Pure Saiyan Tier List: All Saiyans Ranked

The great Dragon Ball Z fighters are amazing and so famous due to their incredible and marvelous fighting styles. The series and the game have their fame and interest in fans throughout the world. Nevertheless, these fighters have the unique and classic statistics that they are known for. Additionally, the Dragon Ball Z series has an abundance of characters that have enormous skills.

Hence here I will be discussing the Pure Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z. I will be ranking possibly all the Pure Saiyans into a tier list hence it will recognize the best ones, the average ones, and the worst ones. Oh, I should not rather call them the worst ones, let us just say the ones that are not as worthy as others.

This Pure Saiyan tier list will equally recognize the main and the basic stats of a character and their ranking will be priveledges according to them only. This tier list may not be according to the likes and dislikes of many of you but on the whole, we all have our own favorites, no?

This article consists of the Pure Saiyans that are present in the Dragon Ball Z universe, indeed they are categorized well. This is a totally subjective tier list with absolutely no tolerance for negative criticism, although you might give us positive thoughts and comments on how well you like the tier list. Along with this, we are always open to the new thoughts of your beloved viewers. Firstly I will let you know about the series and numerous games of Dragon Ball. Let’s get started.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z series is a long-running series that is a sequel to the Dragon Ball series written by Akira Toriyama. The story accordingly revolves around a character named Goku. Goku has this mission that is, protecting the Earth along with his fellows. Dragon Ball series revolves around Goku when he was a child all the way to his adulthood, while in the Dragon Ball Z series the life of Goku from his adulthood is followed up.

This is indeed an amazing series and many of you do recall yourself eagerly waiting for the new episodes to play, well I do. The entire series revolves around the ninja world, their skills, their acts, their good and bad, all they do is completely thus penned down into a great and interesting series.

The Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series are truly great sources of entertainment meant for many fans. Moreover, these series had so much fame that the developers had to launch games based on the premises of the series.

Of course, these games had the same characters as the series, with the same battling skills and somewhat same flaws as well. The entire Dragon Ball experience is worth drooling. The Dragon Ball experience is further discussed in the Pure Saiyan tier list as the pure Saiyans are interesting ones.

This series is surely based on the martial arts films of Jackie Chain and Bruce Lee. Goku’s original name was Kakarot as he was born on the planet named Vegeta.  Goku was in fact sent to Earth as his planet was to be destroyed by an evil power named Frieza. Goku was adopted by Son Gohan who was a kind man who taught him to be calm and cheerful, Goku was very violent in the beginning after that he faced a head injury after which he became a very happy person. This is undoubtedly a series of incredible attractions for the viewers who are more into joy and battle manias.

Dragon Ball Z games

The Dragon Ball game series is surely all based on the series and manga. As the series is based on Goku who travels the world in search of Dragon Balls, similarly, the games are based on fighting, role-playing, and platform games. There is indeed a huge list of games from the Dragon Ball developers. However, they have their own gameplay and storyline. These games had their fame in their own time, thus each game being famous worldwide. Furthermore, let us get to know the games of this series.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  • Dragon Ball Online
  • Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
  • Dragon Ball Battle of Z
  • Dragon Ball Burst Limit
  • Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors
  • Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
  • Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi
  • Dragon Ball Sagas
  • Dragon Ball Supper Sonic warriors
  • Dragon Ball Attack of the Saiyans
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  • Super Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Hyper Dimension
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
  • Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury
  • Dragon Ball Z Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu
  • Dragon Ball Z Buyu Retsuden
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 3
  • Dragon Ball Legends
  • Dragon Ball Z Dragon Daihikyou
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Saiya Densetsu
  • Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans
  • Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden.

These are just some of the Dragon Ball games released in different time periods. They have a huge fan following even if a game is old, still, it is known to date. All these games have their own storyline and gameplay respectively. There is indeed a huge variety of games in the Dragon Ball Z category. Although these games are from different times and years, yet each game has not lost its fame yet.

The real gamers and fans of the game do know the worth of each and every game and the differences in the game mode of each and every one of them. The Dragon Ball Z manga is a set of many brilliant and note-worthy action packet fighting adventures that let you have a full fledge gaming experience. You can have a full blast of entertainment while playing these games.

