Country Tier List: Nations Ranked [Feb. 2023]

We Will Attempt To Rank All Of The Nations In The World With This Tier List.

All the countries in the world aim to have a commanding role in the world and wish that their economic and foreign policies lead the way for the rest of the world to follow up. Listing down so many countries in the world into a list structure is always composed of many tough decisions and choices to make an entirely unbiased tier list.  Earth is divided into 7 Continents that further comprise more than 250 independent countries, but not all of the nations around the globe are identical, they have their differences based on many important factors.

Every single country in the world is in a cold war state. China, America, and somewhat Russia are fighting each other indirectly for the title of being called the absolute Ruling superpower of the world. We have designed this Country Tier List considering analytical and statistical information from different countries, not only that, but we also brought recent time surveys by independent sources into consideration.

Some have scarce resources and others have so much of them that they find it difficult to store them. Population, Size, GDP, Import/Export ratios, etc, are the things that matter a lot for a country to be recognized in for as one of the top-performing countries. The division of land, resources, power, water sources and naturally occurring precious materials was never done equally all around the Earth.

Lower rate of corruption, political stability, peace index, employment rates, happy index ratio of the local people, etc, all these factors greatly contribute to the well-being and growth of a nation, and countries do not simply grow up to heights just in a year or two, it’s a process of growth and evolution that takes decades or at times centuries.

I would want to add up that all of this ranking is purely based on unbiased sources and expert opinions from qualified personnel. This tier list is free of any favoritism or personal interest or feeling attached to a particular country or state. This tier list is however open for any sort of constructive criticism and in case of any sort of human error on my part shall be apologized for.

S Tier

Countries Tier List
Best countries in the world

S tier of The Country Tier List includes the absolute best of the best nations of the world. Concerning their Military powers, their financial situation, growth, and their recognition around the globe. These counties are without a doubt the superpowers of the world and the smaller counties Geographically falling near these countries get the advantage of being a neighbor with these nations.

Countries from this list are absolutely in a state of Cold war to fight for the absolute superpower of the world and every one of them tries to be Just the absolutely recognized great nation of the world. These countries provide their economic policies as well as their foreign policies

United State of America

The United States of America does not lack any obvious attribute to be known as the world’s Super Power. America has so many positives behind it to talk about and those absolutely stand out amongst the whole world.

The geographical location of the Country makes it grasp two of the most important ocean of the world, and in order to become a great nation, to be surrounded by oceans instead of land is the thing every country wishes, and the US is blessed with not one but two of it so it can have exports and trades going on all around the year with the rest of the world. America is also considered to be the moderator of the world, any issue that arises in the world is firstly raised in front of the USA.

However, after its Afghan mission, this positive image of the US was quite disturbed but once again America is reviving that face. America has such a great amount of land and geographical area to its name that it normally takes more than a lifetime to even explore every corner of a country, for normal person. Obviously, the country is so diverse and heavily populated (estimated at around 330 million).

The point here isn’t that a greater population is a blessing ( managing a greater population is a very hard task and in order to understand take the example of third world countries like India, and Pakistan.), but the thing is that the US population has the highest percentage of being Skilled, Employed, Above the poverty lines. This makes the country such a great nation.

The military expertise and equipment of the US Army are something to which other countries compare their standards. The USA Spend trillions of dollars making new sophisticated Air, land, and water warships for its defense. F 35, is the most advanced and the most expensive military equipment manufactured ever. The Stealth is a combat Jet that can’t be detected on the aerial Radar of any country (except Russia).

Missles and Submarines of the USA are unmatched, every passing day they shock the world with new technologies. The USA has gathered and stored great reserves of crude oil and petroleum over the decades, and the country’s radar system is an exemplary artifact and display of craftsmanship and advanced technology. Specially motor vehicle industry of the USA is a trademark itself.

The USA not only invest their dollar in building defense but also sells them to the world earning great income because despite conventional wars not being too common these days, these defensive types of machinery are still important to reflect the strength of the world.

It is something out of the question that the United States of America produces the best Computer and software technology on the earth and the whole world depends upon it for their lives to run.

The USA had always been a couple of steps ahead of the world, the silicon valley in the US is one of its kind, and the state of Massachusetts (The most modest state in the USA) is a whole block of tech and advanced artificial intelligence within itself.

The US had and has always been very lucky in terms of faithful and honest governance, although the country faced some basic losses in the reign of Bill Clinton when he made the decision of invading Afghanistan by means of Power and Aggression, 30 years later, after spending trillions of dollars, the US realized their mistake, it was not just an economic loss but also it gave air to restlessness and falling of peace not only in Afghanistan and it’s neighbors, but also in America itself, 9/11 incident is a piece of clear evidence.

