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World Wrestling Entertainment was launched as a media amusement industry 42 years back, on the 21st of February, 1980. This Global Entertainment Company attracted tons of audiences and participants. Today WWE has chained with different other industries that include American Football, various business tycoons, and also the Hollywood film industry. WWE has also produced a variety of action games on various consoles including PlayStations, Xbox, IOS, and Android operating systems.

The wrestling industry wasn’t named WWE from the beginning, instead, it went through many renames starting with the word title Titan sports back in 1980. After several more names, it was finally named World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002.

have made a WWE Tier List of different all-time wrestlers based on their performance, popularity, skills, special moves, physical looks, personality, and many other factors. It’s available to sight in 28 different languages

It is hereby stated that the tier list provided below is to the best of my personal knowledge and then based on the attributes of the wrestlers who dominated the wrestling industry at particular times of history.

The purpose of this list is never to hurt the sentiments or to damage any personal attachment of a particular individual with any of the superstars from the WWE because every single individual of WWE is a part of the industry due to very obvious reasons that speak for itself. Points of view can vary and that’s the reason that we more than welcome any constructive criticism.

WWE has a very diverse and rich fan following throughout the whole world. People, particularly from the younger age group are the most inspired by this Entertainment. The industry generates a large amount of revenue with its 900 million Television viewers alone.

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S Tier

WWE Tier List
Best Wrestlers of WWE

S TierS Tier classifies the supreme artifacts the WWE industry has seen in all its time. Being a wrestler is all about, obviously, physically dominating and also psychology being above your opponent at all times. Hence along with working out and all other physical activities, one needs to know how to confront your opponent wrestler, and all of these wrestlers with all their physical art were also master at this.

These wrestlers are remembered for their unparallel performances for years and even for more decades to come. They were simply the best of the best. They have been categorized into this list because of their performance, fan following, positive character throughout, fear the opponent by their looks and body, and also because of their charismatic personality, these features enable them to comfortably feature in the topmost tier of the WWE Tier List.

Stone Cold(Steve Austin)

Steve Austin or otherwise famous as Stone cold is no doubtfully the best wrestler of all time the WWE has ever seen, his career never ended with retirement from wrestling, he’s a professional actor, Television host, and an influential media personality. This is the reason behind his charismatic personality traits when he used to speak up and challenge other wrestlers.

He started his professional career in 1989 and the Stone Cold was a top wrestler in the late 90s and early 2000s, it was a booming period in the wrestling industry and at that time it was known as the Attitude era, Stone cold was no different, his challenging suit and way of talking on the mic were always inspirational, as he had these things in build within him as his positive traits.

Stone Cold entered WWE(then known as WWF) in 1995. He immediately attracted a great audience courtesy of his performance and off-the-game professional career. He was regarded as aggressive, short-tempered, and brash, resultantly he was known as the best fit for the attitude era of that time WWE. In 2009 the WWE inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

He assured that the legend’s work is remembered in an appreciative way and be an undoubtful member of the A tier of the WWE Tier List. Stone Cold won six heavy-weight world championships, two intercontinental championships, two times Royal Rumble champion, and four times tag team champions too.

He used to have a piece of very unique Entrance music, the sound of glass shattering used to alarm his presence. This music was ever-green entrance music and it ultimately became the WWE anthem for more than a decade.


Stone cold finishing move known as the stunner is regarded as the best of all-time WWE finishing moves, also known as the Texas Rattlesnake, it was the worst dream come true for any opposition wrestler. Stonecold used to have a very aggressive way of speaking and was one of the best mic people of all time, although he wasn’t someone suitable for the kids to listen to.

Stonecold had a perfectly clean sheet career but it was just one place that caused them to cut down the duration of his career, it was due to the devasting neck injury only about one decade into his career. But despite that, he used to handle the stunners from the opposition like marshmallows. His Brawler and showman career made him win 12 WWE belts as an intercontinental champion two times and many other championships.

Shawn Micheals

Shawn Micheals, also known as the Heartbreak kid, The Showstopper, and Mr. WrestleMania. He worked consistently for WWE from 1988 to 1998, when he announced his first retirement due to a back injury that was quite severe for him so he had to quit his career. He had to take two years to break from his wrestling career and after that rest period he returned in the year 2000, and then he returned back to WWE in 2002.

After an eventful and attractive career, he finally retired in 2010 mainly due to the age factor and the aftershocks of his back injury which he could no further endure. Shawn had the title of world champion four times and WWF (WWE) Championship three times. He also retained the title of WWE World Heavyweight Championship once.

He has this unique distinction of being the first WWF Grand Slam Champion and the four times winner of WWF Triple Crown Champion. His performance and hard work made him land this high on the WWE Tier list. Shawn Micheals was One of the best all-time wrestlers whether it was a contest against Razor Ramon, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Bret Hart, or The Undertaker.

They were some of his Rivals and his success can be predicted from the fact that he won heavyweight championships 4 times, and many other achievements, and also his tag team performance speaks for itself. His achievements do not end up here, he has won the Royal Rumble twice in his career.


Shawn was nominated twice to the WWE hall of fame. Micheals versus John Cena match On the 23rd of April 2007 is still considered to be the best match ever aired on WWE’s flagship program, ‘RAW’. He had distinct and unmatched entrance music, often rated above full.

The D Generation X had 2 entrance music both of them are unmatchable and one of the all-time greats. His signature finishing known as the candle to Sweet Chin Music got a lot of fame

Shawn passed through different phases in his career. At times the fans used to love him. In other cases, he used to become a Villain in their view. But despite all, he had a sigma personality and an idolizing character. Criticism was liked by him and always welcomed it. He used to listen to it and give a proper response too.

