Seven Deadly Sins (7DS) Tier List: The Absolute Ranking [V2.28.1]

With our Seven Deadly Sins (7DS) tier list we are going to rank all 183 characters in the game so far.

Hey folks! Today I am here with another excellent list about a great game. Today’s topic will be the Seven Deadly Sins (7DS) Tier ListYou might be familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins manga Nanatsu no Taizai. This game is an adaptation of the anime series, providing all the fun-filled gaming experiences to the gamers out there.

In addition, all your favorite anime characters are available for you to play. We promise that the game will still be enjoyable to you regardless of whether you are a fan of the anime or not. The creators have done a fantastic job of building a rich universe with distinctive characters and unexpected experiences.

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 183 characters.
  • They have been ranked based on their Attributes, Rarity, and overall meta-relevance.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Fairy King Harlequin, Cusack, Chandler, and Blue Ludociel.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Green Howzer, Blue Griamore, Blue Freesia, and Blue Arden.


Here is a table showing the ranking of all characters in order.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD RankF Rank
Fairy King HarlequinSun God FreyrBlue Zeldris Green Zaratras Red Taizoo Red Jude
CusackRed Derieri Green Will Green Zaneri Red Simon Green Hugo
ChandlerBlue Eleven Green Valenti Blue Weinheidt Green Ruin Green Howzer
Blue LudocielTerryRed Slater Red Vivian Red Roxy Blue Griamore
Blue "Festival" LudocielBlue Emilia Blue Slater Blue Valenti Green Rimuru Blue Freesia
Blue Goddess ElizabethGreen Escanor Green Rugal Red Twingo Blue Rimuru Blue Arden
Blue "The One" EscanorGreen Estarossa Blue Nanashi Red Shin Blue Milim
Green "Festival" GowtherGreen Demon Hendrickson Green Monspeet Red Oslo & Hawk Red Meliodas
Green "Halloween" GowtherBlue King Green Mono Red Monspeet Blue Matrona
Red GowtherBlue New Wings King Red Merlin Red Mono Red Old Fart King
Green "Assault Mode" MeliodasRed Kyo Red Demon Meliodas Blue Mono Green Old Fart King
Red Purgatory BanBlue Lilia Blue Demon Meliodas Red Mike Blue Old Fart King
Red Lostvayne MeliodasPrince Sigurd Red Melascula Blue Mikasa Blue Jenna
Green "Festival" MerlinBlue "Summer" Merlin Blue Mai Blue Merlin Blue Howzer
Red ZeldrisGreen Merlin Red Lilia Green Demon Meliodas Blue Hendrickson
Red SarielGreen Ram Red King Green Meliodas Green Guila
Red Rem Green King Blue Meliodas Green Giramore
Red "Halloween" Matrona Red Jim Blue Melascula Blue Gowther
Green "Halloween" Roxy Red Guardian Jericho Blue Marmas Red Gilthunder
Green Shin Red Helbram Green Liz Green Gerharde
Green MK-II Valenti Green Helbram Green Lilia Red Princess Elizabeth
Green Zeldris Green Hawk Red Levi Blue Princess Elizabeth
Red Excalibur Arthur Red Gloxinia Green Jillian Red Christmas Elaine
Green Fraudrin Blue Guardian Jericho Green Elaine
Blue Fraudrin Red Jericho Green Dreyfus
Green Eren Green Jericho Red Giant Diane
Blue Eren Blue Jericho Red Diane
Red Ellatte Green Hendrickson Blue Diane
Red Howzer Blue Helbram Red Benimaru
Green Hawkk & Elizabeth Green Gustav Blue Bellion
Blue Hawk & Elizabeth Blue Guila Green Ban
Green Gilthunder Red Griamore Red Ban
Red Escanor Green Gowther Blue Ban
Green Princess Elizabeth Blue Golgius
Green Eastin Green Gloxinia
Blue Eastin Blue Gilthunder
Green Drole Red Galland
Blue Drole Blue Galland
Green Diane Red Estarossa
Green Derieri Red Hawk & Elizabeth
Blue Derieri Red Elizabeth
Red Denzel Red Elaine
Blue Nunchuck Ban Blue Elaine
Green Athena Red Eastin
Red Arthur Red Dreyfus
Green New King Arthur Red Dogedo
Blue New King Arthur Red Wedding Diane
Brunhild Green Giant Diane
Wanderer Thonar Blue Giant Diane
Green Deathpierce
Red Camila
Green Cain
Blue Beatrice
Red Nunchuck Ban
Green Nunchuck Ban

S Tier

Best characters from 7DS tier list
S Tier.

The absolute finest units in the game are at the top of our list. If you get them through gacha, use all of your resources to strengthen them and include them in your squad. They are, without a doubt, the finest characters in the game and will make a fantastic complement to pretty much any content.

