Pokemon Unite Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Nintendo has recently developed a video game, available for both IOS and Android devices called Pokemon Unite, which is a multiplayer online title. It is a new iteration of the Pokemon series and is completely free to play. The game was first hinted at during an exhibit in June 2020 and was officially introduced on 21st July 2020. And our Pokemon Unite Tier List will be analyzing the characters of the game and add them to their relevant ranks

The compilation of characters will be divided into five tiers and will provide you an insight into what kind of stats and attributes are to be looked for in characters. Moreover, we will try to enlighten readers with the specifics of each pokemon which will include the few qualities that each uniquely possesses. 

Key Points

  • Our list takes the current meta into account.
  • There are a total of 19 entries on the list.
  • Among the highest tiers, we have Buzzwole.
  • The lowest tiers include Hoopa


Before we hop into the details, a quick briefing of the characters is given below:

Tier RankPokémon name
S Rank• Tsareena
• Buzzwole
• Lucario
• Charizard
A Rank• Pikachu
• Mew
• Glaceon
• Cinderace
B Rank• Snorlax
• Greedent
• Slowbro
• Crustle
C Rank• Absol
• Dodrio
• Talonflame
• Gengar
D Rank• Hoopa
• Blissey
• Mr. Mime

Let’s now commence our article.

S Tier

pokemon unite
S Tier.

The first rank in our article accommodates the absolute best characters in the game. These pokemon are not only excellent attackers but they also have suitably fitting qualities that link together the rest of their character. Overall their attributes are unique and have maximal practicality in the game. These pokemon are regarded as ideal characters too as the qualities they possess are the maximum best a character’s qualities can get.


The version of the game we are referring to in this Pokemon Unite Tier list after patch is subject to persistent adaptations and developments. Hence, the characters are always changing according to the player’s demand and a pokemon’s potential to upgrade itself. Tsareena is also one such pokemon. Despite the ups and downs of the character, it is an outstanding adaption.

For example, one of its abilities “Queenly Majesty” is activated when Tsareena is attacked. It imparts minimized effects of an attack done on the character. That enhances its endurance and tolerability which ultimately cause an increase in its overall health factor. Hence, Tsareena is a long-lasting pokemon in the ten-minute battle with its opponent.

That acts as an independent character and hence isn’t as effective when it comes to supporting other characters. More so, one of its proficiency nurture it to control crowds. It has an average pace of mobility whereas the infraction it offers is flawless. It is majorly offensive and engages in well-laid-out attacks. 


Buzzwole is another incredible increment in the S tier of our article. One of its most admirable qualities includes its having highly convincing stats. Buzzwole is primarily utilized for offense purposes however it can be used subtly for carrying out defense purposes too. Its supporting feature is greater in strength as compared to Tsareena which begs the question “why isn’t Buzzwole placed above the formerly placed pokemon?”

The simple answer to that question is that Buzzwole’s support is compensated for its mobility. Tsareena’s mobility is more than that of Buzzwole. That means that Buzzwole is incapable of penetrating via certain pathways etc. Furthermore, it consists of a Muscle Gauge mechanism which repletes a character’s strength when it launches an attack on the opponent. 

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The main functionality of Buzzwole depends on actively carrying out attacks. Hence it plays the role of a warrior in a team. Its attacks are almost always effective; dealing heavy damage to the rival. By attacking its enemies, it accepts energy from them which triggers a chemical reaction. As a result of this reaction, its muscles explosively grow giving it a specified physical appearance.


Some characters are known to have a single ability whereas others, like Lucario, fuse a few of their roles which results in a tremendous function altogether. Lucario has commendable mobility which increases its average speed. Speed is the thing that carries out attacks in the ten-minute timeframe. The faster they carry out protective violations, the greater the chance that their team will win.

Apart from that, it has an unconventional ability called “Bone Rush” which speeds up the occurrence and performance of its side moves. These side moves help advance the attacking process. In terms of physical appearance, the character shows visible evolution in its form as its eyes became redder and its legs shrank thinner. Besides its good attacking skills, it’s also highly defensive and can afford a few heavy blows before bending to its will.

When exposed to “Aura”, they respond in a specific way. Aura can be considered as being its most vital enemy. If your enemy is Aura, then it’s plausible that Lucario centers all his power on getting rid of it. It is an amazing character to make use of also because it isn’t as rare. It can be used commonly after you proceed from the initial phase of the game. 


In Pokemon Unite, the character now is pretty stable as compared to its prior halves. For instance, it has above-average offensive techniques even when compared to similar pokemon of its rank. As compared to Lucario, it has a faster response to the attack and inflicts damage just as fast. Almost like a stimulus, Charizard’s all capabilities appear in sync when under attack.