Hulk Hogan(Terry Eugene Bollea)

Terry Eugene Bollea, also known as Hulk Hogan, is his common ring name. He had a very aggressive facial look that can frighten the soul of the opposition wrestlers. He’s one of the most recognized and famous wrestlers of the 1980s. His long extended career started in 1977 and continued for 35 years until he officially announced his retirement in 2012.

He officially joined World Wrestling Entertainment in 1983. Hulk won five WWF championship titles and his tenure was the second-longest in the championship’s history. He was the first one in the world of wrestling to win 2 consecutive royal rumble titles in the years 1990 and 1991.

In 1996 Hulk paused his wrestling career and decided to give it a break that extended all the way to 2002, and he made his come back in that year winning another WWF Championship title.

Hogan’s name was introduced to the greats of the WWE Hall of Fame list in 2005 to applaud his unparalleled performance. There’s no doubt that Hogan deserves to be a part of the S tier of the WWE Tier List. The way Hogan used to enter the arena was quite unique, he had dozens of different songs meant for his entrance.


Hogan was the pioneer in introducing the entrance songs into the WWE as he found out the unique chemistry of hyping up the audience with this move and immediately make them know who was actually coming up.

Hogan had no particularly deadly finishing move but instead was a proper wrestling titan. But still, he used to throw his opponent onto the ropes of the ring before kicking him with his boot, on his face.

This was something new in 1980s wrestling but today there are dozens of ways to tackle this move. He was a legend and the best WWE superstar of all time, he was often regarded as the Micheal Jordon of the Wrestling world and was the dream figure for many of the kids of that time.

Ric Flair

Richard Morgan Flieher is one of the earliest wrestlers in the WWE. His career was 40 long years lengthy that started in 1972 and extended all the way to 2012. During this long tenure, Ric collected a lot of awards, insignias, and obviously appreciation too. The legend was described as the world’s leading wrestler so many times that no one actually kept a count of it. It’s predicted somewhat between 16 to 25 times in his career.

One thing goes in the bad direction for Ric Flair, the legend wrestled out of WWE for a very long time, and out of the 4 long decades of his career, he spent less than 2 years in WWE in the first 3 decades of his career and then he returned in 2001 to WWE at an age of 52 and his performance was very good for his age.

With his flair blonde hair and his naturally arrogant look, he impressed upon many people and the then-named ‘Nature boy’ had a recognizable superstar presence and character. Flair was considered to be technically quite sound but he lacked in delivering the story that was an important part of WWE along with abilities to knock down the opposition. He undoubtedly spent most part of his tenure outside WWE in WCW and NWA.

The Flair invented Four Leg Lock belonged to his legacy and just like him, his finishing move is also named in the Golden Books of WWE. Rick chose quite a relaxing and soothing music for his entrance, unlike many other wrestlers’ music which immediately causes one to jump out of your seat. These are the main reasons why he’s a part of the S tier of the WWE Tier List.

The Rock (Dwane Johnson)

Dwane Douglas Johnson, a California-born living example of a perfect physically fit, and visually pleasing body, has dedicated all his life to wrestling, acting, gyming, and modeling too. He’s commonly known as the Rock. He stepped into WWE in 1996 and served the industry in bits and pieces. He firstly worked with WWE for 8 good years before leaving it in 2004.

Then he came back to WWE in 2011, in between this gap, the Rock was more focused on developing his body to the next levels of fitness. In addition to that, he acted out in some of the world-class premier Movies which were all-time hits. The Rock is a great source of inspiration even today for many people. He follows a daily workout routine of 4 hours even at the age of almost half a century.

Calling him the world’s Richest Wrestler won’t be wrong courtesy of his extraordinary acting and wrestling career combined. The Multi-talented The Rock had different teen hobbies and favorite activities, he used to be very good at soccer.

Pat Patterson was the one who helped Dwane to get the few early dips into the world of wrestling. Rock is no doubt the Best WWE Wrestler of all time but only if he had a long career, he would have been rated as the absolute top great of the game.

The well-muscled showcase able body of the rock and the clear shiny scalp of the champion always added up to his personality, he was a charismatic figure and is still an idol for many. His body is still rock solid as always, that’s why he’s named the Rock.


His deep engagement with Hollywood always gave him an edge while speaking up on the mic, he used to challenge his opponents quite aggressively but always in a very decent and acceptable way, his words were never harmful and disturbing to anyone, even his rivals. Although his way was electrifying and he used to come up with very distinct catchphrases.

The Rock is closely followed by the entire world and every corner of the world is filled with people loving him. It can be clearly seen that when he announced his comeback to the ring in 2011, his followers were explosively all over the place on hearing the news full of joy.

He always remained a top pick of the wrestle mania because the authorities were always well aware that his loving fans will pay anything just to see their star despite a short career in wrestling.

The Rocks’ place in the S tier of the WWE Tier List is simply unquestionable. The Rock always used to have a very impactful entry into the arena, as soon as the words ‘if ya smell…….’, were amplified on the speakers, the audience used to be on their feet within milliseconds. The rest of the song wasn’t too special, just regular rhythmic and instrumental music. The rock technically had a long step but an equally effective finishing move.

WWE ranks his finishing move combo and the setup as something someone can hardly resist to. He also had one of the Best Tag teams in WWE and got the title 5 times in a short career, everything does not end there, he won 8 WWE championships and a couple of intercontinental titles. Most of Rock’s WWE fans are actually fans from the film industry.

A Tier

WWE Tier List
A Tier WWE wrestlers

A Tier includes the absolute best of the wrestling world right after the legends who lie in the S tier. If wrestlers in the above tier had space for 5 more wrestlers to list into, without any doubt they would have been comfortably lying in the Highest Order Tier. This category no doubt includes one of the best wrestlers from the WWE Tier List.