Although the Dragon Ball Z games are somewhat difficult to understand completely, especially for the newbies. But once you get to understand all the concepts, you will crave for playing more. Hence all the games mentioned above are a true representation of the Dragon Ball Z universe. In the Pure Saiyan tier list, there are many characters who are also available in the game.

What is Pure Saiyan?

In the Pure Saiyan tier list, we will discuss the Pure Saiyans who are, by all means, a great and malleable category in the dragon ball game which is able to be formed in numerous ways possible for many purposes. Strong rotations can surely be set up just by optimizing the efforts. A single rotation is s form of a destructive duo of SSJ4 Vegeta and SSJ4 Goku, thus having the ability to perform awesomely in every rash situation. When both of them are connected they can smash the hell out of the enemies.

The ultimate ATK link skill and Ki when adjoined can perform many active skills and super attacks. Secondly, the rotation consists of PHY SSJ Broly and STR Goku, who possibly share the Ki form of +4. Thus this factor allows them to perform the super ATK with great ease. Individually they are extremely strong that they can carry out huge damages with absolute ease.

Goku buffs ally ATK before he is transformed which helps Broly to intervene in a more vast attack. Though the head can take a lot of damage as he is the head of SS Vegeta and SSJ God. He might have a weak chance of transforming because of the restrictions in transformation but in the huge lapse of time, this is not a flaw at all.

There is a very huge variety of Pure Saiyans in the game to choose from, there are many facts and figures to be kept in mind while picking a character to play but the gamer has to have full knowledge about it. Don’t get worried, we are here to your rescue, selecting a player is certainly made easy by us here in the Pure Saiyan tier list. Almost all the characters are thereby identified along with their stats, skills, and abilities.

Accordingly their attack styles, skills, link sets, tank farms, and whatnot. Everything is discussed in the tables given below. All the characters that are placed in their respective tiers have a specific reason for allotment, additionally, they have skills but the flaws that became the reason for their presence in a specific tier are mentioned all along. Henceforth this article is placed before you after full extensive research and hard work.

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S Tier

Pure Saiyan tier list
Best Pure Saiyans.

The superb tier has indeed the best of the best Pure Saiyans of all. They truly have the best skills and stats in the game. Choosing them will surely be a win-win for all. These characters are incredible and in true words ‘superb’. Let us start with the marvelous S tier of the Pure Saiyan tier list.

CharacterQualities and skills
Fierce Battle for Space and Time Super Saiyan Goku (Xeno)He is the most decent hard-hitter therefore placed in the top tier of the Pure Saiyan tier list, along with this has a great tank. He has the ability to support each relevant Goku on the team. He has an infinite DEF stacker and a great link set along with that, he is a great stunner.
Confrontation with Unknown Enemies Super Saiyan Vegeta (Xeno)He is a great hard-hitter and a great debuffer. He has a great tank and linkset along with an infinite DEF stacker. He supports each relevant Vegeta ally present on the team that also includes the main leader.
Fused Super Power Super Saiyan Goku & Super Saiyan VegetaHe has an excellent and amazing all-around unit, with an outstanding recovery. His linkset is worth drooling.
Battle With One’s Limit Goku (Kaioken)He is an amazing hard hitter along with a great tank and linkset. His active skill can be utilized in fast-paced situations where stunning will surely take place. His STR Ki change is mind ravishing, causing an agile amount of damage.
True Ultra Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct)His linkset is really a delight, in addition to this, his acting skills are easy to activate. He is a fine hard hitter and has a classic tank. He has a strong tendency to survive K.O. attacks.
Warriors Entrusted with Earth’s Fate Super Saiyan Goku/Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth)This pure Saiyan has an astounding linkset and tank. He is a hard hitter and stunner. His ability to carry out guard buff can trigger a plethora of attacks by the enemy.
Brief Paternal Moment Majin VegetaThis one has a classic tank and linkset. He is an absolutely great hard hitter along with amazing acting skills.
Opening of a Super Godly Fight Super Saiyan God SS Goku/Super Saiyan God SS VegetaHe is a magnificent hard-hitter. He has an exceptional tank and linkset. His active skill is simple and easy to use.
The battle to Protect Tomorrow Super Saiyan 2 GokuHe is a wonderful hard hitter and stunner along with his active skill, which is used in fast-paced situations. He has a great tank and linkset
Unrivaled Saiyan’s Peak Super Saiyan 4 VegetaHe has an awesome tank and an excellent hard hitter. He has an astounding linkset that links extremely well with other SSJ4s. His active skill is easy to achieve.
Apex of Supreme Saiyan Power Super Saiyan 4 GokuHis linkset links extremely well with the other SSJ4s. He is a great hard hitter and has a masterful tank and his active skill is pretty easy to achieve.
Infinite Power God Warriors Super Saiyan God Goku & Super Saiyan God VegetaHe has a stellar tank and linkset along with a smashing DEF stacker. He has the tendency to stun attacks. The active skills are easy and simple. His Ki per non-Rainbow Ki spheres is extraordinary. He is an indelible hard hitter.
Ultimate Power Saiyan Warriors Super Saiyan 4 Goku & Super Saiyan 4 VegetaHis active skills in both forms are easy and very simple to use. The additional conditions are met because of the additional Ki per non-Rainbow Ki spheres. He is a hard hitter with the ability to stun attacks. His linkset and DEF stacker are topping.

