TFT Meta Tier List: Best Comps Ranked [Patch 12.13b]

Hello, my fellow TFT gamers. Patch 12.13b has arrived, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the broken comps with you all. Patch 12.13b introduces several modifications to the game’s balance and a slew of new quality-of-life issues. In this TFT meta tier list, I’ll go through the latest patch and how it will affect the meta and the most robust comps, so you’ll know what to play right now in the game. Thanks for checking it out.

Recent updates have drastically altered the current state of play. The comps regarded as the greatest in the game may not perform as well as the newest patch, and recent comps will soon be found to play. Players will play new characters and develop the new meta appropriately. Teamfight Tactics is an auto battler game created and released by Riot Games. Playing online versus seven other players while making a squad, the last one standing is the goal in this Dota Auto Chess offshoot of League of Legends.

We will be going through how to play every one of the most lavish comps and determine which ones they are. The focus is on the eight expensive dragons: Shi Oh You and Sy’fen are nuts. Let’s have a look at the rules for each of these comps. As a result of the latest patch and the influx of new players brought on by each new update to Teamfight Tactics, I feel compelled to provide an answer to the question. How would you define Teamfight Tactics in the strictest sense?

Maybe you’ve heard of the game but never played it. Perhaps you have buddies enamored with this game and often speak about it. They’d want you to join them, or maybe you’ve been trying to persuade your pals to play your favorite game series for a long time. To anyone it may concern, this page is meant to provide an overview of everything this game offers and explain why it is so unique and why the champions are who they are.

Teamfight Tactics

You get Teamfight Tactics when you blend the League of Legends world with its spectacular champions, gear, and monsters with a strategy game including floating islands, cuddly penguins, and multi-dimensional travel. A round-based strategy game, TFT allows users to create their team of champions and compete for the title of the best team. Win or lose. You’ll need a well-thought-out plan to guide your efforts. Throughout the game, your goal is to develop your squad into a force to be reckoned with.

You may find champions in the store or the carousel, then place them on your board and watch them battle it out for victory. It’s possible to build a larger squad or recruit and combine champions using the gold you earn in each round. To rise to the top of the ranks, you must win fights and inflict harm on your opponents. Pay great attention to the origins and classifications of your chosen champion.

Team bonuses are gained by selecting champions from the same source or category. You need to identify the finest combos and matches to outlast your opponents. Use the goods you find on the carousel and monsters to your advantage. Combine two items to trigger a new ability or equip one to boost a champion’s stats. Your team’s full potential may be unlocked by placing the correct item on the right champion. Every time you play Teamfight Tactics, you’ll experience something new.

You can outwit your opponents in an ever-changing meta and competitive-rated battle. You can take your game to the next level with hyper roll mode. A stagnating economy allows you to concentrate on choosing the most outstanding squad possible. You’ve got nothing to lose by getting started now. Mobile and desktop versions of the game allow you to play against your friends and adversaries.

Champions in TFT

In the Teamfight Tactics game mode, champions are troops who fight in arenas to safeguard the Little Legend. In contrast to League of Legends champions, these troops have no direct influence on the battlefield after deployment. Characters from the League of Legends intellectual property may exist in several parallel worlds based on the current playable set, including the linkRuneterra Prime (Universe) Runeterra Prime universe.

Items may be bought, sold, repositioned, and equipped on champions, and champions can be upgraded. All players have access to the same collection of victors. The number of times a champion may be discovered depends on their rank. The drop rate of a champion is governed by their tier and the level of the Little Legend. With a few exceptions, most champions have a single origin and a single class. The whole squad, corresponding source, or class champions benefit from satisfying the origin or class requirements.

When a champion’s mana bar is complete, they may unleash a unique ability. Some champions don’t use mana, instead relying on a long-lasting passive effect to do their work. Except for attack modifiers, all abilities deliver magic damage. According to patch V9.15, most abilities have a cast time of 0.5 seconds or less.

Items in TFT

PvE rounds will drop extra goods that may be added to the carousel-purchased champions. Until a champion is equipped with an item, it is kept on the bench, and when a champion is sold, all of its things are moved to the bench. Champions are limited to three goods at a time.

