Xenoverse 2 Tier List [Mar. 2023]

We Will Be Ranking All Relevant Xenoverse 2 Fighters In This Tier List.

Hey, fellow weeb gamers, the best combination of human personality. This tier list is brought to you by the one who has been playing this game for a long time, is a big fan of the series and manga, and has mastered almost every character. Therefore, I am presenting this most factual tier list on the internet by knowing every possible important detail of the game and the influx of heavy requests on our website. I am here today for a fascinating Xenoverse 2 tier list that many people have requested on our website over the past couple of months.

I will create the official tier lists for each significant character in Xenoverse 2 because the game has amassed so much more DLC. This might be considered the whole tier list that you might wish to read. Remember that I play a lot of this game’s PVP.

The competitive part of Xenoverse 2 is what I care about the most since it makes the game more interesting and enjoyable to play when everyone puts out their best effort. I’ll be going into great depth on which character is strictly superior to the other in terms of strength, key blast damage, and all that other extra stuff.

Key Points

  • There are total of 13 entries in our article.
  • These characters are ranked according to their powers, move sets, skills, and popularity.
  • In the highest tiers, we have characters like Hit, Broly, Rose Goku Black, Cooler(Final Form), etc.
  • Among our lowest Tiers, we have Golden Frieza and Vegieto


We have listed all the characters in the table below:

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
•Rose Goku Black
•Cooler ( Final Form)
•Goku (Super Saiyan 4)
•SSGSS Gogeta
•Bad Rock
•Brolly ( Full Power Super Saiyan)
•Gogeta ( Super Saiyan 4)
•Goku (Super Saiyan God)
•Golden Frieza
• Vegito

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Xenoverse 2 Tier List Methodology

Xenoverse 2 Tier List Ranking Procedure
Xenoverse 2 Tier List Methodology

This is a tier list for Xenoverse 2 characters, categorized in S, A, B, C, and D tiers, based on their anticipated competitive performance in-game. The tier list assumes that all players have equal skill levels within the parameters of a set of rules and rates the characters according to their effectiveness compared to all other characters in a competitive environment. However, tier lists are subjective and can change over time as new strategies and counterstrategies are developed.

The author acknowledges that tier lists are not definitive and can be influenced by personal opinions and biases. The characters are ranked based on their move set and attributes, with more effective characters being placed higher on the tier list. The author emphasizes that the list is not meant for criticism, and all characters are appreciated regardless of their tier ranking.

The author also clarifies that they like all the characters featured in the list, and the ranking does not negate the appeal of lower-tier characters. The tier list is for discussion purposes only, and individuals may have different opinions on the ranking. Overall, the tier list provides a useful reference for players looking to enhance their competitive gameplay in Xenoverse 2.

Xenoverse 2 Tier List Ranking Procedure
Tier Maker of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List

S Tier

 Greatest Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List
The Greatest Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List

S ranking is the first tier of this tier list and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. This tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list consists of great characters with excellent movesets, skill sets, Over Powered basic attributes and are also favorites among all fandom fans. Here we go, folks, the top-tier characters. You already know who they are but what is their order? We have four characters in this tier list, which are super broken in the game’s current meta.


Hit in Xenoverse 2

Hit is the best hitman in the multiverse and the most formidable combatant in Universe 6. He can skip across time, which is how he executes such forceful and exact assaults. A sledgehammer is a Super Attack for Strikes. It is a strike attack with a charge. Beat down your adversary. It involves sweeping downward motions while swinging with both hands connected to bring down the opponent.

The maximum charge of this talent may quickly shatter guard or hyper armor in addition to inflicting more damage and generating a harder knockdown from a higher distance than most ordinary strikes. Hit employs the Strike Super Attack known as Flash Fist Crush. It positions you so that you can defend yourself from any assault. If you are successful, you will strike back with a counterpunch. This move also counters Ki Blasts. He takes a defensive position by raising his left hand.

He punches the opponent, causing 20 percent damage, even if nothing strikes him or connects. An evasive skill is Instant Rise. This ability enables him to become invisible, climb fast, and emerge. With the help of this evasive ability, you may rapidly take control of your character and leave a situation you don’t want to be in. due to your swift restoration of control. Hit has access to the following moves as a tutor. Super God Fist is a super attack for strikes.

