Mythic Heroes Tier List [V.1.17.0]

Jump into the concrete tier list of Mythic Heroes as we rank the characters of the game.

The Android game, Mythic Heroes contains more than 40 characters from different factions, each with their own set of skills. This vast number of characters makes it difficult to decide which heroes would be valuable in overcoming challenges in this RPG game. But, fear not, as our Mythic Heroes Tier List 2023 ranks all gods from best to worst, making it easier for you to choose your hero!

There is currently a lot of traffic on Mythic Heroes due to being a newly released RPG game. Moreover, IGG regularly updates the game, adding more characters and contributing to its ever-growing popularity.

Therefore, we hope that by providing this tier list, we can aid you in identifying the most exemplary character and guiding it to its mythical journey easily and without much trouble.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 15 heroes ranked in this tier list.
  • We have ranked all the entries in the tier list on the bases of their effectiveness, rarity, etc,
  • In the top tier, you can find Izanami, Lucifer, Ganjiang & Moy, etc.
  • Among the lowest tier, you can find Dionysus, Gaia, Joan of Arc, etc.

Mythic Heroes Tier List

We will rank all the entries in a small table below.

S Rank.A Rank.B Rank.C Rank.D Rank.
Ganjiang & Moy Hela
Joan of Arc

S Tier

Best Characters
Best Characters in Mythic Heroes

As we said earlier, the S Tier contains the best heroes in the entire game. This tier is also known as the Superb tier because all units in this tier are extraordinary. There are many reasons why you should take these heroes. Firstly, they have exceptional stats and are pretty robust.

You must give these characters your full attention. Below along with the names of S Tier characters, we will provide you with all the details and reasons for a specific hero to be in this tier. As we discussed earlier, many things depend on your play style. Therefore, some characters in this tier might not work well for you because they must not be suited to your play style.

Therefore, you must figure out your play style before trying out a hero. In addition, there are many different classes in this type of game: Carry, ADC, support, and tank. We have ranked every character by putting their classes into mind. These characters are best in their role and will not disappoint you.

Every S Tier character is strong, has outstanding abilities, and is worth every effort you put in to get or upgrade them. These gods or mortals are perfect and have no flaws at all.

Finally, S Tier gods or heroes are the ones you must not ignore. Almost everyone from the fandom of Mythic Heroes will agree to our S Tier ranking here. Hence, without further ado, let’s check what we have in the S Tier of our ranking list.

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Many of you would have guessed that Lucifer would be on the top of our S Tier. In almost every, there is one character whose power and authority are something so incredible that no one can deny; in Mythic Heroes, that character is Lucifer. So, even before you start playing, you will listen to his name from every Mythic Heroes fan.

There are many reasons why Lucifer is considered one of the best heroes in Mythic Heroes. Firstly, let’s not forget how cool Lucifer looks. His armour and accessories are captivating. Moreover, he is a beast in the game and is commonly played as the primary carry. Finally, his weapon grants his Fallen Flame skill up to 60% life steal.

As a fallen angel, he removes any debuff that his opponents have applied to him when utilizing his fallen star talent. In addition, the weapon’s stats favour critical hits and life-steal strikes at the expense of defense and Health. One active and two passive items make up his kit. His initial passive causes him to slice a target and deal up to 230 percent damage twice per two auto attacks

Rarity Ultra Rare
Class Physical / Fighter
Faction Luminarch / Shadowarch


Izanami is an S Tier hero in the Mythical Heroes Tier List Loki. As her ranks rise, her talents become more savage. She belongs to an S tier because her exceptional skills render her unbeatable. Additionally, she can defeat an enemy while contributing to much more enjoyable gameplay because she is attractive and powerful.

Though Izanami might not do good against bosses without a support class, you might need a healer while fighting bosses with Izanami. Before the new update, Iza could easily take down five enemies on her own.

Nevertheless, she is still the most robust DPS dealer in Mythic Heroes and is a staple player on almost everyone’s team. She is above average in all categories, including PVE, PVP, and boss fights.

Izanami’s weapon allows her ultimate move to deal 48%, 32%, or 16% extra damage when there are one to three enemies on the battlefield and grants her a Spector impact skill. This skill allows her to collect one extra wandering ghost soul. Moreover, her weapon’s stats are biased towards crit damage and attack while also forsaking the crit.