Players must carefully consider the sequence in which they equip goods to avoid unintended combinations since Basic items will automatically merge to become Advanced items. The components of an Advanced item cannot be separated. A champion’s equipment will be removed when it is sold. Adding more than three things to a champion will result in losing the additional items.

TFT Meta Tier List Methodology

TFT Meta Tier List Criteria
TFT Meta Tier List Methodology

According to the current meta and assuming that all players are equal in ability, this tier list rates all of the comps’ predicted competitive performance in-game, assuming that all players are equal in skill. Accurate tier lists consider the effectiveness of each character’s moveset, attributes, and tactics compared to other characters in a competitive situation. There are, of course, a plethora of options.

Because there are so many variables, this will not be a simple process. We may never be able to process all this data entirely, but we can do our best. In the end, the stronger competitors will win over the weaker ones. It’s not the end of the world if your comp isn’t top-notch. A tier list will never remain static. People will continue to evolve as long as they play the game. Weaker opponents may be defeated by innovative approaches and counter-strategies that were previously deemed to be ineffective.

Players devoted to the comps will discover the latent potential of their champion’s meta. Comps are ranked in this TFT meta tier list according to their playstyle and my experience with them in the game. This tier list’s basic competitors rating is solely based on my preferences and perceptions. However, tier lists are subjective, and the competition’s structure may not meet your expectations. I realize this

The order of the tiers and the overall rating of the comparisons are up to discussion but not criticism. A, B, and C tiers have been created for Teamfight Tactics. I’d want to get this out of the way first: I’m a massive fan of every game on this tier list. Simply said, the higher-tier comps significantly influence the game, making it far more appealing than the lower-tier comps. [… ] However, this does not imply that I dislike the competition in the lower divisions.

Let’s go on and check which comps rank highest and lowest in the game. It’s going to be a long journey, so bring some popcorn. When I strongly disagree with someone’s point of view and believe there are valid grounds for doing so, I add them to this list. Although my perspective prevailed, this tier list was generally agreed upon.

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S Tier

 Broken Comps of the TFT Meta Tier List
The Broken Comps of the TFT Meta Tier List

The first tier of this tier list is designated by the letter “S,” which stands for “superb” or “super,” respectively. It holds the top spot. All of the comps in this section of the TFT meta tier list have amazing movesets, primary abilities, damage, and tankiness. I must say S-tier comps are much better this patch than everything else.

These are the comps that are super broken in the recent patch. If you use these comps in your games, you will have the upper hand against your opponents. Try to play those as much as possible. Everything else in the lower tier is all situational.

Sy’Fen Whispers

Bruisers and Sy’fen form the core of this team, with a powerful frontline of Whispers to back them up. A great late-game Whispers unit, the Assassin Pyke may also serve as a backup carry. A great synergy exists between playing these Whispers troops since Pyke is inherently an Assassin who can dispatch any targets you primarily carry Sy’fen rushes through. Bloodthirster and other high-Attack Damage items may be used to force this in most games.

If you can locate Sy’Fen, flexing into him is a simple process. An early game Bruiser start with early game carry on the backline would be excellent. Skarner and Shen in the front, Nidalee as item-holder for Sy’fen later, and Gnar in the rear would make for a solid start. Units like Sylas and Illaoi become accessible to you in the midgame.

You’ll have a solid frontline to support your early-game carry, Nidalee, and keep the battle at a standstill. Ensure you’re primary carry Sy’fen is always on the frontline’s far left or right hex while setting up this setup. Consequently, when our Dragon uses an ability, it usually hits as many troops as feasible. Put an Assassin Emblem on Sy’fen if you find one, and then run 6 Whispers + 4 Assassin with Talon as an additional weapon. Consequently, I will place it in the S tier of the TFT meta tier list.

Mage Asol 

Ever since the new batch update 12.14, this composition has been widely used by players for the team set 7 in TFT meta, thus making it one of the best comps in our tier list.  In truth, you won’t get a Mage Spatula in every game. However, if you do get one you should consider using the Mage Asol composition. You will get two black holes with every cast by using Mage Bonus on the Aurelian Soul, thus the team damage will increase in every turn.

The TFT meta comp is the best starter and early game team comp in our tier list if you are using mage. Use Tristana to activate Nomsy using a Trainer. However, if you are lucky enough to see a Lulu copy, use her instead of Tristana to activate Mystic. You can also extend this team comp by using seven mages, thus making it one of the best end-game TFT meta comp in our tier list.

