Fast Food Tier List: The Best Types Ranked

We will be ranking different types of fast food in this tier list of ours.

We all like fast food, don’t we? When we are hungry and want to eat something quick on the go, then fast food is the only option left to us. It is delicious, easy to make, and quick. But there are certain preferences and choices, that people like go with when it comes to fast food.

Every person has a different taste and sense in terms of choosing fast food, some would like to eat a meal that is healthy as well as tasty, while some would like to eat food that has a great taste but is cheap too. To know more about their choices of fast food, we have created a Fast Food Tier List for our audience.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 32 entries in this article.
  • This ranking is done based on the quality of food.
  • Among the best-ranked fast food items are the Chicken Sandwich, Pancakes, Milkshakes, and Popcorn.
  • Among the worst-ranked fast food items are Burgers, French Fries, Onion Rings, and Ice Cream.


S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier
Chicken SandwichPotato cutletsDonutsNoodlesBurgers
PancakesCheese Curds SteakPizzaFrench Fries
MilkshakesBaked Potato BaconNuggetsOnion Rings
PopcornSoupsIce Cream

S Tier

S-tier of fast food
S Tier.

The S-tier fast food list consists of all the fast foods, that are exceptionally good for the health. We know that S-tier is the category that is known for having the best items ranked.

Chicken Sandwich

Stats Description
Type Main Course
Calories 283 per serving

The first item on our Fast Food Tier List is a chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich is made up of a bun or bread toast with a portion of tasty chicken along with some vegetables and sauces such as ketchup. It tastes amazing and is loved by everyone around the world.

But why a chicken sandwich is placed on the S-tier fast food list? Well, hold on, as we have some reason for that. Let us know them one by one. First of all, chicken sandwich is available everywhere. Wherever you go, whether at an airport or a mall you can find a fast food chain that will serve the chicken sandwich. Not only this, a chicken sandwich is a highly economical option. It will not burden the pocket. For daily wagers or travelers, a chicken sandwich is the safest option.


Stats Description
Type Dessert
Calories 227 per 100 grams.

The next item on our list is pancakes. We will love pancakes, don’t we? Pancakes are a staple breakfast item, loved by kids and adults all over the world. Pancakes can be customized according to a person’s choice.

One can go with whole milk, condensed milk, or almond milk to prepare it. It means that pancakes will not disturb the diet a person is following. Pancakes are a healthy snack too much on. The milk and the fruits carry all the proteins and vitamins needed to kick-start the day. For people who are concerned about their diet, pancakes are the perfect option for them.


Stats Description
Type Dessert
Calories 112 calories average vanilla milkshake.

Don’t have time to grab a meal? Well, you can grab a milkshake though. Milkshakes are everyone’s favorite and are a staple morning breakfast item. Kids and adults who cannot eat breakfast in the morning can drink a milkshake that helps them start the day.

Milkshake is the simplest fast food item on our list. It is easy to make, all you have to do is to add milk, your favorite fruits, and dry fruits to the jug. Making a milkshake will hardly take 8 minutes in the morning. Another reason for adding the milkshake in the S-tier is that it is available everywhere. Every bakery or fast food restaurant will have milkshake options with them. So, you do not have to look around for one.


Stats Description
Type Snack
Calories 375 per 100 grams

The next food on our S-tier is popcorn. Whether it is about watching a movie, or a get-together with a friend, popcorn has to be there. Popcorn is a healthy snack, it is packed with a high nutritional value such as fiber and carbohydrates.

The best part about popcorn is that it can be prepared at home as well as bought from the popcorn stand. Popcorn is easily available everywhere, popped as well as packed in the packet.

A Tier

Fast Food Tier List
A Tier.

The A-tier fast food list consists of the fast foods that are ranked as ‘” good”. These fast foods are a good choice. They are not that good as compared to the S-tier, but they can be a good alternate choice when S-tier fat foods are not available.

Potato Cutlets

Stats Description
Type Appetizer
Calories 111 calories per serving

The first item in our A-tier is a potato cutlet. Potato cutlets are made with pure boiled potatoes along with some herbs and spices. You can add up shredded chicken along with Chinese to increase the nutritional value and taste.

The reason for adding them to the A-tier is that it requires labor to make prepare potato cutlets. The mashing of the potatoes will take up some time. Also, they are not available everywhere except for local places. You will have to make them at home most of the time.

Cheese Curds 

Stats Description
Type Snack
Calories 98 calories per 100 grams.

One of the best and tastiest fast foods is undoubtedly the Cheese Curds on our list. Not only are they surprisingly easy to make but they also are extremely delicious.

