Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List [V2.5]

In Our Weapon Tier List, We Will Be Ranking All Arms Available To The Players.

What is going on, guys? I am here and welcome back to a brand new article for today. I will show you a Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list, and you will be able to see which weapons are the best and most overpowered.

So, this game generally has a bunch of fun weapons to play, and they have a unique variety to choose from, but the big question is which weapons can do the highest damage numbers. Consequently, I have done a bunch of testing, and here is the definitive tier list you guys have been waiting for. So, if this sounds interesting, let’s get right into it.

Key Points

  • There are total 17 entries in our article.
  • We will be ranking them on the basis of their move sets, attributes, tactics, and their damage.
  • In our highest tiers, you will find Scythe Of The Crow, Icewind Arrow, Rosy Edge, Absolute Zero, The Terminator, etc.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will find Pummeler, Combat Blade, Composite Bow, Frosted spear etc.


We will be ranking all the weapons in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
Scythe Of The Crow
Absolute ZeroChakram Of The sea
Rosy EdgeNightangle’s FeatherStaff Of ScarsEm Blade
Icewind ArrowThe TerminatorVenusFrosted Spear
Thundering HalberdComposite Bow
Negating CubeCombat Blade
Molten Sheild V2

S Tier

Broken Weapons in the Game's Current Meta
S Tier.

So, the weapons in the S tier are by far the best in the game by looking at the current meta and DPS numbers. The S class is the highest one available. In the Tower of Fantasy, they are the pinnacle of excellence.

Scythe of the Crow

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the first weapon: the Scythe of the Crow is the best option in the S tier. As a result, the Scythe of the Crow is a powerful weapon with excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. However, you may still use this weapon if you find yourself in a situation where you must fight at a medium or long range. Because this is a fire-based weapon, when its total charge is used to attack an enemy target, that target will be set ablaze for eight seconds.

Your next attack will increase the amount of damage you deal by 58 percent. As you are aware, each star you equip on your weapon will grant you a robust passive ability, which means that by the end of the game, you will be able to increase the amount of damage your weapon deals by an even more tremendous amount.

Shatter 12
Charge 5
Base Attack 16

Icewind Arrow

Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about the second weapon, the Icewind Arrow. I’m going to place it in the S tier for that one. As a consequence of this, the Icewind Arrow is a powerful bow that fires icicle arrows. Because this is an eye shell weapon, when it is ultimately charged, it will cause the enemy target to become frozen for two seconds while also leaving frostbite, a debuff that lasts for the following six seconds.

If the ice shell is destroyed, you will do additional damage equal to + 150 percent, while the frostbite will lower the charge of our subsequent weapons by 50 percent. Therefore, regardless of the kind of the other three weapons that you are using, I strongly advise adding this bow in every build.

If you have high weapon skills and discharge strikes, you’ll be in a fantastic position to swiftly freeze your opponents, allowing you to build up powerful shots and use the character’s strengths. As a result, the Icewind arrow will be placed in the S tier of the Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list.

Shatter 4
Charge 11.5
Base Attack 18

Rosy Edge

Now that we’ve covered that let’s talk about the next weapon, the Rosy Edge. If I had it my way, I’d place it at the very pinnacle of the A tier. As a result, Rosy Edge is ideal for players against players and player versus environment combat. This weapon is a beautiful ice blade that, in addition to doing a significant amount of damage, will magically release pictures of white flowers into the air as it descends.

Because this is an ice shell kind of weapon, when it is ultimately charged, it will freeze the enemy target for two seconds while also leaving frostbite, which is a debuff that lasts for six seconds and causes the victim to take more damage.

If the ice shell is destroyed, you will do additional damage equal to one hundred and fifty percent more significant than average. However, your weapon charge will be reduced by fifty percent. The Rosy Edge is an excellent choice for tanks and players who prefer using melee weapons.

Shatter 12
Charge 4
Base Attack 15

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A Tier

Prominent Weapons in the Game's Current Meta
A Tier.

So, the weapons in the A tier are still outstanding items. The A tier is the next step down after the S tier. These weapons are excellent in their own right, although they aren’t quite as advanced as those in the S category.

Absolute Zero

Now that we have the absolute zero for the fourth weapon, I believe it should be placed at the very pinnacle of the A tier. Therefore, Absolute Zero is another Ice Shall weapon designed to assist gamers and healers in combat. Therefore, all of your regular attacks will damage foes at a distance. Nevertheless, you can erase any negative buffs from yourself and your allies whenever you use your significant abilities or discharge.

