Best My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List [2022]

In this article, I am back to sharing the most factual My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list on the internet with you guys. This tier list will mainly focus on the game’s characters, a spicing topic among the fandom. I got into the My Hero Academia franchise games with My Hero One’s Justice on PC in 2018. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been playing and ranking my favorite characters in My Hero One’s Justice 2 from the strongest down to the weakest. This tier list was made with the characters as how they are in the current meta. This game features a total of 51 playable characters, and every single one of them plays uniquely.

I appreciate that many of you on this website and reading this article already know about this game. However, with My Hero One’s Justice 2 welcoming tons of new players into the fray, I want to take the time to answer the question What is My Hero Academia One Justice 2? Perhaps you are someone that has heard of the series but has never taken the time to dive in. Maybe you have got friends that are starting to pay attention to this franchise and want you to join in, or perhaps you are someone that has for a long time tried to convince your friends to watch and play the series. Whatever your reason, if you are anyone you know who wants a concise summary of exactly what this series has to offer and, more importantly, why it is so good, this article is for you.

What is My Hero One’s Justice 2?

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is a 3D fighting game within My Hero Academia Universe developed by Byking and published by Bandai Namco. In story mode, manga-style cutscenes and single-round fights between a pre-selected character and your opponent, with the story continuing once you win. Not every character gets a mission, but you can play as all heroes and villains in free battle mode. Cycling through various characters highlights how dramatically different their abilities, mobility, and movesets are. The story mode lasts about four and a half hours, and since it lacks difficulty options, only a handful of matches are challenging. It becomes tedious to finish.

Moreover, in cutscenes, the characters display their personality in their banter and interaction with one another, that maybe makes you read the manga and watch the anime to learn more about them if you have not. Graphics translate the anime characters into 3D models well. However, with no prior knowledge of these characters, you would be lost thought most of the story. Only truly understanding the most straightforward story beats.

In addition, Mission mode offers the challenge by requiring you to defeat several opponents in order of your choosing. Defeating all enemies with one health bar or only with limited resources further complicates the missions. You pick a single hero and two side kicks, then eventually, you unlock more heroes and villains to play by using the currency you receive by playing other game modes. The biggest problem is the shallow gameplay. Combos are easy to execute, requiring only a few pushes of the same buttons. I never found a way to get past this simplicity since switching buttons often broke their momentum or changed to a move that left them unresponsive after their next attack. Fighting lacks a complex combo system or any other feature to make it more dynamic. Good with a specific character revolves around knowing their handful of moves and dash canceling to link simple combos.

Henceforth, this makes combats a splashy spectacle with minimal effort from the player. Despite the variety of characters’ abilities and moves, they all feel repetitive and unresponsive. Some more so than others. A lesser issue is the inspired levels. Objects like pillars and statues seem like they could add more dynamics to the fight to improve the experience, but they crumbled with these, making most levels large and empty squares. Even though My Hero One’s Justice 2 is fun for a few hours but lacks anything that would make me wanna play again. However, people looking for a fighting game with straightforward controls and a casual feel might get more out of it than I did.

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My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List Methodology

My Hero One's Justice 2 Ranking Procedure
My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List Methodology

In this My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list, I will be ranking down characters based on their playstyle and my experience with them in the game. However, this general ranking of characters in this tier list is my opinion. I understand that tier lists are subjective and that the hierarchy of the characters may well not match your expectations. This tier list and overall characters ranking are open to debate but not criticism. I have divided the characters of My Hero One’s Justice 2 into five tiers; S, A, B, C and D. Based on their move sets and power level in the game and how I feel they perform in general. I want to clear this before starting this tier list: I love every character mentioned in this tier list, starting from the top to the bottom. It is just that the characters in the upper tiers have a significant impact on the game, which makes the game pretty attractive compared to the bottom-tier characters. This does not mean I do not like the characters in the bottom tiers. I like every character from My Hero One’s Justice 2 that I  have watched and played, even those that did not make it to this list. So, no hard feelings, let’s start listing characters and see which characters are the best and worst in My Hero One’s Justice 2. Get some popcorn since this will be a long ride, but it will be worth it. This is my tier list whenever I disagree with someone’s opinion and think I have some good reasons to disagree with them. My opinion prevailed, but still, for the most part, this tier list was pretty consensual. 

S Tier

OP Characters of My Hero One's Justice 2 Tier List
The Greatest Characters of My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List!

