7DS Tier List: The Absolute Ranking

Hey folks! Today I am here with another excellent tier list about a great game. Today’s topic will be the 7DS tier list. You might be familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins manga Nanatsu no Taizai. This game is an adaptation of the anime series, providing all the fun-filled gaming experiences to the gamers out there.

In addition, all your favorite anime characters are available for you to play. We promise that the game will still be enjoyable to you regardless of whether you are a fan of the anime or not. The creators have done a fantastic job of building a rich universe with distinctive characters and unexpected experiences.

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 183 characters.
  • They have been ranked based on their Attributes, Rarity, and overall meta-relevance.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Fairy King Harlequin, Cusack, Chandler, Blue Ludociel, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Green Howzer, Blue Griamore, Blue Freesia, Blue Arden, etc.


Here is a table showing the ranking of all characters in order.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD RankF Rank
Fairy King HarlequinSun God FreyrBlue ZeldrisGreen ZaratrasRed TaizooRed Jude
CusackRed DerieriGreen WillGreen ZaneriRed SimonGreen Hugo
ChandlerBlue ElevenGreen ValentiBlue WeinheidtGreen RuinGreen Howzer
Blue LudocielTerryRed SlaterRed VivianRed RoxyBlue Griamore
Blue "Festival" LudocielBlue EmiliaBlue SlaterBlue ValentiGreen RimuruBlue Freesia
Blue Goddess ElizabethGreen EscanorGreen RugalRed TwingoBlue RimuruBlue Arden
Blue "The One" EscanorGreen EstarossaBlue NanashiRed ShinBlue Milim
Green "Festival" GowtherGreen Demon HendricksonGreen MonspeetRed Oslo & HawkRed Meliodas
Green "Halloween" GowtherBlue KingGreen MonoRed MonspeetBlue Matrona
Red GowtherBlue New Wings KingRed MerlinRed MonoRed Old Fart King
Green "Assault Mode" MeliodasRed KyoRed Demon MeliodasBlue MonoGreen Old Fart King
Red Purgatory BanBlue LiliaBlue Demon MeliodasRed MikeBlue Old Fart King
Red Lostvayne MeliodasPrince SigurdRed MelasculaBlue MikasaBlue Jenna
Green "Festival" MerlinBlue "Summer" MerlinBlue MaiBlue MerlinBlue Howzer
Red ZeldrisGreen MerlinRed LiliaGreen Demon MeliodasBlue Hendrickson
Red SarielGreen RamRed KingGreen MeliodasGreen Guila
Red RemGreen KingBlue MeliodasGreen Giramore
Red "Halloween" MatronaRed JimBlue MelasculaBlue Gowther
Green "Halloween" RoxyRed Guardian JerichoBlue MarmasRed Gilthunder
Green ShinRed HelbramGreen LizGreen Gerharde
Green MK-II ValentiGreen HelbramGreen LiliaRed Princess Elizabeth
Green ZeldrisGreen HawkRed LeviBlue Princess Elizabeth
Red Excalibur ArthurRed GloxiniaGreen JillianRed Christmas Elaine
Green FraudrinBlue Guardian JerichoGreen Elaine
Blue FraudrinRed JerichoGreen Dreyfus
Green ErenGreen JerichoRed Giant Diane
Blue ErenBlue JerichoRed Diane
Red EllatteGreen HendricksonBlue Diane
Red HowzerBlue HelbramRed Benimaru
Green Hawkk & ElizabethGreen GustavBlue Bellion
Blue Hawk & ElizabethBlue GuilaGreen Ban
Green GilthunderRed GriamoreRed Ban
Red EscanorGreen GowtherBlue Ban
Green Princess ElizabethBlue Golgius
Green EastinGreen Gloxinia
Blue EastinBlue Gilthunder
Green DroleRed Galland
Blue DroleBlue Galland
Green DianeRed Estarossa
Green DerieriRed Hawk & Elizabeth
Blue DerieriRed Elizabeth
Red DenzelRed Elaine
Blue Nunchuck BanBlue Elaine
Green AthenaRed Eastin
Red ArthurRed Dreyfus
Green New King ArthurRed Dogedo
Blue New King ArthurRed Wedding Diane
BrunhildGreen Giant Diane
Wanderer ThonarBlue Giant Diane
Green Deathpierce
Red Camila
Green Cain
Blue Beatrice
Red Nunchuck Ban
Green Nunchuck Ban

An Important Disclaimer

This tier list is purely subjective, with no room for negative remarks. However, we are always open to positive criticism and friendly comments. All the characters are placed in a specific tier based on their skills, abilities, and usefulness.

