Burger Tier List: Best Burgers Ranked [2023]

Don't know what rank your favorite burger place has? No worries have a look at this burger tier list and you are good to go.

As we know, there are numerous fast food chains in the world offering different kinds of burgers, however, there are very few that actually manage to rule the market. And you yourself might have your one favorite burger place that is your go-to joint, and you might not be keen on letting others besmirch it’s name. Likewise, many people have their own choices and preferences, especially when it comes to things like the bun, the condiments, or even the sides.

But we’re not here to tell you that your choice of burger is bad, far from it. In this burger tier list, we will rank some of the best burger restaurants in America according to our personal preferences and general opinion on the fool. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 17 burgers ranked in this tier list.
  • Each entry has been ranked according to its taste, prices, serving sizes, etc.
  • In the highest rank, you can find Five Guys and In-N-Out, Whataburger, Sonic Drive-In, etc.
  • Among the lowest rank, you will see include White Castle, Del Taco, Jack in the box, etc.


We will be ranking all the entries in the table below

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Culver'sMcDonald'sFuddruckersCheckersJack in The Box
in-N-Out BurgerWendy'sJohnny RocketsWhite CastleDel Taco
Five GuysBurger KingDairy Queen
Shake Shack
Sonic Drive-InCarl's Jr

You can learn about them in more detail below.

S Tier

burger tier list
S-Tier Burgers.

In the S section of our best burger place list, I am going to rank the juiciest, tastiest, and crispiest burgers of all time. You, me, whoever it is, I bet these burgers are in the first place for all of them.

And, trust me there is not a single reason for not counting them as the market leaders. So let’s get right into it.


Whenever there will be a burger topping list made by me, then Culver’s will always be ranked in the S category. People living in the United States clearly know the worth of Culver’s burgers. I don’t know where to start, whether I should talk about its butter burgers or some other variety.

Each and every burger option at Culver’s is out of this world. The almighty butter burger is undoubtedly a champion, with dripping American cheese and fresh beef and vegetables. And you know what, to date, there is not even a single complaint regarding its taste or quality. Therefore it is clearly the winner of our burger list.

Calories 390
Price $4.49

In-N-Out Burger

Do I really need to tell you why In-N-Out is placed on the S tier as well? I don’t think anyone will question its position. But, in case someone wants justification then I am at their service.

I know that when you are hungry and waiting for your order then seconds feel like hours. So, the first thing I love about it is its excellent and quick service. Despite preparing your order timely, it is error-free as the taste and quality compliments each other. One of their interesting offerings includes that you can customize the size of your burger according to your hunger level. Isn’t it great?

Calories 480 
Price $3.50

Five Guys

Ever eaten so much that your shirt instantly becomes tighter and you have to open the buttons? If not then no worries having a burger at five guys will make you do so. Your appetite will be satisfied with one burger but still, you will be willing to have more as if its taste has hypnotized you and asked you to have more and more.

From burgers to shakes, their wide range of food is awesome and flavorful. Every variety they offer is delicious. If you haven’t tried it yet then what are you waiting for? Christmas? No man, what if you die before having it? Ah, just joking! Go and try it so that you can also enjoy the wholesome taste.

Calories 980 
Price $ 8.95


Cheat your trainer and eat Double meat Whataburger and it will make your head spin. You can customize your burger by selecting vegetables of your choice, what else would you want? I accept the fact that it does not have a wide range of options but when the options provided are so tasty then there is nothing to cry for.

The size of its burgers is so huge that you cannot have them in a single go. It is an advantage for sure as you can eat as much as you want. Don’t hide, I know your mouth just started watering. No worries, visit your nearest franchise and witness its taste by yourselves.

Calories 590
Price $8.39

Sonic Drive-In

You must be amazed by seeing Sonic-Drive so high on the list. And if I had not tasted it recently then my thinking would also be the same as well. However, I must say that this burger chain has improved drastically, that it made its place directly in the no.01 category.

If you have not tried their SuperSonic Double Cheese Burger then you haven’t done anything yet. The cheese melting in your mouth and the flavorsome meat give a whole different kind of vibe. Don’t miss out on something simply you have had a bad experience in the past.

Calories 720 
Price $5.23

A Tier

best option
A-Tier Burgers.

In the A rank of our burger tier list, I will rank those burgers that are not perfect but still so tasty enough to die for.

If I talk about my personal opinion after analyzing and researching the majority views closely, all of the results show that there are times when some of the burger places ranked below can move to the S tier if a few simple changes occur. It fluctuates basically from time to time.


When it comes to fast-food options, health-conscious people get skeptical about whether to have it or not. On one hand, they will be craving burgers and sandwiches badly but they may have to push their limits to resist having some.

But wow, there is a piece of good news for health freaks. Wendy’s offer a wide range of menu consisting of healthier options as well. From the jacket potato to the Baconator, every item is worth trying. Henceforth, I don’t think you should make your taste buds suffer because of your diet. Just opt for healthy eating habits accompanied by the occasional cheat meals.

Calories 522 
Price $6.63


Be it you, me, or anyone else in America, we all recognize the phrase “I’m lovin’ it”. It’s not just a slogan, but Mcdonald’s knows how to adjust the tagline and reflect its meaning by offering top-notch quality meals. Talking about the taste, then it is just so good. Are you the one who hasn’t tried it yet? If yes, then I don’t believe you. Please visit there to witness the mouth-watering taste of its burgers, fries, and whatnot.

But wait, do you want to know their specialty? or do you want complimentary advice along with the ranking? I beg you to try their Big Mac topped with secret McDonald’s sauce and big & juicy lettuce leaves. The fast-food chain has a big advantage of brand advocacy as the people who have been eating it for so long keep on recommending it to others for a lifetime. You just saw the live example.

