Pokemon Masters EX Tier List: All Sync Pairs [V. 2.30.0]

We Will Be Ranking All The EX Sync Pairs In This Article.

Thanks for visiting the revised Pokemon Masters EX Tier list, and we hope you enjoy your stay. We will look at the list and see where the sync pairs should be placed. There have been no significant roster changes or additions to the zone this month. There isn’t much movement regarding meaningful groupings of particular units going up or down.

Although the units are so excellent, it’s surprising how quiet this month is. As long as the meta of the game permits, we may discuss these issues and determine what modifications are necessary.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 entries in our article.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of primary abilities, damage, defense, and tankiness.
  • You will observe entries like Red, Sygna Suit Red, and Leon in the Higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest ranks are entries like Sabrina, Bea, and Piers.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all Pokemon Masters EX Sync pairs.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
RedSynga Suit MortySynga Suit ErkiaKukui Bea
Sygna Suit RedSynga Suit BlueSynga Suit ElesaSabrinaPiers

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S Tier

Broken Sync Pairs in the Pokemon Masters EX Tier List
S Tier.

This list’s first tier, the S rating, is frequently taken to mean “superb” or “super,” It holds the top spot. Strong Sync Pairs with great movesets, primary abilities, damage, and tankiness make up this tier, which is also a favorite among all fandom enthusiasts. 


Great bulk and healing for the whole team make them a tremendous all-around Support unit. They can also be deadly when used correctly. When a unit grants another a Super Effective Up Next effect, it becomes that unit’s primary means of doing massive damage to the enemy. That’s what makes Red worthy of the top spot of our Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List 2023.

High-damage stages benefit significantly from this armor’s size and many team healing possibilities. Back in the days of Pokemon Masters, it was not uncommon for Strikers to need assistance to reach their maximum attacking potential. More support units were showing up as time went on, but many new strikers adapted to the changing times and were able to buff themselves as well. To begin, let’s dissect Red and Snorlax to see what they’re capable of.

First and foremost, they’re heavy! This unit can absorb a lot of abuse and keep functioning at its most basic level. Body Slam and Rock Smash are the next two moves they use. Although they’re both two-bar movements, they’re beneficial for purposes other than just counting down the Sync Move counter. They also inflict more damage than typical, although not enough to warrant attention in most situations. As a bonus, it beautifully introduces us to their Passive Skills. To keep the squad alive, MAX Regen delivers Auto-Recovery to the whole team after a Max Move.

HP 768
Attack 535
defence 153

Sygna Suit Red

While Charizard may be influential with any Support you wish, it especially enjoys heavier Pairs that can afford more time to inflict damage and pairs like Serperior that can restore the Movement Gauge and let it blast off more Blast Burns—told, that Sygna Suit Red contains everything a striker should have. Very excellent AoE Sync Nukes, good gauge, and good self buffs. Even with its high HP, he can take more damage than other strikers, as long as you don’t mind his self-defense debuffs. Extremely high DPS.

Even though Red isn’t able to accomplish as much as other units, he excels at what he is, giving him a place at the top of the list. Strengths of Sygna Suit Red & Charizard include excellent offensive stats, powerful moves, and good passives. Professor Oak and Mew previously held the record for the most remarkable overall base stats in the game, but now Sygna Suit Red and Charizard have broken it.

Their starting point is 1943. Even before the Mega-Evolution, their Attack and Sp. Atk numbers were relatively high. They are among the top 10 in terms of HP. Their excellent passive abilities make Sygna Suit Red & Charizard stand out. Their moveset is much more impressive since they never miss. A move gauge refresh and a decreased Sync Movement countdown might occur whenever they perform a move. Alternatively, both passives can proc (active) simultaneously.

HP 765
Attack 446
defence 143


Let’s take a look at the stats of Leon and Charizard first. From a distance, it’s easy to see that Attack and Special Attack are excellent, yet speed and overall mass are lacking. This entire line of data was pretty predictable. Trainer Skills and maneuvers are next on the list.

The first is Strike a Pose!, a trainer talent that significantly impacts many aspects of the game. The Sync Move countdown for the user is reduced by one. Attack and Special Attack are boosted considerably. The critical Hit rate is elevated, and the subsequent offensive move is activated with zero bars. Reduces the user’s Special Defense and Defense. For movements, earthquakes and hurricanes provide Leon with a broad range of protection and a good usefulness. It’s then that we come to Inferno, which is just fantastic. With a strong base power and a 100% chance to burn the victim, it’s a four-bar move.

