BFB Tier List: All Characters Ranked

BFB, also known as Battle for Battle, is the fourth season of our childhood’s most exciting TV show, Battle for Dream Island (BFDI). Every season is filled with new compelling characters; sometimes, the old characters also get to continue. If you are a BFB fan, you need to check out our BFB Tier List, which will rank all characters based on their personalities, designs, and aesthetics.

The series is highly entertaining because it features so many intriguing characters. The humor, episode plots, animation, voices, background OSTs, intros, character interactions, and character development are all funny. Everything about the show is also really original. It is one of the most unique cartoons ever created, completely unforgettable.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 14 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters in the game according to their performance, skills, maneuvers, and personalities.
  • Flower, Back Hole, and Tennis Ball are in the highest tiers.
  • You will observe Spongy, Match, and Loser among the lowest tiers.


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Back HoleLeafyStapyRobottyMatch
Tennis BallFireyGatyLoser

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

Top-Tier BFB contestants
Top-Tier BFB Contestants

The letter S stands for super or excellent in this tier of the list, indicating that the characters included in this tier are thought to be the greatest in the game. In terms of personality, attitude, utility, and beauty, these characters are superior to every other character in the game.

Three essential elements of effective character design are exaggeration, silhouette, and colour palette. These three components are frequently at the heart of what makes a character design memorable or entirely forgettable, even though there are many other factors that a character designer must take into account.

When designing the characters below, the Huang twins appear to have paid close attention to this information. As a result, you can find excellent character design and aesthetics in all S-Tier object characters. The designs have a considerably more significant impact on the viewer despite being more simpler than those of animation TV shows.

Being trustworthy and accepting responsibility are beautiful traits, and S Tier characters of the BFB Tier List exhibit these traits in spades. In addition, they are likeable, fascinating, and enjoyable to be around. Moreover, they are often tidy and well-kept objects.

With characters who require assistance, they are kind and patient. They have what it takes to be there in any circumstance and provide a supportive ear, a friendly smile, or a word of encouragement when required.

They are not typically dressed in pricey or beautiful attire. Attractive people express themselves accurately and how they want to be handled. However, they do not need to be highly specific. Instead, we get a glimpse of someone’s personality and past experiences via how they conduct themselves.

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You probably saw Flower making it to the top of our list. I mean, there is no reason it should not be here. Flower might be what you call a brat at the beginning, but she has undergone massive character development and become one of the best characters in all of BFDI, let alone BFB. I can not praise her personality, story, and character enough.

There are many reasons why Flower is one of the top characters of BFB. Firstly, let’s consider her appearance. Who does not like a flower? It is either someone with pollen allergies or simply a fool. Flowers are everyone’s favorites. The sweet and soft appearance grasps the audience’s attention in a blink of an eye. Its aesthetics are also pretty attractive to people, especially girls.

Flower belonged to the Have Nots in the Battle for BFB and made it to The Merge despite being a survivor. Moreover, Flower and Gelatin were named the season’s finalists. However, despite winning the competition, she gave away two out of three rewards. She gave a BFB to Gelatin and a BFDI to the announcer.

What is interesting about Flower is that despite being a girly character, she is female fans’ favorite, and the boys love it equally as much as the girls love it. Her character’s personality has also been groomed tremendously over the years. She is 1000 times better than how she used to be before. BFB without Flower would be pointless and unimaginable.

Death Count 30
Kill Count 34

Black Hole

Black Hole is peaceful, quiet, and not worried, especially in difficult situations. He is very comfortable with himself and focuses more on listening than making others listen to him. Blackie does not judge other characters and treats them nicely even if they have some kind of atrocities in the past. He is very forgiving, and his personality is fantastic.

Even though Black Hole is mighty—his mere presence alone can destroy a wide range of things, including whole planets and stars—he does not use his strength for evil purposes, demonstrating that he has a high level of self-control and is willing to interact with people without annihilating them.

However, he tends to be passive-aggressive with people who may have offended him. Black Hole would refrain from killing others even if it meant his team was at a loss since he values life more than anything. Black Hole is extremely angry with himself after he accidentally kills someone. Hence, we decided to put Black Hole in the S Tier of BFB Tier List.

When asked, he is always eager to assist people, sometimes to the point of being unable to say no. Despite his appearance of destruction, Black Hole is a valuable member of your team. Everyone is continually seeking his assistance. Black Hole frequently dispenses trivia and tends to be a know-it-all of sorts. He’s still a laid-back cosmic figure, though.

Death Count 6
Kill Count 2930+

Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball is a clever character who is perfect for finding solutions and developing new ideas. Unfortunately, his stature and lack of arms make him a little clumsy. Additionally, he is cautious and takes his time coming to decisions. According to experts that studied Tennis Ball’s personality, Tennis Ball is an INTP Myer’s personality type.

