Anime YouTuber Tier List [2023]

The best anime based YouTube content creators are ranked in this tier list.

There is a huge variety of anime, the relatively newer audience will get confused a lot regarding which anime to choose and enjoy. Amidst all this confusion, numerous Anime YouTubers have jumped into the scene to provide anime reviews and produce anime-based content daily. This Anime YouTuber Tier List aims to rank these Anime YouTubers based on their content.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 25 anime YouTubers in the tier list.
  • Each entry has been ranked on the basis of their popularity, viewership, etc.
  • In the top tier, you can see The Anime Man, Tekking101, Lost Pause, Teamfourstar, AKIDEAREST, Mother’s Basement, MaSTAR Media, etc.
  • Among the lowest tier, you will find BoBSamurai Anime Reviews, Cdawg va, etc.


We will rank all the entries in a small list below.

S Rank.A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.
The Anime ManTributer CraftFornever World Demolition D+BoBSamurai Anime Reviews
Tekking101Nux TakuAnime Balls DeepChibi ReviewsCdawg va
Lost Pause KING AMV’s 夢Swagkage
TeamfourstarAnime SenseiGlass Reflection
AKIDEARESTAnime UproarKing Of Lightning
Mother’s BasementShadow RealmMisty Chronexia
MaSTAR MediaFoxen Anime

S Tier

The best on Anime YouTubers Tier List
The Untouchables!

The Superb or the S-Tier is the First Tier in the Tier List. It consists of some of the most top-notch Anime YouTubers on the video streaming platform, rallied up by a huge fan following; these Anime YouTubers are quite influential and have significantly impacted the anime community. With all said, let’s move towards the first nomination in the Tier List.

MaSTAR Media

The first Anime YouTuber on the list is MaSTAR Media, an American YouTuber most known for his anime reviews, commentary, and gaming content. The anime influencer is also a creator of a hit series named anime war, in which the characters from all the popular or mainstream Anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece are seen fighting against numerous evil forces, which, trust me, is a fantasy of many anime die-hards, making this series a must-watch.

The American YouTuber is completely obsessed with the notion of Anime and Japanese culture. It has also produced his web series by the name of Demon Rush, which sadly couldn’t reach a bigger audience due to many claims of it being plagiarized. As of now, the anime enthusiast has a whole community of 3.68 million subscribers. Overall a great content creator makes a reasonable effort to entertain his viewers.

Subscriber Count  3.74 million 
Total Videos  795 
Total Views  439,354,416 views 


Teamfourstar is definitely one of the best YouTubers and content creators out there that cover anime and TV series. They are best known for the now-canceled series called Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

Since then they have created several other abridged series including Hellsing Ultimate Abridged and Attack On Titan Abridged. Their content has been recognized by many and they are known as some of the best anime YouTubers out there. 

Subscriber Count  3.89 million 
Total Videos  498
Total Views  1,897,172,671 views


He is known for being one of the best YouTubers that review anime in our tier list. The channel is run by Matthew Paul Crawford and alongside anime, he also reviews manga and manhwa. Furthermore, his reviews of anime series like Bleach and One Piece have been recognized and acknowledged by fans worldwide and are considered the most comprehensive and the best reviews available online.

Both of his reviews were mentioned in the Weekly Shounen Jump. He does vlogging as well and covers series like Attack On Titan, Black Clover, Hunter X Hunter, and My Hero Academia. 

Subscriber Count  714k
Total Videos  3k
Total Views  343,730,165 views

Lost Pause 

Our tier list would not be complete without mentioning Lost Pause who is known as one of the best anime YouTubers as of August 2022. The channel is run by Noble who is pretty popular for his bubbly personality and fun-loving attitude.

The channel itself is very diverse but what gets the most attention out of all the content he creates is definitely his anime-related videos and reaction videos. He also creates Try Not To Laugh challenges and crack videos and meme compilations. 

Subscriber Count  1.45 million 
Total Videos  2.7k
Total Views  568,467,292 views

The Anime Man

Joseph Tetsuro Bizinger is an Anime YouTuber of Australian and Japanese descent, especially known for his brutally honest anime review, commentary, and authenticity of Japanese culture. The anime influencer has a YouTube community of over 3 million subscribers treated to entertaining Vlogs, Anime and Manga reviews, and Q and A sessions daily; he is added to the S-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count  3.32 million 
Total Videos  1.2k
Total Views  554,109,425 views


AKIDEAREST is a Japanese YouTuber completely obsessed with Anime and manga. Her YouTube normally focuses on anime reviews, character descriptions, cosplay, and anime-inspired makeup tutorials.