Venomous Bites 

Another team comp released in the patch update 12.14 that is considered the best for set 7  is the Venomous Bites in the TFT meta.  The comp will bite down the enemy boards using two of your Whispers carries called Sy’fen and Elise. Furthermore, the frontline is considerably strong as it uses Neeko as the second shapeshifter. They act as a support to help the main carry Elise as she jumps from one dead enemy to another.  

We recommend you go for the Venomous Bites comp when you have several offensive components as they will help you create the Attack Damage items like the Bloodthirster and even Quicksilver! Also, Elise is a 3-cost unit, making her very easy to obtain. This TFT meta team comp is undoubtedly the easiest and most effective for set 7 in our tier list. 

Tri-Force Reroll 

The comp will use Tri Force augment that will buff up your entire team. Tri-Force Reroll comp uses several 3-cost units. We will be using two main carries in the comp Sylas and Varus which are three stars. The other 3 cost units in the team are Nami and Illaoi. 

Most of the Attack Damage items will go towards Varsus. Moreover, all the defensive items will go to Sylas. Nami will get Mana items or Ability Powers if any. The comp is the best one to go for in our tier list if you want 3 cost units in your TFT meta team.  

Since we are going for 3 cost units only, stay at level 7. If you are lucky enough to find a copy of Bard, don’t rush to level 8 just yet. Sylas and Varus should be your primary focus. So you will be playing Astral mostly in the TFT team.  

Astral Wizards

Varus and Illaoi, two 3-cost Astral troops, are the focus of this comp. Your backline Varus will utilize his stacking attack speed to stun and penetrate all adversaries with the help of Illaoi and her Bruiser sibling Sylas. If you’ve located one of your three-cost Astral troops in the early rounds and have many AD item components for your primary carry Varus, this is the comp for you. Playing this when you encounter Astral or Swift shot-related Augments like “Press the Attack” or “Intercosmic Gifts” is another motivation to do so.

As soon as the game begins, put your Trainer pair Heimdinger and Tristana in the back so you may start feeding Nomsy as quickly as you can. You may use Tahm Kench and Skarner as a Bruiser frontline pair. For Varus, use Tristana to handle things and one of the Bruisers for Illaoi. As you develop your squad, run your two most critical troops, Varus and Illaoi, to begin accumulating Astral 3. When you locate a duplicate of Lulu, get rid of Tristana and transfer the stuff to your primary carrier.

Activating Mage and maintaining a solid Bruiser front are both made easier with a copy of Sylas. You may begin Slow Rolling for Varus 3 after you’ve reached level 7. Make him a 3-star tank if you locate a lot of Sylas clones on your slow rolls. Astral 3 is best acquired as soon as possible. Activate Astral to hit your 3-cost carry three stars quicker if you drop a Varus, or Illaoi duplicate from the first minion round.

Corki Cannon

This is a standard 4-cost carry comp, with Corki as the central focus. Revel and Cannoneer do a lot of damage, but Idas, Sona, and Bard provide a lot of utility. The fact that Corki will take the brunt of your team’s damage means that he has to be decked out in the best gear possible. Start with Tristana and Heimerdinger to obtain a trainer, then go into this with Jinx as soon as you have a trainer. If you want to start a winning streak, level up to 4 early.

Try to extend your winning run by leveling up to five. In the game’s early stages, you may choose to preserve gold rather than risk losing a streak. No matter where you start, you can level up to 6 in Rounds 3-2. Put together the best possible squad—level 7 by Round 1. If you’re feeling shaky, take a step back and roll down. After then, you may finish your comp by saving up to level 8. To quickly add Cannoneer and Revel to your deck, you may begin the game with Trainer.

Cannoneer, for example, may be used to add extra aggression. The Trainer will be pleased to have Lulu on board. While searching for a replacement for Tahm Kench, you may want to check this option. Using the Idas’s Shimmerscale item is up to your discretion. Draven’s Axe, tank items like Idas, and AP items like Sona or Bard may all be used on Corki. Hence, I will place it in the S tier of the TFT meta tier list.