Even though this has a 50% success rate, it is an excellent transition into Leon and Charizard’s passive abilities. Since Charizard can’t miss with its attacks thanks to Piercing Gaze, Inferno and Hurricane’s poor accuracy is of little consequence. MP Rekindle 2 offers a chance to recover 1 MP to Strike a Pose. In and of itself, this is a remarkable ability, but it has a flaw that must be considered. 

HP 678
Attack 492
defence 195

A Tier

Prominent Sync Pairs in the Pokemon Masters EX Tier List
A Tier.

Given that this ranking is arbitrary, several of the Sync Pairs on this list may be considered S-tier by many fans. Sincerity is told. I have a soft spot in my heart for every Sync Pair in this tier rating.

Sygna Suit Morty

Incredibly well-balanced tank with a vast buffing utility, excellent Move Gauge control, and Sun support built in. Furthermore, the ability to deliver a broad range of buffs while maintaining excellent control over the Movement Gauge. A role-compression tool that also raises the Sun with Sunny Day and has outstanding Supportive and Tanking capabilities. As a Ghost Type Gym Leader, Morty has long been renowned for two distinct characteristics in the main Pokemon series: the first being that he’s a Pokemon Master, which is what his whole reputation has been based upon.

Second, he’s always looking for legendary Pokemon, like ethereal Ho-oh, Guardian of the Skies. Finally, Ho-oh lives up to its legendary reputation as a Pokemon wall in the main series, spreading its golden wings and guarding its whole team with elegance. According to stats, Morty and Ho-oh are tainted to the point of being unavoidable. This synchronization pair has a lot of raw mass to it. As a result, this Sync Pair is heaviest in the game at the start of any combat. Because of this, they have a low starting Speed and a low yet respectable Attack. For starters, we’ll look into Flame Charge.

HP 656
Attack 535
defence 153

Sygna Suit Blue

Phoebe and Dusknoir in a more defensively-oriented form, akin to Drake and Salamence in their assistance of the squad. Dena has tweaked SS Blue’s Sync Grid in an unprecedented move. SS Blue is now one of the most acceptable healers in the game, thanks to the addition of the Sync Grid nodes. Mega Blastoise can restore HP of all allied sync pairs while attacking and attacking by Team Fist Bump 2 and Team Triage Tank 2 accordingly. Mega Blastoise is a valuable asset to any team with a primary tank that cannot maximize their Attack and Special Attack potential, and Team Shout 9 further enhances this utility. Full Force Battles and Legendary Arena are the most significant places to use SS Blue since it is one of the largest units in the game.

Mega Blastoise is a rock-solid primary regenerating main tank in these configurations, ensuring the survival of the whole squad. Additionally, it functions effectively in Battle Villa, where it can effortlessly traverse Halls thanks to improvements to its grid. Thanks to their convenient locations, the necessities are Team Fist Bump 2 and Team Triage Tank 2. Adrenaline 1’s accessibility from the opposite side of the Sync Grid makes it an excellent investment to speed up the next Sync Move.

HP 676
Attack 412
defence 212


To induce precipitation, May & Swampert is the team to call. Her abilities center on the Weather status effect, which is helpful for Swampert. Dire Rain, Refreshing Rain, and Increment Intellect are all highlights of May’s Sync Grid.

When used with Raging Rain and Racing Rain, favorable Weather Condition allows Swampert to become a damage dealer with considerable resistance to damage. Since Swampert’s Sync gets not one but two boosts from Rain, it is a rather potent Tech Unit. Water-type attacks get a fire increase when it rains, while Swampert’s Sync Move receives an additional boost to its strength when the Weather becomes terrible. Because of this, Swampert is a strong Sync choice, although her EX form lacks the AOE element.

Swampert also has a slight probability of decreasing the targets’ accuracy with his Muddy Water ability. The whole squad becomes much more difficult to damage, increasing their chance of surviving a long game. A bottom right sector of May’s Sync Grid is where you’ll find the month’s most important nodes, including Rain Dance MPR, Refreshing Rain, Increment Intellect, and Muddy Water Accuracy nodes. Although it’s close to Dire Rain, the second Muddy Water Accuracy node is located in the top right sector and is a little more challenging to reach.

