Dislyte Tier List: Meta Espers Ranked

Players of the gacha game, hello there. Greetings and welcome back to another tier list. As a result, we received several requests from visitors to our website asking us to publish this Dislyte tier list for August. Where should I place the Espers who are causing havoc in the current meta? This is a six-star ranking of importance.

A t er list is there. However, many of you are incorrect. As seen by the previous Esper tier list comments, many of you believe that a low rating indicates a lack of quality. That’s a blatant lie, according to my tier rankings.

You must realize that just because an Esper is given a low rating does not automatically imply that they are terrible. Getting a six-star or boosting their talents isn’t a high priority. It doesn’t mean that they’re awful, only that they’re different.

It’s only that they don’t need such figures quickly since they are aware of the stats. Priority Tier 6 is all about whether or not the Esper requires stats. You may condense this into a few sentences. To do more damage as a DPS Esper, you’ll need a higher number of attack and defense attributes.

In contrast, if you’re a support Esper, you may not need as many stats as you think since your high HP will ensure your survival. The vast majority of the time, support functions as a five-star product. This Dislyte tier list 2022 should have been more apparent by now.

As a result, let’s get right to it, shall we? Many of you reading this post and visiting our website are already familiar with the game Dislyte. As a result of the rise in popularity of the gacha genre, I’d like to respond to the question: What does Dislyte entail?

Is this your first time playing the game, or are you familiar with it but haven’t yet tried it by yourself? This game has likely enthralled some of your pals, and they won’t stop talking about it. They also want you to join in, or maybe you’ve been trying to get your pals to play Dislyte for a long time and have been unsuccessful.

To anyone it may concern, this Dislyte Tier List will serve as an excellent resource for those interested in learning more about the game’s strengths and flaws and the many powerful Espers it contains.

Reasons You Must Try Dislyte

Why has Dislyte just become one of my favorite mobile games? Dislyte, a gacha game based on mythology and urban music culture, is a one-of-a-kind experience. It has rapidly become one of my favorite gacha games of the year, and I will explain why.

This is even though I’m not a fan of idle/incremental games, especially ones with gacha aspects. For some reason, it’s difficult for me to remain with games like that, whether because I find them tedious or because I require more of a particular mechanism that many games don’t concentrate on.

Mobile games are no exception, and even though many of them have a lousy translation or a clumsy user interface that immediately turns me off, I’ve nevertheless given several a go. When it comes to mobile games, I can probably count the number of titles like Dislyte I’ve stayed loyal to on the one hand over the years.

Dislyte didn’t have much of an appeal to me at first because of its content, and I just learned about it via the Genshin Impact community. My interest in Genshin was partly due to the lack of variety in the character designs.

Still, Dislyte’s drawings were plastered all over the internet as proof that the company could do better if it wanted to improve its efforts. Aft r playing Dislyte, you’ll be hooked — the graphics and animation are stunning, and the game’s presentation is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

The e are many other aspects of its visual design that I haven’t spoken about yet: character design is one of them, but it’s not the only one. If you are a music fan, cyberpunk, and turn-based RPG, you should certainly play this game.

Espers & Their Gameplay

A new game from Lilithgames, Dislyte, has recently been published that features an entirely different design and playstyle that will satisfy even the most jaded gamers. The world ends abruptly in Dislyte. Because of the collision between the past and the future, a slew of strange monsters will be able to infiltrate and wreak havoc on our peaceful society. However, this is not permitted by the gods.

Throughout history, the most aristocratic individuals, known as Espers, have been granted supernatural authority by several cultures, including Greek, European, Egyptian, Chinese, and others. It is up to the deity who bestows their power on an Esper to determine their unique traits, talents, strengths, and weaknesses.

Players may assemble their teams of heroes and Espers to take against the game’s mysterious foes in the game. As a result of the Miracle’s appearance in the world, a group of humans known as Espers gained divine power.

The Esper Union and the Shadow Decree are two organizations in the Dislyte world tasked with unraveling the enigma of Miracle, and their perspectives on it are opposed.

Some people, known as Wanderers, don’t fit into these categories and instead follow their sense of morality as they travel. It’s simple to see why this game is of such high quality, as Lilithgames has produced some of the most popular games in the business.