You might find your favorite characters in a lower tier or perhaps some characters that you may not like in a higher tier. This is all a part of the game; we all have our likes and dislikes. It is good to have a different point of view, though. So, we would love to have your precious comments on whether you like this article or not.

Gameplay and Basics

As you play, you’ll be thrust into the battle with Meliodas, Hawk, and others of the 7ds group. Whether or not you’ve seen the anime, the tale contains beautifully vivid images and graphics that will pull you in. Aside from the general Story mode, there are people to see and Quests to complete in each Village, as well as more to do in your Boar Hat Tavern.

Completing such Quests is among the essential methods to advance in this game. You’ll also need to conquer particular Episodes to unlock new material. New quests will be presented at the upper right of your screen when you are not in a fight or menu. There are five fundamental quests, which you may find in the Quests Navigation guide.

Quest prizes are essential for progressing in the game. If you only have time for one activity, make it a point to finish all daily Quests along with active events. On rare occasions, a four-week quest event called Hawk’s Pass would be enabled.

There are daily, and weekly assignments available with this unlock. Because most of the everyday Hawk’s Pass objectives overlap with standard daily Quests, it is advantageous to claim those prizes each day. Round-based fights are the main focus of this game, with each turn requiring you to do various actions based on each Hero’s available talents.

These abilities are mirrored in the chosen cards and added to your hand each round. The 7DS tier list explains multiple cards that can be merged to unleash more decisive strikes or even ultimate moves, accompanied by stunning cutscenes. Battles are usually pitting two teams against each other.

Most types of battles have four primary characters and four supporting characters. Only your initial three primary characters will be shown when the combat begins. If one of your significant characters dies, your sub will step in. Supporting characters are allocated to each main protagonist to boost their stats and, on occasion, to amplify their Ultimate powers through combined strikes.

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Tier List Methodology

The 7 DS tier list is ranked from S tier to D tier, with S tier heroes being the finest in the game and D-tier heroes representing the worst. In all reality, you shouldn’t even bother with B-tier units. However, if you want to engage in this game for a while, you’re nearly sure to get some of the best troops eventually.

If you are a beginner, the most familiar issue you will encounter is being shocked by the number of characters available. Some characters that appear strong at first may turn out to be weak later on, while the ones you believed were weak may be the ones carrying you through the final stuff. Don’t be concerned. This is when our tier List comes into effect. We’ve ranked these characters by tier so you can see which ones are good or characters or which ones should be ignored.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

S Tier

Best characters from 7DS tier list

The absolute finest units in the game are at the top of our 7DS tier list. If you get them through gacha, use all of your resources to strengthen them and include them in your squad. They are, without a doubt, the finest characters in the game and will make a fantastic complement to pretty much any content.

Fairy King HarlequinSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue LudocielSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "Festival" LudocielSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue Goddess ElizabethSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "The One" EscanorSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green "Festival" GowtherSSRHPUnknownGreen
Green "Halloween" GowtherSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red GowtherSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Green "Assault Mode" MeliodasSSRHPDemonGreen
Red Purgatory BanSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Lostvayne MeliodasSSRStrengthDemonRed
Green "Festival" MerlinSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red ZeldrisSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red SarielSSRStrengthGoddessRed

A Tier

Good characters from 7DS tier list

The A-tier troops are still a relatively strong candidate for the best characters in the 7DS tier list, even though the S tier units are slightly superior to these. They can be utilized for practically any material without a doubt and are by no ways weak; in fact, they are pretty robust. So don’t hesitate to improve them as soon as possible; you won’t regret it.

