xQc Tier List [2023]

The definitive xQc tier list on the web

If you are an active twitch viewer, I’m sure you know a little about being in the spotlight xQc got himself into. The reason is none other than an xQc tier list that xQc made on fifty of his fellow streamers on June 14th. xQc did attract a significant amount of hate because of one reason alone, unpopular opinion. Unfortunately, his placement did not shake with many of his audience regarding his opinion of his peers’ good or relevance.

A Quick Disclaimer

Before we dive into the details of this tier list, a thing to note, this tier list was made by xQc himself, so don’t be upset if this tier list doesn’t align with your point of view.

However, do remain respectful as we must respect all opinions of others as well. Consequently, some of xQc’s fellow streamers, like HasanAbi, did not particularly agree with his placement on the xQc twitch tier list, which only escalated this drama even further.

S Tier

xQc tier list best streamers
S tier

First on the tier list is our S tier, which xQc named the “Face of Twitch”. The S tier usually contains the best of the best entities of a certain category. This is also the case in this tier list, as this tier will contain streamers who he considered to be the face of Twitch.

This tier contains many familiar names if you peruse this site often. Let us discuss them further as listed below.


The first streamer placed among the “Face of Twitch” group is none other than xQc himself. xQc just passed 11 million followers, which puts him among the top streamers on the site. If you don’t know much about xQc, that’s fine because I am positive you have seen him on some Reddit meme, either making fun of something or being angry.

Furthermore, he is also a former Overwatch pro player who now focuses more on content creation and reacting to other videos. All in all, xQc has a charm and is fun to watch in moderate amounts.


Next up on this xQc’s tier list is Summit1g, an American streamer. Summit did grow to fame from his previous career as a professional CS: GO player. On this xQc stream tier list, Summit’s name is no surprise as the two creators have a pretty wholesome back on forth on reacting to each other’s content.

Furthermore, Summit and xQc both share a passion for video games, as is evident from Summit’s streams and xQc’s content. All in all, if you love watching DayZ gameplay, definitely check out Summit1 g’s streams.


The second last streamer we will discuss on this xQc twitch tier list is Asmongold, better known as Zack. Zack is known chiefly for his gameplay of the famous game World of Warcraft. Additionally, he creates a lot of reaction content, which can be seen in his memes and tweets.

Zack is also the face of many of Twitch’s reaction images because of his expressive personality and humorous content. Lastly, he is one of my favorite streamers, so I recommend you check out his channel when you can.


Finally, the last person we will discuss in the S tier of this xQc tier list is Tyler. Tyler is one of the most popular streamers on this xQc stream tier list and one of the most unknown. I am positive we have all seen Tyler on some posts on social media, but most do not know his name.

He is the bald, muscular streamer famous for his extremely “expressive” reactions to almost everything. Furthermore, his league of legends gameplay is nothing to scoff at either, and he will make sure to utilize the upper decibel limit of your headset. He isn’t a streamer I like to watch but one I like knowing about.

A Tier

xQc tier list better streamers
A Tier

Moving along this tier list, we will discuss the A tier next. Now, if you watch twitch as much as I do, you’re sure to recognize almost all the names listed below.

This tier was less controversial magnitude tier xQc deduced compared to our B and C tiers. This A tier is normally known to contain the better among the good, as in this xQc twitch tier list. Well, without further ado, let’s get into the details of this tier.


Ludwig is our first streamer in the A tier. Furthermore, Ludwig is one of my favorites because he is a great content creator. Additionally, he is one of the more popular streamers on Twitch and youtube.

His collaborations with jschlatt on his game show for streamers led to an infamous clip of “Schlatt kills me” by Ludwig. Furthermore, he is one of the most wholesome streamers of this site, especially after the release of his show “Mogul Money Live”.


The second person on this xQc stream tier list is Sodapoppin, who is legally known as Thomas Chance Morris. Thomas is an American Twitch streamer formerly known as a very competitive World of Warcraft player with over half the players in his audience.

However, now he is mostly known as a gambling channel that can be seen winning and losing money in online gambling games. He is also a former co-owner of NRG esports, one of today’s major esports organizations.


The next person on the A tier of this tier list is Mizkif. Mizkif is one of the more controversial streamers on this list, but I enjoyed watching one because of jschlatt.