Guild Xayah

This is the strongest Xayah carry comp, with Talon as an additional carry option. Assassins or Swift shot troops may be used to transition in this matchup, which is a good option. A solid start with either an Assassin, a Ragewing, or a Swift shot unit is required for this setup. If you want to start a winning streak, level up to 4 early. Try to extend your winning run by leveling up to five. In the game’s early stages, you may choose to preserve gold rather than risk losing a streak.

No matter where you start, you can level up to 6 in Rounds 3-2. Put together the best possible squad—level 7 by Round 1. If you’re feeling shaky, take a step back and roll down. After then, you may finish your comp by saving up to level 8. Using Swift shot and Ezreal, and Twitch, you can quickly put up a strong frontline. There aren’t many valuable mid-game 3-cost troops to be found. It’s possible to bring in Bruisers, a Cavalier, or a Qiyana, but the significant surge will come when you reach a 4-cost unit like Xayah or Ornn.”

Even if Sejuani competes, you don’t have to match her with a Cavalier in the game’s early stages. Alternatively, you may employ her to get the Guild benefit for the whole squad. As with Twitch, a Swift shot like Ezreal is a good companion. With a Bard at level 9, not only will the Guild perks grow, but you’ll also be adding a costly and highly effective close-combat unit.

A Tier

Prominent Comps of the TFT Meta Tier List
The Prominent Comps of the TFT Meta Tier List

This tier includes Mages Overload, Dragon Alliance, Blue Swiftshots, and Jade Shin. So, there you have it. These comps are exceptional or equivalent to playing in a high-stakes casino. In other words, they’re still excellent but in the top four categories. TFT meta tier list in this patch has a significant disparity between the A and S tiers. However, this does not imply that they are wrong.

It’s only that the gap has become a little bigger. Getting a solid start with them makes this more situational, but if you want to mix it up, switch between these different compositions since they all employ the same things.

Mages Overload

A new generation of mages has emerged and are more potent than ever. Ryze serves as the primary Mage carrier, while Sylas is the secondary tank carrier towards the front. Your primary carry may start firing Arcane Orbs until the opposing board is cleared with the help of other powerful stand-alone troops like Ornn, Zoe, and Bard.

When you uncover an early Ao Shin, you may use this comp to your advantage by switching to that character as a new source of damage. If you’re fortunate enough to come upon an early copy of Ryze and Sylas or have a strong Mage starter, enter this competition.

Due to many low-cost mages available, forcing this competition is simple when there is no competition in your lobby. To activate Nomsy with Trainer, use the low-cost mage trio + Tristana as a good starting point for any mage competition. Activate Mystic by playing Lulu over Tristana if you find a duplicate early.

You may still have Nomsy in the forefront and reach 5 Mages at this stage. We replace Tristana with Lulu, who provides Mystic, and also bring in Ryze and Sylas, two of our most crucial Mages. You may utilize whatever item component you want in this build, whether it’s a high-damage offensive item for Ryze, a mana generation item for Sylas or an all-around solid utility item for Zoe.

This competition has a significant edge that others overlook. Ryze and Heimdinger should be sold at level 8 if you locate a copy of Ao Shin, and Ryze isn’t yet three stars. As a secondary Bruiser, we’ll be able to use this to trigger Tempest 4.

Dragon Alliance

Running this comp only makes sense if you see one of the appropriate Dragon Augments in-game. Idas, Shi Oh Yu, and Daeja are the three dragons you’ll be using, with Idas serving as your primary tank. While more expensive troops like Bard and Yasuo offer crowd control, Daeja will be your primary source of ranged damage. This is the best option if you have the Tier 2 “Dragon Alliance” or “Dragon Horde” Augment.

For this competition to work well, you must have both of these Enhancements installed to play more than one Dragon simultaneously without losing the Dragon characteristic. Because dragons are expensive troops, you must have enough cash and health to go to the end of the game and locate your three dragons. Tahm Kench’s temporary tanking for Idas and Jinx’s item holding for Daeja is made possible thanks to the Trainer Opener.

We can add Senna for Cannoneer and Lulu as a superior Trainer to this list and play any two stars you can find. Start constructing your Dragonlands as soon as you discover one of your carry Dragons and replace our item holders with it. It’s possible to squeeze in four dragons at level 8 since each Dragon takes up two slots.