The US is one of the first, oldest, and best automobile manufacturers in the world and its recent step toward the creation of electrical cars has taken the world on fire with long waiting lists of orders from all around the world. The Country Tier List can surely not be completed excluding the US.

There are 5 Disney Lands in the world and the most iconic one is in the USA. Like this, there are many other attractions in the world that are exclusive to the USA or other countries that took inspiration from them and then emulated them in their countries.

United Kingdom

Great Britain had always set standards for the rest of the world in every possible aspect, it’s not just its exemplary governance, but also a very strong military nuclear state, and its world-recognized quality products that it produces.

In short, one can really enjoy every luxury of the world while visiting the UK. A few years back England or Great Britain separated from the European Union diving the United Kingdom and is now called Great Britain or England.

This nation is blessed with nothing less than Absolutely best, from the most beautiful countryside to the most developed and advanced cities yet being historically so rich that the world comes to tour these places for its rich history and centuries-old carved and paved infrastructure. The United Kingdom is such a diverse country as if it’s a true definition of the global village on Earth.

The living standards there are second to none, and the taste of Royalty and the decorum of the state makes it stand out amongst many developed countries in the world. People of the UK are very standard conscious and have an unparallel lifestyle.

The UK produces the world’s most prestigious and expensive luxury things, as well as whiskies and cigars, the Scottish whisky and the Cuban cigar, are their signature goods which have become a status symbol for the filthy rich in the country.

Britain has a very unique blend of democratic as well as kingship systems going on at the same time, it is one of a few countries where we can witness the real Empire system and a similar heritage that existed somewhat three to four centuries before. The art of craftsmanship in Britain is second to none and without a doubt.

Even today the Important events of the royal family are guarded in a similar old passion withing the centuries-old castles by means of Beautiful horses and horse carts reminding us how great the previous time the past.

This great nation also has the glory of cheering the world war 2 victory and without a doubt, there was a time when the Uk was recognized to be a more giant superpower than what the US is today. Even today it’s a great nuclear nation but not of the great size as what US or China are.

The UK has the oldest and the best education system, it’s not just a great country but it provides chances for everyone around the globe. People from every corner of the world come to work, study and spend their lives over there.

Instead, it absolutely set a new standard for the rest of the world to follow, and that is why it lies in the topmost tier of the Country Tier List.


China has worked very hard to become one of the most important and considerable blocks in the world. It won’t the wrong to count China amongst the greatest Countries in the Country Tier List after America. China is so great that it’s composed of one-third of the world population and most of its population contributes to improving the well-being of this great nation. China has the highest trade assets compared to any other country in the world.

The country has a trillion-dollar daily trade exchange and its ports are among one the busiest seaports in the whole world. China’s population of more than 1.4 billion is a mammoth amount, China has the highest population density, yet the best managed population not only in the cities but also in the sides of the village.

When we talk about China it reminds us of the extremely large term, it’s always about The Biggest or the mightiest terms. There’s no doubt in the fact that China has absolutely revolutionized trade in the world, China aims to bring trade to the easiest and most convenient way in Asia, by building roads that connect Russia and all the way to Pakistan in the south.

This will enlighten and open up a new era of trade, and the opponents of China never wish that the project is completed. China had always been in a state of Cold War between its competitors such as the USA or other superpowers. But China comfortably leads the trade wars as China hosts almost all the manufacturing industries of almost every globally renounced brand and company.

This gives a boost to the country’s export rising its GDP. Even one of the top-performing companies, Apple’s manufacturing industry is settled there. China not only is a mammoth economy but also a nuclear state with a validly strong defense and it is a big exporter of warships and combat aircraft to many other countries.

The Governance system of the country has been kept very transparent and it stands no chance of being corrupted, everything has been kept very systematic on the organizational and institutional levels. These are some of the reasons that make China end up very comfortably in the Uppermost tier of the Country Tier List.


Previously, France was a monarchy. It is also known for the Palace of Versailles, the royal palace. The Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Opera, and the lovely gardens have all been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. France is famous for its influence on the fashion world. Paris is one of the four fashion capitals of the world – a city that hosts fashion weeks and other notable fashion events.

Three other fashion capitals are New York, Milan, and London. And it’s not just the runways that make France famous for its fashion. It is also the designer labels that originate from this country, and that easily dominate the market. France is one of the world’s top two wine producers, competing with Italy for first place. The area is recognized for its beautiful countryside vineyards, with Champagne, Burgundy, and Bordeaux being the country’s three most popular wine regions.

