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Bleach Brave Souls Tier List: The COMPLETE Ranking

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Bleach Brave Souls was developed by KLabGames in the year 2015, mainly launched in Japan first for iOS and Android only. Later on, it was established in the rest of the world in the year 2016. And now in 2022, it is available for Windows and PS4 as well. Now let us talk about the setting of the game. It is mainly an action game that includes role-playing elements, with lots of items to purchase throughout the game to level up the progress of your character. And so to aid you, we have created the Bleach Brave Souls Tier List.

The game is actually based on a storyline that pops up when the game starts. There is a skip option for those who have zero interest in the storyline and are just here to play the game, however, if you look at the story it is actually pretty interesting. It starts with a character named Ichigo, who can see the Soul Reaper, and the story goes on with the Soul Reaper telling him about the Hollow. These are evil spirits that are the main villains in the game. The players are supposed to team up in threes to compete against them. 

There are many characters in this efficient game, so discussing each and every character will be a bit difficult considering it is just one article. However, I will be placing some of the important and noteworthy characters here. These characters will be placed in a ranking list where I will place them according to their skills and stats in the game. The characters that will be placed in the S tier will be the best ones among all of them, and as we go down the list the quality will begin to drop.

Key Points

  • Our article is based on the current 14.2.0 Patch meta.
  • The list includes a total of 47 entries.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Ichigo Kurosaki and Kenpachi Zaraki.
  • The lowest tiers contain characters like Momo Hinamori.


We will list all entries in a short table now.

Tier RankCharacter
S Rank• Ichigo Kurosaki
• Kenpachi Zaraki
• Nnoitora Gilga
• Yasutora Chad Sado
A Rank• Yhwach
• Toshiro Hitsugaya
• Tier Harribel
• Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto
• Ulquiorra Shifar
• Nellial Tu Odelschwank
• Lilinette Gingerback
• Yammy Llaargo
• Sosuke Aizen
• Toshiro Hitsugaya (TYBW-Zombie version)
B Rank• Kenpachi Zaraki (TYBW Version)
• Hanataro Yamada
• Orihime Inoue (The Bond Version)
• Soi Fon (TYBW Version)
• Yokio Hans Vorarlberna (The Bond Version)
• Sojiro Kusaka (Movie 2 Version)
• Homura and Shizuku (Movie 3)
• Shuren (Movie 4 version)
• Ururu Tsumugiya (Christmas version)
• Ichigo Kurosaki (TYBW – True bankai version)
• Kenpachi Zaraki (The lost agent version)
• Sosuke Aizen (Fourth fusion version)
C Rank• Nanao Ise (Resurrection)
• Szayelaporro Grantz (Resurrection)
• Shukuro Tsukishima (Resurrection)
• Koga Kuchiki (Tag Team – Resurrection)
• Sosuke Aizen (Thousand-Year Blood War)
• Yoruichi Shihoin (Halloween)
• Ryuken Ishida (The Lost Agent)
• Nnoitora Gilga (UTB)
• Hiyori Sarugaki (OG Remake)
• Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Japanese Parasol)
• Ichigo Kurosaki (Resurrection – Hollowfied)
• White Zangetsu (Resurrection)
D Rank• Ichigo Kurosaki (Thousand-Year Blood War – True Shikai)
• Shuhei Hisagi (Tag Team – Resurrection)
• Momo Hinamori
• Marechiyo Omaeda (Resurrection)
• Shukuro Tsukishima (White Day)
• Kensei Muguruma (The Lost Agent)
• Sajin Komamura (Thousand-Year Blood War)
• Isane Kotetsu (Sealed)
• Sajin Komamura (The Lost Agent)

Learn more about each entry below.