It has various skills that slowly develop and upgrade with time as you progress in the game. Most of these power moves are bold and almost 100% accuracy is recorded for all. One of its characteristics includes the changing of the Charizard’s tail color. It turns blue and graduates into white when it’s furious. In such a state, almost simultaneously all of his qualities are activated. 

It’s kind of ironic how despite such an outrageous display, at heart, Charizard is quite sympathetic. It does not succumb to the full use of its powers when up against a weaker enemy. It is also to be noted that Charizard has many forms of his existence; hence upon evolution, it may change into Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y. Furthermore the character is considered an omen of luck in Pokemon Red.

A Tier

pokemon game
A Tier.

Next up, we’ll make mention the pokemon residing in the second-best tier; A tier. The pokemon in the current tier are equally talented as the ones in the upper tier. However, there is some vital deficiency in them that slightly degrades them. It is to be noted that being in the tier doesn’t mean they cannot work well in coupled teams. If the other pokemon in a team is good, success is probable. 


The character we’re beginning the current rank of the Pokemon Unite Tier List 2022 is also one of the five pokemon available to a beginner. Surprisingly, it’s also an amazing character. Many players are even of the view that the powers it possesses are immense for one character alone. The emphasis on its singularity is necessary as each game consists of two teams. Hence, no character is ever used solitarily. Therefore, in a strong team, its strengths are polished further.

Its basic stats are positively compelling. For instance, it is noted as one of the characters with intense abolishing abilities ie. it is highly unlikely an enemy will escape its attack. That provides the player with a fundamental chance to secure a solid score. Although it has low endurance, its motility makes up for most of the deficit. Moreover, its ability to stun and outshine other characters is remarkable. 

Just by dazing the opponent sufficiently, it exhibits power enough to cause damage to the enemy. Some of its well-known abilities are Static Lightning Rods and Paralysis. It can paralyze the enemy by sending off blows its way and thus subjecting it to continuous and detrimental attacks. It’s also a good choice to opt for in terms of support and setting score.


When it comes to utilizing Mew, many players have different experiences. This is due to some recently added updates which makes it difficult to predict the outcomes the pokemon will produce. Such a mechanism is called the “Move Reset Mechanism”. It permits the player to make use of different sets of abilities of its indifferent gameplay.

The average statistics show that it’s a 4-star character in terms of attacking properties. The ability can be improved further when an attack is deployed in the presence of Mystic Mirage. The effect damages a pokemon lying in the region of the target. 

In terms of endurance, it is just okay. It has the same rating as that of Pikachu and it is not its specialty but that’s okay since it has other better benefits. It does a fine job guaranteeing a score too. Since it is vitally used as an attacker, it causes ample deterioration to the opponent hence formulating and multiplying the score. All in all, the pokemon can perform well after loads of training so that it won’t retreat easily in front of an enemy.


The character has a seasonal regard which impacts its abilities just as much as it does its name. On the surface, its stats appear quite blunt and one might even regard them as average. However, the character has certain unique qualities that are foreign to others which gives it an edge. It can simply freeze its enemies.

In addition, direct support is a difficult task for the character. However, it is majorly responsible for keeping check of the locations of its teammates. It regulates keeping them together and aiding the ones in terrible need. The ability is assisted by “Snow Cloak”. It allows Glaceon to control movement among the crowds to avoid the bustle. 

Like many others on the list, Glaceon is an amazing offender. Its scheme of interest is poking the opponent from a distance to distract it. It knocks it out and easily digs up the score. Most of his attacks are centered around being carried out independently of help from his companions. Launching sudden astounding ice attacks is a specialty too. 


For Cinderace to be the next character in our article is quite ironic in various aspects. For instance, placing it right after Glaceon clashes in the sense that Glaceon’s abilities revolve around discipline in ice whereas Cinderace’s domain resides in the fire. Similarly, many of the characters mentioned above come off strong from the beginning. Whereas, in this case, Cinderace has a weak portrayal in the beginning but that is not to tamper with his upcoming powers.

With steady effort, Cinderace aces his potencies. Hence, it’s advisable to train the pokemon heavily. Concerning stats, it has meritorious vicious qualities. Fiddling with its support mechanism, it has low points in that regard but it can be altered after stern effort.

The pokemon also permits accounting for long-ranged attacks, which is highly advantageous in maintaining a victorious score when its burning qualities are also brought to use. Although it lacks the Move Reset Mechanism, however, it’s still capable of grouping its better and more practical qualities and associating them with a majority of the games. 

B Tier

pokemon unite tier list
B Tier.

Halfway through the ranks, let us now talk about the more mediocre characters. These pokemon are better aligned with the current tier because they don’t own an extraordinary forte worth being described in the S Tier and nor are their statistics deserving enough to be termed “amazing”. Of course, stats don’t decide the fate of a character as there are other factors affecting a character’s performance. 