Sun God FreyrSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red DerieriSSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue ElevenSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue EmiliaSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green EscanorSSRHPHumanGreen
Green EstarossaSSRHPDemonGreen
Green Demon HendricksonSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue KingSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue New Wings KingSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red KyoSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue LiliaSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Prince SigurdSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue "Summer" MerlinSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green MerlinSSRHPUnknownGreen
Green RamSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red RemSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red "Halloween" MatronaSSRStrengthGiantRed
Green "Halloween" RoxySSRHPHumanGreen
Green ShinSSRHPHumanGreen
Green MK-II ValentiSSRHPHumanGreen
Green ZeldrisSSRHPDemonGreen
Red Excalibur ArthurSSRStrengthHumanRed

B Tier

Decent characters from 7DS

A-tier units of the 7DS tier list are in the middle of the spectrum. They aren’t particularly outstanding, but neither are they subpar. Most of the time, they excel in particular situations or perform well in the early going. They won’t become obsolete, so you may devote some resources to them while you find better ones. Overall, strong troops with good skills.

Blue ZeldrisSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green WillSSRHPHumanGreen
Green ValentiSSRHPHumanGreen
Red SlaterSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue SlaterSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green RugalSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue NanashiSSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Green MonspeetSSRHPDemonGreen
Green MonoSSRHPHumanGreen
Red MerlinSSRStrengthUnkownRed
Red Demon MeliodasSSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Demon MeliodasSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red MelasculaSSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue MaiSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red LiliaSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red KingSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green KingSSRHPFairyGreen
Red JimSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Guardian JerichoSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red HelbramSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green HelbramSSRHPFairyGreen
Green HawkSSRHPUnkownGreen
Red GloxiniaSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green FraudrinSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue FraudrinSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green ErenSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue ErenSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red EllatteSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Red HowzerSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Hawkk & ElizabethSSRHPGodessGreen
Blue Hawk & ElizabethSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Green GilthunderSRHPHumanGreen
Red EscanorSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Princess ElizabethSSRHPGoddessGreen
Green EastinSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue EastinSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green DroleSSRHPGiantGreen
Blue DroleSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green DianeSSRHPGiantGreen
Green DerieriSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue DerieriSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red DenzelSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Nunchuck BanSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green AthenaSSRHPHumanGreen
Red ArthurSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green New King ArthurSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue New King ArthurSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Wanderer ThonarSSRHPHumanGreen

C Tier

Average characters from 7DS

The B tier of the 7DS tier list contains characters who are in the center of the field. They are not exceptional, but they are not even that great—but they are also not subpar. You’ll most likely use these until you find better ones, at which point you’ll swap them out immediately. Some, like Ban, may be passable in certain situations or around the middle to end of the game, but they won’t truly stand out. So again, we advise against spending more money than necessary on enhancements for them.

Green ZaratrasSSRHPHumanGreen
Green ZaneriSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue WeinheidtSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red VivianSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue ValentiSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red TwingoRStrengthHumanRed
Red ShinSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Oslo & HawkSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red MonspeetSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red MonoSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue MonoSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red MikeSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue MikasaSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue MerlinSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Demon MeliodasSSRHPDemonGreen
Green MeliodasSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue MeliodasSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Blue MelasculaSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue MarmasRSpeedHumanBlue
Green LizSSRHPHumanGreen
Green LiliaSSRHPHumanGreen
Red LeviSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green JillianSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Guardian JerichoSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red JerichoSRStrengthHumanRed
Green JerichoSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue JerichoSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green HendricksonSRHPHumanGreen
Blue HelbramSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Green GustavSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GuilaSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red GriamoreSRStrengthHumanRed
Green GowtherSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue GolgiusRSpeedHumanBlue
Green GloxiniaSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GilthunderSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red GallandSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue GallandSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red EstarossaSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red Hawk & ElizabethSRStrengthDemonRed
Red ElizabethSRStrengthGoddessRed
Red ElaineSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue ElaineSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red EastinSSRStrengthFairyRed
Red DreyfusSRStrengthHumanRed
Red DogedoSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Wedding DianeSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Giant DianeSSRHPGiantGreen
Blue Giant DianeSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green DeathpierceSSRHPGiantGreen
Red CamilaSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green CainSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue BeatriceSSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Red Nunchuck BanSSRStrengthUnkownRed
Green Nunchuck BanSSRHPHumanGreen

D Tier

Below average characters from 7DS tier list

The D-tier characters of the 7DS tier list are somewhat below average, despite being practically the poorest troops in the game. Although they may appear attractive, they aren’t so robust. We wouldn’t suggest squandering your money on them. It is preferable to exclude them entirely and utilize A or even B tier units in their place.