Bleach Brave Souls is an action-packed and role-playing game that consists of many modes such as PVP, multiple quests, Co-Op, stories, sub-stories, etc. There are multiple in-app purchases available for the players to add more to the exciting action. Each player is supposed to follow the storyline the Soul Reaper tells to the lost agent. The game consists of characters that are taken from the Bleach manga, TYBW. It received so much positive response when it was launched, that many gamers stated it to be one of the finest games. The name of the title was initially decided to be Black Brave Souls but as it was way too common, instead of black they wanted to add ”white” and instead of white the makers came up with the name bleach”. That implies purse characters who fight the creepy Hollows, which are bizarre villains in the game who are opposed by the oh-so-amazing characters of the game.

The main storyline of the game revolves around the Soul Reaper finding Hollow and then assisting the characters in beating the Hollow up. In addition to that, the soul reaper plays a significant role in accompanying the various characters to get to the Hollow. The game will offer hundreds of moves and weapons combos to play more efficiently. The in-app purchases qualify the player to collect various weapons that come in handy for a better playing experience. Requiring these things will add more excitement to the already badass gaming venture. The excitement rises as you get to capture the Hollow and beat the hell out of it, the players make up a team of threes to conquer the mission.

The game is spent playing against the Hollows and also purchasing thrilling weapons to increase the appeal of the game. There is plenty of thrills as the game begins with the story of Soul Reaper who tells Ichigo about the Hollow, who is the villain of the game, and that Ichigo was able to hear the sound of Ichigo. Players are supposed to be playing efficiently to have an abundance of skills to play against them. There are so many outclass weapons and gems that are required for having a thrilling experience for playing outstandingly. The characters are interchangeable throughout the game allowing the gamers to have a full-time thrill of multiple players as they have variable skills and moves, this does not tire up the gamer and adds extra compelling touch to the already heavy storyline. 

S Tier

bleach brave souls tier list S tier
S Rank.

The S tier of our article has the most incredible entries in the game. These characters are absolutely powerful and hard to beat. They are considered the creme of the game, the superb ones. They are the strongest legendary characters that are great at their skills, abilities, and stats of the game plot. Let us start with the S tier of the Bleach Brave Souls tier list 5 Star.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo has some really fine skills in the game and he has a rarity of six starts. He is perhaps the main character of the game as the game begins with him. He has great powers that he uses up against the enemy to fight with great ease. He has SP points 802, which makes him the strongest character in bleach. He has the ability to control the enemy with his immense powers.

For a lot of gamers, this character has proved to be so powerful that it can be utilized in the game progression. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main leading character and hence I have placed him on the top.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Kenpachi Zaraki

He is a great hero of the game, probably he can fight against many enemies at once. Kenpachi has enormous stamina and attack speed, he can provide a great fighting spirit and compete well against the enemy. He has an eligible build, which makes him stand on his own against the enemy.

Zaraki can fight with the strongest opponents and still be prepared for more. Kenpachi Zaraki is a well-known character of the game which is probably the first choice of many gamers as he is among the best characters of the game as he is placed in the S tier as well.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Nnoitora Gilga

He is a great attacker in the Bleach Brave Souls game. He has a great loadout with the help of which he can carry out the whole mission all by himself. His Normal Damage Attack is credited to his souls that provide it an increase of 20%. He can perform many attacks simultaneously without hesitating.

Gilga has enormous energy that never fails to impress gamers, he manages to be on the top list of many players due to his great moves and efficient skills. His hits are top-notch accompanied by his Flurry and Long Reach. Nnoitora is indeed an S-class player.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Yasutora Chad Sado

He has superhuman strength and is highly capable of fighting by giving his enormous attacks one after another. His strength is so huge that he is capable of throwing the enemy blocks away single-handedly. He can compete with a Hollow with his bare fists.

His physical strength is enough to finish off the opponents besides his moves and the actual skills that he uses during the fight. Indeed, he is a top-notch player. He uses his techniques to slay in every match. Thus, Yasutora Chad Sado is an incredible fighter and as a result, he got a position in the S tierAnd since he’s such an incredible fighter, he also gets a place in any Bleach Brave Souls Tier List PVP.

