Breakfast Food Tier List: Your Morning Meals Ranked

Are you one of the victims of a completely useless and baseless misconception that skipping breakfast can help you with weight loss? Many people are misguided by this statement but only smart-minded people can understand the value of breakfast in our daily lives. Some researchers have even proved that breakfast eaters are prone to burn more calories as compared to breakfast skippers. Even it is common sense and a general thing to think about that if we start our day with a healthy meal then it will keep us full for a longer period of time.

Similarly, if we skip our breakfast then we will eat the double amount at the time of lunch. So, it is not something healthy. One should start his morning with a wholesome breakfast, but the twist and difficult part is the addition of good taste in your first meal of the day. We have prepared a breakfast food tier list that can facilitate you in choosing a healthy as well as tasty breakfast.

While choosing your breakfast from the options you have, you must keep one thing in mind, this meal should be energizing. The meal must be too nutritious, only in this way it can provide you with the energy needed.

Individuals who are extremely concerned about their health and prefer a healthy diet usually choose those types of foods in the morning that are rich in fiber, contain micronutrients, have high proteins, and a good amount of healthy fats must be added into these.

And, avoid having those types of breakfast that might be unhealthy for you with an extra amount of carbs, unhealthy fats, artificial flavorings, and all. We are concerned about all the people living around us so keeping that in mind we have prepared the best breakfast tier list for all of you.

Hopefully, It will assist you. Our breakfast food tier list is divided into 5 sections S, A, B, C, and D tiers in which we will be ranking breakfast foods from best to worst.

This tier list is subjective as it is based on our personal experiences and choices. It is recommended to have as healthy a breakfast as possible, but if you have a habit of skipping breakfast then most of the focus will be on how your breakfast tastes in order to develop a habit of eating breakfast. So, while ranking the breakfast items, the taste will be our first priority. Once this habit is maintained then you can switch to healthier options.

S Tier

The most favorite
The S-Tier

In the S tier of our breakfast food tier list, we are going to rank those foods that have the highest nutritional value and taste both at the same time. People prefer these foods the most as their breakfast meal. We can also call it the English breakfast tier list as some of the top English breakfasts will also be ranked here.


Eggs are well known for their most important nutritious benefit, which is that it contains a high amount of proteins. It is the most common breakfast which people all over the world love to have.

We can have this in any form, boiled, fried, steamed, scrambled, in whatever shape and form we want to. People often pair it up with different kinds of breakfast foods like bacon, steaks, English breakfast, and a lot more. So it is needless to say that why it deserves to be included in the best breakfast tier list.

Some people like to eat eggs in form of an omelet, it may be a cheese omelet, sugary omelet, or veg omelet, in simple words you can prepare it according to your choice. The only thing you have to do is to mix your favorite flavors in it. It is also included in the English breakfast tier list, as discussed earlier that people in every nook and corner of the world want to have it.

Scrambles egg is also considered an easy, quick, healthy, and tasty breakfast food. In Fact, it is the first thing that most people learn to cook for themselves. So these were so many reasons which justify why eggs deserve to be ranked on the S-Tier of breakfast food tier list.

breakfast food tier list
everyone’s favorite


When anyone takes the name of breakfast then automatically your tastebuds stimulate you to think of sweet flavors. This is because of our conditioning. Usually, in old times breakfast was associated with sweet flavors and tastes. Fortunately, our generation is so lucky to have a wide variety of breakfast options to choose from. After having so many options there must be no excuse to skip your first meal of the day.

Bacon is loved by most people because it has a different flavor other than sweet. It has a salty and savory touch to it. There are different ways to eat it, it is totally up to you how you like it, with sandwiches, eggs, or only bacon all alone. This is the reason why we have ranked it on top of the best breakfast tier list.

breakfast food tier list


Now we are going to rank one of the items on the English breakfast tier list that can be enjoyed in your breakfast because of its awesome taste. In fact, you can enjoy this sweet treat at any time you want, but it is specifically popular as a breakfast item. You can make it healthy by adding fruits like bananas and berries to it.

Also, you can enjoy these in chocolate flavor too. If you want to make it more appetizing then the topping of chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, or honey would serve as the icing on the cake. This is one of the top favorite dishes on the best breakfast tier list.

breakfast food tier list


The fresh and hot waffles topped with crunchy and crispy chicken, Ahh… can you imagine what it tastes like? If you have never tasted it then it 100% recommended breakfast item on the English breakfast tier list. It is human nature that we start finding a thing boring when we are doing it repeatedly. The same rule applies in this case, repetitive breakfast dishes will suddenly prevent you from feeling like having breakfast.

