Fast Food Tier List: Best Fast Foods Ranked (2023)

We all like fast food don’t we? When we are hungry and want to eat something quick on the go, then fast food is the only option left to us. It is delicious, easy to make, and quick. But there are certain preferences and choices, that people like go with when it comes to fast food.

Every person has a different taste and sense in terms of choosing fast food, some would like to eat a meal that is healthy as well as tasty, while some would like to eat food that has a great taste but is cheap too. To know more about their choices of fast food, we have created a fast food tier list for our audience.

Let’s know what a tier list is. It is a method of ranking fast foods in ascending towards descending order. The list has seven groups, S, A, B, C, D, E, and F tiers, from top to bottom. The top categories are S, A, and B tiers are known as the best fast foods, while the bottom groups are C, D, E, and F are those that have the worst fast foods.

The ranking is quite subjective and variable. It is specific for every individual. As we know, one item cannot be liked by the other person.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 32 entries in this article.
  • This ranking is done based on the quality of food.
  • Among the best-ranked fast food items are Dairy Queen chicken strip basket, Panera Soup, Chicken sandwich, Pancakes, Milkshakes, and Popcorn.
  • Among the worst-ranked fast food items are Burgers, French fries, Onion rings, and Ice-cream.


S TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier
Dairy Queen chicken strip basketPotato cutletsDonutsNoodlesBurgers
Panera SoupCheese CurdsSteakPizzaFrench fries
Chicken sandwichBaked PotatoBaconNuggetsOnion rings

S Tier

S-tier of fast food
Best fast foods

The S-tier fast food list consists of all the fast foods, that are exceptionally good for the health. We know that S-tier is the category that is known for having the best items ranked.

The fast foods that we have mentioned, are superb in all aspects whether price, quality, availability, time, or ease of preparation. These foods are the best among all the other categories and are loved by people around the world. They carry no harmful effects on health.

Below, we have listed the S-tier fast foods. Let us know more about them in the following paragraphs.

Dairy Queen chicken strip basket 

RestaurantDairy Queen
Calories940 Calories per serving

Our fast food tier list would not be complete without the famous Chicken Strip Basket from Dairy Queen. When it comes to Dairy Queen, Blizzards are not the only specialty they have.

They also make some of the best chicken with the sides of Texas toast, various sauces, and french fries. The Chicken Strip Baskets are definitely one of the signature meals of Dairy Queen.

Each basket has four pieces of chicken and they contain about 1000 calories and 2500 mg of sodium. The calories will vary depending on the sizes you choose. Many people consider this Chicken Strip Basket tastier than the chicken bucket from KFC. Make sure to order it with one of their ice creams for a scrumptious meal. 

Panera Soup 

RestaurantPanera Bread
Calories230 Calories per serving

If soup is one of your favorite fast foods then Panera Soup tops everyone in our tier list. They have a variety of soups that they serve with their special bread. You can even get their DIY soups that you can make at home.

The reason why many people considered Panera soups to be the best is the fact that they serve gluten-free and halal soups as well. Furthermore, they serve their soups in a bowl of bread that tastes just as appetizing as it looks. It is also one of the best healthy fast foods on our tier list. 

Chicken sandwich

RestaurantAny restaurant or homemade.
Calories283 per serving

The first item on our fast food tier list is a chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich is made up of a bun or bread toast with a portion of tasty chicken along with some vegetables and sauces such as ketchup. It tastes amazing and is loved by everyone around the world.

But why a chicken sandwich is placed on the S-tier fast food list? Well, hold on, as we have some reason for that. Let us know them one by one. First of all, chicken sandwich is available everywhere. Wherever you go, whether at an airport or a mall you can find a fast food chain that will serve the chicken sandwich.

Not only this, a chicken sandwich is a highly economical option. It will not burden the pocket. For daily wagers or travelers, a chicken sandwich is the safest option.

From a health point of view, a chicken sandwich is the healthiest option. It comes with nutrition from the bread/bun and proteins from the chicken. It is a great option for one time, as it will keep you full till the next meal.