Rarity: 6 stars.

A tier

bleach brave souls tier list A tier
A Rank.

After the S tier, we will discuss the A rank of our article. The current category is comprised of some really good characters from the game who are although not as good as the ones placed in the S tier, still, they are a good choice. 


His weakness lies in the fact that when his blood is met with silver that is created in the heart of his Auswahlen survivors, he will become vulnerable at once, and it will be easy to defeat him.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Toshiro Hitsugaya

He got an abundance of natural talent within him. Hitsugaya is aware all the time and is able to see through deceptions. He can see through the enemy’s attacks and study them while dodging the attack as well. Toshiro is a great swordsman and an absolutely fine fighter. Although he has many skills and abilities that me him stand out from the others. Despite that, he has some flaws, one of the major ones is that he can not fight when he has generated a great amount of heat that renders his attacks.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Tier Harribel

Harribel has incredible powers and abilities of swordsmanship. She can fight with many enemies and not get exhausted. She has proven to be an intuitive fighter as her attacks are great accompanied by her sword attacks that are of a great variety. There are a variety of great attacks that enables her to fight vigorously in front of the Hollow. Although she is so awesome as she lies in the A tier, there has to be some defect, no? Obviously, she has a minor fault that I feel is that her durability is not top-notch, she lacks it a bit.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto

Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto is an incredible swordsman. His sword attacks are the best among all the characters of the game. He has such strong attacks that can kill the opponent in one go. He has great durability the help of which he can stand consistently throughout the battle. His soul begins to decrease at 16% damage, which makes him a great player.

With the enormous amount of heat that comes from his body as well as his blade, he can only function properly for a short time, and that particular weakness causes him to be placed in the A tier.

Ulquiorra Shifar

He has awesome combat prowess with great durability and speed. His most outclass power is his regeneration, which allows him to utilize his organs which are worn out. He has a special resurrection ability by which he can gain enormous physical abilities and skills. His resurrection is of a high level, that is unmatchable.

He has some fine skills that let him be placed in the A tier. Despite that, he produces excess heat that deprives his huge attacks.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Nellial Tu Odelschwank

She is such an amazing character in the game that at first, I thought of placing her in the S tier, I personally like her gameplay a lot, but due to only one technical reason, she got placed in the A tier of the Bleach Brave Souls Tier List Arena. The reason for this is that her Arrancar powers are highly limited, due to which she gets tired easily when she uses Cero Doble.

Besides that, she has awesome command over her sword attacks, accompanied by her high hand-to-hand combat. She can highly retain her attack absorption at a peak level. She is full of spiritual energy which helps her a lot in the fight.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Lilinette Gingerback

She is yet another great character from the game. She is good in her abilities like her resurrection and her outstanding speed levels up with the best characters here. Lilinette is a good character to play especially for beginners, her attacks are quite simple and do a lot of damage. Her damage is what she is so famous for, she is incredible in mobility in addition to that her astonishing moves are worth drooling over.

Ginger’s back is a good one so far but her Cero power is quite fragile, which leads her to the A tier.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Yammy Llaargo

He can literally suck out the souls with his skills. He has got a unique fighting style that is a brawler. He is a dangerous rival as he has got loads of strength that can finish off the opponent with immense ease. His Cero is well-developed and allows him to fire a red giant ball from his mouth.

Red fire blasts can also be fired from his hands that are not as strong as the Cero from his mouth, still, they are very powerful. He is a very powerful character with superhuman strength, even his ordinary attacks cause great damage.

His ability to detect spiritual pressure is quite weak.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Sosuke Aizen

Aizen has the greatest skill in him and that is definitely his intellect, it makes him the most dangerous and fearsome one so far. He is able to detect the opponent’s weakness in no time and competes against them by performing moves that can dodge the attacks. His attacks are pretty easy to apply and good for beginners to choose him to play and have fun winning.

Many opponents are able to detect their attacks and compete with counterattacks very fast, which makes Aizen a bit less durable.