Calories 250 
Price $1.5

Carl’s Jr

Whether it is daytime, afternoon, or nighttime Carl’s Jr has everything on its menu from breakfast to dinner that can satisfy the appetite of every family member. There was no reason to rank it lower on the article. The triple fiery star famous burger is their specialty, and I bet that after having it you will go crazy and crave it again and again.

Also, who does not want to have something cold and sweet after a tasty meal? So, Carl’s Jr also understands this fact and offers a wide variety of Ice cream shakes, so that everyone can have the one they love.

Calories 1695
Price $ 12.95

Shake Shack

No one can ever imagine that a local hot dog seller can become such a huge, popular, and loved fast-food chain in such a short time. If I talk about my personal opinion then I love Shake Shack’s class hamburger because I find it just among all. However, it has some amazing combos as well like the original cheeseburger combined with the shroom burger.

Calories 455 
Price $ 8.39

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Burger King

It would be so unfair if I will not mention such a great burger chain in the A tier of the article. Burger King’s Whopper burger is the top favorite of the majority because of being juicy, saucy, and enough to fulfill one’s craving. Apart from this, if you are a vegetarian then you can find a plethora of delicious vegan options too on its menu. Hence, Burger King has something for everyone!

Calories 253 
Price $1.9

B Tier

good option
B-Tier Burgers.

Now we come to the tier where you will find those burgers that might not be irresistibly delicious, but they still make for a decent meal.

If you cannot find the ones that are your first priority, then you can easily enjoy the burgers ranked on the B tier of the burger place tier list and still be satisfied. And hey, these are probably the first preferences for a lot of people.


I don’t agree with their claim of being the greatest burger ever, but other than that as far as taste is concerned, it is pretty good.

Undoubtedly, their burgers are pretty filling and worth eating every now and then, but the one thing that brought them to B-tier is the high prices. Otherwise, it is a really good option for a meal. It’s a burger place, and even the most average one is probably going to be good.

Calories 140
Price $ 12.79

Johnny Rockets

The signature burger of Johnny Rockets, Rocket Joe’s, is so tempting with the loaded cheese and yummy sauce.

Its topping is kind of unique that it will be ranked no 01 on the burger topping tier list, but due to stiff competition in the article, I am unfortunately ranking it in this category. Please don’t be mad, Johnny Rocket fans.

Calories 210 
Price $7.99

Dairy Queen

The taste in Dairy Queen’s fast food is not over the top, but still, they have a good variety of options to choose from which includes fish, burger, and chicken burgers. It is not that great, but a cheaper price makes it likable among other fast-food chains.

Calories 356 
Price $5.39

C Tier

average option
C-Tier Burgers.

We are now moving towards the most divisive tier of the article, and here I am ranking those burger places whose food is neither tasty nor tasteless, but somewhere in between.

I am not saying that you cannot enjoy these. I’m saying that your cravings might be completely satisfied, but the taste might not be up to the mark.

White Castle

White castle will be the sole winner if we consider having a burger that fits our budget. But, if you are looking for the best burgers in town then this fast food chain will not be your stop. I don’t think that sliders are good to satisfy your hunger, so you need to buy 4 or 5 of them to satisfy your appetite. However, if you are including them as a starter or side dish in your house party then it is completely fine.

Calories 140
Price $1.42


Undoubtedly, Checkers’ burgers are bearable or even likable to taste. But one gets so irritated by noticing the small and thin patty covered with lots of vegetables. In simple words, the quantity of veggies and meat is not balanced in their burgers due to which people do not consider it a good option.

Calories 360 
Price $6.19

D Tier

last option
D-Tier Burgers.

Finally, we are moving towards the last category of the burger place tier list. Almost all entries here are not up to the mark in terms of quality and healthiness, but I can’t deny that tastes are subject.

There are people who really like to have these burgers, and it is completely fine as choices vary from person to person. So, let us begin with the final rankings.

Del Taco

Again, the number of ingredients, as well as the taste of Del Taco’s burgers, are not satisfying. No doubt their tacos are pretty tasty but I do not recommend Del Taco as a really good burger joint. It does not mean I am resisting you to try or have it. Again, your opinion matters, so it is completely up to you if you still want to try it.

Calories 770
Price $6.39

Jack in The Box

The only good thing about Jack in the Box’s burger is that its beef is properly grilled, but if we talk about seasoning then it is pathetic. Do you prefer having a tasteless beef patty having only some vegetables in it? I don’t think so. On the other hand, the buns are pretty soft and buttery, but that alone does not count as a good burger.

Calories 340 
Price $4.99

Comparison Table

in-N-Out BurgerS480 $3.50
Five GuysS980 $ 8.95
Sonic Drive-InS720 $5.23
McDonald'sA522 $6.63
Burger KingA455 $ 12.95
Shake ShackA253$ 8.39
Carl's JrA140$1.9
FuddruckersB210$ 12.79
Johnny RocketsB356 $7.99
Dairy QueenB140$5.39
CheckersC360 $1.42
White CastleC770$6.19
Jack in The BoxD340 $6.39
Del TacoD250$4.99

Final Verdict

From the classic Culver’s to Jack in the Box, there is a plethora of burger chain options and it is so confusing to decide what to choose. The writers at Toptierlist strive around the clock to provide valid and authentic information to their readers, but of course, our personal biases cannot be separated when it comes to tastes. But hopefully, this burger tier list was helpful for you as now you are familiar with some of the best burger chains in America.


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