The chicken sandwich does not need a lot of time to prepare. Even if you make it at home, it will hardly take 20 minutes. In the fast food chains, the chicken sandwich is served faster as compared to the other items on the menu.


Restaurantany restaurant or homemade.
Calories227 per 100 grams.

The next item on our fast food tier list is pancakes. We will love pancakes, don’t we? Pancakes are a staple breakfast item, loved by kids and adults all over the world. Pancakes can be customized according to a person’s choice.

One can go with whole milk, condensed milk, or almond milk to prepare it. It means that pancakes will not disturb the diet a person is following.

Pancakes are a healthy snack too much on. The milk and the fruits carry all the proteins and vitamins needed to kick-start the day. For people who are concerned about their diet, pancakes are the perfect option for them.

We do not have alt of time in the morning to prepare a healthy meal. Pancakes are super easy to make and less time-consuming. Within 10 minutes you can get a healthy stack of yummy pancakes.

Pancakes are less expensive. Almost every bakery or fast food chain that serves breakfast has pancakes on its menu. It does not put a lot of burden on the person’s pocket. They are available in almost every fast food chain and can be served within a matter of a few minutes.


Calories112 calories average vanilla milkshake.

Don’t have time to grab a meal? Well, you can grab a milkshake though. Milkshakes are everyone’s favorite and are a staple morning breakfast item. Kids and adults who cannot eat breakfast in the morning can drink a milkshake that helps them start the day.

Milkshake is the simplest fast food item on our tier list. It is easy to make, all you have to do is to add milk, your favorite fruits, and dry fruits to the jug. Making a milkshake will hardly take 8 minutes in the morning.

Another reason for adding the milkshake in the S-tier is that it is available everywhere. Every bakery or fast food restaurant will have milkshake options with them. So, you do not have to look around for one.

A milkshake consists of high amounts of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. It is a full package of nutrition good for the skin, bones, and hair. Milkshakes are less expensive. One can afford to have a milkshake in a day without tightening the budget.


Calories375 per 100 grams

The next food on our S-tier list is popcorn. Whether it is about watching a movie, or a get-together with a friend, popcorn has to be there. Popcorn is a healthy snack, it is packed with a high nutritional value such as fiber and carbohydrates.

Popcorn is super easy to make. Just put it in the oven, and they are ready to pop. They do not consume a lot of time. It will hardly take 5 minutes to prepare delicious popcorn.

Popcorn is cheap fast food. You can buy a full box of nutrition with just a few dollars. The best part about popcorn is that it can be prepared at home as well as bought from the popcorn stand. Popcorn is easily available everywhere, popped as well as packed in the packet.

A Tier

Fast Food Tier List
Good fast foods

The A-tier fast food list consists of the fast foods that are ranked as ‘” good”. These fast foods are a good choice. They are not that good as compared to the S-tier, but they can be a good alternate choice when S-tier fat foods are not available.

These fast foods have very minor shortcomings that can be easily ignored. They can include, high price, availability, or time of preparation. These fast foods do not compromise the health of the customers.

Below, we have listed the A-tier fast foods. Let us know more about them in the following paragraphs.

Potato cutlets

Calories111 calories per serving

The first item in our A-tier fast food tier list is a potato cutlet. Potato cutlets are made with pure boiled potatoes along with some herbs and spices. You can add up shredded chicken along with Chinese to increase the nutritional value and taste.

The reason for adding them to the A-tier list is that it requires labor to make prepare potato cutlets. The mashing of the potatoes will take up some time. Also, they are not available everywhere except for local places. You will have to make them at home most of the time.

The making of potato cutlets is inexpensive. We all have potatoes at our home, so you do not need to add something extra that will put a burden on the pocket.

Cheese Curds 

Calories98 calories per 100 grams.

One of the best and tastiest fast foods is undoubtedly the Cheese Curds in our tier list. Not only are they surprisingly easy to make but they also are extremely delicious.