A Tier

Pure Saiyans of the A tier
Good Pure Saiyans.

The Pure Saiyans of the A tier of the Pure Saiyan tier list is really good, having some fantastic killer fighting styles. They have all the abilities a true ninja should have, although they are not perfect as the S-tier candidates are. They have minor flaws or shortcomings that lead them to the A tier. The reason for their placement in this tier is mentioned in the following table. Let’s get started with the A tier.

CharacterAbility and skills.Reason
Total Invasion ToraHe has a neat supporting unit and linkset with an infinite DEF stacker.Team Bardock’s allies are somewhat irrelevant to the team which leaves his recovery passive and underutilized completely.
Courage to the Max GokuHe has a terrific support unit. He is a brilliant hard-hitter, evader, and stunner and has a great tank.His HP falls extremely low even before his support becomes good. His linkset is mediocre. There are no present Gohan allies in this team.
Troublesome Father and Son Paragus & BrolyThey have outclassed support for the team and are striking debuffs.They have a mediocre linkset and absolutely no DEF boost.
Furious Counterattack GokuHe has a good support unit and tank, the linkset is okayish. He is a hard hitter.Lacks Shocking Speed and preparation for the battle.
Ultimate Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 GokuA sensational hard-hitter who builds DEF by super stack, and has a good linkset and tank.Lacks super attack countering.
Cultivated Power for Survival BrolyA stellar hard hitter, with an amazing linkset and tank.Faces difficulty to attain the Ki Sphere boost along with this, his Final Blow is quite weak which leads to fewer healing abilities.
Beyond Boundless Power Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken) & Super Saiyan God SS Evolved VegetaHe is self-sustainable and a fine hard hitter. He has an excellent tank and linkset. He is an absolutely great nuker and debuffer.They lack Ki links which restrict their partner to yet another Universe Survival Saga unit. The active Skill has a flaw that debuffs their own DEF.
Sign of a Turnaround Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign)He is a hard-hitter and has a good tank and linkset. He is self-sustainable. His super attacks are never good.He requires dodging for unleashing his full power, which is purely RNG based.
Rage’s Final Measures Vegeta (Giant Ape)He is a good hard hitter and has a good tank. His huge transformation can be triggered reliably.He has a mediocre linkset.

He has Shattering the Limit with other top tiers.

– Ultra Super Attack has no SA effect besides causing damage.