They are just a hint downgraded from the S Tier because of their championship and matches won, also because of the long time affecting serious injuries, and thirdly due to the spectators’ point of view about them and their career. Just like the wrestlers from the S tier, the list of wrestlers mentioned in the A tier had received equal appreciation and applause from the WWE as well as their fans and lovers of this sport.


Undertaker is considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers ever produced by the industry because of his unmatched character. The Texas-born beast of the game had quite a dramatic and overwhelming impact on the game during his tenure. He was recently introduced to the WWE hall of fame in 2022. He debut his career on 26 June 1987. Just like Stone Cold, The Undertaker was a prominent figure of the attitude era.

The Undertaker’s career had a famous event that was named the Undead Funeral became a center of attraction in the world of Wrestling, and hence for this creating this curious moment in the mind of the viewers, he was awarded the Wrestler Observer Newsletter award.

In terms of career length, the undertaker lived the longest wrestling career at 30 years, which is another world record, he retired himself finally in 2020 at the age of 55 years.

The undead funeral of the undertaker got into breath again back in 2004-05, the whole event was a storyline according to which Kane was his half-brother. The Undertaker had staged rivalry with the undertaker according to the designed storyline and they were titled as brothers of destruction from 1997 to the time of his retirement. Undertaker had some pretty amazing records in the WrestleMania that includes a great streak of 21 straight victories.

His tremendous achievements include the 4-time victory in the WWE Championship, three-time in the world heavyweight championship, one-time in the hardcore championship, and the six times World Tag team Championship.

He also won the Royal Rumble match once in 2007. The Undertaker’s theme music got very famous and was widely used even the WWE used it as official season and advertisement music.


Undertaker got mainstream media attractions after running a successful storyline, even the small kids who used to spectate WWE were desperately waiting for the next appearance of the champion. His entry into the cell was another aspect of his career particularly after the time when it was exposed that he wasn’t dead, this is the main reason for Undertaker being one of the highest pay-per-view champions of the time. Undertaker is also commonly referred to as the Deadman and his masked appearance added up to his fearful character.

The entry of Undertaker included the light getting out and the bell sort of music going on, there was no chance that the spectators were not left with goosebumps. The Undertaker had two very famous finishing moves that include the chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver. Even former American President Donald J.Trump used it as the theme music for his campaign ‘Save America’.

The tombstone move was used multiple times by the undertaker to simply finish the opposition wrestler. The Undertaker was never a good speaker on the mic and Paul Bearer did most of that for him. But there were always exceptions to that, speaking up against StoneCold and Shawn Mendis, he always used to dominate the word game. He’s without any doubt the best WWE wrestler of all time.

The way he used to roll his eyeballs behind his head was another extraordinary trait of his wrestling career. He could have been very comfortably a part of the S tier of the WWE Tier List but his break from WWE at the young age of his career, which he later claimed to be a part of the storyline, actually led to cause his shortcomings in order to be illegible for the higher tier.

John Cena

John Cena, full name John Felix Anthony Cena, Jr. (born April 23, 1977, West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States), is an American professional wrestler, actor, and author who rose to prominence in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) company before going on to star in films and novels. Cena is one of the most recent-time Superstar wrestlers and young guys’ favorite, 2011 to 2013 was the absolute prime of his career.

He is a really friendly and polite guy to all the other people in the ring and his fans, and he used to habitually throw away his custom shirt and his bands into the crowd to please them.

Cena began lifting weights as a child and later decided to pursue a bodybuilding career. He graduated from Springfield College in Massachusetts with a degree in exercise physiology in 1998. We couldn’t conclude the WWE Tier List without adding the name of John Cena for the type of crazy fan following he has among the audience. He was encouraged to pursue wrestling instruction after relocating to California.

Cena grew up watching wrestling, and his father, Johnny Fabulous, worked as an announcer for the Massachusetts-based entertainment sport. In the year 2000, Cena debuted in professional wrestling as “The Prototype.” Cena’s ascension to the top of the wrestling world was lightning fast. Instead of a deadly finishing move, Cena was a fundamental wrestler and he used to be commonly known as the TapouT player.


He won the Ultimate Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship the same year he made his debut, attracting the attention of the WWE. He then joined the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) promotion, which was at the time a WWE training academy.

Cena began appearing in WWE events after winning the OVW heavyweight championship in 2002. Cena has quite a distinct way of entry in which very identifiable music plays in the arena and the colors of the arena change accordingly.

The first 10 seconds of his entry music are intense and the fans often love it. Cena always remained the WWE administration’s favorite too, as he featured in many WWE advertisements as the authorities insisted upon him. ‘You Can’t See Me’ got immense fame courtesy to John Cena and was used widely sarcastically for memes too and got global fame.

Cena, for a moment, would undo his opponent with his strong bodily features and looks. He had 3 finishing moves, the five knuckle shuffle, stepover toe-fold face-lock, and attitude adjustment. All of these were not absolutely deadly but quite impactful. Cena’s words on the mic were quite impressive, he was a good public speaker and could sound funny at a given instinct, and can also deliver a truly inspiring speech.

Cena is a mammoth 16 times WWE Champion, he also won 5 championship titles at the national level for the USA. Cena gave one of the best tag teams in WWE Performance and has 4 titles against his name. He’s a part of the A tier because of his Career discipline and his decorated character. Cena always fought in a pair of jeans shorts and a T-shirt.

Macho Man (Randy Savage)

Randy Savage is an American Wrestler and a professional basketball. He was well known in the world of wrestling for his funky and buoyant outfits, his harsh and heavy voice, the level of energy he used to bring into and out of the ring, and of course for his very often stated catchphrase “Oh Yeah!”. His wife, Elizabeth Hulette managed and helped him all the way through his WWF and WCW career.