There aren’t many other mobile RPGs with a cyberpunk setting like Dislyte, and this is particularly true with turn-based games. For those who appreciate turn-based hero collection games differently, the game’s funky-themed music is a bonus.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this game is the abundance of soundtracks, which allows you to create an unlimited playlist of beautiful music to enjoy as you play, making it much less monotonous than a typical gacha game.

Dislyte Tier List Methodology

Dislyte Tier List Ranking Procedure
Dislyte Tier List Methodology

Based on the current meta and the premise that all players are equal in terms of skill, this tier list may be summarised as follows: Espers are ranked by how well their movesets, traits, and strategies compare to those of all other Espers in a competitive setting. As you may expect, there are a plethora of options.

This is not an easy task, given the numerous factors involved. As difficult as it is to evaluate all this information, we can do our best. In the end, the stronger Esper will win over the weaker ones.

If the Esper you use is low quality, it’s not the end of the world. It’s impossible to have a consistent list of tiers. As long as people keep evolving, they will keep participating in the game. Les er Espers may now be able to overcome more powerful ones because of new strategies and plans.

By staying dedicated to the game, players may unlock hidden potential that lies just ahead of them in the Esper meta. Espers will be placed in my Dislyte tier list maker based on their playstyle and my experiences with them in the game.

On the other hand, the overall ranking of Esters on this tier list represents my opinion. I understand that Esters tier lists are arbitrary, and their organizational structure may not fully meet your expectations.

This tier list and overall Esters rating may be debated, but it cannot be criticized because of it. Dislyte Esters have been divided into four tiers: S, A, B, and C. Before we get started, I’d want to make a few clarifications: From top to bottom, I’m a fan of every Esper in this tier.

To put it another way: The top Esters significantly impact this game. Consequently, it is substantially more enticing than the lower-tier Esters. To be clear, this does not mean that I despise the lower-level esters.

Every Dislyte Ester that I like is in this tier list. Let s look at the Ester and see which are the best and worst in the game. Have some popcorn prepared since this trip will be lengthy, but it will be well worth it.

I use this tier list as my trump card when I disagree with someone’s point of view and think I have a strong case for doing so. However, this tier list was primarily agreed upon, even if my opinion prevailed.

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S Tier

The Broken Espers in the Game's Current Meta
The Broken Espers in the Game’s Current Meta

So, obviously, the S tier ranks the Espers that deserve the six-star very early on. Like basically, when you start the game, if you have an S rank Esper over here, that is one of you Espers that you want to raise to six stars immediately or as soon as possible.

The S rank, at the top of this list, is often interpreted as “superb” or “super.” A favorite among Dislyte fans, this tier of Espers has powerful Espers with well-rounded movesets, potent primary abilities, high damage output, and high tankiness.

Four Espers are included in this tier list to help maintain the current metagame. S Tier has access to the best because of what it does. Do not hesitate to try them since they are worth the effort. These Espers received significant buffs in the most recent patch. You may benefit from using these Espers in your games. The more you play, the better you become at it. Everything at the lower tiers is built around different factors.

Gabrielle (Njord)

An esper with five stars in Wind Support in Dislyte is Gabrielle (Njord). Once you fuse Gabrielle, your team will gain a powerful ally in the form of a powerful support unit. The key to this fight is her third talent, which does damage in an AoE area while also buffing the defense and immunity of teammates within range (after Ascension).

Protecting your team from debuffs necessitates the use of an immunity buff. Fighting large, powerful bosses, a defense buff comes in handy. Her skill 2 is likewise an AoE attack and has a 50% chance of causing a defensive breach when fully trained.

Tyranny of Zeus is a good choice for crowd control since she has two AoE strikes. Being as quick as feasible is desirable since her skill increases with speed. If you want her to help your team while debuffing the enemy, you want her to be first in line to act. Despite her flaws, she is still a viable option even amid the Kronos invasion.

Her versatility extends to Apep and Fafnir, as well. In addition to her debuffs, her immunity and defensive bonuses will come in helpful in other challenging content. She is a must-have for all F2P players that want to advance swiftly in the game.