Red TaizooRStrengthHumanRed
Red SimonRStrengthHumanRed
Green RuinRHPHumanGreen
Red RoxySSRStrengthHumanRed
Green RimuruSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue RimuruSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Blue MilimSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red MeliodasSSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue MatronaSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red Old Fart KingSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Old Fart KingSSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Old Fart KingSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue JennaSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue HowzerSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue HendricksonSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green GuilaSSRHPHumanGreen
Green GiramoreSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GowtherSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red GilthunderSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green GerhardeSSRHPFairyGreen
Red Princess ElizabethSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue Princess ElizabethSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Red Christmas ElaineSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green ElaineSSRHPFairyGreen
Green DreyfusSRHPHumanGreen
Red Giant DianeSRStrengthGiantRed
Red DianeSSRStrengthGiantRed
Blue DianeSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red BenimaruSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Blue BellionSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green BanSSRHPHumanGreen
Red BanSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue BanSSRSpeedHumanBlue

F Tier

Worst characters from 7DS tier list

Only a few characters are placed in this tier as they are of no good, don’t bother selecting them. These characters are placed in the lowest tier of the 7DS tier list due to a lack of basic skills and strengths.

Red JudeRStrengthHumanRed
Green HugoRHPHumanGreen
Green HowzerSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GriamoreSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue FreesiaSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue ArdenSRSpeedHumanBlue

Game currency

Various in-game currencies are available in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross, which may be obtained through package purchases or grinding/farming. The Free-to-Play Guide contains recommendations for harvesting in-game cash without spending money. Gems are the most complicated money to get. However, you may obtain them free by participating in daily login incentives, daily Quests, quarterly PvP rankings, and select monthly or weekly events.

Keep an eye out for events or Quests that provide Gems, as these are rare and most valuable types of cash. The primary purpose of purchasing Gems is to participate in random gacha draws. In addition, various banners will boost your chances of obtaining certain troops, some of which are related to limited-time events.

Gacha may be purchased separately for three gems or in a package of 10+1 draws for Thirty gems. There’s also a daily bargain that gives you one draw for watching one ad. When you fail to extract an SSR troop from the 10+1 bundle, a “pity bar” (bonus gauge) will grow by 20%. When it hits 100%, your following bundle will always include an SSR unit. Each banner comes with a unique bonus gauge.

Step Up events gacha pulls are similar; however, they lack bonus gauges. Instead, each stage features a variety of prizes and bonuses, and a loyalty metre is shown at the top of each screen. These usually include assured SSR coins at certain phases or loyalty levels.

You will unlock a hero each time he appears for the very first time in the gacha pull. After that, whenever the Hero comes in gacha pull, This will transform it into a Coin. The coins earned may then be used to level up that Hero’s Ultimate Move.

7DS Fun Facts

  • Rerolling an account, as in numerous other gacha games, is a technique to ensure you obtain the greatest beginning heroes without paying any money. Progress through the plot until you have sufficient extra diamonds for your initial 10+1 gacha pull. Finishing the tutorial and early tasks will earn you enough diamonds to tug on the flag a few times.
  • You will receive an SSR hero that is guaranteed during the tutorial. Red Arthur, Green Jericho, & Red Howzer are the three greatest heroes, as mentioned in the 7DS tier list; you may take them from the tutorial since they’ll help you get through the early stages and continue to be helpful later on in the game. Afterward, Green Meliodas or Green King is rather good, albeit the strength of Green Meliodas decreases as the plot develops.
  • The tutorial’s Blue Ban, Green Blue Gowther, Red Dianne, and Green Princess Elizabeth heroes are the least helpful choices. Waiting until the first tie to see if you can get any great units from the banners is still advantageous, even though you pick the less valuable starter units. Utilizing the Thirty gems for Eleven drawings when you draw on the banner is crucial since this is a free draw.
  • If none of the must-have units appears in your first several pulls, you may reroll your account, which effectively means you delete your whole account and start over from scratch. Go to your account’s menu, pick Player Info, and then choose Reset Data to accomplish this. By doing this, you create a new account and delete all the gaming info from the existing one.
  • Make sure you don’t bind your account before doing this. By wrapping your account, you make it irreversible and connected to the other bonded accounts. Binding your account should wait until you have selected starting items you are satisfied with.

