tier because she might not be as good in the game as other YouTubers ranked higher than her on our tier list. However, her streams are very helpful for people who want to learn the game. She is good at understanding the basic concepts needed to be applied in the game.

She is not a regular player in this game, so she is not among the perfect players. The reason why people love watching her streams is his good nature. She is very down-to-earth and enjoys talking with her fans, and because of this nature of hers, fans also enjoy watching her streams and adore her. Her energetic personality makes her streams more entertaining.

Number of subscribers 6.65M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


M0xyy is popular for his overwatch streams however when he plays Among Us, sometimes he is just awesome in playing it, and the other time, he loses the potential to fight. We cannot predict his performance in the game as he is not consistent with his game.

There are some times when he is able to make quick kills but in some situations, he is not able to do so, therefore, we are ranking him on the C-Tier.

Number of subscribers 2.73K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel 30,836 views


Classify is not ranked higher on our Among Us YouTuber tier list because he does not actively play this game. If he regularly plays Among Us, he may come into practice and perform well, and according to his performance, we can witness that he can make a lot of improvements in his streams. This is the reason to rank him on this tier. Her streams are funny and people love him for that.

He is a very good impostor when he starts playing this game more often. Classify won Code Reds Among Us Tournament in November.

Number of subscribers 42K
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


CourageJD is not one of the top Among Us YouTubers because he lacks some basic tactics to master this game. He may perform a little bit well as a crewmate compared to when he will perform as an imposter. Because as an imposter, he is not at all a good player. But, the reason for ranking him in the C-Tier is that his streams are informative.

Number of subscribers 3.86M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel



The last tier of our ranking is the D-tier. Here our professionals have ranked those players who can neither play the game perfectly nor help you in playing it.

Obviously, when one does not know how to do a thing perfectly or not in a completely perfect way but at least how to do it properly, how can he help you? You should never look up to these among us Youtubers if you want to learn this game because they are real noobs. The D-tier included the following Youtubers


You can not rely on TimTheTatman if you want to master your skills as an Among Us player because this game is not his main focus. His streams might be entertaining but entertainment is not enough if you want to learn this game, that is why he is not a good YouTuber in this case. He is not good only in the case of this game, otherwise, he is a legend in playing other games that he plays in his streams.

Number of subscribers 4.88M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


Until this time, Ninja is not a good Among Us YouTuber because he is mostly more into the other games, so he cannot give complete attention to this game. He tries to improve himself and push himself up along with the streamers ranked on the above tiers. But, his streams are not helpful for you at this moment.

Number of subscribers 23.7M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel


The same goes for PewDiePie, he is mastered in other games that he often plays on his channel, but he is a noob when it comes to Among Us. Especially, he does not know which strategies or basics to apply as an imposter.

There is very tough competition, so he has to work harder to be ranked in the S-Tier. If he gives that type of attention to the game he gives to the other games, then his name will come among the good YouTubers.

Number of subscribers 111M
Total Number of Views on Youtube Channel

Comparison Table

YoutuberTierNumber of subscribersTotal Number of Views on Youtube Channel
CORPSE HUSBANDS3.78M1,228,250,694
CLOSING LINESD4.88M1,004,553,755

Closing Lines

As discussed above in our, it is a very good and interesting game among us that will give you nostalgic feelings. It contains suspense, action, and adventure, and you can also make new friends here. But if you do not know how to play this game, you can not enjoy it.

To help you, we have ranked some of the best YouTubers on our Among Us Youtuber Tier List; we hope that now you can make your choice and benefit from it. Shortlist some good YouTubers who you feel can help you, and then take help from the ones you consider best for you. Good Luck!

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