She started her YouTube career back in 2014, and what a journey it has been, gaining 2.89 subscribers while simultaneously posting 595 videos on her YouTube channel. She is a great induction into the S-tier.

Subscriber Count  2.87 million 
Total Videos  646
Total Views  486,299,984 views

Mother’s Basement

Based in America, this anime influencer is a proud creator of a YouTube channel titled Mother’s Basement, on which he commonly posts videos related to anime analyses and video gaming.

Mother’s Basement is mostly popular for its What’s in a Series videos, in which he talks about different anime shows and characters. He produces a great feel to it and generally is quite entertaining. The Anime YouTuber has a total subscriber toll of 1.24 million, creating a rather large audience.

Subscriber Count  1.31 million 
Total Videos  471
Total Views  271,974,164 views

A Tier

Good content
Just Falling Short

The next category in the Tier List is the A-Tier. The YouTubers added to the A-Tier are exceptionally talented at what they do, but still, they may not be able to compete with the drive and commitment of those in the S-Tier. However, they still have great relevance in the anime community. The first YouTuber in the A-Tier of the Anime YouTuber Tier List is moving on.


Grant Maneetapho or Gigguk is an English YouTuber whose YouTube content mostly focuses on anime reviews; the guy is a total weeb and loves to talk about his favorite anime shows; he is a complete critic when it comes to Anime; in most of his YouTube videos he is seen evaluating different anime shows and characters in full detail, which is one of the main reason that why this anime enthusiast has such immense popularity and huge fan following.

Currently, his YouTube Channel has over 3 million subscribers. Guggul has also had the privilege to attend numerous anime award shows. He is the perfect pick to start the A-Tier.

Subscriber Count  3.49 million 
Total Videos  261
Total Views  563,940,703 views

Anime Sensei

If top 10 rankings of different Anime are your thing, then the content produced by Anime Sensei is worth a shot. Anime Sensei is an anime influencer who originated in the United States of America in 2017; his YouTube videos normally focus on the top 10 formats.

Multiple anime shows are ranked based on different key facts while also releasing several amvs. Over almost five years, the YouTube channel has grown to have a sub-count of 738 thousand subscribers. He is added to the A-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count   783k
Total Videos  651
Total Views  154,615,084 views

Tributer Craft

If anime edits and AMVs are of any interest to you, Tributer Craft is a YouTuber you might want to subscribe to. Based in Pakistan, this Anime YouTuber started his YouTube channel in 2020.

Over a short period of merely 1.5 years, it has gained nearly 50 thousand subscribers with more than a dozen AMVs and anime edits uploaded for viewers to enjoy. He is among some of the most creative Anime YouTubers on this Tier List. He is a plausible induction to the A-Tier.

Subscriber Count  69k
Total Videos  76
Total Views  23,980,681 views

Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm is an anime influencer whose YouTube content mainly focuses on providing facts and analysis from the numerous animations of Japanese manga. The content he posts is generally quite interesting because, in his YouTube videos, he highlights various absurd points about the Anime in question, for instance, The Kill count of every member of the Scout Regiment in the Anime Attack on Titans, these sorts of facts are something not known or considered by many in the anime fan community but surely makes watching the show a lot more fun.

Subscriber Count  445K 
Total Videos  11
Total Views  253,014 views

Nux Taku

Nux Taku is an American anime enthusiast whose YouTube content normally focuses on anime reviews and video games. You might be thinking, what’s so special about that; his anime reviews consist of analytical analysis of the entire Anime and the anime characters.

Over time, the anime enthusiast has gained some serious popularity and is fast climbing the YouTube charts. He has also gained a reputation in the anime community by highlighting the fan’s suggestions and analysis in his YouTube content; Nux has a total sub count of 2.21 million.

Subscriber Count  2.21 million
Total Videos  703
Total Views  324,975,796 views


KING AMV’s 夢 is an anime enthusiast and YouTuber who normally uploads AMV’s and numerous other anime edits on his YouTube channel as a part of his daily content. Until recently, AMVs have been a big thing in the whole Anime YouTube scene, which is fitting because AMVs are the prime medium of entertainment where viewers can watch the most exciting moments from their favorite shows and witness the badass anime characters in action, along with some intense music in the background, which the Anime shows a lot more memorable. KING AMV’s 夢 is added to the A-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count  619k
Total Videos  752
Total Views  435,978,085 views

Anime Uproar

Anime Uproar results from a collaboration between two brothers, Gozen and Animal, both driven by their passion for Anime. Their videos mainly consist of anime analysis, breakdowns, discussion of fan theories, and much more; they have a subscriber toll of  1.69 million subscribers, who enjoy their YouTube content daily. The brother duo is added to the A-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count  1.91 million 
Total Videos  1.3k
Total Views  494,426,458 views

Foxen Anime

Foxen Anime is an Anime YouTuber based in the United States of America. A complete Anime enthusiast whose daily content mainly focuses on reactions, reviews, and breakdowns of different anime shows. Anime reviews are the crux of the Anime YouTube community, as there is a large variety of Anime.