Explosive Evolution TurlesHe has a good support unit, linkset, and tank. He is a fine stunner and healer.His transformation only lasts for 3 turns.
Single-Minded Offense Super Saiyan VegetaHe is a good hard hitter with a great tank and linkset.He has a low initial boost.
Caught Between Illness and Adversary Super Saiyan GokuHe is a good hard hitter with a great tank and linksetThe chance to survive HP in a super attack is very low.
Instinctive Destruction Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyHe is a good hard hitter with a great tank and linksetHis active skill conditions are very poor.
The battle to Reach the Top Super Saiyan Vegeta (GT)He is a good nuker with a great tank and linksetHis active skill conditions are very poor.
The battle to Become the Strongest Super Saiyan Goku (GT)He is a good nuker with a great tank and linkset.The DEF boost requires another GT ally along with this his active skill conditions are very poor.
Tenacious Secret Plan Super VegetaHe is a good hard hitter with a great tank and linkset, he is an amazing stunner.He can’t activate his alternate condition until turn three.
Indestructible Saiyan Evil Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyHe is a good hard hitter with a great tank and linkset, His AOE helps him a lot in being prominent in tournaments.He is unable to tank efficiently in the first slot.
Fusion Reborn Goku (Angel) & Vegeta (Angel)He is a fine hard hitter with a good tank and linkset, along with this he has awesome transformation units.His Ki boost lasts for only five turns.
Fused Hope Goku & Vegeta (Angel)He is a fine hard hitter with a good tank and linkset, along with this he has awesome transformation units. He can foresee attacks.He can lose damage reduction when fused.

B Tier

Pure Saiyan tier list
Average Pure Saiyans.

This tier of the Pure Saiyan tier list has all the average fighters of this category. They have somewhat greater flaws as compared to the ones in the A tier, therefore they are placed in the tier below them. Although these players are not all bad, still they have to be placed in the tier below the ones who are better than them.

CharacterAbilities and skillsReason
A Promise to Master Super Saiyan CabbaHe can support a lot of units for instance SSBE Vegeta and UI Goku. He can get a hold of himself for the sake of his support. He has a decent linkset and DEF stacker.He has non-USS allies unsupportive in all means. To attain a full boost, he has to acquire a complete Saga Team.
Proof of Tough Training Super Saiyan GokuThis Pure Saiyan has a good support unit accompanied by a fabulous tank and link set. He is a good hard hitter.At a low HP, he is not able to support at all and guard chance.
Explosive Evolution TurlesHe has a good support unit. He comprises villain links and is a good stunner.His transformation is of no good use at all.
Parents’ Guidance Bardock & GineA good hard hitter along with that his second boost is really easy to be fulfilled. He has a fine counter to Coercion and sealing. In addition to that, his active skill has a great support boost.

Great tank and hard-hitter with the second boost being easy to fulfill. He consists of a good linkset.


He requires category units for using the full potential. Per battle, his active skill could be used only once.


Next-Level Strike Super Saiyan God SS GokuHe shares different names with his counterparts therefore he can be passed with his STR. He has great links and an all-around unit.Outside the long events, his additional boost may not happen to occur.
Pinnacle of Fury GokuHe has shocking speed accompanied by Saiyan based linkset. For the purpose of free damage, he has the Rage Mode. He has a great tank.He has a low damage output and his transformation can not be achieved in fast-paced events.
Rampaging Vicious Saiyans Nappa/VegetaHis debuff is okayish, He is a good hard hitter, evader, and self-sustainable.


As a result of using active skill, he debuffs his own ATK, which is just absurd. It is not easy for him to attain a 24 Ki bonus and his linkset is weak as well.
Mythic Evolution Super Saiyan 3 BrolyHe has a great hard-hitting ability and a good linkset.When he obtains a Ki sphere, he could debuff his own BEF. For performing a Super, he has to attain 3 orbs.