One of his peak points on this site was when he became the third most-watched channel on Twitch during the US presidential elections. Another of his great feats was the show named “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” which also boosted him quite high on Twitch. Regarding this tier list, I agree with this placement made by xQc because Miskif is a fun guy to watch.


Up next on our A tier of xQc twitch tier list is the legend himself, Destiny. Destiny is one of the most respected personalities on this site because he is considered the pioneer behind streaming video games. However, his more recent content is on the political side, including debates with some other major political personalities.

I don’t have much to say about this guy other than that his gameplay was fun to watch and that his debates are intriguing to listen to. If you are into that kind of content, check him out on Twitch.


Let us continue our tier list with the next A-tier streamer, MoonMoon. MoonMoon is primarily a video game streamer but is also considered a variety streamer.

He is an American streamer who was hosted a lot of times by the streamer named A_Seagull, which slowly brought his name up among the top streamers. His earlier streaming days were primarily about Overwatch which did help his following a lot and amounts to his current success.


Up next on the xQc stream tier list is none other than Pokelawls. Now, Pokelawls is quite a famous streamer for the fans of Overwatch or other survival video games.

He is quite a skilled player and quickly rose to fame through his streaming career. xQc did do justice with this placement as well, in my opinion, but considering what awaits us in the B tier, who knows? His recent streams have been under the “Just Chatting” category, with a bit of Rust mixed in.


The next streamer we will discuss on this xQc tier list is an infamous scammer hunter, Kitboga. If you watch people prank scammers or some of the scammer hunter videos, then you will recognize this streamer immediately.

Despite not being a video game streamer like most of the fellow streamers on this xQc stream tier list, Kitboga is still one of the most famous ones. His content makes up for great reaction videos and my viewing whenever I’m bored of watching video games. However, his streams are pretty long, so, chances are he is living at this very moment.

Dr Disrespect

The legendary streamer Dr. Disrespect is the next person on this xQc twitch tier list. This placement of xQc is one I completely disagree with because he is a sensational streamer who, in my opinion, does far better than xQc has ever done to date.

If you don’t know about Dr. Disrespect, he is one of the oldest and edgiest streamers on this platform despite being banned a dozen times. He does great IRL streams and some of the best video game streams I have seen on Twitch. This guy is in my top 5 streamers, so check him out!


The next person on this tier list is a name known to every video game enthusiast in this universe. Shroud, or Michael Grzesiek, is one of the world’s best video game streamers with a history of competing professionally in Counter-Strike. He is among the Gods of FPS games to this date and one of Twitch’s best content creators to watch.

Shroud has been in the spotlight recently because of his return to the professional scene in Valorant He has joined the former #1 esports organization, Sentinels, as one of the five players on Sentinel’s roster next to Zellsis and Tenz. This return made him trending on Twitter recently and drew back eyes to the professional North American Valorant scene.

Clint Stevens

The third last streamer xQc placed amounts the A tier of his tier list is  Clint Stevens. I know about Clint Stevens, so I can’t say whether or not I agree or disagree with the placement of this particular streamer. His status as a popular streamer grew both on Twitch and Youtube.

He mostly plays retro games like Super Mario bros 64 or Legend of Zelda, keeping those franchises alive among his audience. If you are into speedrunning content and other retro games, definitely check him out.


The second last person we will discuss on this ranking is Lirik. Lirik is legally known as Saqib Ali Zahid; he started streaming in 2011, playing world of warcraft. He gained a large following after switching to DayZ when it was released, averaging around 40k viewers per stream.

He is one of the 200 streamers who get paid directly by the site, as he has one of the largest followings on the platform. This placement is justified as well, in my personal opinion. Additionally, he is also sponsored by Discord which I think is pretty cool and worth noting,


Finally, the last person on our A tier of this xQc twitch tier list is up for discussion. MoistCr1TiKal, better known as just Cr1TiKaL is a commentary streamer and one of the most famous twitch streamers. He has done countless reviews, reactions, and commentaries with a continuously entertaining spirit.

His personality is one of his most charming traits that can be seen in his live streams. All in all, I’m sure you have seen at least one of his videos in a clip or some other post because he is also quite famous in meme templates.

B Tier

xQc tier list average streamers
B Tier

Finally, on to our B tier! This tier is the main reason this entire xQc twitch tier list spiraled into drama and controversy. Many streamers stated below are some of the biggest names on the internet, like Myth and Pokimane. xQc probably knew that this placement was very bold on his part, but then again, maybe that’s why he did it. Without further delay, let’s see who xQc thinks belongs in this average tier of his tier list.

Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast is the first streamer we will discuss on our B tier of this xQc tier list. Legally known as Jeremy Wang, Disguised Toast is a popular Hearthstone streamer.

He was well known in the Hearthstone community, but his massive fame blast happened in 2019 after the release of Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics. Soon after that sudden burst of fame, he continues to grow to this day through his gameplays and tricks of Legends of Runeterra.


The next person in this B tier among our definitive xQc stream tier list is AdmiralBulldog. AdmiralBulldog is a Swedish streamer and a former professional Dota 2 player for Alliance.

He is quite famous in the Dota esports scene as he won the major in 2013 and then went towards content creation. Admiral has a lot of awards under his belt and a lot of respect in the competitive scene, which is why this placement was also one of the more controversial ones made by xQc.


Well, finally, the first female we will discuss in this tier list is none other than 39daph. Daph is a Canadian twitch streamer and a content creator for the esports organization, Sentinels. She is classified as a variety streamer who plays games like Minecraft and Resident Evil with occasional Art streams.

Additionally, Daph is known for being exceptionally sarcastic, like Chandler, which is one of her key traits. I don’t understand why xQc needed to include her in his tier list, as they don’t have any collaborations or links to tier them together.


The next streamer is also one of the more controversial picks made by xQc in this tier list of his. Austin is a content creator and has played host to several shows like “Love or Host”; currently hosting “Name your Price” alongside Minx and Will.

He serves as a content creator for the massive esports and lifestyle organization 100 Thieves. He is infamous for creating a character and variants tied to the name “Rajj”, which is still an ongoing joke since his Runescape days.


The next twitch streamer we will be discussing is Nymn. NymN or otherwise known as Elias Mlayeh, was placed in the B tier of our tier list along with some of the biggest names despite not being nearly as popular of a streamer as them.

However, on Instagram, he has been on the trend train quite a few times because aside from being a video game streamer, he is also an Instagram model. His key trait is his looks due to his unique and muscular physique and his charming Swedish eyes and smile.


The next contender in xQc’s tier list is Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker. This particular streamer wasn’t exactly happy with xQc placing him in any tier list, as is evident from the recent drama between the two content creators. This beef started when Hasan discussed how his former friend, xQc, started doing sponsored gambling streams.

I empathize with Hasan’s view because, as he said, many young viewers who idolize xQc are falling down this deep hole of gambling from his example. Hasan is one of the streamers I do like because this man is built on principles. Because of that, I can’t entirely agree with this placement made by xQc.


Finally, one of the biggest names on this tier list is up. Myth or sometimes known as Ali Kabbani, is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He has also collaborated with some other big names like Summit and Pokimane. Myth has had a very eventful streaming career throughout the years.

He played as TSM’s in-game leader in Valorant for Twitch Rivals. He also competed professionally in Fortnite as well. However, Myth recently signed an exclusivity contract with Youtube, meaning he won’t stream on Twitch for quite a while.


This name is known to anyone below 23 and has access to Twitch or youtube. Perhaps the most controversial streamer in our B tier of this xQc stream tier list is Pokimane.

If you don’t know, Poki is the face of Twitch, despite what xQc thinks. She is one of the most popular influencers on the entire web. In addition, she was even featured in the popular Hollywood movie “Free guy.” Poki is also the most followed female streamer on Twitch as well.


Up next on our B tier of this xQc twitch tier list is Jinnytty. Jinnytty, legally known as Yoo Yoonjin, is a South Korean twitch streamer known best for her IRL streams.

She used to play a lot of Hearthstone, but once she gained enough followers, she focused more on interacting with them, which is why it is one of the more famous names on Twitch. Yoo is one of the most wholesome streamers on the site, so it’s odd to see xQc place her at such a low tier because she is not your everyday streamer.


Jake’n’Blake is the next B-tier streamer we will discuss on the B tier of this list. Jake is famous for his IRL traveling streams or videos as he showcases himself as someone who truly knows how to live. Always teaching about how to live life to the fullest, he is an interesting person to watch.

He might particularly pique your interest if you enjoy traveling and breathtaking sights. Additionally, he is mostly known for his quote, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”.


The next person we will discuss on the B tier of this xQc tier list is Greekgodx. This may be the only placement xQc is done in this tier that I agree with. I’m not a huge fan of GreekGod because of his past and some controversy around him.