Rarity: 6 stars.

Toshiro Hitsugaya (TYBW-Zombie version)

Captain Hitsugaya is transformed into a zombie when Quincy uses her power. He has massive damage up to 13% along with a spiritual pressure of +90. His ice attack moves are marvelous and beyond good, leaving the opponent with immense damage. He has huge strength that hovers him to battle his opponents. Indeed he has plenty of special moves that he applies to the opponent to finish him up in no time.

Ultimately, he is by far a brilliant player but he just lacks a bit of speed compared to the ones in the S tier.

Rarity: 6 stars.

B tier

bleach brave souls tier list B tier
B Rank.

Here we have the average tier of the Bleach Brave Souls tier list 2022 as the characters it contains have no special moves for fine skills to compete against the members of the S and A tiers. These characters have a lot to improve in them as they are laying behind. The characters of the B tier have the following arena abilities, which are just average and not up to the mark.

Kenpachi Zaraki (TYBW Version)

He is a good character in the game with a rarity of six stars. His attribute is based on his Mind powers. He has been named Kenpachi due to his fight with Unohana. Zaraki achieved Bankai, which is one of his great special moves through extensive training with Yachiru. His affiliation in the game is a Soul Reaper and Captain. His attack style is Melee and transformed Melee.

Kenpachi is a fine fighter having a soul trait of great attack recharge time and spiritual pressure, these allow him to fight vigorously during the battle. He can be a good selection for you to have a great battle time with the opponent. He has extensively strong attack damage that allows him to recover pretty quickly. And oh boy what an amazing reach, probably one of the strongest in the game.

Hanataro Yamada

Yamada is a great one and pretty lucky to have gained the New Year’s shrine blessing. His arrow which is named Hamaya is indeed a great weapon to fight off evil. Shrine Visit Stampede is his special move which includes him riding a charged Bonnie, the stampedes of which cause great damage to whatever comes in their way. He is a Soul Reaper furthermore, one which uses his attribute of Power. The attack style of Hnataro is melee besides he is a healer in the game and provides amazing healing qualities. He has a rarity of six stars thus he stands brightly on the battlefield.

His main drawback, the one which caused him to be in the B tier, is that he takes up less damage. His damage ability is about 16%, which is obviously less than expected from such a classic player. But the trait has led him to be dragged here.

Orihime Inoue (The Bond Version)

Orihime Inoue is one of the good players, having a rarity of six stars. She is the player who plays by the attribute of heart. In addition to that, she has great special moves, mainly she can heal the damages of her teammates. Although that is not a fighting ability it has much to offer during fights.

Firstly, she can heal her fellow companions, and it is of great value if they are the strong ones, as they heal pretty quickly. Secondly, she can be a great shield, she has a special attack style that includes barriers for protection. Finally, she can be so useful with her enormous stamina. She is indeed a full package.

The package is placed here because it has relatively normal attack damage. She has all the great qualities but she can not be placed with the players with awesome attack damages. Hence she is placed here, in the B tier.

Soi Fon (TYBW Version)

Soi Fon has such training that he can even play a ravishing fight without his Zanpakuto. With a rarity of six stars, he has indeed improved his Shunko to an extent that he is able to use it continuously.

He is a Soul Reaper and a Captain, in addition to that he is able to attack with Shunko at such a fast level that it is not visible to the eye. His survival rate is brilliant, along with his great skill is evidently his Buffs, which is the ability to increase the stats of one own self or the teammates’ stats, either one. He is able to transform which allows him to increase his abilities for almost 30 seconds.

Soi Fon being a good player is placed in the B tier here because his damage-taking percentage is about 10%, which is obviously less than what should be required for an elite match.