TB has a calm demeanor and exudes nerd enthusiasm. He also frequently hangs out with Golf Ball, although he is more considerate and less oppressive than Golf Ball. Moreover, he seems to like being close to Golf Ball because the two are engaged in a “platonic” relationship.

Tennis Ball has periods of being aggressive and raising his typically monotone voice when running out of patience. He is generally calm but can be unpleasant to people if provoked and pushed beyond his limits. On the other hand, tennis Ball is interested, which accounts for his constant inquiries. Trivia, especially material relating to math, particularly amuses him greatly.

TB is not afraid to stand up for himself or strike up a discussion with a stranger he finds intriguing, which is not how most nerds are. I find him to be the most relatable character. Therefore, I have a very soft spot for him. However, him being in the highest tier was a collective opinion of our team of experts.

Death Count 8
Kill Count 5

A Tier

Good BFDI S4 contestants
Good BFDI Season Four Contestants

Characters in the A Tier of our BFB Tier List exhibit kindness, openness, generosity, and self-control. They are a person who honors their commitments. You’ve probably heard the adage “Actions speak louder than words,” and these characters’ kind and loving deeds demonstrate the truth of this maxim.

They are sincere, devoted, dependable, and trustworthy and know their value. The best thing about these personas is that when they commit a mistake, they own it and try to make up for it. They do not blame others or try to defend themselves irrationally.

One thing I love about almost every A Tier character is that their designs are very adorable. They look so squishy that it makes me want to hold and cuddle with them. So, in conclusion, A Tier BFB characters have decent personalities and great character designs. However, they might not be as good as the ones in the S Tier; that is why they are in a tier below it.


The first character in the A Tier we have is Bubble. It is impossible not to love this character. She is just too adorable. As a result of air pressure, typical bubbles would rupture much more quickly than bubbles, which is a solid and unusual liquid bubbles. One describes Bubble as a free spirit. She does not consider customary social norms when she thinks or behaves.

The Bubble is not, however, in any way annoyingly impulsive. Moreover, she accepts change, values spontaneity, defies tradition, and leads an unusual existence. People respect her since she chooses to live independently rather than following social norms.

Not many things could frighten her, but when something does, she tries to stop it from happening, which occasionally has adverse effects. However, the Bubble is exceedingly forgiving; she even pardoned Leafy, who stole the Dream island. She is also a fearless person who can be relied upon when difficult times.

Death Count 2863+
Kill Count 30+


Leafy is arguably the happiest and among the most admirable characters of BFDI because she has a strong tendency to be friendly to strangers and supportive of finalists like Ice Cube. She is also among the series’ funniest characters. Her voice actor did a fantastic job doing Leafy’s voiceover, which is humorous and occasionally charming.

She formerly had a map that allowed her to teleport to any location. Despite being a leaf, which is often light, she is a compelling character because of her ability to pick up large objects like bowling balls and hurl knives thousands of kilometers away. Shockingly enough, she can even slam a needle into space.

Leafy is adept at dodging waves of spitballs and other dangerous missiles. In actuality, animation logic isn’t the reason for this ability. One of the handfuls of characters in the entire series who realized their mistakes was Leafy. Leafy regrets mistreating her team named Beep at an EXIT tryout in BFB 10.

The public granted her another chance and chose to save her. She consequently joined BFB on the following episode. Leafy has switched teams, nevertheless, thanks to the use of Pin’s Gratitude Token. One of the reasons why people dislike Leafy is that she stole the BFDI Island.

Death Count 40
Kill Count 49+


In the history of object shows, Firey is the original BFDI character and the first object show character ever. Firey is comparable to that young, seasoned individual who has been through heck and back. He is a renowned figure and one of history’s most fascinating and relatable people. He is essentially the main protagonist character of the BFDI Series.

Firey has some hilarious material, making the entire show funny. He and Blocky carry the comedy potential of their group. Firey possesses all the qualities, skills, defenses, and flaws of fire, including the ability to burn or melt objects and succumb to water. He is also the lightest participant among all BFDI characters as a result. He also experiences a very tiny change in demeanor.

By the end of Season 1, he shows signs of having a more accurate awareness of his environment and interactions with other characters, such as admitting to hurting Leafy without intending to and sharing his opinions on the problems going on in the world.

Death Count 55
Kill Count 77+

B Tier

Average S4 contestants
Average BFDI Season Four Contestants.

B Tier of our BFB Tier list also contains decent characters. They have good personalities, though they have the tendencies to get on people’s wrong side. Most people like them more than hate them, but a considerably more extensive group of people would vote for them than characters in the higher tiers.

Maybe the fact that these characters are not afraid to show their wrong sides is why they are in a decent tier, and people still like them, but mostly, it is because they still have likable personalities. They have good enough personas to keep the audience hooked. Also, these characters are neither too good nor too bad, making them stand in the middle of our ranking list.

