Fair Food Tier List: A Definitive Guide

Everybody knows that fall calls for fair food, and the moment at which the temperature starts to turn cool then there is only one thing for which people go crazy for. Yes, we are talking about fair food. Some people usually think that the craze level for pumpkin pie is at its peak for the majority. However, it is a myth or misconception. Moreover, you can quote that statement in a different way. For instance, by saying that all the treats made up of pumpkins are delicious. Do you want to know about the best food at fairs? No worries, stay tuned till the end of our Fair Food tier list. 

 If you are planning to attend a local fair then it is definitely because of your excitement for food. Additionally, the other things for which you are eager to attend this fair might be the rides and games. Undoubtedly, there is some special connection between the fair and the food we get there. Well, do you feel the same that fast food joints or items from any other cuisines cannot beat fair food? There is something nostalgic in it. 

So, now you do not need to fear getting full by having the normal tasting dishes before reaching the best ones. I recommend you to not spend on all the items like crazy because some of the dishes are not totally worth it. 

Key Points

  • Our fair food list consists of five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D.
  • The list is subject to change as opinions vary from person to person.
  • There are a total of 14 entries on the list.
  • In the highest tier, you will find Funnel Cakes and Turkey Legs.
  • Items like Lemon Shake-ups can be found in the lower ranks.


I am going to rank the fair foods in the short table below. Now, it will be easier for you to sort things out.

Tier RankFair Food
S Rank• Funnel Cake
• Fried Candy Bars
• Deep-fried Oreos
• Turkey Leg
A Rank• Walking Tacos
• Fries
• Dole Whip
B Rank• Corn Dog
• Cheesecake on A Stick
C Rank• Kettle Corn
• Cotton Candy
D Rank• Corn
• Lemon Shake-ups
• Hot Dogs

Learn more about each entry below.

S Tier

fair food tier list
S Tier.

Starting with the S tier of the Carnival Food tier list, here you will find the majority’s choice. There are some food items that we die to eat. No matter whether you are hungry or full, still the need to have them will not become less. Not to brag, but you visit the fair especially to eat and enjoy these items. There comes a point when your stomach can not take more food still if it is something from this category then you can not resist yourself from having it. 

Funnel Cake

If you ask about one fair food that is said to be supreme then without a doubt it is funnel cake. One cannot get enough of it, and if an individual is eating it again and again till they will want to have it more. The more you eat it, the more you crave it.

The batter of funnel cake is deep-fried and then its garnishing is done with powdered sugar. As it is a rare dish on normal days so we often forget its taste and are unable to recognize it. The mouthwatering cake gives us a nostalgic feeling. Well, you cannot eat it while walking but undeniably it is the best choice. 

Fried Candy bars

Fried candy bars are one of the most popular fair food items at any fair. Who cares for their health when at the fair food festival? I am sure that you will agree with the fact that unhealthy items taste the best. Fried candies are chocolate bars deep-fried in oil. When fried, the chocolate totally melts and gives a gooey feeling melting in your mouth too. Moreover, junk foods are already on top of the list and when you fry these then it is the epitome of what fair food is.

Deep-fried Oreos

Now, talking about another fair food dish i.e Deep-fried Oreos. Who does not like these blackish and tastiest cookies? Whether you eat them plain or dip them in milk, it looks flavorful in every form. Similarly, when deep fried with a sugary taste then you can feel an enhanced flavor of these biscuits. Normally, you will not find fried cookies in any restaurant, but it is a special treat for fair food. When you will visit a local or country fair then definitely you will get to see at least one food booth selling these. 

Turkey Leg

If you have never had a turkey leg then it may seem boring to you, but trust me it is worth it. It is a rare dish but there is a possibility to find it at amusement parks or water parks. However, the taste will not be the same as it is at the food fair. Corn dog fans will definitely love the treat as it is one of the most popular fair food items of all time.

A Tier

best picks
A Tier.

In the current rank, I am going to place the best items to eat that are not in the S tier. The demand for these items is not as high as the above ones but still, the items on the current rank arestill many people’s first priority. If you visit a fair and come back without having the fair food ranked here then trust me your visit was useless. It is a big mistake to skip these as these items taste like something from heaven.

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Walking Tacos

Oh so Flavorsome! your mouth will utter these words amidst eating the very first bite of walking tacos. You must be wondering what walking tacos are. These are extremely scrumptious snacks made up of Doritos and Fritos. Toppings for the dish include ground beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato, salsa, and sour cream. There is something really interesting about the dish i.e. it became so popular among the people that Frito Lay launched their own walking taco line under the name of “top n go”.


French fries may sound like a very ordinary dish, but let me be clear, I am not talking about the fries we in our daily lives or normally. Fair fries are way more different than normal fries. These hand-cut potato strips are crispier, delicious, and nicely cooked. So, it would be a big mistake if you do not try these out.

Dole Whip

Now, you do not need to worry about traveling to California or Florida for having Dole whip; a popular treat in Disney World. Disney fans can have this at the nearest county and state fairs. The scrumptious dessert is light and sweet that you can still have other treats after having a full cup of it. Because neither it is deep fried nor overly loaded. 

The desert is very well known among people who have already tried it, and it gives a refreshing flavor and is unique in taste. So, do not miss out on it if you are craving something really tasty. 

B Tier

good picks
B Tier.