Yokio Hans Vorarlberna (The Bond Version)

With a rarity of six stars, he uses a handheld console for his power. Yokio has basically the attribute of mind, additionally, he has a great move which is the use of cubes that can leave the opponent paralyzed. This is known as paralysis in the game, the outcome of the move leaves the opponent’s ability to move completely shattered. Therefore his attack style is also paralysis and melee. Hans’s Raise Level Cap is +50.

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His affiliation is Human, having not-so-amazing attack damage which allows him to be placed in the B tier.

Sojiro Kusaka (Movie 2 Version)

Sojiro wears a cloak that hides his face mostly. He is a Soul Reaper besides that he has the attribute of mind. Frigid Barrage is his special move which includes an ice dragon who can freeze the environment hence causing great damage around. His finest move is Freeze which causes the opponent to actually freeze, allowing good damage. Additionally, he can add Defence Debuff which adds more value to his special move.

Sojiro on the other hand has normal attack damage, I consider it a major flaw in a character. Therefore, besides placing such characters in the A tier, I place them in the B tier.

Homura and Shizuku (Movie 3)

Homura and Shizuku are brother and sister, having the same abilities and stats. Their rarity is six stars, along with the attribute of Heart. They have tremendous power the help of which they can blast a great Spiritual Pressure that causes huge damage. The key ability of Homura and Shizuku is their Switch, which is the ability to alternate between each other during the battle, as a result, they can change their attacks without the limitation of time.

Their major flaw is their Weaken ability, which includes them receiving more damage but it causes a huge reduction in the attack strength. So the ability itself also becomes their major flaw.

Shuren (Movie 4 version)

Shuren breaks the gates of hell for the sake of his freedom, therefore his special move is also called Hell’s Fire. In his special move, he can cause a great blast of hellfire which results in great damage. The attribute of Shuren is purely based on his technique. His main attack style is Burn, which causes significant damage as the name Burn implies. Shuren has relatively strong attack damage as his moves are of substantial value. He has the rarity of 5 stars.

Ururu Tsumugiya (Christmas version)

Ururu has six stars rarity accompanied by the attribution to be based on her technique. She is a prominent character in the game who has some great moves, the most prominent one being Substitute Sleigh. With the move, she rides a snowball that causes sizeable damage to the opponent. She has a strong attack recharge which allows her to be efficient on the battlefield.

The attack style of Ururu is ranged, which included her healing abilities that allow her to heal the damages of her fellow teammates. Another important attack style of Ururu is her freeze mode which makes the opponent actually freeze for some time so that she can finish it off.

On the contrary, her stamina is somewhat below the desired one to the placed in a better tier.

Ichigo Kurosaki (TYBW – True bankai version)

This version of Ichigo Kurosaki is known as the Thousand Year Blood War, the True Bankai version. He has a rarity of five stars along with an attribute of heart. He is a good player overall and has a special move known as True Zangetsu, where he fires a Getsugatensho with great Zangetsu to cause large damage.

Being an imminent player, he has a strong attack recharge time, allowing him to be great on the battlefield. Ichigo’s attack style is Buffs and Transformed, where he can increase his stats and change attacks and form for 30 seconds respectively. The only drawback of the character is his low spiritual pressure.

Kenpachi Zaraki (The lost agent version)

A Soul Reaper and Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki has a rarity of five stars. His attribute is his speed alongside his good damage control. Kenpachi’s special move is Demon Strike in which he strikes a single forceful blow causing noteworthy damage. Kenpachi’s lost agent version has an attacking style named Buffs which allows him to increase his own stats or the stats of his teammates.

Although he is a good player his stamina is lower than many other incredible players, one major flaw holds him back in the B rank of the Bleach Brave Souls tier list

Sosuke Aizen (Fourth fusion version)

Sosuke Aizen can destroy the opponent despite it being immune to his force. He is affiliated with Soul Reaper and Hollow, having an attribute of Power. He can cause a huge blast of Spiritual Pressure that is devastating for the opponent on the battlefield. Having a strong attack recharge he can attack blows one after another without being drained of energy and stamina. His power levels are amazing.