Fast food chains serve Cheese Curds as a side on their menu. But the one that is loved by every fast food connoisseur, is the cheese curds from Culver’s Wisconsin. They are not that expensive and the main dishes they are served with are extremely tasty as well. 

Baked Potato  

Calories93 calories per 100 grams.

Baked Potato otherwise famous as jacket potato is one of the best fast foods in our tier list that require minimum ingredients. They are surprisingly easy to make and they taste delicious with sour cream and cheese on top. Baked Potatoes are a delicacy that is loved by everyone and is a popular side dish in many regions of the United Kingdom.

Many fast food chains serve them but we recommend trying out the one from Wendy’s. It is the only fast food company that sells baked potatoes in America and excels at it. You can eat the baked potato alone or cook up a steak with it. 


Calories12 to 74 calories depending on the type of soup.

Soups are known as appetizers. Soup can be made up of different vegetables along with chicken, cottage cheese, and herbs. You can make tomato soup, chicken corn soup, or crème of mushroom. The variety is not just limited to these flavors, soups can be found in hundreds of different flavors.

A bowl of soup is filled with a lot of nutrition such as proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, etc. All the vegetables together can create a delightful and tasty meal for the dinner.

Soups can be found everywhere. Every restaurant has a menu that has different flavors of soups of them. Soup is not expensive at all. One bowl will not cause more than 1-2 dollars.

The reason for adding soup to the A-tier list is that preparing it is quite time-consuming. The cutting of all the vegetables and shredding of the chicken will take up hours. It requires a lot of ingredients as well unless you are making a single vegetable soup.


Calories206 calories per 100 grams.

A big fat burrito is an instant mood-lifter. Burritos can be made with chicken, vegetables, cheese, and different sauces. There are a few reasons why the burrito is added to the A-tier fast food list. Let us know ahead in the following paragraphs.

The first reason is that burritos are not available everywhere. There are specific restaurants that sell them to the customers. Therefore, there is a big availability issue when it comes to burritos. If you wish to make them at home, then you can with a few ingredients.

Burrito contains high amounts of proteins and carbohydrates that are good for health. One burrito is enough to pass half of the day. Burrito is not that expensive, it will cost just a few dollars.


RestaurantCubé – Japanese sushi restaurant
Calories93 to 190 Calories depending on the type.

Let us know what sushi is. It is a Japanese dish. It is made with vinegared rice along with sugar and salt. It also comes with raw seafood and vegetables. Susi is popular all around the world for its high protein content along with its amazing taste. Let us know why we have added it to the A-tier list.

The first reason is that sushi is very expensive and not available everywhere. There are specific eateries that serve sushi to the customers. You can afford sushi only twice a month. Apart from that, sushi has high nutritional value. Therefore, it is a great fat food for health.

The time of preparation of sushi is also long. If you wish to prepare it at home, then you need to get a lot of ingredients along with the fish. It costs a handsome amount of money. Also at the restaurants, you will have to wait for a while to get the order.

B Tier

B-tier of fast food
Average fast foods

Below, we have listed the B-tier fast foods. Let us know more about them in the following paragraphs.

The B-tier fast foods are ranked as the “average fast foods”. They can be consumed when both the S and A-tier fast foods are not available. They come with some shortcomings such as price or health risks.

The health risks are not that big and can be avoided if they are consumed in a moderate amount. They are not as good as the S-tier or A-tier fast foods, they are not liked a lot by people but can be consumed when no other option is available.


RestaurantAny cafe
Calories190 to 300 Calories.

Donut is a famous fast food that can be found everywhere in abundance. It is available in a variety of different flavors, each one of which is yummy and full of taste. But there are certain reasons behind its ranking in the B-tier fast food tier list. Let us know ahead in the following paragraphs.

Donuts are cheap and will cost you more than one-two dollar. There is a big no when it comes to eating donuts on regular basis. The donut is filled with sugar and wheat.

The sugar content in the donut is so high that it can cause diabetes and obesity. Not only this, there are certain heart-related disorders that one can get. However, the bun of the donut is made up of wheat, or whole grain which is good for the human body.