S ranking is the first tier of this tier list and is usually interpreted as “superb” or “super,” It is the highest ranking. This tier of the My Hero One Justice 2 tier list consists of great characters with excellent movesets, Plus Ultra attacks, Over Powered Quirks and are also favorites among all fandom fans. Here we go, folks, the top-tier characters. You already know who they are but what is their order. We have three characters in this tier list, which are super broken in the game’s current meta.


My Hero One's Justice 2 Bakugo

We have Mr king explosion murder himself Bakugo. Players hate him because most players do not know how to play him and will spam with him. You could say the play skill is subjective, but there is a clear difference between spamming and control play. The other problem is that Bakugo spam is difficult to get around with Todoroki’s. Yeah, he ices slide his Fireball, but you can sidestep. You can guard or time a counter, use the ranged attack. There are many options with him, whereas, with Bakugo, his explosions have such a big hitbox, and there is barely any cooldown on the move that it is difficult to rush him. It is not so bad if you are playing a character with ranged moves, but if you are playing a closed-range character, you are screwed.

Bakugo’s ground assault is made up of four hits. During these four attacks, he can interrupt at any point with a charged Q1. Bakugo’s bread and butter combinations frequently begin with three hits. Bakugo’s aerial strike is only one hit. It shoots the adversary into the earth and bounces them into the air for a brief moment. Bakugo’s tilt attack is nearly identical on the ground as in the air. Both will send the adversary a long distance and can quickly wall splat. Bakugo’s unblockable is extremely fast for a red strike. It can only be used on ground beef and blends with his bread and butter. Bakugo’s combo typically hinges on whether or not you can wall splat. For wall splatting, a charged Q2 is generally preferable to a charged Q1, as several explosions can take them straight out of the wall.

Katsuki Bakugo is a high-pressure character with lightning-fast combo timing. He is thought to be most successful when putting pressure on the guard bar and keeping people down. He’s also the only character that can dash cancel twice, but only if the adversary or one of his allies is struck by one of your abilities, and he doesn’t block it with a guard or merely guard. There are several methods to play Bakugo, which should go without saying, but it’s worth noting that you should always attempt to find new strategies to win difficult matchups. So I will put Bakugo in the S Tier of My Hero One’s Justice Tier List.


My Hero One's Justice 2 Todoroki

There are many reasons players hate fighting Todorki, but it all comes down to two things spam and UB abuse. With most characters, you can sidestep them punish, but with Todoroki, even if you sidestep, you cannot punish because he has the ring of ice around him that will freeze you, so if you are going to use a close-range character. You physically cannot punish this move, and as for the spam, about 70% of Todoroki players will just ice slide and fireball spam. While this is bearable, it is still highly annoying to go against as fights with these players tend to go on longer than regular ones.

Todoroki’s assaults consist of five blows, the last of which kicks the opponent away. The first assaults are frequently utilized in bread and butter combinations. Todoroki’s most tremendous ice strike is one of the slowest in the game, hitting one time rather than the customary one time. Slowness may be utilized to draw out yellow conflicts and emerge victorious. Todoroki’s unblockable can only be used on the ground, causes scaling problems, and is classified as a sluggish red. His crimson has the added benefit of freezing everything around him. Todoroki launches a massive iceberg forward, freezing and pushing foes back and delivering little under 80 damage. When someone is close by, this ability is an excellent choice.

Todoroki is regarded as a well-rounded character in my hero academia, capable of balancing ice and fire and freezing and burning your opponent in the face. This makes him an excellent character for keeping foes at bay. He may also raise his power temperature while the adversary is blocking, making his guard pressure more straightforward. Todoroki excels in class 1 because his attacks are considerably faster and safer, and his jumping and air dashing are valuable to his kit. However, the combo will drop if you utilize too much ice in his combinations. So, I will put Todoroki in the S Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

Tenya Iida

My Hero One's Justice 2 Tenya Lida
Tenya Lida

Iida is a playable character who joins the starting lineup. Iida is a technical fighter who relies on mechanical talent and situational awareness to be effective. He employs his quickness to outmaneuver and outwit his opponent to pull off his high damage combos. Maintaining the pressure is critical. Keeping the pressure is vital. The ground target combination of Iida consists of three hits. He begins with a punch followed by a kick that drives the opponent skyward. Iida leaps back and executes a straight kick after the opponent is catapulted into the air by the second strike, throwing them into the ground and bouncing them skyward again.