Add another Dragon in Sy’fen or Shyvana for the added CC to help delay the battle for our primary carry, Daeja, if you don’t already have Yasuo or Bard. It’s possible to substitute Pyke and Ornn for Yasuo and Bard, our 5-cost troops, if you can’t locate the Dragon Daeja as your primary carrier. Ao Shin may also serve as your primary Dragon carrier if you have a lot of AP goods. So, I will place it in the A tier of the TFT meta tier list.

Olaf Reroll 

One of the best end-game team comps in TFT meta as of the patch update 12.14, is the Olaf Reroll that works amazing for set 7. The Olaf Reroll comp builds upon the Scalescorn trait. You cannot use a Dragon here, but 3-star Diana and Olaf make up for that. In order to hit your key units, slow roll at level 7 or 8. 

Therefore, only go with the comp if you have an Assassin Emblem. Make sure that you get early copies of Olaf as well. If you don’t get an Assassin Emblem, you can change the comp. In that case, the comp will be four bruisers, and Thresh and Pyke will be replaced. 

Dragonmancer Legend 

This team comp got popular after the recent patch update 12.14 of TFT meta and is the best comp for Set 7 in our tier list. To make the comp, you will need 3 Legend units. Furthermore, the comp will require you to buff Volibear using the Dragonmancer units. The comp is truly a powerful one as you will have both Ability Power Items and Attack Damage for Anivia and Volibear. 

We recommend you to make the comp if you are able to find Volibear and Anivia in the mid-game. The comp is very easy to make and you can get items that can be useful for both of them.  

Also, you can transition very easily When in the early game using ability power or attack damage items. You can use Ezreal as a carry in your early game as with him, we can use each type of item. A great item for the comp is Chalice of Power. 

Reroll Lee 

The main focus of this team comp is Lee Sin, who is one of the best Dragonamncers in our tier list for TFT as of the recent 2022 patch update 12.14. We will be using Lee Sin as the main carry here. He is undoubtedly one of the tankiest characters and is able to endure a lot of damage. Lee Sin can also heal any damage taken by using a Bloodthirster so you can expect him to last longer in battles. 

The Reroll Lee comp is undoubtedly the easiest to play in our tier list as compared to others in Set 7 and is a great comp to play with in TFT meta patch update 12.14 if you’re just starting out with Dragonmancers. We recommend that you take out Ornn soon as you hit level 8. You can drop Sett and replace him with Volibear as well. Keep the comp intact until you find Yasuo. 

Yone Reroll 

Another A-tier TFT meta team comp for Set 7 in the recent patch update 12.14 is Yone Reroll. Since the comp focuses mainly on the Yone being the main carry, the trait will be Mirage and not Warrior. The Mirage trait will differ every game. However, you will have Duelists Dexterity that will make the Yone Reroll comp end game worthy. 

Mirage units in the comp are quite flexible when it comes to itemization. Any of the defensive units can be allocated to Nunu. Additionally, AP items will go to Daeja. Anything that is left will go to Yasuo. 

The comp is perfect for the end game in TFT as it is one of the easiest to build and works well for the early game too. You will be going into mid-game with four warriors that will give you a great damage boost. Furthermore, the combination of Guardians and Bruisers will help you survive till the end of the game. We recommend you incorporate characters like Shen and Olaf. They have Warrior trait and will carry your comp to the end game in TFT meta. Furthermore, you can also use Aatrox to reach level four in Warrior. 

Blue Swiftshots

Varus and Illaoi, two 3-cost Astral troops, are the focus of this comp. Your backline Varus will utilize his stacking attack speed to shock and penetrate all adversaries while Illaoi and her Bruiser brothers keep the battle at a standstill. Additionally, you may change the team composition to include the Dragon – Sy’fen – who can use Whisper to pierce through enemy defenses and free up Varus to conduct the actual killing.

If you’ve located one of your three-cost Astral troops in the early rounds and have many AD item components for your primary carry Varus, this is the comp for you. Playing this when you encounter Astral or Swift shot-related Augments like “Press the Attack” or “Intercosmic Gifts” is another motivation to do so. Start the game with a Bruiser in the front and Swiftshots in the rear to do the damage. ”

For Varus, you may utilize either Ezreal or Twitch to carry any items, and Tahm Kench is a superb temporary tank. Varus and Illaoi are your squad’s two most crucial members, and you should continue to construct your team around them. Prepare to switch things over to Varus by keeping a spare set of the temporary damage item holders handy. You may begin Slow Rolling for Varus 3 after you’ve reached level 7.