RestaurantAny restaurant or homemade.
Calories271 per 100 grams.

Whether chicken or beef, steak is an absolute favorite fast food item. Mixed with several different flavorful sauces, steak is a healthy fast food option. It can be found in almost every fast food restaurant.

The steak is made up of beef or chicken. Both of these items are packed with a lot of nutrition in the form of proteins and carbohydrates.  So, you are not missing any health benefits after eating a steak.

The reason behind adding teak in the B-tier is that it is highly expensive. It is not fast food that can be consumed on daily basis. It will put a lot of burden on the pocket of the consumer.

Also if you planning on preparing a steak at home, you will have to get a lot of ingredients that again will cost you a handsome amount of money. The time of preparation is also very high.


Calories541 calories per 100 grams

Let us know what bacon is. It is a kind of salt-cured pork. It is made up of the belly and less fatty parts of the back. Being a famous side dish, bacon can be eaten with breakfast and mixed with a lot of salads in the form of bits. Let us know why it is added to the B-tier fast food list.

Bacon can be found in supermarkets. It is served as a staple breakfast item in brunches and breakfast menus around the world. Bacon can be made at home as well, but it will require labor and time. Bacon is not that expensive and falls within the budget.

Salt is the main ingredient that is used in the curing process of bacon, therefore it contains high amounts of salt. This can cause blood pressure to rise, and cause serious health effects. Foods that are high in salt content are found to be the root cause of several health problems such as stomach cancer.

C Tier

Average Junk Food
Low-rated fast foods

Below, we have listed the C-tier fast foods. Let us know more about them in the following paragraphs.

The C-tier fast foods are ranked as the “low-rated fats foods”. These fast foods are not liked by people for being the root cause of certain health issues.

They can be easily available and low in price as well, but if we rate them from the point of view of health, they are not that good. If consumed on daily basis, they can cause obesity and increase cholesterol levels. They can be only consumed in very tight cases when the above tiers are not available.


Calories390 calories.

The first fast food on our C-tier fast food list is noodles. Noodles are known for their quick preparation time and amazing taste. Noodles are available in a variety of different flavors. Typically, noodles can be made within 2-4 minutes, if you wish to add vegetables and chicken along with some cheese strips you can add them too to enhance the taste.

They are cheap as well and can be found everywhere. Almost every restaurant serves tasty noodles for a very reasonable price.

The reason for adding noodles in the C-tier is the high sodium content. It is a form of processed food that carries a huge amount of sodium. Sodium is not good for the health and can result in blood pressure.

It is also a major contributing factor in making a person gain weight. It can also cause other health-related issues such as heart disorders.


RestaurantAny restaurant
Calories266 calories medium regular crust.

Pizza is an ultimate favorite fast food that nobody can say no to. It is available in a variety of different flavors. Pizza comes in different sizes that one can choose from according to its choice. Pizza is tasty, and easily available everywhere. Pizza can be expensive as well as cheap depending upon the toppings and size you order.

Eating and enjoying a pizza is easy right? But making a pizza is the complete opposite. It is a hectic task, you will need a lot of ingredients, labor, and time to make a delicious pizza at the home. However, you can get a pizza within 20 minutes in a fast-food restaurant.

Pizza is a major contributor to increasing belly fat. The dough of pizza is made up of refined flour. Refined flour does not contain any nutrients or vitamins, therefore it has zero health benefits for the human body except for increasing the body weight.

The cheese that is used in preparing a pizza can cause body fat to increase. It can also increase cholesterol levels in the body.


RestaurantAny restaurant or homemade
Calories296 per 100 grams.

Almost every kid loves to eat some delicious nuggets for a snack. Nuggets are available at almost every fast food restaurant. They taste delicious when they are served hot.

Nuggets are cheap and can be quickly made. All you have to do is just fry them in hot oil, and tada! They are ready to eat.

Nuggets are available in different shapes and sizes. They are pre-frozen food that is processed and contains a lot of preservatives, sugar, and other fats. All of these are bad for the health and can cause several health disorders. Nuggets contain a high amount of sodium and saturated trans-fat, which is bad for the health.