It causes you to fly before making a time jump and assaulting a target. You can fly further the longer you charge. Hit flies toward the adversary and strikes it, causing 20% damage. During the rush, he is impervious to striking assaults. These are all the skill sets and boost attributes that make him a highly robust character. So, I will place him in the S tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.


The Legendary Super Saiyan and Broly
Broly in Xenoverse 2

The primary antagonist of “Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan” and “Broly: The Second Coming” is Broly. He is Goku’s opponent and Vegeta’s cousin. Green Basic Ki Blasts launched from Broly’s left hand are his distinctive attacks. Broly uses the Strike Super Attack called Gigantic Omega. It advances while attacking with a Ki Blast. After taking a position, Broly releases a powerful Ki Blast from their right hand. The attack’s damage is 15 percent when used up close and 10 percent when used far away.

A Ki Blast Super Attack is the Blaster Shell. a technique in which you throw several Ki Blasts one after the other. Time the button pushes to shoot quickly, one after the other. It slowly hurls five ki balls in alternating directions, delivering 15% damage. The throws are accelerated by continually pressing the button. You may charge ki by using the Super Move Full Power Charge. While slower than the Maximum Charge, it is quicker than the regular Energy Charge.

It takes a position and then releases a ring of ki blasts to surround itself. Any nearby foes will get eight hits, 5 percent damage, and an upward blast. In the Mushroom District, Broly may be found on a mushroom. Blaster Shell, Gigantic Omega, Blaster Meteor, and Gigantic Meteor are among the skills he will teach you. Bruly is an overpowered character currently in the competitive scene and is considered one of the best characters in the game. So, I will place him in the S tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.

Rose Goku Black

Rose Goku Black
Rose Goku Black in Xenoverse 2

Rose Goku Black is the sixteenth DLC character added to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This is Goku Black, who has transformed into a special kind of Super Saiyan by changing his ki pink rather than the usual yellow or blue. Rose Goku Black uses Sudden Death Beam, a Ki Blast Super Attack. a technique utilizing Instant Transmission. You will elude your opponent and use a Ki Wave to counterattack if you are assaulted before you have a chance to move.

With proper timing, it may be used to more distant Ki Blasts to deter opponents from repeating them, or it can be employed against basic strikes to penalize careless approaches. Divine Retribution is a Super Attack for the Strike. Fire a Ki Blast in your direction. Before releasing the movie, make another input to elevate yourself over your opponent for a downward slide. After the Ki Blast, make another assault with even more Ki.

With a powerful punch, knock your opponent to the ground. Then, use a Kamehameha to combine a Saiyan’s might and a god’s viciously. It fires a pink beam with 40 percent damage over 25 strikes and punches the opponent. Among the Strike Ultimate Attacks is Divine Lasso. Send out a Ki Blast in the shape of a needle to round your opponent and then burst, dealing tremendous damage. Due to its minor beginning, it is advised to utilize this move after a stamina brake—light or heavy—and a knockback.

However, it should be noted that if utilized at the wrong moment, the initial sword stroke will not knock the adversary back. Break Strike is an evasive skill for ki blasts. Set off a massive explosion to launch the adversary straight upward. It causes an explosion around itself that launches an opponent and does 5% damage to them. He is a good character with a decent playstyle and powerful movesets. So, I will place him in the S tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.

Cooler (Final Form)

Cooler (Final Form)
Cooler (Final Form) in Xenoverse 2

This is Cooler’s final and most potent form. Cooler’s ultimate form is towering, buff, and more armor-like than his younger brother’s, which is little like his initial form. A Strike Super Attack is called Death Crasher. It is encased in Ki as it charges the foe. Chargeable. Attacks that last longer are more powerful and have more range. It inflicts damage at a 20% rate. The move may be charged, allowing the player to move up to a quarter of the map in just a few feet.

