DisneyLand Tier List: Best Disney Land Places

The most famous amusement park is here to amuse our readers. Every child and adolescent has dreamed about going to this dreamland. It is a land filled with various rides and parades of every Disney character. It’s one of the liveliest places ever to exist. It is a place where children can make merry along with their parents. It is a source of pure entertainment for everyone who enters this place. In the Disneyland tier list, we will enlist eleven Disneyland parks based on their various attributes and characters.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 11 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the Disney lands according to their exhilarating rides, elegant beauty, several attractions, several theme lands, and especially themes of theme parks.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find parks like Tokyo Disney Sea, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Park, and Disneyland Paris.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe parks like Hong Kong Disneyland, Epcot, and Walt Disney Studios Park.


We will rank all the Disney lands in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Tokyo Disney SeaDisneyland parkHollywood StudiosAnimal KingdomHong Kong Disneyland
Magic KingdomDisneyland ParisDisney California AdventureEpcotWalt Disney Studios Park
Tokyo Disneyland

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

These Disney lands were evaluated while keeping in view their rides, tickets, aesthetics, tourists population, and their offered level of entertainment. It is certainly not that only top-tiered Disneyland parks are considered one of a kind. They are superior to other parks. Otherwise, all Disneyland parks are a patch of paradise on earth.

It is to be kept under the thought that this tier list of Disneyland parks is based on our sole experiences and preferences. The time we spent at Disneyland park and how we evaluated its rides and tourist attraction forms the backbone of this tier list. It is prone to the subjective opinions of readers.

S tier

best disneylands
S tier

S tier or one-of-a-kind special tier Is a basic necessity of the Disneyland tier list. You might wonder why, though it’s not a mystery that this world requires one of a kind and best places so it’s people who enjoy whole time. Nowadays, everyone is caught prey to the times of the world.

They have to be at a place at that specific moment. Otherwise, they’re considered lazy. To become free of this tiring and lethargic routine requires time for themselves entirely.

Disneyland parks of the world grant people an opportunity to enjoy themselves without caring about their worldly tensions. A student doesn’t have to worry about his schoolwork, a teenager can easily give up his daily affairs, and a parent can surpass his work time.

Disneyland parks under this tier possess an ability to make people believe they are in the world of magic. A place where worldly sorrows and grief doesn’t exist. He can easily forget himself in the beauty and aesthetics of the true land of Walt Disney.

Tokyo Disney Sea

This article starts with the best Disneyland places and unique Disneyland amusement parks as its name show quite openly that this sea-themed park that is located in Tokyo has of high ranking everywhere in the world. Not just me but every other analyzer knows that this theme park is considered the best. Its reason for being called this is not one or two things, but a combination of several aspects to this scenario keeps it above all.

First off, all aesthetics of this theme park has increased its attraction level to an unlimited maximum. Not to brag, but its locations and included rides around this park are highly enchanting and entrance a person at the exact second he enters.

You must be wondering that it might have many castles that increase its beauty, but keep in mind that this is an unknown castle theme park and has about 20 rides that amuse children and adults alike. It is in the S tier because of its specific theme as well. In this theme park, special seaports are put up instead of the main traditional drylands. We all know that this world is nothing without its water content.

This connects the core human soul to the depths of the deep dark blue sea. They have replaced many exceptionally startling locations with various aspects of the blue sea to give this theme park a new and novel outlook.

You move around theme parks in ferries which excels the experience of a person. You step foot onto its Mediterranean harbor, and then you row around in various extensions of this harbor that are themed ports of Sea theme park.

Mysterious land, Arabian coast, lost river delta, port discovery, American waterfront, and mermaid lagoon all of these ports offer various rides end opportunities of fun to tourists. On the whole, Tokyo Disney Sea is one of a kind and is considered the best in everything.

Ticket PriceJPY 7,900-9,400

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is where the magic happens. As castles grow taller, aesthetics grow and excel on another level, and their rides become more exhilarating in this Disneyland. On the whole, it can be said that it doesn’t go far from its original Disneyland roots. It held tight onto castles and originality that makes Disneyland the Disneyland.

Magic Kingdom has a kind of attraction that attracts tourists from all over at a single point. Also, magic Kingdom has all that Disneyland couldn’t have. This is what adds it to the topmost tier of Disneyland’s tier list.

Not just this, but this attraction that it shares cannot be ignored and has to be ranked at the top location. Like Disney sea, magic Kingdom is also a collection of 16 lands. Although, its architecture is such That it seems like a wheel and at its center is Cinderella’s Castle. That is one of the main attractions of this theme park, and being at the center allows it to hold its significance.

In order to travel around Disneyland theme park, a railroad is set that circles all around the huge perimeter of the park. It makes it highly convenient to traverse long distances in this theme park. Magic Kingdom shares its most famous attractions with three other theme parks.