B Tier BFB characters do not stand out amongst the crowd as they do not have anything extraordinary. There are two types of people that particularly stand out; the ones that the audience relates to the most and the ones that the audience idealizes. These characters do not fit either of the two criteria. Therefore, we decided to place them in the B Tier.


Balloony is a sympathetic and friendly person. Despite his pleasant demeanor, he is not timid or submissive because he can stand up for himself. He does not care about anyone’s attitude and tries to boss characters around. Balloony is intelligent and adept at problem-solving, much like Tennis Ball.

Additionally, he is highly protective of his pals and will stand up for them if necessary. He is reasonably courageous and has no fear of other people. Balloony despises being told what to do and makes an effort to complete tasks independently since he doesn’t trust others to do them correctly. Balloony is not too attractive but does not have anything that would make people hate him.

Death Count 3
Kill Count 22


Stapy usually is a cool-headed and cordial competitor. He has a temper, but when he does, it’s generally because his best pal Foldy is being mistreated. He enjoys watching battles from the sidelines because he is not a particularly competitive BFB character. However, he will try to assist if asked or given a chance, such as when faced with difficulty.

Some BFB fans find Stapy’s sassy personality irritating. Stapy will go into a trance and try to staple the first thing in sight, which is referred to as having “stapler instincts” It seems Stapy is aware of this and occasionally even makes use of it as a justification. Stapy enjoys playing games with his best friend, especially Rock-Paper Scissors, and is an inquisitive character.

Death Count NA
Kill Count 2


Gaty is seen as a rather mean character, but mostly, people do not care about her. She goes out of her way to be passive-aggressive or try to make an argument as personal as possible. When she started being mean to Book, people could not tolerate her. Moreover, Gaty is the least popular member of her team, Bleh.

However, as I said earlier, people ignore Gaty more than they hate her. While she has committed many mistakes, she has multiple good things about her, like how she tries to stop a conflict. Also, Gaty empathizes with the host, which none of the other characters cares about. Gaty has a great dynamic with Saw; watching them could be a bit enjoyable.

Death Count 2
Kill Count NA

C Tier

BFB Tier List
C Tier BFB Characters

The C Tier of the BFB Tier list consists of below-average characters and the most hated. Even though some people like these characters, they are despised mainly by others. There are many reasons why fans do not like these characters and have voted for them to be out of the show. They are also one of the early ones to be eliminated.

We have made this tier list with the help of experts and hardcore fans who have watched the entire series more than three times. Our team also consists of human analysts who analyze the characters’ personalities and give an insight into their behavior. As a result, the C Tier BFB characters are ranked below.


Eggy is immensely despised. What if, for instance, she ended her friendship with Leafy? It would not have happened if Firey had not informed her that Leafy had taken the dream island. Eggy had reasons for ending things with Leafy, which is entirely OK. It is incorrect that BFB viewers dislike snarky female characters like Eggy, Match, and Pencil.

Furthermore, Eggy has not committed any serious crimes or murdered anyone. Therefore, even if she was not chosen to be eliminated, she might still experience character growth. She is also self-reliant and determined; she does not allow others to put her down or pull her back. Due to her strong sense of self-assurance and determination, Eggy is a particularly inspiring female character.

However, her character design is a bit unattractive and lousy as she is a one-dimensional character. She also seems pretty forgettable because nothing about her stands out amongst others. Nevertheless, she is still somewhat likable and is not amongst the worst characters of the Battle For Dream Island Series.

Death Count 6
Kill Count NA


Robotty is in the D Tier because he did not compete in many BFB or other series, making it difficult to assess him. Moreover, he only has four pals since he is detested by his teammates and is treated brutally by viewers, who tell him he lacks individuality. However, despite having no more than one episode to accomplish anything noteworthy, he is a terrific character and pretty intriguing.

Given that he is aware that no one likes him and simply accepts it, Robotty is a person with many potentials. If he were to return, it would be interesting to watch how he would fare, but he has no chance. Robotty is unique, and some like him. It would have been great to see his personality revealing itself little by little.

However, I detest how some people describe him as bland, even though he has a fantastic personality hidden by the morse code he uses to communicate. Although he doesn’t speak much, he expresses himself more than Teardrop ever has or will. But, of course, Teardrop doesn’t understand hate.

Death Count 2
Kill Count NA

D Tier

Worst BFB characters
Worst BFB characters

The least popular characters among BFB fans are those in our list’s D tier. Because of their weak plot, subpar animation, and generic nature, we have ranked these characters lower than others. D Tier BFB symbols lack the intrigue necessary to draw in their viewers. As a result, fans typically ignore them.

Narcissism, sadism, and self-centeredness are only a few examples of certain personality tendencies found in D Tier BFB characters that are frequently linked to a disregard for other people’s welfare. They are passive-aggressive and unsupportive, and most audiences feel uncomfortable with these characters.