Fast food chains serve Cheese Curds as a side on their menu. But the one that is loved by every fast food connoisseur, is the cheese curds from Culver’s Wisconsin. They are not that expensive and the main dishes they are served with are extremely tasty as well. 

Baked Potato  

Stats Description
Type Appetizer
Calories 93 calories per 100 grams.

Baked Potato otherwise famous as jacket potato is one of the best fast foods in our list that require minimum ingredients. They are surprisingly easy to make and they taste delicious with sour cream and cheese on top. Baked Potatoes are a delicacy that is loved by everyone and is a popular side dish in many regions of the United Kingdom.

Many fast food chains serve them but we recommend trying out the one from Wendy’s. It is the only fast food company that sells baked potatoes in America and excels at it. You can eat the baked potato alone or cook up a steak with it. 


Stats Description
Type Appetizer
Calories Vary Significantly

Soups are known as appetizers. Soup can be made up of different vegetables along with chicken, cottage cheese, and herbs. You can make tomato soup, chicken corn soup, or crème of mushroom. The variety is not just limited to these flavors, soups can be found in hundreds of different flavors.

A bowl of soup is filled with a lot of nutrition such as proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, etc. All the vegetables together can create a delightful and tasty meal for the dinner. Soups can be found everywhere. Every restaurant has a menu that has different flavors of soups of them. Soup is not expensive at all. One bowl will not cause more than 1-2 dollars.


Stats Description
Type Main Course
Calories 206 calories per 100 grams.

A big fat burrito is an instant mood-lifter. Burritos can be made with chicken, vegetables, cheese, and different sauces. There are a few reasons why the burrito is added to the A-tier fast food list. Let us know ahead in the following paragraphs.

The first reason is that burritos are not available everywhere. There are specific restaurants that sell them to the customers. Therefore, there is a big availability issue when it comes to burritos. If you wish to make them at home, then you can with a few ingredients.


Stats Description
Type Main Course
Calories 93 to 190 Calories depending on the type.

Let us know what sushi is. It is a Japanese dish. It is made with vinegared rice along with sugar and salt. It also comes with raw seafood and vegetables. Susi is popular all around the world for its high protein content along with its amazing taste. 

The first reason is that sushi is very expensive and not available everywhere. There are specific eateries that serve sushi to the customers. You can afford sushi only twice a month. Apart from that, sushi has high nutritional value. Therefore, it is a great fat food for health.

B Tier

B-tier of fast food
B Tier.

The B-tier fast foods are ranked as the “average fast foods”. They can be consumed when both the S and A-tier fast foods are not available. They come with some shortcomings such as price or health risks.


Stats Description
Type Dessert
Calories 190 to 300 Calories.

Donut is a famous fast food that can be found everywhere in abundance. It is available in a variety of different flavors, each one of which is yummy and full of taste. But there are certain reasons behind its ranking in the B-tier of the Fast Food Tier List. Let us know ahead in the following paragraphs.

Donuts are cheap and will cost you more than one or two dollars. There is a big no when it comes to eating donuts on a regular basis. The donut is filled with sugar and wheat.


Stats Description
Type Main Course
Calories 271 per 100 grams.

Whether chicken or beef, steak is an absolute favorite fast food item. Mixed with several different flavorful sauces, steak is a healthy fast food option. It can be found in almost every fast-food restaurant.

The steak is made up of beef or chicken. Both of these items are packed with a lot of nutrition in the form of proteins and carbohydrates.  So, you are not missing any health benefits after eating a steak.


Stats Description
Type Snack
Calories 541 calories per 100 grams

Let us know what bacon is. It is a kind of salt-cured pork. It is made up of the belly and less fatty parts of the back. Being a famous side dish, bacon can be eaten with breakfast and mixed with a lot of salads in the form of bits. Let us know why it is added to the B-tier fast food list.

Bacon can be found in supermarkets. It is served as a staple breakfast item in brunches and breakfast menus around the world. Bacon can be made at home as well, but it will require labor and time. Bacon is not that expensive and falls within the budget.

C Tier

Average Junk Food
C Tier.

The C-tier fast foods are ranked as the “low-rated fats foods”. These fast foods are not liked by people for being the root cause of certain health issues.


Stats Description
Type Main Course
Calories 390 calories.

The first fast food on our C-tier fast food list is noodles. Noodles are known for their quick preparation time and amazing taste. Noodles are available in a variety of different flavors. Typically, noodles can be made within 2-4 minutes, if you wish to add vegetables and chicken along with some cheese strips you can add them too to enhance the taste.