Iida features a complex and challenging to master combination game. He can use the game’s mechanics and the unusual ways his skills function to tie up long and dazzling combinations. Iida possesses a plethora of small items that can aid in the optimization of his combinations. Practicing these methods and making judgments on the fly based on your knowledge of them can significantly benefit in maximizing combinations. Iida can branch out from two primary moves. His plus Ultra one and Quirk one. The use of support accomplishes this. Each support has its own set of time requirements to be successful. Tremendous pressure, good damage, and the character’s speed gives him perfect neutrals and still with a lot of untapped potentials, so I will put Lida in the S Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

A Tier

Prominent Characters of My Hero One's Justice 2 Tier List
The Prominent Characters of My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List!

A-tier is an above-average tier where I placed my favorite My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list characters that have the same amount of love compared to the above character in the tier list. Some of the characters in this list could be an S-tier for many fans as it is subjective. Honestly, all the characters in this tier list have the same place in my heart. For the sake of this tier list, I have divided them into several tiers. Moving down to A Tier. These are solid and balanced characters but do not have many flaws. Maybe one or two at most and at the same time. They excel at either neutral pressure or damage. I cannot talk about every character here in this tier because this is where most characters are, so I will skip some explanations. Still, hopefully, as I explain some characters, you will understand why the others are here.

Izuku Midoriya

My Hero One's Justice 2 Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya or Deku is a playable character on the first roster. His playstyle favors rapid decision-making, and he can do much damage in short and quick combinations, thanks to his multiple tricks. The ground Target Combo of Midoriya comprises four blows. Except for his Unblockable, any of the first three hits can be canceled but not necessarily followed up on by the other moves in his kit. The last hit can also be followed up on, but it’s challenging and not recommended. The Aerial Target Combo of Midoriya consists of three strikes. Executing the Aerial Target Combo successfully deals 10,00 damage on the first hit.

Holding down your Block Button while pressing the Quirk 1 Button allows you to perform a more powerful version of Delaware Smash, causing much damage and sending your opponent flying. It’s a long-distance missile that impacts three times. Del Rio Smash may be activated by holding down your Block Button and pressing the Quirk 2 Button. A devastating flurry of strikes eventually knocks your opponent to the ground. If you wish to outrun your opponent, utilize your faster walking, dashing, and attack execution to your advantage.

Full Cowling nearly doubles your damage and allows your combinations to eat away your opponent’s health. Some of your Quirk Attacks, such as Delaware Smash and Detroit Smash, are also prioritized. Unfortunately, such power and speed come at a cost. Whether you strike or not, every move you make depletes your health. After using some moves to attack, you can perform a Dash to cancel that animation and attack again. You may also use Dash Cancel to jump in any direction. It would be best if you were quick, or your opponent would recover. However, understanding this will let you shift yourself to face a wall to bash your opponent into a wall and lengthen your combination. Deku has that incredible kick priority which is so fast and beats so many other options, a great air yellow, a hard knockdown, but he has no way to deal with zoning other than trying to run around it. So, I will put Izuku in the A tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

Tsuyu Asui

My Hero One's Justice 2 Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui is a fighter specializing in quick, high-damage combinations and robust poke techniques. Tsuyu has one of the game’s slowest basic movement speed metrics, but he also has the highest leap height. Tsuyu kicks the other player three times, with the third kick knocking them out. Tsuyu cannot catch up to her victim if they are hit with the third assault unless they bounce off a nearby wall. Tsuyu’s aerial counterattack differs significantly from the grounded version. It is a two-stage motion that requires two inputs to activate its full functionality. When Tsuyu is down here at the A Tier, which might surprise some of you, let’s say she seemed a lot stronger at launch than he is. She is still strong as A Tier are all solid characters, but She is not the broken mess she seemed to be. She has got damage as well as zoning.

