Soda Tier List [2023]

Top Tier List's ranking of the best to the worst sodas in the world.

We have made this list of sodas ranking based on our personal choices, as well as it is based on the fact that other people think about different kinds of sodas and their flavors. There are a plethora of flavors of many of the drinks, some are good but at the same time, some are trash or close to trash, which we have placed in the D tier. This list is also inspired by the Asmongold soda tier list, He has interestingly defined the flavors of each and every drink in depth. We will try to make this soda list as useful for you as possible.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 21 sodas ranked in the tier list.
  • We will rank all the sodas according to their flavors and tastes.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find the sodas like Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and 7-up.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe sodas like Diet Rite, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, and Royal Crown, Sundrop.


We will rank all sodas in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
SpriteBARQ'SDR.PEPPER (Cherry flavor)

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tiersoda tier list

The sodas that are universally liked and have a soft spot in the hearts of a bunch of people are ranked in the S-tier. Some people love the classic flavors that were firstly invented for them. Maybe it’s the fact that the sodas in S-tier are those that have created a special place.

People’s tastebuds are used, to these legendary flavors. Some sodas are that one that is a go-to option for people. Even, they always pick these sodas for themselves. This soda list consists of those sodas that are people’s no.01 choice.

Dr. Pepper

There is a total of 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper, but only the classic one is on top. Just like people cannot imagine eating a burger with a rice patty inside. Similarly, people do not enjoy the changes in the flavor of their favorite soda. Especially those flavors that are totally weird. Some of the flavors of Dr. Pepper are totally loathsome that people even hate to think about them.

On the other hand, people’s love for Dr. Pepper’s classic flavor is next level. It is an amazing carbonated soft drink that has a distinctive flavor as compared to other sodas. We have ranked this soda in S-tier because It is loved by the people for centuries. It is one of the oldest drinks but still has the same place in everyone’s heart.

People enjoy Dr. Pepper the same way they used to enjoy it in the 19th century because this brand has not changed the quality and taste of its product. There are millions and trillions of loyal customers for this drink. There is a blend of different flavors in one sip of this drink, in one time you feel like it’s minty the other time peppery, and so on. It has a very pungent flavor.

The 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper are plum, lemon, tomato, molasses, clove, carrot, juniper, nutmeg, orange, ginger, rum, pepper, raspberry, root beer, prune, caramel, vanilla, blackberry, amaretto, almond, licorice, cherry, and cola.

Initially, there was a little bit of advertising skepticism when this brand was introduced, As it was claimed that this drink is healthy for you, but if you check the ingredients on the can you can have an idea that this is not the case. Its ingredients include artificial flavors, sweeteners, phosphoric acid, preservatives, sugar, carbonated water, and natural flavors. Dr. Pepper contains less caffeine as compared to Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Introduced 1885
Manufacturer Dr Pepper Snapple Group


We have put Pepsi in S-tier because it is one of the most demanded sodas all over the world. The clash between Pepsi and Coca-Cola fans is undeniable. They argue on behalf of their favorite sodas because both the drinks are more or less similar to each other, especially in the amount of sugar and some of the ingredients.

But if someone says about both the drinks being similar, the lovers of these drinks feel so bad about that. They will literally start an unstoppable debate in which they count the features of both the drinks.

Pepsi has always been an iPhone to coke’s android. Its big advantage is that people can recognize its taste at the very first sip because it has a very sweet flavor. As compared to Coca-Cola, Pepsi contains more caffeine.

The most common thing which people argue is that Pepsi has a sweeter and smoother taste, and it is even proved by nutritionists. The advertising of Pepsi is always according to the current time, so people enjoy its advertisements as well. Its flavor can be defined as sweet and citrusy.

Introduced 1893
Manufacturer PepsiCo, Inc


In most of the soda tier list makers, people place Coca-Cola in the S-tier. The reason behind placing it in the legendary tier is that it is a highly demanded-soda. And, there are numerous reasons for loving it. The reason might be different for different people, based on their choices.