With Gabrielle’s support, you’ll be able to go through the game with ease. As a result of Gabrielle’s abilities, the opposing team’s defense and attack debuffs will be reduced, and the team’s espers will be immune to attack.

Because of her talent that offers immunity, she can easily counter the opposing disabler espers, and she also possesses great speed, allowing her to battle first. As a whole, Gabrielle is an excellent espionage tool. As a result, I will place him at the top of the Dislyte tier list PVP.

Sally (Sif)

Dislyte supports Esper that Sally is a legend amongst her peers. She is a very effective and versatile esper, so investing in her is worth it. Aside from healing and debuff removal, Sally’s ability to improve damage reduction and attack dramatically benefits the player’s success. Sally’s damage reduction bonus works best with a defensive team, although she may also be utilized with a DPS team.

As a dedicated “audiologist of the Union,” ally takes incredible joy in channeling the healing tunes of goddess Sif. Sally is a powerful healer Esper who can minimize opponent damage with her mighty spells.

Each buddy receives healing and a dispelling potion from Ode To Joy before their turn begins. Sally’s team’s debuffs are removed, their HP is balanced, and everyone receives an ATK UP benefit thanks to Universal. When it comes to healing, purifying, and safeguarding allies, Sally takes the cake.

In addition to healing allies at the beginning of their turn and removing a debuff, her skill 3 decreases incoming damage for all allies by 25% at maximum dexterity. All buffs are dispelled, and her second talent grants an increase in attack power.

There are no terrible side effects for your allies, thanks to this. As a result of her talent, number one, she is protected. Because her kit is so powerful, she is employed in almost every situation.

You may bring more DPS troops since she is the only healer and guardian. With her, navigating the Temporal Tower is a breeze. Heck, she’s a master at everything except Kronos. Her damage reduction and debuff removal are critical in the Temporal Tower battle.

Particular troops can counter her in PvP, primarily if you use debuffs to damage your opponents. If she is quick, you won’t have to worry about opponent debuffs with her on your squad. As a result, she will be assigned to the Dislyte tier list, the S tier.

Clara (Hera)

With her healing abilities, Clara is a vital member of Dislyte’s squad. When Clara heals with Queen’s Protection, she eliminates any debuffs from her victims and provides them immunity if none were applied in the first place.

A portion of healing that surpasses a target’s maximum health after Ascension will be converted into Shield. Hymn of Life increases the AP of all allied units while healing is restricted.

Queen’s Blessing heals the allied unit with the lowest HP while fighting an enemy. The Inferno Support esper Clara (Hera) is five stars in Dislyte. Clara, Sally’s rival for the title of the finest healer in the game, is also a formidable candidate.

On the other hand, Clara is more aggressive than Sally since she can push teammates forward and heal them with her skill 3. Her passive removes debuffs, although it’s advantageous against adversaries that only apply a few.

A lot more, and she has difficulty getting rid of them. When an ally is fully healed, she may additionally protect them from more healing. Her first ability, which may heal up to two teammates, is essential for DPS and other troops with low health.

After taking damage, she is designed to help her friends advance by pushing AP and healing them. She has to be constructed quickly, but she doesn’t necessarily have to go first.

As a result, she’s a strong performer in both PvE and PvP. She is among the few healers with practical AP-pushing ability. On the other hand, she’s outstanding in countering Apep. Therefore, I will position her in the S tier of the Dislyte tier list reroll.

Lucas (Apollo)

Lucas is one of the greatest disabler espers in Dislyte, having a wealth of stuns and dispels and the ability to steal opponent AP, which is incredibly valuable. Although he is beneficial in all game types, Point War is where Lucas shines for me.

The problem with getting Lucas is that you have to finish all 100 floors of the Spatial Tower to do so. A forward-thinking young person ready to have a favorable effect on the lives of his comrades, akin to a patron deity, Lucas in Dislyte possesses extraordinary disabling abilities.

Pillar of Light inflicts a multi-pronged assault on adversaries, with each blow having a chance to remove one buff from the target and lower AP. Lucas’ The Blessing of Phobos deals 1 round of Stun damage with a high probability to all enemies.