Tsuyu coils up and rushes at the opposing player, intending to kick them. If this assault strikes an opponent player, it can result in a DC. Tsuyu quickly extends her tongue in a straight line, injuring and knocking away any attacker that comes into contact with it. Tsuyu Plus Ultra 1 quickly punches any enemy in range before seizing them, turning around, and flinging them in the direction Tsuyu is now facing. The initial component of this ability affects both support and player characters, although Tsuyu can only grasp and toss one at a time. Tsuyu Plus Ultra 2 charges at the opponent player, slamming her feet into them. She’ll then kick her prey away, only to draw them back in with her tongue, turn them around quickly, and bash them into the ground. Tsuyu has good Plus Ultra movesets making her a prominent character, so I will place her at the A Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

Tomura Shigaraki

My Hero One's Justice 2 Tomura Shigaraki
Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki, like the other characters, has the fundamental setup. He hits a lot and sometimes a lot more. Shigaraki’s entire combination consists of stumbling over, balancing himself on his opponent, and launching him into the air. The initial jab is a somewhat effective gap closer, especially when combined with the ‘claw,’ but it is sluggish. It should be employed in anticipation of an opportunity since any opponent worth their salt can shut you down at this point. Air target combos operate differently than standard ground strikes. The finisher causes more damage than the ground since it comprises two hits rather than three. Shigaraki puts that massive puddle of rocks as you get up, forcing you to jump out or block along with the damage he deals. That is precisely why it is also an A Tier character. It has excellent counter zoning with its tracking projectile. I would not say it is a good zoning tool since all you need to do to avoid it is jump, but he does have tremendous damage. He is a two-touch character. He touches you twice, and you are dead. That said, his jab loses against most of the jabs in the game, which is his significant weakness.

Destructive Touch by Shigaraki Quirk 1 is similar to jab but faster and more compressed. It’s also Shigaraki’s sole technique that doesn’t become reliant on striking the opponent not to kill you instantaneously. The combination comprises a rapid claw strike, a shove, and a head grab/throw. Shigaraki dumps a puddle on the ground with Quire 2 Vanquish. It’s nicer than people claim, yet it’s weak if you rely on it; the only thing Shigaraki must remember is how the stagger builds up considerably faster with damage ticks from the pool. It’s solely useful as a combo extender and will knock the opponent down if they absorb too much damage. Shigaraki has excellent offense and defense, making him a suitable character to be placed in the A Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

Kyoka Jiro

My Hero One's Justice 2 Kyoka Jiro
Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro is a zoning character that controls the stage with her range. She relies on support extensions to cause significant damage. Jiro’s target combination consists of three hits that send the opponent flying backward. Specific techniques Jiro possesses a type of damage called sound damage, which builds up in varying amounts depending on the move. If the opponent receives too much sound damage, the combination is immediately dropped, placing them in a complex knockout state. Jiro’s Quirk 1 applies either a modest amount when struck by one soundwave or a considerable amount when both touch. Jiro’s Quirk 2 deals with minimal quantities of sound damage. However, each strike of the move only applies a modest amount.

Jiro’s air target combo is also a three-hit combo, but it causes the enemy to tumble. Jiro performs a forward punch, a low kick, and a somersault kick. Jiro’s Quirk 1 is a two-part missile launched from her position. She has propelled back a short distance in the air, which she might exploit to avoid specific techniques. Jiro’s Q2 is a quick grab-style technique with five hits at the base and eight hits when mashed. Jiro’s primary method of beginning and extending from her target combinations is Q2. Each jack struck causes minor sound harm, making her attacks viable to the enemy. Jiro, who has pretty much everything average but one of her quirks, built so much meter that she ends up dealing more damage than usual. Overall, Jiro is an excellent ranged character which makes me place her at the A Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

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B Tier

Average Characters of My Hero One's Justice 2 Tier List
The Average Characters of My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List!

Moving down to B Tier is the balanced tier. These are all characters that have good qualities but also have a couple of significant flaws. They sort of feel like incomplete characters because they either have substantial damage but like neutral or have great neutral, but their buttons are bad, you get the idea. We have two big guns of My Hero Academia in the middle of this tier list. Both characters perhaps represent the pinnacle of balance in this game. They both have proper zoning or counter zoning options. Gran Torino, for instance, can go through projectiles in this game, allowing them to close the distance, and All For One has projectiles, a long-range quirk, and a teleport to counter zoning. Both have good damage, but their buttons are not the best for scrambles, and their pressure is horrible, so that, along with their decent zoning, puts them right in the middle of My Hero One Justice’s 2 tier list. Below these characters, everyone either has worse buttons damage or pressure.

