Chocolate Tier List: All Flavors Ranked

Our Definitive Chocolate Tier List Ranks the Best Chocolates From Around the World.

I know that you are fond of chocolates and that they’re the main reason you landed on this page. So welcome to our chocolate tier list, where you will see the rankings of some of the most well-known chocolates in the world. But if we talk practically, we can obviously never judge what is the best product because that answer will vary from person.

Here, we will try and provide you with a general ranking of some of the best and worst chocolates ever. The aim is to provide valid and reliable information while keeping in mind that no individual is free from personal biases. And with that said, let’s jump into the article.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 chocolates ranked by the top tier list team in this ranking.
  • The list is based on general tastes and is not presented as fact.
  • Among the highest rank, we have Kit Kat, Twix, snickers, butterfingers, etc.
  • In the lowest rank, you can see Oh Henry! and Smarties.


Here, I will rank all the chocolates on a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Butter FingerHershey's KissesSmarties
Oh Henry!
Kit Kat
Hershey's Bars
Mr. BigJersey Milk

Now let’s get into it for real.

S Tier

chocolate tier list
S-Tier Chocolates.

I’m going to start ranking with the S tier, and anything that falls within this category is excellent. The chocolates that I am going to place here will also be more exceptional and delicious than all of the rest.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the epitome of the products ranked on the chocolate tier list.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

A legendary combination of peanut butter and chocolate that is so mouthwatering that you can not resist from having them again and again. The most interesting fact about these is that you can also enjoy the small version of the peanut butter cups, which is much more manageable for those trying to count their calories.

It is ranked number 1 on the list for many reasons. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are loved globally for being the tastiest combination of peanut butter and chocolates  I know that your mouth is watering while reading. No worries, go get yourself one now!

Average Price($) 2.66 (2 cup pack)
Average Calories per serving 200
Rating 4.8

Kit Kat

Chocolate or wafer; which tastes more good in Kitkat? Every time I eat it, my Kit Kat break is finished while figuring out what makes it the best chocolate. Is it a wafer or the chocolate itself? If anyone knows the answer to this then please mention it in the comment box below.

The heavenly tastting chocolate known as the Kit Kat is a wild combination of wafer and chocolate; crunchy, chocolaty, and yummy at the same time. While munching on its sweet chocolate coating, your taste buds experience a sudden feeling of satisfaction and praise you for providing such an overwhelming taste to them. You can not compare its taste to any other chocolate ranked on the article as it is distinctive in its own way.

Average Price($) 3
Average Calories per serving 210
Rating 4.4


I bet you will start drooling if you watch someone take a bite of crispy and crunchy Twix. It is made up of three scrumptious layers; wafer, caramel, and chocolate. It is a 3-in-1 package that you all will love for sure.

Trust me, you will regret not giving it a shot. Here is not just a bar of chocolate but an incredible experience. So, do you want to miss out on it? If not then go and try it out now!

Average Price($) 2
Average Calories per serving 104(two finger chocolate bar)
Rating 4.7


Ah, how can I not mention one of the best-tasting chocolate bars with peanuts and caramel mixture inside? All of the chocolate good is present inside the nougaty chocolate ranked on our list. What we have here, is not only a bar of tasty chocolate, but one that also consists of a delicious nougat inside.

There are many people who have this for the purpose of snacking. And, who will not want to have such a delicious snack? Therefore, I also eat Snickers a lot because it is my true love too!

Average Price($) 1.55
Average Calories per serving 280
Rating 4.6


Baby, baby, what color do you choose? I will go for blue, what is your pick? So, M&M’s are delicious mini spheroid chocolates that come in a variety of colors in one packet. These mini chocolates are not only tasty but also look so aesthetic.

Although all the colors have the same taste, every person still has their own favorite. Let me know in the comment box below that which one is your favorite.

Average Price($) 2.99
Average Calories per serving 140
Rating 4.6

A Tier

chocolate tier list
A-Tier Chocolates.

Now at the A-Tier of the list, you are going to find out the best options that are just a level below the S tier. The majority of people love to have these over and over again.