The star won an extraordinary, 29 Championships and 11 titles in a 32-year-long Wrestling career. In 2015 WWE realized that his name should be a part of the hall of Famers list. His title name savage has a very good reason behind its existence as the outlook and the goggled look of Randy and his talking abilities to shut his opponent just in a best-fit answer of few words made him earn this.

His endurance against world-class wrestlers of the time became a cause of popularity for him and that’s why this legend end up high on the WWE Tier List. Macho Man’s entrance music was usually made fun of and was often compared to the ring bell of schools so we can say that his entrance is relatively a turn-off. Macho Man was an aerial acrobat, he had a devastating finishing move in which he used to jump from a very high place with his elbow stabbing into the body of his opponent.


In the 80s and 90s, this was quite something new to watch and hence received a lot of applause. Savage, just like his name was a devastating speaker in his day and he used to destroy the other person with a few but picky words that used to pinch them hard and used to become a sip of poison.

Macho Man spent only spent a decade of his 32 years long WWE (the then called WWF) but has a considerable amount of achievements to his name, including the World Heavy Weight Championship twice and an Intercontinental Championship once.

Triple H(Hunter Hearst Helmsley)

Triple H’s actual name is known to a very few, it’s Paul Michael Levesque. He’s a renowned professional wrestler, a business personality, and a quality actor too. The multi-talented Triple H got most of his fame from the WWE wrestling career. And we couldn’t have completed the WWE Tier list without adding his name to it. His career in WWE is not limited to wrestling only in fact, he remained an active part of the organizing bodies even after retiring from playing.

He’s a renounced commentator of WWE and these days he’s serving as the Executive Vice President for Global talent strategy. The NXT brand of wrestling is a proud production of Triple H. He started off his training career in the years 1990 & 1991 and then his professional career in 1992 and 1993.

Triple H gained a lot of fame for being part of the attitude era of WWE. He won his first WWE Championship title in the year 1999. Slowly he became a very important figure in WWE and was a part of the closing of wrestle mania on seven grand occasions.

The achievements and awards behind his name are plentiful, he’s a five-time World Intercontinental Champion, three times winners of the tag team championship, and many many other achievements that are stated in golden words.


Triple H has a great media attraction because of his marriage to Stephanie, who herself is a professional women wrestler and a part of the WWE authority. She’s the daughter of a professional wrestling star Vince and her mother is a political figure who was an active member of the government during the Trump Presidency, and also this family is a majority owner of the WWE shares.

In 2019, triple H was inducted into the list of the great, list of all-time great wrestlers, known as the WWE Hall of Fame. Triple H had immense potential as a wrestler and a very bright career in WWE but he was constantly battling with injuries in his body that cut his fighting career way short of his actual potential.

Roddy Piper

Rowdy spent most of his career with WFW and WCW, he debuted his career back in 1969 and officially retired in 2011. in all these long years he didn’t do wrestling all the way but instead was an active actor in Hollywood and also a part of WWF organizing bodies. In the respect of his achievements, he was inducted into the WWE hall of fame list in 2005. More than a wrestler, he was well known for his entertaining abilities in the arena.

It won’t be wrong to say that piper’s tongue had a great contribution to his WWE legacy. But in addition to that, he obviously was a great wrestler. Some of the most classical WWE matches are related to Rowdy with Rick flair and Bret Hart as the opposition wrestlers. He had comparatively fewer achievements associated with the WWE.

He has 2 Belts in his career and very late in his career at the age of 52 in 2006, he won a tag team title with his rival Flair, which was later considered to be a publicity stunt. Piper is considered to be someone who converted WWE into the dramatic theatre that it is today. He interviewed numerous WWE wrestlers of his era, in the mid-1980s.

His confidence on the mic gave him the ability to trash talk which played an important role in his fighting career. The art of sleeper hold was mastered by Piper, although he didn’t have a recognized finishing move to ultimately knock out his opponent.


Just like many WWE superstars, rowdy had distinct entrance music that could easily be identified. He was a Canadian-born star but time and again he used to reflect Scottish heritage. His very signature kit and bagpipe entry music became a reason for his identity. Even the reason behind his nickname is due to his very short-tempered nature and his quick wit.

Just because of his casual approach towards his career, he ranks a bit low in the list of WWE Tier list of all-time best Wrestlers. Piper’s outlook was not out of the world in fact it was his by birth nature and his passion turned him into a star.

B Tier

Average Wrestler in WWE
WWE tier list

B tier of the WWE Tier List Includes the second Best Alltime Wrestlers of the WWE. Categorically they lie under the S and A tiers this is because they lacked the potential to be the world’s best.

Although the B tier includes very capable and potentially able wrestlers who made a great name in the industry with their ultimate hard work and efforts, it won’t be wrong calling them the most capable and world-class wrestlers who got dozens of titles and achievements to their name.

Most of the wrestlers from this tier could have been ranked higher if their injuries and short careers had not hindered their path toward a successful and outclassing career.


A professional wrestler by the name of Kane is one of the most popular superstars in the WWE wrestling brand. Kane has become a well-known personality in the professional wrestling business.

On the 26th of April, 1968, Kane was born. Glen Jacobs was his real first name back then. Jacobs is a Spanish actor who was born in Madrid. Jacobs was trained by Ray Candy and Dean Malenko before breaking into the professional wrestling world.

Between 1993 and 1994, Kane made his pro wrestling debut. Jacobs wrestled under various identities before being known as Kane. Kane’s career has since exploded, and he is well-known both for his name and for the different WWE stories he has been engaged in. The storyline in which Kane was supposed to play the long-lost brother of the ever-popular.


Undertaker is perhaps the most well-known among followers of this professional wrestler and fans of the WWE. They pretended to be brothers, even though they weren’t.