This is undoubtedly the most potent weapon available to support players, and it does a substantial amount of damage—especially when combined with the kinds of weapons I’ve already discussed. You should look no further than this if you search for unique things that can heal and do considerable harm.

It is about using charged assaults, freezing your opponent, and using your area-of-effect weapon skill to keep yourself and your squad alive. A good choice, even if it must be said that. As a result, Absolute Zero will be assigned to the top of the A tier.

Shatter 4
Charge 12.5
Base Attack 15

The Terminator

The second weapon we will discuss is The Terminator, which will be put in the same tier as Absolute Zero, which is A. Because of this, The Terminator is, in my view, the game’s electric rifle that looks the most impressive and is also the weapon that has the most outstanding overall design. Every time the Terminator does damage, its damage will be increased by one percent for up to two seconds, and this effect may stack up to fifteen times, which, of course, will result in a damage gain of fifty percent just by being passive while you are farming enemies.

Because of the enormous size of this weapon and its simplicity, you will only need to learn one skill for each kind of attack it can make. This is the perfect weapon if you’ve ever played League of Legends or Lost ARK and yearned to be the player with a massive gun. It’s a shame that a pistol with such impressive size and coolness can’t achieve fantastic statistics in the game. We would have to say that The Terminator is one of our top choices for favorite Simulacrum.

Shatter 10
Charge 10
Base Attack 11

Nightangle’s Feather

The Nightingale’s Feather is the A tier’s last and most potent weapon, so let’s move on to it. Therefore, this is another Bow that belongs to the Grevious class of weapons. When it is ultimately charged, your weapon will do an additional one hundred percent of the typical damage to the attack immediately following it. Then, you will render the adversary grievous for the next seven seconds, causing him to absorb twenty percent more damage from any ranged weapon in groups. This effect will last until the end of the round.

You may kick back and relax since most of your passive abilities, whether from stars or traditional skills, will improve your headshot damage and your critical strike rate, critical strike damage, and generate damage, among many other things.

However, even though having a bow at your disposal and leveling it up a little in the early game zones might be helpful, you should immediately switch this out for a different ranged weapon. The Discharge attack and this weapon skill might come in useful when it comes to wiping out packs. As a result, Nightingale’s Feather deserves its place among the A-tier weapons of our Tier List.

Shatter 6
Charge 10
Base Attack 19

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B Tier

Balanced Weapons in the Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List
B Tier.

Weapons in the B tier are good weapons that can balance your team in PVP or will be decent for leveling. The next tier, B, comes after that, and so forth. B-tier weapons still retain their allure, even though they are not quite as powerful as A-tier weapons.On the list of weapon tiers for Tower of Fantasy, this is known as the “B tier,” which is the middle tier. The use of these weapons comes with several benefits but also several severe drawbacks.

Chakram of the Seas

The Chakram of the Seas will be the first weapon introduced in the B tier. Consequently, the Chakram of the Seas has a brown form and sharp edges, giving it an intriguing appearance. Because this is the same weapon you used before, your weapon will inflict increased damage by one hundred percent after you completely charge it. After your next strike, you will make the opponent grievous for the next seven seconds, causing him to absorb twenty percent more damage from your subsequent attacks.

Overall, this is not the most potent weapon, but it is the one with the most appealing appearance. Therefore, if you want to battle with a circle in the form of a boomerang, this is the weapon you should choose. A convenient area of effect (AOE) damage dealer. With the additional benefit of drawing foes closer together for increased quantities of damage. Crowd control if your discharge attack is active.

The Chakram of the Seas is a very effective weapon against both large and little foes. All foes. A fantastic selection that you can bring with you everywhere you go. As a result, Chakram of the Seas will be placed at the top of the B tier of the Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list.

Shatter 10
Charge 6
Base Attack 19

Molten Shield V2

Moving on to the next weapon, the Molten Shield V2, it will be put in the B tier alongside the Chakram of the Seas since it has the same stats. This shield is part of the V2 weapon family, which indicates that it has exceptionally unique passive abilities.

However, given that it is a fire-type weapon, the first thing to note is that it is a shield. When it is ultimately charged, it will light the enemy target on fire for eight seconds, and the next strike will boost the amount of damage you do by fifty-eight percent.

The shield is designed for tanks and other players who wish to take significant damage without taking much of their own. You will get even more considerable shield benefits and a great deal more thanks to every one of your stars. Therefore, if you seek a weapon that will make you a more tanky character, this is the one for you. Molten Shield – is remarkable. You may transition between the axe form and the shield form of this weapon by using stance switching. The act of switching takes the form of a devastating smash that leaves a pit of fire and destroys foes in the area.