Snorlax has equal to no dexterity when it comes to denigrating a team. It causes less damage because none of its capabilities are critical to that field. Hence it has a 5-star persistence but equally depleting offense. However, some moves are still dominating the offense department such as Yawn and Block. But their effectiveness is relatively less when used for offensive means.

Snorlax doesn’t directly add to the score. He assists his teammates in scoring but does not possess such an ability for himself. When using the character, it’s advisable to know the general map frame of the game. This would help you to decide which assets of Snorlax shall be used on the correct occasion. As a drawback, successive upgrades are recommended if you desire to unlock its special move as soon as possible.


Here is another character that requires some effort from the player. It may be disjointing at first to determine which assets to use and which abilities to put first but soon you’ll figure out your way with things. All the input effort is worthwhile since it uses two moves called “berry belly flop” and “Belch”. When compared with all the side fling-like abilities that it possesses, these two are extremely important to its functionality. 

After the beginning phase, Greedent proves to be an excellent defender. Like Snorlax, it has 5-star endurance but unlike the former, it has an even lesser scorekeeping count. It has a high tolerance partly thanks to its ability to jump over long distances so it doesn’t have to be at the site of attack when needing to target someone.

Also, it remains safe most of the time due to its self-healing ability. The pokemon may be considered lacking when up against major attacking pokemon. However its of influential importance among the defenders of the game. Another setback of it is low speed but by using its special moves, this problem may be overcome. 


Slowbro is the game’s most moderate defender. It has been outdone by other good defenders but it doesn’t entirely make the pokemon terrible. It has certain skills that make it an alright defender. A good or even reliable defender is hoped to be able of doing well with crowds. Slowbro is perfectly fitted for the role as it has skills like telekinesis, slowbeam, and Surf. Slowbeam allows characters to absorb maximum damage inflicted by the opponent.

Slowbro has two major purposes in a team; you can either use it as a defender or a supporting character. It can add majorly to the score and hence supports its other mates too. A really interesting quality that it possesses is having such psychic abilities that help him realize the upcoming danger. The character, in simple words, can sense an opponent and protects the attackers of his team by engrossing himself with their share of damage.

Let’s talk a bit about his history which was revolutionized following Slowpoke which originally resides on level 37. Pokemon has a wide list of its variants; only a few of them are rare. Most are easily accessible. Make note that the characters’ defensive properties are also free to adapt to change. They aren’t constant and thus their betterment is probable.


The last character that we are going to mention in the B tier of our Pokemon Unite Tier List 2022 is Crustle. Formerly, it was even called the king of all defenders but over time, many of its abilities depleted and the ones which it does possess are average functionally. Regardless it has a collection of moves that enables it to deal enough damage whilst protecting its team.

Dwebble, as of level 34 develops into Crustle hence it has a fair percentage of Dwebble’s powers too. The entities it mostly depends upon in combat are its thick claws. Apart from attacking, the majority of its powers are useful for shielding and watching out for its team. Accurately, it has 125 stats for defense and 105 for attack.

Generally, its rarity is considered high but it also depends majorly on which generation you are referring to. The generations it comes in are 5, 6, 7, and 8. As stated above, it “was” the king of defenders; Dwebble has excellent speed but Crustle’s in comparison is extremely low. In the horoscope of the game, it’s called July. Its physical appearance is interesting; molded like a sea crab, protected by a portion of Earth.

C Tier 

pokemon unite tier list
C Tier.

Proceeding onto the next set of characters, the C rank of the Pokemon Unite Tier List after patch has infamously bad characters in its periphery. These characters have successively reducing powers and their stats are equally unsupportive. It’s no doubt that these characters should be considered a backup. Never confide in keeping these characters as your priority as even the most upgraded version of theirs is no match for the top-tier rankees. 


Starting strong, Absol is a good attacker to use when you’re short on your options. Even among the C Tier, it deserves to be ranked above. Its attacking skills are worth the praise but if you want to aim for victory, make sure to get rid of the opponent in a short time as it has less durability in unfavorable conditions. This means that it can not withstand the attacks inflicted upon him by the enemy for a long time.

With good offense comes poor defense which is one reason that justifies its placement in the list. Not only that but its self-reliant abilities are also very weak hence it can easily be killed off in a battle during combat. Though it can obscure large distances in enemy lines if left undetected which is highly unlikely. As already mentioned above, the character lacks adequate endurance.

Despite all the cons, it is still one of the most effective Speedster pokemon. In addition, it governs some power moves such as Psycho Cut and Sucker Punch. All in all, Absol is a good offender to consider if the remaining team is powerful enough to not need major power. It can score and help others score too which seems to be profitable for the team at its expense.


Dodrio’s moderateness should not be a surprise considering that its powers are not the center of a show but, sure, when few of its abilities are combined then it can withstand some attacks but its performance isn’t maximal. Furthermore, it’s great at keeping count of scores and adding to it but its defense and offense are not at all good. As stated for its score, the character has crazy good motility too. 