Foxen Anime is a great Anime YouTuber because he reviews the anime series as a whole and has made several videos regarding complete breakdowns of specific episodes from various shows. He is added to the A-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count  587k  
Total Videos  730
Total Views  169,850,193 views

B Tier

The Average Anime YouTubers Tier List
The Mediocre Class

Now coming towards the B-Tier of the ranking, the anime influencers added to the B-Tier are somewhat middle-of-the-road when it comes to the content and overall performance on YouTube. The Anime YouTubers in the B-Tier are not that bad, but they still fall short compared to the Anime YouTubers in the S and A-Tier.

Misty Chronexia

Mathieu Brunelle is a Canadian Internet Personality who hosts a YouTube channel by the name of Misty Chronexia, who mainly focuses on anime reviews in of the top 10 of some sort; it almost feels like the viewer is gazing through a giant anime encyclopedia and Vlogging which mainly features the influencer himself. Misty has a wide variety of content that keeps the audience engaged and is added to the B-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count  1.13 million   
Total Videos  591
Total Views  312,670,884 views


Swagkage is an American Anime YouTuber, and just as the name “Swagkage” suggests, the guy is obsessed with Naruto, an anime worthy of it being called one of the best Anime for anyone to watch. Swagkage, on his YouTube channel, mostly looks into Naruto-related content, for instance, discussing various fan theories over comparing power levels of different characters in the anime series.

However, the anime influencer does not make it past the B-Tier for me, as the content he provides is oddly specific and lacks verity, leaving a major chunk of viewers unserved.

Subscriber Count  1.16 million   
Total Videos  207
Total Views  278,258,325 views

Fornever World 

Run by Tim Gasai, Fornever World is a channel known for its detailed reviews of anime and manga. He is also considered one of the best anime YouTubers that review manga and anime in our tier list for August 2022. Tim does detailed chapter reviews of mangas like Fairy Tale, Attack On Titan, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and many more.

Furthermore, he also reviews weekly anime episodes of all famous anime series like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack On Titan, Hunter X Hunter, Fairy Tale, Akame Ga Kill, Naruto, and many others. The only reason he didn’t make it to a higher tier in our list of anime YouTubers is due to the fact that he does not edit his videos properly and does not cover much of the chapters or anime episodes. 

Subscriber Count  642k   
Total Videos  5.8k
Total Views  453,617,014 views

King Of Lightning  

Chris,  Better known as the King Of Lightning is by far one of the most brutal and honest anime and manga reviewers in our anime YouTuber tier list. He is known for having no filter in his reviews and he criticizes very harshly while reviewing anime and manga.

Chris also has a gaming channel that he uses for playing Grandmaster. Furthermore, his reviews and videos on One Piece manga and anime have gathered a lot of attention from fans. 

Subscriber Count  235k   
Total Videos  3.3k
Total Views  112,766,839 views

Anime Balls Deep

Anime Balls Deep is a YouTube channel that started with the partnership of two anime enthusiasts, Adil and Yusuf, and together the duo entertains their audience by showing them their love for the art form; they normally produce anime review videos in which they discuss their thoughts and ideas regarding the subject and make predictions. However, their content feels relatively basic compared to others because they mostly cover mainstream anime Like Naruto, One Piece, etc.

Subscriber Count  1.71 million 
Total Videos  1.2k
Total Views  497,276,554 views

Glass Reflection

Glass Reflection is a Canadian anime influencer and YouTuber who mainly post anime reviews and is exactly what the name indicates and is an attraction for the newer audience; apart from anime reviews, the Youtuber also uploads several anime shorts from different shows on his YouTube channel and has a total of 582 thousand subscribers. The anime influencer is added to the B-Tier of the Anime Youtubers  Tier List. 