Players Guide

It is a must to have a little know-how about the game before playing it. You will get a brief idea of some minor facts about the game that many players might neglect. Therefore, we will tell you all about the guides to have while playing.

You may view all accessible daily chores and unique events from the Quests menu. The Cooking assignment for free endurance and the Open Stage or PvP Fight Festival actions for free diamonds should be completed daily. Even if you only need to finish Death Matches or PvP Fight Festivals a certain amount of times, it’s still valuable if you have the time to do them all.

Each user is limited to six triggers for normal Death Matches daily, alternating between the Red Devil, Gray Demon, or Crimson Demon. Bellmouth may be activated three times per user during Hell Death Matches. While visiting villages or other non-battle screens, for example, leaving your game open can allow other players to send invites that do not count toward the user’s daily cap.

This is a productive method of gathering supplies for Death Match. Additionally, even though the user can’t yet take on the Hell level of the basic Death Matches, donning specific costume sets will offer gift chests with extra costume-enhancing materials. For instance, the Red Devil, Gray Devil, or Crimson Demon Howlex will be guaranteed by the New Year’s sets when Elizabeth, Jericho, or Meliodas wear them while completing Boss Battles.

Wedding outfits for Zaneri, Jenna, and Elaine will provide more Costume enhancement items while farmed a Red Devil, Gray Devil, and Crimson Demon Howlex in normal Death Matches played on the Hell difficulty. Last but not least, after clearing Death Matches while wearing her Valentine costume (up to six times per day), Derieri will award one arbitrary Costume Enhance Materials Box. This may also be combined with the event of Death Matches.

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General Terms

  • Every Hero, regardless of Attribute, earns affection. Fighting battles with Heroes, conversing with these heroes in the Tavern or the towns or giving them presents can all raise their level of affection. Filling hearts with affection earns rewards. The largest amount of hearts rises along with the peak point of affinity among the individual Heroes, and the total number of Heroes possessed.
  • Many meals may be provided to each Hero to raise their affinity. Gaining affinity makes perks like extra diamonds and costumes available. For every iteration of a certain Hero, affinity is acquired. The maximum amount of Affinity hearts that may be awarded rises when the highest degree of affinity for a certain Hero is attained.
  • The majority of heroes interact with other heroes through associations. The principal Hero will receive additional bonuses whenever the Association character is utilized in the supporting position.
    Furthermore, several of these Associations enable the use of combination assaults. These will likely have different animations than usual for the Ultimate Move and will be based on the interactions that the Heroes have with one another in the anime.
  • Each Hero has traits that have advantages or disadvantages, with benefits having a 30% damage boost versus attributes with advantages and disadvantages having a 20% damage decrease. Red: Type of Strength
    Yellow: HP Form
    Blue: Speed Form
  • Combat Class, sometimes abbreviated as CC, is a gauge of a Hero’s strength in battle. The power of the Hero increases with the Combat Class. Enhancing, evolving, awakening the Hero, buying and donning costumes, and improving or awakening equipment are only a few ways to raise combat class.
  • In June 2020, the global release of 7DS featured the Training Grotto, often known as the Training Dungeon. This feature was once known as the Training Cave in Japan and Korea. You can find resources for fortifying equipment along with Amber Keys in the Training Grotto, which you can use to draw equipment by engaging in combat with the Goddess Ambers.
  • Hero skills produce three status effects: attack, buff, and debuff. Damage status effects will impact the quantity of damage given or received. Operate on the heroes and their allies and buff status effects. Results of the status debuff are applied to the combatants. Knowing which Heroes may utilize different status effects can be helpful, especially when applying a particular effect is necessary. This may be sorted by using the Heroes Filter and choosing the proper Skill Effect.