Apollo receives some AP with each target that is startled. If Lucas’ Lightpulse delivers a Crit, his AP will somewhat increase. Using skill 2, he can put adversaries to sleep and receive experience points simultaneously. Skill 3 removes bonuses and may diminish AP.

Even though he has immunity, he has no trouble dealing with them. Because of his excellent base speed and the frequency with which he uses his talent 1, he is always on the go. The Tyranny of Zeus set is powerful on him, and if utilized with Temporal Tower or Cube Miracle, it can be a significant game changer in brutal fights. The only negative to him is if you want to develop him with some damage. A substantial subset of stats is required.

However, even without damage, he works well and is utilized throughout most content save for Apep and Fafnir. His finest companions are any other AP boosters who can ensure he moves next ahead of the squad.

He gets along nicely with a few others, like Unas and Fabrice. Below is a damage build by Kovian that utilizes Lucas and Sanders to 2 men Kronos. It requires excellent relics to achieve this. As a result, I’m giving him a place in the Dislyte tier list, the S tier.

A Tier

Prominent Espers in the Game's Current Meta
The Prominent Espers in the Game’s Current Meta

Dislyte tier list PVP Espers are placed in the A-tier, which is above average, with the same affection as the top Espers in the tier list. Several of the Espers in this tier may be deemed S-tier by some fans, given the arbitrary nature of this classification.

Authenticity is conveyed. There isn’t an Esper in this ranking that I don’t like. For this tier list, I’ve broken them down into several categories. One tier down.

In terms of reliability, these Espers are balanced and trouble-free. Only one or two at a time, and not both at the same time. They are particularly good at either doing damage or serving as a tank. When I describe some of the other Espers, you’ll better understand what they’re used for.

Unas (Shu)

Unas is a quick-moving support Esper who can provide significant Immunity and AP advantages to the whole squad. If no movement-disabling debuffs are in place, Unas gives his allies immunity for one round at the end of his turn.

All adversaries attacked by Unas’ Gale Force take additional damage dependent on his SPD rating, and the attack power of the whole team is increased as a result. Dislyte’s famous Esper Unas is a formidable opponent in the Point War. Unas’s third talent, with its high team AP and high base SPD, gives him tremendous power.

In Point War, Unas initially gives your side the benefit of going on the offensive, but he’s an asset in every Dislyte game variation. This means that you should hurry up and get Unas. The earth awaits Shu’s noble healer’s healing breezes. As support, Esper, Unas in Dislyte can provide the whole team with tremendous immunity and AP boosts.

Unas grants 1 round of immunity to allies if he is not presently affected by any movement-disabling debuffs. It is a devastating attack that hits all enemies, doing extra damage based on Unas’ SPD rating and increasing the AP of the whole team.

A formidable team may be formed by combining Unas with other strong espers. As long as he’s designed for speed, having this man guarantees you’ll always be first. When the adversary is within range of his passive ability, he gains haste stacks.

As a result, if the opponent takes a lot of turns, he will finally cut in. Because of his passive and skill three abilities, this character is quite valuable. Therefore, I will place him in the A tier of the Dislyte tier list.

Ahmed (Geb)

Reliable like the ground itself, Ahmed employs the powers of Geb to cure others around him. Ahmed is a support Esper who can regularly heal allies and improve their ATK. Prelude To Life deals three blows to an adversary. Each strike heals an ally. World Stage delivers a single-target heal ten times, decreasing allied Espers’ ability cooldowns. Ahmed’s primary power is Harmonics, hot ones.

The ally with the lowest HP percent is automatically healed each time Ahmed uses an active healing ability. It recovers the victim’s max HP threshold and provides one stack of Supporting Song that enhances their ATK; if the target is below 50 percent HP, it grants one extra attack of Supporting Song. Before Ahmed may heal the patient, Ahmed must first eliminate the target’s Diseased effects. Ahmed (Geb) is a five stars Wind Support esper in Dislyte.

Ahmed is more of an attacking version of Clara and excels in protracted bouts thanks to his passive supporting Song. His passive may reverse the impact of max HP ceiling decrease effects, making him particularly beneficial versus Fafnir and espers like Luo Yan and Hyde. He has three hits on his skill 1, which helps destroy the Shield of Fafnir. If your ally is frozen and the max Hp ceiling is imposed, he will erase it over time.