A Ki Blast Super Attack is called a Death Beam. It inputs orders sequentially to unleash up to three ki blasts swiftly. It swiftly projects a medium-range purple laser from their finger. A death beam is convenient because it can shoot just once and fires very quickly. It may also be used during a block string, which is intriguing because it will push the opponent away and let you remain safe and out of their grasp. The ultimate attack of the Ki Blast is the Full Power Energy Wave. It builds up energy and fires a beam from their right arm.

Cooler briefly adopts a position. Any Ki Blast that strikes him during this period will cause him to run at the enemy and smack him down, delivering 20 percent damage. Another super skill called Charged Ki Wave recovers stamina in return for Ki. Though it takes significantly less time to finish, it recovers less than Rising to Action. Thus, I should mention these skill sets and boost attributes before placing him in the S tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.

A Tier

Prominent Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List
The Prominent Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite Xenoverse 2 tier list characters with the same amount of love compared to the above character in the tier list. Some of the characters in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. Honestly, all the characters in this tier list have the same place in my heart. For the sake of this tier list, I have divided them into several tiers.

Moving down to A Tier. These are solid and balanced characters but do not have many flaws. Maybe one or two at most and at the same time. They excel at either basic attributes or damage. I cannot talk about every character here in this tier because this is where most characters are. Still, hopefully, as I explain some characters, you will understand why the others are here.

Goku (Super Saiyan 4)

Goku (Super Saiyan 4)
Goku (Super Saiyan 4) in Xenoverse 2

Goku (Super Saiyan 4) is both Goku in a different form and Goku in a transformed condition (GT). After finishing Parallel Quest 93, he becomes available. He is little yet powerful with an excellent finish. Baby, who had taken over Vegeta’s body, vanquished Goku, who then had his tail grow back and rose to face the psychotic Tuffle again. Once more beaten, he subsequently changed into a Golden Great Ape and, after recovering control, developed into Super Saiyan 4, giving Goku the strength he needed to fight Baby.

A super strike attack is called Super Dragon Fist. An extended Strike Skill. Once you’ve jumped in, shoot out a maximum of three hits. Flies briefly towards the direction of the adversary. If they succeed, they push the adversary to the ground with three quick fists. As long as you remember to use it early, this move may be used effectively against stopping adversaries because of how quickly it comes out.

He leaps back and briefly unleashes a hail of Ki balls akin to Consecutive Energy Blast. The move will stun any foes it catches for a second and cause at least 2 percent damage to them. His movements ultimately put him on the next level but lack some other aspects, making me place him in the lower tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list. Overall, the general concept behind this character is incredible, and his mobility is considered one of the best. So, I will place him in the A tier.

SSGSS Gogeta

SSGSS Gogeta
SSGSS Gogeta in Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s 20th DLC character is SSGSS Gogeta. Utilizing the Metamoran Merger Dance, he is the result of the fusion of Goku and Vegeta. He first appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, but in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, when he battles the title character, he finally makes his canon debut. SSGSS Gogeta uses Spirit Blaster, a Ki Blast Super Attack. Sends a Ki Blast flying in your direction.

When the explosion connects, you’ll launch a second assault. By protecting, you can stop the follow-up assault. It launches two Ki Blasts, followed by a barrage that deals 10% damage over 13 strikes. The user has the option to stop the onslaught via blocking. Ki Blast’s Punisher Shield is a Super Attack. Create a barrier that deflects the Ki Blast of your adversary and fires one back at them. If your opponent or their Ki Blast touches your barrier, you’ll immediately follow with a powerful kick.

You will shift behind you if you are stuck when your opponent is approaching. A Ki Blast Super Attack is called Spirit Blaster. A Ki Blast in your direction! When the explosion connects, you’ll launch a second assault. By protecting, you can stop the follow-up assault. It establishes two Ki Blasts, followed by a barrage that deals 10% damage over 13 strikes.

The user has the option to stop the onslaught via blocking. A ki blast evasive skill is an explosive wave. Set off an intense explosion to knock your adversary unconscious. Their arms are raised in the air, and an explosion around them stuns nearby foes for a brief period and causes them 2% damage. These are the Super Attack, Evasive, and Ultimate Attack that make him the contender for this Xenoverse 2 tier list. So, I will place him in the A tier.