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Fairy King HarlequinSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue LudocielSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "Festival" LudocielSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue Goddess ElizabethSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "The One" EscanorSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green "Festival" GowtherSSRHPUnknownGreen
Green "Halloween" GowtherSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red GowtherSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Green "Assault Mode" MeliodasSSRHPDemonGreen
Red Purgatory BanSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Lostvayne MeliodasSSRStrengthDemonRed
Green "Festival" MerlinSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red ZeldrisSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red SarielSSRStrengthGoddessRed

A Tier

Good characters from 7DS tier list
A Tier.

The A-tier troops are still a relatively strong candidate for the best characters in the 7DS Tier List 2023, even though the S tier units are slightly superior to these. They can be utilized for practically any material without a doubt and are by no ways weak; in fact, they are pretty robust. So don’t hesitate to improve them as soon as possible; you won’t regret it.

Sun God FreyrSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red Derieri SSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue Eleven SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Emilia SSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Escanor SSRHPHumanGreen
Green Estarossa SSRHPDemonGreen
Green Demon Hendrickson SSRHPDemonGreen
Blue King SSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue New Wings King SSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red Kyo SSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Lilia SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Prince Sigurd SSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue "Summer" Merlin SSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Merlin SSRHPUnknownGreen
Green Ram SSRHPUnknownGreen
Red Rem SSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red "Halloween" Matrona SSRStrengthGiantRed
Green "Halloween" Roxy SSRHPHumanGreen
Green Shin SSRHPHumanGreen
Green MK-II Valenti SSRHPHumanGreen
Green Zeldris SSRHPDemonGreen
Red Excalibur Arthur SSRStrengthHumanRed

B Tier

Decent characters from 7DS
B Tier.

These units are in the middle of the spectrum. They aren’t particularly outstanding, but neither are they subpar. Most of the time, they excel in particular situations or perform well in the early going. They won’t become obsolete, so you may devote some resources to them while you find better ones. Overall, strong troops with good skills.

Blue Zeldris SSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green Will SSRHPHumanGreen
Green Valenti SSRHPHumanGreen
Red Slater SSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Slater SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Rugal SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Nanashi SSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Green Monspeet SSRHPDemonGreen
Green Mono SSRHPHumanGreen
Red Merlin SSRStrengthUnkownRed
Red Demon Meliodas SSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Demon Meliodas SSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red Melascula SSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue Mai SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Lilia SSRStrengthHumanRed
Red King SSRStrengthFairyRed
Green King SSRHPFairyGreen
Red Jim SSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Guardian Jericho SSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Helbram SSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Helbram SSRHPFairyGreen
Green Hawk SSRHPUnkownGreen
Red Gloxinia SSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Fraudrin SSRHPDemonGreen
Blue Fraudrin SSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green Eren SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Eren SRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Ellatte SSRStrengthGoddessRed
Red Howzer SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Hawkk & Elizabeth SSRHPGodessGreen
Blue Hawk & Elizabeth SSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Green Gilthunder SRHPHumanGreen
Red Escanor SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Princess Elizabeth SSRHPGoddessGreen
Green Eastin SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Eastin SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Drole SSRHPGiantGreen
Blue Drole SSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green Diane SSRHPGiantGreen
Green Derieri SSRHPDemonGreen
Blue Derieri SSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red Denzel SSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Nunchuck Ban SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Athena SSRHPHumanGreen
Red Arthur SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green New King Arthur SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue New King Arthur SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Brunhild SSRHPHumanGreen
Wanderer Thonar SSRHPHumanGreen

C Tier

Average characters from 7DS
C Tier.

The C tier of the 7DS Tier List Team contains characters who are in the center of the field. They are not exceptional, but they are not even that great—but they are also not subpar. You’ll most likely use these until you find better ones, at which point you’ll swap them out immediately. Some, like Ban, may be passable in certain situations or around the middle to end of the game, but they won’t truly stand out. So again, we advise against spending more money than necessary on enhancements for them.