In addition, he will remove the anti-heal debuff, making it easier for your friend to survive. His healing always targets teammates with the lowest HP. Therefore you cannot decide who to heal.

Skills that raise or decrease cooldown do not affect his ability to heal the whole team and lower everyone’s cooldown by one round. This is helpful, particularly for friends with minimal skill cooldowns, since it will allow them to spam their talent more frequently.

The sword avatar set is quite beneficial to him since when he counters, he will heal an ally and lessen the max HP ceiling penalty if they have it. Ahmed is a mainstay of Fafnir.

He has three hits on skill one, and because his skill 3 has a lengthy cooldown, he will utilize skill one most of the time. Ahmed reverts Fafnir’s maximum HP ceiling penalty. As a result, it will be assigned to the Dislyte tier list 2022, the A tier.

Lin Xiao (White Tiger)

The beneficent White Tiger was naturally attracted to Lin Xiao, a well-respected character among Espers. In combat with opponent disabler espers, Catherine excels as Dislyte support. What makes her remarkable is that in her turn, she will remove one debuff from all her friends, which is highly important. Because she does not perform well in other Dislyte game types, most players will employ her for Point War.

The benevolent White Tiger naturally attracted Lin Xiao, a well-known Esper. Dislyte’s Lin Xiao is a nuker DPS with a slew of methods to up her C. Lin Xiao receives several Tiger Roar bonuses from using Light of the Tiger to damage the whole opposing team.

A critical attack with Whiplash will result in an extra Bleed debuff. Lin Xiao (White Tiger) is a four stars Shimmer Fighter esper in Dislyte.  One of the most outstanding units in the game, even if she is a “4 star”.

Due to her multipliers, she is a potent single-target DPS even when not affected by debuffs. There is no elemental disadvantage for her. Hence there will be no misses. Her skill three is packed with a defensive break and speed decrease. Skill 2 can land up to 4 bleed stacks.

Skill 1 may impede opponent healing. She is too excellent in terms of usefulness with so many debuffs. Many other single-target attackers don’t have the same value as her regarding all three talents.

Once you draw her, she can be utilized in both PvE and PvP content, giving her the greatest bang for your cash. Kronos gets simple if she is the primary attacker. In addition, she doesn’t need a crit rate since Tiger’s Roar provides her strikes with a permanent 100 percent crit for three rounds. Regarding relics, she may concentrate on doing crit damage and gaining as many attacks as possible. Speed on her is a plus. As a result, she will be included in the Dislyte tier list at the A tier.

Li Ling (Nezha)

The beneficent White Tiger was naturally attracted to Lin Xiao, a well-respected character among Espers. In combat with opponent disabler espers, Catherine excels as Dislyte support. What makes her remarkable is that in her turn, she will remove one debuff from all her friends, which is highly important. Because she does not perform well in other Dislyte game types, most players will employ her for Point War.

The benevolent White Tiger naturally attracted Lin Xiao, a well-known Esper. Dislyte’s Lin Xiao is a nuker DPS with a slew of methods to up her C. Lin Xiao receives several Tiger Roar bonuses from using Light of the Tiger to damage the whole opposing team.

A critical attack with Whiplash will result in an extra Bleed debuff. Lin Xiao (White Tiger) is a four stars Shimmer Fighter esper in Dislyte. One of the most significant units in the game, even if she is a “4 star”.

Due to her multipliers, she is a potent single-target DPS even when not affected by debuffs. There is no elemental disadvantage for her. Hence there will be no misses. Her skill three is packed with a defensive break and speed decrease. Skill 2 can land up to 4 bleed stacks.

Skill 1 may impede opponent healing. She is simply too excellent in terms of usefulness with so many debuffs. Many other single-target attackers don’t have the same value as her regarding all three talents.

Once you draw her, she can be utilized in both PvE and PvP content, giving her the greatest bang for your cash. Kronos gets simple if she is the primary attacker. In addition, she doesn’t need a crit rate since Tiger’s Roar provides her strikes with a permanent 100 percent crit for three rounds.

Regarding relics, she may concentrate on doing crit damage and gaining as many attacks as possible. Speed on her is a plus. As a result, she will be included in the Dislyte tier list and reroll at the A tier.