Not to forget, Izanami’s kit is also exceptionally dope. Having her on your team is like a cheat to progressing the game and climbing ranks faster. You should have your entire focus on upgrading her and learning how to use her. She is an excellent asset to your team.

Rarity SSR
Class Magical / Fighter
Faction ShadowArch

Ganjiang & Moy

Ganjiang & Moy is one of those carriers that have high def and sustainability. Firstly, give him a few upgrades, and he will become a beast. In the end game, he might lack minor damage, but that does not change the fact that he is one of your best choices.

Since Ganjiang and Moy are two different people combined to create one hero, their ultimate involves combining both souls, known as the Twin Souls. This move recovers 40 percent of max health and deals 200% damage to all enemies twice. GM can easily carry you through the early stages and the mid-game.

What is best about this move is that it can not be blocked or dodged, and the opponent will take a hit no matter what. However, you can only use it one time per battle. Nevertheless, do not forget that he is one of the most sought-after characters in Mythic Heroes.

Rarity SSR
Magical / Fighter
Faction Guardian

Other S-Tier Heroes

CassandraSSR Support Guardian
NuwaUltra RareSupport Guardian / Verdian
SusanooSSRPhysical FighterLuminarch
Tamamo no MaeSSRMagical FighterVerdian
TyphonUltra Rare TankShadowarch / Verdian

A Tier

Good Mythic Heroes Characters
Good Mythic Heroes Characters

A Tier contains decent powerful heroes from IDLE RPG Mythic Heroes. They have good stats and are considered better than average. Moreover, they have good animations and are attractive to the eyes. So you can always show off some good characters to your gaming friends. Moreover, A Tier heroes do exceptionally well in their roles and are very strong in PVE and PVP battles.

However, they might have a few flaws because they are in our A Tier and not in our S Tier. Nevertheless, these flaws are minor, and you can ignore them as they will not cause much trouble. They are the best character to get and farm for S-Tier gods or mortals.

You should not ignore these heroes as they will help you quickly progress the game. They are a crucial part of the game; you must have them on your official team. Below are all the characters that rank A in this Mythic Heroes Tier List SSR.

We have also given reasons for a specific character in our A Tier. Make sure to read thoroughly, and do not forget to let us know what you think about our ranking of Mythic Heroes characters in the comments section at the bottom.


Hela is one of those underrated Mythic Heroes characters that never really got a chance to shine due to some other powerful heroes. While it is true that few other healers like Cassandra overshadow Hela, it is also true that Hela is a decent healer. The only reason people do not use Hela often is that one of the healers in the game can give more benefits to the team than Hela with lesser effort.

However, I believe Hela should not be ignored as she is a fantastic boost to one’s team. While using her to support your primary DPS dealer, you can easily carry minibosses with little to no trouble. Her kit is also decent, and her skills are helpful to the team. However, one thing that makes Hela undesirable is that she is hard to master.

Learning to play with her might take a toll on you as her moves are a bit complicated, and it is crucial to learn when to use a specific ability. Of course, having no idea of when you should be using your skills is more of the player’s fault rather than the hero’s, but people like to blame others rather than accept their mistakes.

Rarity SSR
Class Support
Faction Shadowarch


Idun is a pretty lady with beauty and a brain. She is a decent healer and can boost your team efficiently. She grows a tree with golden apples using her ultimate move, Tree of Life.

Idun calls the Tree of Youth. All ally Heroes receive these Golden Apples, restoring 25 Energy and regenerating Health equivalent to 35% of Idun’s Attack every second for six seconds.

Idun possesses excellent energy regeneration and Area Of Effect healing. She will constantly replenish your units. She lags behind since she cannot mitigate damage, which could result in some team members being one-shot. All the healing will not matter if they pass away. She is an S Tier during mid and PVP battles. However, she sucks at early games and boss fights.

Rarity Support
Class SSR
Faction Verdian


Lilith is a decent hero, but he does not have any extraordinary skills. Since he comes from two different factions, he switches his mask often. For example, Lilith wears a human mask when there are more allies from the Guardian faction instead of Shadowarch.

