Anime Rifts Race Tier List: The Definitive Ranking

This Top Tier List is based on the the races in the game, where we have ranked them from the best to the worst.

Anime Rifts is an adventurous Roblox game perfectly made for fun-loving people. This game has so much in it about a player must be aware of before he starts playing to be on track. Many factors of Anime rifts will be discussed in this article so continue reading. When there are so many options, then a player can not choose the best for himself until and unless he is not aware of it or has not done proper research. But I will save you time by helping you decide on the best race, you just have to read this Anime Rifts Race tier list, and you are good to go.

This game has included the races in it that are related to your favorite animes. I am talking about Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece, and more. As there are many animes, so are the races. It is very confusing for the players to decide which race is the best. You can simply use the skills of any particular character of those animes with the help of which your rivals can be defeated.

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 19 races from Anime Rifts.
  • They have been ranked based on their perks and rarity.
  • Among the top ranks, you will find Beerus, Cerealian, etc.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find Human, Baby, etc.


Here is a table ranking the races from Anime Rifts in order:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
BeerusToppo’s RaceBojack RaceDodoria’s RaceSkypiean
CerealianDemon Hit's RaceButer’s RaceHuman
AngelAndroidHeeter RaceBaby
MinkSaiyanHalf Saiyan

Ranking Criteria

Firstly, ensure every time while preparing any tier list that I must provide the complete information related to the topic whose items will be categorized into different tiers because there is no point in understanding the tiers if you do not have a complete know-how of the phenomena.

Secondly, I never intend to overburden your mind with my thoughts, nor this is my goal. Not only me, but every professional writer preparing tiers lists on toptierlist is keen on their goal. They know our mission is to guide and help the reader with their queries and problems instead of providing them with the wrong information. Everything discussed in this tier list is well-researched and authentic.

Lastly, as discussed above, likewise other tier lists, this tier list to is unbiased, well-researched, and based on personal experiences. If you have any issues or objections regarding the rankings, please feel free to share your feedback in the comment box below.

There will be a total of five tiers in this list: S, A, B, C, and D, respectively. I will rank the anime rifts race from absolutely best to absolute worst. If I include any race in the D tier, then it is not because I hate it, but because I am ranking it from the perspective of the game and according to their usefulness. A proper description of every tier will be provided individually to better understand it. But before this, a rough description of these tiers is as follows:

  • S tier: Overpowered Races.
  • A tier: Brilliant Races with minor issues that can be ignored.
  • B tier: Good Races with more issues than the A tier.
  • C tier: Below-average races.
  • D tier: Worst races.

Now let us understand these tiers in detail. After the individual description of all the tiers, I will finally rank the races altogether in a table. Let’s begin!

S Tier

Anime rifts race tier list
The S-tier races

The S tier of the tier list consists of the best picks. These are the strongest races that will definitely make you win without a doubt. These races are considered pick of the bunch races of the game hence I will recommend these as the top priority for you. These races are most valuable and effective and the difference can clearly be seen once you observe them while playing the game in person.

Beerus S
Cerealian S

A Tier

best picks
The A-tier races

The A tier of the tier list consists of the savage races. The difference between the S and A tier races is that there are no issues present in the S tier races which means these are basically flawless, whereas on the other hand, the A tier races have some very minor issues and that too is completely ignorable.

Toppo’s Race A
Demon A
Angel A
Mink A
Whis A

B Tier

nice picks
The B-tier races

The good-performing races are ranked in the B tier. These are the races that are not flawless or brilliant as there are some issues and weaknesses in them therefore are included in the only good category. It is the most subjective tier of all.

Bojack Race B
Hit’s Race B
Android B
Saiyan B

C Tier

below average picks
The C-tier races

The C tier is the below-average tier. Those anime rifts races that can not work perfectly for you and are only okayish or only for understanding the game and getting proficient in it are placed on the C tier of the Anime Rifts Race tier list.

Dodoria’s Race C
Buter’s Race C
Heeter Race C
Half Saiyan C
Namekian C

D Tier

worst picks
The D-tier races

The races that I have placed on this tier are pathetic and below average. These are the lowest-performing races and by choosing them your success is neither guaranteed nor doubted. Because without any doubt I can claim that you can not win with these races at all. And if you do then you are a lucky man! There is nothing bad in trying your luck, and if you want to then go ahead!

Skypiean D
Human D
Baby D

Comparison Table

Toppo’s Race A
Bojack RaceB
Hit’s RaceB
Dodoria’s RaceC
Buter’s RaceC
Heeter RaceC
Half SaiyanC

Recent Patch Notes

The following changes were made in the recent patch notes.

  • Made dragon balls easier to get (10%)
  • Made leveling easier
  • Made mythical easier (10%)
  • Lightning fire dragon slayer magic (mythical)
  • Classes and traits

Winding Up

I am assuming that you have been bombarded with all the information related to this game. Also, now you know about all the races and in which tier they fall. Still, if you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask them in the comment box below.

Make sure to opt for the good races at the right time. It is best if you choose the S-tier races because by doing so, the probability of winning is maximum. After these, choose the ones you think best suit you according to the situation and playing style.

I would say that please try to avoid the race on the D tier as, in this case, there are high chances of you losing the race and coming back empty-handed. That was all for my Anime Rifts Race tier list, and I hope it is helpful for you. Good luck with the gameplay!

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