Non-Negotiable Resolve Majin VegetaHe has great Ki-changing support. He is a good healer and his bonus is pretty easy to complete.Not Prepared for battle yet.
Desperate Showdown Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel)He possesses a good linkset and Ki support and a hard-hitting unit. He is a fine healer.His name is shared with some great counterparts. His category boost is difficult to be achieved.
Power for the Death-Match Vegeta (Giant Ape)This Pure Saiyan has a great tank and is a good hard hitter. He shares Saiyan Roar.He has a mediocre linkset and his boost may only operate at a low HP.
Atrocious Crackdown Raditz (Giant Ape)He is a reat nuker and posseses a good tank and linkset.The additional boost operates at low HP only.
The outcome of Hardship Goku (Youth) (Giant Ape)He is a great hard-hitter who possesses a good tank and DEF stacker.The linkset is abysmal, and the boost is operational while HP is low.
Potent Super Attack Goku (Kaioken)He has an infinite ATK & DEF stacker along with a good linkset and tank.He is not prepared for the battle yet. He does not have a fierce battle mode at all.
Unparalleled Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 VegetaHe can build ATK and has a good tank and linkset.The super attack countering is absent mostly.
Transdimensional Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-)This Saiyan has an infinite ATK and DEF stacker. He has a great linkset, his dodge is absolutely fabulous.He loses some of his DEF boosts when awakened. And for awakening, he requires 50% health.
Miracle of Friendship Caulifla & KaleHe is a real hard-hitter possessing a great tank, linkset, and DEF stacker.The active Skill is locked out in fast-paced events. To attain a boost he should have extra Ki spheres. He is unable to run the Kefla allies.
A Promise Made to Kakarot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Angel)A great hard-hitter having a good tank and linkset.He is not prepared for the battle yet.
Dazzling Life Force BardockHe is a great hard hitter who has an amazing tank and linkset along with that he is a fine sealer as well.He shares Shattering the Limit instead of Fierce Battle with other LRs.
Devastating Fighting Spirit of God Super Saiyan God VegetaHe is a brilliant stunner and hard hitter. He has a good tank.His guard is not guaranteed in addition to this, he has a low initial DEF before receiving an attack which makes it possible to screw you over if the enemy is the one who Super Attacks first.
Boiling Power Super Saiyan GokuA good hard hitter with a decent tank and linkset.He takes way too long to transform into his Super Saiyan Blue state.
Two Makes the Strongest of All Universes Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla & Super Saiyan 2 KaleHe has an insane hard-hitting unit. He is absolutely self-sustainable with a huge tank and linkset.


Unable to perform well against units, not in the appropriate categories
Indomitable Fighting Spirit Super Saiyan 2 VegetaHis all-around unit can hit really hard and tank even at beginning of the battle. His transformation is pretty easy to obtain. He is a fabulous stunner having an amazing linkset as well.


He can lose a prepared battle for Over in a Flash which is very difficult to activate. He lacks Ki energy. Some transformations are way too difficult for him.


Legend Reborn Super Saiyan God GokuHe is able to easily get the full passive boos. He can link up fine with LR SS3 Goku. He has a great linkset.


He is not prepared for the battle yet. In long events, his passive can run out immediately.

C Tier

C Tier of the Pure Saiyan tier list 
Below average Pure Saiyans.

The C tier of the Pure Saiyan tier list has all those fighters who lack many skills, however, they do have their plus points but the skills and flaws are not balanced. Obviously, their flaws are more. Henceforth, they are placed in the lowest tier of this tier list.

CharacterAbilities and skillsReason
Super Warrior of Destruction Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyHe has a good AOE Unit. The ATK and DEF boost can be modified.


He is not prepared for the battle yet. He has the same name as his counterparts but he is much weaker than them.
All-or-nothing Punch Goku (Youth)Possesses a decent all-around unit in addition to this his active Skill is easy to fulfill.He has an abysmal linkset.
Mark of Saiyan Strength Super Saiyan 3 BardockHe is the perfect linking partner for AGL Bardock. His tank, linkset, and supporting units are good. He is an average sealer.He can only tank while launching a Super Attack. The support only works only when your HP falls below a certain threshold. His sealing is unreliable.
Hope-Filled Strike Super Full Power Saiyan 4 GokuHe has the same Saiyan Roar as SS4 Goku. He has a fine hard-hitting unit, tank, and linkset.He has weak defensive boosts which get worse at a low HP.
Awakened Berserker Kale (Berserk)She has a great tank plus a plethora of Ki.When shattering the Limit her damage output is hindered.
Cyan Juggernaut Super Saiyan God SS GokuAverage hard hitter, he has an okayish tank and linkset.He can not receive the second bonus on this team.
The Paramount Saiyan Super Saiyan God SS GokuHe is an average hard-hitter having a fine linkset and tank.He can not receive the second bonus this team
Warrior’s True Value Super Saiyan 3 VegetaHe has an amazing tank mostly in short eventsHe is able to hit hard against a stunned enemy only. He is not prepared for battle yet.