HP 665
Attack 413
defence 164

B Tier

Average Sync Pairs in the Pokemon Masters EX Tier List
B Tier.

This is not the whole B tier, which is the layer below. These are only slightly stronger than the A-tier Sync Pairs, but they are still extreme. These Sync Pairs have some positive traits but a few critical flaws.

Sygna Suit Erika

Superb lone-ranger sun-setter and destroyer. This is the only unit on Sunny Day to have MPR as of the show’s premiere. Remarkable independence, damage multipliers, and Sync compression. MPR Sunny Day is now available for use in solar cores. Passive Skills such as Solar Propulsion 2 and Speeding Sun 3 are excellent enablers for practicing Sync Moves from Leafeon or a partner. When it comes to doing damage, Leafeon may rely on its abilities to the full extent (in 3 moves).

More tracks have been added to the Sync Grid, with Solar Blade Fast Track 9 replacing X Speed. These, in turn, increase damage multipliers of Inertia and Ramming Speed. And if you add in Super Infliction 9, Leafeon is now threatening to use a full-power Tech Sync Nuke from the get-go. Having just Solar Blade as a wrong move is worrisome. Leafeon automatically prepares the Sun required to skip the charging turn. Thus as long as players are careful with Sun’s length, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. In lengthier encounters, when two regular waves of Sun aren’t enough, or if your opponent plans to create a Weather War, this is also when MPR on Sunny Day comes in useful.

HP 620
Attack 528
defence 170

Sygna Suit Elesa

Elesa and Rotom are the two most durable supports, able to decrease allies Sync Counter and speed up Mega Evolution. Finally, mechanics for using Mega Evolutions have been developed. With her ability to lower your teammates’ Sync Move Counter, this Support Sync Pair will assist you Mega-Evolve more quickly.  Rotom also adds accuracy and critical boosts to the table and has some of the best defensive numbers. A necessary Sync Pair for every Mega Evolution fan or trainer who wants to harvest synchronization orbs.

Rotom has the most outstanding Defense and Sp.def of any Pokémon in Pokemon Masters EX. While its Health stat is a little lower, this is to be expected considering its rock-solid defense. This Rotom is poised to be the backbone of the team. It’s safe to say she’s the heaviest character in the game.  Elesa isn’t only stunning to look at; her support abilities are as impressive, allowing you to decrease your sync counter while simultaneously increasing your accuracy and critical rate.

That’s why she’s one of the best buffers in the league. Thunder, one of Rotom’s abilities, allows it to do damage, which is unusual for support. Due to its low offensive numbers, Rotom is not recommended as a damaged unit.

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HP 578
Attack 544
defence 71

C Tier

Substandard Sync Pairs
C Tier.

Although the C tier is below average, it is given about the same weight as the other tiers on this ranking. Two Sync Pairs that are almost exact replicas of one another make up this tier. These Sync Pairs are some of the least important ones.


Let’s all warmly welcome Kukui & Lycanroc, our newest additions to the world, and Olivia’s sync pairings kit counterparts. Statistics-wise, both Kukui and Lycanroc have speed and respectable Special Defense. However, he has a new offensive feature called Quick Move, severely restricting his attack options. Island Splintered Stormshards!, Lycanroc’s Sync Move is a one-of-a-kind ability that enables the user to break through any barrier or shield on the board.

When Lycanroc uses “Leer!” he can knock out all his foes with a single gauge’s worth of defense. In conjunction with “Island, Splintered Stormshards!” Lycanroc and its partner are in a beneficial “Technical Sync Pair” situation. The question is whether or not we find conditions when such contacts are necessary. The pair’s maneuvers are technically flawless; they’d win any competition. During the sandstorm, Lycanroc increases his damage and cannot be scared away.

If you want to defeat Lycanroc, you’ll need to use a strategy that involves an opponent with high defenses and the ability to destroy defensive barriers; in other words, you’ll need to use a Team Synergy. So they belong in the current rank of our Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List 2023.