In Europe, French automobiles are extremely popular. France is a very recognized manufacturer of luxury goods, including the perfume and fashion industry which is led by the Frenchs. Renault Clio was the second most popular automobile in 2018, trailing only the Volkswagen Golf. That was the third consecutive year. Cheeses from France are famous all over the world.

You could make it your life’s purpose to try all of the cheese varieties, but I doubt you would succeed. France has ample tourist opportunities and is host to one of the world’s seven wonders. France was ranked among the ones with the most transparent and corruption-free administration.

France has a very vintage and vibe-full life, the nightlife in the country and the cafe culture, and the all-night open bars are great attractions for the visitors. Camembert, Brie, Roquefort, Comté, and Reblochon are some of the country’s most well-known cheeses.

And it’s no surprise that France is known for its cheeses: they’re an essential component of every wine tasting worth its salt. Unofficially, Paris is regarded as the world’s cultural capital. Artists from all over the world have always been drawn to this beautiful city because it is so inspiring. France is a very good suit for the S tier of the Country Tier List.

A Tier

Countries Tier List
Second best countries in the world

There’s no doubt that A tier of the Country Tier List includes the best of the best countries, The countries that dominate the world and can make the superpower and nuclear states like the USA, China, etc make think twice before falling into a conflict with them.

They are economically very strong and able and have large reserves of fossil fuels that are required by the whole world for their daily use, their trades and ample exports are other factors that make them stand out. These countries are nuclear states and the leader and the dominating nations of the geographical regions they are located in.


Russia is a rich and globally recognized superpower of the world, but their a few things that make it fall below the S tier of the Country Tier List,  Russian land is so widespread and it covers such an extended ground and land that it sometimes gets very difficult to manage for themselves. The second reason contributing is Russia’s aggressive and war-loving nature.

We don’t need to go deep into history books searching down the list for its past conflicts, The recent Ukraine conflict is a living example of this fact. A glimpse of this can be seen in the fact that in 1867 the Great Russian Federation sold Alaska to the United States of America, and they still regret that sale, despite being more than one and a half-century old.

Russia despite being surrounded by the sea all around, still faces issues with its trade routes, as the surrounding oceans are operatable in summers only. So it expects a helping hand from the countries that we a part of the Soviet Empire such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and several Asian countries like China, Pakistan, etc. Russia is validly supported by one of the best military and Warship machines, Including The world’s Fastest Combat Jet, Mig 25.

The vastly spread land is blessed with a tremendous amount of Natural resources, Petroleum and Natural Gas are one of its largest export items. Crops such as Wheat, rice, cereals, etc are large sources of GDP enhancers for the state. Russia’s love for wealth, power, and captivating land will never finish, at least not in the reign of President Putin.


We all know that Japan is a truly unique country, with few places in the world that can match. The culture, history, food, and atmosphere are all unique to this location. You’ve probably heard it before, but one of the remarkable things that make Japan so unique is its ability to blend ancient history and traditions with incredible modernization. Japan’s history spans thousands of years, and much of it is still alive today.

Despite being one of the world’s most advanced countries, it excels in blending the best of both worlds. People often refer that if you want to see the world 100 years Ahead of the present, just waste no second a visit Tokyo, so there is no question about the fact that Japan should be in the A Tier of Country Tier List.

This country taught the world how to rise from ashes and make itself a strong nation. Japan was very badly impacted by World War 2, it was hit by not one, but two nuclear bombs by the UK, they were so impactful that even today new births over there are reportedly affected by the aftershocks of that incident. Today it’s one of the richest countries by means of technology and Education.

You can witness not only the ancient beauty of this country but also the convenience of its modernization and technical progress throughout the land. Japanese are noted for their courtesy and good manners. Furthermore, Japanese culture emphasizes efficiency.

Japan is a bustling country with excellent organization. Japan is a very surprising and interesting blend between centuries-old customs and beliefs and then on the other hand the technology that makes one think that it has left the rest of the world 100 years back.

You can wander through Tokyo’s streets and come across historical monuments or temples that have stood for centuries, as well as modern technology. Japan has access to the all-year operating oceans and has ample export opportunities.


Germany is one of the top travel destinations in the world. With an interesting and complex history narrated by old-fashioned and colorful architecture. The castles, palaces, cathedrals, and monuments, as well as its landscapes, mountains, forests, wonderful food, and beer, are truly amazing. This country is not just an economically and politically powerful country, but it also boasts a rich cultural heritage and a populace that values tradition, history, and humanity.