Comparison Table

Fairy King HarlequinSSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue LudocielSSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "Festival" LudocielSSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue Goddess ElizabethSSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Blue "The One" EscanorSSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green "Festival" GowtherSSSRHPUnknownGreen
Green "Halloween" GowtherSSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red GowtherSSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Green "Assault Mode" MeliodasSSSRHPDemonGreen
Red Purgatory BanSSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Lostvayne MeliodasSSSRStrengthDemonRed
Green "Festival" MerlinSSSRHPUnknownGreen
Red ZeldrisSSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red SarielSSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Sun God FreyrASSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red DerieriASSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue ElevenASSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue EmiliaASSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green EscanorASSRHPHumanGreen
Green EstarossaASSRHPDemonGreen
Green Demon HendricksonASSRHPDemonGreen
Blue KingASSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue New Wings KingASSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red KyoASSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue LiliaASSRSpeedHumanBlue
Prince SigurdASSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue "Summer" MerlinASSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green MerlinASSRHPUnknownGreen
Green RamASSRHPUnknownGreen
Red RemASSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red "Halloween" MatronaASSRStrengthGiantRed
Green "Halloween" RoxyASSRHPHumanGreen
Green ShinASSRHPHumanGreen
Green MK-II ValentiASSRHPHumanGreen
Green ZeldrisASSRHPDemonGreen
Red Excalibur ArthurASSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue ZeldrisBSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green WillBSSRHPHumanGreen
Green ValentiBSSRHPHumanGreen
Red SlaterBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue SlaterBSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green RugalBSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue NanashiBSSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Green MonspeetBSSRHPDemonGreen
Green MonoBSSRHPHumanGreen
Red MerlinBSSRStrengthUnkownRed
Red Demon MeliodasBSSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Demon MeliodasBSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red MelasculaBSSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue MaiBSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red LiliaBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red KingBSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green KingBSSRHPFairyGreen
Red JimBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Guardian JerichoBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red HelbramBSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green HelbramBSSRHPFairyGreen
Green HawkBSSRHPUnkownGreen
Red GloxiniaBSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green FraudrinBSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue FraudrinBSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green ErenBSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue ErenBSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red EllatteBSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Red HowzerBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Hawkk & ElizabethBSSRHPGodessGreen
Blue Hawk & ElizabethBSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Green GilthunderBSRHPHumanGreen
Red EscanorBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Princess ElizabethBSSRHPGoddessGreen
Green EastinBSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue EastinBSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green DroleBSSRHPGiantGreen
Blue DroleBSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green DianeBSSRHPGiantGreen
Green DerieriBSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue DerieriBSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red DenzelBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue Nunchuck BanBSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green AthenaBSSRHPHumanGreen
Red ArthurBSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green New King ArthurBSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue New King ArthurBSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Wanderer ThonarBSSRHPHumanGreen
Green ZaratrasCSSRHPHumanGreen
Green ZaneriCSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue WeinheidtCSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red VivianCSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue ValentiCSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red TwingoCRStrengthHumanRed
Red ShinCSSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Oslo & HawkCSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Red MonspeetCSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red MonoCSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue MonoCSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red MikeCSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue MikasaCSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue MerlinCSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Green Demon MeliodasCSSRHPDemonGreen
Green MeliodasCSSRHPDemonGreen
Blue MeliodasCSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Blue MelasculaCSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue MarmasCRSpeedHumanBlue
Green LizCSSRHPHumanGreen
Green LiliaCSSRHPHumanGreen
Red LeviCSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green JillianCSRHPHumanGreen
Blue Guardian JerichoCSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red JerichoCSRStrengthHumanRed
Green JerichoCSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue JerichoCSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green HendricksonCSRHPHumanGreen
Blue HelbramCSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Green GustavCSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GuilaCSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red GriamoreCSRStrengthHumanRed
Green GowtherCSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue GolgiusCRSpeedHumanBlue
Green GloxiniaCSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GilthunderCSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red GallandCSSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue GallandCSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Red EstarossaCSSRStrengthDemonRed
Red Hawk & ElizabethCSRStrengthDemonRed
Red ElizabethCSRStrengthGoddessRed
Red ElaineCSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue ElaineCSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Red EastinCSSRStrengthFairyRed
Red DreyfusCSRStrengthHumanRed
Red DogedoCSRStrengthHumanRed
Red Wedding DianeCSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green Giant DianeCSSRHPGiantGreen
Blue Giant DianeCSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Green DeathpierceCSSRHPGiantGreen
Red CamilaCSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green CainCSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue BeatriceCSSRSpeedUnkownBlue
Red Nunchuck BanCSSRStrengthUnkownRed
Green Nunchuck BanCSSRHPHumanGreen
Red TaizooDRStrengthHumanRed
Red SimonDRStrengthHumanRed
Green RuinDRHPHumanGreen
Red RoxyDSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green RimuruDSRHPUnknownGreen
Blue RimuruDSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Blue MilimDSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red MeliodasDSSRStrengthDemonRed
Blue MatronaDSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red Old Fart KingDSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green Old Fart KingDSSRHPFairyGreen
Blue Old Fart KingDSSRSpeedFairyBlue
Blue JennaDSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue HowzerDSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue HendricksonDSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Green GuilaDSSRHPHumanGreen
Green GiramoreDSSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GowtherDSSRSpeedUnknownBlue
Red GilthunderDSSRStrengthHumanRed
Green GerhardeDSSRHPFairyGreen
Red Princess ElizabethDSSRStrengthGoddessRed
Blue Princess ElizabethDSSRSpeedGoddessBlue
Red Christmas ElaineDSSRStrengthFairyRed
Green ElaineDSSRHPFairyGreen
Green DreyfusDSRHPHumanGreen
Red Giant DianeDSRStrengthGiantRed
Red DianeDSSRStrengthGiantRed
Blue DianeDSSRSpeedGiantBlue
Red BenimaruDSSRStrengthUnknownRed
Blue BellionDSSRSpeedDemonBlue
Green BanDSSRHPHumanGreen
Red BanDSRStrengthHumanRed
Blue BanDSSRSpeedHumanBlue
Red JudeFRStrengthHumanRed
Green HugoFRHPHumanGreen
Green HowzerFSRHPHumanGreen
Blue GriamoreFSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue FreesiaFSRSpeedHumanBlue
Blue ArdenFSRSpeedHumanBlue