D Tier

Worst junk Food
Worst-rated fast foods

D-tier is known as the worst category that which any item can be ranked. The D-tier of fast foods is rated as the “ worst fast foods”. These fast foods are delicious and can appeal to anyone when looking at them, but they are the worst enemies of health.

They carry harmful health risks and are not recommended at all. One can easily get sick if one consumes it on daily basis. These fast foods are available everywhere and are inexpensive.

Below, we have listed the D-tier fast foods. Let us know more about them in the following paragraphs.


RestaurantAny restaurant or homemade
Calories261 calories per average hamburger.

We all love burgers, but the saddest thing about them is that they are not good for our health. Burger is a famous fast food around the world. When we hear the word fast food, the first word that strikes our minds is a burger. Let us know why they are added to the worst category of the fast food tier list.

Burgers can be expensive as well as inexpensive. They can be found everywhere. Almost every restaurant has a menu with a variety of different burgers. You can also prepare them at home, with just a few ingredients. Home-made burgers can still be healthy but eating outside the home can be a risk for the health.

They are filled with high amounts of cholesterol and excessive fats. The combination of these two is highly harmful to health. Due to this, the chances of getting a heart disorder also increase. As they say “health is wealth”, which is why burgers are not a good food to be eaten on regular basis.

French fries

Calories312 calories per 100 grams.

French fries are a popular fast-fast food all around the world. Whether it is the kids, teenagers, or adults everyone loves to eat French fries. They are super easy to make and readily available everywhere. Within a matter of a few minutes, you can get a yummy and tasty plate of French fries that you can pair up with different sauces.

But here are a few reasons, why they are added to the D-tier fast-food category. French fries can cause you to get a foggy brain. It can cause damage to the brain if it is eaten on regular basis. French fries can make your stomach get upset. French fries are made in oil that can cause the cholesterol level to get high and in turn cause several heart disorders.

Onion rings

Calories411 per 100 grams

Also known as a French-fried onion ring, an onion ring is one of the most famous appetizers around the world. It is loved by people for the crunch and taste that it has. It is mostly found in American and British cuisine. Let us know ahead of why we have added it to the D-tier fast food list.

Onion rings can be found in almost every restaurant that offers fast food options to its customers. They are inexpensive and can be prepared at home as well, with the help of very less ingredients. But the main reason why people ranked it in the D-tier is the cholesterol and saturated fats that onion rings contain.

They are deep-fried and carry a lot of fats that can make a person gain weight very quickly. Not only this, it can cause problems to the skin as well. According to a report, just by eating two onion rings, one can get around 246 calories, 245mg of sodium, 9g of fat, and 12g of carbs.


Calories207 calories per 100 grams

You scream I scream, we all love ice cream. You might have come across this notion quite a few times. Ice cream is the absolute favorite fast food of everyone around the globe. Love for the ice cream does not consider any age restrictions. But hold on, there are a few facts about ice cream that might make you reconsider your choice. Let us know about it.

Ice-creams can be found everywhere. No matter where ever you live, you can find an ice cream parlor very easily. It is also quite cheap, so it will not burden your pocket. Making ice cream at home can be time-consuming but if you wish to eat it in a restaurant then you will get it within a few minutes.

As we know that ice creams are filled with added sugars and saturated fats. Therefore, there is a high risk of damaging the health, if it is eaten on daily basis. Sugar can cause certain heart disorders and can result in high levels of cholesterol. It can also cause diabetes and obesity in young kids.

Top 10 fast food restaurants

After thorough research, we have prepared a list of the top 10 fast food restaurants. They are listed below, let us know about them.


I don’t think there would be anyone who has not heard of the subway. It is the only fast food chain in the world that has a lot of locations. It can be found in almost every city.

Subway is the final result of the idea generated by two friends, Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. They founded the restaurant in the year 1965. It is ranked as one of the good fast food restaurants for the amazing quality sandwiches and salads it serves to the customers.