When it comes to his content, he is the average twitch streamer. Sometimes he plays games, reacts, and occasionally does IRL streams. However, he has been banned from Twitch because of his sexist remarks on stream, which definitely stuck with him and reduced his growth considerably.


Continuing our tier list, the next streamer on the chopping block is Kripparrian. Kripparrian, Octavian Morosna, is a video game streamer on Twitch. Some of the games Octavian plays are Hearthstone and Diablo III.

He was entertaining enough that he won the “Favorite Hearthstone Stream” and “Most “Engaged” Viewers” awards categories in the Blizzard stream awards in 2014. He plays those games today, in addition to games like World of Warcraft.


Almost over with our B-tier contenders but for now, let us focus on the next streamer on this tier list. Forsen, or Hans Eli Sebastian Fors, is a competitive video game streamer. He first gained popularity from his StarCraft II career but competed in games like Hearthstone.

However, one of his key roads to fame is his unique fan base, who chose the name “Forsen Boys” for themselves. They are a key element in the meme ecosystem and constantly deliver more to spread around the internet for us to enjoy.


The next person on the list is a streamer who is no stranger to controversy. Tfue originally started as a video game streamer on Twitch, playing games like Call of Duty or Destiny. However, he later became a professional player for FaZe Clan for their Fortnite roster. Tfue filed a lawsuit against FaZe, claiming he was being pressured into doing illegal activities and being denied his winnings.

This controversy died out but later resurfaced when he leaked confidential information about his contract, ultimately leading to his parting ways with FaZe Clan.


Up next on the ranking is Fusile. Leslie Ann Fu, otherwise knowns as Fuslie, is a video game streamer based in the USA. She is a content creator for the gaming and lifestyle organization 10o Thieves.

Her twitch career is pretty simple to view. She formerly streamed league of legends professionally for other organizations such as Immortals and Pheonix1. However, she was hit by the colossal DMCA hit on Twitch, which stunted her growth.


Almost done with the B tier so just hang in there. The next person we will discuss in the xQc twitch tier list is a chess grandmaster named Hikaru Nakamura. He became famous at age 15 for being exceptionally good at chess and is currently a chess streamer.

He is a five times US champion as well. Hikaru grew greatly during the chess trend that hit in late 2021 when everyone was suddenly into chess. All in all, if you like watching chess, watching the 2nd best player in the world may be where you want to go.


The second last streamer we will discuss on our tier list is another one of my favorite streamers, LilyPichu. She is a twitch streamer but, at the same time, is also known as a voice actress, musician, and animator. She is also one of the most-watched streamers on this platform.

Her main burst of popularity came from a parody song she published called “I’ll quit LoL,” which went viral on youtube. Furthermore, she has also won the streamer award for Best Music Streamer. Unfortunately, much like Myth, she has signed an exclusivity content with Youtube, so she no longer streams on Twitch.


The final streamer we will discuss on this tier list is aimbotcalvin. As his name suggests, he is quite good at video games. His fame mostly came from his godly performance in Overwatch.

One of his most notable achievements is having many of his accounts in the top 500, which is difficult. Being one of the most talented payers of Overwatch, he has seen many offers. However, sticking to his principles about just having fun, it is yet to be seen if he will accept any requests.

Remaining B Tier Streamers

Finally, our B tier is at an end. Following are some of the streamers that xQc also listed in our B tier of his tier list. Of course, these streamers are just as good as the ones listed above, but I did not think they needed much introduction. These streamers are mostly a variety of streamers with a significant following and little controversy tied to their online personas.

  • Esfand
  • Trainwreck
  • DansGaming
  • ItsSliker
  • Nmplol
  • Cohh Carnage

C Tier

xQc tier list ok streamers
C Tier

Almost halfway through the xQc tier list, the next tier we will discuss is our C tier. This C tier usually contains a certain category’s average or below-average entities. This is also the opinion xQc took upon himself when he made this tier list live. A certain placement on this list also shook a lot of heads. So, without further delay, let us start discussing our C tier.


The first streamer of the C tier on this tier list is Ninja. I am sure you know who Ninja is, whether you watch twitch or not. Ninja became extremely famous during the Fortnite era on Twitch.

Additionally, playing with Drake was no small feat for his channel growth. xQc may as well have included Ninja in the xQc rapper tier list because judging from the B tier, Ninja is not a C tier streamer. Ninja may not be as great as he once was but is still quite popular, especially since Fortnite is slowly rising back up.