The BFB community intensely dislikes spongy for various reasons. The reason for Spongy hate is a bit silly as he did get character development. However, he does not stand out, so Spongy is the D Tier of our BFB Tier List. His personality is also bland, and the character design is not attractive.

Many people have stated that they hate Spongy because he is stinky and looks gross. Others hate him because of his rude and mean personality in the previous seasons. However, he did go through some character developments, apologized for his mistakes, and never repeated them.

Nevertheless, the harm Spongy caused before his change is stuck in people’s minds, and it is hard to forgive him for that. It is also said that he might start acting mean again if he is left in the show for too long. Therefore, many people voted him out.

Death Count 25
Kill Count 129


The match is a funny and ridiculous character. The Match and Pencil make up one of the best duos in the show. They are the OG characters spicing things up in the show since episode one of season one. They are pretty great characters; however, they have done multiple things to harm other contestants, which makes the fandom hate these two.

Death Count 7+
Kill Count 8


The Loser is one of the most hated characters in the series, if not the most hated. BFB Loser is despised because he seems to have no defects, everyone likes him without explanation, and some think he has a shallow personality and is a “Gary Stu.” A masculine fictional character portrayed as strictly being without flaws is Gary Stu in BFB Tier List.

A Gary Stu is a person who is physically attractive, tremendously talented, and widely respected. These requirements perfectly describe Loser. There is nothing wrong with Loser other than his name. Unfortunately, he alienates many fans by being so perfect. The show’s mood is also somewhat ruined because everyone else is somewhat realistic except Loser, making him seem ridiculous.

He is also represented to be more dominant than the other supporting figures, even though his personality is shallow. In addition, he has made numerous more errors, including lying.

The character of Loser is incredibly unoriginal and flawless; many aspects of him, such as his origins and level of fame on the show, aren’t even adequately explained. Additionally, his voiceover is disliked and is referred to as having an “annoying old guy voice.”

Death Count 1
Kill Count NA

C0maprison Table

NameTierDeath CountKill Count
Back HoleS62930+
Tennis BallS85

Patch Notes Version 36.0

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • New Tower – The Beast Handler
  • chomp, rawr, kakaw!
  • So much to say about this tower, but mainly we so hope you enjoy it!
  • The first never before seen tower to join the BTD universe since the Druid and Alchemist launch almost 5 years ago.
  • This tower plays and gains power in a completely unique way, and there are intentional tradeoffs along the way – you need to choose the right time to Merge beasts or just like any other tower whether more separate and lower-power beasts are situationally better.
  • This is a Support class tower, so seeing how it works with your favorite builds is part of the fun.
  • BTW making cool-looking giant beasts pop Bloons has been pretty awesome, even though it took us twice as long as expected. Thanks for your patience!!!
  • Quests! Quests are self-contained challenges with their own special rules, difficulty, and unlock requirements. Patch joins the main menu and acts as the entry point for the Quest system. The intent along with fun gameplay is to sprinkle more story into the game, teaching certain strategies, introducing game modes, trying out items before unlocking them, as well as being a place for us to experiment with new mechanics. Did someone say special missions? No, we didn’t say that for 36, but definitely downstream.
  • With the launch of the Quests system, we have 3 beginner Quests aimed towards newer players. In future updates, we will expand this with mid-rank, high-rank, and expert-level Quests that will introduce higher-level ideas and challenges.
  • Beast Handler Quest – The Dartling Gunner unlocks via a basic pop target objective, but this was a simple system and had nothing to do with the tower itself. To unlock the Beast Handler with this update, rank 40+ players will take on a short adventure using the lower tiers of this tower.
  • Race Introduction – When Races unlock at rank 20, they can be quite an intimidating system to start learning. Now rank 20+ players will be able to access their first persistent race, available from the Quest menu. This is a short introduction aimed at new players, or players new to Races. More challenging Race Quests will be added in the future.
  • Quincy’s Trial – All players start the game with Quincy available, and now from the Quest menu or from Quincy’s profile on the Hero menu players will be able to engage in a short mission showcasing his strengths


The Battle For Dream Island Series is the first and biggest object TV show ever created. Ranking all BFB characters was a difficult task as all of the characters are precious in one way or another. However, we have only compiled the most accurate BFB Tier List on the internet for you.

Additionally, after extensive research, we did our best to score each character unit as accurately as possible. Please let us know in the comments section below if, by chance, our ranking of a character differs from your ranking of that character. Remember to tell us your thoughts on our tier list and how much you agree with it.

We appreciate audience input since it helps us improve and broadens our subject expertise. Be sure to read similar lists like this one of TV dramas and shows. Also, we believe it is essential to remind our audience that this list is based on our team’s experience and research. Therefore, some rankings might not be in accord with your personal opinion.

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