When Kane made his professional debut as Undertaker’s brother in the world of WWE, he cost the Undertaker his bout against Shawn Michaels. The idea of the narrative was that the Undertaker had murdered his family by burning them alive, but that his long-lost brother had escaped the fire.

Until the Royal Rumble later that year, Undertaker declined to face his brother. The two have switched roles numerous times since this match at the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker can be a jerk at times, and Kane can be a jerk at other times. Kane’s seven-foot statue was dressed very differently than it is today when he initially made his professional wrestling debut with the WWE.

To keep with the plot, Jacobs dressed as Kane with a mask, full-length gloves, and a bodysuit to the ring. All of this was done to conceal the so-called disfigurement he sustained as a result of the burns he acquired during the fire set by the Undertaker, from whom he had managed to flee.

In his original story, Kane was unable to talk and had to rely on a voice box to do so owing to injuries he had sustained. Kane now wrestles in just a pair of tights and boots, just like any other wrestler. He’s grown into a well-known wrestler in his own right, appearing in numerous WWE events and stories. His contribution to the storyline with Undertaker made his place very obvious in the WWE Tier List.

Andree the Giant

The wrestling industry and the fans know Andree the Giant for his humongous body build and size. Even a tall and strong wrestler like Hulk Hogan used to appear like a small opponent. His visual outlook made him look like an actual giant from the stone age who’s gonna eat another human alive.

His one-shouldered romper sort of a costume made him resemble a giant from the old ages and obviously, his size contributed to that. This gone legend was a french-born artifact of the Wrestling ring and weighed a heavy 240 kilograms.

He started his career in 1966. One of his career great matches includes a match again Hulk Hogan in 1988, 5 years before his death, which he unexpectedly won.

The great wrestler didn’t have a very decorated career, because of his issues with the spinal cord, he had to skip a number of matches to concentrate on his health concerns. On his unanticipated death in 1993, his name was included in the hall of fame list to recognize his well-deserved efforts and struggles into the WWE Tier List. His death was mourned in both the wrestling industry and also the Pop culture, to which he had great connections.

In 1974 Guinness World Record Book mentioned him as that time’s highest-paid wrestler and $400,000 in the 1970s, which was a really very big amount at the time. Andree was quite an adventurous person, he used to play around with his cattle and friend and used to spend time at his ranch.


The Giant only won two belts in a short WWE career, causing him to lie in this tier. Andree was always a good match of great size and a quick response time and speed. His foreign accent often made it difficult for people to understand what he was saying. He was commonly regarded as the “Eighth Wonder of The World”.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is one of the most recent greats of WWE. Finding him as your opponent is often a nightmare for anyone, as he’s a brutal punisher and in addition to that his winning profile is very high so all and all he’s an unwinnable contest. Roman still has a good amount of career to look into and can come across breaking many records. Along with being a great wrestler, he’s also a Gridiron Football player.

He works under WWE for The Smackdown brand. He signed in with WWE in 2010 after quitting football as a profession. In the beginning, Roman Reigns teamed up with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as a trio which was called The Sheild, in the year 2012 and it lasted till 2014 until they started fighting more solo competitions. This makes him stand among one of the top wrestlers on the WWE Tier List.

In 2022 he became the longest-reigning Universal champion for more than 604 days. He got wrestling as a family inherited profession, as his father was a renounced Italian wrestler. Reign’s biggest rival is considered to be Brock Lesnar and he finally achieved the milestone by winning against him in 2018 to win the Universal Championship title.

This Italy-born wrestler is quite conscious when it comes to self-respect, and history has repeated itself time and again that if he doesn’t get it, that person will always regret his choice.  In 2014 onward, Reigns was approached by WWE to become the next representative face of World Wrestling Entertainment, the decision of making him this heroic character was met with a heavy negative response from the fans and the critics.


Adam Joseph Copeland is a Canadian-born wrestler who is still affiliated with the WWE Raw department as an administrative authority under the ring name Edge. He debuted his wrestling career in 1992 mostly taking part in singles and tag team competitions and is a renowned name on the WWE Tier List. Christian Cage, a wrestler from WWE, was his long-time friend. Edge’s affiliation with WWE started in 1997 when he finally made a contract with WWF (Now called WWE).

He won his first WWE title in the year 1999 and his success story didn’t stop there, he tag-teamed with Christian and they collectively made up a very coordinative couple and collectively won 7 Tag team titles.

Edge was often criticized by fellow wrestlers that the reason behind in success is only as far as his affiliation with his tag team partner, Christian Cage. Resultantly Edge parted ways with his friend and prioritized his solo career.


He put a very clear shut upon the face of the people who used to criticize him, his achievements always stood behind him, Edge resultantly Holds the record of the wrestler who has won the second most number of championship titles behind his name, with 31 titles.

He has the unique distinction of being the first professional wrestler to have won all three Championships including the King of The Ring Tournament, Royal Rumble, and Money in the Bank ladder match.

Edge faced a number of neck injuries which ultimately became the main reason to end his career in 2011 and announced his retirement from WWE in the year 2011. In 2011 he was listed on the HALL OF FAME list.

He won a Royal Rumble in 2020 and 2021, the first player ever to win a title after being inducted into the all-time greats list. in addition to that, Edge is a top-notch actor and has performed roles in some blockbuster movies and renounced seasons too.

It was not only lifting 100kg but the best part about it was that he did it being drowned in injuries and a broken neck. His spirit was quite appreciated there and all of a sudden gained great attention for his patriotism and sportsmanship. His name was added to the WWE hall of fame list in 2017

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle not only had achievements in professional wrestling for his nation, but instead, he took the things to a next level. He’s having an Olympic Gold medal behind his name to make his country proud in a 100 kg category. Edge left WWE in 2006 and continued to excel in his career in TNA, where he completed multiple achievements.