They are cheap as well and can be found everywhere. Almost every restaurant serves tasty noodles for a very reasonable price. The reason for adding noodles in the C-tier is the high sodium content. It is a form of processed food that carries a huge amount of sodium. Sodium is not good for the health and can result in blood pressure.


Stats Description
Type Main Course
Calories 266 calories medium regular crust.

Pizza is an ultimate favorite fast food that nobody can say no to. It is available in a variety of different flavors. Pizza comes in different sizes that one can choose from according to its choice. Pizza is tasty, and easily available everywhere. Pizza can be expensive as well as cheap depending upon the toppings and size you order.

Eating and enjoying a pizza is easy right? But making a pizza is the complete opposite. It is a hectic task, you will need a lot of ingredients, labor, and time to make a delicious pizza at the home. However, you can get a pizza within 20 minutes in a fast-food restaurant.


Stats Description
Type Appetizer
Calories 296 per 100 grams.

Almost every kid loves to eat some delicious nuggets for a snack. Nuggets are available at almost every fast food restaurant. They taste delicious when they are served hot.

Nuggets are available in different shapes and sizes. They are pre-frozen food that is processed and contains a lot of preservatives, sugar, and other fats. All of these are bad for the health and can cause several health disorders. Nuggets contain a high amount of sodium and saturated trans-fat, which is bad for the health.

D Tier

Worst junk Food
D Tier.

D-tier is known as the worst category that which any item can be ranked. The D-tier of fast foods is rated as the “ worst fast foods”. These fast foods are delicious and can appeal to anyone when looking at them, but they are the worst enemies of health.


Stats Description
Type Main Course
Calories 261 calories per average hamburger.

We all love burgers, but the saddest thing about them is that they are not good for our health. Burger is a famous fast food around the world. When we hear the word fast food, the first word that strikes our minds is a burger. Let us know why they are added to the worst category of the Fast Food Tier List.

Burgers can be expensive as well as inexpensive. They can be found everywhere. Almost every restaurant has a menu with a variety of different burgers. You can also prepare them at home, with just a few ingredients. Home-made burgers can still be healthy but eating outside the home can be a risk for the health.

French Fries

Stats Description
Type Appetizer
Calories 312 calories per 100 grams.

French fries are a popular fast-fast food all around the world. Whether it is the kids, teenagers, or adults everyone loves to eat French fries. They are super easy to make and readily available everywhere. Within a matter of a few minutes, you can get a yummy and tasty plate of French fries that you can pair up with different sauces.

But here are a few reasons, why they are added to the D-tier fast-food category. French fries can cause you to get a foggy brain. It can cause damage to the brain if it is eaten on regular basis. French fries can make your stomach get upset. French fries are made in oil that can cause the cholesterol level to get high and in turn cause several heart disorders.

Onion Rings

Stats Description
Type Appetizer
Calories 411 per 100 grams

Also known as a French-fried onion ring, an onion ring is one of the most famous appetizers around the world. It is loved by people for the crunch and taste that it has. It is mostly found in American and British cuisine. Let us know ahead of why we have added it to the D-tier fast food list.

Onion rings can be found in almost every restaurant that offers fast food options to its customers. They are inexpensive and can be prepared at home as well, with the help of very less ingredients. But the main reason why people ranked it in the D-tier is the cholesterol and saturated fats that onion rings contain.

Ice Cream

Stats Description
Type Dessert
Calories 207 calories per 100 grams

You scream I scream, we all love ice cream. You might have come across this notion quite a few times. Ice cream is the absolute favorite fast food of everyone around the globe. Love for the ice cream does not consider any age restrictions. But hold on, there are a few facts about ice cream that might make you reconsider your choice. Let us know about it.

Ice-creams can be found everywhere. No matter where ever you live, you can find an ice cream parlor very easily. It is also quite cheap, so it will not burden your pocket. Making ice cream at home can be time-consuming but if you wish to eat it in a restaurant then you will get it within a few minutes.

Comparison Table

Fast FoodTierTypeCalories
Chicken SandwichSMain Course283
Potato CutletsAAppetizer111
Cheese Curds ASnack98
Baked Potato AAppetizer93
SoupsAAppetizerVary Significantly
BurritoAMain Course206
SushiAMain Course93
SteakBMain Course271
NoodlesCMain Course390
PizzaCMain Course266
BurgersDMain Course261
French friesDAppetizer312
Onion TingsDAppetizer411
Ice CreamDDessert207


As we come toward the end of the discussion, I would like to leave a few remarks. Fast food is loved by everyone around the world, some love fried chicken while some would like to go for a pizza on the go. Therefore, a fast food tier list is what helps us to know more about the choices of people.

If you liked what you have read, do share it with your friends and family who would like to give it a read too. Happy eating!