All For One

My Hero One's Justice 2 All For One
All For One

All For One is a playable character acquired by completing the Hero Story in the game’s single-player Story Mode. His playstyle favors a calm, measured approach that makes excellent use of his wide variety of choices to open up an opponent and do massive amounts of damage with extended combos. All For One’s ground target combination is shockingly uneven at times, but it remains a solid opening versus the majority of opponents. It is helpful as a dash punishment in neutral and may be used efficiently at the start of a match to catch opponents who sprint or stroll away. With slight modifications, All For One’s air target combination is comparable to his ground target combo. His air combination has three hits as opposed to his ground combo’s four.

All For One’s tilt strikes are fantastic for both combos and counters. They do a lot of damage, are active for a long time, and have solid exchanges with other medium to long-duration TAs. Furthermore, All For One’s unblockable strike is a short-range move slower than other unblockable. The Quirk Special 1 from All For One is a long-range missile with three charging phases. Holding down Q1 in neutral or after/during his assaults will charge his missile. The Quirk Special 2 of All For One is a multi-hit flurry attack that may be prolonged by pressing its input. He temporarily possesses armor on the move’s first strike, which may be utilized to exchange opposing assaults if timed correctly. All For One does not rely entirely on his support to inflict possible combo damage, but he is significantly better off with them than without them. You can solo beat down characters with him thanks to his massive damage movesets and combos. So, I will put All for One in the B tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

Gran Torino

My Hero One's Justice 2 Gran Torino
Gran Torino

Gran Torino has a lot of rapid mobility choices and safe block strings. However, his poor damage output puts him at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the lineup. He also has inconsistent combinations, which can sometimes lead to them being dropped. Gran Tarino’s target combination consists of a 4-hit combo that culminates with him launching his opponent high in the air. Gran Tarino Yellow strikes hit once and launched the adversary skyward, similar to his ground combination. If you miss, you will be susceptible for a long time. Gran Torino’s red strike is unusual in that it causes him to spin swiftly towards the opponent and land a kick anytime they are in range.

Gran Tarino Will Speed Quirk 1 throws himself in the direction of any directional input and behaves differently depending on whether it is activated when grounded or in the air. If the first half of either variation strikes the adversary, they will float in the air for a few seconds, providing you with fantastic follow-up choices. If the second-half strikes, the enemy will fly in a tumbling motion. Gran Tarino Leaf Spring Quirk 2 will launch you at tremendous speeds at the adversary, dealing damage on impact. If the initial strike hits the target, GT will launch a multi-hit attack on them while still in the air. The Jet v8 Plus Ultra is one of GT’s most secure options. The assault will be launched relatively instantaneously, making it an excellent choice if your guard is attacked. GT will grab the adversary and crash them into the ground, resulting in a ground splat. Gran Torino has great situational zoning, an incredible air attack and significant damage, so I will place him in the B Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

C Tier

Finest Characters of My Hero One's Justice 2 tier list
The Finest Characters of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list!

The C-tier is a below-average tier, but in this tier list, it has relatively the same importance as the other tiers. This tier consists of 2 characters that are very identical to each other. Moving down to C Tier. Momo is the most robust C Tier, and Dabi barely escaped the D Tier.

Momo Yaoyorozu

My Hero One's Justice 2 Momo Yaoyorozu
Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo might surprise some of you as she does not seem substantial initially, but this is also a two-hit character damage-wise. She is on the same level as the Dabi. But she forces you to block by throwing the dolls with the right timing, and you are immediately being pressured. On top of that, the pipe she throws is one of the best projectiles in the game, which allows her to play the game from any distance. Momo is a flexible character who can engage in various assaults and playstyles against her opponent. While her speed and red attack limit her offensive choices, she has additional techniques that let her play more passively and win defensive battles. Momo’s Quirk 1 allows her to switch between her three weapons: a staff, a sword, and a spear. This only works if Momo is on the ground and has the pipe. When you reach your selected weapon, let go of Quirk 1 to obtain your sword or spear. This strike is exceptionally beneficial when dealing with an opponent attacking from the air.

Moreover, Momo attacks the adversary by pressing Quirk 2. It works well for catching them off guard. Momo will attack them quite far away from her without her shield and may even wall splat them. Momo can combo off the bash and utilize a shield between DCs to deliver a bit extra damage with a shield. Todoroki’s ice barriers and Endeavor’s fire spears are two examples of projectiles or assaults that Momo can bash through. Momo flashbangs will halt when they collide with their opponent or reach their maximum range. Each flashbang produces a tiny AOE burst when detonated. Momo is an excellent all-around character, so I will place her at the C Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.