He’s considered to be technically the most sound wrestler in WWE. The crowd used to chanter ‘You Suck’ for all 16 years when he entered the arena. Angle’s natural abilities to be passionate and intense hard work turned him into a world champion in the Olympics. Although Angle had quite a negative opinion amongst the Wrestling world. He was quite a hated character for some reason, and to get himself out of the spotlight.

He made himself quit WWE and moved to a relatively smaller platform to excel in his struggling career. His transition from Olympic Grappling into a WWE wrestler, demands a much softer style making him a center of an attraction along with Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels. Kurts was of referring to the crowd was more of an entertaining way.

Kurt was always considered between two wide extremes, either a great hero or an arrogant self-centered personality. John Cena once in WWE commented to him that Kurt is without a doubt one of the most gifted all-around performers who has even stepped into the ring, these qualities of him make him fall into the WWE Tier List.

C Tier

List of fourth best wrestlers in WWE
WWE tier list

C Tier WWE wrestlers

C Tier of the WWE wrestlers includes the list of those wrestlers who had average career performances throughout their Tenures in WWE so they ended up midway in the WWE Tier List. You might be thinking that these mentioned names are among one the great stars of the game. But there’s a reason behind them not qualifying for the higher tiers. Many of them had a great capability to be All-time greats.

But either their late affiliation with WWE makes them fall below the required criteria for the higher tiers. As we’re strictly bound to discuss their WWE-affiliated career only. At times serious injuries can cut down one’s serving time for the multi-million dollar industry.


Steve Borden, commonly known as The Sting in the WWE was an important figure in the context of WWE. The masked figure deputed Wrestling on 25th Nov 1985. He was a recognized bodybuilder before stepping into WWE. His career span was five decades-long in which he made considerable achievements and hence is included in the best wrestlers on WWE Tier List. He got his name against 15 world championships in his career.

Sting disclosed in an interview that he had no interest in wrestling as a teen but Hulk Hogan, The Iron Sheik, and the British Bulldogs became his inspiration which made him walk into something that became his reason for identification. His fearful, yet attractive outlooks and outfits became a reason that attracted many young and old fans towards him.

His painted face, pierced ears, and a bright glossy long coat became his wrestling suit over time. The fans in the arena used to make themselves look like him and were hence called the Young Stingers. Stings one reason for not being a part of the higher tiers is that he signed into the WWE very late in the year 2014, as he had served WCW with all his loyalty, he always resisted WWE until he finally went for it.

When WCW was finally taken over by WWE (WWF). He immediately stepped down from it. Then he used to perform in smaller organizations. He joined TNA in 2002 and excelled in his career in it. Steve had reconstructive surgery on his right knee in 1991 while working for WCW, so he has had a number of injuries in his career too that had lifelong adverse effects on him.

Big Show

Paul Donald Wight is also commonly known by his ring name Big Show. He officially started his wrestling career in 1994 but he joined WWE in 1999. Which extended all the way to 2021. Wight is a very soft-hearted and generous man by nature. He had always supported the Special Olympics.  For this goodwill, WWE named his Goodwill Ambassador for the 2015 Special Olympics that took place in Los Angles.

Wight has had some personal life issues throughout his career and has been to the courts several times for assaults. Just like Andree the Giant, Mark Henry, etc, Big Show always had the advantage of size and figure over the opponent that used to undo his opposition without even the start of the game.

He had a massive 64 Inch chest width and custom-sized shoes. He also had a famous victory against Hulk Hogan, it was among his first victories to mark his excellence. Big Show was the very first wrestler to win the WWE, WCW, and ECW Championships. Additionally, he also won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is one of the most recent greats of WWE. Finding him as your opponent is often a nightmare for anyone. As he’s a brutal punisher and in addition to that his winning profile is very high. So all and all he’s an unwinnable contest. Roman still has a good amount of career to look into and can come across breaking many records. Along with being a great wrestler, he’s also a Gridiron Football player.

He works under WWE for The Smackdown brand. He signed in with WWE in 2010 after quitting football as a profession. Towards the beginning, Roman Reigns teamed up with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. As a trio which was called The Sheild, in the year 2012. It lasted till 2014 until they started fighting more solo competitions.

From 2014 onward, Reigns was approached by WWE. To become the next representative face of World Wrestling Entertainment.  It met a heavy negative response so he was sent back to a shadowed career. Particularly from the fans and the critics. In 2022 he became the longest-reigning Universal champion for more than 604 days. He got wrestling as a family inherited profession, as his father was a renounced Italian wrestler.

Reign’s biggest rival is considered to be Brock Lesnar and he finally achieved the milestone. By winning against him in 2018 to win the Universal Championship title. This Italy-born wrestler is quite conscious when it comes to self-respect. History has repeated itself time and again that if he doesn’t get it, that person will always regret his choice.

Randy Orton

Randi Orton counts in, as one of the well-recognized American Wrestlers and an actor too. He’s still associated with the WWE and his technical abilities and endurance are still. Regarded as something that isn’t matched to others in the industry. Randy Orton has this wrestling blood running all the way in his blood.

He’s the 3rd generation wrestler in his family. Meaning that his grandfather, his father, and then he himself are professional wrestlers. Afterward then physically assault the WWE Hall of Famers and for that reason. He got to be known as the Legend Killer.

Orton 1988 graduated from high school and went for Military service in United States Marine Corps. But soon he was kicked out of the institute on a bad conduct charge. It was then that he opted for WWE as a career to excel in. At the age of 24, Orton won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, becoming the world’s youngest to do so. In 2006 he partnered with edge to win their tag team championships.


Orton had one of the most recognized and long-lasting rivalries with John Cena. The WWE history marks it as one of the most important parts of the last decade. Randy Orton is listed third in the group.