Despite that, it doesn’t favor much at all since it’s an easy target for an enemy. It has some competition against characters of the same rank as it but the result is vivid when the enemy is super strong. Most ideally, it’s recommended to use the character when the outcome of your moves depends mostly on other characters because it isn’t certain how well you’ll be able to perform with Dodrio.

If you are bent on improving your character, you can do so through vigorous and continuous training and effort. But even so, the potential it reaches is negligible when compared to the same amount of effort you give to a character that already has better statistics.


It has a bird-like appearance and master in the field of flying. Therefore its abilities do not relate much to those possessed by land creatures in the game. This is a blessing in disguise as it gives it an edge over others. However, because of the same difference in medium, it deals considerably less damage to the enemy. 

At the same time, its defense isn’t too impressive. The only thing it’s fit to do is heal itself after being attacked. It has a high HP but it isn’t that significant knowing that on the battlefield, it doesn’t add much to the table. Being a weak attacker and defender means it has pathetic skills of combat and is neither good to attack nor fit to protect its teammates.

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It has specific moves that are conserved only to characters that can fly i.e. flying and Brave bird. Both of these skills correlate to their aerial nature. Also, because it’s aerial, it avoids having to go through all the traffic ensuring it a 100 percent motility. That makes it an excellent pokemon to travel long distances without being shot dead provided that they remain hidden from the opponent’s defense.


Gengar is the evolutionary form of Hex! As soon as players reach the seventh level of Hex, they are met with astounding changes. The vital modification includes the use of maps and control of directions by a player. It also has a self-healing mechanism meaning its sufficient of keeping track of its health. Surprisingly enough, it has some good opening attack kicks too.

Coming up on second, we have its “mobility” which is high thanks to its ghost nature. It’s also a Speedster pokemon which imposes a status effect on its enemies. The way it generates score is quite wild as it can only be done when it becomes gruesome enough to kill a couple of the opponent’s entities unhesitantly. The character sometimes shows odd responses to such conditions.

The working of the card is expert level and players are recommended to start their journey with it. As it provides enough knowledge about each intermediate phase, the game is very easily explained by making use of theirs. Hence, a beginner should make use of them. Another substitute for Gengar is Will-O-Wisp which provides the same effects but in a somewhat greater proportion.

D Tier

pokemon unite tier list
D Tier.

Finally, we’ve reached the last tier in our Pokemon Unite Tier List which, as one must expect, has the worst characters in the game. Using these characters is surely a struggle and an annoyance brews up in one as they work with their minimum qualities, strengths, and skills. Furthermore, their stats are on average, the lowest among all the characters of the game.


The primary skills that a pokemon possesses which become more or less of their identity are either their alignment with defensive or offensive ideals. Healing too counts for the most part. In the case of Hoopa, its defense and offense are both significantly weak traits; however, it performs some secondary functions that are beneficial to the team. If it’s to generate a score or to aim for the enemy, it indirectly helps in the cause.

Even so, it can’t generate an impressive score and the reason for that is loud and clear. Regardless we use it for buffs and altering the already created maps that leave the opponent dumbfounded. Two of its very useful moves in this regard include Ring Unbound and Hyperspace Hola. They are excellent to cause damage while also gathering warp points.


Contrary to Hoopa, Blissey wholly and solely acts as a single major. It is an effective supporter however it lacks the means of perfecting its skills. For instance, it has excellent healing powers but for whatever reason, during combat, it doesn’t use the to the maximum level that it can. It boosts the damage rate without actually causing descent. Similarly, it can give and take debuffs from other teammates.

Blissey is a very codependent character though hence you must stick with your crowd (team) to trigger all of these qualities. Such cards are lower on the hierarchy of the game since most characters work well on their own while just coordinating with their team. Whereas these pokemon are completely reliant upon their team to function. Such characters, more or less, act as accessories. 

Mr. Mime

The stats of the character are either really good or not so good at all. For instance, its endurance is 4 stars but when it comes to motility it’s only a single star. This pokemon develops bridges that separate the opponent team or drive it back into its perimeters. Mr. Mime experiences the same case as that of Hoopa i.e. it lacks healing powers for its allies.

They also aren’t directly characterized as being a defender, attacker, or a healer but the pokemon can change the security of a friend or an enemy. Since its singular functions are quite limited, it is considered a supporting character, but despite that, its support isn’t all that great. 


Alas, we’ve reached the end of the Pokemon Unite Tier List 2022, in which all characters were ranked into the five basic tiers The game has introduced tons of updates and versions over the past year, and it must be noted that each character is changing slowly and progressively. And so are their abilities and skillset.

If you disagree with any of our placements, please go ahead and let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.