My Hero One's Justice 2 Dabi

Dabi got so nerfed from the first game you have to play him completely different now, and the new playstyle is not that strong. Dabi is good at keeping opponents away from him because of his traps, but he pretty much loses every zoning battle because his projectile only works at a certain distance, and it is a distance where you’re not always safe trying to zone. He has got his tools, but they took most of them away.

Unblockable offers little additional range and is pretty sluggish but not the slowest in the game. It’s relatively poor, but it can occasionally catch your opponent off guard. You can, however, combo from it, unlike some other unblockable. Dabi’s Qurik 1 is Fireball, which has a delayed start-up and continues to track the adversary when Quirk 1 is pushed again, which is rather unpleasant. Dabi’s Quirk 2 is not as worthless as some claim. Because the starting is quick, it may be exploited to take the opposition off guard. Blockstrings are also given a lot of space. Spamming is insane because it is one of the most punished moves in the game. Dabi got nerfed entirely, and it is not the type of character it used to be, so I will place him at the C Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

D Tier

Flawed Characters of My Hero One's Justice 2 Tier List
The Flawed Characters of My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List

So, in the bottom tiers, the worst characters in this game are the guys in the D Tier. A couple of things now that I am showing the bottom tiers. First of all, all the characters have been ordered within their tiers, so Tokoyami being the first character in D Tier means that he is the most robust D Tier, in my opinion, and that would make Muscular the worst character in the tier list. Playing a bottom tier does not mean you are trash or anything. It’s not a personal insult; I know how the comments go in these tier lists. If you are good with a bottom-tier character, it proves how good of a player you are in my books. Every character in this game can be reliable.

You have to put in a lot of effort with these bottom tiers. Generally speaking, a good character in My Hero One’s Justice 2 must have the following. They need to have good damage, which none of these guys has. They all have average damage. Good pressure; for one, your opponent blocks your attack. Can you keep them blocking until that guard breaks, or do you have some good mix-up gimmicks? I would also say none of these characters has that. Their pressure is full of holes, straightforward to punish, and finally, good neutral, which may be the hardest to explain because it is very character-specific. Some characters have good neutral because they have great buttons. They will win almost any scramble on the ground or the air. Characters like Todoroki or Bakugo are swift or have anti-zoning quirks, so they can get in and start combos or pressure pretty easily, and then you have other characters who are the zoners. Zoning can be vital in this game none of these characters in the D Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list deal with zoning. Their damage is average, and their buttons are not excellent for winning scrambles, which is why they sit at the bottom.


My Hero One's Justice 2 Tokoyami

Tokoyami has a strong capacity to break through opponents’ guards and apply overwhelming pressure by using both tethered and untethered Quirk 1 forms. When cornered, the ability to summon Dark Shadow to tank attacks for you so you may move about is critical and unique to this character. Dark-Shadow sends out armor and unblockable attacks, reducing Tokoyami’s ability to block while allowing Tokoyami to move independently of the attack animations, implying minimal danger. Tokoyami’s character model is tiny. Thus he has a high wall priority, so don’t be scared to rush about and attempt to outmaneuver the opponent.

When unbound, his auto combination consists of two kicks: an 11-frame kick followed by a follow-up that sends the opponent soaring aloft. Tokyoami’s Qurik 1 is called Shadow puppet; during this animation, Tokoyami summons Dark-shadow in a spiral, which completely covers Tokoyami, blocking all incoming attacks on defense or hitting opponents away for extensions; this move changes slightly depending on when you use it, as pressing Quirk 1 again after Dark-shadow has already been summoned. Tokoyami Quirk 2 is called Dark Secrets and has two forms depending on whether it is tethered. When untethered, Tokoyami will send Dark-shadow out to chase the opponent with a torrent of fists, but when attached, each punch becomes a unique input. The inclusion of a dodge nerfed Tokoyami. You can now sidestep a lot of his pressure which leaves him completely open because if Dark Shadow is out, he cannot even block, so for these reasons, I placed him at the D Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.