This increases its importance, as it is known that these attractions are highly enchanting and attract a huge mass of people. Everybody knows that in order to enter these attractive amusement parks, you require tickets, and tickets don’t come cheap. The ticket for magic Kingdom is 105 dollars for its single day. It seems quite a lot it helps in ranking of Disneyland ticket tier list.

Ticket Price$110

A Tier

second best disneylands
A tier

Moving on to the second tier of our Disney California tier list is a tier. It is not that much different from the S tier. In fact, it’s very much alike except for a few changes in various features and attributes. All these confer a person to remain a part of a patch of paradise.

Later mentioned Disney land parks have a way of mesmerizing tourists with their beauty and rides. These rides are considered the best Disneyland places. They are the main and only reason for a major breakthrough of Disneyland parks in the entire world.

Disneyland park

Let’s move on to the original Disneyland, which was built by Walt Disney, and is a theme park to go. You cannot ignore its superiority over other theme parks. It has survived so many years, and that kids and still it has one of a kind attraction. It has about 34 rides, and in this aspect, it is the king of theme parks.

As all other theme parks have amusement rides varying between 15 to 30. it is a castle theme park, and its attractions revolve around its Castle. Also, its rides are always talked about among various other people because they offer highly adrenaline-pumping experiences.

Disneyland Park is a conjugate of 9 themed areas. Each area holds the huge significance of its theme that it follows along with it through centuries. It is a part of the A tier because although it is old as time has progressed, the old places are known to just take up more space. Toon town is a major example of this fact.

Other than this, this Disneyland park has deeper roots than any other theme park and has a tight grasp on the history of America, and it moves its night-long dreams of America towards succession. Each themed area has a specific Disney character assigned to it, this increases and enhances its beauty and enchantment.

It is a part of the Disney land California tier list and receives most tourists due to its oldness. As we all know, old is gold. A ticket to this Walt Disney World costs 109 dollars for an adult and one year $4 for a child who is under the age of 10.

It is a myth that runs around in people’s minds that Disney World offers a free day, including the tickets. But its special treatments include various other perks, but a free ticket is not included in it.

Ticket Price$109

Disneyland Paris

A European-based Disneyland is another addition to our Disneyland tier list. Paris’s Disneyland has its own uniqueness and peculiarity. It is not akin to any other Disneyland park as Paris is filled with numerous gigantic and exceptional castles.

Its Disneyland had to compete with exceptional aesthetics. In order to do that, Paris made a dragon lair in their Disneyland that allowed it to be an aesthetic castle. It doesn’t come anywhere near Cinderella’s and Sleeping beauty’s castle.

They are beautiful in their own countries, but Paris required an out-of-this-world beauty that was offered by the unique dragon’s lair. Its dungeon in the basement is a great thing that they could have done to dragon lair castle. The only thing wrong with this theme park is what keeps it under A tier. The Discovery land of Disneyland puts Paris’s theme park in danger as it steals away the aesthetic sense of consideration Disneyland.

Life demands beauty and aesthetic sense. Even if a single thing is out of proportion, then it darkens the whole perspective. Storylines robust in theme parks are extremely notable as all Disneyland parks have a hidden agenda behind their stories.

Another reason for it being in the A tier is its low ticket price. Eight euros per person is not much anywhere around the world. Its low price is the basic reason for being high on the Disneyland ticket tier list. Low-priced tickets invite and welcome many more tourists.

The low price also increases the fun and attraction of amusement parks. Lesser money spent, the more joyous is fun. Its beauty is in every nook and niche of the Amusement park. It increases enjoying capabilities for a person spending time.

Rides54 rides
Ticket Price$68

Tokyo Disneyland

A dispute has always risen among people about whether Disneyland Paris is good or Tokyo Disneyland. Let me tell you, both come at a tier at being pretty good. They are both lodged under the A tier because they have pretty much similar attributes. For one, non-American Disneyland parks are hard to come by. Both of these Disneyland parks are not in America but rather found in Europe and Asia.

Tokyo Disneyland is an almost replica of the Magic Kingdom, residing under the S tier of the Disneyland tier list. It has a conjugation of the best rides and aspects. Its beauty and aesthetics are quite commendable. Not just this, but once you enter, you forget your worries and sorrows and live inside Walt Disney’s world.

One might wonder why the magic kingdom is in S tier while it opts as a replica is under A tier. its reason for residing here lies just under this stated fact. Being a replica doesn’t offer it many opportunities to gain fame and invite more people.

It forgot to make a lot of changes and just made a carbon copy of the best things of magic Kingdom. That is a reason why it couldn’t steal a spot in the topmost and highest tier. Otherwise, it has the best aspect and aesthetics. Additionally, it is also known to have the best Disneyland rides.