Some people may find its taste so fascinating, while others may find it less unhealthy and tasty too relatively. In the vending machines installed in high schools or malls, people will always choose this drink as it is very much liked by all. Coca-Cola lovers get so frustrated if they are offered the diet version of this soda.

Frankly speaking, there is no point in dieting on sodas because why have sodas when you are on a diet? There is a lot of difference between diet and classic Coke. Rather, you can have juices or some healthy drinks that may be at least more flavorful and appetizing than the diet Coke.

But if we talk about the classic Coca-Cola then its taste is so satisfactory. If you are out grocery shopping then there are almost fewer possibilities that you come back home with putting Coca-Cola in your grocery basket. You will think about pairing it with a packet of chips and binge-watch your favorite shows.

Introduced 1892
Manufacturer Berkshire Hathaway, The Vanguard Group, BlackRock


The main reason for including &-up in S-tier is that it is less unhealthy as compared to other sodas that will be ranked on different tiers, as well as the sodas ranked on S-tier. It is commonsense that visually the color difference between 7-up and other sodas can clearly be seen.

The amount of sugar alone can not measure the soda type that is healthy or unhealthy, other things count too. 7-up is a colorless drink, which means no artificial colors are added to it. The more artificial ingredient in a drink or food, the more it becomes harmful and unhealthy.

S0, if you are a die heart fan of sodas but, at the same time little bit conscious about your diet, then opting for 7-up is a much better option for you. It has a lemony flavor. It is a refreshing drink. Especially for the ones who like soda lime because its taste is approximately close to it.

The people who don’t know this fact yet will take this as a piece of new good news for them. And, the news is that 7-up is caffeine-free. A lime soda that is refreshing and caffeine-free is a very attractive combination for soda lovers and thus is part of the prestigious tier of our Tier List.

Introduced June 19, 1929
Manufacturer Keurig Dr Pepper; PepsiCo


We have placed sprite in S-tier because it is a relatively healthier soda. There are some similarities between sprite and 7-up which include, that both are colorless so no artificial flavor is added to them which is a plus point, and both are caffeine-free.

This is one of the less unhealthy sodas. Because we know that artificial colors in food products are very dangerous for our bodies if consumed in an extra amount. It can cause deadly diseases. So, make sure to consume it in less amount.

On the can of Sprite, you can see some of its nutrition facts and have an idea that how much quantity of it you should consume. There are 39 calories in a single serving of sprite which contains carbohydrates and sugar. But, this soda is not a good option for people who wants to have caffeinated drinks as told above there is no caffeine in it.

Introduced 1929
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company

A Tier

soda tier list

We have categorized those sodas in the A-tier s0da list which is the choice of the bulk of people. Some of the sodas that are ranked in our tier list are humorously defined in Asmongold’s Tier List, which is why these sodas deserve to be on this list.

The carbonated drinks in A-tier are exceptionally good but still come after the S-tier due to some of the differences which we are going to discuss further in this list. Sometimes soda lovers prefer the sodas mentioned in the S-tier as their first choice and sometimes they may crave A-tier sodas. So there may be a lot of fluctuation between both tiers.


A&W is one of the top-rated cream sodas in history. It is the best cream soda your tastebuds can relish. You can enjoy it in your family gatherings while discussing your future plans or maybe with your gang of friends having some intense discussions or relationship talks. Its taste is so soothing with a creamy vanilla flavor in it. We have ranked A&W cream soda in A-tier because along with being creamy and frothy it is caffeine-free as well.

The amazing thing about this cream soda is that despite the fact being very watery in texture, its vanilla flavor triggers our tastebuds to identify it as very creamy and frothy in texture. This is just because of its unique flavor. It is a vegan soda having no dairy, egg, or animal-derived ingredients but still tastes different. Nobody can clearly guess its ingredients while sipping it.

People often pair it up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and, there are so many good reviews regarding this superb combination. A&W has a creamy-like smell which initiates the feeling of drinking it immediately, among people.

Introduced 1919
Manufacturer Keurig Dr Pepper (United States,

Canda Dry

Canada Dry is the second soda to be placed in the A-tier in the soda list. We are placing it here because this drink is not only loved by youth but the aged people also prefer to drink it. Canada dry ginger ale is a very popular and highly demanded soda. Some people have confused feelings before trying it because of the “ginger ale” attached to its name.