Green Zaratras SSRHPHumanGreen
Green Zaneri SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Weinheidt SRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Vivian SRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Valenti SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Twingo RStrengthHumanRed
Red Shin SSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Oslo & Hawk SSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red Monspeet SSRStrengthDemonRed
Red Mono SSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Mono SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Mike SSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Mikasa SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Merlin SSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Demon Meliodas SSRHPDemonGreen
Green Meliodas SSRHPDemonGreen
Blue Meliodas SSRSpeedDemonBlue
Blue Melascula SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Marmas RSpeedHumanBlue
Green Liz SSRHPHumanGreen
Green Lilia SSRHPHumanGreen
Red Levi SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Jillian SRHPHumanGreen
Blue Guardian Jericho SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Jericho SRStrengthHumanRed
Green Jericho SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Jericho SRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Hendrickson SRHPHumanGreen
Blue Helbram SSRSpeedFairyBlue
Green Gustav SRHPHumanGreen
Blue Guila SRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Griamore SRStrengthHumanRed
Green Gowther SRHPUnknownGreen
Blue Golgius RSpeedHumanBlue
Green Gloxinia SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Gilthunder SRSpeedFairyBlue
Red Galland SSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Galland SSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red Estarossa SSRStrengthDemonRed
Red Hawk & Elizabeth SRStrengthDemonRed
Red Elizabeth SRStrengthGoddessRed
Red Elaine SSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue Elaine SSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red Eastin SSRStrengthFairyRed
Red Dreyfus SRStrengthHumanRed
Red Dogedo SRStrengthHumanRed
Red Wedding Diane SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Giant Diane SSRHPGiantGreen
Blue Giant Diane SSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green Deathpierce SSRHPGiantGreen
Red Camila SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Cain SRHPUnknownGreen
Megellda SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Beatrice SSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Red Nunchuck Ban SSRStrengthUnkownRed
Green Nunchuck Ban SSRHPHumanGreen

D Tier

Below average characters from 7DS tier list
D Tier.

The D-tier characters are somewhat below average, despite being practically the poorest troops in the game. Although they may appear attractive, they aren’t so robust. We wouldn’t suggest squandering your money on them. It is preferable to exclude them entirely and utilize A or even B tier units in their place.

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Red Taizoo RStrengthHumanRed
Red Simon RStrengthHumanRed
Green Ruin RHPHumanGreen
Red Roxy SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Rimuru SRHPUnknownGreen
Blue Rimuru SSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Blue Milim SSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red Meliodas SSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue Matrona SSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red Old Fart King SSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Old Fart King SSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Old Fart King SSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue Jenna SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Howzer SRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Hendrickson SSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Guila SSRHPHumanGreen
Green Giramore SSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Gowther SSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red Gilthunder SSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Gerharde SSRHPFairyGreen
Red Princess Elizabeth SSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue Princess Elizabeth SSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Red Christmas Elaine SSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Elaine SSRHPFairyGreen
Green Dreyfus SRHPHumanGreen
Red Giant Diane SRStrengthGiantRed
Red Diane SSRStrengthGiantRed
Blue Diane SSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red Benimaru SSRStrengthUnknownRed
Blue Bellion SSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green Ban SSRHPHumanGreen
Red Ban SRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Ban SSRSpeedHumanBlue

F Tier

Worst characters from 7DS tier list
F Tier.

Only a few characters are placed in this tier as they are of no good, don’t bother selecting them. These characters are placed in the lowest tier of the article due to a lack of basic skills and strengths.

Red Jude RStrengthHumanRed
Green Hugo RHPHumanGreen
Green Howzer SRHPHumanGreen
Blue Griamore SRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Freesia SRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Arden SRSpeedHumanBlue