Patch Notes V2.23.3

These patch notes were released on 4th April and added the following things to the game.

The Seven Catastrophes

  • Various events and content
  • Chapter 1 of the new [The Seven Catastrophes] story has been added!
  • Get Special Pick-Up Tickets!
  • Get rewarded for what you spend!
  • Diamond Perks Event
  • New Hero Available, Vengeful Saw Blade, Roxy of Madness
  • Miscellaneous system improvements and bug fixes

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This tier list will provide you with intensive information about all the characters from the game. Thus providing a better and easy selection process so you can save your precious time and energy. I hope this will be helpful for you while playing this incredible game.

We want to ensure that you start with a reasonably solid roster when ranking Grand Cross characters. To determine whether to keep pulling and when to reroll, you must know which heroes are the greatest in the game. The greatest heroes are often found in the S tier and A tier. Therefore if you can reroll several times, you should go for these.

The main adjective of the tier lists we produce is to provide our viewers with excellent guidelines and choices they might have forgotten even about their favorite categories. All our writers firstly gather extensive information regarding a respective topic, and a tremendous amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the article.

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Seven Deadly Sins - The Most Asked Questions

Is Seven Deadly Sins a good game?

It is fascinating with excellent cutscenes, interesting and distinctive fighting systems, and a strong focus on theatrical RPG aspects. The game has a dedicated fanbase worldwide and a very positive score on both the App Store and Google Play.

How should we limit breaks in the game?

King at the Tavern will trade lesser quality ability books and pendants for higher grade books and pendants but beware that when you hit level 70, you would need the crimson demon to get past level 80.

What is the maximum level in 7DS?

The game has four character rarities, each with another maximum level cap: R: Lv. 30. SR: Lv. Reaching these levels is not that hard, and if you put in the right amount of time with a good strategy, you can easily get there.

What should be a farm in 7DS?

Utilizing your Gold SP Dungeons Key in the nearby SP Dungeon is the most excellent way to farm gold on the 7DS. The gold strategy is there on several websites, but the best way to do it depends on you and how you play the game, so don’t go out looking for gimmicks.