HP 762
Attack 400
defence  163


With one of the best Sp. Def Supports in the game. This Sync duo is a formidable force. Many of you have been waiting for Sabrina, the ultimate Waifu, and it is now my responsibility to introduce you to all she has to offer. Alakazam & Sabrina, also known as The newest addition to Pokémon Masters, Sp.Atk Enabler. It takes teamwork to a whole new level regarding Special Attackers. If you’re a fan of Blue and Lance, you can consider using Mega Pidgeot or Dragonite. There is no better Sync Pair than Sabrina and Alakazam.

Now it’s time to check out her toolbox. She significantly improves her allies’ Special Attack and Accuracy, making it such that neither Hyper beam nor Hurricane will ever miss their target. Even Brendan may be made to shine with a Sabrina Support if you have unlocked Undaunted on it, which prevents it from losing Sp. Atk during consecutive Leaf Storms. So, if you have a character with a powerful Special Attack, you should Sync Pair with Sabrina.

Since Sabrina has access to Dire Hit, All and Alakazam may use Psychic, the possibility of lowering the opposition’s Sp. Def is available, which might be seen as an increase in damage. Even the offensive kit of this Sync Pair is designed to aid your primary Sp.

HP 600
Attack 358
defence 199

D Tier

Unsatisfactory Sync Pairs
D Tier.

These Sync Pairs are the ones with the lowest importance. According to the current meta, the D Tier Sync Pairs are the weakest at the lowest tier in this game. Now that I am unveiling the last layer, a couple of different things.


A powerful, independent, and offensively gifted Striker of a kind that is under-represented in the game. In theory, given their grid, they should be able to reach their offensive potential swiftly. Among Combatant Classes, the Sync Nuke is the strongest. Bea and Sirfetch have emerged as the newest Fighting Type Striker in the game, and they’re ready to rip the competition to shreds with a blend of chivalry and determination, the likes of which have never been seen.

Before, Bea and Sirfetch, as Fighting Type attackers, faced a small amount of rivalry in the damage-dealing specialty. One of its strengths is how simple it is to prepare an attack with them. They can achieve their full offensive potential with minimal assistance and function well independently. In reality, once entering the field, their Critical Rate increases by +2 and may reach its maximum value following their grid. They have no trouble achieving the all-important +6 attack thanks to their X-Attack ability and grid. Despite their slower movement and reliance on a 4-bar move, they can be surprisingly sync-bar-friendly thanks to at least one very reliable Move Gauge refresh method on their grid and X-Speed as a skill.

HP 537
Attack 483
defence 141


It is a helpful support unit with valuable buffs and potentially unprecedented staying power if played right, but nothing earth-shattering or must-have. It relies on prediction to do its job, leaving it a sitting duck if those predictions fail. It depends very heavily on skill with limited uses to be genuinely effective, necessitating MP Refresh luck for continued viability. It can potentially tank better than any other sync pair in the game for a short period if played right.

Piers was a natural choice for Pokemon Masters at this game stage. He’s the only Generation 8 gym leader who doesn’t use Dynamax/Gigantamax, so he slots in perfectly. And the way that they implemented him is relatively attractive as well! Piers & Obstagoon have three skills and one attack to draw from, each with a unique way of affecting the battle. On top of this, if Obstruct guards against a physical move, then the attacker’s defense drops by two stages.

Going even further, all three of Piers & Obstagoon’s passive skills chain into this move, resulting in a boost to its defense and Special Defense, as well as the whole team’s attack every time it’s successful.

HP 739
Attack 300
defence 199

Comparison Table

Sygna Suit RedS765446143
Synga Suit MortyA656535153
Synga Suit BlueA676412212
Synga Suit ErkiaB620528170
Synga Suit ElesaB57854471

Patch Notes Version 2.30.0 

In the latest patch, the following changes were made to the game.

  • You will be able to invite Gloria to the Trainer Lodge 
  • New Event Missions have been added to Legendary Arena: Moltres.
  • You can now redecorate the Trainer Lodge and spend more time with your Guests in your own personalized Trainer Lodge.
  • Increased the number of preset teams you can use from 30 to 100.


That is the Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List up to the next update or maybe until the players fully understand the new extra Sync Pairs. You are welcome to disagree with my assertion, but it is mine. Let’s say you play low-level Sync Pairs and have success with them. I’m very thrilled for you. You are a good player with a promising future, so that says something.

If you disagree with my Sync Pair placements, please let me know. Why do you think your sync pair is more powerful or less potent than I think? Please provide your feedback in the box below.