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B Tier

Notable Espers in the Dislyte Tier List
The Notable Espers in the Game’s Current Meta

This is not the whole tier, which is the layer below. These are slightly less potent than the A-tier Espers, but they are still extreme. The balanced tier is listed as B Tier in the Dislyte tier list. These Espers have some positive traits but a few critical flaws.

Their overall game performance is average, but they feel incomplete Espers because they either have significant damage but lack movesets or something else. You see what I mean. Every Esper below these has either worse damage or tanks. Because there are situational builds, you could also argue that the B-tier is low on the priority list.

Narmer (Ra)

Dislyte’s finest DPS esper, Narmer, may be found here. Narmer’s third talent, which does significant damage and grants the Burning Sun boost, makes him one of the game’s most powerful DPS espers.

Furthermore, he will kill any opponent team with a high defense since his Burning Sun will overlook the lovely presence of enemy protection. In Point War, he is powerful. Ra in Dislyte has seen fit to safeguard this gentleman who has committed his Life’s work to the study of the Miracles.

When given a chance to stack many “Burning Suns,” Narmer is a potent nuker who can do enormous damage in a single strike. Narmer receives one “Burning Sun” for every action he does or buff he receives, which increases the damage his Emblazoned Strike ability does. An emblazoned strike may disregard a part of the enemy’s DEF, and Narmer’s cooldown is reduced when there are enough stacked Suns.

Regarding the Inferno Fighter esper, Dislyte’s Narmer (Ra) is the best in the business. Narmer is a self-sufficient, powerful unit that may act as the team’s only attacker, eliminating the need for an attack buffer.

His initial skill steal boosts. In reality, he benefits from a roster of buffers that may stack as many different forms of boosts to build up his passive to obtain Burning Suns swiftly.

Once he reaches eight stacks, he gets to unleash a powerful AoE assault that ignores protection and cuts his skill cooldown, enabling him to use it again in 2 rounds. Cube Miracles and Temporal Tower are great places for him to apply his mechanism in PvE since there are always perks to be taken.

In addition, these forms of material need defending solid abilities. In PvP, he is mighty and can aid take on tanky defensive teams. As a result, she will be assigned to the Dislyte tier list maker B tier.

Fabrice (Freyr)

Fabrice is a support esper who will offer a lot of boost to the team’s espers. She will thrive in the bulk of the Dislyte game variants. Fabrice achieves this by delivering helpful increases like invincibility and immunity, as well as ATK UP and 100 percent AP. Each allied Esper may have up to one usage. Fabrice is a good esper who is worth having. To Fabrice’s delight, the god Freyr has bestowed upon him a boon, which he urgently intends to pass on to others.

Espirian Fabrice in Dislyte is an all-around support Esper with ATK and healing bonuses as well as invincibility and invincible resistance and AP. Fabrice’s Autumn Butterflies momentarily gives invincibility to a single ally and, more broadly, immunity to the whole squad.

When Sonata is used, the AP turn of an ally is instantly restored, and their ATK is also increased. Fabrice (Freyer) is a four stars Wind Support esper in Dislyte. Fabrice is robust support that is utilized in numerous ways.

His second talent is outstanding since he can get anybody (typically a sluggish attacker) to use their attacks immediately. This lets you develop slow nukers and leverage his AP push to take down your opponents. He may also guard a crucial ally with invincibility and offer team immunity on his skill 3.

His skill cooldowns are minimal. Therefore, an Ocean Wave set may rapidly cycle his talents if it procs. The second option is the speed set. With his ability, even the weakest health unit can be restored.

He has no other means of healing but this one that takes time. This implies that he is more of a utility healer than a pure one. Unfortunately, he doesn’t provide any benefit or debuff to his opponents.

You may fuse him if you need an immunity buffer for Kronos/Apep/Fafnir dungeon or other debuff-rich content. However, since Gabrielle is adaptable, you should try fusing her with Fabrice and re-fusing him after you’ve obtained her. As a result, he will be included on the Dislyte tier list in the middle, at the B tier.