Make Sy’fen your tank and secondary priority by switching to Swift shot 2. Astral 3 is best acquired as soon as possible. Activate Astral to hit your 3-cost carry three stars quicker if you drop a Varus, or Illaoi duplicate from the first minion round.

Jade Shin

Using the Jade package for utility is another potent variant of Ao Shin. This is a more straightforward option to play than a whole 5-cost team, but it’s still strong. For this comp to function, you’ll need to reach level 9. This combo is best if you have a long winning streak, excellent Augments (such as High-End Shopping or Level Up), or an early Ao Shin while rolling. Get the most substantial board possible by completing stages 4 and 5 at this time.

This is not one of those competitions where you may lose your streak to obtain better stuff. Building it requires a lot of gold and health. In Round 3-2, regardless of where you started, level up to 6 and make sure you have 50 gold. During this phase, do not roll. Level 7 in Round 4-1. Even if you’re weak, you can’t afford to roll down here, so you should save money. Make sure you have enough money saved to reach level 8 around 4-3 or 4-5 so that you may search for your missing Ornn and AoShin.

These two items will allow you to stabilize and progress to level 9. It’s possible to start with any card, but Swift shot has the best early-game chances of discovering Jade Augments. Use the most significant troops you can find if you want to go on a winning run. For the time being, Ezreal may keep Ao Shin’s gear and still perform well in the middle of the game.

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B Tier

 Balanced Comps
The Balanced Comps of the TFT Meta Tier List

The B tier isn’t the whole lower tier, though. These rival the A-tier comps in strength but have an edge in uniqueness and depth. The balanced tier is included in the TFT Meta tier list at B Tier. These are all excellent comps, but they also have some serious problems. They have an unfinished sense because they either do a lot of damage but lack movesets or something similar, yet their overall game performance is only mediocre.

The B Tier consists of what I consider to be the weakest comps. Swain Reroll, Cavalier Legend, and Mage Sona are all included at this level. All of them fall within the B-tier category. If you get off to a solid start with them, you won’t play terribly, but only if you do so. You’ll see why the rest of them are here once I go through a few instances.

Daeja Vu

Set 7’s new Mutant comp, Mirage, is the centerpiece of this build. The Dragon Daeja is our primary damage carrier for the whole game, unlike Mutants, who only have a few carries. If Nunu is three stars, he will constitute the bulk of our frontline, and Yasuo is the ideal unit to place the rest of our goods. With early Daeja goods like Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge, this is an excellent competition to enter. To activate Mirage, you’ll need to find a Yone or Nunu.

Leona and Yone should always be your Mirage core starters. Finally, add a warrior like Aatrox or Shen to complete the team. We can employ Warriors by bringing in Olaf and Aatrox as we’ve already used Yone to store Daeja’s items early on. Make Shen or Braum your primary tank since you can utilize them for anything defensive (whoever is 2-star first). Your primary source of damage will shift from the Warrior to a Cavalier or Bruiser if you obtain Nunu in the first minion round or see him before Yone in your early game.

It is best to place Hecarim alone in the forefront to drag and stun as many of the opposing troops as possible. At Stage 2-1, level up to 4, and then after the carousel, level up to 5 to attempt to win a streak. Build your squad around your early Mirage carry. The Warrior route is for Yone, whereas the Bruiser path is for Nunu.

Swain Reroll

Shapeshifter and Ragewing troops enhance Swain, who serves as the primary carrier in this comp. In addition, there is a place for Jade, who brings additional advantages to the group. If you can locate a good number of Swain in the midgame and have appropriate equipment for him, this is the comp for you. If you want to start a winning streak, level up to 4 early. Try to extend your winning run by leveling up to five.

In the game’s early stages, you may choose to preserve gold rather than risk losing a streak. No matter where you start, you can level up to 6 in Rounds 3-2. Put together the best possible squad—level 7 by Round 1. If you’re feeling shaky, take a step back and roll down. Slowly advance to Swain 3 when you’ve reached level 7. Following your encounter with Swain, you will rise to the rank of eight.

