Soul War Shikai Tier List [V.2.5]

Categorizing all the weapons into tiers from Soul War Shikai

Have you ever watched the Bleach anime? Were you as fascinated by it as I was? If you are a fan of it, then the Soul War Shikai tier list is the place for you. It ranks Shikai into various ranks based on their specs and powers. These include their special destroying skills, HP, DEF, ATK lowering weapons, and effectiveness.

Soul War allows players to access the soul reapers and destroy all souls while returning them to society. Shikai is the only weapon of Soul Reapers, which they use to eradicate the wandering souls. That way, all souls are saved from damnation and sent to the soul society. Along with Shikai’s, they also use Kidos, but in our list, we will only rank the Shikai of the Roblox game. All these weapons have abilities that distinguish them.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 8 weapons ranked from Soul War Shikai by TopTierList.
  • We will rank all the weapons according to their abilities, specs, and other powers that aid the aid players.
  • You will find weapons like Beast, Decay, and Justice in the highest tiers.
  • You will observe weapons like Wind, String, and Disruption among the lowest tiers.

Tier List Table

We will rank all the weapons in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
BeastDecayBlack Hole Wind Disruption

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

best weapons ranked
S Tier.

The S tier of our Shikai list is the topmost tier with an exceptional Shikai of Soul War bleach version. It is not a rank that consists of mundane weapons; each weapon has its own specific and best traits. Not even a single gun in the S tier is below moderate. All of these Shikai excel in fights and help players achieve victory. The players are difficult to defeat if they have this weapon. S-tiered Shikai has high abilities to deal damage, and they can boost a player’s statistics. They even possess negative status effects on an enemy, like stunning and slowing them down.

A tactful player performs extraordinarily inside an arena with these Shikais. Their exceptional abilities repeatedly bring the players back to these Shikai as their gameplay perfectly fits these weapons. These weapons can damage, heal, support, and lower an enemy’s statistics. To get all properties in a single Shikai is a blessing in disguise, as players do not have to create various combos for their gameplay.


Let us start ranking with the best Shikai of our tier list. The weapon is an all-rounder; it defends, deals with HP, and Heals and Supports the allies. It is a weapon that aids players in all aspects of the game. A player also uses the gun to excel inside an arena and create moves that Can improve their gameplay. Beast is a collection of many attacks and helps players perform claw marks, inner beast, and primal instinct moves. All these moves are not ordinary as this player can reach the top of their game.

Beast is also referred to as the Zabimaru. It is a long-range attack that requires claw marks. Claw marks targets and enemies and makes them bleed through various claw marks that appear on him. The inner beast does not attack a single enemy; it has a huge area of effect through which a player can access many enemies with a single attack. Inside an arena, players are also required To move from one place to another in a swift move. Primal instinct allows players to teleport from one place to another in seconds. It baffled an enemy who did not see your next move coming.

Beast allows a player to boost his skills like HP, DF, ATK, and DEF. These enhancements increase the effectiveness of a player’s gameplay. It increases the damaging abilities of a player, and they deal more damage to an enemy and lower their DEF. These groundbreaking abilities break regarding the Shields of the opponent. Beast is a De-buffer of the game and part of the S tier due to its impossible capabilities distinguishing it from all other lower-tiered weapons. Boosting is not an ordinary quality; it increases the performance of a character and makes him more invincible. Players with these weapons are less likely to lose the battle.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657

A Tier

second best weapons tier list
A Tier.

The A tier is another top-tier addition to our ranking. It has potentially great weapons that aid a player in excelling on the battlefield with their exceptional qualities. A good firearm has top statistics, and players can execute their moves easily. If an armament has complicated execution, it is useless to a player.

An A-tiered Shikai has high abilities that allow a player to access its core abilities easily and smoothly execute them. These weapons have colossal damaging skills and reduce an enemy’s DEF, HP, and ATK. They have wide AoE and are long-range attacks. These weapons have a little less quality than S-tiered weapons, but a player can also gain victory through these weapons. The difference is just that they do not provide different attributes.


Decay is another top-tier weapon of soul war. It allows the gamer to access innovative abilities and relay them to the enemy. It is damage dealing weapon that soul reapers use to destroy an enemy and eradicate their existence from the battlefield. Decay also defends a player through its high and resourceful powers. A soul Reaper can also save the souls through this weapon and cause great damage to the other enemies. A player can access ashes, dust, and a rotten world through decay.

These abilities are huge damage dealers as ashes are a slashing attack that swerves off the head of an opponent. But it is not the major move of the game. A player gains more benefits from Dust and Rotten World. The rotten world also lets players release poisonous gas in a huge AoE. Unlike many moves, it targets a horde of opponents and lowers their HP until they remain inside that area.