In This developed European country, bread is one of the most important foods. The world had a pretty mixed view about the standing of Germany around the Globe in the time when Adolf Hitler was leading them, this country face one of the world’s largest human lives and economical losses in world war 2, which left very deep marks of sorrow, but their recovery is a living example of the word Evolution.

Today they have one of the most sophisticated militaries and their unmatchable technology and development is something that makes even the superpower of the world think twice before getting into a conflict with them so it becomes a strong contender to lie at the S tier of the Country Tier List.

Germany has maintained a policy in which every national or international student or employee can only work if he has knowledge of the German language. Keeping their integrity very high and true proof that they stand by their patriotism.

Germans are recognized for their ancient heritage of baking bread, which varies in flavor and preparation depending on where you live in the country. There are a variety of bread, loaves, and rolls available, including dark, white, sweet, soft, plain, and seeded varieties. Sausages, also known as Wurts in Germany, are composed of pig, beef, or veal and are flavored in various ways depending on the location.

They’re usually served alongside or after a mug of beer. In contrast to other nations where education costs a fortune, education in Germany is free for all international students. And we’re not just talking about primary and secondary education; public institutions and universities offer free higher education.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for oil, being the birthplace of Islam, and Arabian horses. The world’s largest sand desert (Rub’ Al Khali), the world’s largest oasis (Al-Ahsa), Arabian coffee, oil, and countless palaces.

Veiled women, countless mosques, and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia is additionally the world’s largest country without a river. KSA has a special attachment and place in the hearts of Muslims living all around the globe.

Not only for Muslims but it’s very important for followers of many religions in the world. If the country only depends on tourism for its development, it can easily sustain all its expenses within that range. Great Royalty and the wealth of the country make it end up high on the list of Country Tier List. Suadi Arabia is one of very few countries in the world, that has an entire kingship system of governance.

Saudi Arabia’s state religion is Islam. Although there is no law requiring all citizens to be Muslims, non-Muslims and many foreign and Saudi Muslims. Whose beliefs are deemed to be incompatible with the government’s interpretation of Islam must practice their religion in secret and risk discrimination, harassment, detention, and, in the case of foreigners, deportation. Religious freedom is not guaranteed to Saudi nationals or guest workers.

Two of Islam’s holiest towns are found in Saudi Arabia: Mecca, where the Prophet Muhammad was born, and Medina, where he is buried. Millions of Muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca every year for the hajj, a six-day pilgrimage to the Kaaba shrine.

While every able-bodied adult Muslim who can afford it must perform the hajj once in their lifetime, Muslims also go to Mecca at other times of the year to complete the shorter, voluntary umrah pilgrimage.

B Tier

Countries Tier List
Second best countries list

B tier of the Country Tier list includes some very strong countries after the S and A tier, which mostly include the superpowers of the world. The B tier includes countries that are well recognized around the world.

They are well known for their trade, tourism, advanced infrastructure, strong military (defense), and amazing and hard-working people. This makes them stand out from the others. These countries have wide and great global recognition.


Switzerland is known for its breathtaking mountain landscapes, high-end watches, and decadent milk chocolate. This country has tourism as its top-performing industry and it is listed among the world’s most expensive places to spend time in. Huge white snow caps peaks might also be in other countries but what makes this European state a different place is its infrastructure even in the most remote areas of the country.

Not only supported by road connections but also railway links across some of the highest mountain ranges. Switzerland is known for its alluring cities and scenic train rides that showcase the country’s natural vistas. It is a melting pot of many different cultures. Of all the things that Switzerland is known for, none is more popular than Swiss chocolate.

Swiss chocolate is widely available around the world, and some of the country’s most well-known chocolate brands, such as Toblerone and Lindt, are household names even in the most remote locations. Despite being one of Western Europe’s smallest countries, Switzerland has one of the world’s most sophisticated train networks, with over 40 distinct railway companies serving it.

Because Switzerland is a landlocked country bordered by Germany, France, and Italy, it should come as no surprise that this alpine paradise is a cultural melting pot. In fact, Switzerland’s cultural diversity is so great that it has FOUR official languages!


India is not simply a country, it’s an entire continent with a really dense population. This South Asian country has very rich, diverse, and one of the oldest inherited cultures in the world.

Unlike other countries, India just does not have one aspect that we can talk about, the country has a number of things we can bring to the spotlight. The types of religion followed here are so contrasting yet found very commonly and in such a large number within the same boundaries.

India is the birthplace of some of the most followed and common religions in the world, including Hinduism and Sikhism. This country has quite a globally debatable foreign policy, which is often criticized, the Ladakh incident with China and the fall of the Indian Mig plane in an aerial combat mission against Pakistan left a very open space for the foreign media to comment openly on.