It’s possible to wait until level 8 before slow rolling if you’re powerful and have a lot of gold, but it’s a hazardous move. Start preparing for Ragewings as early as possible, and if you have the additional room, slot in Jade. At this time, you should have Swain and be able to do 3 Ragewing and 3 Jade. Hence, I will place it in the B tier of the TFT meta tier list.

Cavalier Legend

This comp focuses on the three Legend units and aims to enhance them with Cavalier units as much as possible. The Legends’ attribute allows them to absorb the Cavalier’s increased Armor and MR. Neeko’s starting position will mirror Ornn’s, allowing him to be absorbed by Volibear, the primary carry. This competition is relatively easy to win. Either Volibear or Anivia may have very adaptable objects for itemizing. Because they don’t need anything particular, augments may be used in various ways.

It’s an excellent indicator to try this combo if you can quickly locate Volibear or Anivia in the mid-game. All you need in this matchup is cavaliers and any backline damage that can hold stuff for Volibear/Anivia. Once you’ve got Volibear and Anivia, you’re only a few steps away from completing the Legend 3 and the Cavaliers, respectively. Along with Anivia, you’ll need Lulu for Evoker. Chalice of Power is an excellent item to utilize in Legendary competitions.

You can get two uses out of this if you put it on an Anivia-absorbing unit. In addition to the additional AP you’ll earn from using the item, the Legend trait also gives you extra AP when you absorb a unit wielding Chalice. Having Neeko get swallowed by Anivia 3 instead of Volibear 3 is possible if you locate Anivia 3 before Volibear 3. Once you encounter Volibear, you may return to your starting point.

Mage Sona

This is an excellent comp to play if you’re lucky enough to snag a Mage Spatula. Sona’s mage bonus allows her ability to be performed often, resulting in high-quality damage. In the late game, Aurelion Sol may also replace Sona. This is the first thing you should do if you ever get your hands on a Spatula. Aside from that, any Mage augments and many rods or rip components may help you get there.

The simplest way to get started with a mage team is to use Tristana and Trainer to activate Nomsy with Trainer. The Mystic may be triggered by playing Lulu over Tristana if you get to notice a duplicate early. You may still use Nomsy as a frontline mage and reach 5 Mages at this stage. Lulu takes Tristana’s place to provide a little extra assistance. Ryze can store all your damaging items, while Sylas is an excellent frontline tank.

With a few tweaks, you can quickly expand this to seven mages. If you can’t locate a Spatula or already have a slew of goodies for Nami and Ryze, this is a viable option. Sona and Bard must be removed to make room for Aurelion Sol. If you have ASol 1, this may not be worth it, but if you also have ASol 2, it probably is. You may swap out Sona for Bard when you reach level 9.

C Tier

Flawed Comps
The Flawed Comps of the TFT Meta Tier List

The C tier is considered to be a subpar level. The three compositions in this tier are almost comparable to one another. This is the last set of tests. Please do not pick them up unless you already have the others and have the means to do so. You may also discover a clever strategy to never run out of them by doing some online study. Nami Reroll, Ezreal Reroll, and Sett Reroll are all on the C tier. Avoiding them would be my preference.

Nami Reroll

This comp focuses on Nami as the primary damage carrier, Sylas as the primary tank, and the Mage class as the foundation. Aurelion Sol may be your primary carrier in the late game if you have a Mage Spat. If you have an early Astral opener, excellent AP items, and many Tear components to construct our 2-cost carry, this competition is for you. As a late-game carry, Nami has to contend with some stiff competition.

A Mage Spatula item may also be used to create some form of this well. Your Astral trio of Nami, Vladimir, and Skarner are ready to take on the world. To prepare your board for the final phases of the game, you might install another Mage like Heimerdinger. In the mid-game, you’ll aim to 3-star your carry Nami by slow-rolling to level 6. To begin the winning streak, you must run three Astral, three Mage, and two Trainers.

Illaoi or Lulu may be activated by placing a Mage Spat on them. Switch sides of your primary carry to avoid leaping Assassins. Take a stand in front of her, either with Vladimir and Nomsi or with only Nami. A late-game carrier like Aurelion Sol or Ao Shin can keep her things just as effectively as a 2-star Nami if the lobby contests your usage of her. As a result, I will place this comp in the C tier of the TFT meta tier list.