Badrock in Xenoverse 2

Goku’s father and Gine’s husband is Bardock. Before Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta with a Supernova, he was the planet’s last line of defense. In the film “Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku,” he also played the lead role. Bardock uses the Rebellion Spear as a Strike Super Attack. As you charge it, it travels about at will. It strikes a momentary pose before scurrying off, leaving a trail of yellow Ki in its wake.

The user continues the attack for 5 seconds before stopping. Ki Blast’s Riot Javelin is a Super Attack. When your health is deficient, it transforms into a powerful Ki blast. Throws a charged blue Ki Blast they have in their hand ahead. Although the animation may suggest otherwise, at close range, it tracks in 360 degrees and hits behind you. When your health falls below 5000 health or half a health bar, the talent becomes powerful, and the second-strongest ki blast super after Spirit Bomb despite being far easier to hit.

It releases an explosion of energy, charges in to punch the adversary, and fires a blue beam from their opposite hand, causing 30% damage over ten strikes. The Ki Blast Ultimate Attack is called Brave Heart. It strikes the adversary with its right fist while charged up, then shoots up and launches a beam with the same hand that deals 35 percent damage over 20 hits.

The Super Skill Super Guard creates a blue energy barrier that renders the user invulnerable until they release the button, depleting ki as they do so. The Super Skill Super Guard creates a blue energy barrier that causes the user to be resistant until they release the button, depleting ki as they do so. So, I will place him in the A tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.

Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan)

Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan)
Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan) in Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s 21st DLC character is Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan). The most recent film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, features this incarnation of Broly. Broly became a Super Saiyan when Frieza killed his father Paragus, and in a fight with Gogeta, he could maximize the strength of the form. A Strike Super Attack utilized by Broly is called Gigantic Charge (FPSS). Hurls an unstoppable rush assault your way as you charge your adversary.

To get through your opponent’s defenses, fully charge your assault. You may still use it when injured if you have 300 stamina. It adopts a posture before striking its opponent with its fists, delivering 20% damage. The player will travel further the longer they charge the maneuver. It possesses Super Armor as well. A Super Attack for Ki Blast is Powered, Shell. Make an underarm toss and fire a Ki Blast. Send the Ki Blast off in your rear. To shoot it even when being, use 300 stamina.

It inflicts 40% damage. It causes 60% more damage when flashing the user’s health bar. Gigantic Roar delivers 80% damage when the target has the least amount of health. An alternative evasive skill is Instant Rise. Ascend quickly, almost disappearing. This ability enables him to become invisible, climb fast, and emerge, although, without further inputs, it is its default behavior.

The evasive talent is ideal for rapidly taking control of your persona and leaving a situation you don’t want to be in. Punishing someone who attempted to unleash an Ultimate on you without breaking you can be helpful because you regain control so soon. The skills used by this character in this game make him quite insane and overpowered compared to the other character. So, I will place him in the A tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.

Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4)

Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4)
Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4) in Xenoverse 2

Goku and Vegeta combined to produce Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4), created through the Metamoran Fusion dance. In Dragon Ball GT, Goku and Vegeta would combine as Gogeta to have a chance against the Shadow Dragon after being forced into a corner by Omega Shenron. However, Super Saiyan 4’s monstrous strength caused their fusion time to expire early, and Gogeta could not deliver the decisive blow. Additionally, Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4) has an endless combination of the letters 4H3L, all in succession.

The adversary won’t be recovering stamina as quickly because it doesn’t put them in a juggling position, enabling you to keep repeating the combination until they disappear. Gogeta uses the Ki Blast Super Attack known as Big Bang Kamehameha. With this move, you may release strong Ki Waves. Be careful since it has to be fully charged to function. It launches a broad, oblong Kamehameha.

Punisher Guard is one of Gogeta’s other evasive abilities, which protects you from all attacks by enveloping you in a powerful aura. It faces its opponent’s back and surrounds itself with an orange aura for three seconds, rendering them untouchable. His skill sets and base attributes make him one of the most attractive characters in the game. So, I will place him in the A tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.