Tiye (Nut)

With the goddess Nut’s help, Tiye has developed a talent for fantasizing, and she has the self-assurance that comes with being the “Center of the Universe.” Tiye has a knack for daydreaming, encouraged by the goddess Nut, who has bestowed her the self-assurance befitting the “Center of the Universe.” Tiye is a skilled Disabler Esper. Nightbringer’s attack power may be absorbed while she is in combat. Starstruck puts a temporary halt on all of your opponents.

After Ascension, SPD Down is applied to all opponents by this ability. The AP from all enemy targets is drained by Devouring Void and distributed equally between allies. Tiye is a skilled Disabler Esper.

While assaulting an adversary, she may absorb their AP by using Nightbringer. Starstruck grants Stun to all opponents. After Ascension, this ability additionally inflicts SPD Down to all foes. Enemies are forced to share their AP with friends as Devouring Void takes it from them all.

Tiye (Nut) is a five stars Flow Controller esper in Dislyte. Tiye is a master at controlling the pace of the fight. Her captain skill helps your team increase speed and go first.

As long as you construct her with a lot of momentum, she will always be able to go first in combat, enabling you to begin with skill 2 or 3, depending on the scenario. Skill 3 will enhance the AP of your team a bit, allowing them to cut ahead some of the opposition team to have a turn first. This is very useful in PvP.

Her skill 2 is a hard crowd control talent, lowering their speed and maybe stunning them as well. If you are running a Tyranny set, there is a greater chance of stun. Her first talent robs AP of an adversary. You will want her to be as quick as possible to make her incredibly effective. In PvE, she rocks in Temporal Tower since it nullifies a lot of threats that may wreck your squad. As a result, she will be assigned to the Dislyte tier list B tier.

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C Tier

Situational Espers in the Dislyte Tier List
The Situational Espers in the Game’s Current Meta

Even though the C tier is below average, this rating gives it almost the same importance as the other tiers. Three Espers in this group are almost carbon copies of one another.

Some of the least significant Espers are those in this group. If you already have Espers from higher tiers, I wouldn’t recommend bringing in these new ones since their power levels are so vastly different that they can’t be used as a comparison.

You’re playing a low-tier Esper does not mean you’re a fool. It’s not a personal attack since I know how comments work in this hierarchy. For me, it’s telling if you can succeed with a lower-tier Esper. You are one of the best players in the game. All Espers may be trusted in this game. However, to rise the ranks, you must put in a lot of work.

Chloe (Medea)

In Dislyte, Chloe is one of the most powerful DPS espers in the game. When battling, Chloe will apply the Buff Blocker debuff and do substantial damage to a random target. Chloe’s third talent delivers more significant damage for each buff she has on her.

Asenath and Ye Suhua, two of the most potent espers in the game, are ideal partners for her. It’s not hard to see why Medea chose Chloe to be the next ruler of Athens since she’s a brilliant woman.

Because she can steal debuffs, Chloe in Dislyte is an aggressive Esper with AoE abilities. For Fashion Sense, Chloe may use Trending and Fashion Sense to take the target’s buffs and apply them to her own. As an Inferno Fighter, Chloé (Medea) has four stars in Dislyte. When it comes to doing damage, Chloe is one of the greatest since she can be employed in just about every scenario.

To save time and effort, you won’t need to raise a lot of other DPS early on since she can cover a variety of roles. Because she can use her skills 1 and 3 to steal buffs, she may increase her DPS by using her skill 3.

With the help of other players, you may rapidly increase her damage. Her second ability, buff block, may also be used. For the most part, Fafnir does not give her a good rating due to the random hits. Fafnir’s towers may be struck by her instead.

Aside from that, she’s at a distinct disadvantage due to her body type. Otherwise, her multi-hit is handy. Since all bosses in Sonic Miracles are solo, Chloe has a lot of options when it comes to her build, allowing her to be either a full-on DPS or a buff thief and block specialist.

Because the bosses in Sonic Miracles are the only ones she can harm, she’s a lot of fun to play against. Taking Shimmerer’s boost will also make her almost indestructible. Since she is a Mediocre Esper, I’ll put her in the C tier.