Its government at times had been very harsh to other religions except for the Hindus and the recent Sikh farmer protest for days against the standing government left the Indian government with a number of question marks.  class division of the Hindu culture leaves a lot of questions for the world to comment on. One of the main reasons for India’s fame is its massive monuments, national parks, and mountainous terrain.

Tea is a popular beverage in India, and it is served throughout the day and with meals in every home. India is the world’s second-largest tea grower, trailing China by only a few percent. India was the first country to extract, refine, and use sugar in cooking. In a country of 1.4 billion people, 16 percent of the population are followers of Islam. This country is also noted for being the world’s top spice consumer and exporter.

Diamonds are one of the most valuable stones in the world. Until Brazil discovered diamonds in the early 1700s, India was the world’s only supplier of diamonds. India has the world’s largest mosque population, with over 300,000 functioning mosques.

In comparison, even Islamic countries have a smaller number of mosques. It exports spices to the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, and Bangladesh, among other countries.

India’s history of mathematical inventions is remarkable. Indian mathematician Brahmagupta is credited with the discovery of zero, who defined it for the first time in 628 AD. Debts were represented by them. India’s rich legacy is reflected in its abundance of historical structures. In terms of the number of World Heritage Sites, India ranks in the top ten countries in the world. Some of the most well-known structures include the magnificent Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Konark’s Sun Temple, and Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal.


Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest man-made structure, and the Burj Al Arab, one of the world’s tallest hotel buildings. They are both located in the United Arab Emirates.  Palm Jumeirah island, the World, and the Universe archipelagos are amongst the UAE’s most prominent artificial islands.

Louvre Abu Dhabi’s modern art institutions and the proposed Guggenheim Abu Dhabi The United Arab Emirates is famous for its Grand Mosques, Dubai Mall, oil, a lot of sand, oases, date palms, sand, dune bashing, falconry, pearl hunting, robot jockey camel racing, and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Shawarma (UAE Doner kebab), pork, fish, rice, and the uncommon stuffed camel dish are the country’s primary foods. The emirates are also known for their wealth.  UAE’s roads are often lined with date palm trees that are heavy with the weight of the fruit.

The United Arab Emirates has a very unique Political System. The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven independent Emirates. An absolute Islamic (Sunni) monarchy governs the country. With a GDP of USD 414 billion, UAE is the second-largest economy in the Arab world (behind Saudi Arabia). Oil revenues account for one-third of the GDP.

UAE has an open mixed free-market economy based mostly on the production of oil and natural gas. Furthermore, the country’s free trade zones entice foreign investors by providing 100 percent foreign ownership and nearly no taxes.

Shawarma, often known as doner, is a popular street snack in the UAE. On a spit, soft and juicy meat is cooked, and the shavings are placed on bread with sauces. Dates are desert fruits known for their sweet flavor.


Italy is regarded as a country where the status of a symbol for a person or family is reflected by their dressing and basic outlook, instead of the filthy display of wealth by means of expensive assets, as in the rest of the world. Italian cuisine is regarded as one of the best in the world. The Renaissance in Italy is well-known, as are the magnificent artists who sprang from it. Italy is known for its tourism, art cities, and breathtaking scenery.

Language, opera, fashion, and luxury brands are all associated with Italy. Its football team is equally well-known! This country’s obsession with pasta is well documented! Food is one of the main reasons Italy is known abroad. Every year, Italians consume 23 million kilograms of pasta, which comes in a variety of forms and sizes: there are over 300 different pasta shapes in Italy alone.

Italy is recognized for its wonderful wine, with wine districts spanning the length of the Italian boot, some of which have become internationally famous. Chianti (Tuscany), Valpolicella (Veneto), Langhe (Veneto), and Marsala sweet wine from Sicily are among the most well-known Italian wine areas. In addition to wine, Italy makes outstanding digestifs (after-dinner drinks).

Italy is a very peace-loving nation and despite that, they have a strong and sophisticated military and is regarded as one of the most peaceful and tourable regions in the world, which enables it to make it to the Country Tier List. This country is the true definition of art in every aspect of life.

Italy is known for its sports vehicles, and it is home to some of the world’s most opulent automobile manufacturers. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati are three of the most well-known, with museums dedicated to their history and most popular vehicles. Many civilizations have called Italy home, including the Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, Normans, and Arabs.

Towns from the Middle Ages can be found all over Italy, with Siena and San Gimignano being the most well-known. Because Italy has such a large quantity of masterpieces, it also has some amazing museums. Gli Uffizi (Florence), Vatican Museums (Vatican City, Rome), and Accademia (Venice).