He can receive more damage, but that causes a reduction in the attack strength.

C Tier

bleach brave souls tier list C tier
C Rank.

The C tier is the below-average tier where the characters are pretty weak and do not have anything great to be shown or focused upon. These fighters are absolutely weak in power and are not up to the mark. These characters have low fighting intensity and strength that hovers them into the C tier.

Nanao Ise (Resurrection)

She is a fine player with good attack damage and one good move which is a Bakudo attack that causes great damage. She plays by the attribute of heart and has a pretty good attack recharge. Her attack style is Burn and Paralysis which causes great damage and makes the opponent paralyzed respectively. Her rarity is six stars.

She has some substantial flaws that include her lack of close-range combat, and the lack of a special ability that put her in the C tier.

Szayelaporro Grantz (Resurrection)

He can create a doll of the opponent and use it to attack, which provides significant damage to the opponent as he can control all the attacks of the rival. He is a six-star rarity player along with an attribute of Heart. He is very good at taking damage. Grantz has an affiliation with Arrancar and Espada, in addition to that, he has good attack damage, fine strength, somewhat average defense, and spiritual pressure. He is not an outstanding player, as he has no special abilities, he [probably has some moves but he has no X factor in him.

He has an ailment named Poison that actually causes more damage to the player himself in order of destroying him rather than benefiting him more.

Shukuro Tsukishima (Resurrection)

Here is the fullbring version of Shukuro that makes him strong enough to cut past anything. Book of the end is the special move that allows him to change the past of whatever he cuts, which causes a good amount of damage. One of his fine abilities is that he is able to inflict damage at a full STA, the trait is seen in the strongest players of the game, but he possesses it as well.

Shukuro is one of those characters of Bleach Brave Souls who uses the ability named Weaken, in which although the player causes more damage but his attack strength is reduced pretty much. He is also deprived of a full-fledged focus on the battle.

Koga Kuchiki (Tag Team – Resurrection)

He is a good player as he can restrain by blasting a Kido that causes burn. Koga is affiliated with Soul Reaper with an attribute of technique. He has a rarity of six stars which allows him to be a famous character in the game. He does pretty fine damage as well which leaves the opponent with somewhat less strength left to fight. Last-ditch survival is his soul trait and is a headline of this character.

Koga Kuchiki has relatively less focus and defense, dragging him down the B tier.

Sosuke Aizen (Thousand-Year Blood War)

Sosuke’s TYBW version has a 5-star rarity in addition to his Mind attribute. His special move is his ability to summon up to five dragons that can finish off everything that comes their way, and the technique is pretty amazing when it is applied on the battlefield. He has relatively strong attack damage that leaves the rival in great damage. One of his important skills is his charged attack which enables him to attack with such immense strength that the total output is doubled.

Let us talk about his flaw that became the reason for his existence in the B tier of the list. His attack style is generally Weaken, where he attains more damage but loses attack strength. All great moves, but for what when there is no strength to apply them.

Yoruichi Shihoin (Halloween)

Affiliated with Soul Reaper, Yoruichi is indeed a six-star player. She has a scythe strike followed by a punch which in combination causes paralysis. Paralysis is the state where the opponent’s ability to move is demolished. Her attribute is her Heart, henceforth her stamina is beyond good.

Her damage is pretty average being about 10% in all, which is the reason she is placed in the B tier of the Bleach Brave Souls tier list 2022.

Ryuken Ishida (The Lost Agent)

He has an affiliation with both Human and Quincy, with a rarity of six stars he has an attribution of heart. In addition to that, he has a special move just like the others do, named the Final Quincy. He has Reishi arrows that result in causing great damage. Ryuken’s attack style is paralysis, one where the opponent is paralyzed and can not even move.

His attack damage is normal, not superb or beyond great but just normal. 