Catherine (Hela)

In the face of opposing disabler espers, Catherine is tremendous Dislyte support on your team. She is unique in that she may remove one debuff from allies on her turn, which is quite helpful. Most players will employ her in Point War to get the most out of her. For Hela, the goddess of death, Catherine’s dark mind is a great match. Her ability to briefly spare teammates from death and her potent debuffs and dispels make Catherine in Dislyte prominent support for Esper.

For the duration of the “Standoff,” no teammates can be killed by Catherine’s Underworld Presence, which strikes all enemies and grants her team the “Standoff” perk. Bone Pass, her passive ability, eliminates all team debuffs and contributes a small amount of AP at the beginning of each round.

Esper Catherine’s (Hela’s) Shimmer Support rating is four stars. Even in PvP against AoE attackers, Catherine is an excellent defensive support that can save your squad from being one-shotted.

AP is increased, and one debuff from allies is absorbed, granting her friends additional turns over time. Against Apep, she may use her skill 1 to impose a hit probability debuff. In her third talent, Standoff, she applies the unique benefit that prevents anybody from dying even if they take deadly damage. Her Standoff may also avoid a lot of one-shots on your DPS troops in challenging content like Cube Miracles and Spatial/Temporal Tower.

She thrives in PvP when the other team has a lot of debuffs and AoE attacks to deal with. Your troops will be able to cut in and take a few rounds. The easiest way to ensure she doesn’t die and cast her standoff buff is by making her tanky. As a result, I’m giving her a place at the C tier of the Dislyte tier list.

Donar (Thor)

Dislyte’s legendary Esper, Donar, performs best when surrounded by other Dislyte espers with solid defense and heals. Donar’s many beneficial abilities are DEF Up, Immunity Buff, and a passive ability known as Thunder Blessing, which may be stacked to boost his defense to a whopping 100%. All Dislyte material, notably Point War, is well served by him. Donar’s confidence in his abilities convinced him to conquer all who stood in his way.

The defense may be converted into harm by Donar, a formidable Defender character. To release the power of thunder at the beginning of the following round, Donar becomes a conductor and unleashes it on all of his foes.

sing Donar’s Explosions in the Sky, an adversary is inflicted with a severe assault while gaining Immunity and Def. Donar is an excellent hybrid tank that can provide immunity and defense bonuses to teammates. While his captain talent gives friends an extra 30% defense, your whole squad is very hardy.

His second ability has the potential to significantly increase his defense while also doing a large amount of damage. To be able to use skill 3, he must have quickness. To get the most out of his defense and immunity increase, you’ll need to enhance the AP of your other troops. He’s a perfect match for a squad that’s focused on defense. Laura, Clara, Berenice, and Sally are some of his most good allies. Because of this, I’ll put him in the bottom tiers of the Dislyte tier list 2022.

Why Trust Our Ranking?

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The Final Verdict

This is the Dislyte tier list that will remain in effect until the next update, or maybe until players grasp the new Espers. Whether or not you agree with my argument, you are free to do so. Let’s pretend you’re a low-level Esper player who’s had some success. That is fantastic news for you, and I’m delighted. The fact that you’re a talented player with a bright future says something. Please let me know if my Esper placements are incorrect.

Your Esper is more vigorous or less potent than I believe it to be. Why? Please let us know what you think using the form below. However, as you can see from this tier list, every 14 Espers has my undivided attention.

We can all agree that the Dislyte Esper order I slightly changed is the correct one. Those who disagree with me may vent their frustration in the comments. Finally, we’ve concluded this tier list.

Spending time analyzing what makes an Esper stand out is one of my strong suits. I’ve chosen to create what I think to be the most thorough Dislyte tier list on the internet utilizing this ability. I selected 14 Espers from a pool of potential candidates to achieve my life goal based on my preferences for different game playstyles. I all meticulously inspected this tier list’s tiers. Please leave your comments in the space below.

It is safe to assume that you are the most knowledgeable Dislyte fan in the world if you’ve read the whole tier list. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you agree with my assessment of Espers’ relative merits. If you don’t want to, that’s perfectly okay.

Despite sharing a common interest in the Espers, we each have our unique approach to getting to know the Espers. This tier rating is based simply on my opinion of the overall power of these Esper. Thank you very much to everyone who has taken the time to review the whole tiers list.

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