If you are suffering from that phase then you must definitely try this heavenly tasting, one of the best breakfast items. The unique combination of chicken and waffles attracts people to it. The advantage of this dish is that you can consume more proteins with the help of it, which is why we have ranked it on the S-Tier of the best breakfast tier list.

breakfast food tier list
Chicken and Waffles


We are ranking it in the S-tier of the English breakfast tier list just because of its taste that can never compete with any other food item. If you have already tasted it then we do not have to ask if you that are you satisfied by us ranking it on top, it is something unarguable because the whole crowd gives this opinion most of the time and so are we. Dipping hash browns in a sauce or simply ketchup will take this dish to the next level.

breakfast food tier list
Hash Browns


If you can not decide between sweet and savory options for your breakfast then close your eyes and immediately go for Bagels. You can satisfy the craving for both flavors by having these tasty dough rings.

People like it so much because along with two different flavors you can experience two textures at a time because Bagels are extremely crispy from the outside and once you bite them you will explore a chewy, soft and spongy texture. There were no reasons to not rank it on the best breakfast tier list.

breakfast food tier list


Eggs and Toast are two separate items that have a special place in the hearts of their eaters. From the old times, people are used to consuming both items. And French toast is a special treat for egg and toast lovers as it is a combination of both of them. It is one of the most consumed items on the English breakfast tier list.

Why would not be such a great combination of everyone’s favorite? The main thing people like about french toast is its soft texture which comes after dipping toast in egg and milk and then fried properly om nom nom… such a mouth-watering breakfast it is.

French Toast
The delicious French Toast


We do not have to tell you the importance of fruits like a kindergarten student, Right? Everyone knows how essential fruits are for our health. Fruits play a very vital role in a healthy and wholesome diet. From our childhood, we are listening to the phrase that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Not only apples, but every fruit has its own benefit.

The best way to enjoy the taste and nutrients of all of your favorite fruits you can have all of them in the form of fruit salad, and top it with cream, yogurt, or maybe maple syrup to enhance the taste. A bowl of fruits can be very nutritious for you, that is why it is considered one of the best breakfast items on the best breakfast tier list.

Fruit salad


Chia seeds are one of the best options for your breakfast, you know why? There is no one reason but many. Approximately every other household in America has added chia seeds in their breakfast. People like these because despite being so light, by having these in your breakfast you can feel full for a longer period of time.

There is a most common dish made out of chia seeds that is also very good for weight loss and also is very tasty, and that dish is chia pudding. By consuming this nutrient-dense dessert you can consume fiber, antioxidants, calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acid at the same time.

chia seeds
Chia seeds


You can say goodbye to your empty stomach for a long time by adding oatmeal to your breakfast menu. Oatmeal is very rich in fiber, which also keeps our cholesterol in control. If you are struggling with weight loss then it will help you with this also.

It is one of the top-tier breakfast food items on the breakfast food tier list, and people like this breakfast meal because it is very healthy and tasty at the same time. It consists of vitamin B, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.



One more healthy item ranked on the best breakfast tier list are nuts. Nuts help you with losing your stubborn fat. Having nuts for your breakfast is a very wise decision. People prefer having these in breakfast because they get a good amount of nutrients in it, like protein and fiber which keeps them full and prevents them from eating again and again due to they can manage their weight easily.



Our professionals and experts recommend you to have green tea after every heavy and main meal of the day as it aids in weight loss. Green tea can boost your metabolism rate, people also prefer having it in their breakfast because it helps them to digest their breakfast easily.

Green Tea
Green Tea


Most people prefer honey as a healthier substitute for sugar. You can have this in many ways like for the topping of various favorite breakfast items; pancakes, waffles, etc. Also, you can use honey as a sweetener for your tea, coffee, and green tea. You can use this as a spread on your toast. In whatever form you have it, you will definitely love it. That is why it is included in the best breakfast tier list.


A Tier

The best to have
The A-Tier

Now moving towards the A-tier fast food breakfast tier lists. The kinds of breakfasts that are fancy, healthy, and delicious will be ranked in this list. There are a variety of options in this list below from which you can choose from. Let’s dive into the A-tier breakfast food tier list and select your favorites.


The breakfast sandwich is one of the items on the fast food breakfast tier list that is loved almost across the globe. All the people love it because it has a combination of their favorite items. This sandwich is filled with eggs, flavorful bacon, feta, wild mushrooms, and green onions. Ahh… what a delicious, mouth-watering, and crispy combination. It may lack in being extra healthy but if we talk about taste then it wins.

breakfast sandwich
breakfast sandwich


People prefer having this healthy breakfast ranked on the fast food breakfast tier list because it is a piece of cake to make it. Everyone finds it very simple, you can top the avocado toast with boiled egg slices and it will give you a breathtaking taste. This toast is packed with wholesome nutrients, if you are having it for your breakfast then you are good to go till lunch.

avocado toast
Avocado Toast


Orange juice is a fancy and popular breakfast ranked on the English breakfast tier list. The sweet and tangy flavor of this juice will give you a sudden kick of energy and keep you fresh all day long. Breakfast lovers prefer having it because of its ability to energize a person immediately. This is why we have ranked it on top in the best breakfast food tier list.

orange juice
Orange Juice


Oh, man! How is this possible to not include coffee on the top in the fast food breakfast tier list when many fast food chains serve a hot cup of cappuccino with doughnuts or cold coffee with a cold or breakfast sandwich, whatever you like to have? Coffee is the most famous breakfast drink when it comes to making your sleepy eyes get rid of this unnecessary sleep and laziness. If you are getting late for your work or school, and you are too lethargic to go, just have a strong cup of coffee; hot or cold is your choice, and it will do wonders for you.