All these are just a few of the most well-known, but the list is extensive! Italy is known for its high-quality leather items, which are particularly popular in the central portion of the country and make ideal true Italian souvenirs and fashion statements.


From traditional Turkish tea to the beautiful Hagia Sophia. Turkey is known for its rich collection of both oriental and European characteristics. It’s also known for its carpets, hammams, and bazaars. As well as tourist sites such as Istanbul and Cappadocia and sweet treats such as Turkish delights and baklava.  Grand Bazaar is regarded as one of the world’s largest markets. It provides a diverse range of items as a result of this.

It houses over 4,000 stores and serves about half a million customers every day. Grand Bazaar was built in 1455 and is one of the oldest markets in Turkey, making it a historical treasure. Turkey is known for its attractive seaside resort cities such as Bodrum, Marmaris, and Alanya. In addition to its cultural relics. These cities are known for their calm blue oceans, fine sand, and vibrant nightlife.

However, despite so many good points, this country faced some serious consequences after supporting losing to the Germans, in world war 2, The great state was divided into different countries after signing an agreement with the dominating Britishers of that time. This Country is not absolutely a European state instead its most important city, Istanbul, lies halfway between Asia and another part of Europe.

Tourism is booming ever so fastly in the country with ample chances to multiply in the coming future, because of its historical background as well as breathtakingly beautiful sceneries. Spice Bazaar is also one of Turkey’s most well-known markets. This market sells spices, pastries, fruits and nuts, coffee, and various souvenirs, as its name suggests. Turkey produces some of the world’s highest-quality carpets.

Every rug and carpet in the country embodies history and culture. Evil eye is a popular charm in Turkish culture.  This charm, which is normally worn as a bracelet or a pendant, is thought to ward off evil spirits and bad luck by those who wear it. We could not complete the Country Tier List without adding up Turkey. This Secular state is a role model for the rest of the world in particular the Muslim World.

C Tier

Countries Tier List
fourth-best countries list

C tier of The Country Tier List includes one of the strong and best countries around the globe. C Tier countries lack some capabilities that stop them from being counted in the Higher tiers. Most of these countries lack in their military stats.

However, they’re among one the most advanced and technologically upgraded nations with an unparallel infrastructure. high literacy rate, good governance, and a high happy index for the citizens of the countries are plus points. These countries include the countries that people aspire to be like and to spend time in.


Canada has a very diversified culture, unwaveringly polite people, maple syrup, poutine, and ice hockey, among other things. Many well-known Hollywood actors and actresses were born in Canada. Furthermore, Canada is famous throughout the world for its diverse animals and stunning natural scenery. Canada is the world’s second-largest country. Despite its small population, Canada remains progressive, welcoming, and well-known.

The cultural diversity of Canada is well-known. This country is a mash-up of mostly British, French, and American influences, with a dash of Italian, Chinese, and other ethnic groups thrown in for good measure. Canada is famous for both its wildlife and its conservation efforts.

A three-part statute safeguards at-risk animals and 40 protected national parks in the country. Canada has vast swaths of undeveloped areas, making it an ideal habitat for bears. There are well over 10,000 grizzlies in British Columbia. But grizzlies aren’t the only ones who like the beautiful surroundings and mountains of Canada. Polar bears and black bears population in the wild is quite rich in Canada.

Canada is famous for its magnificent scenery and wide terrain. Canada not only has the world’s longest coastline, rocky mountains, turbulent rivers, open prairies, and roaring waterfalls. But also has the world’s longest coastline, rocky mountains, turbulent rivers, open prairies, and raging waterfalls.


Famous buildings and people, natural wonders, and distinct animal species all contribute to the country’s popularity. Australia possesses one of the top surfing destinations in the world.  Sport is a major element of Australian culture, and it is also quite popular among visitors. However, it is not something that can be done in every section of the country.

Australia is famous around the world for two animal species: koalas and kangaroos. Koalas are commonly considered bears, however, they are marsupials, similar to kangaroos. Australia does not come cheap, its expenses are a lot but in order to tackle that, they also serve good salaries. Having Ample employment opportunities.

Australia is also one of the world’s top ten wine-producing countries. This country offers several excellent wine areas, each with its own set of vineyards and wineries. South Australia’s Barossa Valley is by far the best wine region in the country. Including some of the country’s most prestigious vineyards.

Australia is famous for more than its sandy beaches and huge cities; it also has rainforests, mountains, national parks, and vast plains, all of which make for fantastic hiking opportunities. There are trails for everyone, from short and easy treks for beginners to week-long climbs for seasoned hikers. some parts of Australia are the driest of the inhabited continents. With enormous swaths of the country unfit for agriculture.