With the highest number of  World Championship Victories. Second to John Cena and Rick Flair. Orton had a match in 2021 which made him break his record with Kane. For Wrestling the most number of matches in WWE history.

Orton’s father was a wrestler too and he always hesitated for his son to become a wrestler too. As he was well aware of the hardships. The difficult time one could face in the ring. His father was concerned for his personal and family life and time. Again he suggested he not go into the field of professional wrestling.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was popularly known for his Baby Face appearance. His attachment and career with WWE from the year 2007 to 2010 have severe positive consequences on the game. He successfully made his mark with a continuously successful winning form. He was an undisputed legend of the game. Jericho has a pretty rock and roll sort of personality. His looks, and his bizarre hairstyles.

At the back end of his career, Jericho reflected the slights of his arrogant side of nature. It’s maybe due to the age factor reason. Jericho on his given day could easily steal a show no matter who the opponent is.

His character and his personality always make his presence feel so missed at the WWE. Chris developed an interest in watching wrestling by watching American Wrestling Association locally along with his family and at that time,  Owen Hart became a big source of inspiration for him. Jericho’s match against Rey Mysterio in the year 2009 and then his matchup against Evan Bourne in 2010.

They are classic examples of his ability if flexible and adjustable. Chris was always very presentable and a very good speaker on the mic. Jericho is secondly known as a cocky heel. Chris has various achievements.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is not only a quality Professional wrestler but also a professional American football player. Also a mixed martial art performer, and a weight lifter too. He holds the record of being a champion in WWE, NCAA, UFC, and NJPW, unlike any other wrestler. He counts into the heavyweight category of UFC. In the year 2000 Lesnar signed to World Wrestling Federation (now called WWE).

He started getting global fame in the year 2002, and at the age of 25, he won the WWE Championship. In 2004 he parted ways with WWE and decided to excel in his football career. As he signed in for the National Football League’s famous team, Minnesota Vikings.

His great physique and structure made him a very good fit for the cause of American Soccer. Soon after joining he faced some complications with the authorities and had to leave the team during Pre-season.

In between, he excelled at martial arts and weight lifting until he joined WWE again in 2012. He made a record of being unbeatable for 504 straight days as a Universal Champion. Which is the seventh longest all-time reign. Brock Lesnar was the one to end the Unbeatable winning streak of Undertaker in wrestle mania. By defeating him in 2014 as an underdog for that particular game.

Because of the red hot form of The Undertaker. Before WWE, Lesnar joined the Army National Guards at the age of 17. His Red-Green colorblind ended his military career. The office job was never Lesnar’s piece of cake, and soon left the job and went into a construction company.

Dave Bautista

Just like many others, Dave Bautista is a Professional wrestler plus a well-recognized actor in Hollywood. His attachment to WWE was in bits and pieces, he started his career in 2002. (Although he signed in with WWE in 2000) with The WWE and extended all the way to 2010. After that, he came back to the rings in 2014. Then for one last and final time from 2018 to 2019.

He holds a record for the longest Reign of the World Heavy Weight Championship which lasted for 282 unbeatable days. Bautista had good professional terms with Rick Flair, John Cena, and Rey Misterio. He has one WWE Tag Team Championship with every one of the above-mentioned stars. Dave also tried his luck in MMA fighting. He won his first match courtesy of a technical knockout in the first round of the match.

Dave has spoken to the media on several occasions. That his early days of life were very difficult as they kept fighting poverty. Secondly, Dave’s mother and father never had a stable marital life as his mother was homosexual. The place where he grew up was host to 3 murder incidents.

Which he himself saw at a very early age of 9 years. All of this caused Dave to be an active part of the street crimes. At the age of 13, he started stealing cars. Then they decided to end any friendly terms with their son. He faced all of this at the critical age of 17 years old. He started working as a bouncer at a nightclub. His fighting mentality almost drowned him.


After spending one year on Probation period, he decided to pursue bodybuilding as his career. Bautista’s motivation to be a wrestler was quite different. It was once the occasion of Christmas when he asked his Co-worker to lend him some money. In order to get his kids some Christmas gifts. 2003 to 2005 was an evolution phase for the very inspiring Dave. He paired with Rick Flair, Randi Orton, and Triple H.

They collectively had very a lot of achievements and later in 2005. Dave Batista stepped down for his friend Triple H. So he could retain his title in the Royal Rumble. He also had political influences and was an active advertiser of Joe Biden’s election campaign.

D Tier

Worst Wrestlers in WWE
WWEworst wrestlers

D-tier WWE Wrestlers

D Tier includes the below-average wrestlers whose performances couldn’t embrace deep and long-lasting marks in WWE history. This tier includes a bit of side-lined wrestlers. The main cause of this hindrance used to be physical disabilities. Perusing a wrestling career is not easy. Continuous fitness and health are a very integral part of one’s career.

It becomes the center of attraction for the opponent as he particularly then targets the place. Or the area where one lacks, in short, it becomes their weak point and everyone uses it to their benefit. In WWE Tier List we have to mention some of those wrestlers who were below par. So that’s why the D tier is an important category in that regard.

Great Khali

The Great Khali (Dalip Singh Rana) is an Indian professional wrestler and a local actor too. He has all the reasons to be a part of the D tier of the WWE Tier List. Khali was Sub Inspector in the Indian Police Department and acted in a few television shows and some Bollywood movies. Which was the only thing that stood out for him. His WWE career was quite dull and more inclined towards the losing end instead of being a winner.

He comes from a poor Indian family and suffered from the disease Acromegaly. In which the body has excess growth hormones resulting in gigantic structure and abnormal chin bone growth. He suffered from many spinal cord disc disorders that made his already drowning career sink to the floor.

In 2006 he became the first Indian Wrestler to be an official signatory of the WWE. He had a good start though with an undefeated streak. He was responsible for the death of Brian Ong. Khali lifted him a dropped him from a great high with a slam, this ultimately ended up causing a casualty. Flapjack was his signature move and he used to do this to a number of opponents.