Continuing the tier of this xQc stream tier list, the next person we will discuss is one of the Fortnite streamers. Symfuhny is a popular twitch and youtube streamer who became famous for his top-tier gameplay.

Additionally, his notorious montages and edits of his gameplay on youtube added quite a significant amount to his fame. He briefly joined NRG esports but did leave in just over a year. He is one of the better Fortnite players I have enjoyed viewing, so if you’re into that game, do check him out.


The next person we will discuss on our C tier is Cloakzy. Cloakzy or more commonly called Cloak is an American video game streamer. Aside from being a popular content creator, he is also one of the most competitive professional players in the Fortnite scene.

He previously joined Faze as the leader of their Fortnite roster but left the clan due to some unfortunate circumstances. Placing him on our C tier is quite surprising as xQc has never been able to outperform Cloak on Fortnite.

Mitch Jones

Mitch Jones is halfway through the C tier of this tier list. Jones originally used to stream World of Warcraft and was ranked the number 1 player in the Player-versus-Player aspect of this game. However, he dropped the video game streamer lifestyle and became an IRL streamer.

Mitch’s career on Twitch is full of controversies, with him being banned numerous times. He also lost his partnership status due to using a racial slur in one of his private conversations that he streamed online.

Gross Gore

The next person we will be talking about is Gross Gore. Despite what the name hints, this creator is a League of Legends Streamer and has nothing to do with gore. Legally known as Ali Larsen, he is quite a well-known personality in the Youtube and Twitch universe.

One key reason for their success is being extremely interactive with their audience. He even holds occasional Q/A sessions on his streams so his audience can stay as engaged with him as possible.

Maya Higa

The third last person we will discuss on this xQc stream tier list is the popular Maya Higa. Moving away from the video game personalities of this tier, Maya is a popular singer known as a wildlife rehabilitator and a conservationist.

She has taken many steps toward preserving exotic wildlife and holds weekly streams on Twitch to inform her audience about the different topics on the conservation of wildlife. I don’t agree with this placement xQc made either, as she is way more talented than the dude himself is.


The second last person xQc placed on the C tier is Scarra. As a league of legends player, I find this placement incorrect because Scarra, otherwise known as  Willian Li, is a former professional player for this game. xQc can try but never reach what he did for his experienced team, Team Dignitas.

He is also a co-owner of OfflineTV, a social entertainment group made of platform content creators. Additionally, Scarra is one of the original League 0f Legends streamers, which is why his name is quite big in the LoL community.


Finally, the last person in our C tier of the tier list is Pink Sparkles. Pink Sparkles, or Izzy G., is another League of Legends streamer on this tier list. Before pursuing a streaming career, she served as a teacher for two years. She is one of the more attractive twitch streamers on Twitch, so her popularity is no surprise. As for her streams, they range from league of legend gameplays to IRL streams.

D Tier

xQc tier list worst streamers
D Tier

Finally, the last tier of this tier list is here. The D tier normally contains the lesser-than-average and close to worse entities of a certain category.

This is the case in this tier list, which means it includes all streamers xQc thought were the worst among this bunch. Fortunately, he only placed two in this, so not much was said about this particular tier. Let’s finish the last tier of this list without further ado.


The first of the two streamers we will discuss in our D tier of this tier list is Vadikus007. Vadikus007 is a Russian streamer who gained popularity from twitch alone and his gameplay. He is not known to play one specific game because he does play various games.

He has a very low follower count compared to the other streamers discussed in the tiers above. Additionally, he is quite a personal person, so not much information is known about him publically other than that he is from Moscow.


Finally, the last streamer of our tier list, chocoTaco, is up next on this list of ours. ChocoTaco is known as Jacob Throop and has been a very skilled and competitive player from a young age.

However, he started the streaming scene only after PUBG was released, which immediately gave him a significant audience thanks to his high-skill gameplay. He gained enough popularity through streaming to quit his day job and is now focused on full-time streaming.

Ending Note

Well, that does it for the xQc tier list, and hopefully, it gave you a  little insight into the streamers’ lives listed in it. Please let me know below whether or not you agree with the tier list xQc made.

Also, if you have anything else to add to this tier list, let me know because I love hearing other people’s opinions. Lastly, thank you for reading this tier list, and have a nice day!