Chicken Sandwich Tier List: Best to Worst Sandwiches Ranked

In This Chicken Sandwich Tier List, We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Most Renown Sandwiches In America.

Discussing chicken sandwiches can be a very sensitive topic, and many questions can arise, such as which bun is better, which seasonings will work best, which fast food chain makes the best sides, and so on. On top of that, there is a separate debate among sandwich lovers about fillings like pickles or if tomatoes enhance the taste, etc. So instead of being skeptical and thinking more about these sandwiches yourself, read our fast food Chicken Sandwich tier list.

In this article, I will inform you about the fast food chains where you can get the best sandwiches. We will also review the chains with the worst ones, but those will come near the end of the rankings.

Some very common questions bothered us while searching for the best sandwiches, as mentioned above. We tried chicken sandwiches from a lot of fast food chains. And while trying these, we made some simple rules; all of the sandwiches we will try must be fried and have the same general shape and size. Last but not least, the ingredients used in these sandwiches must be almost the same so that it would be easy for us to judge because comparing sandwiches of the same family to each other is much easier. 

Key Points

  • The article will not be ranking all chicken sandwiches, we will only go over some of the best-known brands.
  • We have a total of 13 chicken sandwiches for ranking in this tier list.
  • Among the highest tiers, you can find Popeyes and Chick-fil-A.
  • The lower tiers contain restaurants like Culver’s.


I am ranking all chicken sandwiches in a short table below to make it easier for you to find your favorite ones.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Burger King: Ch'king Sandwich
Bojangles: Bo’s Chicken Sandwich Jollibee: Original Chicken SandwichSonic Drive-In: Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich
McDonald’s: Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Popeyes: Chicken SandwichChick-fil-A: Original Chicken Sandwich
Church’s Chicken: Chicken SandwichJack in the Box: Cluck SandwichCulver’s: Crispy Chicken Sandwich
KFC: KFC Chicken SandwichRaising Cane’s: The Sandwich

Learn more about them below.

S Tier


In the S category of fast food, I am going to rank the tastiest sandwiches. You will experience the best fillings with premium and tasty ingredients in them. Not only that, but the added sauces will make you go crazy and convince you to have it again and again. 

Burger King: Ch’King Sandwich

Hold your breaths, guys as I am going to make a really subjective statement. Some of you might love it, while others will find it offensive. But there is no need to get offensive as opinions vary from person to person. Burger King’s chicken sandwich, referred to as the Ch’king sandwich, is better than Popeye’s chicken sandwich. 

A finely fried brown chicken fillet is added to it, which looks more appealing than Popeye’s sandwich. I dare to say it because I have tried it a lot of times, especially with the intention to compare it with the No. 01 sandwich. Moreover, every bite offers a good blend of flavors and crunchiness that melts in your mouth and bursts out a great flavor. Its chicken is a synonym for juicy (ironically saying), and the rich creamy mayo adds a flavorsome taste to it. In addition to that, the thick pickles add a tangy flavor to it.

Well, do you know an interesting fact about Burger King and Popeyes? Both the fast food chains are owned by the same company, “Restaurant Brand Internationals.” Ch’king sandwich definitely deserves to be placed on the top category of the list.

Avrg Price($) 5
Calories per serving  800

Popeyes: Chicken Sandwich

It is now moving toward the sandwich that changed the game. There are many fast food chains that focus on launching some type of chicken sandwich that can beat Popeyes however they always get failed to do so. It is quite surprising how Burger King introduced an amazing Ch’king sandwich that there is a fine line between both the chain’s fried chicken sandwich. 
In addition to that, one of its best things is that it is cheaper and better of all and you will surely want to have it again and again. Its soft bun and cheesy batter make it extremely appetizing and mouthwatering that when one takes a bite he will crave more. Moreover, the texture of mayonnaise is as smooth as velvet; the brioche bun will tantalize your taste buds.

Avrg Price($) 5.84
Calories per serving  700

KFC: KFC Chicken Sandwich

The tender meat, finely fried chicken with above average crunch, thick layers of mayonnaise, brioche bun, flavorful pickle slices, and melting cheese; yes I am talking about KFC’s fried chicken sandwich. It is finger-lickin’ good but still not as perfect as the above two. The ingredients that make it unique are its 11 herbs and spices, due to which a distinctive flavor can be experienced while chewing it. Other than that, we can not find a single fault in it due to which it deserves to be placed in the current category.