Nnoitora Gilga (UTB)

Nnoitora Gilga in this form has an attribute of Heart along with his affiliation with Arrancar and Espada. He is a fine player and has many good moves and skills. His special move is known as Cero in which he blasts powerful spiritual energy causing a Lacerate. Lacerate is a state of the opponent where he or she is not able to apply their special attacks and moves. Gilga has strong attack damage that helps him maintain pressure on the rival.

The current version of Gilga lacks a bit in the area of speed, when it comes to fast moves, he is not the first choice.

Hiyori Sarugaki (OG Remake)

Hiyori is another good player in the game, she is a nice player for many beginners as her moves and stats are pretty simple to apply. Although she has simple moves, she is not a bad player, perhaps she is a good player. Her special move is Renzan Kubikiriorochi, where she manages to mix up her quick movements with heavy strikes to kill the opponent. Her attack style is also Pralysis where she makes the rival mobile.

However, she lacks spiritual pressure but still, she is a fine player, especially for an amateur.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Japanese Parasol)

Paralysis is her main attack move, perhaps she is a pro at it. She has an attribute of technique with a six-star rarity. She creates a shockwave by spinning her parasol allowing it to create great damage. Her damage control is quite average. She is placed in the B tier because she is an average player overall, her stats are pretty ordinary, and lacks special moves and skills that the fighters of the S and A tiers possess.

Ichigo Kurosaki (Resurrection – Hollowfied)

He is affiliated with Soul Reaper and Hollow, with a rarity of six stars and along with the attribute of power. Ichigo’s hollowed version allows him to have a great skill that is Getsugatensho, where he attacks with high spiritual energy that is unmatchable. His attack damage and damage control both are so good that he almost made his way to the A tier of my list. As he is placed in the B tier, there has to be something bad, right?

His stamina is below average or rather one should say that he lacks it. The character even loses his stamina long before he applies his special moves.

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White Zangetsu (Resurrection)

White Zangetsu in the resurrection version has the attribute of mind and rarity of six stars. He is a normal player but his Heaven’s Lament makes him a good one. The attack is comprised of a slashing strike composed of high Spiritual pressure that causes great damage to the enemy.

His attack damage is decent and his weakened duration is pretty high, about 50% you can say. He is overall an average player.

D tier

bleach brave souls tier list D tier
D Rank.

The characters of D-tier are really bad ones, they have no right to be placed with the ones mentioned above as they lack all the greatest moves and special skills and stats that the great Bleach characters are supposed to have. The characters of the D tier are mentioned in the table below with their stats and moves that won’t let them qualify for the above tiers.

Ichigo Kurosaki (Thousand-Year Blood War – True Shikai)

A weak character in the game, he has so many flaws along with his poor stats, Ichigo’s rarity is 5/6 stars, but the character is placed in the D tier because it has a low level of stamina and focus, compared to others it is nothing.

However, his special move involves a high-density blast of spiritual pressure that causes the opponent to be damaged quite a bit. His attribute is his technique. He is a D-class player.

Shuhei Hisagi (Tag Team – Resurrection)

Shuhei is a weak player and has many defects as a player. He has the attribute of mind along with the normal attack damage. Hisagi is a six-star rarity player. He applies a twin attack causing a lot of damage. His attack damage is also normal. He is a weak player and has many flaws.

Momo Hinamori

His speed is his attribute and his rarity is six stars. He stealthily causes immense damage. His attack damage is fine. Momo is a bad character in the game, he has nill focus, nill strength, and nill spiritual pressure. All the qualities that a good bleach player should be having, he is deprived of them all.

Marechiyo Omaeda (Resurrection)

He is another substandard player on the Bleach Brave Souls tier list PVP. His rarity is 6 stars. In addition to it, his attribute is his speed. He utilizes his Flash Step to kill the opponent. He has poor attack damage and deficient stats where he is deprived of good speed and stamina.

Shukuro Tsukishima (White Day)

He is not up to scratch, his moves and abilities are weak in every regard, and his attack damage is so low that the opponent can not even feel it happening. His rarity is 5 stars. Shukuro’s attribute is speed. He can drag his opponent into an eternal world which causes some damage.