Spain is famous for its laid-back culture, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking surroundings. Major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia all have their own traditions, dialects, and must-see attractions! Locals and visitors alike go to vibrant festivities like La Fallas and La Tomatina. Spain produces the most olive oil and quality wines in the world.

Spain is famous for its beautiful weather, and Madrid is particularly well-known for it. With about 300 days of sunshine each year, it is Europe’s sunniest city. Spain produces a great number of well-known painters, ranging from classical to baroque to modern.

It is famous for its modern history involving civil war, dictatorship, and a return to monarchy and democracy.  Spain is famous for being a kind and laid-back country.

Talking about Spain takes us to the deep and rich history of Rome. Spain was a major part of Greece and Rome’s ancient history for centuries. Muslims ruled the country for centuries until the 15 century, and in that time is a world technology hub, Spain 600-700 years back was the first country to have cities with the concept of street lights.

If you can believe it, Spain produces more olive oil than Greece or Italy combined! Olive oil is commonly used as cooking oil as well as in salad dressing. Architecture is another well-known aspect of Spain.

It varies greatly depending on the location and city. In several cities, the original designs are preserved, while the others are renovated. It may not have the most impressive architecture in the world, but we can all agree that Antonio Gaudi is one of the greatest architects of all time.

Gaudi’s unique style and stunning buildings are one of the key reasons why Barcelona is such a beautiful city nowadays. We could surely not complete the Country Tier List without naming Spain in the list.


Singapore is famous for its cleanest streets in the world, thanks to a 50,000-strong cleaning crew. This country of Singapore has very stringent regulations against littering. In addition to that spitting in public, vandalism, and public urination, can result in steep penalties and/or a Corrective Work Order. Singapore is truly a dream place for a tourist who wants to explore a beautiful.

Singapore is an exceptionally beautifully planned well-developed country, and no one can bring this fact into question. One can explore it within a short period of time. While Singapore is simply a showcase of wealth and advanced infrastructure in the heart of Asia.

This small country has the most welcoming locals and is one of the most expensive countries to spend your pleasure time in(more expensive than Switzerland).

While the country’s hotels and activities aren’t always the cheapest. Travelers like how its street food has remained affordable while maintaining excellent hygiene and quality. Its famous landscapes and man-made facilities are an artifact for the outside world to witness who come from different countries.

It is famous for its seafood and is a hub for the rich people to shop for every international brand in a close space of place. Locals and visitors brave the heat to eat at one of the country’s many hawker centers. Packed with a wide range of local and regional food booths.

Sentosa Island, off the southern coast of Singapore’s main island, is home to the Red Dot. Dazzling sandy beaches lined with food stalls and restaurants are a common sight as you get on the island. Singapore’s strength is its diversity, with cuisine from all over the world lining the streets. Stunning mosques, temples, and shrines from practically every religion add color to the city.

It’s like a global village as every single language from all over the world is heard and understood. These exemplary developments make Singapore end up at a respectable place on the Country Tier List.

D Tier

Countries Tier List
worst countries list

D Tier of the Counties Tier List includes the countries that lack and fall below the average line in terms of their power, global recognition, trades, defense, economy, and governance.

These countries are the worst ones on the whole list where. Even basic human rights are not provided to the people. locals of these counties are usually unhappy and plea to the responsible authorities for help.

North Korea

North Korea is the largest open-air jail on Earth. The country led by Kim-Jong un faces the most restriction any country could possibly face. This is a country in which there is no concept of independence at any level.

This country has no free and unbiased media, even young students face various restrictions when it comes to education. In short, life there is no less than living in a cell. Even the citizens of the country can choose between only 21 different styles of haircuts. North Korea does not support any sort of internet connection.

The foreign policy of North Korea is also a very debatable topic. North Korea lacks in keeping good relationships with many countries. Mainly because of opposing the United Nations Security Council peace agreement of not testing Nuclear warheads. North Korea has put a number of times their nuclear warheads to test.

They also openly threaten the world about it. North Korea hosts only a few embassies and does not allow foreigners to visit and explore the country. If any foreigner even comes for an official piece of work. Surrounded by spies to monitor each and every move and interaction.

This country has pretty brutal laws and punishments, the right of criticism is nil over there. Punishment is very common as a consequence of these acts. Such a poor performance and clearly opposing the rules set by the global mediators make North Korea fall below in the Country Tier List.


Sudan ends up being a part of the poor African Continent where the lifestyle is very much below par. Its peace index is one of the worst globally. Sudan has a very unstable economy and governmental system, and administration. When we talk about Sudan, it reminds us of poverty and nutritional deficiency. United Nations has conducted many security and military operations in the region to conduct peace.