B Tier

Admirable Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List
The Admirable Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List

Moving down to B Tier is the balanced tier. These are all characters that have good qualities but also have a couple of significant flaws. They sort of feel like incomplete characters because they either have substantial damage but like neutral or have great neutral, but their buttons are bad, you get the idea. We have two big guns of the Dragon Ball franchise in this tier list. Both characters perhaps represent the pinnacle of balance in this game.

They both have proper zoning or counter zoning options. For instance, Goku (Super Saiyan God) can go through projectiles in this game, allowing them to close the distance, and Jiren has projectiles, a long-range skill set, and an evasive skill to counter zoning. Both have good damage, but their movesets are not the best for scrambles, and their pressure is horrible, so that, along with their decent basic attributes, puts them right in the middle of the Xenoverse 2 tier list. Below these characters, everyone either has worse damage or skill sets.

Goku (Super Saiyan God)

Goku (Super Saiyan God) in Xenoverse
Goku (Super Saiyan God) in Xenoverse 2

At the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super series, when he had to face God of Destruction Beerus, Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan God. His Super Dragon Fist is a Super Attack for Strike. A long-range strike skill. Once you’ve jumped in, shoot out a maximum of three hits. The Kamehameha is a Super Attack as well. The ultimate Dragon Ball talent! Fire a Ki Blast with a level 3 charge. The Kamehameha is a standard beam move that may be charged up to shoot at three different levels and strikes several times.

The number of strikes will decrease at more considerable distances, reducing the total damage to this talent. If you are near enough to the ground following practically any knockback or knockdown, you can utilize Uncharged Kamehameha as a respectably devastating combo ender. It takes a stamina break or a severe knockdown to land a Level 3 Kamehameha, but it may deliver highly respectable damage for one ki bar. A Ki Blast Super Attack is the Ki Blast Cannon. It unleashes an impenetrable shockwave.

No matter what kind of break you try, the opponent will always be able to rise and walk away from it due to its incredibly slow startup and poor projectile speed. Thus, Goku’s ( Super Saiyan God ) skill set and boost attributes are overall pretty good. So, I will place him in the B Tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.


Jiren in Xenoverse 2

Jiren is the fifteenth Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC character. During the Tournament of Power, he makes his screen debut as the significant adversary in Dragon Ball Super. Jiren, a member of the Pride Troopers and a warrior from Reality 11, has more might than the God of Destruction in his universe. Jiren was ousted from the competition by ring-out by the combined efforts of Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 following a protracted struggle against Goku even after the latter obtained Ultra Instinct.

Jiren employs the Ki Blast Super Attack known as Power Impact. A charged Ki Blast is fired by it. The strength of your Ultimate Attacks will momentarily rise if you hit your opponent with a fully charged Ki Blast. Jiren employs meditation as a different super strike. The button prolongs its duration after it finishes, increases its maximum ki to 1000, and momentarily provides automatic ki recovery.

If you keep pressing the button, this attack will continue until it consumes over 300 Ki. The opponent can cancel this action at any point. This talent provides decent damage on some characters and is quick to trigger, allowing it to be utilized in a combination. Still, it is weak because it cannot be followed through, and opponents can disappear. Thus these are the skill sets and boost attributes that make him quite impactful In the game. So, I will place him in the B tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.

C Tier

Praiseworthy Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List
The Praiseworthy Characters of the Xenoverse 2 Tier List

So, in the bottom tiers, the worst characters in this game are the guys in the C Tier. A couple of things now that I am showing the bottom tier. First of all, both the characters have been ordered within their tiers, so Golden Frieza being the first character in C Tier means that he is the most robust C Tier, which would make Vegito the worst character in the tier list. Playing a bottom tier does not mean you are trash or anything.

It’s not a personal insult; I know how the comments go in these tier lists. If you are good with a bottom-tier character, it proves how good of a player you are in my books. Every character in this game can be reliable. You have to put in a lot of effort with these bottom tiers. Generally speaking, a good character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 must have the following. They need to have good damage, which none of these guys has.