Shatter 10
Charge 10
Base Attack 14

Negating Cube

The Negating Cube is the ninth weapon, and it is immediately put in the B tier due to its power level. This support weapon may be considered a jack of all trades because your regular attacks will do a respectable amount of damage. Still, then your talents and passives will, in any case, protect your friends, remove negative buffs, and perform many other functions. In contrast to the last support weapon I discussed in this tier list, this one does not have a shield.

This one offers very little healing, but instead of healing, you will be able to apply multiple buffs on your teammates based on what is most required at that moment and much more. In addition, this one also has a lot more healing potential. This is the right weapon for you if you do not want to be a healer but rather merely a support player with substantial damage and buffs. To improve your party-protecting weapon ability, your cubes need to get more through their regular combination.

Even while it isn’t the most outstanding support for Simulacrum, it’s still decent enough that you should invest resources in it if you acquire it. As a result, Negating Cube will be placed in the B tier of the Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list.

Shatter 5
Charge 13
Base Attack 14


Now that we’ve covered everything let’s discuss the next weapon, the Venus. I believe it should be placed in the B tier with the Negating Cube. Your avatar seems to be armed with not one but two futuristic, extraterrestrial weaponry, and the Venus is undoubtedly one of the more interesting-looking of the lot. This weapon has excellent damage, and more importantly, it is a walled type of weapon, which means that when you fully charge it.

The next attack will paralyze the enemy for one second while electrifying him for the next six seconds, which will cancel out any buffs and deal an additional one hundred and forty-four percent damage. In addition to everything else, the adversary would be unable to gain any benefits for the following six seconds while this effect is active. Therefore, this is the perfect option if you seek a powerful PVP weapon that looks nice and can damage your opponents.

If you obtain it early on in the game, you should be good to go for most of it. It grants you access to solid laser beams, talents, and discharge strikes that further boost your ability to do damage from a distance, allowing you to deliver a crazy amount of ranged damage. You also can summon electrodes, which will continue to strike even after you have completed your discharge. This is undoubtedly a fantastic character with a powerful weapon. As a result, I will assign Venus to the B tier of the Tier List.

Shatter 6
Charge 8
Base Attack 18

Thundering Halberd

Now we will talk about the Thundering Halberd, the second-to-last weapon in the B tier. The first weapon you will obtain, the Thundering Halberd is unfortunately not a fantastic one. However, it can still do significant electric damage and has some slick aerial combinations. In addition, it is the first shield breaker you will learn, making it a crucial part of your loadout. Keep it around early on in the game for when you come across foes or bosses.

Therefore, this weapon is fantastic at doing burst damage, and because of its range, it is particularly effective for up-close and long-range battles. This is a beautiful weapon for leveling up since it is simple to understand and get the hang of. It’s interesting to note that this weapon relies heavily on combos to be effective. As a direct result, the length of time your double standard lasts will be extended.

The more distance your talents go, the more damage you will take. To conclude, if you want to do the tremendous damage possible from the beginning of the conflict, you should always strive to do it from a distance. As a result, Thundering Halberd will be placed in the B tier of the Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list.

Shatter 11
Charge 7
Base Attack 11

Staff of Scars

We conclude that one of the last weapons in the B tier would be the Staff of Scars. Therefore, this weapon belongs to the mage class and has the properties of both a damage-dealing weapon and a healing staff. This is one of the more difficult ones, including a distinctive play style and many distinct abilities and passives that must be kept in mind because this is a vault-style weapon if its charge is completely depleted.

The next strike will cause the target to become paralyzed while electrifying it, gaining all perks, and doing additional damage. In addition to everything else, the adversary would be unable to gain any benefits for the following six seconds while this effect is active. Therefore, if you want to be that healer in addition to the kind of player that can weaken the opponent, then this is the weapon that you should choose. It is likely to be your first healer, and as such, it is a good choice for early-game players, particularly those who want to play in a cooperative environment.

Shatter 4
Charge 10
Base Attack 10

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C Tier

Flawed Weapons in the Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List
C Tier.

Weapons in the C tier are the ones you must avoid using. If you just started playing this game or if you only have these weapons available for some reason, you can use them until you find your preferable loadout, but as soon as you get better weapons, leave these once and use the higher weapons.Despite its inferior status, the C tier is treated with essentially the same priority as the B tier. It’s hard to tell the difference between these five weapons, which all belong to the same general category.


Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about the next weapon, the Pummeler. If I had to rank it, I’d place it at the top of the C tier. Because the Pummeler is an ice shell kind of weapon, using it causes you to freeze for some time, leaves frostbites behind, and halves the amount of weapon charge you have. When it comes to the size of the weapon, this is a heavy hitter, but not when it comes to its position on the tier list.

This is a straightforward and effective weapon, but as I’ve mentioned before, if you want the best of the best, you should try all the other weapons first and then choose which weapon is best for your playstyle. Pummeler is a good choice for those players who like charging significant, vital strikes that lead to considerable increases in the amount of damage they do.

If nothing else, they can instantly freeze their foes making them excellent figures for controlling large groups of people. As a result, Pummeler will be placed at the top of the C tier of the Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list.

Shatter 10
Charge 6
Base Attack 9

Combat Blade

Moving on to the next weapon, the Combat Blade, it will be placed in the C tier directly next to the Pummeler. This location is considered the rightmost area in the C tier. Therefore, this simple weapon can be mastered quickly and requires little effort to understand.

This is one of the weapons that may be obtained relatively soon in the game, and you may get it inside the first few stages. Therefore, you should make an effort to utilize it until you locate superior weaponry. Because this is a grievous weapon, when it is ultimately charged, it will allow you to do sixty-three percent more damage while also inflicting the grievous debuff on the target. Additionally, it will provide you with an additional twenty percent damage and much more. As a result, it will be assigned to the C tier.

Shatter 3.2
Charge 9.6
Base Attack 7

Composite Bow

So, let’s move on to the next weapon, the Composite Bow, and I think it would work very well at the C tier right next to the Combat Blade. So, here we have another simple and standard weapon used throughout the early stages of the game’s progression. Because this is a flame-type weapon, you can set your foes ablaze for eight seconds while also doing continuing damage equal to twenty-seven percent of their maximum health.

Then, as the last option, you can burn the target, reducing the enemy’s ability to heal by fifty percent. Therefore, if you are searching for a straightforward and entertaining weapon to use when leveling, this may be the one for you. As a result, it will be placed in the C tier.

Shatter 4.8
Charge 8.0
Base Attack 7

Frosted Spear

Moving on to the next weapon, the Frosted Spear, this one will be put precisely beside the Composite Bow in the C tier since it has the same stats. Therefore, it is a pretty simple weapon that has gained popularity because it can be obtained for a low cost and is particularly useful in the early game. This weapon is known as an ice shell, as suggested by its name. Therefore, you can freeze and place frostbites, which diminish the charge on your weapon by fifty percent.

You will have the opportunity to learn various abilities and combinations when you use this spear. Therefore, if you’re new to this game and want to get a feel for its exciting and engaging combat, this is an excellent weapon, to begin with. Consequently, the Frosted Spear will be placed in the C tier.

Shatter 6.9
Charge 5.6
Base Attack 6

EM Blade

In the end, I would want to place the EM Blade as the last and last weapon at the bottom of the C tier, which is the ultimate level, directly next to the Frosted Spear. This would put it in the same position as the Frosted Spear.

Consequently, every player will begin their adventure with this weapon already equipped in their inventory. It is strongly suggested that you hold on to this weapon until you have reached level 25 or 30 since it will be more helpful at those levels.

Getting the many other, better weaponry should not be too difficult. The Em Blade is a straightforward and enjoyable weapon that can be used with any weapon. Therefore, you can both paralyze and stun your enemies, as well as improve your damage output. 

Shatter 3.6
Charge 8.8
Base Attack 6

Comparison Table

WeaponsTierShatterChargeBase Attack
Scythe Of The Crow
Rosy EdgeS12415
Icewind ArrowS411.518
Absolute ZeroA412.515
Nightangle’s FeatherA61019
The TerminatorA101011
Chakram Of The sea
Staff Of ScarsB41010
Thundering HalberdB11711
Negating CubeB51314
Molten Sheild V2B101014
Em BladeC3.68.86
Frosted SpearC6.95.66
Composite BowC4.88.07
Combat BladeC3.29.67

Patch Notes Version 2.5

The Version 2.5 patch bought with it the following weapons:

  • Mini Hurricane: SSR Grade
  • Lost Art: SSR Grade 


Either your weapon is more or less potent than I give it credit. Why? Put your thoughts in the comments area below. Nonetheless, my ranking demonstrates that I pay close attention to all 18 weapons. We can all agree that my tweaked weapon order for the Tower of Fantasy is correct. If you disagree with me, you may tell me in the comments. One of my strong suits is taking the time to learn what makes each weapon unique. Using this ability, I decided to compile what I consider to be the complete Tower of Fantasy weapon tier list on the internet.

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