Comparison Table

Fairy King HarlequinSSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue LudocielSSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "Festival" LudocielSSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue Goddess ElizabethSSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "The One" EscanorSSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green "Festival" GowtherSSSRHPUnknownGreen
Green "Halloween" GowtherSSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red GowtherSSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Green "Assault Mode" MeliodasSSSRHPDemonGreen
Red Purgatory BanSSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Lostvayne MeliodasSSSRStrengthDemonRed
Green "Festival" MerlinSSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red ZeldrisSSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red SarielSSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Sun God FreyrASSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red Derieri ASSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue Eleven ASSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Emilia ASSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Escanor ASSRHPHumanGreen
Green Estarossa ASSRHPDemonGreen
Green Demon Hendrickson ASSRHPDemonGreen
Blue King ASSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue New Wings King ASSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red Kyo ASSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Lilia ASSRSpeedHumanBlue
Prince Sigurd ASSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue "Summer" Merlin ASSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Merlin ASSRHPUnknownGreen
Green Ram ASSRHPUnknownGreen
Red Rem ASSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red "Halloween" Matrona ASSRStrengthGiantRed
Green "Halloween" Roxy ASSRHPHumanGreen
Green Shin ASSRHPHumanGreen
Green MK-II Valenti ASSRHPHumanGreen
Green Zeldris ASSRHPDemonGreen
Red Excalibur Arthur ASSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Zeldris BSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green Will BSSRHPHumanGreen
Green Valenti BSSRHPHumanGreen
Red Slater BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Slater BSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Rugal BSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Nanashi BSSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Green Monspeet BSSRHPDemonGreen
Green Mono BSSRHPHumanGreen
Red Merlin BSSRStrengthUnkownRed
Red Demon Meliodas BSSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Demon Meliodas BSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red Melascula BSSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue Mai BSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Lilia BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red King BSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green King BSSRHPFairyGreen
Red Jim BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Guardian Jericho BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Helbram BSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Helbram BSSRHPFairyGreen
Green Hawk BSSRHPUnkownGreen
Red Gloxinia BSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Fraudrin BSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue Fraudrin BSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green Eren BSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Eren BSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Ellatte BSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Red Howzer BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Hawkk & Elizabeth BSSRHPGodessGreen
Blue Hawk & Elizabeth BSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Green Gilthunder BSRHPHumanGreen
Red Escanor BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Princess Elizabeth BSSRHPGoddessGreen
Green Eastin BSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Eastin BSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Drole BSSRHPGiantGreen
Blue Drole BSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green Diane BSSRHPGiantGreen
Green Derieri BSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue Derieri BSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red Denzel BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Nunchuck Ban BSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Athena BSSRHPHumanGreen
Red Arthur BSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green New King Arthur BSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue New King Arthur BSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Brunhild BSSRHPHumanGreen
Wanderer Thonar BSSRHPHumanGreen
Green Zaratras CSSRHPHumanGreen
Green Zaneri CSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Weinheidt CSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Vivian CSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Valenti CSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Twingo CRStrengthHumanRed
Red Shin CSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Oslo & Hawk CSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red Monspeet CSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red Mono CSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Mono CSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Mike CSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Mikasa CSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Merlin CSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Demon Meliodas CSSRHPDemonGreen
Green Meliodas CSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue Meliodas CSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Blue Melascula CSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Marmas CRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Liz CSSRHPHumanGreen
Green Lilia CSSRHPHumanGreen
Red Levi CSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Jillian CSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Guardian Jericho CSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Jericho CSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Jericho CSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Jericho CSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Hendrickson CSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Helbram CSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Green Gustav CSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Guila CSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Griamore CSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Gowther CSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue Golgius CRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Gloxinia CSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Gilthunder CSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red Galland CSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Galland CSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red Estarossa CSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red Hawk & Elizabeth CSRStrengthDemonRed
Red Elizabeth CSRStrengthGoddessRed
Red Elaine CSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue Elaine CSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red Eastin CSSRStrengthFairyRed
Red Dreyfus CSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Dogedo CSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Wedding Diane CSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Giant Diane CSSRHPGiantGreen
Blue Giant Diane CSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green Deathpierce CSSRHPGiantGreen
Red Camila CSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Cain CSRHPUnknownGreen
Megellda CSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Beatrice CSSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Red Nunchuck Ban CSSRStrengthUnkownRed
Green Nunchuck Ban CSSRHPHumanGreen
Red Taizoo DRStrengthHumanRed
Red Simon DRStrengthHumanRed
Green Ruin DRHPHumanGreen
Red Roxy DSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Rimuru DSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue Rimuru DSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Blue Milim DSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red Meliodas DSSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue Matrona DSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red Old Fart King DSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Old Fart King DSSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Old Fart King DSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue Jenna DSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Howzer DSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Hendrickson DSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green Guila DSSRHPHumanGreen
Green Giramore DSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Gowther DSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red Gilthunder DSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Gerharde DSSRHPFairyGreen
Red Princess Elizabeth DSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue Princess Elizabeth DSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Red Christmas Elaine DSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Elaine DSSRHPFairyGreen
Green Dreyfus DSRHPHumanGreen
Red Giant Diane DSRStrengthGiantRed
Red Diane DSSRStrengthGiantRed
Blue Diane DSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red Benimaru DSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Blue Bellion DSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green Ban DSSRHPHumanGreen
Red Ban DSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Ban DSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red Jude FRStrengthHumanRed
Green Hugo FRHPHumanGreen
Green Howzer FSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Griamore FSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Freesia FSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue Arden FSRSpeedHumanBlue

Patch Notes V2.28.1

These most recenr patch notes were released on June 13 and added the following things to the game.

  • Prince Tristan makes his first appearance.
  • Get Fully Awakened UR Lv. 90 heroes and the new Arthur from the Jump Snatch Box.
  • New Hero Available – Prince Tristan.
  • Miscellaneous system improvements and bug fixes.


This 7DS Tier List 2023 will provide you with intensive information about all the characters from the game. Thus providing a better and easy selection process so you can save your precious time and energy. I hope this will be helpful for you while playing this incredible game.

We want to ensure that you start with a reasonably solid roster when ranking Grand Cross characters. To determine whether to keep pulling and when to reroll, you must know which heroes are the greatest in the game. The greatest heroes are often found in the S tier and A tier. Therefore if you can reroll several times, you should go for these. We hope you enjoyed the article, and we look forward to any comments you might have.