Rey Misterio

The short-heighted and lively character is a great memory in WWE history and its viewers. His outfit included heavily designed and embroidered trousers. And a matching funky color mask. Rey Misterio Reason for being a part of the D tier is that. Rey is Cruiserweight wrestler. Knowing that he’s from his category. He had an extremely athletic body with many aerial maneuvers. One of his all-time famous deadly moves was the 619.

It got global fame too. The move included hanging the wrestlers from the rope of the arena and hitting them with an inverted kick. He was a character within himself and a kid’s favorite too.  At the age of 14, he started taking a great interest in wrestling.

The main cause of his downrated career was primarily the physical mismatch when it came to fighting in the ring. Despite his small height and size, he impressed the viewers by making his debut in 2002. Rey has multiple achievements and awards behind his name and proved all the critics wrong.

He won matches against some of the beasts of the game including Mark Henry, etc. Rey Misterio’s high-flying style has always been his trademark and his agility was matchless, but his many negative and disadvantageous points couldn’t help him end high on WWE Tier List. Misterio doesn’t end up high in the Tier lists.

His affiliation with WWE was not too long. Secondly, he had his agility and speed which talked for himself. But in his era of strong, he used to feel well underpowered.

AJ Styles

Allen Neal Jones is more famous by his ring name, AJ Styles. An American National professional wrestler who started his career with WWE in the year 2002. Being a part of World Wrestling Entertainment. Style’s reason for identification was his career with the TNA.

The golden book of Hall of Famers for the year 2017 still has his name written in it. His achievements with WWE are no less, the great has been twice the WWE Champion.

Unfortunately, AJ Style’s family wasn’t the most ideal one to help his cause. He spent his early days fighting out poverty. Then his father was also an abusive and drug addict character. AJ decided to change his life as he was unhappy with all that was going around him. Their situation was so bad that his family couldn’t even afford cable tv. Hence he always stayed away from pursuing his dream.

Thanks to his high school scholarship that he got on the bases of his interest in professional wrestling. AJ styles family conditions and early struggle were always a hindrance between him and his WWE career, resultantly ending up low on the WWE Tier List.

His hardship story does not end there, in order to pay the dues of the professional wrestling school. He had to drive Ambulance and also worked as a lawn runner. He has this one very unique achievement of winning a championship title outside North America.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry is a beast of the game. He’s the world’s strongest man. His Gigantic body weighs about 500 Pounds. He’s not only a professional wrestler but also an International Powerlifter. His power and strength are out of this world. But if he had the agility and the speed factor. He could have been an undoubtedly unbeatable Champion of the game. His large muscular structure used to frighten up his opponent.

Things never came easy to Mark, he lost his father at the age of 12,. A couple of years later at the age of 14. Dyslexia hit him and his career was stranded. He received his Giant size as a family descendant. As most of his family members were way above the average size. He still holds the records for one of the heaviest weighted squats and bench presses.

Henry has this unique distinction of qualifying for the Summer Olympics at the age of 19 in the year 1992. Where he ended up in the top 10 list of the super heavyweight class.  Henry retired from his WWE career in 2017  and started playing producing and backstage roles, his lack of commitment to WWE couldn’t contribute him to ending up high on the WWE Tier List. He was a great friend of the Big Show.

His name was to be inducted into the hall of fame list in 2018. After that on and off he made a few appearances in the arena. The most recent was in the first quarter of 2021. He entered the ring Via a scooter due to a leg injury.

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio had a very delicate personality unlike many of the other wrestlers from WWE. He had a very precise WWE career starting in 2008 and it only ranged 6 years. Which ended up in 2014. His short career showcased some important performances. Alberto was more concentrated on his wealth and a proper elite class environment throughout his career.

For him, his show of wealth and showing his belonging to a very high-class family was very important. He used to have a very different entrance, instead of emerging from behind the stage with music. He used to come from the side with his personal assistant. They used to open up the door of his very luxury car which he used to bring into the arena.

His personal assistant Rodriguez used to announce his arrival. Rodriguez himself was also a low-profile wrestler on WWE who played his first match in 2010. His main tasks were to get him out of his car and see him to the ring.

Alberto Del Rio lies in the D tier of the WWE Tier List because his acts were often very coward, his assistant Rodriguez helped him win matches by distracting the opponent wrestler, and then Alberto used to cash in the chance and knock out his opponent.


Alberto and Cena had a 40 minutes long-lasting match. That match is one of his career highlights. Long tiring matches were unlike that of Alberto as he used to run away from injuries and severe damage. On several occasions, the opponent wrestler used to Destroy his very expensive asset.

This used to make him worry and he has Forfeited a number of matches just due to this. Rodriguez, usually in the process of distraction used to get under the pump by the opponent of Alberto. Alberto made a surprising return to the WWE Hell in the cell in 2015.


We have ranked Top WWE wrestlers into five Tier lists, the best and without a doubt, the legendary wrestlers lie in the best of the best tier, The A tier of the WWE Tier List consists of the second-best wrestlers who for some reason couldn’t make it to the higher most tier, but it puts nothing into question that they also impressed and ruled the WWE industry in their tenure with their great character, attributes, and professionalism.

The B tier includes the better class of wrestlers. The main reason behind low tiers of wrestlers was found. Mainly because of their less time attachment to WWE. The C tier includes the average scale wrestlers who could have done better if they have not had life-impacting injuries.

Lastly, the D tier includes the worst wrestler out of all, and the main reason for their shortcoming is that. They don’t have ideal physical outlooks and strengths. This tier is a final product of detailed research on every single player. We are also concerned with the experts and the regular viewers of WWE matches.

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