The absolute favorite and go-to fast food restaurant of every fast food lover are McDonald’s. Serving a variety of items that range from breakfast to mighty burgers McDonald’s is one of the best fast food restaurants ranked. The quality of food they serve is amazing. Proper hygiene is maintained while preparing the food.

Mcdonald’s can be found in almost every city in the world. The first chain of Mcdonald’s was founded in the year 1940 by two American brothers named Maurice and Richard McDonald in San Bernardino.

McDonald’s has the best fries among other fast food chains. Kids love them and would like to go back there every time they crave French fries. They are crisp and fresh.

The new hamburgers and sandwiches that the restaurant is offering to its customers consist of 100 percent pure meat/beef. With the help of this, the brand is prioritizing the health of its customers.

A happy meal is something, that not kids love but adults also like to eat. The toys make the inner child come out. A happy meal is a reason for McDonald’s customer retention.


Well, we all have heard of the famous peri-peri chicken. It belongs to none other but the best fast food restaurant Nando’s. Nando’s is among the list of fast food restaurants that are known for the amazing quality food that they serve to the customers.

It is a South African multinational fast food restaurant. The main theme of this restaurant is the grilled chicken that is made by mixing a variety of different yummy sauces.

After reading the reviews online, we have found that Nando’s does not only serves chicken but there are also a lot of non-chicken options as well. The company’s menu has a variety of different fast food, not only limited to chicken.

The chicken that they use in making different dishes is completely free of antibiotics, thus the brand does not compromise the health of its customers. You do not need to worry about the budget, as Nando’s is one of the most budget-friendly fast food restaurants out there. They have economical options, that are tasty and worth the money.

Nando’s customers have something really interesting to say about the brand. According to them, the outlets provide a great, calm, and sound atmosphere to them. It feels like sitting at home and enjoying some great chicken.

Shake shack

The next good fast food restaurant that we have on our list is Shake Shack. Just like its name, the restaurant in itself is a cool place to visit. It is an American fast food resultant. It is located in New York City. The restaurant not only sells shakes but has a diverse menu. You can find a lot of items ranging from hotdogs, hamburgers, and fries to milkshakes.

Shake snack provides its customers with fine dining. It is one of the top fast food places to dine in. The atmosphere of the restaurant is calm and sophisticated. The crowd that eats there is decent and is a great place to release your stress.

The brand uses high-quality premium ingredients to prepare fast food for its customers. It does not compromise at all on the quality and the service. So do not worry, you will not end up with an upset stomach.

Shake Shack does not sell pre-frozen food to customers. It cooks the food right after the order, all fresh and ready to eat. Unlike, other eateries they do not keep frozen items with them.


KFC is one of the top fast food places, famous for the flavorful chicken that it offers to its customers. It is a quick fast food that you can buy on the go. The brand has a diverse menu that ranges from chicken to rice and drinks. The blend of 11 spices and herbs is what retains the customers and makes them go back to KFC.

It is an American fast food restaurant, and its headquarters is in Louisville. It holds the position of being the second-largest fast food restaurant after McDonald’s. The brand has a lot of outlets all around the world. It not only tastes good, but it is quite economical. You do not need to burden your pocket with a one-time meal.

Domino’s Pizza

The next brand that is among the best fast food restaurants ranked is none other than Domino. We all love pizza, don’t we? It is the only fast food that is loved by everyone all around the world and cannot say no to it.

It is an American brand that has its branches in a lot of countries. It was founded in the year 1960, and the first CEO was Richard Allison.

Domino’s is famous for offering top-quality fast food in the form of pizzas to customers. The menu is diverse with a lot of variety and options. You can choose your toppings and customize your meal as well.

But what makes it stand out among all the other pizza brands? It is bread-based dough. The dough has high amounts of gluten which makes the crust fluffy and crispy. In contrast to other brands, the dough makes the pizza tastes a lot better.