On the other hand, if there are more Shadow Arch allies, he switches to a demon mask. The mask does not matter and represents the faction he is fighting for; some abilities change. For example, with her ultimate attack, she can deliver one enemy 550 percent damage while wearing a human mask.

If the target is slain, all other foes will take the additional damage (damage ignores enemies’ Defense). She inflicts 325 percent damage on all foes while wearing the demon mask. A random adversary will take an extra 325 percent damage if no targets are slain. Her other Active skill, Shadow Lighting, is also great.

When Lilith dons a human mask, she transforms into a shadow and attacks a single foe with three waves of 100% damage; when she dons a demon mask, she teleports between three foes and inflicts 150% damage on each of them. She is overall excellent but straightforward to counter. Therefore, we have decided to put her in the A Tier of our tier list.

Rarity UR
Class Magical Fighter
Faction ShadowArch / Guardian

Other A Tier Heroes

IsetUltra Rare SupportVerdian / Luminarch
ArtemisSSRPhysical FighterLuminarch
FloraSSRMagical FighterVerdian
ArchimedesSSRMagical FighterVerdian
AthenaSSR TankLuminarch
Naga KanyaSSRSupportVerdian
PersephoneSSRPhysical FighterShadowarch
ZeusSSRMagical Fighter Luminarch
AmaterasuUltra RareMagical FighterLuminarch / Guardian
OdinSSR TankLuminarch
LokiSSRPhysical FighterShadowarch

B Tier

Average Heroes
Average Heroes

B Tier stands to have an average performance rating in the game and perform better than the worst stands in the IDLE RPG game Mythic Heroes. They are not bad, but they are also nothing special. It would be best to use these heroes to help in farming an S Tier hero or an A Tier hero. Nevertheless, they still have enormous potential to help your game progress.

These characters may possess some excellent fighting techniques and exciting capabilities. Still, they may not stack up well against S Tier or A Tier heroes of our IDLE RPG Mythic Heroes Tier List Hela. As a result, they might not always be the best option and can cause significant damage if you are not careful while using them.

However, the B Tier heroes or gods may still be helpful to your team throughout the game. They are not necessarily awful because they have some positive traits, but B Tier characters are in this tier because they fall short in some crucial respects. Finally, let us look at all the heroes with a B rank.

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Oberon’s kit makes him a fantastic scaler. Tanks without damage reduction scale quite poorly in any of the IDLE RPG games. Dodging is the most effective kind of “tanking” skill. Upon using his ultimate move, Oberon gains a 75 percent dodge increase, reflect damage, a “teleport,” and a full 3 seconds of immunity, taking no damage or CC. His ultimate is superb for PVE.

Due to his maximum percent HP damage from actual damage and energy removal, he scales well in terms of damage. Since they are renewed after each skill, this skill has no cooldowns. He is adaptable regarding the set you wish to use him in. If you use Yasakani+Air on him, he can continuously benefit from the immunity.

He turns into a carry if you run him with Chakra and Thunder. When combined with maximum HP damage, his undodgeable assaults from his divinity are incredible. He truly rises to the top tier of units after the buffs, especially in the late game. Oberson is a B-rank character.

Rarity SSR
Class Physical Fighter
Faction Verdian


Thor is a well-balanced hero with mediocre stats. He plays well in all situations but would need some support from other team members. Whether it is early-game, mid-game, end-game, boss fights, PVP, or PVE, he plays decently and does considerable harm. However, his stats are pretty mediocre, and his abilities are also okay.

In this IDLE RPG, Thor, the God of Thunder, serves as a tank. He can deliver damage, cast debuffs, and shield protection to other team members. Stun is a sort of control that Thor possesses. His ultimate deals AoE damage-type and transforms into a strong hero who vanquishes foes. Additionally, Thor’s abilities are skewed toward damaging and slowing down the enemy’s attack speed.

He is a tank with Hercules-level talents, making him weaker than Athena. However, he is still an excellent unit when you can not use the other characters. The best ruins to use for him are Earth and Air runes. His artifacts are Scarab Badge, Thor’s Hammer, and Aegis Shield.