Who does not like cinnamon rolls, especially for breakfast? The swirled and twisted pastry embellished with white sugar is more than enough to satisfy your tastebuds in the morning. It is one of the most loved breakfasts ranked on the fast food breakfast tier list. And if you want to make it more appealing then top it up with raisins and enjoy your tasty and filling breakfast.

cinnamon rolls
Cinnamon rolls


Do you know how to kickstart your morning with a happy and extraordinary treat to yourself? You can do it in a very simple way. Just buy or make yourself a breakfast burrito stuffed with your favorite ingredients with the burst of flavors and healthy proteins and fats. All your favorite ingredients are rolled up in a piece of dough.

It the salty and smooth in texture; scrambled eggs, crunchy onions, fresh green bell peppers, chewy breakfast meat, soft potatoes, stretchy cheese, all of these wrapped in tortilla bread, We bet you want to have it now because of how it is described here. Dip this wrap in the sour cream served with it and yes you will fall in love with it. This is the reason why we have ranked it on A-tier in the fast food breakfast tier list.

breakfast burrito
Breakfast Burrito


Prepare for yourself a filling and healthy bowl of cereal and enjoy the day with a full stomach till lunchtime. It is one of the most filling breakfast items one can have. You do not require a lot of time in preparing it, just grab a bowl, add milk to it, and mix your favorite pack of healthy cereals in it.

To make it more tasty and appetizing, add a handful of nuts, chopped fruits, and a spoonful of honey. It is a wholesome bowl of breakfast you can choose for yourself. We have ranked it on the A-tier of the breakfast food tier list because it is very simple to make, and eat, and provides you with necessary nutrients.

Healthy cereal
Healthy Cereal

B Tier

Good to Have
The B-Tier

Time to rank one of those breakfast dishes that most people prefer having when they are going to start their day. But, this breakfast food tier list is the most subjective. Mixed reviews can exist on these breakfast foods.

Everyone has their own choice, so we can not force our choices and opinions on others, we are just providing you the options by briefly describing the breakfast food items, and it is up to you whether you find them interesting or not.


Sausage is one of the top items on the fast-food breakfast tier list. People like to have it because of its diverse nature that it can be added to anything you want. It is a cherry on top of your favorite breakfast meal. Everyone loves it because of its spicy and salty flavor.

You can add it to your protein-loaded breakfast sandwich, in eggs, or in cheese sandwiches. It will taste well in any of these. These were the reasons to rank it on the B-tier of the best breakfast tier list. The breakfast sausage reaches another level when it is fried in a pan with an ample amount of maple syrup in it.




Croissant is one of the best viennoiseries that people like to have for their breakfast. We are ranking it on the B-tier of fast food breakfast tier list because it is not that healthy but definitely gains a plus point in terms of its taste and crispy nature. It is a great source of vitamin A and B5.

You can accompany croissants with a chilled glass of fresh orange juice as well as apple juice. Another option to enhance its taste may be to pair it up with a good hot cup of creamy and frothy coffee. Croissants are considered a good breakfast option listed on the English breakfast tier list.



A fruit smoothie is a lifesaver for you when you are running out of time. Can you even think of having such a nutritious breakfast even when you are getting too late? Obviously, you can have an extremely healthy breakfast by adding your favorite fruits to it. You can make it more wholesome by adding a good amount of greens like spinach to it.

It is ranked on the B-tier of the best breakfast tier list because the fact of it being a healthy glass of juice can not be denied but at the same time, it has a drawback that it can not keep you full for a longer period of time. You will crave lunch after some time of having the fruit smoothie.

fruit smoothie
Fruit smoothie-healthy sip


Another customized breakfast on the best breakfast tier list is the yogurt bowl. It is also a healthy breakfast option to choose from. To make your yogurt bowl nutritious you can add berries and other wholesome fruits to it.

The crunchy and healthy nuts can also be garnished on this bowl and yes you are ready to go. We are ranking it on the B-tier of the best breakfast tier list because it is a quick and simple option for your breakfast.