Coming down to offered ticket prices of Disneyland. It is 9,400 yen per person. That is still cheaper than USA Disneyland parks, which cost a lot to a normal person. Its rides and aesthetics fall prey to the plagiarism of magic Kingdom. That dulls its shine to a minimum.

Ticket Price$66.29

B Tier

average disneyland
B tier

Ever heard of a mediocre tier that has the Disneyland parks that are neither great nor really bad? If not, the B tier is here to show you all Disneyland parks and attractions that are an amalgam of the best and worst. It might seem odd to a new person who it’s not used to combinations of different things.

But it’s not that novel; in fact, the combination makes these Disneyland parks a rare sight for tourists. not just its rides but also its attractions are sometimes great, follow other times are quite meh. Henceforth, a special tier is made to enlist all mediocre Disneyland parks.

Hollywood Studios

Who hasn’t heard about Hollywood studios? If you haven’t, you definitely were under a rock all this time. Because, seriously, its rides have been talked about all over the world. From being quiet and dangerous to granting an exhilarating experience. All of these aid in an experience that is unforgettable to a tourist himself.

Although the number of rides it offers is quite low, its low number still allows them to excel in rides already there. It has the best Disneyland rides. It’s a noncastle park. So it required a lot of work to achieve a high level of aesthetics. Castles ease it down because castles easily add to their beauty.

Hollywood Studios doesn’t revolve around a theme like many other Disneyland parks. These tones it down a bit because a piece adds a new perspective to a theme park and makes it excel in various aspects. How do you survive if no article is present? Even though rides, attractions, entertainment level, and beauty attain a higher place. But without a proper theme, this Disneyland park resides under the B tier.

The park is filled with thrilling rides that stay in your mind for a long time. A price is two ways to be a part of such an exhilarating experience offering rides. That price is $114. It’s quite expensive for an American resident and a non-American resident. still, that doesn’t stop people from coming and enjoying in world of Disney.

Ticket Price$104 to $215

Disney California Adventure

A world that combines Marvel, Pixar, and Disney World altogether on a single platform is here to be a part of our Disneyland tier list. Marvel, Pixar, and Disney are renowned for their amazing animations, CGI, and creations.

One cannot ignore how amazingly they have worked to convey their undeniably optimistic message of entertainment to the world. Disney’s California Adventure has 8 themed lands. Each offers a significant Team to park.

Cars land is a part of this amazing, exhilarating adventure, and it is a byproduct of a picture in Disney combination. Both animation companies combined to give birth to two cars land. It received great attention and fame, which led to people crowding its areas. With 18 rides in this Disney park, a clumpy feeling settles inside a person. Everyone should know that excess of everything is bad.

Such is a case in this regard, and to get a great number of rides, Disney failed to give them the right situation to be at the top. Many of its attractions are a part of a renowned system. Great passages lead to great tourism in its area. Hence, many tourists start revolving in these areas quite openly.

Want to spend a single day at the Disneyland California adventure? You’ll need a total of 104 dollars in your pocket. The experience never comes cheap; such is the case in matters of Disneyland parks.

A part of Disneyland California tier List Adventure park as lands that make you believe that you’re in a land of Disney itself. It gained a lot of criticism when it first saw the light. Disney replaced and repaired a lot of stuff to be categorized as the best.

Ticket Price149$

C Tier

Disneyland tier list
C tier

Not a fan of bad Disneyland parks, are we? No one is. How can someone go from the best and most exceptional Disneyland theme parks to ones that are easy to ignore. These Disneyland parks ruin mood to an extreme length. How can it not, with being a replica of an old creation of Walt Disney park? It is not a superior part of being the best.

Animal Kingdom

One of and only zoological parks made by Walt Disney is a world of a theme park. You might be wondering how that is possible. Animal Kingdom was formed in order to incorporate and preserve millions of species of animals that are endangered everywhere in the world.

Technically it is our tribute to the welfare of animals Everywhere. Due to its uniqueness, it is known to be a park that is visited among the 6th most visited theme park on earth. And the land it offers is absolutely worthy of attention as not all Disneyland has such areas where live animals reside.

It is a kind of a zoo that lodges and provides a home to species of birds, animals, mammals, and wild animals. But it is still under the C tier of the Disneyland tier list due to twofold reasons. We all know how old this theme park is.

Such old parks have a hard time surviving in an up-to-date era. Where everything is operated through technology, it has been defeated in technology battles. It is a park which hasn’t had a new attractive addition in centuries. Everyone requires a new addition.