But trust us, there is not a single trace of spice in this soda. The gingery flavor in it is very sweet and has an amazing aftertaste. The amount of sugar in this soda is balanced neither so sweet that it tastes like sugary water nor that much less sweet that no one can feel it.

Needless to say, carbonated drinks are the fizziest. Similarly, The fact that the fans of Canada dry like it most about it is that it has lots of tiny bubbles inside. The fizz is in it so so real and satisfying. It is one of the fizziest drinks you can have. If you are among those people who do not like too much sugary drinks then you may definitely try this and we are sure we will love it.

Introduced 1904
Manufacturer Canada Dry Ginger Ale 


What will you do if you are craving two things simultaneously? A nice fresh fruit juice, and a refreshing carbonated drink. The best option to opt-in this situation is, to go for Fanta. Do you know why? Because Fanta is a carbonated drink with a bold fruity flavor. People enjoy it as a refreshing drink.

Fanta is the second-largest soft drink brand all over the world. This soda has 36 different flavors. Fanta brand has played with different fruits in all of its e 36 flavors. Fanta is altogether a blend of different fruits, it is something unique about this brand.

People love Fanta because it is so rejuvenating that they want to drink it again and again. With one sip of it, the urge to drink it keeps growing. The orange Fanta is the one that is most popular and loved by more people.

Introduced 1940
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company

Mountain Dew

We have placed mountain dew in A-tier because of its appealing taste. We personally did a taste test and decided to rank it here in the list of sodas. Apart from personal experience, we took an idea about what the community thinks about this soda. It offers a vigorous flavor to its drinkers, due to which people find it extremely appetizing. The reason people like it is its tangy and zesty flavor that it leaves on our tongues.

If you are someone who does not prefer sweetish sodas then this drink is not your type. But, for the people who have a sweet tooth and want extremely refreshing sodas then mountain Dew is the safest option for them.

This contains a high amount of caffeine and sugar which may not be healthy for you. But if you have it inappropriate amount then it may not be as harmful as it would be due to daily intake. The flavor of this soda is so addictive that once you start drinking it, it is nearly impossible to get rid of it. We can say that a high amount of caffeine makes it addictive. But the reason for addictiveness is also good taste.

Introduced PepsiCo
Manufacturer 1940


Barq’s is a root beer that is somewhat away from sweet taste because its taste is somewhere between sour and bitter. If we do compare barq\s with other fizzy and carbonated soft drinks, then it contains less caffeine and sugar. The content of caffeine in barq’s is very different than other drinks for which it leads the market. it attracts people with good strong and bold tastes. Amazingly, this soda consists of a crispy flavor in it.

Introduced 1898
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company

B Tier

soda tier list

Some of the sodas that are ranked in this tier list may not be according to your choice. There may be a huge difference of opinion in this list. Because ranking sodas in this list are absolutely challenging as there are minor differences in tastes and ingredients. Still, we have tried to make this tier list as helpful for you as possible.

If there would be any conflict of ideas, you can prepare your own list with the help of a soda tier list maker, and share your opinions there, by ranking your most favorite and least favorite sodas accordingly. Meanwhile, have a look at the ranking created by us.

Sierra Mist

When we talk about some of the healthy or less unhealthy sodas then sierra mist is among those sodas. We are not recommending you have this in an extra amount. You can have it while taking good care of your health. It may harm you but is comparatively less harmful, that’s why we have ranked it here. The taste of this soda is close to 7up and Sprite as it also has a lemon-lime flavor.

The way to differentiate these sodas from each other is to check the ingredients and preservatives used in preparing these sodas. With the help of ingredients, you can have a blurry idea that among these drinks it is more unhealthy. We ranked it according to our choice, experiences, and awareness.

Introduced 1999
Manufacturer PepsiCo


Mug root beer is appropriate for people who are more into sugary sodas. Its taste is distinguishable from other sodas in the sense that it has a candy-like taste. While celebrating new year’s eve, a birthday party, or something big, people usually drink it with their loved ones. There is the next level of attachment with this root beer. It’s aftertaste can be defined as a sudden punching feeling inside your mouth, and this is something very unique about this root beer.