Ezreal Reroll

This is a slow-rolling comp that features Ezreal as the primary carrier. There is a slew of minor enhancements like Jade, Tempest, Swift shot, etc. It’s a breeze to master this piece of music. If you have a lot of Ezreals or excellent goods, go for it. To save money, don’t level up too early. The more losses you have, the more gold you will make. Slowly roll for Ezreal, Leona, and other optional troops like Taric, Karma, Ashe, Qiyana, and so on until you’ve amassed 50 gold.

Once you have your three-star troops, you should go for level six. You may skip stage 6 if you don’t get Ezreal by the time the clock strikes four. With enough gold after level 6, you may go for level 7 aggressively or save up for it (if you’re below 50 gold). To add additional troops or to roll for improvements, you need to continue to save money until level 8. All 1-cost troops and Ashe can be used for Swiftshot.

Pick up Jade’s Karma shortly as well. Lee Sin and Ornn are the only two characters you’ll be missing at level 6. They’re simple to get your hands on since they’re all so cheap. Ezreal’s damage may be scaled effectively using Rabadon’s Deathcap. The Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge combination is another option if you have a lot of gloves.

Sett Reroll

As a slow roll carry, Sett is the focal point of this comp, which leads into Ragewing. Sett’s abilities will be amplified even more with the inclusion of the Dragonmancer supporting attribute. Many Setts and lovely stuff for Sett may be found early on in the game. To save money, don’t level up too early. Slow-rolling for Sett and other troops like Shen, Senna, etc., may be started after you’ve accumulated gold of 50. Once you have your three-star troops, you should go for level six.

After finding Sett 3 by 4-1, level up to 6 if you don’t already have it. With enough gold after level 6, you may go for level 7 aggressively or save up for it (if you’re below 50 gold). To add additional troops or to roll for improvements, you need to continue to save money until level 8. It would be best if you utilized Sett and Ragewing troops. As for the fourth unit, go with anything that works well together. If you discover Xayah and Hecarim by level 6, you may be able to run six Ragewing.

Three Dragonmancer is more dependable with Lee Sin, and Swain included. For a melee carry, having the right gear is essential. Early on, Quicksilver isn’t as vital as it should be, but its late-game importance cannot be overstated. Early game things should be balanced with what you need in the latter stages of the game. Thus, I will place this comp in the C tier of the TFT meta tier list.

Why Trust Our Ranking?

The writers of TopTierList strictly adhere to the standards since they recognize their significance. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their work is accurate and entertaining. Clarity is always our number one concern. The writers are aware of their limitations and will never compile a ranking list on a subject with which they are ignorant. Senior authors serve as mentors and sources of inspiration for aspiring authors who may one day take their mantle.

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Ending Note

For the time being, here is the Teamfight Tactics meta tier list. Check back for any updates or after players better understand the new compositions. You are welcome to disagree with me on this matter. You may be performing well with low-tier comps. Your accomplishments have made me ecstatic. Because of this, you have a bright future ahead of you. If you disagree with my rankings of the comps, I’d love to hear from you. Please explain to me how I’m wrong about the strength of your favorite comps. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

However, it is the 15 comps that I persevere and love with all my heart, and as you can see in this tier list, I cannot stop talking about it. I reordered the most famous Teamfight Tactics compositions in the game, and I’m sure we can all agree that this is the proper order. Those who disagree with this position are welcome to express so in the comments section below. This tier list has come to an end.

I spend a lot of time evaluating other people’s work to determine what makes a good comp. I’ve chosen to utilize this power to compile the most comprehensive TFT meta tier list on the internet. To get to this point in my life, I made a list of 15 distinct comp builds from various playstyles I enjoyed playing.

I took this tier list exceptionally seriously, which goes for every one of the tiers. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Teamfight Tactics fans that have made it to the end of this tier list are unquestionably the finest in the business and are likely to like compiling tier lists themselves.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think about my rankings of the comps in this tier list. It’s OK if you don’t. Despite belonging to the same fanbase, we all respond to the comparisons in our unique ways. I’ll close this tier list by reminding you that my assessment of these comp’s overall strength and potential is the only basis for this ranking. Thank you.

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