You might find some of your favorite ones below as well. So, what are you waiting for? Come on, and have a look at the A rank category.

Butter Finger

Butter Finger is one of the best chocolates ranked on the chocolate bar tier list. I feel like I am a kid while having it. I don’t know why but it gives a nostalgic feeling. Do you feel the same while having it?

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Eating Butter Finger will make you lick your fingers because of its captivating taste. One must have a like the Butter Finger at least once in their lifetime. I am saying this because you can not have it once only, the time you eat it is the time when you decide to include it in your favorite list.

Average Price($) 2
Average Calories per serving 210
Rating 4.4

Hershey Bars

Oh my god, I love the way smooth textured candy melts in my mouth. And, wait, are you an oreo lover? If yes, then you will get overwhelmed by having Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ cream flavor, as it is so delectable. Therefore, I will recommend you to have it whenever you feel like it, and trust me it is worth tasting.

Average Price($) 1.5
Average Calories per serving 210
Rating 4.6

B Tier

likable chocolates
B-Tier Chocolates.

This is the third category of the chocolate bar tier list where I am going to place the most average chocolates. These are not the best ones but you can definitely see why people might enjoy them.

As it all depends on your choice and taste, some of you will love these while others may absolutely loathe them.

Hershey’s Kisses

The bite-sized tear-shaped chocolates are also the talk of the town. These small sizes are so creamy and flavorful that one will want to have them most of the time. But, these are not as delicious as the chocolates ranked above. For that reason, I am placing Hershey’s Kisses in the B category of the ranking.

Average Price($) 12(per pack 35.8oZ)
Average Calories per serving 22
Rating 4.4

C Tier

below-average chocolates
C-Tier Chocolates.

The C tier is the most subjective category of the list. Here, I will rank those chocolates that are neither too delicious nor tasteless.

My point of view is that these are the chocolates that people usually buy when their cravings are really bad and they have no other options available.


I am ranking smarties in this category of the chocolate tier list because adults don’t prefer it as its taste is not-so-good. Smarties attract children because of their colorful appearance, but other than that there is nothing really special about them.

Average Price($) 1.2
Average Calories per serving 25
Rating 4.3

Mr. Big

Mr. Big claimed to be the biggest chocolate bar in Canada. Is that so? Not at all, it seems like a joke to us, and the taste is also average. Because of that reason, I am ranking it on the C-Tier of the list.

Average Price($) 13(4bars pack)
Average Calories per serving 260
Rating 4.2

D Tier

D tier chocolates
D-Tier Chocolates.

Finally, we arrive at the last category of the entire article. The chocolates ranked below are definitely sweet, but they aren’t exactly crowd favorites. In fact, they are the last ones to fly off the shelves.

So, let us have a look at the selection of some not-so-popular chocolates.

Jersey Milk

There is nothing special about Jersey Milk it is just a bar of ordinary milk chocolate. I do not feel like convincing you to try it as there is no pain point that I can highlight.

Average Price($) 2
Average Calories per serving 90
Rating 4.1

Oh Henry

Other than the peanut butter flavor, Oh Henry is the chocolate that is not on the top priority list. Just like Jersey Milk, this is a pretty below-average candy bar.

Average Price($) 8.44(230g pack)
Average Calories per serving 70
Rating 4

Comparison Table

ChocolatesTierAverage Price($)Average Calories per servingRating
Reese's Peanut Butter CupsS2.662004.8
Kit KatS32104.4
Butter FingerA22104.4
Hershey's BarsA1.52104.6
Hershey's KissesB12224.4
Mr. BigC132604.2
Oh Henry!D2904.1
Jersey MilkD8.44704


Now by the end of the Chocolate Tier List, you are aware of some of the most popular and unpopular chocolates in the world. You can obviously try all of them, but if you just want to try the best ones then I will recommend you to have the ones ranked on the B tier of the chocolate bar tier list and above. Anything lower, and I cannot guarantee a good time.

And that’s about it for now. You might not agree with our choices, and that’s okay. We are always open to suggestions in the comments below and encourage you to speak your mind.

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