Avrg Price($) 4
Calories per serving  650

A Tier

chicken sandwich tier list

I will place the best sandwiches in this category of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich tier list. These are not as delicious and scrumptious as those you may find on the S tier. However, having these is worth it because of their top quality and best taste. The minor issues in it are completely ignorable.

Bojangles: Bo’s Chicken Sandwich

If you have already tried cajun fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits at Bojangles, then you must know the level of its taste. There is no need to provide evidence regarding its best taste. Moreover, without eating its chicken sandwich you will trust me when I will praise its sandwich. However, it does not mean that there is no need to give it a try, you should definitely try it by yourself so that your taste buds can witness the taste.

The best part about its chicken is that the perfect blend of seasoning is used in its chicken, neither too salty nor tasteless. Along with that, its own flavors are enough for a good taste due to which extra seasonings are not necessary, but if you want to dip it in some sauces then it will be a cherry on top. But do you know what is the bonus point of the sandwich? The goodness of pickles and creamy mayo take it to the next level.

Avrg Price($) 4
Calories per serving  670

Chick-fil-A: Original Chicken Sandwich

I completely understand the reason why people drool over Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwich. It is not perfect, but one of the best sandwiches worth trying. The juicy chicken makes it appetizing; the perfectly blended better with a good amount of seasoning adds a good flavor. Additionally, the surprising thing is that despite being too saucy, the chicken of the sandwich does not soggy. For a tangy flavor, some slices of pickles are added between the chicken and bun, whose taste I love the most.

Avrg Price($) 4
Calories per serving  500

B Tier


In the B rank of the chicken sandwich tier list, I will be ranking the likable sandwiches. You can not say that these are the best ones. However, some people consider these as their favorites if we talk about the minority opinion. 

Raising Cane’s: The Sandwich

Knowing the fact that in 2020 this fast-food chain won an award for being one of the best, I visited to taste its chicken sandwich with high expectations. Well, I will not say it was not according to my expectations as I have mixed reviews regarding its taste. The three fingers which were added to the sandwich were so crispy and tasty, but the small lettuce disappointed me as it was tasteless may, be because of its size.

Additionally, the chicken fingers were more than enough to flavor every bite, so I have no complaints about it. Moreover, the sprinkling of pepper enhanced the flavor, so it had a pretty good taste. Therefore, I am placing it on the B tier of the list.

Avrg Price($) 5
Calories per serving  840

Church’s Chicken: Chicken Sandwich

The buns of Church’s chicken sandwich are not like those that every other fast food chain offers. Its brioche bun is brushed with honey and butter, adding an overwhelming taste. Its flavorsome batter and perfectly seasoned chicken breast make a perfect combination that is required for a chicken sandwich. Adding mayonnaise enhances the overall flavor, and the brushed honey to the hot cross buns adds a touch of sweetness to it. Undoubtedly, the sandwich is worth trying if you are bored with the normal ones. However, these are not the best but they are good for a change.

Avrg Price($) 6.69
Calories per serving  400

Jollibee: Original Chicken Sandwich

Praise Jollibee for its delicious, flavorful, and well-seasoned chicken patty with all the toppings. Moreover, hats off to the fried batter that maintains a high level of crunch throughout the eating experience, and the crispy fillet is wonderful on its own. However, it is not as good as the ones ranked on the above tiers but still a much more better option. Not only that, but the umami sauce, on the other hand, gives the sandwich a mouth-watering creamy consistency and spicy flavor that elevates it above sandwiches from much larger businesses like McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Avrg Price($) 4
Calories per serving  570

C Tier


Now, I will place the below-average sandwiches on the Spicy Chicken Sandwich tier list. Having these is not highly recommended as you have a lot better options than these.

Sonic Drive-In: Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Undoubtedly, Sonic excels at a variety of things in addition to offering a deliciously vast range. Moreover, the soft serve ice cream and the greatest onion rings are available there, which are too good. It constantly produces funny TV ads. Don’t forget the servers who are skating on wheels. They are outstanding. But the Traditional Crispy Chicken Sandwich isn’t one of those wonderful things.