Yogurt bowl
Yogurt Bowl


Doughnuts are one of those items on the English breakfast tier list that have become a common option for working persons and school or college-going students. If they do not have enough time to invest in their breakfast then instead of skipping it they prefer having yummy and flavorful doughnuts from their favorite place. People often pair it up with cold creamy coffee and enjoy this breakfast a lot. This is the reason for ranking it on the B-tier.



People love to eat Belgian waffles because they can stuff large squares of waffles with whatever flavor they are craving at a specific time. You can also use waffles just as the base and the toppings are totally up to you, whether you want an ice cream scoop over it or fried and crispy chicken.

The square can be filled with peanut butter, jam, butter, or anything. These are a good option on the fast food breakfast tier list because you may customize them according to your needs and wants.

Belgian waffles
Belgian Waffles


People who want to make their diet balanced find peanut butter very helpful for themselves. Including peanut butter in your breakfast menu can aid in weight loss. It can be used as a spread or even as a topping on any item you want. This is the reason to rank it on the B-tier of fast food breakfast tier list.

peanut butter
Peanut Butter

C Tier

Not so likeable
The C-Tier

There are some people who love doing experiments. Whether it is a movie, TV show, outfits, food items, or whatever. They tend to try out new things. If you are one of those people then we are ranking those items in the C-tier of breakfast food tier list that is not too demanded and healthy to eat, but you can definitely give it a try maybe you can find your favorite here.


The interesting thing and the quality of crepe that people adore are that you can make it salty and as well as savory. It is your choice you want to stuff it with which type of filling. Crepes can also be enjoyed all alone without any stuffing. But these are included in the C-tier of the English breakfast tier list because these are not too much demanded as the first meal of the day.



You must be thinking that it is that pizza which you ordered last night and now you are going to have it for your breakfast. Undoubtedly, many people practice this too but, here we are not discussing that pizza. Breakfast pizza contains a topping of cheese, fried eggs, some vegetables, breakfast meat, and prosciutto.

But we do not recommend this heavy breakfast because pizzas are dinner material, it is not a wise decision to include them in your breakfast menu. However, if you want to try it out then you can.

breakfast pizza
Breakfast Pizza


Agin coming towards a heavy breakfast that is usually considered to have for dinner that is “steak”. But, some people pair up steak with eggs and have this meal for their breakfast. This fact can not be denied that this meal consists of a burst of protein but still it is not recommended for your breakfast because of not as nutritious as you must consume in the morning.

steak and eggs
Steak and Eggs


When you feel like switching towards a sweeter breakfast then here comes the scone on your menu. People with sweet-tooth enjoy scones as their morning meal, but those people who are fed up with sweet breakfasts will not like to have them nor we will recommend having them in the morning. But if you have never tried it out before then you must try it once.


D Tier

breakfast food tier list
The D-Tier (Worst to Have)

We are going to rank those items in the D-tier of the breakfast food tier list that is neither healthy nor tasty. These breakfasts are not recommended by our side, as these are the least ranking most of the time. Let’s see which breakfast items you should most probably avoid eating.


Why go for an unhealthy flavored yogurt when you can have a healthy and wholesome pure yogurt? It will be one of the dumbest decisions to choose this over the normal yogurt.

People who are concerned about their health will never want to consume it in breakfast as your morning meal must be restorative, but they may consider having it some other time of the day. For this reason, we have ranked it on the lowest side of the best breakfast tier list.

flavored yogurt
Flavored Yogurt


Who will prefer sugary cereals instead of a bowl of healthy cereal or oatmeal? Relatively sugary cereals are not that filling for your stomach. Generally, the cereals that are not sugary contain a high amount of fiber that keeps you full till lunchtime or sometimes even more, but as far as sugary cereals are concerned they are only obliged to provide you with a good taste but not healthy nutrient which is not a good thing so we have ranked them on the D-tier of out breakfast food tier list.

Cereals despite being not a healthy option, people out there can’t start their day without it and here we have ranked them for you in our Cereal Tier List.

sugary cereal
Sugary Cereal



Why would a person have so light and unhealthy biscuits in their breakfast when they are having some top-tier breakfast options? The aim of the breakfast is to provide you with energy and keep you refreshed throughout the day. But, none of the qualities can be found in breakfast biscuits which is why these are ranked on the D-tier of fast food breakfast tier list.

breakfast biscuits
Breakfast Biscuits

Last Words

This is the time for you to take decisions wisely on the basis of our breakfast food tier list. There are not one, two, or three but a plethora of breakfast items ranked in this list to make it easy for you. By reading the description and justification of our rankings you will be at the stage of opting for the perfect one for you. While there are some worst options to warn you, there are some best ones and good ones also.

Hopefully, this English breakfast tier list proved to be helpful for you. Remember one thing, do not ever think to skip your first meal of the day, it is very important for your health. If you want to remain fit and lead a healthy life then you must become one of those who never skip this essential meal.