People have different opinions regarding this soda, but as always majority wins! The minority thinks that this soda is extra sweet and prefers other drinks, sodas, or root beers instead of mugs. But the ones who are loyal to this soda want to have it again and again.

Introduced 1940
Manufacturer PepsiCo


Crush is the best option if you are craving soda with a fruity touch in it. Different artificial colors and flavors are added to this soda to make it taste incredible. Artificial colors are added to make it look appetizing. It is a great-tasting soda and consists of a blend of some awesome flavors.

The most-like flavor of crush is crush orange. it is so refreshing that you cannot stop yourself from having it next time after you drink it once. It has an addictive flavor and attracts its customers through its fruity and fizzy taste. Along with artificial flavors, some natural flavors are also added to enhance its taste by 2x.

Crush contains high fructose corn syrup which allows a person to drink it along with meals because it does not let you feel full without having a substantial amount of food your body requires. The people who cannot finish their meal without pairing it up with a refreshing soda, then crush is their lifesaver. Because high fructose corn syrup does not make you feel full you can enjoy your whole meal as well.

Introduced 1911 
Manufacturer Keurig Dr Pepper


Sunkist has a frothy, pulpy, and sweet taste due to which people like it a lot. It is ranked in this tier list along with other orange flavor sodas. The reason why we ranked it here is that it overwhelms the tastebuds, and the majority feel the same way regarding this soda drink. If you are among those people who love popsicles but are not able to eat them due to sensitivity or some other reasons, then you can have Sunkist as a substitute for orange popsicles.

Even if you are allowed to have popsicles but still want to drink some orange flavor juice then you can opt for Sunkist, it is a two-in-one combination, and people often have it that way.

When we ourselves tasted it along with our team, the majority supported this opinion. People love this soda due to its different kinds of tangy flavors. We will surely recommend this soda if you are an orange soda lover.

Introduced August 29, 1893
Manufacturer Keurig Dr. Pepper

Dr.Pepper (Cherry flavor)

The first impression is the last impression and is long-lasting. If we consider this saying in the case of different flavors of sodas, the classic flavors are the ones that have a special place in the consumer’s heart. And, they recognize the taste of classic flavors better than others.

But, the people who love cherry are fond of Dr.Pepper (cherry) flavor. The feeling of cherry in your mouth is so pure while drinking this soda that people appreciate its taste so much and prefer its intake most of the time.

Introduced 1885
Manufacturer Dr Pepper Snapple Group

C Tier

Below Average Sodas

The sodas on the border of average and below-average will be placed in the C-tier of our tier list. These are optional sodas in the eyes of people. It means if they did not get a soda according to their choice then they will unwillingly buy these sodas to satisfy their soda craving.

The sodas in this list are ranked after a lot of proper research and other people’s opinion, in order to minimize the fluctuation of the tier list. We tried to make this list of sodas as unbiased as possible.


People drink squirt because of its balanced flavor made with a combination of grapefruit, and some essential sweetness. Its flavor is so real that legit you will feel it is a grapefruit juice but with the addition of some bubbles fizz, or in other words, it is a grapefruit-flavored carbonated drink. Most people prefer sodas that are a bit on the sugary side.

This is the reason it is not placed in the upper tiers because it does not fulfill the requirements of a good fresh and sweet soda. Its taste is on the little bit bitter side, so people who can tolerate bitterness to this level will surely love this drink. But, people who like sugary sodas cannot have this type of soda.

Introduced 1939
Manufacturer Keurig Dr Pepper

Mello Yello

It is a citrus-flavored soda. The quantity of caffeine in this drink is not balanced at all. Needless to say a high amount of caffeine can be addictive and thus, harmful to an individual’s health. It does not taste that bad but in terms of health problems, it deserves to be in C-tier.

Because high amounts of caffeine can make your health worse. Mello Yello is distributed by the Coca-Cola company but relatively least selling and demanded as other soft drinks, carbonated drinks, and sodas of this company.