Rarity SSR
Class Tank
Faction Luminarch


Hercules kit sounds fantastic on paper, but there are lots of issues. Let’s begin with his positive attributes. Hercules’ ultimate attack causes him to leap into the air before striking the ground with his weapon. This attack deals 240 percent damage to adjacent enemies and causes them to fly into the air.

After landing, they have a brief period of stunningness, and their attack is decreased by 20% for 8s. He has decent abilities. Therefore, our team decided to put Hercules in the B Tier.

His ultimate is effective to frighten away your opponents and support your squad. Hercules’ passive talent, Sword Storm, gives him a 25% chance to use a counterattack that delivers 75% damage to adjacent opponents after taking damage. After that, for 3 seconds, he also restores 1.5 per cent of his maximum Health.

Using a provoke, followed by damage absorption of 50% or more, and further mitigation to allow him to tank and deal damage after performing enough counterattack. Unfortunately, Hercules sucks in the late game and dies since his damage reduction after using provoke does not work due to a bug. He is only good under certain circumstances.

Rarity SSR
Class Tank
Faction Guardian


Anubis had more authority than Hades and was responsible for selecting who should and shouldn’t enter the afterlife. Mummies that Anubis summons can divert an opponent. Anubis receives less damage as a result of these mummies. On the other hand, you can work successfully with Anubis if you have the correct support unit. Anubis is a decent tank, so to speak.

His final attack raises his health level. His active abilities call up mummies to defend and wage war. If you encounter foes in the Campaign who do a lot of critical damage, Anubis will progressively deal with it by decreasing critical chance and damage. He also uses the life force that his mummies take.

Rarity SSR
Class Tank
Faction Luminarch

C Tier

Below-Average Heroes
Below-Average Heroes

The C Tier contains below-average mortals or gods who have nothing special in them at all. Also, their stats are lackluster and have many visible and prominent flaws. These flaws of C Tier Mythic Heroes’ characters can take down your entire team, and you should avoid using C Tier gods.

There are a few advantages of our C Tier characters. Firstly, they are perfect for a beginner who has just started playing the game. Moreover, because they are good at the beginning of the game, they help you progress farther to mid-game. Unfortunately, they become utterly useless after mid-game, and you will be left with no choice but to throw them on your trash list.

Nevertheless, these gods and mortals are not the worst ones in Mythic Heroes and are relatively better than the ones in D Tier. Below we have given the list of all C Tier characters and the reasons they lie in this tier.


Anubis and Hades are both terrible taunters. They manage to live and cause damage, but that’s mainly it. His ascendancy level is too low to be practical, given how things now stand.

A tank may help draw the enemy’s attention depending on where they are in your formation. Your other Heroes will have the chance to attack someone who might be simpler to take out while taking damage from an adversary.

This ability also allows Hades to concentrate on eliminating whoever is still on the battlefield. Hades has no effects or buffs from which the other party members will gain. His ultimate ability, which can kill adversaries with dangerously low HP, allows him to continue to do his job incredibly successfully.

Rarity SSR
Class Tank
Faction ShadowArch


Medusa is another C Tie r hero in our ranking list of Mythic Heroes. She is below average and does not have any skill that makes her stand out. Many other heroes play better than Medusa. Therefore, using other heroes is better than wasting your time on Medusa. Unfortunately, her stats are also terrible, and she does not play well in the game.

Moreover, her ultimate move consumes too much mana and does not even cause enough damage. Not to forget that it also has a long cooldown time. So, it is time to change your mind if you are trying to use Medusa as your official tank.

However, Medusa does play well in certain circumstances, but creating g situations where Medusa plays well is hard too. Therefore, just leave Medusa and focus on your S Tier characters.

Rarity SSR
Class Physical Fighter
Faction ShadowArch

Other C Tier Heroes

Lu BuSSRPhysical FighterGuardian
EosSRMagical FighterLuminarch
HodurSRPhysical FighterShadowarch
YukionaSRPhysical FighterShadowarch
DraculaSRMagical FighterShadowarch

D Tier

Mythic Heroes Tier List
Worst Mythic Heroes Characters

Finally, we have reached our last tier in this Mythic Heroes Tier List Amaterasu. The characters in this tier are the worst ones in the entire game. They have nothing good about them except very little one or two positive aspects, which can be easily ignored. They are so disadvantageous to your team that you should avoid using them at all costs.