Furthermore, the chicken breast and its thin, unspecific breading are mostly to blame. The toppings with extremely pale tomato slices eliminate the element of freshness from it, which doesn’t really help to save it. Furthermore, Sonic’s lettuce-chopping technique needs to be improved. Nobody wants enormous, rough-hewn chunks to fall onto their laps in the middle of a sandwich.

Avrg Price($) 6
Calories per serving  600

Jack in the Box: Cluck Sandwich

The first and foremost thing that I like to mention about Jack in the Box’s sandwiches is its warm brioche buns, due to which these fried chicken sandwiches look so tempting. But it doesn’t taste as good as it seems. But, one good thing about the place is that these people are using paper bags which contributes to saving our environment, so it is a bonus here. However, let me come to the point as I am here to give reviews on the basis of taste rather than praising for the environment-friendly trait. The taste was not as good as expected due to the soggy chicken and unbalanced amount or blend of sauces.

Avrg Price($) 6.40
Calories per serving  490

D Tier


Coming towards the last category of the fast food chicken sandwich tier list in which, I am going to place the worst sandwiches. These are a big no as it is a total waste to spend your money on these. Why go for the D-tier sandwiches when you have so much to choose?

McDonald’s: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

You might be amazed by seeing McDonald’s on the D tier. However, nothing is in it to get shocked, especially if you have tried its sandwiches. If a food chain is renowned and you love it then it does not mean that all of its items on the menu will be tempting and appetizing. When I went there to try sandwiches then at that time I was so excited as their burger were heavenly.

However, when I took the first bite of that sandwich I wondered if the chef forgot to add sauce to it. Yes, I am not exaggerating as there was no sauce in it, or maybe you can count the drops of sauce added to it. In simple words, it was completely dry. Not only that, but McDonald’s chicken sandwich was smaller and thinner in size than other fast food restaurants. It was a whole lot of disappointment. 

Avrg Price($) 4.19
Calories per serving  440

Culver’s: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Now, moving towards the second place, whose chicken sandwiches I will rank by now. It is disturbing that all the ingredients in Culver’s crispy chicken sandwich are fine, but the pale big tomatoes and limp lettuce ruins it all. The meat is perfectly tender, the topping of sauces is good enough, and the bun is also not too bad, but once you take a bite of the trash vegetables added to it, you have no option but to leave it all.

Avrg Price($) 4.39
Calories per serving  490

Arby’s: Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Although Arby’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich isn’t groundbreaking, it makes a good effort. The fresh tomatoes are ample and flavorful, and the chicken patty is moist and nicely seasoned. Except for a small crunch, the iceberg lettuce doesn’t add much flavor to the sandwich. The absence of sauce or mayonnaise is the primary factor, so I am ranking the sandwich in the D tier. The sandwich as a whole was dry, even though the chicken patty itself wasn’t. So, overall it is not a good choice.

Avrg Price($) 6
Calories per serving  510

Comparison Table

SandwichesTierAvrg Price($)Calories per serving
Burger King: Ch'king Sandwich
Popeyes: Chicken SandwichS5.84700
KFC: KFC Chicken SandwichS4650
Bojangles: Bo’s Chicken SandwichA4670
Chick-fil-A: Original Chicken Sandwich
Jollibee: Original Chicken SandwichB5840
Church’s Chicken: Chicken SandwichB6.69400
Raising Cane’s: The Sandwich
Sonic Drive-In: Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Jack in the Box: Cluck SandwichC6.40490
McDonald’s: Crispy Chicken SandwichD4.19440
Culver’s: Crispy Chicken SandwichD3.39490
Arby’s: Classic Crispy Chicken SandwichD6510


So, this was the spicy Chicken Sandwich tier list in which we tried ranking all chicken sandwiches that are relevant right now. It was difficult to rank anything on a public website knowing that many people would be judging you.

There are high chances that I have ranked your favorite one on the C or D tier. But there is no need to get offended as your opinions matter and are highly appreciable. So, feel free to leave your queries in the comment section below.