When we hear the word chicken sandwiches, the first restaurant that comes to our mind is Chick-fil-A. It is an American fast food brand and is one of the best fast food restaurants ranked. The headquarters of the company is in College Park, Georgia. It has around 2,815 chains all in the US.

Chick-fil-A is another option on the menu as well, it is not restricted to chicken. The food is flavorful and fresh. It is economical and provides a great atmosphere for the customers.

The reason why Chick-fil-A is liked by people is that it is available almost everywhere. Be it an airport, mall, or food court, you will see a chain of Chick-fil-A over there. The food service is also quite steady and in a few minutes, you will get the order.

Dunkin Donuts

Among the list of fast food restaurants, the next one with us is Dunkin’ Donuts. We all love donuts, don’t we? Donuts are soul food and can instantly light up anyone’s mood. That’s why Dunkin’ Donuts is so famous, it sells happiness in the form of donuts.

It is a multinational American brand, it serves coffee and donuts. The menu is long, with a variety of different tasty donuts. The flavors are vast. Dunkin Donuts’ service is quite fast, and the customers don’t have to wait too long to get their orders.

To make sure that the customers are provided with enough convenience, the company has its application. The customers can make orders, get the deliveries and pay through the phone. There is also a reward system for the customers, and coupons every month.

Burger King

The list of fast food restaurants around the world is vast, but how can we miss the absolute famous Burger King? It is an American multinational fast food chain. It was founded in the year 1953. The specialty of Burger King is burgers. And has its headquarters in Miami-Dade country.

Burger King is loved by people for two reasons. One is that it provides quantity as well as quality and the second reason is that it is highly economical. The company does not compromise on quality and promises to deliver healthy and mouth-watering burgers to its customers.

The menu is affordable and diverse, the customers are offered a wide variety of items such as drinks, burgers, nuggets, etc.


Famous for providing its customers with a unique taste of coffee, Starbucks is one of the leading coffee brands in the world. It is an American multinational coffeehouse that serves bakery items along with mind-refreshing coffees.

The headquarters of Starbucks is in Seattle, Washington. The company has a lot of outlets all over the world, it has around 33,833 stores in 80 different countries.

The atmosphere at Starbucks is relaxing and let the customers take a break from their busy schedule. It acts as a third place between the workplace and the home of a person. The inviting ambiance is what makes the customers go back to Starbucks again and again.

How do we choose our fast food tier list?

Below, we have listed some points that help us to choose our fats food tier list. Let us know ahead.


People who are working on wages, and travelers need something quick and ready to eat. Keeping these two factors in mind, the food also has to be economical and under budget. Therefore, the cost is the first factor that is considered during choosing a fast food tier list. We tend to rank those items first that do not burden our pockets.


For many people, when it comes to fast food, hygiene is one of the most important factors. If the fast food you are consuming is not hygienic, then there are chances that you might get diarrhea or an upset stomach. While making a fast food tier list, we are most likely to rank items in the top tiers that do not compromise the hygiene and health of the customers.


Taste is yet another factor that is considered while choosing a food tier list. Those fast foods that taste great are ranked in the top tiers by the customers and vice versa. Taste is the deciding factor between liking fast food and disliking it.


Fast food is a term dedicated to those meals that can be prepared in a matter of a few minutes and can easily be available. Fast food items that are hard to find, are often listed in the lower tiers as compared to those that are available everywhere.

Ease of preparation

While choosing a fast food tier, we tend to look for those fatty food meals that are easy to prepare. For example, if vegetable noodles are taking 30 minutes to cook, we would like to look for another option that would take 10 minutes to cook. Easy-to-prepare items are often ranked in the top tiers and vice versa.

Fast food rankings 

Let’s know what a ranking is. It is a process of evaluating and judging different items based on likes and dislikes by the users. A ranking has two extremes, one is negative and one is positive. Along the continuum, items are judged.

Here we are talking about the fast-food rankings. Through this, people can rank fast foods according to their likes and dislikes. The basis of the fast food rankings is the personal experience with fast food.

Below, we have made fast food rankings based on what people think. Let us know more about it.