Introduced  March 12, 1979
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company

Coke Zero

Isn’t it disturbing and hilarious to hear about Coca-Cola’s zero sugar? Why would a person opt for Coca-Cola with zero sugar? The majority of people do not prefer this drink if there is an option given to them between normal Coke and a Coke with no sugar. Everyone is aware of the unhealthy elements and ingredients present in sugary and fizzy sodas, but still, they prefer them to satisfy their tastebuds.

In our opinion, it is not a good choice to drink a soda with zero sugar. Because why have a soda without a satisfactory taste at all? Indeed we have it because of its taste, and sugar enhances the taste of every soda. In fact, sugar is the ley and important element present in it. Your thought on it may differ, but we want to rank this drink in the C-tier.

Introduced 1892
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company

D Tier

Worst Sodas

After rating best, good, average, and below-average sodas now we are going to place the worst sodas in the D-tier. The drinks in this tier are those that are not liked by people. They do not prefer to have these kinds of sodas because they have a far better option than drinking these. Have a look at our D-tier list of sodas and analyze whether our opinions matched each other or not.

Diet Rite

Again we have a brand that offers a range of sodas with zero calories. It is common sense that people who are diet conscious will not be willing to have junk food or carbonated and fizzy drinks. They will not even think about sodas, because they know that their health can be inversely affected by sodas or drinks. Sodas are made with artificial flavors and colorings.

That food or drink which is prepared using artificial coloring and artificial ingredients can never be healthy for an individual. Similarly, it is not a good option to create soda with no sugar. Artificially sweetened soda is more unhealthy for our bodies.  These were the reasons why we ranked it here in the D-tier.

Introduced 1958
Manufacturer  Keurig Dr. Pepper


Coca-Cola Company was a tough competitor of the royal crown. Unfortunately, the Royal Crown has never been as famous as Coca-Cola, because the sodas and drinks offered by this company are not liked by its target market. RC cola is a cola-flavored drink, and its name can tell the flavor itself. But, this cola was not able to rule the hearts of people due to its bad taste. People switched to Pepsi because it was sweetened and smooth. 

Introduced 1905
Manufacturer Keurig Dr Pepper


It is a limy or orange-flavored soda. People don’t like it that much because it has a large amount of citrus in it, and people were not liking its citrusy smell. Instead of this people shited towards mountain dew because it is less citrusy than sun drop.

Introduced 1949
Manufacturer Keurig Dr Pepper

Comparison Table

Dr. Pepper
S1885Dr Pepper Snapple Group
PepsiS1893PepsiCo, Inc
Coca-ColaS1892Berkshire Hathaway, The Vanguard Group, BlackRock
7-upSJune 19, 1929Keurig Dr Pepper; PepsiCo
SpriteS1929The Coca-Cola Company
A&WA1919Keurig Dr Pepper (United States,
CANADA DRYA1904Canada Dry Ginger Ale
FANTAA1940The Coca-Cola Company
BARQ’SA1898The Coca-Cola Company
CRUSHB1911 Keurig Dr Pepper
SUNKISTBAugust 29, 1893Keurig Dr Pepper
DR.PEPPER (Cherry flavor)B1885Dr Pepper Snapple Group
SQUIRTC1939Keurig Dr Pepper
MELLO YELLOCMarch 12, 1979The Coca-Cola Company
COCA-COLA ZERO SUGARC1892The Coca-Cola Company
DIET RITED1958Keurig Dr Pepper
ROYAL CROWND1905Keurig Dr Pepper
SUNDROPD1949Keurig Dr Pepper


We all like sodas very much and these drinks are a part of our daily lives. Whether we are at a party, family gathering or we are binge-watching our favorite Netflix series, we are used to putting our favorite soda can beside us and enjoying it. But, we should know that everything in excessive amounts can be very harmful to our bodies.

Similarly, excessive soda intake is extremely unhealthy for us, whether sugar-free. We have tried to rank the sodas as unbiasedly as we can, so that you may know the ingredients, pros, and cons of all the sodas ranked here. We hope that our soda tier list was helpful to you.