Everything At Stake Super Saiyan 2 VegetaHe has an amazing tank that hits pretty hard.He shares the same name with his TEQ counterpart but he has to build up to boost the DEF.
Golden Fist Super Saiyan 3 GokuHe is able to hit extremely hard if he is provided with enough support. His linkset is good.He requires a lot of support for him to fire his 18-Ki. His Ultra Super Attack can even debuff his DEF.
The passion of the Warrior Race Super Saiyan God SS VegetaHe has a good linkset. He is a good stunner, debuffer, and hard hitter.His support is only provided to Goku and Vegeta who contain the Realm of Gods. He lacks a DEF boost.
Limitless Combat Power Super Saiyan VegetaHe has a good linkset and tank.It takes longer for him to transform into the Super Saiyan Blue form.
Unusual Evolution Broly (Wrathful)He is a good hard hitter and I self-sustainable.


He may take a bit of time to activate his passive.
Eternal Horror Legendary Super Saiyan Broly 

Insane hard-hitting unit



He is a supreme multiplier who has a poor EZA stat growth.


Endless Evolution of the Warrior Race Super Saiyan BrolyHis Ki is great. He has a good linkset.He shares the same name with his TEQ LR counterparts who are way better than him in ATK power.

Best Pure Saiyans   

Every Pure Saiyan has its own playstyle and abilities. While the S-tier Pure Saiyans in our list are powerful, they might not be ideal for every combat situation in Dragon Ball Z games. The characters we have mentioned below are balanced and good overall. 

  • Super Saiyan Goku( Fierce Battle for Space and Time) 
  • Ultra Instinct Goku (True Ultra Instinct) 
  • Majin Vegeta (Brief Paternal Moment) 
  • SS4 Goku (Apex of Supreme Saiyan Power) 
  • God Vegeta (Infinite Power God Warriors) 

These Pure Saiyans are the most powerful Saiyans of all time and have the best skills as compared to others in our tier list. Using them will help you win any battle you join. 

Some fun facts about Saiyans

  1. Saiyans can never get old. You might see a wrinkle or two in some of them, but they almost always look young.
  2. The Saiyans are really up for a voracious appetite for eating meat, you heard it right as they have to fulfill the requirements after such long battles.
  3. As discussed in the Pure Saiyan tier list the Saiyans having a tail are far more powerful than the ones not having it, although none of them can survive in space.
  4. Not all Saiyans are warriors, as explained that Saiyans have extraordinary fighting abilities, but there are some who have the skills of mind, for instance being a Saiyan scientist or doctor can also bring about a huge change.
  5. The most amazing and outclass Saiyan transformation to date is the one that was done by Kale and Broly. They have a genetic magnetism towards strong women, they can simply to dragged toward women who have strong willpower and high potential. All the hybrid Saiyans have a huge tendency to form into Super Saiyan.
  6. Without these precious Saiyans, the Dragon Ball world would not have been the same. This classic race of warriors has brought about a new definition of attacks, transformations, and pride. All of us do know what a true Saiyan is capable of doing and to what extent can he go to attain his desirable victory.

Summing it up

Although this tier list contains almost all the Pure Saiyans and their rankings are done by extensive research. Here in the Pure Saiyan tier list, I managed to rank 71 characters from the game, they have been orderly placed in the S, A, B, and C tiers surely after an abundance of thinking and researching. They have many skills that are mostly top-notch.

However, if you have a change of view regarding this tier list, we are always open to positive criticism. I brought about my own experience watching all these characters as Pure Saiyans and thus making an entire list of them. Surely they all have their good and bad. Therefore let us have a great gaming experience, we are glad if this article was of any help to you, let us know in the comments.

The main adjective of the tier lists we produce is to provide the viewers with great guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten even about their favorite categories. All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a huge amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles.

All the writers here have to carry out a great deal of research even before writing a single word. As this tier list is not made for our own selves, but for our dear viewers, therefore we make sure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance.

This takes out a great deal of energy and time, these are not just utter words, rather these are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, that leads to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the certain category.

Pure Saiyan - FAQs

Who are Pure Saiyans?

Pure Saiyans are the largest category of the game and are thus made in many ways to perform enormous functions.

Is Broly a Pure Saiyan?

Broly is truly a Pure Saiyan, son of Paragus, and hailed from planet Vegeta.

How old can a Pure Saiyan live?

A Pure Saiyan can surely live for up to 200 years.

Are half-blooded Saiyans strong?

Yes indeed, even Goku admitted that Gohan was stronger than he was.

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