Fast foodRestaurant
Waffle fries








Chicken SandwichChick-Fil-A
Curly friesARBY’S
BlizzardDairy Queen

Comparison Table

Fast FoodTierRestaurantCalories
Dairy Queen chicken strip basketSDairy Queen940 Calories per serving
Panera SoupSPanera Bread230 Calories per serving
Chicken sandwichSAny restaurant or homemade.283 per serving
PancakesSany restaurant or homemade.227 per 100 grams.
MilkshakesSHomemade112 calories average vanilla milkshake.
PopcornSHomemade375 per 100 grams
Potato cutletsAHomemade111 calories per serving
Cheese CurdsAHomemade98 calories per 100 grams.
Baked PotatoAHomemade 93 calories per 100 grams.
SoupsAHomemade12 to 74 calories depending on the type of soup.
BurritoAHomemade206 calories per 100 grams.
SushiACubé - Japanese sushi restaurant93 to 190 Calories depending on the type
DonutsBAny café271 per 100 grams.
SteakBAny restaurant or homemade.
BaconBHomemade541 calories per 100 grams
NoodlesCKnorr390 calories.
PizzaCAny restaurant266 calories medium regular crust.
NuggetsCAny restaurant or homemade296 per 100 grams.
BurgersDAny restaurant or homemade261 calories per average hamburger.
French friesDHomemade312 calories per 100 grams.
Onion ringsDHomemade411 per 100 grams
Ice-creamDAny207 calories per 100 grams


As we come towards the end of the discussion, I would like to leave a few remarks. Fast food is loved by everyone around the world, some love fried chicken while some would like to go for a pizza on the go. Therefore, a fast food tier list is what helps us to know more about the choices of people.

Our article consists of a fast food tier list, moving in descending order from S-tier to the D-tier. S-tier is the best fast food, while D-tier fast foods are ranked as the worst meals. You can also find, a list of the top 10 best restaurants that are ranked as all-rounders.

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Fast Food FAQs

What is fast food?

Fast food is known as a mass product. It is made for commercial resale. One strong factor that distinguishes fast food from regular meals is the speed of the service that the fast food chains provide. Fast food restaurants can accommodate a large number of different customers such as travelers, workers, and commuters. These are those people who do not get much time in their busy schedules to find a place that can serve them homemade food. They look for something quicker.

What is the best fast food restaurant?

The good fast food restaurant ranked for the year 2022 is MacDonald’s for the good quality fast food it provides to its customers. McDonald’s has fast and steady service, you do not need to wait for hours to get your food.

[wsfq]What fast food has the best breakfast?

The following fast food restaurants serve the best breakfast: Burger King. Del Taco. Sonic Drive-In.

What is the best fast food burger?

The top fast food places that serve the best quality burgers are as follows: The Whopper, and Burger King. Cheeseburger, Five Guys. Double-Double, In-N-Out. Patty Melt, Whataburger. Dave’s Double, Wendy’s.

What fast food has the best fries?

The fast food chains that serve the best fries are as follows Cajun Fries, and Five Guys. Crinkle-Cut Fries, Del Taco. Cajun Fries, Popeyes. Natural Cut Fries, Wendy’s. Crinkle-Cut Fries, Shake Shack.

What fast food place has the best salads?

The fast food chains that serve the best salads are as follows: Arby’s Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad. QDOBA Citrus Lime Chicken Salad. Taco Bell Fiesta Taco Salad. Chick-fil-A Cobb Salad. Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Wendy’s Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad.

What fast food has the best milkshakes?

The fast food chains that make the best milkshakes are as follows: Steak ‘n Shake. Dairy Queen. Sonic Drive-In. Burger King. Shake Shack.

What is the biggest fast food chain in the world?

The largest fast food chain is no other, but our favorite McDonald’s. It is one of the most reputable and best-known brands for its fast and premium quality service and food. It consists of around 39,000 branches in 100 countries around the world.

What is the most popular fast food restaurant?

The most popular fast food restaurant is McDonald’s. It is also ranked at the top among the top 10 fast food restaurants.