If you play the game, you will understand why I gave these heroes a D. These Mythic Heroes’ characters are subpar and filled with defects. D Tier units are rarely a wise decision.

They might, however, later receive a fresh update that buffs them. These heroes are rarely played skillfully or carefully. They are attractive for a split second but ultimately useless.

However, we know that everyone has a unique perspective, play style, and values. Therefore these characters’ ranks may vary. Nonetheless, we tried to compile our tier list as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the characters below will fail your team.


Since we are on the D Tier, many of you would have already guessed that Dionysus will be here. While Dionysus is a must-have unit for bosses, it is no news that he will get stuck in the Campaign.

Also, he is not a hero you should take in a PVP match, for he will guarantee your defeat. Finally, since he does not do good in either early, late, or mid-game, people avoid using Dionysus and are not big fans of him.

Rarity SSR
Class Support
Faction Luminarch


Gaia is the worst in her role, and everyone else is better than him. This character in Mythic Heroes has a difficult time initially because she doesn’t do much in early games. However, as you unlock her 300th level on the weapon, she also gains AOE stuns.

Her ultimate slows down enemy attacks and effectively temporarily stuns the entire squad. She gives her team a lot of breathing room when she pulls her ultimate off. Additionally, she can maintain herself when CC with the weapon’s physical resistance.

Rarity SSR
Class Tank
Faction Verdian

Joan of Arc

One thing we all need to remember is that these characters are worst compared to other heroes in the game. However, they are not the worst characters in all games. Neither are they characters that suck entirely. They have some advantages of them, but mostly there are disadvantages.

Joan of Arc is terrible in PVE from early to late game. After that, though, she can work in boss fights and PVP. She is not better than other heroes at boss fights and PVP, but you can make use of her nevertheless.

Rarity SSR
Class Support
Faction Guardian

Tier List’s Methodology

Our tier list consists of 5 levels, the S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier, ranking all characters from best to worst. Our S Tier contains high-ranking characters with immense strength and high intellect. Hence, these characters are the most worthy of being on your team and are your most valuable asset to winning and climbing the ranks.

Next, Tier heroes are also super good. However, they fall behind S Tier ones by a little distance. Unlike S Tier characters, the A Tier characters are not perfect and have a few flaws. Nevertheless, these flaws are minor and can be ignored. The characters in B Tier are, at best, passable; they straddle the line between positive and negative.

Finally, we have the undesirable C and D categories. Every player should avoid farming for and improving these mythical heroes because C and D Tier characters have subpar specs. The worst heroes in all Mythic Heroes are found in the D Tier. Try obtaining units from a C or B Tier rather than dragging your D Tier characters for a decent start, even if you are a rookie.

There is a way to employ them, though, if you cannot use any other heroes. In any scenario, it would be better for players of any level to strive for gods or mortals of B or higher rank. You will save time and prevent gem and money waste with this approach.

Mythic Heroes  Comparison Table

LuciferSUltra RarePhysical / FighterLuminarch / Shadowarch
Ganjiang & MoySSSRMagical / FighterGuardian
IzanamiSSSRMagical / FighterShadowArch
LilithAURMagical FighterShadowArch / Guardian
OberonBSSRPhysical FighterVerdian
MedusaCSSRPhysical FighterShadowArch
Joan of ArcDSSRSupportGuardian

Patch Note: Version 1.17.0

  • The additional entry cost for Clash of Heroes is removed.
  • You can now enter the Clash of Heroes event through Ragnarok.
  • The game file size is reduced by approximately 200 MB.
  • In this version, they have added a “Skip Animation” button for collecting rewards

Wrapping It Up

Finally, we have covered the rankings of every character of our tier list. To conclude, we gave basic information about Mythic Heroes IDLE RPG Android game and then explained our tier list’s methodology. After that, we ranked each Mythic Heroes character based on our experience and research.

Additionally, after conducting extensive research, we did our best to rate each character unit as accurately as we could. Please let us know in the comments section below if there is any unit that we might have forgotten. Remember to tell us your thoughts on our tier list and how much you agree with it.

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