On the other hand, dust is also an effective mode of damage. A player can dodge being the target of an opponent. Also, a player can stray away from the enemy’s melee attacks.

The Shikai is an effective weapon and resides in the A tier as it eradicates the enemy standing before a soul reaper. Some of its moves are hard to execute. A soul reaper also controls his powers and boosts his HP, ATK, DEF, and RES. A player can also stun their opponents for a small amount of time to gain time to build up their gameplay. Other negative statuses include blindness and freezing.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657


Another all-rounder has made its appearance in our article. Justice is a type of Shikai of soul war that does Justice to its user by implying damage, healing, and supporting characteristics. An enemy deals great damage with this move that lowers his HP and DEF. Additionally, the player is more powerful as the Shikai boosts their HP, DEF, and ATK. A player is provided with a complete Shikai that can never go wrong in an arena.

Justice is a compilation of guilty, innocence, and abstain. These high-tier abilities bring a player closer to victory, and Guilty is a long-range projectile attack. It targets an opponent far away in an arena, shoots at him, deals a colossal amount of damage, and lowers its DEF. Innocence is an attack that heals the character and their allies’ HP. With the restoration of HP, a player can again excel In an arena.

Last but not least is abstaining; it is an exemplary ability of Justice. Also, it immunes a player from being the target of an enemy for mere seconds. Justice is a part of the A tier because it is a top weapon in all aspects. It can deal damage, heal the team and boost their stats. Hence, when a player feels at a loss, they should opt for the weapon as it increases their chances of gaining victory. Becoming immune from damage is the ultimate quality, increasing their DEF.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657

B Tier

Average weapons ranked
B Tier.

We have reached the middle of our Soul War Shikai tier list with the B tier. The current category is an average rank with normal Shikai, and these weapons have nothing exceptional. They have normal traits and characteristics. They do not possess groundbreaking abilities. All of their powers are ordinary and mediocre.

B-tiered Shikai has specific abilities that cannot baffle a player. An enemy can always see the next move coming. Moreover, a player can turn the tables inside an arena with great tactics, but it requires great concentration and gameplay. When a player utilizes these weapons, he does not deal much damage. Some of these weapons can lower HP or DEF, while others can cause negative status effects. But none of these weapons can have all of these effects simultaneously.

Black Hole

A black hole is known to be the deadliest weapon on our list. It is an exceptionally end powerful weapon that can remove the existence of an opponent from an arena. A player uses this in desperate need, and the results they conceive are extraordinary.

The black hole allows a player to use supernova and spatial vacuum abilities. Supernova is an ability that causes an eruption. It targets an enemy, and after a while, an explosion occurs that eradicates him from the arena. It deals damage and lowers their ATK. The move also lowers the DEF of an enemy, and their guard breaks. If players create a Spatial vacuum, they can suck the enemies Into the black hole. When the enemies come closer to a player, they can strike them with powerful attacks and take them down.

It is a part of the B tier because it is hard to use the Shikai, and players have difficulty executing their abilities. When players access these moves, they see a delay in their implementation. An enemy can sometimes dodge it. Supernova is a single targeted move and cannot eliminate a whole army of opponents. Hence, a player has to have a precise aim; it is a short-range attack. An enemy must remain close to the player to accomplish the attack.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657


Let’s move on to the next Shikai of our list, which is known as nature. It is also known as Toniume, a Japanese word for flying plum tree. The flying plum tree depicts nature in its purest form. When a player accesses this Shikai, they can relay the powers of nature and destroy their opponents. Soul reapers use the astounding ability to allow a player to save the lost souls from damnation. For a player, it is necessary to know the execution of the Shikai to utilize its powers properly.

Nature grants a player with Poisonous touch and spreading vine. These average moves do not benefit a player much in an arena. Poisonous touch is an ability that deals damage when an enemy comes in contact. The move targets only a single enemy, and there’s a delay in executing, which allows a player to dodge it and stray away from the attack. If he comes in contact, it lowers their DEF and HP while dealing massive damage. The second move is Spreading Vine, based on negative status effects.

Nature falls under the B tier due to its ordinary abilities. These moves only affect an enemy’s status and stun or freeze them for a few minutes. Its ability increases the time in an arena, but a player cannot benefit from these moves. Some other actions that are provided by nature are basic and not intriguing. A player can find them in all other Shikai as well.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657

C Tier

soul war shikai tier list
C Tier.

Now we are nearing the end of our Soul War Shikai tier list. Towards the end, horrible tiers ruin a player’s gameplay and make them regret choosing these weapons. Even if a player is skilled at gaming, they still have to make a lot of effort with these Shikai because they do not have the finest abilities. They lack numerous powers, and they cannot deal massive damage.