Kensei Muguruma (The Lost Agent)

He has 6 Stars rarity along with the attribute being his technique, is an average player of the game. He attacks with great speed and causes some damage. Little damage is taken by Muguruma.

Sajin Komamura (Thousand-Year Blood War)

Having a rarity of 6 stars, he has an attribute of mind. His special moves are Kokujo Tengen and Myo-Oh. He is such a fighter of the game that he is not even the last choice whenever I play the game, this type of character is always neglected. He has normal attack damage. Indeed he is an unacceptable character.

Isane Kotetsu (Sealed)

Isane has 5/6 stars rarity and attribute of power. He can combine with Retsu to create a good combo. He has a bad damage attack. He is a bad player and has many flaws and defects that include his low level of Spiritual pressure and even lower speed and stamina. He has only two moves which is why they are known as his special moves, what else would they be called then? He is a miserable one.

Sajin Komamura (The Lost Agent)

His rarity is 6 Stars and his attribute is speed. He fires a Hakkaho accompanied by a sword attack, which is the only move that he can apply in a match. His damage control is below poor, along with his focus point. He is not a good one at all.

Bleach Brave Souls 14.2.0 Patch Notes

The game very recently received an update in the form of the 14.2.0 Patch, and we will be listing all of the changes made with that update in the bullet points below.

  • The social media site Facebook is no longer available as an option for players to use for data linking. Both the Friend and the Data Link screens have been updated to reflect the brand-new change.
  • Ad Summons in the game will now only contain ★4 and above characters.
  • The Gauge will no longer reduce on loading screens in between maps during Coop activities.
  • Selecting the Back button on the PS4 will no longer cause Soul Tickets to be consumed when heading back to the home screen.
  • The error in which rewards gained from Event Quests were not being sent to the Gift Box if the player couldn’t hold any more of the item has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where the Results screen was not being displayed after finishing an Epic Raid.

Bleach Brave Souls characters

There are hundreds of characters in the game which allows for having many playable characters. You are not bound to one character at a time, there has to be a team of three to start the game. The best characters of the game are described in the list below. On the contrary, there are many bad characters that are not worth playing and teaming up with.

Although each character is different from the other and has a unique touch to the skills and moves. Some characters are greatly deft while others are slow and less skilled. Each one provides its own technique and skills, in addition to that, they have multiple moves to choose from. The characters have different attributes that are required to choose different characters in one team.

Every gamer has different tastes and requirements when it comes to the selection of a fighter. To fulfill all the needs, the game has so much variety that I drool over the awesome actions of the players, I love the entire concept of selecting the characters so that the super skills of three different characters are utilized in one single match. The abundance of them sometimes gets way too complicated for the selection of a worthy character.

But what else are we here for? Here I have provided the best ranking of all the famous characters that are or are not worthy of playing. Hopefully iy will help you select the best ones in the game so that you know which player is according to your liking. The attributes of each player are mentioned here to help you have an enormously great gaming marathon.


The article provides the best and worst characters of all time to have a fun-filled gaming marathon. I tried my best to place the characters in the respective tiers with full concentration and knowledge of the game. However, the list is purely subjective, and the only purpose for it is for the viewers to have an easy selection process when they are willing to start the game. Let me know what you feel about the list and which one is your favorite among them. The Bleach Brave Soul tier list is an exclusive list that is purely unofficial and based on my personal view of the game.

Bleach Brave Souls: Most Asked Questions

How is my character’s special move level increased in Bleach Brave Soul?

The special move level is increased by selecting a character with a similar attribute.

What is the purpose of resurrection?

Resurrection is used to create a new 6-star character from an already existing 6-star character.

Who is the best character of Bleach Brave Souls?

Ichigo is indeed the best character in the game.

Can we trade characters in the game?

Yes, characters can be traded for better and more skillful ones.

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