My Hero One's Justice 2 Muscular

Muscular is a selectable character and a member of the starting lineup. Muscular is a force to be reckoned with, performing quick yet damaging combos and inflicting even more significant damage on the enemy’s health with his different Beast Arm Stages. His playstyle is centered on his devastating Quirk assaults, with mind games and training used to keep the opponent on their toes throughout the battle. Muscular’s target combination is a specific three-hit sequence that includes a right hook, a left hook, and an uppercut to finish. Muscular’s target combination in the air consists of a single strike, a sweeping movement with his arm that knocks the adversary into the air just over his head. The tilt attacks of Muscular are mediocre. Muscular strikes the enemy’s midsection with a straight kick from the hip, forcing them to wobble back.

Muscular’s unblockable strike is a close-range move in which he slams his fist down on the opponent, knocking them to the ground and creating an unrecoverable floorsplat. Muscular’s Quirk 1 is a one-of-a-kind move in which Muscular flexes his arms, gradually increasing muscle in each arm to advance his Beast Arm Stage. The transition to the next step takes around 2 seconds. Muscular’s Quirk 2 is often regarded as his most powerful move for a good cause. It is the closest move-in to One’s Justice to a DP, or Dragon Punch, and is a beneficial tool for punishing out-of-block and whiff penalties. Muscular’s combinations vary with each Beast Arm Stage. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep track of what Stage Muscular is in when completing a combo. Muscular moves blend quite nicely together. Therefore his combinations are mainly dependent on Muscular’s position on the battlefield. So I will put it in the D Tier of My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list.

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However, it is all 13 characters that I endure and love passionately, and I cannot stop myself from talking about it, as you can see in this tier list. I did a slight reordering, and I am sure we would all agree that is the correct order for the most prominent My Hero One’s Justice 2 characters in the game, and those of you who do not, you can tell me angrily down in the comments. Well, it is time for this tier list to end. One of my abilities is to waste a significant amount of time analyzing characters on how certain great characters are. I have decided to use this ability to create what I believe may be the most definitive My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list on the entire internet. To achieve this goal of my life, I chose 13 characters from different playstyles of the game that  I liked and put them on a tier list. I am deeply sorry for your favorite characters who did not make it into this tier list. To be honest, even after writing this much, I am still not satisfied with the characters I have covered in this, as my many favorite ones are still missing. I tried to include every popular character in this tier list from My Hero One’s Justice 2.

Obviously, I took this tier list exceptionally seriously, with every tier. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments down below. If you have read all through the entire tier list, you are undoubtedly the best My Hero One’s Justice 2 fan out there and probably like making tier lists. I hope that was useful or interesting, and you agree with my rankings of the characters in this My Hero One’s Justice 2 tier list. If you do not, it’s okay. We are all part of the same fandom, and all resonate with the characters differently. To end this tier list, I would like to remind you that it is purely based on how I think about these characters in general and their power level. Thank you!

Characters Ranking in Tier Maker
Tier Maker of My Hero One’s Justice 2 Tier List

My Hero One's Justice 2: Frequently Asked Questions

What characters are in My Hero One’s Justice 2?

This game features a total of 51 playable characters, and every single one of them plays uniquely. All the characters are included, from Provisional Hero Licence Exam Arc to the Shie Hassaikai Arc. Initially, the game only offered the main characters to us, but then gradually, through DLCs, new characters were introduced.

How to switch characters in My Hero One’s Justice 2?

Switching characters in My Hero One’s Justice 2 is easy enough when you know what you’re doing. You must hit L2 or R2 on the PlayStation 4 or LT or RT on the Xbox One as long as you’re in combat. This will pull your teammates into the fight for a short second, allowing them to shock your opponent, assault them with strikes from afar, or nail them with a deadly combination.

How Long is My Hero One’s Justice 2?

My Hero One’s Justice’s story mode begins with Deku’s training with Gran Torino and continues through the events leading up to All Might’s confrontation with All For One. My Hero One’s Justice 2 story mode has 36 missions available, and it lasts about four and a half hours for an average player. Since it lacks difficulty options, only a handful of matches are challenging. It becomes tedious to finish. There’s still much to accomplish in My Hero One’s Justice once you finish Story Mode. Of course, you may play as many matches as you like in local play or online against other people.

How to unlock characters in My Hero One’s Justice 2?

To unlock Deku / Izuku Midoriya Full Cowling 100%, you must complete hero story mode. Moreover, to unlock Kai Chisaki Ver 2, you need to complete villain story mode. You can unlock both of these characters as a pre-order bonus if you have pre-ordered the game before the release.

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