Subscriber Count  583k  
Total Videos  591
Total Views  101,874,103 views

C Tier

Below-Par Anime YouTubers Tier List
A Below Average Phenomenon

After the B-Tier, the next Tier is the C-Tier. This tier is the below-average Tier. Those anime YouTubers or influencers are added who, on the looks, may have the potential to do better but their current form otherwise; with everything said, let’s move towards the First Anime YouTuber in the C-Tier of the Tier List.

Chibi Reviews

Chibi Reviews is an American YouTuber who started his YouTube career way back in 2013 and almost nine years; the anime influencer has only managed to gain a total of 426 thousand subscribers because his YouTube content is mostly based on anime review videos and discussions of various anime news from around the world, as there is already a large number of a content creator making the same the content due to which it is fairly difficult to attract traffic, However, in my opinion, his YouTube content is fairly basic and lacks structure, he is added to the C-Tier.

Subscriber Count  445k  
Total Videos  8.2
Total Views  200,899,466 views

Demolition D+

DouchebagChocolat is an Anime YouTube Channel hosted by the so-called Demolition D+, which normally focuses on producing content involving anime reviews and video games,s and some other interesting ideas. In his anime review videos, he explains the main storyline and the different pros and cons related to the series providing a complete and detailed analysis to the viewers.

Subscriber Count  379k  
Total Videos  110
Total Views  69,088,844 views

D Tier

Worst Influencers
Full of Cringe

At last, we made our way to the D-Tier of the tier list, which consists of the worst content creators in the entire Tier List. Content being cringe, poor performance, and bad word of mouth in the community conclude the content creators in the D-Tier. These YouTubers have let down the fans and may even have discouraged the new audience from watching Anime—an absolute disgrace.

Cdawg va

Cdawg VA is an Anime YouTuber from the United Kingdom. He normally produces Vlogs and other anime-related stuff like reviews, rundowns, etc. However, I am not a big fan of his work. Firstly, in most of his videos, he talks in a third-person voice, which is pretty annoying and can come off as a cringe for most people. He is added to the D-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count  2.98 million   
Total Videos  402
Total Views  368,002,988 views

BoBSamurai Anime Reviews

As the name suggests, BobSamurai is an Anime YouTube Channel that mainly focuses on anime reviews, reactions, and character analysis from the United United States of America.

The YouTube channel first came into being in late 2006, and the track has only gained a total of 70 thousand subscribers because the content creator relays quite a bit on click baits, which can be annoying; he is added to the D-Tier of the Tier List.

Subscriber Count  73.1 million   
Total Videos  493
Total Views  7,369,570 views

Comparison Table 

Youtuber RankSubscriber CountTotal Videos Total Views
MaSTAR MediaS 3.74 million795 439,354,416 views
TeamfourstarS 3.89 million4981,897,172,671 views
Tekking101 S 714k3k343,730,165 views
Lost PauseS 1.45 million2.7k568,467,292 views
The Anime ManS 3.32 million 1.2k554,109,425 views
AKIDEARESTS 2.87 million646486,299,984 views
Mother’s BasementS 1.31 million 471271,974,164 views
GiggukA 3.49 million261563,940,703 views
Anime SenseiA 783k651154,615,084 views
Tributer CraftA 69k7623,980,681 views
Shadow RealmA 445K 11253,014 views
Nux TakuA 2.21 million703324,975,796 views
KING AMV’s 夢A 619k752435,978,085 views
Anime UproarA 1.91 million1.3k494,426,458 views
Foxen AnimeA587k 730169,850,193 views
Misty ChronexiaB1.13 million 591312,670,884 views
SwagkageB1.16 million207278,258,325 views
Fornever World B642k 5.8k453,617,014 views
King Of Lightning B235k3.3k112,766,839 views
Anime Balls DeepB1.71 million1.2k497,276,554 views
Glass ReflectionB583k591101,874,103 views
Chibi ReviewsC445k8.2k200,899,466 views
Demolition D+C379k11069,088,844 views
Cdawg vaD 2.98 million402368,002,988 views
BoBSamurai Anime ReviewsD 73.1 million4937,369,570 views

Ending Note

This Anime YouTuber Tier List was created to categorize these Anime YouTubers into different categories based on their general outreach and content creation to assist the viewers in determining the best and worst. The Tier List is composed of five tiers: the S-Tier, which consists of the best creators, and the D-Tier, which consists of cringe and relatively bad content creators.

Also, please understand that this Tier List represents the opinions and thoughts of an individual who is a highly subjective entity, as the ideas and thoughts of one individual may differ from those of the other individual. With that, this journey comes to an end; peace out!

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