Secondly, many of its important and best attractions have closed down due to low tourist rates. All of this led to it being far from the best. It costs 113 dollars which is a lot for an attractive old park. It is quite high for a layman because it doesn’t have anything new that it can offer. All live animals can be seen at any zoological theme park rather than wasting money at this money dump.

Ticket Price109 to 159$


Another older addition to our Disneyland California tier list is Epcot. It is an old Disneyland theme park that lost its luster and shone through hard times. As times change, new renovations are required to remain up to date. But they just made it and left it like that, and it started to grow old, and the theme remained back in time.

It takes us back to when every such thing was considered unique. Another thing, the piece of the park was extremely ahead of its time. People didn’t understand the basic concept of such futuristic ideas and called it a waste of money.

EPCOT stands for Experimental prototype community of transportation. It can also be referred to as a romantic city. A city where everything is of a futuristic approach and not old times or present times. Latest and novel creations and innovations were presented in Epcot in order to get a great deal of fame and mass of people.

It went over the heads of people and didn’t receive much fame. Now it has lost its luster of being futuristic and seems old. It is a part of the C tier due to this sole reason. An old thing is rarely liked.

The park evolved, but its ideas remained at the back of the mind of people. How can it not? And to add insult to injury, construction started in the land of Epcot. This led to people getting frustrated and turning their heads from this place of fun and enjoyment. Additionally, it cost 94 dollars, and it is a lot for such an old and ancient land of the future that is not even a little bit futuristic.

Ticket Price94$

D Tier

worst tierlist
D tier

Now, let’s welcome an extremely cursed and look down upon tier of Disneyland tier list. People have always passed poor judgment on following Disneyland parks. These judgments have stood true because following Disneyland parks are not that great.

Nowadays, people try their very best to avoid them. This is because they are just a waste of money, sources, and time. It’s better to spend your money on the high-tiered Disneyland parks. At least, they’ll give you their worth of money and enjoyment.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland suffers from a lot of lacking and lagging behind. It’s not a wonder that a wonderland can have gaps in its architecture and be behind in its timeline. How is it possible that a place could be the land of Walt Disney and still be placed of being behind in many stuff?

The number of attractions in this place is also quite low, which makes it a pretty bad experience for a newbie and a Disneyland freak as well. It is a complex that has seven themed lands, and that leads to a low number of areas that offer entertainment.

It is a part of the Disneyland tier list because it doesn’t have attractive rides. Its rides are not that entertaining; rather, they’re quite boring. It also has only four traditional theme lands. All other Disney land theme parks have five traditional parks. This drags it down to a lower level than many other theme parks. Hong Kong is a castle theme park, but still, its aesthetics are not that great. Its Castle is based on Hong Kong architecture.

This steals away the beauty of the theme park, as most Disneyland parks are beautiful due to this sole reason of Castle. If the Castle is not pretty, then it doesn’t deserve a place high up in the tier list. Additionally, it is worth 639 dollars per day. That makes it a very expensive and low-graded Disneyland park. 

Ticket PricePHP 3480

Walt Disney Studios Park

A French-based Disneyland park that is a replica of Magic kingdom. It is a second park addition in Paris, other than Disneyland Paris, in the A tier of the Disneyland tier list. The aesthetics of this themed land is not up to mark akin to other theme parks that had one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

This part is a complete enigma in the eyes of tourists. I did mine since it doesn’t have any novelty in its ride or scenarios. The whole panorama of Disneyland is just simple theme-less areas put together to form an amusement park.

It might not be a big deal in any other theme park. But basic concepts of Disneyland theme park are lost under this Walt Disney studios park. Disneyland parks are famous for their specific teams that contribute to their making and grasp of the world.

Also, ride counts for this theme are quite low. It is under number 10, which is quite low for a famous park all around. All these specific and hauntingly grotesque features mark its presence in the lowest tier on the Disneyland California tier list.

Ticket Price$189

Comparison Table

EntryTierRidesTicket Price
Tokyo Disney SeaS45JPY 7,900-9,400
Magic KingdomS41$110
Disneyland parkA34 $109
Disneyland ParisA54 rides $68
Tokyo DisneylandA45 $66.29
Hollywood StudiosB 20$104 to $215
Disney California AdventureB34 149$
Animal KingdomC15109 to 159$
Hong Kong DisneylandD15 PHP 3480
Walt Disney Studios ParkD41$189


In the Disneyland tier list, we have been able to rank down all Disneyland parks in the world. This ranking was based upon various theme park features that have led to this tier list. These features include exhilarating rides, elegant beauty, several attractions, several theme lands, and especially themes of theme parks.

Many other factors contribute to ranking all Disneyland parks. In the end, Theme parks were included in different tiers ranging from S and going down to D. s level has great and exceptional castles and aesthetics. Also, its rides are quite exemplary. While the D tier has quite poor rides, their aesthetics are also not good.

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