This northeastern African country is a struggling economy that lacks even basic life needs. This country has a 60 percent of literacy rate for under 15 age. Different peace willing countries tried to fight for the right of this country. Even they made a combined army for the defense of the country against the local mafias. As the country could not afford its own military officials and equipment.

Every day a great count of people starve to death and also because of a lack of nutritious food and intake, they face numerous health issues. Most of the countries in Africa end up low on the Country Tier List because of their poverty and poor literacy rates in the region. If someone ends up visiting Sudan, they’ll find somewhere near the water streams, the locals sieving the river stones.

It is actually a process in a hope of finding precious gems and sapphires. Looked over by Armed soldiers standing next to them to observe their moves and actions. Craftmanship and labor have no respect, woman harassment is common with scarce higher education opportunities for young students.


All the poor and weak countries don’t belong to Africa or Asia. But one of them is Venezuela which belongs to South America, along the Caribbean Coast. This country has a high street crime rate and over dominated by the gangster culture in the region. This country ends up with one of the highest top five per capita murder rates in the entire world.

The kidnapping of family members of influential figures is a very common act, particularly for the foreigners living there. Street crimes are common even under the light of the sun.

kidnappers do not look for a quiet or people-less place. Instead, it’s been going on for years now directly from their homes, offices, hotels, etc under the fear of weapons. Venezuela has very beautiful and eye-pleasing people and natural beauty.

One of the important causes of uncontrolled crime is that Venezuela is still under study. The Atlantic and the Caribbean ocean surround Venezuela from different sides. So most of the criminals escape through sea routes.

Law-abiding authorities and the military in the country are always lacking. That makes it unable to ensure law and order in the country. Smuggling and thrifting are two very common acts, particularly across the Colombian borders and the sea routes.

Unfortunately, violation of human rights and harassment is very common all over the country. This country has red light regions widespread throughout.  violation of basic human rights and the region lacking maintaining a sustainable atmosphere for a peaceful life caused the country to end up in the worst Tier of the Country Tier List.


Afghanistan is a piece of land that has always been under a state of war since its marking many centuries ago. Recently the country faced a severe three decades of war and conflict. This led to the disposal of lives that were just as comfortable as the easiest things in the world. Almost 30 years before the Soviets fought out for the region. But after their loss and wasting a large amount of money.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country and was recently in one of its worst economic crises. When the USA left them in their very own condition after ending up a thirty years old conflict. Afghanistan is a good pick for the D tier of the Country Tier List.

Illegal use of drugs and weapons is a very common activity in the country. Even the governmental structure is so informal, out of sync, and uneducated that it needs translators to coordinate with foreign countries. Human lives are at stake all the time. Sweeping all the way from one corner of the country, openly assassinating the local army (formed by the USA).

Until they ended up in the capital of the country, the Kabul, and demanded the Americans leave the country. This country has very limited funds left in the treasury. Afghanistan greatly depends upon Pakistan and Iraq for trade. This makes it compromise on many things in order to keep the two countries agreed on providing trade routes to them.

Due to the unstable governmental system and legislative setup of the country. Many big nations in the world do not even recognize it as a country because of its unstable administrative structure.

The USA started what Russia left and they also ended up with the same conclusion as the Russians. That these days, actual war isn’t a solution or enough to conquer the world. Although Afghanistan’s living standard and lifestyle make it end low in the list of Country Tier List, it was all-important to mention it.


We have completed this tier list after involving expert opinions from experts related to geographical, military, economic, and trade experts. The S Tier of the list include the absolute giants in terms of their power and say throughout the world. There’s no doubt these countries are the absolute superpowers of the world. Then the A tier includes those countries, which for some reason couldn’t make it to the highest tier.

Mainly because of something lacking in their foreign policies. In addition, poor political policies make the general public think against them and criticize them. Then comes the B tier which includes the better countries in terms of their economy and trade around the world. But somewhere they have a bit of a lacking factor when it comes down to military and defense.

Globally recognized and well-established countries count in the C tier. But they have problems in a run of superpowers and the filthy rich countries. They are more mediocre countries despite having strong economies. But their efforts and contribution to the rest of the world are a bit limited. The last and final one is the D Tier.

The D tier includes simply the worst countries in terms of global peace, economy, military, governmental policies, resources, and trade. The happiness index of the locals is very low in these countries. S to C tier includes the top 20 – 30 countries of the world, whereas the D tier of the Country Tier List includes the countries lying at the end of all the countries we know.