Now, moving towards the B tier. In this category of the Fair Food tier list, I will be ranking the likable fair foods. For some people, these can be must-have dishes while others do not care much about them. My recommendation would be that you should not miss these. The only thing you must remember is to not have these items in high quantities otherwise, you will not be able to taste the best options. 

Corn Dog

Looking forward to having something savory at the county fair? Don’t look here and there instead go straight to the food booth selling corn dogs. These are fried corns covered in a balanced amount of coating giving a savory flavor and a little bit sweet too because of the corns. The greasy and smoky touch enhances the overall taste. Also, if you are a corn dog fan then without bringing a second thought in your mind go and have county fair’s corn dogs. These are the best!

Cheesecake on A Stick

Undoubtedly, cheesecake is one of the most popular dessert dishes whether one is at the fair or not. It is a go-to dessert for many of us. However, the question is that eating the cake at the fair will not be so convenient. But, here is a solution too. At a county or state fair, you can get your favorite cheesecake on a stick so as to make it easy for you to eat. People prefer handy things to eat at the fair as there is no proper place to eat. Additionally, you have various choices to choose from like chocolate-covered cheesecake, plain cheesecake, or some other flavors. So, go and enjoy! Also, share your views in the comment box below that which flavor will you prefer the most. 

C Tier

Below average picks
C Tier.

The current section of the Carnival Food tier list consists of below-average items. There is no harm in missing these. However, if you want to taste them then you definitely can. These are kinds of dishes that are neither special nor very tasty. But, there is no need to get offensive if you find any of your favorite food under this category. As I wrote above that opinion may vary. So, feel free to drop your views in the comment box below. 

Kettle Corn

Because it is lightweight and portable, kettle corn is a great food to have at the fair while you are exploring or waiting in other lines. You can even take it home to eat when you start to miss your time at the fair because it keeps well for a while. You really can’t go wrong with some kettle corn, but it’s still not among the best item you can get at the fair because there are so many other exquisite items available.

The kettle corn at the fair isn’t like the regular kettle corn you may get at the grocery store or even the concession stand at a high school football game. The kettle corn during the state and county fairs somehow tastes better and is both greasier and sweeter than regular kettle corn.

Cotton Candy

You probably don’t get overly enthused about the thought of cotton candy unless you’re a kid. Nevertheless, it remains one of the more well-liked fair meals available, and it makes some sense. After all, making cotton candy at home is not exactly simple, and the majority of people probably only consider purchasing it during fairs. But that doesn’t really help it stand out.

Cotton Candy is simply one of the below-average snacks because it isn’t just available at fairs, and the cotton candy you can get there isn’t anything exceptional either. While cotton candy may be enjoyable, portable, and quick to melt in your mouth, it isn’t really tasty. Cotton candy is undoubtedly one to avoid because it is essentially nothing more than sugar and there are so many other more inventive and delectable fair snacks available.

D Tier

worst picks
D Tier.

Lastly, we have the D tier, which is the last category of the Fair Food tier list. Here you will find the least favorite items. Whether you have them or not, that does not make a big difference. So, after trying all of your favorite dishes if there is some space left in your stomach then you can have these. Otherwise, skipping them is totally fine. Guys here is a pro tip: Do not opt for these initially as you will start feeling full and can not have the best options. 


Vegetables are probably the last thing on your mind when you envision going to the fair and indulging in some wonderful food. The corn on the cob at fairs, however, isn’t your normal vegetable and is really rather well-liked at most fairs across the country. However, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s the finest thing there, so leave room for some more indulgent delicacies unless you’re really craving them.

Lemon Shake-ups

The lemon shake-up is one of the most popular drinks available at the fair. Hold tight because a lemon shake-up is actually not that thrilling if you’re wondering what it exactly is. These are essentially lemonades that are made with lemon juice that is served over ice and then shaken to order to keep them nice and refreshing while you’re wandering around the fair consuming them. 

Despite this, lemon shake-ups are still not the best food item at any fair as they are essentially simply lemonade. Even while lemonade may be wonderful, it is not unique or topped with cheese. Again, they’re not horrible at all, but if you’re on a tight budget or worried about filling up too much, feel free to forego the lemon shake-ups.

Hot Dogs

It goes without saying that you can add different toppings to your hot dogs, such as cheese and chilies, but it is useless to waste your time when there are so many other, more interesting, dishes at the fair.  Fair hot dogs frequently exhibit some inconsistency. Nobody wants food that is overcooked or undercooked, which is possible. Despite their popularity, hot dogs at the fair aren’t particularly beloved, therefore they don’t attract as much attention as other, more unusual goods. Additionally, you face the danger of passing up something that is superior to the hot dog, which may be even worse. Just exclude the hot dog in any scenario.


Our Fair Food tier list was curated after extensive research on my part, and I am aware that it is kind of a big responsibility as we writers are aware of the fact that whatever we are writing will be published globally. We know that our piece of writing will be visible to people all over the world, and everyone is going to judge our writing and decisions so they need to be very careful and accurate.

Keeping that in mind, all the authors at Toptierlist are professional writers having knowledge of all sectors. Each writer including me believes in providing valid and relevant information commonly relying on the majority’s decision. Moreover, the rankings are also based on personal experiences. However, there is a fine line between giving judgments on the basis of personal experience and giving a biased decision.

Every year people wait for the state and country fairs which happen while saying goodbye to summer and welcoming fall. The major things for which everyone is excited are different kinds of deep-fried food, meat on a stick, and much more. What kind of fair foods do you like? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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