They both have average damage. Good pressure; for one, your opponent blocks your attack. Can you keep them blocking until that guard breaks, or do you have some good mix-up gimmicks? I would also say none of these characters has that. Their pressure is full of holes, straightforward to punish, and finally, a good skill set, which may be the hardest to explain because it is very character-specific.

Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza in Xenoverse 2

This version of Frieza was first seen in Dragon Ball Super and was said to have developed through light training, something Frieza never underwent before the series. Frieza uses the Strike Super Attack called Emperor’s Edge. Near your adversary, set off a vertical explosion. With their right hand, they cut the air, causing an explosion that crashes on the adversary, doing 10% damage and throwing them a short distance. Crazy Finger Shot is a Super Attack for the Ki Blast. From your finger, shoot a brief beam.

To fire more, keep pushing the button. It uses its finger to fire a beam. Holding the button down triggers 14 explosions, costing 800 Ki. 40% of the damage is overall. The Ki Blast Super Attack is known as Emperor’s Blast. Spin and use a strong Ki wave to attack. When you believe you are going to be flanked, use this. It rotates around and launches a Ki wave from behind itself, delivering an adversary 15% damage. The struck target is likewise stunned for three seconds.

The amount of Ki one has saved up affects the outcomes. Strike Evasive Skill: “Circle behind adversaries and send a shockwave in their direction with a psychic mo e. teleports in front of the adversary and swipes the air, generating a shockwave that delivers 5% damage and scatters enemies. Golden Frieza is an exceptionally well-crafted character with great skill sets and boosts attributes making him a valuable playable. So, I will place him in the C tier of the Xenoverse 2 tier list.


Vegito in Xenoverse 2

Through the usage of the Potara earrings, Goku and Vegeta were able to combine their incredible powers to form Vegito. He may be accessed by finishing Saiyan Revolt, Parallel Quest #91, with an Ultimate Finish. He was developed in the Dragon Ball main series to combat Super Buu after the latter had absorbed Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan. There are three settings for Vegito. His two fusees, Goku and Vegeta, are included in the second and third settings. Pressure Sign is Vegito’s Strike Super Attack.

This taunting posture will repel any assault. You will emerge behind your opponent to kick them if an assault is successful. By making an offensive sign with their arm, it mocks their adversary. Users will teleport behind their opponent and kick them if any strike hits them at that time. Certain quick enough supers can be used to counter the knockback from the assault. When you know your opponent will strike you to inflict harm on them or when they are attempting to employ ranged attacks against you to deter you from spamming them.

It will blast away and deliver 1% damage to all enemies it hits. An Ultimate Ki Blast Attack is called Final Kamehameha. Release a super-charged Ki wave that combines two moves. It is strong, but it also consumes a lot of Ki. It prepares a Final Flash at first, then transforms into a Super Kamehameha and launches a beam that deals 40 percent damage over 22 strikes. These are the Super Attack, Evasive, and Ultimate Attack that makes him the contender for this Xenoverse 2 tier list. So, I will place him in the C tier.

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Patch Notes Version 1.34

  • In the latest version of Xenoverse 2 they have tried to fix general stability.
  • They have addressed game-crashing issues.
  • They tried to improve missing audio problems.
  • They have added performance improvements.
  • Other Minor bug fixes required in the game


The author has created a tier list for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 based on their personal opinions of the game’s characters. The list ranks 13 characters, including playable and post-launch characters, according to their anticipated competitive performance in the game.

The characters are categorized into five tiers, S, A, B, C, and D. The author emphasizes that this is their opinion, and players are free to disagree. They also acknowledge that some players may be successful with low-tier characters, and the tier list is not intended for criticism.

The author explains that they have taken this tier list seriously, with every tier based on their analysis of the characters’ move sets, attributes, and tactics compared to other characters in a competitive environment. They clarify that characters on the same tier have a chance of beating other characters in the same level, but the one on the left is most likely to win.

The author apologizes to fans of their favorite characters who did not make it into the tier list and expresses their passion for all 13 characters included. They also welcome feedback and opinions from readers in the comments section.

In conclusion, the author hopes that their tier list is useful or interesting to readers and reminds them that it is purely based on their personal opinions of the character’s power level.

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