C-tiered Shikai is awful due to their low-damage dealing traits. They also cannot lower an enemy’s HP, DEF, and ATK and don’t even boost a player’s statistics. These Shikai also have small or no AoE attacks. Some Shikai only possesses single enemy target attacks. Other than this, some weapons can only aid a player in teleportation and stunning rather than dealing damage. So a player should try to avoid these weapons as much as possible.


Now we are on our article’s C tier, a lower tier. It is a Rank that resides bad weapons that do not aid a player inside an arena. What weapon is used if it cannot turn the tables inside an arena or take an enemy down? The wind is a weapon with only one major attack, and all other hits are useless.

Wind uses aerial lunge and storm’s eye to access its powers and help a player win inside an arena. An aerial lunge is a move that deals damage to an enemy by jumping on him and slashing him. Although it is a short-range move, a player must stay near the enemy to execute damage. An aerial lunge is a single enemy attacking movement that cannot remove a whole army of enemies with one attack. While an AoE-dependent move is present in its moves list. It includes the storm’s eye, which is not as astounding as other areas of effect moves. The wind has a small area of effect and does not deal a lot of damage to the enemies present inside an arena.

It only lowers their HP and does not affect their DEF. The move is directed where a player is facing. And a player can not change its direction accordingly. It is Included in the C tier because it also has no negative status effects on opponents. Also, Opponents do not gain stunning or slowing results. Their abilities are not lowered in any way. They can normally perform inside an arena and do damage to a player easily.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657


The second addition to our C rank is in the form of a string. It is an extremely underwhelming hit that requires well-constructed gameplay. If a player uses String without any plan, they lose the battle. It is an attack with only one major attack that can turn the tables to a minimum amount in an arena. If an experienced gamer uses it, they can utilize it to its maximum extent, but a beginner will never be able to execute the moves, as they are difficult.

The string allows a player to use string release and pull attacks that have undesirable effects on an enemy. An enemy does not get massive damage through these attacks, nor is their DEF or HP reduced. Combining these attacks with some extraordinarily high-tiered attacks can cause maximum damage. String release is the major power move of a string. It unrolls numerous cues from a player and strikes anything that is inside. It works in an AOE, and This move is effective as it allows the player to attack anyone inside the perimeter.

Pull string is an attack through which players can bring their enemy closer. But the move has a demerit as when an enemy is brought closer, he can strike the player and make them see stars in daylight. String release and Pull strings are short-ranged attacks, and the enemy has to be nearby for these attacks to work; all these points add a line into the C tier.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657

D Tier

worst tier list
D Tier.

Lastly, the D tier concludes our tier list. This tier has abysmal Shikai that cannot aid a player’s performance. A player feels at a great loss with these weapons as they cannot benefit him in move execution or defeating an opponent. These weapons can never turn the table on a battlefield. If a player combines the gun with some other extraordinary ability that may be able to make it work otherwise, they should avoid it.

D-tiered Shikai has no extraordinary ability. All their powers do not damage or deal little dame to an enemy. They do not possess the statistic-boosting trait, and their capabilities allow them to inflict no negative status effects. A player feels paralyzed with these Shikai.


Distribution is the last weapon in the D tier of the article. It is a weapon that allows a player to use Distorted World, which seems like a good attack but needs well-built gameplay. Players get hooked to their gaming session through gameplay and make their moves more effective. It is a move that only uses negative status effects on an enemy instead of dealing damage. Disruption does not boost HP, DEF, and ATK. It does not impact the statistics of an enemy or the player. It can only stun the enemy after he teleports behind them.

The weapon is more of a defensive approach inside an arena than dealing damage. Players who use it as their main source are cursed to lose the battle. It is included in the D tier because disruption does not benefit a player.

HP 5,638
ATK 540
DEF 1,657

Comparison Table

Weapons TierHPATKDEF
Black Hole B5,6385401,657
Wind C5,6385401,657

Patch Notes Version 2.5

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

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  • All Soul war code
  • !code itsalmosttime! – 15k Yen (EW)
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Our Soul War Shikai tier list has ended with ranking all Shikai of Soul War, the bleach version. This list rated the game’s weapons based on their powers, damage-dealing abilities, player’s statistic boosting capabilities, enemies’ specs reducing abilities, AoE or single enemy targeting trait, and negative status effects. We hope the list helps our readers choose a better weapon in the game. 

Each tier has a specific characteristic that differentiates it from another. The article is organized in order, the S tier being the best and the D tier being the worst. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, and we look forward to any notes you might have for us in the comments below.

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